The Market Is In Uncharted Territory

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, October 14th

Record highs again this week, and entering uncharted territory. Learn how to keep your investment safe from the looming correction.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk in you can lose a significant amount of money. Fun entry candidates personnel did not provide investment advice or making Preston recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. I. Welcome to bulls the bears out here how is adamant just go sit back and relax and enjoy and I draining weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happen here in the Carolinas and as pumped up and excited to be here. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is IRAs independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director and portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 8887508723. As always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy a friend of mine amend their mind. Senior coach Steve Jeff a let's go watch him yes the weekend man who wants to talk about market's record highs this week again I mean we keep these new record written. Kind of choppy and sideways and jumping a little bit up to these new records and this big announcements of brand new record is just a little higher than it was a few days ago. But we are seeing uncharted territory one of the things I wanna shoot the listeners that we always talk about tops take time. The Smart is that a top. So we got to be prepared for the collapse or fall obviously so systematic get them ready and hopefully job believe it will help some people don't put a position where they can muddled about capital preservation because I think that's a increasingly discussed seriously opened up. This fine system Bulls and Bears absolutely don't forget to head over to FaceBook like this at Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time 24/7. If you have a question for the coach call the coach hotline 877. 904. Trade that's 877. 904 trade in your question might end up ambles back to go get a great question today. About annuity just kind of put in my sweet spot excited about that the recession for so excited lots and lots to do you today good CJ in studio you Adam the glass looks clean. I'm excited to be absolutely champ got a lot going on out there you're talking about the apps take time. Talking about this markets hit new highs in you know it. People get excited their emotional about this I was talking to somebody the other day and he's like what do I have to worry about because my portfolio as high as it's ever been. And to know what all the money I lost in 2008 I'm back and he literally just looked at me and had no idea what to say after that guys that or are you concerned about the next correction easily. Do you know when it's coming and that's the key champ you know this that I know this. There's no crystal ball you gotta be ready. Well plus he's nine years older so is the same on money but he's nine years older I mean that's not a good plan either I mean think about that a problem with time is that your run out of time before you get your goal. And if you got a golden grolier money financially for retirement for nest today he got to have some sort of come pounding growth process and ultimately. Directions of the markets shouldn't matter. The problem is that for most people the average Americans and 41 K and they don't understand capital preservation they gave it all back in 2000 in the collapse of the 2000. Internet tech bubble than 2007 real estate bubble. They gave it back in our view we are 2017. Were at a new bubble stocks are all time high. And yet they've done nothing differently most people to protect and preserving his loss so. You can get a pack but a few twenty years old thirty is older it's not a good plan. And so the focus obviously is a capital preservation becomes Paramount. The problem most people out and made a licences they feel like they did do anything to protect and preserve because there are 41 K. In nova goes on greater goes down they give it back need to go to cash. Not always a good alternative but what's important is that there are things that they can do they just don't understand that. Within a 41 K or in some of these employees sponsor timer counts to protect against loss and not just a matter of understanding what you can do. And then taken steps to go do it won't ship a lot of people don't understand how much risk they actually have you know if you're working for a larger company take. You know Coca-Cola Home Depot Lowe's and if you company's stock. He gotta ask yourself if this majority of your portfolios in that position and that stock sells off 20% in his 20% your portfolio. Talk to the listener about how some Lincoln can actually either hedge or protect themselves in situations like that. Well too much risk in those positions and one of the things that I love about our sponsor on Russian academy is dear my hunch is manage risk managers understand the risk elements. And the problem many people as they understood risk they would be in a 41 K they wouldn't signed on because you'll full market exposure in other words when you put. Mutual funds into a retirement accounts those mutual funds traditionally will track the market as a whole the S&P the Dow the Russell tradition the S&P. 95% its and they tracked almost dollar for dollar we see it. And so when the S&P gets over Guidant collapses because there's no more buyers we run out of buyers prices July. That's when everybody is in the form located it crushed and they take these 203040%. Losses. And they now have to fight to get back to where they were and we talk about it ten years older that is not a good plan so preserving capital or. They're ready those losses becomes Paramount because if I don't have that goes through an extra ten years get back to where was. But I can continue to grow because I didn't give anything back when the market collapsed. That really puts me way ahead of the game so capital preservation and evolve a lot of things like exchange traded funds. They are different in mutual funds they're great instrument is the problem is many people ET using a 41 K but there are things you can do with them and IRA. There's so many things that the average listener no matter what level of savvy they have in the markets