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Panther Talk
Monday, October 16th

Coach Ron Rivera and Tight End Ed Dixon join Mick, Jim and Eugene for tonight's Panther Talk.


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Woman Carolyn I'm embryos were revealed no. And a Carolina fan. We played teams like Philadelphia no it had every inflammation of the playoff game in this game. And we're gonna have to go win these games later in the season as good test for us. This whole thing for us and we go back to work more for most things if we could make even Korean children. And Mel how long would she and so Pete and Eugene Robinson appears to make mix and we've entered talks live from the red zone and Bank of America Stadium. So male aligned with what I'm about to say this is the way it is in the NFL when you win a game. You think man we have got it figured out we may not lose again but still when you lose a game. You think. How we ever gonna win again one in the world does that feel like doing a lot of it is down. But as a Carol and Joseph is going to be fair in the four and two will Wear I think core. We're undefeated don't pay rather talk about we hardly ever called a really really bad play yes let's coaches it here in person tonight so we may talk freely about you know the the theft of yeah I know he's hearing this and you are seeing it had at foreign to justice careless everybody take a deep breath I think we're all right it's a good football team. He could be that Kurt Coleman returns with the extended drastic could be that Brian Khalil licks it returns with the extended rest. And it'll be at Chicago at Tampa Bay to wind up October welcome into our showed great to see all of you thank you mix C route is. Coach will be here by the miracle of recording tape and then we have a player guests tonight this year rating is trading at an all time high and that is. Ed Dickson and house Ed. Greg do. Dixon. Who perished at a later this ship. Greg Olsen also announces an infinite. So how we're does that look though with look at that gas the last two weeks of seeing Carolina Panthers struggle in the run game. And how we go about fixing. That's a great question right Cologne you mentioned could be part of that answer another Tyler Larson is not doing a good job but he's like get your Pro Bowl center out there right. I think Eugenia team dessert try to take that away whether we win or lose this game to think teams are loading it up first and say aren't there yet a free throw it against Detroit that work still working its New England to. This past one though it did a working its Philadelphia as well. So I think Garrett chopper cam on the ball who have had any running no fault of three running backs combined for one yards on thirteen carries so that's that's a rough day and so. This seems predicated on running teams are you gonna try to run us Hoosier try to be balance I think teams try to take that away. But I think at some point maybe it may be too sketchy to how you wanna can't beat him all the time he gets more. Jet sweeps in other action things that they short passing game honestly ten passes to Christine McCaffrey that's like a running game you get to five yards a pop like that it is. One if you saw this conversation by now push the panic button who loves football as hard as these. I made it looks easy because guys make it look easy is what it is a very difficult sport and the other thing that we're forgetting that. That's one of the best defenses that are offices face all your lol I made the front for the front seven and punishing those no doubt about that and that today they seemed to to thrive and I'm I'm I'm under the sun under pressure this that. We're four and two would not one and five were not to put forward forward to contribute to me before took this juncture I might how to pick. It's so I think that we need to. We realize that football is indeed hard and even a net gain and it was more like a playoff game you will. Even in a game we still have a couple of chances to win so what does that say about the Carolina Panthers is that you really do handle business. Even when our running game if you really do have a business so you can win some of those very very very tough game a gift of playoff caliber people salt I wonder person almost been a display. Don't know the great test and a great shape forth just to determine the medal this team and if we clean things up this team could do a lot. Tough. I think here you have groups there's Luke. There's a smattering no matter how they're so does this wagged a groundswell. Smattering part of that I was in all honesty at Dixon walked it in 90% or more to get an area. Nearly 10% or this matter classic what's that pay attention to what you said that defense was good and they knew what are out of Philadelphia I've mentioned on our broadcast that. Having Fletcher Cox out there was like Philadelphia have a skid steer on the field. And then I realized that most who probably don't know the experience affairs there in the studio do you know disputes here is anybody. Major it. Yes one person do people. It's is a bobcat this that got little insulin on mini back you can go a lot it was apparent you know get Bibi Bibi go back up with one of those things Fletcher Cox with a handful. You and he make straight turner looked like he had roller blades on fell. We go ahead and you would put talk about guys who work you know I mean I mean how Larson was clear he's very very good realistic about it trek Turner's me. I love