Mark Garrison, Erik Spanberg, Is Sex Addiction Real and More

John Hancock
Friday, October 13th

Hancok is joined by Mark Garrison to discuss the fan attck at the Panthers Game, as a result of Harvey Weinstein asks is Sex Addiction real?, Erik Spanberg and more.


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The. He's he's John Hancock. An hour is up Friday as we can be. Now here's part garrison who is Charlotte hit three to seven and well you already have been writing a new four hours right. Go another way has ordered 4 o'clock OK and did everything that's going on this weekend whole well you don't watch Oprah credit away on the show prep him. It's good it has marked to come in here because. There's a lot of elements to last night's game the yeah protest outside of the stadium before the game the loss to the Eagles for the Eagles I gotta tell you looked pretty good last night Carson Wentz is currently the real deal. Armed. And loomed quickly a lot of concern about Luke weekly with due reason because. You worry more about who saw his that he is so long life ahead in Minnesota and his health than you ought to do right now about to employ a linebacker. Although there's an element of unknown on the lose that either yen but that they that the conversation everybody seems to be have and is about this kid who sucker punch the 62 year old in the stadium's last night and I assume all of us have kind of been in a situation where we've been irritated with the people stand and sit in front of us are or do you know may get a movie theaters somebody that just won't shut up or whatever the case may be in. In this day and age boy I guess you just don't can you just don't mentioned anybody Jake could you please sit down Kazaa it's. The bill the day anyway if you haven't seen the video it's hard to watch. But they as a some young punk redneck kid. In my assuming too much there. Seems like a good description the main problem sucker punches the 62 year old man. And if you read some of the accounts that are on Twitter and people that were there are no so on and so forth there were some pretty colorful language zooms exchange I guess. But down. Anyway I'll mark chases down a guy who actually took the video who lives in Greensboro Greensboro yep but he won't talk to via. Now he's I got him on the phone at his office and he was a little bit of frazzled to think that I had tracked him down Rory worked. We we chatted but he is just like man he said you know what I'm still too nervous about an upset about this from last night I just don't wanna go on the radio but we did chat for a few minutes his name is Warren Carrick and I ask mature what prompted you to shoot the video when he said well. I figured I needed a documented otherwise I was going to be at a fight sorted been going on long enough that he yeah he knew some most movies are must go to it and it was almost gonna pop yeah. So does this kid who looks he could be anywhere from 25 to 32 was tough to guess ages sometimes. It if it would do big about a a's at WBT dot com but I mean he just lays into this oral guy hits him four times in the face and you can see that the guys putting his hands up trying to. This first two times are right on straight on charts yet. And the fourth one looked like he got in India. In the foreign and the cops put at a press release him discussing me guys find that they would do the wounds were not there that'd be injuries are not bad even the root bleeding like a stuck hog on a night. But I'm Warren Kerrigan who shot the video Sid you know. This this was a vicious attack and he said this guy needs to be locked up because it was just brutal and as soon as he finished punching the guy he and his girl and she look like I'm mildly person to who is an on this they just walked away. Well ahead after she fell in the I'll always please you know wonder how much alcohol they've been involved here and we'll find out the answers today until later but to. Yeah you will you watch this video and you want this kid or persecuted to the full extent of the law and that's exactly what the press release from the Panthers says is we're in touch with a group the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department and that's exactly what we are plan to do you have. There have been a situation we've just been so irritated with somebody sent a bravura argue that. I have but I'm never gotten into ocean the truth of fact I think it a Panthers game once we ask somebody to sit down and they said oh sure sorry. They were because they they just kept standing up when there was nothing going on but they're blocking your view. And. Suggesting confrontations before two or not to the degree of that but I've heard I've seen bad people asked people to sit down and try armament of peoples in front around her and say hey you know it's a football game I'm a fan noise right where you stand up on knotts and up right so I don't know you I am in this day and age it's it's it's the same with driving you know I mean used to kind of be able to luge terrible driving you don't have to worry about getting shot no no these days. You better just. Shut up yeah and just doing keep your cool out there because it's it's of all the world out there not only in this kid oh approves it so. It was say it it did said that this is a terrible thing to say but. Ironic that we'd be playing in Philadelphia whose fans have the reputation. Of having this kind of almost behavior yet alone and don't all the sudden see Carolina panther fan acting like. The stereotype of a Philadelphia Eagles fan is you just say to yourself well good bowler risen to that level. And there were some must swirl on social media that the 62 year old man who was punched was of and Eagles fan and that's not the case this was an argument over. They sit down your blocking my view not a apparently both of them are well in fact Warren Kerrigan told me that did it through the man who was hit balls a panther now where is our number one Jersey which I'm sure mixed with an appeal with a number one as the guy who was the attack and then but the old man who was hit he was just okay T shirt vote yes. That's what I mean a hitter was where man and New Jersey Sandra I'm sure that makes him proud. Comment. Then you can't you know doesn't it you can't you can't control and so are your Jersey so yeah well they catch this kid and and then all of that is nail into the all. Envelope. We have a copy of the initial police report and it's just a listed a simple assault. Which it looks anything but simple when you like and on video but in terms of the law the man was not badly hurt as it turns out. So it probably would be just a misdemeanor now there's some reporting we have the guy's name who's the attacker. But we're not using it yet because he hasn't been formally charged there's some reporting by another outlet in town that he's been charged with the salt in the past and more is what we're trying to run that down now. Right you don't no other way no we'll ever decide do I talk. Oh although he sees much said what he has to say he just won't and orders and I say they've yet peace and he said I don't know if I want my voice on the radio with this and I said why and he. Is just unnerving he said you know you take your girlfriend to a football game you drive down from Greensboro or you think you're gonna have a good time and suddenly you're in the middle of that stuff now now I don't understand that. Now hockey. Now you're terrific but it is attending hockey here you have a sporting event a fight breaks out and the fact that the all right we'll keep our eyes and ears on known as the afternoon goes on note could be updates and maybe they will have an arrestor finally maybe this can it'll turn himself in which would probably or now or his sacred pro it is best remedy used to turn himself into. Chart they I think they can't appreciate it. Garrison will be a near this evening until 6 o'clock with the Charlotte is six and anything that transpires so effect was regarding miss another things going on this afternoon he'll have a that's that's what is there about. You believe in sex addiction. You believe there is viewed as sex addiction. There's a three new deal today you know the whole Harvey Weinstein thing going on this week. And he's going to seek counseling for sex addition but addiction. Psychiatrist debating whether or not to include sex addition is addiction is a diagnosis in the latest edition of the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. An awful lot of experts say no such thing as sex