could do to protect and preserving its collapse. And I'm telling you it. There's a collapse companies bits too high you this too much overvaluation is. It's just it's the calm before the storm and everybody's excited and yesterday's record highs and keep weakening in these new price size it's just a matter of time in the writings on while having bells ring and more so than in 07 and a lot of fuel and get hurt mitigate crushed in the institutions. Goldman Sachs it was gonna profit what do collapses because the masses don't know what to do because capital preservation is not on their radar. It's essential that the list are stuck understood that they need to do some different. Loads exactly and the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expected different result. And if you're in the exact same situation you're in 2008. Here in the exact same situation you're in 2002003. Gotta ask yourself if you're along the market with no protection he don't have an alternative what's it gonna look like when this mark corrects again. Gonna be repeat it is and you know Ludden here's your pizza itself in the market wolf collapse again and people give their money back. In goma SaaS continues to grow and grow and grow and these things that you and I can do deuces independent people out here independent traders and investors. Who can separate ourselves from the masses of the hurt the people who don't know what to do. And understand the game matter and that's simply taking responsibility. No talk about this constant Bulls and Bears financial success requires you take responsibility to pay attention to what's going on and get many people just. Scared to does the market collapses when there's opportunity yet. They level when it goes up that is that's truly casino mentality we have to get a better understanding capital preservation mismanagement or. Will never survive the game exactly in Cass is not the answer when it comes capital preservation understated edged him protecting the way to go. Online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand specifically capital preservation is important for most people out there it's important for a lot of people that are in the market they just don't know how to properly do it. And that's all that a class specifically tot on capital preservation the 500 dollar value class is taught at the campus I got a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers right now. Pick up the phone callers ten to twenty pick up the phone to get this 500 dollar class on capital preservation be colors 120. At 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade for callers tender twenty to get this 500 dollar class on capital preservation. Once again 84451878233. That's 844. 51878233. For colors tend to twenty to get this 500. From our sponsor online trading academy that's 84451. Trade. 844. 51. Trade there's a lot more to talk about your Bulls and Bears chip got a lot more to go into you understand how to capitalize and down market but again to get this class on capital preservation. 84451. Trade does that champ fumbles in bears back. I. Welcome back to hold. As lucrative fanfare and. Not that he's well I don't like the little Sanford and absolutely loved it as such it. I didn't see vetoed last week we religiously as he begins at an out of our mouth that efforts. Say Aaron to Sampras and that's annual tradition of who played at every week here Bulls and Bears and people always ask what people say that. Because he's the classic guy who understood but wholesale seller retail that's all it is the financial markets lazy gentlemen don't over think this. By at a price is lower than what is really worth that sell at a price side and it's really the game of trading investing the option game out of key and realistic game. Buy low sell high you now understand how to be successfully adapted to it out Neville is doesn't get. Because you know that magic sauce violence and that was the last couple weeks the only reason we. That show like a bulls the bears think does the importance of thought. That is correct it its twelfth seed like I didn't realize that I puzzles have been very well that's rare Air Canada it's every asset territory that we get to that point that it will debate you about being outsold X-Men. Jeff always had a good time here bulls the bears don't forget to head over FaceBook alike is that bulls or bears radio and of course. At any time 447 idiotic questions for the coach called the coach outline. 877904. Trade that's 877. 90 portrait of the question proceed your coach. Tip right now wanna take a few moments wanna talk about simple stuff from the market the market goes up the market goes down every listener knows you know that I know that. A lot of times listeners. The general public view would have trouble with the idea that. You'll make money when the market goes up and down a lot of you don't realize that when the market drop somebody is capitalize. Majority are losing that somebody's capitalizing. Let's take a moment let's talk about it it's Paramount for any investor any trader let's talk about making money in a downward move the market called short. Well is not always you can do it you can use options and you can buy a put option which means if price falls you make money. But there's a lot of variables that come into the process when you use options and would be proponents of using options are Bulls and Bears but one of the things we try to do on a weekly basis is keep this as simple as possible so the most standard and simple way that we could profit from a directional move down in the markets. Is by shorting it'll with a call short selling. The drought since the beginning of time I mean since the beginning of the markets people been shorting the market and I was betting that prices gonna fall and one of the key elements of long term success and consistency overtime and compounding growth. Is direction doesn't matter. And the problem is as you know most of the masses that they think up is good down is bad that's the way the masses think. They figure at the market goes down that's a bad time in how can your profit from that move down because it's gonna move down. And if you don't understand how to properly the moved on you gonna lose and somebody else get a profit move down. If I can only problem price goes up. Then on roughly half the time