this mean this. No well is being the cruise collectively that's a lot of like. Anger coming that you would come off the line with that ankle was matched by some other do's and other side of the ball that was. Just as me and got off and then got confident. And their ability to go it ever rush to pass a all these take away the guest in the eight man front that was a really hard task and I guys that shrink back they may have lost that race a little bit. But guess what do a lot of races cup so I'm saying as a look at formed like duke. This was a really good game to test where we are and to reevaluate and I'm glad they had a bit a little mini bye would cost you reevaluate things. We talked a lot about the run game on the broadcast we talk soon about Newton and and his ability to run but looking back on it. He threw a couple of passes that were right on the button. That were uncharacteristically. Not caught and in one case Jonathan Stewart has generally. Known for his ball security he doesn't Bobble the ball down you Bobble that up as you said yeah you know the broadcast resulting. In an interception. He can tend to throw kind of a heavy ball but still. These these receivers gotta. They got to make the catch. And that's the difference between winning and losing you turned the ball over twice in your own rights and elected ten or fifteen yard line he set a short field they are fourteen points and give you lost by five. So that was it everything but that was most of it that was the biggest part of it people want to and I analyzed at the game scenarios and things like that you're not in that picks at the end. If not given up fourteen relatively easy points to disrupt your deepest economic pillar southern changed and defend twelve yard deter any. The up to fit in a more overlooked walked out of me they really did a great job of holding his team at bay that it would not as well called the cure a lot of practice. Because I thought kept our office back in it and given office a lot of chances go ahead and eat and so. You're absolutely right there was some things that attributed to you that lost that can get cleaned up a tipped pass and guess what that's gonna happen all right a bubble ball. Typically view by public doubt that we do what okay musical Dow actually appoint this fourteen points that maybe this team doesn't get. Iran and we'll play it if finance books but if you look at it realistically what can we had a turnover and the result to local fourteen points we're just lost by five. The the Packers. Lose Aaron Rodgers and broken collarbone there's no way around the anguish. That everybody at Bank of America Stadium felt when repeatedly went out of the game Eugene when you play. Did you ever have a game like that where you just you had to just sort of almost hit the reset button to get some of your energy and momentum back because an iconic player was injured. Exactly Steve logic is knocked out of the game by mark Carter and in the Denver Broncos gave Mike cards came across little Paltrow Tim went ahead. Dropped the ball. And every last one of those was scary we were afraid for one for self do. That meant this is our main guy and we'll have Steve larger than we don't win we're don't when the game at all and so we can win the game at all when that day. But it goes beyond that because you don't want a guy like a look deeply. To go Watergate and he can hit in the head because that's something that we all Billy what vessel that everybody nest for Bullock is doing what they try to get handle. Thought concussions and what to do protocol all of us up the hill once the become we become a problem for the young men so you have to write Lou quickly went out. I tell you what I'd be just a suffer a little bit Miller did a great job OK but still some places where I believe there was an interception a moment. Because mailed to don't know shall know a little local road in front of them to hear directly I know conclude that interception because these. He made sure that stuff this'll things of that nature typically gone out in the midst of this. Result of the broadcasted reserve commences we do what you point to some of the players David until after the game that he hadn't come back they knew he had heard that a million come back but you feel it on the field that the furniture their funds into the offered to players they weren't bad aware that he wasn't coming back as they're doing. They're thing there but yet the broadcast I bid for the fans of the stadium to. The good news and seeing him basically run to the top all day as opposed being carted off so open it's a sign of a better things to come quickly. No doubt their good works both you guys so with Jim soaking Eugene Robinson it's medical have coach here in just dissect if you're listening to rather talk. Live on the Carolina Panthers radio health. There's a new standards on people. Goes to bite wounds. With a fake and then backside pressure coming pepper balls out there. Our nationalism. 