addiction. That would be in my first. And I'm. I'm not a doctor. But we we got a question day yesterday and had said. I thought that they had certified it as but it just depends on who you talk to and we'll talk about it next. We'll get to weather is actually sex addiction and had you believe. Can be assessed good you can be addicted to sex. We'll get to that coming out of 330 news. Thought last night at the Bank of America Stadium. A disappointing outcome two or three Tony Tony Tony three eagles' top two Panthers Carson once looks good to me. He did he's a second your quarterback you what do you look pretty good lesson. I need I did get a KM did he eat the intercepted three times but to those were his fault that good Jonathan Stewart. Bobble it certainly wasn't canceled. So. I'd like to have seen a gunman at the end of the habits and what they had to go all the opportunity in the game to get the ball and but are nonetheless it is what it is and Philadelphia leaves here five and one and we fall to four and two. And Beatles had not been for a couple of those interceptions. They do you know and they they scored fifteen points off of that. Because you give him credit for the two point conversion. Off the interception. The other game that was going on last night had a cubs and nationals playing and whoever was gonna win that one was gonna go on to the National League championship series with the Dodgers. And died and watch the end of that game either but. Becomes an -- beating the nationals nine to eight last night so low they won that National League division series and nine head off to a not to play the Los Angeles Dodgers and that starts on a Saturday night party your big weekend on a TV. Federal court yesterday. Ruled in favor of the National Football League in. The a zero Gail Elliott case effectively reinstating hicks his six game suspension. Com. They don't play this week cowboys don't. So there's time for that the players' union challenged the suspension in court considered to had been followed due process got an injunction last month the appeals court didn't do rule in favor of the NFL no jurisdictional grounds. Elliott was arrested or charged after prosecutors didn't. I pursue the domestic violence case cited conflicting evidence but Goodell the commissioner decided that the allegations were substantiated so are they still have some appeals process I believe that their disposal well enough to take advantage of that I don't know but reds assist right now. Ezekiel oil it would be out until sometime in November. But like I say they've got a bye week this week. And view the eagle players last night to did their protest in the best to my knowledge the Panthers did not. NFL are set on Wednesday that there was no change or was bought speculation as we headed early into the week but the NFL announced that there would be no change in his. Policy regarding player conduct during the the playing of the National Anthem. That came from mud the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reported. Early called the the recent protests by up players divisive and day out. And a barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on an underlying issue. The president trump. Interpreted that as a demand that the players stop protesting on Twitter rewrote its about time that Roger Goodell the NFL's highly demanding that our players stand for our great National Anthem respect our country but apparently is not. And so will OC where the players go from here aided its sentiment seems to. Think everybody just what's gonna wonder what's the end game and where do we go from here we just keep on with the same old same old in the same old debate in the debates are getting us anywhere anymore everybody says we lose to stop and our conversation while the conversations not good anywhere at this point. On the conversation has to take on a more positive direction. And just people being in favor of or appalled by. So well we'll see where all of our that goes and then Nam the biggest story out of the whole game last night to me as Luke weekly. Who for the third year in a row is in concussion protocol. And he's missed three games two years ago after Jacksonville and he missed three games last year. After her. And Orleans game wasn't. And then missed four games after that because the team since they weren't in. There weren't fighting for playoff spot at that point decided just Benjamin. And given some time off. Thing about key equally as is that we not only love him as a football player for the way that he plays. But we also are kind of like Luke equally as a person. And and we don't wanna see this. We don't we don't want to see him mud gamble with the rest of his life. At the expensive playing. Now and so there's a lot of people wonder and we know. What's gonna happen with Luke equally from a long term. Standpoint of player playing and so on and so forth he's been wearing this experimental device all year long. Which is divide designed to prevent brain injuries that it fits around the neck I'm not sure exactly how it works he's the first NFL player to Wear it. But. Its first known brain injury came. And Tori fifteen season and then and again last year. Tom and so it's been led the football concussion thing has been pretty. Pretty seriously and know the bigger issue at this point I think in most fans' minds at least if you read social media is key clues life. After football. And whether or not we may be pretty close to that. Powerful famous man accused of improper. Sexual. Behavior. Seeking therapy. Harvey Weinstein said yesterday. I'm trying to I've got to get help. The dead to the press is he was leaving his daughters off. Psychiatrist debate whether to include sexual addiction is a diagnosis to the latest edition of the diagnostic and statistical manual of middle disorders. And does so far psychiatrist who decided nope not gonna. Quote I am not sure wind being a selfish misogynist pig jerk became a medical disorder close quote said David. Clinical psychologist Albuquerque, New Mexico author of the myth of sex addiction. Com Weinstein gender brother Bob called the Harvey a world class liar. Who has not yet actually sought therapy number we talked about that yesterday we heard for a day and a half about him being in overseas at some clinic. Then all of a sudden his daughter calls and says that he's suicidal and then she raiders it'll actually ignited saying about soon but anyways here in the states. So now apparently he's checked him and so is self and somewhere but. Who knows. On his wife as said she's leaving him. Harvey Weinstein is that I supporter decision I mean counsel I'm better. We can rebuild. There's there's something in me that says if your dirt bag your dirt bag and you can you could be in a dirt bag yeah I'll. Maybe it's harder than I think it is. There's got to be I don't know. Weinstein is a spokesperson says he's begun counseling. Mr. Weinstein is hoping that if he makes enough progress. To be given a second chance. Therapists are divided on whether a famous men caught in sexual scandals have treatable conditions. Or if they even deserves sympathy. Lay who is the guys that we the the clinical psychologist from Albuquerque, New Mexico that we originally quoted he said no but you don't want. Doctor Don Michael sex therapist. Thousand I oaks California. Agrees that many men abused their power and that it has little to do a sex quote the problem that I see with the label of sex addiction is that it is taking away from the responsibility. For the person. And putting it ended the idea that it's a disorder and that he didn't have control over it close quote. There are some sexual experts that argue that sex addition Israel. But say that based on a medical. Or a media report that doesn't appear to be what was going on with the Weinstein. John Galliano psychiatrist from mosque is a psychologist. From ma bell more New York. And a spokesman for the society for the advancement of sexual health prefers the term out of control sexuality. He says not all sex addicts are sex offenders. But he could just simply be a sex offender. Both are legitimate and real disorders he says that many people suffer with sex addiction addiction is is very different. And it is driven by different motives usually. Which are complicated. But it's not about morals he says. Richard also works with sexual abuse victims and said there is a second group who could benefit from therapy and from a simply making their experiences public. And those are the women who have accused Weinstein says nightmare