historically because the market goes up half the time down half the time of the US stock market it's well documented year over year but that's the case and so. We have to have a better savvy understanding of how to profit when price falls and that's what short selling is. In all does atoms that puts us on the opportunity where. If we believe legacy collapse in the market like we call for your Bulls and Bears we blew the markets all of I would S&P in the dour gonna collapse ultimately they don't have the come down and fair value pricing. Because there overvalued right now when that happens. You can profit from that moved down you can short that moved out of the woods I can sell. Before the move down to what that does that allows me to profit from price move even when it falls. And the problem is the masses they don't quite understand that and when they do understand and that's a really. Understand the potential. Of short selling is complete game changer for. Well you gotta think about it imagine if you're able lay down every night regardless of your 4056. Years old got money in the marquis young money exposed. Imagine if you didn't have to worry about direction and that takes. You know everything out of it when it comes to the financial market because everybody's looking for something to go up. What if you're looking for something go up or down and that creates a lot more opportunity increases probability. And long term once you understand that the market is up and down and you can traded up and down. You'll become an emotional direction and the key thing is is that that directions with the opportunity lies. So if you're an emotional about whether the market goes up predominately not a prophet either way. You can separate yourself from the masses and that's whose money we take see that's the game folks and that's why we branded drug labels a busy need to learn the skills of shorts or insulin to deviate. A little more specific example it would look like. Mystic is stuck like Coca-Cola mean we have listeners and the Atlanta area. And Coca Cola's trading right around 46 dolls share right now if I believe do we believe that Coco was gonna fall from 46 dollar a share down forty. We think it was over the I was in prices too high we think that there's going to be some institutions that are gonna suck sell it off because they were gonna take some profit off the field. And their cell volume would basic drive prices lower because supply and demand move prize. We believe the summaries and it's gonna go from 46 to forty. We want a profit on that six bucks see because it's got to move six bucks dozen members of a doubt we can profit from that six bucks. So we decide we want to sell the stock at 46 now he's the beautiful thing about shorting. We don't all the stock would never potentially on the stock we might own a boat in this case we don't own it. And we're able to sell shares into the market at 46 dollars a share without owning the stock because our broker. Allows us to use their shock you David inventory of stock so that we wanna sell something that we don't own bailouts or sell their shares. On our behalf think of that. See that's all or do winners were selling prices at 46 but we're selling out of an inventory that we don't how's our broker has. That it charges a commission to exude the trade surely do. The cost of doing business. No way around that. But now we LA ability that we've sold something at 46 bucks a share. Were on the hook to buyback because our broker needs us to replace the shares back in and day inventory. So we're gonna buyback when he gets the forty. So we sold 46. Delegates to forty we buyback because the sixth all the share Lester buyback. None of all we buyback a six bucks a share less than what it took to sell it when we shorted the first place. We immediately give it back to a brokers so they inventories beckons tact and they have their stock back we get to keep the six bucks a share. On a outages this may 600 bucks in 2000 as we just made six grand in a six dollar moved down in a stock think of that. Ticket refuted done that in the collapse of 2008. When the banking system to blew up in this country. And people made a fortune as the market collapse. And many view lost the fortune as the market collapsed seats zero sum game. If you understand how to make the money in the market collapses you gonna give it back and the problem is is that you run out of years of time to recover from those times. And we have to have a better plan in place and the good thing is. Anybody listening to us at him as you know could learn the skills the short selling could change the whole process. And the way they approach the markets absolutely and India's thing about it is it's not difficult to. It's different and once you learn it's a skilled you internalize and don't you take a premiere. And online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they teach specifically. On how to shorts on a lot of individuals don't know how to get kids get involved and that the donors and how to begin. Without learning process and that's that a class specifically on shorting the market now you're in the market with a 41 K and hiring your expose the market direction. You wanna learn the skills say you do not want to miss out on this is a 500 dollar value and the few sees giveaway we're gonna take callers right now. Fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that takes 4451. Trade for callers fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class. I'm shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451. Trade 84451. Trade for callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500 art class taught at the campus. Shorting the market from online trading academy if you're in the market you don't know how to capitalize and downward move you do not want to miss out on this for callers fifteen to thirty feet of this 500 dollar class. 