47 yard line about a good. Laying on the left wing on the right. It's taken down let's check you know field of play why we have this now here we're here. Is becoming as a dog fight and you know we'll make a few things that you win and damage we got us off the team pretty good so far. We have the best of. He's injured so silly Fineman talk homage general Jim Jones radio network. Coach Ron Rivera with a soft panther talk tonight we have a lot to talk about coach let's start with your weekend did your schedule allow you. To get away or from football at all over the weekend almost certainly did doom because they're really coming our way on Saturday and then. My son around 3 o'clock I was Mecca for Obama so yeah it was a it was nice it was a little break but again you know we're we're a good situation and saw Marco before this weekend. Do you like watching games on TV when you're now working. Yes and no. You know that'd be good to be working obviously but. This chemical in your chance to see everybody you know I I guess I did the government's own thing and I'm going seven games has pop in and out. Coaches you've been on you know Tampa Atlanta and and and New Orleans for the matter and they're just wants to bears again so Baltimore as well. He's got to kind of television in your line of work but we got some help in the division over the weekend. Is it too early for head coach like you to be to be thinking in you can do those kind of terms coach know because it is I think you know one thing we always go look at. We look at things globally you know go to the whole thing you know we want we want to make sure that you know during the week of folks you know we need to but. They're renowned and any time we open your you rise up be knowing god broaden your horizons and she was happen. Do you see where Aaron Rodgers guard you see that place yes yes I was unfortunate you know so that's a that's a tough situation not. It's gonna hurt them you know because he's such a natural part of or who they are what they do but talk. Clearly got to do the next man up thing and I think only the young quarterback to have by you he might do some things from. One out of my want to ask you about a lot of people talk and over the weekend about the Austin's is very Jenkins. Tell another touchdown in the patriots jets game do you see that play. I the American it's it's it's a tough judgment call just kind of like well we have we're cam reach for the for the for the pylon. You know an end and based on the angles based on what they saw I can see why they overturned it I mean did did very tough very difficult. The ball does move but he never really loses the ball he just loses possession of a first for referrals first or second dot. Obviously the referee felt that was long enough. Are you still convinced that they Cam Newton play it was a touchdown that we certainly it's also on the broadcast. I am I thought it was I thought his timing for everything was was usually good but. Here's the explanation they are from there are free obviously makes sense because you know at the end of the day he says and I can't 100%. Say that I I believe it is a he can't change them which I understand I get that that's part of the rules. Talking to Ron Rivera on parent or talked tonight also over the weakening commissioners seem to be maybe a little confusion. About the the status of Lou Keiko ESPN reporting that he did not have a concussion in the panther Stephen Drummond says that he remains in the protocol what's ahead coach's view on that. Well you know I'm listening to a my trainers and doctors who told us you know our random moment only that he's in the concussion protocol do you go to the pursuit of the process so. You know he's he's been there for a couple days and tomorrow been an important day form as far as futuristic were coming up. Too rare in athletics and in business that the most talented is also one of the nicest guys. Have you ever been around a guy quite like looking equally before. No you know I'm dying he is special he really is in his second football player and you know I I'm I'm really concerned to try and make sure you just you know good healthy return about the football. So were play in the Chicago Bears now panthers' top back out onto the road to play Chicago this is a city. That I assume is import to you you're definitely important to the windy city what kind of football team did a half. Did they had a very tough physical football team who like to run the ball then ball very well so far this year. Arm I think on defense to their kind of a hybrid three for the they attack you from all over. And then especially if there's a group also guys who they play hard and hustle. The third coach John Fox has some history with the Carolina Panthers of course the bears trying to figure their quarterback situation now who does Mitch drew this key look like he is as a football player or these young quarterback Doug is strong arm. You know he throws the deep out from the opposite hash very well it's a good touch on the ball that makes good decisions I think he's got a bright future for them I really do like their running game. On the other good corps of receivers you know led by Campbell right now I to try to position it's a pretty doggone good position. You know again they run the ball very well see another play physical up front. Courage after the weekend off are you back on a normal schedule now with today be in a Monday tomorrow being a Tuesday as setter and in your football nomenclature very much so you tomorrow or we'll give you winds are practicing the winds are rooted person approximate four intrusive are trying to. So yes all of those things you you've got to just say this we've done. Gave you guys at Election Day so they had three straight days off. Instead of just two and done nimble picking up on choosing their role. Might PX surest help you get your starting center around colonial back. Yes very much so who knows who occur call America's well put every fantastic. Car coach before we let you go whether the Carolina Panthers