Your Circadian Rhythm

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, October 14th

Dr. Ernst discusses the importance of balancing circadian rhythm and your health.


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Yet again I think we are continuing to set a world asked doctor art record in the number of preemption. And again we love football at a football season but we also look commitments with rates health information. So this is your online live help our you're watching us either Kadaziz all the notification for they apply pop up. You've been following our FaceBook page or you saw that millions of emails that we stand every single month. In regards to your health and you notice that we are alive today on FaceBook. So I thank you for being here today besides that it really fun for you guys at the end of our show today I'm going to. He be some of them over the counter simple tips that can help you sleep. Because today is the eighth leap show a circadian rhythms so it's really important that we we spent some time today talking about. The natural rhythms of your body and how they relate your health. And no unfortunately when we talk about things like leap it's one of those most important things you can do for your body for your health. And I don't think enough of us pay enough attention to how we sleep ought we sleep and the quality parsley in fact. There's a recent death study here from the journal of clinical sleep medicine. Selling that a lapse an adequate lead time. Mean if you're not at least sleeping 78 hours can lead to decreased attention span. Did difficultly with handling your gated life like process ideas thoughts that. Also all the way to weight gain and your chances of getting sick because it suppresses your immune system and the ability to your body to deal. You're gonna alerts of the today's U watts is that when you sleep at night your body actually kick in your immune system. And he goes through your body clean out. You know the areas that bad decay. Having trouble sleeping isn't just an inconvenience with not have enough energy clinic today. It actually is in major health issue and you know in the culture we live today fleet is sort of like I guess I'm lucky if I get that thing. What is sleep yet you know it's like take for granted them time so I wanna give me some tips today on understanding that. You're rhythms for your body had so much to do what you're leap that what we're doing as a culture in my opinion is where destroy Ian. What's known as your circadian rhythm and I know you probably think. Mr. Canadian written and asked him most with sleep but now on I'm here to tell you you're sick team that has to do everything inside your body not just your immune response. And how well you sleep but we're talking major players as far as when you have your peak energy when you go to the bathroom. And yet there was a recent. Recent we're talking 2013. 2013 might not Wear mine. 2017. Eight Nobel Prize just awarded to three American researchers who discovered that we have multiple. Circadian rhythms not just the one that's important for sleep. But that basically every single gallon that your body had executed it and sell. Today I want you to be sleeping well tonight EB tips for sleeper you view techniques the reset your body's clock. You know like the old days everything is diesels don't worry about this but down. A lot of the clocks in the wash and things we had back in the day. You would how it stacked and you have to sort of you know makes it it's here. Keeping it tended on path because otherwise you might be emitted earth happened back into thirty seconds off. And yeah while it does sound like a lot over the course of five or ten years all of a sudden now you're 45 minute behind. Or ahead so we have to basically canning Communists that you have to put you right three you're supposed to be. And in all honesty your body it's sort of an ancient clock you know and it's not a digital clock it's down right analog really more about chemical clock. And I think and fortunately a lot of us aren't setting our clocks. Somebody give you a secret tip today on how to basically. Reset your search Canadian clock sort of edit rights where it's supposed to be in man is indeed a tiny energy lose weight and feel great bowl. Vibrant and alive which is that the name of that doctor Ernst. And so I am let's can do it the year Acadia and read them you probably heard about it not just. The rhythm of your clock but actually your circadian rhythm is what sets the energy and the cycles throughout your date for your body. Basically. You're sticking in rhythm runs on ten point four hour clock that you could say starts and ends at midnight. But here's how I'd normal healthy circadian rhythm would look. So we set your zero hours midnight and is the really important that of course is to be asleep during an organ talk about that. But down for the first two hours of your date of yours or Canadian day again it begins at midnight. And I understand what our cycle is all mine now at this. Start to midnight at the hours zero. And I wanted to art when you are dead asleep in your deepest sleep and come if you aren't doing nets at talk about that. But what happens is you start to basically ranked. Three year immune response you start stealing the by 2 o'clock in the morning you should