really happy to see this seeing a lot of day most of the time with survivors confine their voices. It's helpful for them day in the healing process. Do you think noted is there such a thing as sexual addiction. Now hi guys so none of us are psychologist was published you'll be out there. But. Are you skeptical when you see are rich powerful man. Take advantage of his I mean the Hollywood casting couch has been around forever you know this is not anything new. I'm a new newer than. College recruiting violations in basketball. That's not a new revelation either it just happens to be at the forefront of the news 70454. Out of 704571110. Do you believe in that a sex addiction. Is an actual role. Thing. I'm skeptical. TJ on the other hand looked at mission it's gonna pay if you can get addicted to gambling union addicted. And I suppose you can get technically addicted to almost anything that you know. Food. Porn. Cigarettes. Coke. Diet Coke. Well I mean you know there's some people that sugar yeah. Just not so sure I. And I buy into it. I think it becomes news there may be. Psychological reasons that you. In other very ready I don't know if it was in this article or not. But they were talking at one point. Sent to me this man had power he had money had clout he got off on the idea that he can get these women to do what he wanted so more so than the sex itself I think he got excited that the fact that they said no that they resisted. A guy named Michael Bader another psychologist and psychoanalysis the San for Cisco was written on the issues it's over like Weinstein who uses his social. Economic power to get women to have some sort of sex with him the sexual experience might function as a reassurance to him that he is desirable. Worthwhile. Masculine. But also it Albie. Mast. Reasons for your. For your behavior. Peter goes on to say it might offer an antidote to private feelings of loneliness or disconnected. Minutes. It might even wait for it. Reassure him that he can make a woman happy. He said a man might hire prostitutes for example and no I know on one level that she's taking arousal for the money but on the other level that level that counts he lets himself believe that she loves it. And who was to say that Weinstein wasn't in that same position. So as a fascinating article about whether or not sex addiction is they are real thing or Ol or or not. And I don't know I guess I'm just a skeptic. Everybody seems to in this day and age everybody seems to have an excuse. Offer what they are for what they are. So I don't quite and don't quite get all of. Read an article today Paul Harvey Weinstein things you're from all sorts of conversations a lot of of this sex addiction. Horrors and there's a thing or just an excuse. I and like psychiatrist debate whether to include sex addition as say a diagnostic. In neo latest. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disordered. They opted not to. And so why waiter just kind of general discussion about that. On the over here and no facility Jeff on WBT hey Jeff. They can't get that guy who predicted the OK maybe the tape in there. Why not just order rather quite a bit of correcting other kids. Now I oh. I don't know I don't know the answer that question although sometimes it's the thrill of the chase or sometimes people can't get past right here they get tired of the same old thing or I know that's a few terrible way to phrase that. But. I mean I don't fall in that category so I don't know that I would I would assume that if you're addicted you don't that's a you know than you you want. Tom you that you don't just want Cingular you want multiple. That gap about it. That do we know though that's what that did to meet till that's how wanna know why I questioned this sexual addiction deal dividers when it sounds like to me. Like another societal excuse swore somebody shortcomings. More reluctant dictated a bit. That's predictable. Yeah well would there will be one I can pretty much you're oh. Yeah yeah thanks appreciate golf. Dot because. I don't like to say I'm no psychiatrist. But. Seems farfetched to me and in his case. Surrounded by beautiful women are who wanted to be in movies. So you know there's going to be enough naive people. Along the way. But some his stuff some of the stuff we read about him is just weird. Just just just bizarre watch me take a shower. Time what's that all about. Arm and I won't get into all the other stuff but watch me do this. Really. Don't think so I'm. TJ put this up on no FaceBook. Dance that I think a lot of times people low with that too much time on their hands on enough responsibilities preoccupation with self. When Joseph just said anything new you've become addiction. Joseph said do you can become addicted to anything so yes it's real. When you wait until you're called out for it. Now or become a criminal. Your credibility is shot. Roy had said many people are addicted to sports. Is that an addiction. Is that is that. It's at an addiction or is that just. I'd call that an addiction neither. I understand that there are people who live and die with their team I think there was a time when I was in my early twenties were account. I'd never live and die but I mean I was a lot more ardent bronco fan baca when they were. 77 the orange crush year all that stuff I mean gosh it was. But I don't know that I would call that an addiction. I remember I I've told the story before but I was so trying to get into radio and there was a TV reporter by the name of Bill Clark that worked for the CBS affiliate in Denver. And I met him head to know all of what was called the white house conference on youth and they held and at the YMCA camp which is a huge. Campus up in the mountains near Estes Park. And I met him up there because I went and covered for the local radio station the white house conference on youth I never covered anything so I just went they're going to what is all about. And I met Bill Clark and and and bill said hey I'd like decide you want as a stringer and a stringer essentially was. If brief news we're gonna break in Estes Park and it did at one point they had a fire onetime. And so bill used me. To go to the fire and then come back to the radio station and call him. And then he would record me and then he would use bits and pieces of what I told him and then they would send me I don't know what it was 25 bucks or Santa Monica. So while I was kind of like an unemployed remote. Reporter. If needed for this TV station. And one day he said come on down here and I'll give you a tour of tales eight which was the CBS affiliate and it was rather Rizzo have always love working here because that was the first time I'd ever gone to a place that had an AM radio station and FM radio station and the TV station all under one roof fall in one building. Hails the AM cables the F entails the TV. Same as we have you know here all right good so. They had a guy on Cahill CF film by the name of bill won't give his last name. I and he did the mornings there and I used to listen to him all the time I thought he was just one of the greatest since smoothest announcers I'd ever heard and I and I told us said that to bill when he was giving me the tour the building he introduced me to bill. And I was a big deal to me at the time I got to meet bill. And and I city yeah right I really like him and he said great guy. But saying uses single. Jacare a rally phrased it singular so the road. Any day any said eazy. But couldn't carry on a conversation with you about anything else that he had to. But talk about world events couldn't talk about sports couldn't talk about anything. He was and I've met sports guys like that. I'm not god they can tell you the statistics for the 1957. Clemson football team and a wide receivers and it's almost like when you were a kid if you're at a strong. A place where baseball and you know everybody's. Batting average in store until four. And not just always remember him telling me about that about bill and I just never wanted to be single fascinated so I just grew up you know a little bit about everything and not a whole lot about it. And militants Federer of course. So I I think if you're Cingular in your. I guess that would be an addiction to sports if that's all you are focused on. But is that an addiction or is that our preoccupation. Eric spared bird Charlotte business journal new addition Albert talk to him next. NWB eighteen Y. Over the hump finally go our Charlotte business journal new addition is out today announced senior staff writer Erica Sandberg joined the sun no