sitting here for into. Our watchers sort of six game overarching view on what you've accomplished so far and then they areas we think this team needs to get better quote we just a really good things make. I'm very happy about it but deals last always have run the ball effectively we should. Our defense of him on the takeaways that we would like to have self through a couple things that we're gonna most of the work on continued focus on. And I get ourselves back to will be doing what we do best and that's play physical football on the ball blown detective. First runner girlfriend or talk precisely time that's your Mac. Womack you have some very important course of the coaching ressam is it too early sucked into the ball the other team's go to the teams are doing. And he said no and a father was typically when the right answer is because you wanna know what tools do you wanna find out because. You don't want to the play offs creep up on you and you hadn't. Yeah you didn't cut off orchestrate navigate maneuver into toughest self. Or try to purchase a flicker position tougher that was the greatest Michael Kendrick recorded you've got five of your six division games still to come out of these games that are remaining seed you wanna kind of be paying attention obviously make joint prepare for game at a time missed all of advance scouting. See what's going on and it's interesting business division always top teacher real Monica morals all sudden. Looks like at the moment it will end up and up the first weekend. With the defense and running I go who are that. That is that they're their game really to touch down yesterday everybody loses gets a quarterback hurt yesterday. And Atlanta blows a big lead the best team in Atlanta and Atlanta in my opinion so loss at Detroit so losses Chicago Bears amidst this season. They can really be sick and really net PepsiCo big time and here it is. Everybody knows you don't fall football players we know what she's what you've done so we will think the two world beaters. As Arafat particularly vulnerable and everybody who goes in there Miami went in there and say that this team is horrible we're gonna stick to what in this and they did. Treasurer says it right if we wound up with them. Got to get better run of the ball also. At taking the ball away winning they can avoid take weekend there's not an NFL team though that doesn't practice. Stripping the ball and did that doesn't desire intersections. Is there unifying diagnosis in either of your minds as to why the Panthers in the back in don't have interceptions this year that there are accustomed to it. One up to the quarterbacks have been really sharp that we've takes Drew Brees Tom Brady staffer. And and then that's when it's once been very very good at convert to dish as with the ball enough. Now put the ball and compromising positions and then also we have sex typically you get interceptions. Previous section don't get a both you didn't want all the other. This typically is what happens and you get an assistance from tipped balls or throw because I guys in the quarterback's face but typically it's either that or sack. And so we get more sex now that we couldn't interceptions and that would account for that and again. Mean to get by without another your best defensive back to your ball hockey when that is Kurt Coleman so you've not had him for the majority of the season choose I think that gift factored personnel. Has another think that's what Kurt Coleman does so well. Mitch true this is he oh who quarterback Fisher cops cannot open that the Panthers who play Chicago. Before they made the change and brought the kid in. Gives a team a little bit of a lift what do you think of this guy. What think he's very good there is no doubt about the key is the right choice for Chicago. But what I look at his numbers eight for sixteen he's right at 50%. 2416. Yards a right that is me like I'm excited about that because that means you 50%. Typically you what to quarter quarterback around. 60% 65%. That means there's some vulnerability and the other thing is. He's been full of salsa and appease at all I should've thrown the ball there or watch the throne the boy here. Right he's going to be that limit Kurt and chart trust me he has not seen. A blessing. Like jury that we that we have here the Carolinas under Steve wells he had seen no Lester up and all these people come and actually I tell you what. I think Steve Wilkes coach was necessary. Almost replicate adult. Beings I have almost another thing I can't. They go out to people at 10 o'clock. 52 times and threw it sixteen times deceiving have you updated yesterday. And the put out that they're doing their thing teams that can't move all the doing gadget plays fake punts. Lots of debris still running back row off the option gives a lot of different gadgetry they're doing right now it would have always seek jets shoot whenever we see that we always say that team can't beat you where they have to do with the result that. Tends to be that way let's take a quick look to look at the injury update brought to you by ortho Carolina. It's we have a loop so we know we do you know as far as what we know so we now are Fuzzy Whitaker hurt his ankle in that game was elusive 50 and so those were the only. I think those were the only ones that happened in the game and you have some good news at. Coaches over your right a little back on the practice field this weekend and we'll see Booker coma maybe due and so having nice to fit Dixon. California cap