be the deepest most healthiest. In his state of healing. By about 4:30 in the morning you're right your lowest body temperature ever. And by about 6 AM your body's starting stale like game and it is time to get up like its rise and shine time. You're gonna have a pretty drastic rise your blood pressure on X 45 in the morning. You're gonna stop the creed melatonin which is what makes you sleep by about 7:30 in the morning. If you're in a healthy rhythm used to be having a bowel movement by about 8830 in the morning. Your testosterone regardless of your mail you know be highest at 9 in the morning and here's what's unique. By about 10 AM it is lights on ready to go higher activity 10 AM. New and is of course now we're at how pointed the entire day's aware. Fully out our activities we're sort of like raring to go. By about 230. In the afternoon your best Courtney now our. 330 fastest reaction time of yours you know somebody needs to have like quick response. By about 5 o'clock PM greatest cardiovascular face the greatest muscular strength. 6 o'clock where hit a time where were starting to get again and I got mere image of arsenic in time. So now we're just blowing a bite down the art to the high blood pressure high body ten again or are we had our lowest. Body temperatures or thirty. So what about 630. High blood pressure. 7 o'clock I's body and here's a thing. 89 and ten is when your body's those starts slowing down their produce seen. Melatonin which by about 10 to 11 o'clock gonna copy to sleep. And then we enter into that 11 at 12 o'clock frames that's the Canadian clock it's been discovered. And here's what's unique every single cell in your body. Follows its clock. And what happens is. All living beings have this and again it doesn't just refer to. When you fall asleep and when your weight it's every function that you have from when he Hungary to when you produce hormones to when he the most active. To wind is your body generate new cells when does it go through incredible sells its a hot topic today because sleep is something most people deal with. As having an issue can't sleep at camp balls that we can't stay asleep here's I'll tell you if you're black person where your had a hard time sleeping in Spain asleep. Or even display that in general that they had the years or Canadian clock is completely off. Remember what I said wise how we get to sort of like noon that clock from the past the cable. You know that ten minute hand is over here at the 45. Like white bypass I got to. Change it. What happens is it your circulating pocket often. In your entire sleep cycle entire interview cycle and factor in tire repair cycle. Is going to be off balance. And what that does it suppresses the ability few bites and not only heal but sleep well at whipping out though. What is it that happens again when you have is ideals think well you would normally wake up. And have a routine to start to prepare your case the problem for most of us. We don't ever morning routines we have what we think a morning routine get up and make a copy it make kids epidemic in and out the door. But that's not your routine for your clock clock one about a 45 minutes of beginning resting eighth day. So it probably doesn't sound like beauty weekend at 63845. Minute with a team like drinking water stretching meditating praying. Having that in thirty B you're alert state where you're doing things like beginning your child care. You know working around the house by 8:30 AM you know happened about movement of authority to have Duluth adults who are three in the afternoon. Certainly not meaning your peak moments and and you know having your kids and editor of time for unit and have the evening to wind down. That's what most people aren't doing the average American sleeps less than seven hours days come about only work in five hours to be of total sleep. And what that does over time again it day after day after day we Ayers down. On your sick in Britain and which wears down on your immune system which does leads to stick his illness and the though you know something Nat. We've been asked through gas soccer events that we do and you guys reaching out west is where dedicating the entire next several weeks that today its fourteenth. We're dedicating all of the next 34 weeks to helping you are sleeping better in fact impose a sleep dinner. That you're watching this unites them figure out how to master these techniques that help you to sleep really really well that's auntie dated seventh. Ross a host in his sleeps summit summit on dedicating nine higher Saturday. You know morning up from 11 about 2 o'clock in the afternoon on the eleventh it you know a couple weeks we're looking at that was at three or four weeks from now. To eighth leaps theories where you can actually comment figure out all the techniques. That are utilized to help youth leap. Rages sleep and he'll same token though. The below this video for the details and if you don't like to join us for the dinner or the sleep seminar in deftly come to that. You know. Most people that I've talked to their run of five hours or less sleep and here's what this does it just completely shifts your circadian rhythm. And when your rhythm get off track your body get off track so what does that thinks that it is the first of all if you were a night shift worker. The