Fridays when the overall possible it was now with the last week because he was. In Houston. Yeah I went undefeated. Two days away and so we were part we were trying to figure out which game you went to. Yeah outside where I thought games one and two and say they won each game eight continues so I saw a lot of offense. Ground teams so you know wolf takes out Jordan already warned me that the Yankees are going to demolish the masters this weekend but of course he can't be trust. You predicted the same thing about Cleveland I hate to hurt your feelings but our goal here at a truck found a truck. Tom how bout them yankees I mean and actually I because I die I thought Cleveland had their number and that you know like I can figure we were hidden Frey Cleveland dodge Euro World Series so I guess that's how I went. Do I did here and eat a lot I'm not Yankee fan but they are really fun team to watch I get so many good young players I think they're going to be playing into October for many years to come. Well then that would be just like when we all grow up when it goes when I was a kid coming out of the fifties into the sixties. You knew the Yankees were going to the World Series it was just a matter of who there're gonna play. Yeah and I tiger and I are watching baseball late seventies. Quartet for the Yankees had a resurgence and and we all. No about what territory and Derek Jeter and recruited. In the ninety's and into the teeth dealt and so it looks like another Yankee Arum might be upon us. I I I still how long has used in bin and the American League now. Right near here OK hogs on not that far beyond a doubt I still think of them as the National League team. Right absolutely yeah. I I'd look I've all the team and I still expect him to play the Dodgers you know eighteen times a year. Yellow down. You wrote me ten days ago and said you know I'm not going to be with you Friday because I'm going to the Houston game and I wrote you back an asset or you know a good chance they'll be playing Colorado when you wrote backing don't know Boston and I thought yeah. Boston. That's not a it is it is really weird spilled it to say that it's kind of like. You know when you have expansion teams in any sport and I know that. Obviously the Panthers were around him every day but Jacksonville still feel like an eighteen degree can at least built built like an eighteen to meet and they're not they feel that way. Well and we if Jacksonville's new work new. I don't know I don't know if I translated it makes no sense side. That's it that's the way it's. But it wasn't one of the cornerstone teams that you led on your agenda when you were a kid. But what we want to work. I doubt those teams there they weren't they weren't there when you were you when you are now you out of that area you're used to cowboy concealer in and bears and 49ers right exactly a month. I'm high tech equipment. This is not your story in the Charlotte business journal cover story but I do want to ask you about it the Amazon effective so what -- story it's written by a Craig Douglas. Hey mom but just didn't just out of curiosity conversations you've had around. Charlotte and so on and so forth what do you think about this Amazon and do we have a shot. I think Charlotte has any decent shot I certainly wouldn't say dead Charlie is a favorite and outside and some others have said that that Charlotte. It's particularly strong at but it certainly meets several of the criteria including net affordability in terms across the living. He got the attractiveness to the millennial population in the airport and the ease of travel to other cities so. It wouldn't be you know just a drop dead shock if it surely got Amazon but I would be I would be surprised because it's just so competitive Jim we're talking credit. Five billion dollar project in this thing that. Fascinated me about this and we got into little bit in the end this cover package. It just what will be incentive package look like I mean this in the company gets. Racked up something like over a billion dollars worth of incentives in the past decade and that's for. Warehouses and other projects that are nowhere near the scale of this so called HQ to. And this is this is the one net politicians that are absolutely positively against incentive packages this is the one that they don't agree to. Yeah absolutely you know there's something actually happened today San Antonio. No they're local government decided not to dead animal. One of the politicians their said. Look we're just not the business of giving away the farm and I mentioned that because while this. The project would obviously transform. Any city a ghost do. It will be really interest seemed to see a lot exactly the price is Dan Howell. The local and state governments try to bring in this huge economic engine without giving away everything. The observer has an article does the dish Charl are really have a shot at winning Amazon's second quarter headquarters and well apparently one of the people that have kind of put to a fourth in the presentation is crescent communities which is the river district which is the new community that's supposed to go in a tough 485 in west boulevard. And and wouldn't that just basically. I mean that the the river district in that case would become the city of Amazon and essence. Yeah it would and you know that we think about things like this John well let's just say Amazon did decide to go there. I think almost instantly you would have a light rail line running. Downed you know pass here poured into the river district right to wherever Amazon's offices are located is that kind of a transformer in the fact. Where I think he's government and a lot of other industries start to just line up to participate in to try and make this happen. Now there's already a fulfillment center although apparently not one of their bigger ones although it looks rather huge to me right off on all doubted. A nerd welcomes and and I see the truck's gone and now they're all the time in the warehouse just looks massive but as I looked at photographs in your paper today. It's not listed as one of the real load you know no notable fulfillment centers it's just another one of their fulfillment centers anyway it's readjusting Amazon not. The business is worth about 8686 billion dollars himself so if you need any kind justification for just how big is big that's big. Yeah and maybe it's really hard to even comprehend how all this would change Charlotte or whatever city. Amazon decides on because like you said it's it to hold other city your argument 50000 employees five billion dollar. Economic impact it's just incredible. With an average salary of a 100000 a year they say. Yeah so. You would think for example in North Carolina they have these are called claw back provisions where the companies have to prove that day. And added the number of jobs they promised and what the pain level is so. You know in most places you wouldn't see whether they live up to that but. I'm going to make the assumption at least for the moment based on Amazon's pat except that if there are promising that they eat truly believe they can deliver that since unintended. I'm not suggesting that there Charlotte take a San Antonio's lead but I kind of like to what San Antonio restarted that is so where we're not just gonna give away the farm. Enough. And we catalog call we got right now and would be you know because it would it would do it we would totally turn what you have inside out. Yeah and you do you have to be very careful when you're talking about something at Disco criticized because it while it brings a lot of benefits and there are will be a lot of people. And again I go back to the intense discussion. You know Amazon and all the leverage here and so I think here local and state officials and all over the country will be susceptible. To. Or negotiations. Maybe were more of Barnes & Noble community. At a epithet and a broader respect and respect borders we'll begin in the past the new borders headquarters. Except IPO warehouse auto focus and boulevard I like boy you paint it with a bloodier free parking. But ultimately. The. Pay out the CIA is under scrutiny are Charlotte City Council in fact I was talking about an interesting that they can end up with the dilemma there that any restrictions they put on what the CIA. May do might also have ramifications on. When things like tail gating and is that the other did you go to that meeting. I did and aid into idiotic everywhere refute I have talked about this I know we certainly talked about