played an arguable talked to coming up next this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network. Is being entered talk. Carolina Panthers Caribbean in the market we feel that I would let them when we left some plays out there was true I come kind of set us up in the first few times. Just enjoy you know so many turnovers. Miscommunication. Tell court what things are things that we can. You know that we can look at the we can communicate with each other. And on the developments back to a mix mix and Jim silky and and Eugene Robinson of the ways Panthers talked almost Carolina Panthers radio network. All right thank you just list yes. One of the very tight ends in the NFL is on our stage and so we set the character talk live to see if out to. Place in Charlotte that we can't tell you where it is there we brought the 84 back in to be with us. Views on the third floor actually here a moment ago but he is 84. He is or what have you done lately the hottest item in the NFL right now number 84 is at Dixon. Our guess. What you campers. Just how the world is right now it's like would it be done in the last week or two so I decide that definition your investment in an NFL. And of taking. A couple of weeks or talk about the gave a couple of 275 yards but I think you guys basically haven't had to have a practice a little excerpt bye week so to speak with the game on Thursday there's a chance two recuperating catalyst decades settle ensor we. Your thoughts on that before moving to the Chicago game. We'll go and and going today did you know our hopes are high you know we've prepared. And we felt really good about the game didn't turn out the way we wanted to do but you know we get in we reviewed film. Would be very critical on myself so we move on from it because a lot of season left in this a lot of our goal is still on the table for a. Note after the game we had a choice if you like in this came to like a playoff game. What makes you say is a playoff game and took me about the personnel Philadelphia Eagles and why you think that it. Float is going into the game. The table was set you know both teams we're. And other records was what they Wear their own and they were playing some of the vessel off both teams to us you know coming into this game. You know we knew it was a short week we didn't use said. Make excuses for ourselves. We prepare the best week we couldn't went into the game. Plane put in the Philadelphia Eagles team. First and it jumped out to them as their teens beat this girl brought beat Texas beat a lot of people underestimate. Their defense speed and things that they got after us for a little bit and all. I would say I would say it in the and we gave we give us a bit of a chance and we just to make it necessary plays in the game. We talked to also read all the post game show brought to your role in the run game you Greg Crist the other. All the tight end pride yourself on being good blockers how close is this fans are rushing attack to getting back to us to some of those explosive plays. I think we're very close to home would but some of front eventually got that they're very special. Well as a reason why Jon Stewart is leading rusher in this franchise history he. It's very good at what it does you know we have to find two little things and very be very critical on myself not think. Over the last you know few games we put emphasis on passing the ball and we got away from the things that we do will all the time in this from the ball cannot. It. Personally if he would know me how can look any stats any personal stats that 135. Games for. My running backs have a on this at five game because I stepped player and I am apparatus from being. You know. Going into the Chicago game and we have to be balanced we can deceive run the ball on the ball we have the tar balls well we have to be a balance. Officer attack. We can't just be 11 minded how much is it things that you guys are working on nuance wise how much is it the scheme of other team and try to take away from him. Well when you when you look at their backfield in the Jim McCaffrey the pit Stew and you look at one make there. They load the box you know they they put extra people in the box dressed in all and we know that we can get that for years. You know so they did their. Most teams take away from take take a runaway favorite thing stop the run. The only tough part because that's our they're number one goal is stop the run for one can get after the quarterback. Also don't be critical on myself and give back to what we doing just that Panthers like banks of the city. Well let's talk to him. Dave. Let's talk a little shopping you said they load the box what does load the box me two months six reference a reference. Eight man front nightmare for what we talk about it and whose responsibility. And that is. The running back does does he have to account for anybody. Well just abnormal Francine looks different teams take got a four man front and they got three backers in there that's a low to bust them that they're being extra safety in the area. Corner feet in the air some extra person that comes in there that it flow Tamoxifen to make that my guy. You know and and that accounts are you. Prevent that are you know stuff that is you gotta get through ball from one and you got that makes him. Bring people out of the box he got to make him stop bring an extra guy in the box and can hurt them in the passing game and then when they. Put everybody up there run the ball effectively. Rula to have more