entire acting as but the New York. Start your clock is noon technically been at midnight. So we have to understand that your eye doesn't care if you're working or not getting care what you're doing during the gators and natural rhythm it's your body had. Either eight in created to follow or be adapted to follow over century's worth of our bodies going through life. And so you know what get that off track for most of us is because. We are not paying attention to some very important things to have a lot of sleep one your light exposure to your meal times and three. Studying sleep as a priority in your life because unfortunately at that mentioned a lot of us kind of look at sleepers like that's the thing I deal only when everything else has done. It's well last thing on my list you know iPad stay at nine AB CD yet he'd done. So we wanna change our viewpoint or perspective on sleep and now let's just give a breakdown of what the average American life looks like and this is based on. Content that you guys to a based on information we've received from our current patient base. And just the average person who's going to like it is what my day sounds like some want to listen it is. And if this sounds like you. He give up that whatever Arie get up and it's 6630 in the morning. On a copy on immediately you're dragging kids out your bed. I did their bet org her bed trying to rush rush rush right get dressed eat is it is he got 45 minutes to get them out the door by 730. Or Niigata makes today in order. Because everything's focused on your kids now I understand now for his maybe it's their dog or maybe you do in your sleep instantly give. So because you are hungry and now they can rest on routed the pastry ate the bagel it's a granola bar whatever that wrapped that the new one hand while you're doing other stuff and other (%expletive) driving your office. You know traffic is insane you transform a hi Steve didn't work by eight their year nine and all day is not about putting out fires making phone calls. It's lunchtime. And you wanna get away from the office beacons not of your best place to be or you don't enjoy being there. Throughout coworkers at restaurants Tina Smart healthy foods their fifteen minutes reporter last. And yet there are usually high carb pork quality protein low fat meals. As though by 1 o'clock we're back at work again is put fires out everything up since 3 o'clock it. That's used when it now likeness copied at times Ernie at the beginning a pick me up he eats five. Liking bill pint my kids wherever they are a home by six X thirty because my days of rack and zapping the third mile box. Yet my kids rushed to round hopefully in bed by eight which you know doesn't happen till nine. And now it's time or meet. I deserves the times though because I'm stressed and tired of that conference media gold if they become like how with Keith these whatever. And usually am staying up late because after all I deserve a belong are after all that's on me I deserved time myself right. And so that we repeat the process of organ that. The typical of American date so what happens there are written during this all the truth is your body has no idea what it is. And it probably doesn't ever get the peak him honestly that it needs because of that of that rhythm. Day after day today is going to rack your circadian rhythm which wrecked here does its fleet that wrecks your ability to heal. So what you find is most people wake up. And just two days not quite like it was that it force nothing like what we want to know. Over and over and over that little tiny ten seconds point or thirty seconds if you're eating clock leads to. Brain fog organs stress weight gain disease except. You know we know for a fact that certain foods you eat can spike insulin. And can lead have actors dressed as we know there's they're really good chance that. Dead technology that were using today nasty sick he had written up with Emmitt talk about that deep we gotta go really deep into technology out hack. Is interfering with our rhythms more than anything else that's cream. Lack of sleep rest we also know that at a certain times in the game and blood pressure is supposed to be high or low. And so the rhythms or offer blood pressure's higher not supposed to be the present a basket system. Instead what I want needed to understand is that Lee is extremely healing not enough credit given to leap. And when your body's sleep is when you do all of your repairs so if you're someone watching me today and you have high blood pressure high cholesterol. You know diabetes Athens replies indigestion neck pain back pain wrestles lag Spiderman now it's these are but in my head right now but. You have a healthy Hewlett basic chances are you're not sleeping. The reason for that is. Your nerves systems your brain your spinal cord your nerves and your immune system and they shift into high gear when you're asleep not so much during the day. And down the reason for that is all other systems are in high gear during negate digested. Cardiovascular respiratory. Saturate daytime activity there on fire our brain beleaguered not nerves it's an immune system is at the lowest. Potential for power during the day. So they kick on at night when you sleep and their job is to basically go through the body scan it sort of like. Even an MRI scanner