some of the incidents that have. Occurred. I around the turn met not directly. As part of the tournament and what this idiot trying to do it to figure out how to reduce. The number of fly by night promoters who may set up you know. Near the arena or near fan festivals. And did not take the precautions. That you would prefer and then all of a sudden trouble breaking out now all people on the committee vetted council members and others said. That doesn't mean they can eliminate. All possibilities. You know violence and incidents occurring but they they think that would. Clear away a lot of the motivation for it. You can't really talk. An American City Council you can't really in some ways blatantly talk about what you're thinking about here. Oh without coming off. Been badly or is a racist. And you heard some of that guy yesterday in and the committee meeting you'd you'd heard it from all sides. And what people hurt we're grappling with bin city government is they like the tournament they obviously like the tourism generates they like a lot of the philanthropy that comes with the tournament. But they don't know how to. Keep out this small. Element people who have come in and and they've been involved in shootings or fight so there'd been some some stabbings and is. Eight tiny percentage. That people who have come to account for this yet why but of course when this happens it generates massive coverage and headlines. Embrace negative attention and as you just mentioned. It creates a very uncomfortable conversation at a time when. Our race relations and police scene which are already fraught with all kinds of tension. Yeah it's I got to almost go refer back to my note to my roots near Cheyenne frontier days up in Wyoming you know how to you have Cheyenne frontier days and cut back on cowboys. I'll try and get that in advance you know that's an incident yeah how do you do that it's it's an impossible conversation to have. All right hornets are back spectrum has rebounded. At least from an entertainment standpoint and some order related stories and we'll talk to expand Burke Charlotte business journal about that next. I'm Eric van berg senior staff writer for the Charlotte business journal lows judicial. I don't know Friday. You write pretty exclusively about Dover Charlotte hornets will get to a couple elements several one of them being in the spectrum center. Who lost a lot of business. During the HB two ordeal. But seems to be. Again and some of their music business and others back Maroon 5 and a Demi Lovato Annette Nick Jonas. Canceled previously. Although you can see Nick Jonas up that Nellie is in no Belmont once in a blue moon is dead and owns the place. Right yeah. I'd error but they are bitten what they are book to concerts next month to say it is pretty busy in fact so why have they bounced back on all levels. Yeah they have and an interesting thing is Fred Whitfield the hornets team president only that. While HO PQ was this is still in effect he and another executive went out to. California didn't even live nation a big promoter and NC whether they could still get these tourists. Come through Charlotte even though a lot of the acts were. Post that helped build Q and the anti Serb was pretty much know there are all asking faster route around North Carolina and he's head. That is soon as it. Indeed it was repealed this. Pastor praying that it would like flipping a switch all the sudden. They were receiving inquiries and people wanted to book can tell it's been at. Pretty rapid recovery and if you look at some of the accident I mentioned in there there are a lot of things coming to the spectrum there and of course it's a big part of the order of business. JC fallout boy a match in dragon skin Africans come and in didn't company will be here that's the smackdown the WWE smackdown that's all Vernal. So you know and maybe you know say they recently had this year remember martyrs to both sellouts. So and they've done pretty well here in the past couple months. And it seems like golly things we talked about jobs and sports entertainment. I'm very corporate expansion to its seemed slightly health bill to controversy it has pretty much. Then can't decide although I'm always hesitant to say things like that you never know when something will return. He out hornets. Oh get right to start their new season. This time last year are good that day at the end of last season look like they were pretty down they just had a disappointing season there was no. No real prospect that there was any singular thing that was gonna turn that back around and and all the sudden they make a couple of moves. They got a great draft pick apparently Moly monk they get Dwight Howard. And they've sold the same and out of season tickets this year that they did last year and I'd actually things are looking pretty good forum. Yeah things are looking pretty good you know this has been saying this has been a long road out of going back to the bobcats days and there are a lot of struggles. And I think you're right those couple moves in the off season certainly helped. The other thing that you can't ignore is just the overall momentum of the NBA itself I mean this totally get it just so healthy. Still with stars and that now rivals the NFL in terms of generating news even to win this during the off season and the other the free agency and trades and all those things you look at what happened in the NBA the past couple months. With all the moves and only excitement I think that the league is really in a strong position that even helping teams. Such an important and if not quite honestly analogue out on court success certainly not in NBA mock to ensure that. The Arab broadcast James for the hornets will on May remain pretty much intact Steve Martin Matt Carroll low bullet do the on radio play by play over on WS NC. Eric Collins Dell curry and no Stephanie ready for the TV but they're gonna move Stephanie back down due up courtside that's not the demotion as a. No I don't think so because they they're describing it says that job where you will be courtside analysts say you'll hear from her throughout the game it won't just be a couple of reports in the read that they're doing this is because. Could. TV crews are no longer seated courtside. You almost every NBA arena because the teams want that real estate to help pricey ticket of course. And so for example at the hornets arena they hit at the top of the lower level every time there's an injury or something like that. Where you need a quick report it it's a logistical challenge to get either delta or February down the stairs and find out and come back on it does so by having her on the pork. She can report and provide analysis from Hershey as a former coach so she is is anybody who watches the games net. She's very well speed can exit and outside of basketball. Yes she knows her stuff I think a little spoiled in that I think our broadcast team for the Panthers is one of the best in the only good that those guys just have a really special chemistry and well and quite frankly I I thought the same Mo when no arisen ski and no Roman Gabriel and soak you were to do and it's so. But if there's anybody who's earned her place Stephanie ready has earned her place she says she's been with the team for a long long time enough. I'm not so sure that Eric Collins Dell curry and Stephanie all sitting there together necessarily had the magic last year in my opinion. But I'm all open net to Stephanie you are ready is not the one that pays the price for that if indeed that there's been detected. And yet visited her job will have an interview with security and actually get Charl have been destroyed so. Make sure you see that. All right good well I got I wish the best I don't know our. But like I say I'd I think just based on longevity. None like you said she's a former coach she's earned her stripes Obama hope their reward her off her own for all of that so hard work. I'm have a good week thanks for joining us. Jack all right they're goes oh and and and go Houston I guess and so. All Friday October the thirteenth Friday the thirteenth anybody or does okay. We certainly terrible they don't tragedies of. Good snowfalls. 