within after a break Hank comparable as Dixon shares more with us next this is rather talk from Bank of America's greatest -- do. Just for the cockpit filled. That there have been held on the field. Fifty yard line. Now new backs up into the gun. You have good ingredients to win the ball over we've do. Here in the layup for scores and more of winning the game like that we just have to you have to protect the football very competitive. Cherie you know better office. That's our position feels he is pictured told the semi blind adults moment Caroline and trimmed news radio network. I hear this very reserved McCain. And Ed Dickson with you tonight on the radio and on television and we appreciate more than you know your time and a classy way you do your job your position coach Pete painter. Doesn't say a lot he's a low profile guy careful about what he eats it's kind of keeps to himself unless you guys make you mad. What's your relationship like with him what kind of coaching do you feel like you give from container. Athletic coach and his old school these old school coach in the world respected throughout the and organizations. You know when I first came in here and you know Pete was hard on you know hard on the guys come here at first you know when you start to. Take heated so to say you know his when he starts if he looks like but he's deadly hard those coaching community. Come powerless to him is very strong. He had a couple keywords for me when my my body went down and he's. Expressed confidence in me Hanoi and having a coach like that. It all makes it like that much better pitching blood do your job in the way I've been able to do it. Of course say it's team first and all you guys calm but to go back to your game we had five catches 175 yards that's when the great. Tight end receiving games in the history of truth as best they. Corey could you amazed by that the numbers are being put up as you were accumulating enough. I was an amaze us in the zone so to say you know win a lot of players say when they. Pedal type of games cause like you black out you know if you take each played UT one play at a time and Michael was just to help the team whatever. I can do individually to help the team wins has been a day and that's what we did. You know I remember back a day when. Our main guy got hurt and I had to go McCain and have remembered the part of flies the jitters also what was what was that like for you your main guy goes out. Now you're the guy and now possess the dike I'll have to wait for the opportunity that god or was it jitters what was the what was the Edison electric. Although the exact moment I'd even though he was down you know I have my helmet off and had just came on the ticket drink. And then some basic breaks out in your mind you think you know give me back a couple plays. And on he didn't seem for the rest of the game's only you strap it up you ready to go. After that you find out he's going to be offer for a couple weeks or you know even a month. He didn't you locking in you know this is what I train for it since I came here at all no disrespect to my buddy but I company to compete with them for that number one spot. No just in case something like that happen. You don't go in the area you. Make a fool yourself from a couple of the team you gotta be common there had not missed a beat. Gone and that message that tests. The container myself and in that organization that bringing guys in ready. And honor in that next men man up mentality you know a lot of teams say they have that. But once somebody has go down it's like a panic and it was not that. I'm guessing that you heard about it from some your teammates you had a great game so you know the bullseye. There wide view that's a little bitty corner bring you down why are you taking all you should the house that that kind of thing was only that but the prospects for. Four for you you know like I get the most here this scrutiny or criticism from my teammates and I love those guys have been. Locker room and it was one of them are probably do the same thing then. Kind of have an excuse that that totaled. Investing I was doing it's out of our security because there's points or whatever what they are evident relief I felt like he went out playing against civilians it was a step. But have more players on the doesn't Wear this guy that Erica before you tell them they had the option those teammates of being down their blocking for you. I wouldn't say that tell much because most of whom we're very happy for me very proud and this is since this to be it at that energy for the team I'm glad I could be that in a moment but Nicholson's tweets and all decent game and I think you put a couple you would love. That people don't know it your second year with Baltimore you have 54 receptions but you've shown in this league when given an opportunity to be a pass receiving tandem down there whatever it takes you know always a reason why that team in Baltimore won a championship because we understood. Everybody's the position and took took. To talk about because they have the stage right now. You have to understand what you're rolling your obvious there's only one ball to go around we all can't get all at once upon not constable or block somebody. I'm gonna go try to make a play somewhere you know compact when somebody on special teams to do on that. Gotta be all the overall team player whatever your role is a master at an angle from there. Mean from your vantage point how good is number one we saw play what number