it just goes on and and about it looks more areas of damage inflammation DK degeneration. And here's what happens when you sleep your body says. The US shoulder over there. There's a lot of information there is some tendons that the growth rate so let's go after that shoulder and let's fix it. Look at that back it's got a disk it's about the bald the coincident. We fortified it puts an extra college in down there we it clean net. But it can't Acela start to formally get rid of that so boom it goes to activate and that's what happens at night has it been studied date proven this. You heal and repair at night. Many devious smile analogy indeed make you hard here right bureaucrats have been hurt like in need or headache or back pain you would lead he woke up. Magically on. It wasn't a out of you know dumb blocking without a pack your body that I'm on the job when asleep. So let's face it the current things we do today. Cause damage her body we know no different than any other item in the bay of your car. Requires maintenance you know in fact. I just recently this weekend to take my card for ultimatum driving just like I normally do I get a little alerts and it says. Service do you had NIC about cars is it tells you exactly what is it like dude now. But he gave me like a two week heads up fourteen days thirteen days while they wouldn't it be great if your body was like. Red alert your help at all apart you have twelve days before organs basically not work anymore so. Convicts are act and added I bet you most of you would change your routine that you had to pop up on alert that would just so visibly irked me about your body. But there's no difference though. In this car analogy were driving her car we're using network putting injured to the stress and the alert pops up and changed its picks they do that is. And I go do that now your body's gonna do something similar except the alert days shoulder her back hurt rain fog fatigue. And when you sleep at night. Then little mechanics go through the body in they clean it out that your body counts on sleep. To address whatever excuse you happened underwriting and today and when you don't sleep enough. Where there's not time there's not enough energy to fix it and you start to build a debt for your health. Again think about like a checking account the amount of debit. Are due to the amount of daily stressful activities that you have a could be your diet could be York. You know exercise routines it could be just your stress here and manage your stress. Debit debit debit from your body and the credits are all of the things that are happening and night when you're sleeping that repairs all of that. And credits can look like you know you did all these techniques inactivity Timmy teach him momentarily. Debit look like your rhythm via track this dressers of the date eating foods that are appropriate or not even real foods not dealing with fewer. Toxicity and things like that so you when you're debit exceed your credits for your body and the balance. Of your health suffers just like the balance your technique now what's that Purcell will we want to do to manage disease he seasons cells in your body is and a signal to your succeeded rhythm of a reset. So we wanna say hey you're off track. How do I know you're off track I'm not sleeping at the help that you so my gosh I need to patent semester in red because of adults. There's going to be inclination widespread. Panic. And also been disease. And it didn't new information again I've known for quite some time but just recently. Here India United States three American researchers were boarded the noble prize for fighting out. That you don't just have a circadian rhythm for Slepian execute that for every now. Every organ. And you habit for every sort of says that your body so when you sleep. And your meal times and when you are physically that it when you're actually doing certain things are vitally important for help. So let me give an example of with the new with researchers selling it's not just one rhythm in this market kind of complicated. If not 1 o'clock that ball. It's every single person's clock is slightly different but your all and end of the same idea between for our cycle so adds an example. If you wake up and you need a big breakfast you skip lines you have a moderately decent night's dinner. You may lose or gain weight compared to someone who's skip breakfast eat the big lines and need to moderate tight dinner. Which by the way it sounds like and it fasting by. Because of the fact that eats at best respond differently. This is why a cookie cutter approach or help the the two big problem. This is why it's not a good idea to to cover up your symptoms that medication because it could just be the need to saddle Chinese if you're sick he random. So to summarize it if you ignore. Your body's path if you ignore understating it and you disrupt the rhythm that it has. Then we start the week gain in the resistant diabetes information heart disease that analogy might be seeing right now you might be going legacy eight doctor art like. Great. But one of us both do you know I have I have this that I have that I've got to get this done and make these meals lately can Kuwaiti to work like. There's no alternative for this right so for me. When you say something like half. Have to get all the