206 days in the year 79. Days ago. Bob Dylan awarded the Nobel Peace Prize excuse me the Nobel had. Bob Dylan awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. A little bit different a year ago today. And Paul Simon. Came through town last twelve months I think 76. Years old today. Beachfront wedding in Massachusetts disrupted by another couple went skinny dipping enough full view of the wedding party that. Read a story you know. The wedding party has some good talk about now for the rest of their lives. Initiative that businesspeople should have been tipped. The economist has named the world's safest big cities top three Tokyo Singapore and Osaka. Bad news for Yellowstone the latest research shows that these super volcano underground is likely to erupt a lot sooner than previously predicted. I only have to worry about it as we get. Once it wraps low life as we know it will be in serious danger is the super volcanoes smothers the entire North American continent with dale thick black Blake at a bash. Renowned mount saint helens blew in Seattle. Well outside the sale Washington State. The weather systems of the way it was arranged boulder where I was living at the time. Got I don't know but. Eight to an inch quarter of an inch of white ash on top of all of our cars sidewalks lawns and everything. Pretty bizarre to have a volcano or go go off and no Washington State and and and have the cash. Landing on you in Boulder, Colorado. The way it works. We are preparing what they say November the fifth yesterday for America's dumbest ritual turning back the clocks. Sunday November the fifth I believe it is at the stroke of 2 AM most clocks in North America and Europe will roll backward one hour two in daylight saving time. I until next year march wherever that is that gives many people one more hour of sleep making me sunrise. An hour earlier by our. Our clocks count. And meaning that TJ and I have to go home in the dark. And you to actually. However come march 11 the invisible time vampire will return to us sucked away an hour of your sleep in the dead of night. Daylight saving time. Created during World War I to a decrease energy use. Practice was implemented you're around 1942. Including World War II not waking up in the dark the thinking went would decrease fuel use self for a lighting and heating and stuff like that and and help conserve energy supplies to win the war. Nearly 100 years later most Americans are done with daylight saving time and in a recent survey eight in ten US adults say daylight saving time is disrupting doesn't save energy and the energy thing is a myth. There was actually a proposal back in 2006 when Indiana joined the daylight saving time gimmick researchers found energy actually increased in that state. By 1%. Over less than a month away from. Pulling back. Before we get to march. And spring forward. And if I'm not mistaken or they're not are there not studies that show this is also plays hell on traffic I'm not so sure that ever read those two. Your article originally where talk about sexual addiction no Harvey Weinstein has been in the news over the still weeklong. And know whether or not you actually believe that sex addiction is a actual disorder or not psychiatrists. Have debated whether to include sexual addiction is a diagnosis and their latest edition of the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. Are they opted not to. I am now so we cannot know with its stores and on both sides of it and she's gone. All right I was head duel call that don't want to talk about that the set up and the pitch she's helped. So there you go on Allan thank you for calling appreciate it's time bomb Motorola bringing back the razor. The iconic RAZR flip phone let me know and Motorola brings back the flip phone so I can be. William Shatner again when you. Although that all screen would never counted today when it. Morals bringing back the iconic RAZR flip phone that used to be in the day my sister had one. And it was the only phone that we can actually get to work up in the Colorado mountains. And I don't know if that was because of her coverage I think she was on what was it called Cingular what was Verizon before it was them. Or range spelled with a nests. Or was it. I wasn't ACS it AT&T. AZ NC. And then the southeast conference. First released in 2004 the RAZR was quickly became the phone's screen everybody wanted because of it's been innovative flipped open screen. I'm Motorola's teaming up with a British firm by the name of bin atone to create the Benetton blade which will sell for about 66 bucks and is expected to be available next month. The blade. Has the F flipped open screen and is a fairly basic phone coming with classic apps like an alarm and a calculator and all that stuff but not social media apps like FaceBook or answer Graham. It also I have some of the old school games on it like snake and tetris. And MP3 player. Wire ones and I don't want this. They expect the phone to be used by people who want to like get away from social media. In fact it's that it it's a fact of life that most of us now carry two cell phones says chairman dean Dino. Lol Bonnie. And whether it's a work slash home split a second phone for holidays are enough festivals are just that temporary devised. To give to the kids for sleepovers. We just don't have a singular cell phone anymore. How many people do you know and have to cellphones. Yeah thank you. And is it a work work crews are worked. A bit of self thing. We developed the blade with this in mind making sure that it was small slim and light as possible without compromising on battery life. How long we give them. And as Jim tells me that the the race for the razor is not going to necessarily. You may not have to camp out the night before or a week before the razors or released. But anyway if you are interested just keep your eyes of social media I'm sure the color of your all the information you need about the the anti social media phone. All right there ago. We'll come back and head into the big weekend you've got a chart at a thousand dollars and our four K at a contest that's coming up right after the news of 05 and the net companies big weekend leads us into. All sorts of stuff about what's going on this weekend. And a promo what's coming up next weekend which includes Charlie Craig's crew has been up there and Estonia then players station. So you know what I'm talking about speech. Radio program. Hi cameras times herald review figures show that the couple seconds old crow medicine show albeit a ovens auditorium on next Wednesday not part of your big weekend but just say hey old crows come undertone. Halsey. Which apparently is the artist's artists. Says Lady Gaga other weekend Amy Winehouse panic at the Disco under bond and about ten others could have a musical love child it would have been a Halsey. Well she's at the spectrum so she must be big enough to fill that place seven. And I still haven't got the stuff going on this weekend in fact Arsenio Hall is at the comedy zone next weekend. But I still haven't gotten to this weekend. Shot blocking. Golf. John revisit the comedies on this week go our city our next week. Are rapists last comic standing guard TJ was just telling me that there's video clip out there somewhere of him being was he arrested. They get away apparently back when they are Panthers were planned out at Clemson he ran out the center of the field and started doing non dances and this that the other enough. UH one last comic standing I remember seeing parts and bits and pieces of that I think the show was was he the first winner of the last comic standing nerve pretty close to. Use it to the comedy zoned out of the avid music a factory for the weekend so well. And so that should be good to of these sharp. What crop hunger walk. Is going on tomorrow starts at 8 o'clock in independence park good donations encourage crop hunger walk dot org slash Charlotte. In C. Annual walk to help alleviate hunger and no poverty I think for awhile there we have other sharp little largest. Crop walks hunger walks and no the country I don't know if that's still true or not. Not told about Halsey you know crow medicine show commend ovens. Hold crews come and opens on no Wednesday night. Green day's American idiot. ATC presents Tony award winning rock opera taking place right now at Queen's University Hadley theater. Yeah and you can go at Charlotte dot org for more information on that. Gary Reiser both north and South Carolina got state fairs that are now open these probably hitting from the south Carolina state fair North Carolina State your mark Harrison who shows up less than an hour on not. A news 11109930. Was that the North Carolina State here eating everything may have to offer. My cheese Kurds and. Corn on the cob southern mayonnaise with. But she knows slather it good cringed over the top of that is that why you're going down the South Carolina fair just eat. Yeah why not one known. Thirtieth annual cotton jetting days festival is going on up in Dallas part part of the Gaston County parks and recreation and go to cotton Janning days dot com. For more information there but they started today and Noelle I'll be open tomorrow from nine to five and Sunday from ten to five. A church service. 