84451878233. That's 8445187. HE 33 for caller fifteen to thirty. It is 500 dollar class specifically Todd on short selling the market you do not want to miss out on this you wanna learn the skill before the next correction. As a corrections about to come you do not want to miss out on this opportunity right now. 84451. Trade does that mean champ fumbles and banners. Welcome back the bulls the bears so here goes out of a Disco. Have a good time always have a funny ears studio. Diverted to head over to FaceBook like guests at Bulls and Bears radio. And of course at any given time 24/7 if you got a question for senior coach called a coach hotline 877904. Trade. We got a question coming up a little bit later on that's always exciting. Champ politic a few minutes. I wanna talk about how to actually utilize the market a lot of people wanna think about the financial markets they think of long term investing. They think of buying and holding thing you know they think of decades when they think of investing. There's a lot of people utilize the market on a shorter time frame they utilize the market war on a weekly or monthly some cases even a daily. Because it wanna generate income I want to take a moment I want a break it down what does it look like if some always utilize the financial markets for trading for short term income. Well as seacoast online trading academy and we have forty campuses around the world I mean over 300000 graduates global students and it's a big old organization twenty years. Of history and I get to BCU coach which really because he to meet people all over the country have been in Singapore Dubai Jakarta have been. You know in the group to be exotic places like Charlotte didn't. Roswell Georgia just outside of Atlanta so but it's exciting for me because. As somebody who's seen the picture of understanding that. Most people approach the markets from what their belief system is based on it's based on Hollywood for the most point many people think of a trader Erez. Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street gore. You know the war for Walsh you know maybe some other famous trading places the classic movie with Eddie Murphy Indian macro and it's classic movies but that's what we believe a traitor it's and then we went through the ninety's many of us in the an official debated rumors. And some you know people their Generation X. I believe it is after the baby boom generation. You good to see the ninety's in the ninety's it was a great run and a lot of money was made the market went straight up the tech boom we get to see all that. But people who came to eight traders in the problem wasn't that they really didn't have a good plan in place and have a good system. And we as soda common story blows people a day traders just get ambushed. And here's the thing if you approach the market from a perspective of understanding how to make good decisions in other words. Went by when the cell just like any good skill set it's learned over time and then you're able to utilize that on a short term basis to generate new income think about that. And that's what many of the students around the globe from my treaty can what they saw they saw the ability to generate little extra income to be extra hundred bucks a week or 500 bucks a month. That would help a lot of families around the country. And if you do from the company your own home you could click a button. And here's a thing. It's a skill set like any good skill set with time and practice repetition. You get better at it. And so a lot of people think that the markets are casino because they've seen this high profile. Guy on TV that's a Wall Street banker he's a Wall Street institutional trader. And that's not true to life but so most successful traders that I know guys that generate weekly daily monthly income in the markets. They're just regular guys and you seem a church shall seem at the gym you'll see him you know out of the grocery store they're not Gordon Gekko. And so a lot of it would begin to realize what the opportunity is that they can make money on a short term basis without having to get a second job punch a clock. And a beginner realizes this is skilled at us with time and repetition I need good yet. You know it was a do awful lot of people who generate that income in the markets noted as they begin to realize. Which he said earlier in the session before it's not difficult this is different just learned the steel what's the great thing is is that what you learn it. It can change your future can really total another level finance and I've seen happen many people in the past and Chevy no genie gets a lot of times I meet people of financial markets actually started out on a part time basis images something they were doing. On the side and they were trying to generator supplement additional income. And then over a period of time it just turned into something great word terms and either their primary income or really takes in the next level to retire. I'd say that's probably the ball go the most successful traders I mean very few people born with a silver spoon in mouth and could open a catalyst. Fi speaker and a hundred grand without having to grind and work for a little bit. So most people that approached a financial markets and learn the skills of self directing with a for short term income or four. Long term wealth of preservation manage their own mistake. They have to go through that learning curve and it starts with don't quit your job I tell student secure knowledge in academy unit chief for your mortgage on Monday that's insane. You're not ready to be crushed out here with the learned the basics of how the decisions that once we do debt. Ultimately can open the door to consistency overtime because direction doesn't matter up as good does that we're gonna be smarter than the masses. Would have to get over this high bar which is going to be smarter than the masses that you know out of the mess is really don't have a lot of money. The messes a paycheck the page excel the bar's not highly just gonna have a system in place and what the market provides an opportunity to generate getting cum that can be gained. Just a lot of fans out there. Exactly that's like online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on trading for short term income. There's a class not right at the campus and if you're brand new the market you never traded before is a great class for your maybe even in the market for years and you never actually generated. The income side may be just had long term wealth is a great opportunity for it is a 500 dollar class start right at the campus should you don't want to miss out on this. And if you see some giveaway we're gonna take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now we call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading for short term income from our sponsor online trading academy he you now wanna miss out on this 84451878233. It's 84451878233. For callers tender twenty to get a 500 on an art class and for short term income from our sponsor. Online trading academy again if your brand new the mark even in the market for years and you're looking to generate additional streaming come for you in the family. Pick up the phone call. 84451. Trade at 84451. To trade this is adamant champ tumbles and banners. