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I wanna turn to something else that's grabbing a lot of attention. For media grabs my attention the murmur few years ago won the first pieces of software that I received. Anti virus software. Was by a company called Kaspersky what I've learned about the skimpy since then has been very disturbing. And I'm sure that my next guest is someone who would've strongly discourage me from ever using this software in the first place. And it's what's going on now. Is a story about Israeli hackers discovering NSA tools. On the Kaspersky network. What in the world is this about where our. Expert on all things computer. Happens to join us now Morgan right welcome back to the broadcaster. And I don't worry he's all over it nothing wrong with. This. Would that look back and management. At apple announcement you're concerned the lautner. Yeah I mean. Her. Work there. I. Kaspersky is eighty. He very well well well constructed elaborate plot by the that the we are what are the former EP when it was attitude. On extra security. That is was tremendous. To what it is because our work on US government computer. Or are you see all to hand. Malaysia's. So there's what he beat Eugene. When I'm searching for. And they were in that light lines which normally. And flat or were hidden. Get what how to count the contract laptop sir name. Certain signatures now where the count and that hundreds waited. This is absolutely unbelievable. This region's all kinds of questions here and especially for those of us who were not. Man's computer users who would understand these kinds of things now. What's what's the deal these in SE two cools beaten on the network. What they were on the network or what happened again yet another contractor. Back in 2015. And he's currently under investigation. He illegally. Removed classified information. From the NSA from you know one other secure area obviously they're skip the securing compartment or information facility. Like where they're working on this goat Shaquille legally took it home and put on his home laptop. It's on computer. What his home computer had dispersed the anti virus so I think what it'd turn could spark into a huge Google engine. So when the F that's beer at the GRU go searching for can search. And make it seem what you anti virus you know where these code names are aware of the malicious software. Nothing more than he can search engine for them and that's how they found this. Contractor illegally removing information. Outside a secure network on on the Vienna is never run disperse it they will not allowed to rent any quarter in her apartment but yet we had a running another. Government institutions but it looked to be off all computers in ninety days. Serious is our exposure here. Or cute we just get away that we just gave way to nuclear launch codes I mean literally I mean the NSA tools. Where the good guys and we always fight with one hand tied behind our back we have you compare Russia and China and North Korea and around. You know our human rights record our record of how we treat other countries it dollar compared to those guys. And we always fight with one had a hundred back door only advantage used to be not just that are by leaps and bounds better. Then the other guys and when you give them all the tools in our tool kit. It slows everything down. Compromises on going operations. Couldn't let them know we're we are and what we're into. And then for example let me give you a quick example Chris first he was also the firm behind helping Iran. Mitigate and what's called mitigating mediate the text of the stuff that warm and playing virus thing that I week. Corning but had worked on with Israeli intelligence to stop and slow down the Iranian centrifuges. Cause them to run off ballot slow down their program will get to win and help and clean it up. It could spur ski. So this this plot is just thickening they'd call for hearings on this Utley I mean I. I've been thinking about an article on that I really think that this first it's been nothing more than a huge cyber coup. For the Russian intelligence service because we spot. The stuff that the Russians created we put it on our machine and we let them have visibility into millions of computers around the world. Please tell us please provide some assurance to his Morgan right. That's the federal government now getting this under control. I think that our government had a handle on much. Governor and what they will do it I mean they they are removing it so. It has to be up everything in ninety day they are gonna hold hearings I don't know how much of a panacea that if I will tell you that I've backed candidate within the private sector. Actually ran global programs that Cisco systems what you would call back then. And I remembered the day that IBM sold their thinkpad division to Lenovo which is a Chinese company. The next morning everybody that work in our federal group had committed swap at every angle IBM laptop for an HD less talked. Because there was no way that you could walk into the Department of Defense or these other places turn into laptop that would now owned by a Chinese company. So yeah sometimes they do great work but sometimes with this meant a tea. I mean what were we thinking I mean I understand you what are what is expected to procurement were located or. They created a US division and let people either code will there's nothing in their code to say that the code is doing anything malicious. But when it copies of things and send them back was central location in Russia. Now the Russian intelligence can Google anything they want and look for they now have this ability to millions of computer so. I'm well for another ninety days we're gonna be. We're going to be exposed. We're already way over time here quickly for people who may have Kaspersky on their computers which your message. I get rid of it I mean at. Best buy did. That's by won't sell it anymore find something else go to somebody reputable Symantec computer so did of that I mean just get anything other than I. Is anything other than Russian and Chinese you know would you trust anything made by the Iranians are we trusting the Russians and the Chinese are our biggest ever series and cyberspace. Nigeria Morgan right Kate thanks a lot command broadcast clarifying all of this force and he enjoyed the Russian as well that was good stuff. Upbeat comments but people. Take chairman. IPO.