9 AM free admission free parking bluegrass music crafts vendors engine show great food amusement rides. So again if you need more information on that cotton Janning and days. Dot com. The amount and glory festival going on in Marion south guide North Carolina craft show and all that kind of stuff. MT in that's an abbreviation for mountain you know. MT in. Glory festival dot com. If you need more information on that and a trip to love. To Shelby might be in order if your way our good friend of our good fan of a bella fleck and Abigail Washburn in partnership with the Earl Scruggs senator they show up tomorrow. To a workshop at 6 PM. And then the a concert in the dome Don Gibson theater at 8 o'clock. Thousand years ago bella fleck. Who was. Fairly friends with the girl who lived in the U and lived in an old house in boulder I had the upstairs she had the downstairs. And now also know walked out of the lottery one day and he didn't she or just read this guy named bella fleck. Any gaming is new CD at the time and then years later he became a big thing. Gosh I wish I have been nicer to have had. Well on the air WT FaceBook page tonight at 6 o'clock with a Mark Garrison. Do the right decision today. Police issue warrant for the panther puncher a guy who sucker punched an older earliest fanned out. At the game. That. Mark wrote at. 62 years old. What big guy to break they started that punched in the face now do we have days does he have to endure the they didn't. The indignity of being called elderly. I got three years on him I'm not elderly. All right high school football that I should be a great. Temperature wise and and all that kind of a stuff and just in case you wondered were up to 82 for tomorrow. Are met but by the time you get into Monday. And especially Tuesday Tuesday's high is supposed to be upper sixties. And you'll wake up to lows in the forties and actually they're calling for that Monday as well but I'm wondering if that's 24 hours premature but by the time we get through the weekend does a Sunday. Sunny mid eighties lows mid sixties. So weighed today and and the dew point. We'll have dropped for all of this so won't be what we've experienced earlier this week. But done but I'm ready for the fall stuff to have to come to a high school football tonight football Friday night Providence or west Mac. Hunter Haas at crest at East Rutherford at south point that's south Pointe South Carolina. Number one team in the area one of the number one teams in the country. South Mac O seven a tough year Berry academy denied Providence at Weston. Butler and independents remember that when whatever and that was a huge game butler's five and won independence. Is a one and six not such a big game it anymore and Los independence winzip. Hickory ridge Myers park tonight that should be interesting encourages seven and oh Myers park is six and one they were undefeated until last week in when they lost to Butler. North gassed and at Stuart Cramer. AJ brown ad tech Cox mill northwest embarrassed that a central come barest Jay M Robinson no place Concord tonight. And Marvin reg Ed comforts and but some of the bigger games in the area Huff. Five and two number sixteen north Mecklenburg. Seven and no. Number seven Hickory ridge seven and no takes a trip to a number nine Myers park we just talked about that six and one. Metro liner Christian six and one goes to our Charlotte Christian they're five and one that should be a good game. And Salisbury five and one travels to have led heard and their six and one so there's some of the a bigger high school games that are going on. And northwestern and clover. Well played and I down South Carolina and East Rutherford do goes to. South point Belmont south point. So well up until that'll be the bigger test. East Rutherford will be bit as big attest to south point oh have until the end of the season when no south point play Shelby. And that should be a great game. South point right across from the new terrorist leader that as of two weeks from today will be open. Belmont to buzz and. We are world this is happy as we can be. I there's a college football game on TV tonight number two Clemson takes on Syracuse. Six and no plums and had to three and three Syracuse but it's in Syracuse so are there you go on that one. Washington state of California is a late game on ESPN. That's also on TV tonight Major League Baseball playoffs. Yankees in the Astros game one on fox. 8 PM. And all our breakdown some of the college football games that are on over the weekend you're Sunday and package since the Panthers played last night your Sunday games on TV. CBS at 1 o'clock dolphins at the falcons. On fox at 1 o'clock Packers and the vikings. Port 25 game on CBS's the Steelers at the chiefs. And Sunday Night Football on NBC the New York Giants send aid Denver Broncos. Morbid and stuff coming up next. Visually based voters there. Envision a series. Starting today. The Yankees in the Astros game one tonight on fox. And then met willow continue it tomorrow. No play their second game on fox at 4 PM. And than the cubs the Dodgers with their first National League Championship Series came on at 8 o'clock so that's part of your big weekend college football. South Carolina Tennessee what are your early games tomorrow noon ESPN Florida stated duke could be uninteresting game Florida State's not having a great season. So maybe this is a good year for a duke we'll see ESPN two that's a noon game as well Oklahoma at Texas. 330 in the afternoon I assume Texas Oklahoma weekend on dallas' Cotton Bowl still just a huge thing and they don't played at the Cotton Bowl anymore do they they must plated. And Jerry's palace. But I'm worked and it's been awhile but I've worked as several Texas Oklahoma weekends back when I was you assistant managers are training room with americorps versions. It's used to be an awfully big good time kind of like Georgia Florida weekend. Robert junior add to North Carolina that's not enough fox sports. And that'll be at 330. Ohio State Nebraska tomorrow it 730 on an earlier all dying to know on organ state Colorado 4 o'clock. Pac twelve network. I subscribe to the pac twelve network. And we're getting Big Ten network games. I mean I am getting the pectoral stuff but when you go when you. When you sign on to the networks you get all of them. We can't figure out why I'm not what we can't figure out why hasn't been a couple of games at Ohio State has not been on TV but we've gotten them. On none on the Big Ten network as I'm get them. If you worked for spectrum to shut up and leave me alone. I'm not trying to cattle on myself I just paid guys had just wanted to target because. Somebody must afflicts the wrong switch or something. I'm supposed to get back twelve. So I don't know we'll save. I Utah Southern California tomorrow night at 8 PM on ABC Jimmy and inching game although probably not much interest in this part of the country considered a solo far west. Now but nonetheless that's on your agenda for tomorrow night we mentioned the championship series. Continues tomorrow starts tonight for the Yankees in the asterisk. You've got to the NASCAR boys in Nam Talladega over the weekend. Wow do you think there might be Iraq towards the end of the race. I saw were of mr. Kozlowski is like curry added that it did what does it tenth or something like that they didn't have a great weekend last week it. So I think there's what two more races in this. Surely he'll make the cut. Anyway the monster energy NASCAR cup Alabama 502. O'clock on NBC. And again the NFL games since the F pastors have already played there's as of last night a 12823. Loss to the Eagles. You're 1 o'clock game on CBS on a Sunday is. Dolphins at the falcons. Your wanna talk game but Fox's the Panthers at the vikings your 425 gamers the Steelers at the achieves on CBS. And the 820 game Sunday Night Football on NBC is the giants at the Broncos. And Major League Baseball continues at 8 o'clock on a Sunday night with the second game between the cubs and the Dodgers so there you go on your TV schedule for that. Aren't they out first base your people do I've greet me when I moved into gas and county building your house over there are no