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a rose adamant just don't have a good timing with the boys don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Like us at Bulls and Bears radio and of course of got a question for the coach called coach hotline. 87790. For trade and speak you know the coach ally and we got a call right now from Larry. Peachtree City and Georgia so Larry go ahead. I don't know mommy and layering up Peachtree City. My question one mile wide bow out or one can that you go over to our great we think about putting them Arlen who knew. Let's hope that you recommend you know they're better off let me know. Not a good question Larry here that often. And the reason is because a lot of people are misunderstanding. Of what annuities mean and what a real annuity looks like. And so I'm glad yes hopefully I can be helpful yeah I believe that. Having an irate is the best best place I was rolled over before UK which means you said you're retired. Which reason you'd put your money now in a position where you can self directed which were big proponents of pit Bulls and Bears you make good decisions within their entire day. To help grow that they need to be that retirement lifestyle that maybe you and your wife looking for. One the most important aspects of understanding and annuities that. It's a guaranteed return. And that's why they're able to really sell them and that's what they do insurance companies he's big institutions they sell annuities. What he's got to realize Larry denied hopefully we'll listeners will tune in here as well listen. The big institutions the banks insurance companies there in the business of selling securities and one of the new when he uses security. And some insurance companies somewhere sold. Somebody who knew what he wants and listen to get a guarantee return 3% 4%. Guaranteed income. On the use your money. And who they didn't tell that person they're gonna charge him a huge upfront commission. Anyway most annuities could be as high as. To do that 10%. Commissions or view open and over 200000. They're gonna take anger and commission on high and thinking that. That immediately goes out to the salesman the person who puts in the new. Now the process is built around. It guaranteed return which would they do is they use bonds and the use bonds that it and a portfolio that allow them to take in a very small amount of money give you a small return because. 34% annual return. Will look at and nationwide are global inflation rate but more so nationwide not the last handful years I've severely haven't any growth or inflation but. If you look historically inflation's anywhere from three to 4% annual so what you're doing leisure. Having any returns you have an annuity eaten up simply buy it as a standard of glacier 65 year average. So that goes against that is the problem and in duty to pay that big upfront commission. You got it maybe it's 3% 4% guaranteed annual return quote unquote. Doesn't necessarily factor in elation for you and ultimately they tie you up for a period of time anywhere from 101520 years sometimes we you can't touch your money. In other words if you wanna use those resource is that money which urged. In any way shape or form you can get the money we get to pay surrender charge of which we have to pay money copper cents to free up your capital. Think about that I don't know many people who over twenty appear to tablets I have the capital. Because you never know what opportunities do exist or what potential opportunities come you we could use that capital. The problem is is that a lot of people want the quote on quote guaranteed return. There's stinks that you can do that by learning the skills of self directing in other words take responsibility a little bit. The scenes that you could do it can create the same returner greater richer. The that a new he'll get you. Basic build your own duty in that irony that you have another gorgeous things and ensure that you can use in the markets to allow you to have the same results are better results. That that annuity gives you without that big commission upfront. And without the surrender charge if you wanna freed up money. Think of that and get get higher annual return because you can create the same product but that insurance company has created. Dooming yourself in your own irate there's ways to do that and it doesn't take a lot of knowledge. This is educating yourself a little bit in learning the skill and then this guy becomes a limit so we're big proponents of Bulls and Bears are delivered in those skills of self directing. I am not anti nudie I think this time and place from I think that their oversold I think a lot of people that do buy them. Wish they hadn't ultimately because they can do better themselves in the markets if they had basic understanding of the market. And not have their money in their capital in some way with a can't get access to it. So is a lot of things you can do my advice and again I can't tell you what to do Larry would be to learn the skills of self directing the money in that IRA. For Goldie annuity the disagree year old annuity by using some of the products available to us all of us in the marketplace. And at some point in time just learning the skills to grow that thing over time and ultimately. Once you learn the skills of self directing direction doesn't matter and you are on the heels of protecting and growth at the same time. It humility union went to that next level and hopefully this helps John thanks for comment absolutely Larry for. My peach tree over there Georgia and I called a coach got fired 877904. Trade. And Jeff you know let you talk about self directing you talk about you know managing your own money and what's needed is is. There's no needs to get started in the financial markets should know you know this I mean you've met people in