things done. Those are just excuses for maybe get back then you know you're saying I'm not important enough to sit down it's been five or ten minutes trying to figure out nine game what's my rhythm what works for me. Once studied this and it showed that if you can simply mimic. The idea of campaign. For five straight days in your house you can completely reset your rhythm back to your body pattern. And this is gonna sound at a standstill as you might go like camping out to do with a team and but here's what they found out. When you're in a campaign environments. You're literally outside the you're sleeping and you're doing most of your daily activities outside right so when you cook a meal. You're not indicate in your over some sort of campfire and York. Usually then having your meal on a picnic bench and your outside. Environment around you. So what they discovered is this. The environment that we surround ourselves and basically dictate the rhythm of our clock and unfortunately because of the environment we live in today. We are in artificially created environments meaning the we wake up in an environment that not anywhere conducive to. Natural. Outside lights org natural outside air or anything of that pack. One of the other big things they found out when campaign is that if you can mimic the idea of sort of made. Historic coal. Environments mean we don't have TV we don't have forest of lights we don't have iPad with that the editor Italy takes five days your body the retail and itself. Now you might say could five days is a lot of time and not look at all the stuff I'm losing them not doing this and not dynamic current eighty. But it's five days at a through these bad days a year tennis that your health and that your clock. Vitally important needed it and it doesn't mean skeptical camped not a packet going in and grab your tend to go down the local site. You just need to recreate a camping environment in your life one of the biggest test ruptures. Tear cicada admitted to the modern world wouldn't have been. More because of the technology that we have and how it stimulates your body to constantly think it in and wait mode. And one thing I've talked a lot about pastor give this church it was the dangers of blue lights. So what do you think of campaign as asking from blue light that you can do this in your house you don't go camping again. But when we have technology and screens and you know I pads and phones and light bald in our house that are LTD's or you know man made light. We are lasting ourselves with will be considered daylights. Even when it's not the lights and though it's. As simple as re creating a campus environment your house meaning in it when it's dark outside no lights are on. When it's light outside they don't need no lights on red as he got like coming into windows. And we want to mimic the back that we would fast ourselves away from certain technologies though. Five days is all it takes. I'm not looking at technologies green is not because FaceBook is interfering with their rhythm it's because the light coming off the screen doing that makes sense. System's simple techniques you can use right now to start re setting your circadian rhythm fixing your help in helping you to sleep is. Eliminating blue lights in an apt at the end of the day. More so because. You can't really bind lightbulbs that aren't LED anymore. And you certainly can't line technology that is free from EDT needles all TVs are switching over to LED backlights. All tablets and laptops and PCs and bones and things are using now LED lights. And LTD lights that are manmade are the equivalent to junk food which is man made. Think the data again as if we had. Real healthy foods that we had sort of a meal that you might have been produced back Perkins suit back in 921930. Honest about that too assault on a case let's take this stuff out. And let's now make this new food it's better for us we fortified foods we made food's better. Man made and in doing that we made them junk foods because you know we'd then learned what. You bite at the likeness now might you might think like. Seriously we've men made light of we have. Might by definition has a full spectrum has all colors and he did things you can't see in the infrared spectrum but a lot of that stuff produces heat. And produces them pour efficiency so original light ball of course you guys probably know this straight he turned ought to get hotter over a period time. But these New Delhi be light and a stake hold all the time needed grabbing you would even know mr. holding it like to have been on. What we that is we take in the red not visible spectrum is sort of heat spectrum and for reds out of the lights. We've actually condensed light touted as the visible spectrum. And we said we'll hit look at it's not as hot as more energy efficient than this man made light is now what's being broadcasted or. Hockey talent you're inside and made light first of all. It has source writes why eight. It appeared to have you lit incandescent ball has sort of the yellow is sort of origins tenth. You like easily be lights it's like manage your your eyes like it's bright that's why. You can also see for example. The thirteen like upgrades to beat and the car's headlights that are like really really bright white compared to that you know ten did not. That's