one where you almost levitating it when he outside and scored a test on that. Call back if you will but how could this number law from step toward running it sort of par for your perspective. I can tell you how good that act he actually is just to see some of the things that he do. It's unreal in eyes his talent then and abilities this through the roof. In LA and he says he's still getting better still be better as a quarterback as a as a as a man list everything and I don't think he knows how comedy can be no and once we start the homeless in and become the office we know we can be. They look out lookout for for all of us. Thirty year old that Dixon our guest on the show tonight this is rather talk on the Carolina Panthers radio network as was talking about camp knew this. Just before the break can't he was also it was also part of Ray Lewis ravens. He's a big personality what was it like being a teammate with him. And then are there any parallels terms of how he did his job and his personality that you see on anybody on the Panthers. Well you tell them when you talk about really as everybody thought that it was just ray Lewis and a team. There's a lot of the veteran leadership on a team you know if I could take do a whole lot of guys every. Every was there you know my download. Wrapped around the office or guys that we read we were younger but date they took a toll there Weezer shows how it was done bill when you have a team like that. Makes coaching EC channel coast coaches gonna put the game plan and then we run with it you know we've practiced each other compete against each other to make sure that. Better is their whole team iron sharpens iron and you know. We had a sense about itself that they carried on. A lot of similarities in our locker room right now and you know yet at the end. They'll TD and on the a lot of veteran guys. Helping each other out its a lot of them with some early but we need to take it to the next level you know end once we get to that point where. Kosher fare tomorrow position coast Philly it don't have to say that much as we know you can you're going somewhere and you got it. So really your career you've had a face to the great defenses for four year period two and the ravens are that was never his people to practice over time. Yeah I mean. You know it. It's his heart. To put it in him words they say that because every single day you know the way they bring it. You know blue pin in TV and encourage all those guys say they're veterans for a reason. They'll go about their business and we're trying to beat them let China beat us this couple arguments and fights legal limit use that we had a whole camp beggars right click here. Well you know we compete should compete against each other we make each other better and. What good is we're we're talking book our defense how good is our deepest amid when we talk about our lives back Zore certainly press and the enough trucks are out our deepest affront. When you look at our defense and we are seeing some prefer to put it how can you guys. Not a moment. I can put words are good they are and they they're continue to give each year each game this season you know they they they held. Pinnacle looted everything we got going right now and we can save it as often as a unit we try not to mess it up you know we try to they'll get points and and not turn the ball over and put them in our positions and they bailed us out a couple of times this year he got to do better job of not having their back. The show is goes by fast we've got to slow more breaking here or there won't come back and apply the final brushed up strokes to this edition apparently talked but first. This commercial break stay tuned. Continues on a Carolina Panthers radio network and did Dixon was born in Inglewood California grew up more in the Long Beach area. Food prepared to do and who were some of the central figures in your childhood and in Europe bring. It was but for women. In a much damn was it enough and now my life you know they respect of my dad put. Numb my mom my grandmother and my two older sisters which makes this is in my mom's. I.s that piece of the vehicle thanks for us about that she says he's just blessed you know like why we do that to my baby yeah. Belmont Polamalu mom's voice of Obama's political. But it was for women bit. If I did anything. Out if that anything that wasn't respected women or anything like that it smacked me in a minute so film it's out there and got. Felt great respect quickly. So when you go all that I grew halls and house kids were trick gone. My babies my baby should know I got to a seven year old Australian and I got my mind daughters for data can also dead. They hear my pride in doing you know. Being responsible for young wife I don't take it. No lightly and not try to teach them the best I can let you know him. Know being a father raised his. It's a job that that never and never ending her mood now and get over the come back. There quickly with longer. Thank you systems also athletica you to come and LeRoy athletically if there was so much so about fifteen seconds fifty seconds of my sisters and one was. Five to almost six team. So they played the play best of all that well but. My talk sisters he had a passionate being paralegal so she went different route but because that's fantastic cannot thank get Dixon clear on this show. If you're good Natalie thank cheese here this has been rather talk of the Carolina Panthers radio network and I think. There's radio network. But Caroline.