their 20s30s 40s6070s. That finally got a point is that you know what I wanna learn about this and then all of a sudden that market turns into something that can generate a second shooting comic and build wealth form quicker than the average person. And self directing regardless of the age regardless how much can probably have to be game changer we'll think about this thing about if you could get better returns. Were less cost. And the two. Exactly you know what I online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on self directing your portfolio. What does that look like how much time is a require how much capitals needed and all those things can be answered because. It doesn't require a lot of capital doesn't require a lot of time and that's why online trading academy teaches. This class are self directed as far right at their campus is a 500 dollar value what the brand new to the market or you've been in the market he's just not managing yourself. You wanna learn how to self direct this is a great opportunity for you this classic got a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers and that's when he is a 500 dollar value pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that's 844. 51 trade the caller ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Understanding how to sell direct from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451. Trade 844518. Seve to 33 for callers. Ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class and sells direct to your portfolio. Once again 84451878233. Is that the champ a Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls affair that they're most out of it says yes that they're out at some laughs and chuckles is always. To read to head over to FaceBook alike as Apple's of Bear's radio and of course. Any time Tony for seven got a coach question of the coach public go to outline at 877904. Trade it. Jim you know whether things lot of Gilda realizes people can be in the market. It's a bit more of the market as a hobby some people are in the market for a long term in the big investment strategy and they hope it goes up and a lot of people when their professionally in the market there in the market as a business whether it's an investor whether it's a traitor to business not a hobby let's take a moment let's break it down treated as a business must American dream and. I mean think about it everybody you know be in self employed freedom time remained calm and not selling your time for money. Most Americans that have jobs that summertime for money namely getting a little bump on commission or production performance but. Ultimately you don't own business he builds someone else's equity now what I love about the financial system in this country it's it's free enterprise capitalism. And so you reached easy for in this country and so a lot of people have tried small businesses may be owned a small franchise subway here. You know slots d.s maybe year a builder in your small contractor may be your sub in electrical contractor minerals framer for years been the trees for years and years. Understand something. You own your business to business on June. And for a lot of you chase the money you get high inventory workers' comp fees. Liability insurance inventory of media building the lease a place that they need to hold your business round of your retail establishment he get housing inventory. And it's cost prohibitive and most small bruises are successful. When I get introduced to the financial markets I looked at this is a business does the gentleman who introduced the game to meet. Was treating as a business making a living in the markets and he understood that. Every time we need to sell something and he said he goes computer. And literally could open up a position to sell something and somebody buying it and if he understood what a good price to sell Latin depress the bar yet. He can make money without ever dealing with the customer. Dealing with any of that typical headaches of a traditional business and for me I saw that because I've been a business owner for many years. And I saw the markets is simply an alternative to all the traditional headaches and a lot of businesses have yet still have any unlimited upside. No cap on the income free time freedom as long as I got in a signal computer amend my business. And so for a lot of people they love that opportunity in the beautiful thing is is this there's a lot of busy you do online you can sell products on eBay and stuff like that. That's still very invasive and profit prohibitive a lot of ties because there's so much competition I can literally go in the financial markets puts up for sale has gone. Great liquidity to the way about products sitting in inventory is there's no shelving of the product think about this is a business. And look at all the parameters that make a successful business and compared to the financial markets. It's so obvious that's why so many successful people that RD wealthy New York. Built tremendous businesses love the financial markets as another business because the most humane come and they see the option in the potential willow a lot of traditional headaches. It's huge for people and we stress to people atlas the Bulls and Bears if you approach the market is a business instruction is a business. Man this guy becomes a limit and it's such a great opportunity you know what free enterprise is alive and well it's alive in the financial markets. Absolutely it's a lot of a lot of people utilize the market as a business whether to part time business or full time business. Connect consistency get net income coming in on a regular basis of the game changer for a lot of families here it's out. And you know what. Online trading academy a sponsor of Bulls and Bears they teach people how to trade as a business not your brand new markets or maybe never owned a business is a great opportunity to class specifically aren't at the 500 dollar value were able to give some away analysts are right now again if your brain knew the market ever you've always wanted to own a business or maybe wanted to start a second business is a very unique opportunity for it is a 500 dollar class. Talk right at the campus online trading academy I got a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that date for 451. 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