a man made like ball instead of mica tunnel full spectrum ball. Most of the lights that we have to date the most of my ball combine art this toxic man made LTD spectrum like and the danger here is this. They are fully loaded with blue. So these spectrum if you were to run a visual spectrum on his very high in blue very low and read very low and yellow is what makes it looks so white. And the problem here is that your eyes are sensitive to it not that blew like it comes at them so what did you think of it like this. The reason our rhythms are so far off is all hey four hours a day for review but the majority of the time you are nineteen. Artificial light on your eye and what you're IC is while it's bright it's like noon. Now think about this that it is ten or 11 or 9:8 o'clock and you executed written on them they're fleet. We need to start setting off certain activities slowed down systems. We need in partner teach you need your stuff in the third decree melatonin at night time. And you pull on that cavity watts at silly clock your brains like you what he's talking about and it is right. It's like the sun is right out in front of us though it's not 8 o'clock it's narrow and and there are those the shifting your Canadian rhythm. Your phones or tablets repeat these lights all eliminating blue light. Well we need do is we did not use them. When the sun go a week ago yet it's the only time I have used in so if you're someone who chronically kick it rated stuff. Then during those hours when there is known natural light coming into your windows. You must Wear blue blocker that a glass that be like that set of lenses you can put on. And it blocks that pollute to protect your eyes that you don't go through this if you wanna bio hack your circadian rhythms even further. Once we hit about daylight after sunset 89730. Whatever that I'm at once use the outside the sign is fully stacked. You can't see any of the resident paying the Newport News and Ortiz black black black dark. That we acts that wanna Wear red light lenses of my gut a lit red tint to it because red will actually help your body to. The Internet state of pushing towards higher melatonin. And helping you sleep. Another way about acting sleeps a wine. Get rid of the blue like Garrett have all of that technology. In your body which is why we're going camping out on to take five days what do we do up to those I date when it limits. The exposure we have of them. When that sun has gone down to Wear blue blocker in nine days we do whatever we can't try to avoid them. Something out that you probably realize Nicklaus stances you don't wanna drink anything at stimulating tier system. After certain timeframe usually if you think of like coffee and t.'s. In my world nothing after 3 o'clock because that's gonna stay in your system for several hours of for example via the copy 8:3 o'clock in the afternoon. The caffeine affects them back at last all the wait till about 91011 maybe even 2 o'clock in the evening. I'm. We obviously don't entering stimulants when we're trying to you know d.s stressed our body in the after hours by sixth at 8 o'clock. Something has been known for quite some time that it help you to sleep in recent execute it and don't eat after 7 or 8 o'clock at the latest. So your last meal of your last that consumes should be. Nothing greater than 8 PM what happens is if you app like snack at 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock you kick start or digest assistant into going to have to deal with the food aid. And your body will try to keep you awake digest your food usually takes three hours that process to stop that you have something to eat it at 9 o'clock. There's a three hour window where you must stay awake here digest this to properly after that what you've done is you've shift accurate and again we don't do that. You'll rarely get into a deep status sleep if you're digest of this turned on line. Because our natural medium of them turn off our data system typically around 10 to 11 o'clock at night. So again when you sleep all systems need to be. Off except your brain or nerve system that one way of re setting your rhythm is don't stimulate. Organs should be turning themselves downing night. And that's why. Eight they'll say well there's a lot of waking connected to eating after 7 o'clock if you wanna lose weight fast to stop eating after that because it reset to rid them. And what happens is when your circadian rhythm is working in proper method. Then year body actually starts to lose weight by itself. So I'm gonna give you sort of a day to day routine of what this would look like in order to that your circulating clock. We talked about one sort of rapid way of doing it. Would be like a five day technology pass. And a blue light fast that your recreating camping experience. But you can also reset your clock by forcing your daily routine Ted Mack the times that your body preferred certain things that happen. So again as we mentioned you'd that classics are Canadian read them. Looks like the fact that by about 103630. You are asleep so that's an eight hour run your sleep and so we need to make sure that wearing purging ourselves to fall asleep during those hours. And then if we're starting to rise up around 6630. You need to recognize that there is a classic routine that your body like in the morning. Of preparing itself for the day's not just wake up that sticks and boom off the ego and company and its hours starting your day it's you need to have like. A good ten to fifteen minutes sort of wrap your body you could. You know wake up at six. And stay in bed at 1015 minutes this sort of pray meditate get out of bed and decent simple stretching and it sounds like this insane but c'mon at ten. Ten or fifteen minutes start your day. You know is the best thing you can ever do though it come up with 6630. Spinning ten to fifteen minutes. Sort of letting my body into the routine and abstract teen drinking water except trip. I'm gonna start to get up and you know how my kids thirteen active by about 645. Maybe I've already prepared to practice the night before or ad skipping breakfast completely from myself and arming teachers of the called intimate and asked him. One great way to reach that your sticky than it did not force meals happen at specific times structured day. But to skip and let your body do the work for itself. One thing I'm a huge proponent of giving your body. Three healthy that's in the morning with a little pick up of them organic coffee to get your systems stimulated it's almost as if doing news. Helps your rhythm to start and while we're not any food yet but we got this fuel that we can use for energy. Because right around 630s and a clock time is when your system to turn on. So my breakfast is simply cup of coffee with him to seal the borders coconut oil. That he gives me that you'll that I need because I'm really not taken in my act states and about nine or 10 AM. If I eat too early I mean it tricked my body in the United States. An early point. So upon preparing myself in game ready. Then I'm Marty NATO alliance not got let my kids embrace ego enough food is already been designed for energy which is in Libya. Hi healthy fat. Moderate protein low carb maybe high leafy green meal. And you know what I'm getting to work by about nine I'm focusing on my task he demands of the hand. And rather than just run around to go to restaurants and things like that. I'm taking my food per instantly. Weather permitting them eat outside did you get those having fun facts about being outside during the day not only is it just good to get them by providing deep production. But the lie eight. The hat that we have outside naturally produced by the sign had every spectrum of energy inside of it. And your eyes are designed to let that notice that your town's again remember. We once knew and to be the big point of our rid himself like outside at noon and pilots as natural sunlight and I. I'm instantly programming my system to say I know timing is everything in my clock. The danger becomes a lot of let's go outside and we Wear sun shades or putting glasses on to protect ours who's nine. And not knowing that that's not allowing this happened after reset. The lights power of the sun outside ranges between 101030000. Lehman's which should be a way of testing the strength of light. Technically I guess you could they live in equal to a candle. So it would take you 30000. Candles to create a rightness of outdoor light on a natural today. But inside the lights we have barely can push about a thousand looming if we're lucky you know the average light bald. That you have up ahead over use maybe 20300. Them. There were getting literally a thousand less energy sources of light. During the days though we never set the rhythms that at noon and were kind of like. Feels like it's you know at three in the afternoon that we get tired because on the light with that. You know in the mid afternoon rather than full are filling your body was sort of like sweets and cake and coffee is that my dad had a snack at work. I'm maybe instead you just have not received or things like that again some fat sponsors of the gives you more energy. And then again your nightly routine should be if you have kids. Let's deal with them let's get them fed you know let's do that but then we want to prepare certain things that the next eight DD neighbor cutting vegetables. Where making certain amount proteins in advance for freezing your foods aggregate rate ago that it. Not only is everybody bad buried there and advice that man 8 o'clock that think that. But we now have the more time for us. I like the space that the need to do that also helps your rhythm is again getting yourself exposed to those. Later hours a day outside you know so like the 78630. Timeframe there's something known as the golden hour. And it's that time right after the suns that's where this guy is highest in its red and orange collars. And what's unique about that is that helps the very happily stimulate melatonin production which helps you start your wind down process again. What's that Allen's love where. Not dating retinal orange lights exposed our bodies we tend to get the blue light and our body says. No it's not 8 o'clock it's due and in no you're not gonna go to sleep you should be awake and there's the whole rhythm reset. So here are some things that are real simple need depleted due in summary one recognizing inaccurate and is very important you. I'm not just important you're sleeping important your total health two recognizing our lifestyle is what usually disrupts an offset their circadian rhythm. And we can sort of boosted back into play by doing simple techniques that we party talks about. But remember that this clock is important because it's dealing clock is well says some things that I feel like I'm of people gold it was it'll recognize. That sleep is not just something that's important for us to feel good feel energy it's it's very very important for a deal. So I'm gonna give you sort of summary of what we've been talking about today and some simple tips. And possibly even if you distant yet it is the techniques you can incorporate with the futuristic music LP to force the reset. We mentioned at a five days light. Blue light that is the equivalent to going camping for five days. To try to get out cited what he and try to eliminate the blue light as much as possible. No technology on in the night hours knew I'd be going evil what on earth semis. Both to be doing a great kinda like kick into a hobby or habit you know like put a puzzle together talk with your spouse. You know do some activity that doesn't require technology to keep you stimulated read a book for example. If your. Having the ability to. Need lights then you know turn the lights on but let's have our blue blockers on that were not blocking or were not seen the blue light that comes out. If you have technology. That you must use in the evenings then definitely you need to install some sort of blue blocker software it is a good one called app docked value acts. So it's blocks. There's other Goodman called iris IRI at. What they do is they just eliminate all of the blue bits and netted off. I would still use my blue blockers that I don't get the effectiveness and might sound insane but I promise you the united sleep you have is going to drastically improve. My things we can do of course is who want. Our environment to be as dark as possible that not turning on his lights and even in your room making sure that no lights coming from the outside as disk as you have protected your house from my. Doesn't mean you're neighbors and your street lamps on that his spine and and then you know more importantly something for me would be makes it that we get outside as much as possible. Being outside is not just scared because the light but it it helps your body sort of reconnect with the natural source if possible I would also suggest that when your outside. You go pair put turn on your feet touched the ground because there's a lot of effects with grounding. The natural remedies you guys can you be sort of there's a sell out here are some supplement that have been sound helpful to again restate your circulating clocks in helping to get on track. Magnesium has that ability to create a calming effect. Been shown effective in various studies how to treat actually insomnia and improves sleep. Often all it takes is about a he better to make these it would about 250 to 500 milligrams. And it is simply helps your body to gain two more restful state. The Indian or else the inning is amino acid it's sounding green tea and even though we don't wanna drink that green tea before we go to sleep. Using green tea during the day can actually help to improve your circadian rhythm. In give you more sleep it's recommended to have about 200 reported milligrams of the inning before going to bed the need to get this supplementary injury the green tea during the day. 58 TP the great precursor for melatonin. It's recommended to have about outwards to a hundred milligrams of this an hour before you go to sleep. But no word of caution if you're taking in like that SS RI and an oppressed and not a good idea to take by the ATP at all but if you're somebody who's gone I just loved it naturally helped to create a little more military like kick my sleeping and then we can take by the ATP it's referred for me to go that route rather than taking melatonin directly. But down some of you will sail on doing that by the ATP nothing's working. The melatonin may be at the actually physically have to take start off that really logo that says to me like half the milligram. Upwards to one milligram and I believe that over time your body will naturally start to produce melatonin by itself. Because again melatonin is something we naturally create win Arab light exposure to polluted the creek in. So you know I'm hoping that you guys found to date to be helpful for sleep and a lot of people have difficulty sleeping but. There's a couple supplements you can do there's a quick reset you can do that we talked earlier five day fast. Simple easy techniques to helping you falsely that's what our show is about that a hobby guys found it informative they'll listen now as we sort of wrap up today if you're somebody who's. Been dealing with nicely bases we have a healthy as you may be at high blood pressure high cholesterol whatever highly encourage you to join me might do November advance. Can't believe party talk about November but on Tuesday November 7. At a dinner seminar at I'm Natalie French cap bank no cost Peter attended all it's a free information. Free dinner and we're gonna help you to learn how to sleep better Roth the hosting this Charlotte sleep summit which is on. Saturday November 11. At 11 AM at the holiday and express here in starlet and Mason is below is video on how to register thanks for watch yesterday in a fourteen guys eat every week with jasager shall. Until then.