Belmont and moved over to guest Antonio last year was a guy governor Charlie Craig and Charlie's got himself a place on no new hope road. And has a garage right off to the side of his property big wide to a garage that is made up to look like Sinclair station manager ever driven up and a new hope road and seemed because in Gore's vision at Dodgers off. Is that a working Sinclair station. Nobody it is kind of a working shop and Charlie's got himself or just a beautiful little low red and white baton. Everybody in town no so Charlie Craig he's doing his ninth annual Charlie Craig a cruise in. And that'll be a week from tomorrow I went to the Singh last year and people bring in not classic cars and in just a great group of people. I and there's plenty of free parking and it just plug are brought in there's some really great cars that people bring out there are so why if you're. If you're looking for things to do put this on your calendar all the proceeds benefit cancer services of gas and counting. But Charlie Craig's ninth annual cruise and all week from tomorrow all day long in the 4300 block of south new hope road. And you'll see at Sinclair station there there's a church their beautiful white church for the really nice high aid steeple just kind of just the way that your church is supposed to. Right across the street so I guess I can't wait myself all absolutely be a wandering into us see what is on display up there. Charlie Craig's crews in 4320 south new hope road all day long a week from tomorrow and I'll remind you about that next Friday don't forget Daniel still botanical gardens the Chinese lantern festival. Goes for another couple weekends Wednesday through Sundays from 530 denying thirty if you haven't been you should go. Any people that have gone somebody should probably told you about a right now it is really really. I and the final rock and the bird Harrisburg food truck rally as tomorrow night I'll give the particulars on that in a little bit on no brew fest weekend for the. Renaissance festival coming up just a second. Iron Renaissance festival line is is on after November the nineteenth that it is intended to and AM till 530 brew fest weekend at the Renaissance just below tomorrow no Sunday. So a lot of trying to find craft dale and I beer games and know all that stuff for a strike. Your stuff in these saucy winch costume contest. Confessed activity start about 12 noon until 4 o'clock it'll be at the in New Haven which is behind the Edgewater staged. I don't forget our food truck friend Karen. Who owns the sticks and goes ice cream trucks. And and I'll tell you about the final rock and the burden go to her short whose truck rally which is tomorrow night of what shall be apart but they also own a boost out of the a Renaissance festival called life it'll. Mothers. Belts and bracelets and stuff like that got to do zebra therefore they were said they are. They had actual boost now. Roof and the whole nine yards. It's right the middle of the pathway jet ride around the corner from the king's kitchen food court. Which you'll find it's just look for the people carrying around a Turkey legs. Good ultra regulars I did get out they're just to have won the C agony that. He's a couple of those Ren fest and followed dot com is what you're looking for for the or response Renaissance host Roland. I discounted tickets available at Harris teeter and and other places so off. And if you've never been to one pitch over and brew fest weekend JJ. Still going to the state fair about it. The final rock and a burning Harrisburg food truck rally is tomorrow night B and part of town hall 5 to 9 o'clock food trucks couple great bands beer wine garden. Bring the kids bring the dog bring your friends bring your chairs story seventeen rock and the bird food truck rally at Camden struck me out their smoking aces tomorrow. Do checks and a truck sticks and cones Karen struck ice cream truck out their route 72. Moroccan cookbook feed your soul and promote so cheesecake company among the trucks that will be out there. For the Iraq in the bird go food truck relish the final one of the season so get yourself out there the big fires out there and California to Charles Schulz home. The the late peanuts creator apparently is. His widow escaped. But. Now most of his stuff history historical stuff. I is an art museum other memorabilia. Of family memorabilia is gone. But don't most of the original artwork in the memorabilia from the snoopy in and the peanuts comic strips are at the year Charles in Schulz museum and research center which is also in Santa Rosa. And it has escaped the flames. But the house itself. Is is no longer and locker saint Charles Schulz widow had to escape it Jean Schultz is her name she seventy years old. They built a split level house in Santa Rosa in the 1970s. And no lived there until he died in the year 2000 she still lives there. Or had lived there. All right it's the house he died in an all there memorabilia family memorabilia the stuff they collected as a couple and all that stuff flow with the fires just. That's a sad note there are others probably in the above although. All the destruction out there there's a lot of families. 31 people have died. I in the northern California wine country area. On a lot of people that have both stories about losing. Pretty much everything. Oh look there's the elderly Mark Garrison. Did you do you write your own no did you write that it didn't hear that. The guy who got bit in the face yesterday Markel bring all the update on that one no warrant has been issued and whose name I actually have now heard his name not mentioned on the nearer so others are worn out for his arrest. Kyle you ought to turn yourself in body. We'll see. Are referred to the guys elderly sixty years old. It's like I kiddies like a punk to some of us. Anyway there's the very feeble an elderly Omar garrison. And I come in here I'm surprised you didn't hear the wheels on his solo walk her school weekend when he came through the door. Dogs really can smell fear. You you that you can now hide far less from a dog than you might tune might have thought anybody that's ever. If it ever just said something really terrible happened to your news and terrible mood your dog comes over puts that you'll have. I mean. Just when it's your right out. But they do they go they have and they have a way of sensing know when things are okay when they're not. Naples university researchers collected. Two sweats samples. In study participants. One Waller watched a happy movie and one while they watch too scary movie and then they had dogs sniff each sample is the as a stranger and their owners that the room with them. Are and know when they smelled the happy sweat. The animals were more likely to sniff inquisitive Lee it's a stranger in the room and when they sniff the scared sweat they were more likely to a stick close to their owners and show signs of stress. The next thing scientists plan to look at is why in the fearful smell makes dogs wary rather than driving them to attack or another response. And they say the response may very well be up by breed as so well. So there you go there. I can tell you right now I don't die analyze every breed but if it comes to west geez. There's no aggression at all it's pretty much underneath the bed. And and that's that and they say it kids get over being bullied by the age of sixteen. Anybody in this room ever get bullied and I did. I think it was about when I moved Estes Park that I decided I told the story before that whom we moved justice and I was in the eighth grade I decided that that was that I was gonna be popular is gonna kill me. And I think I went in with a whole different mindset than that was that so bullying is no fun but data suggest that most of us get over by the age of sixteen. They looked at 111000. Twins born in England in. In 94 or 96 and a study participants reported on their experiences of bullying at ages eleven and for their middle health was evaluated ages eleven and sixteen in the results show that while children were bullies eleven or more likely to experience depression and anxiety and inattention and hyperactivity. That those conditions did not persist five years later. Paranoid thoughts often continued for reasons that are unclear but as for the actual. Affection the bullying may not over maybe just decide to people who were bullying you are really worth your time at some point or another. Have yourself a great weekend enjoy the lower dew point. The oh. Of the temperatures and I'll see you back here on Monday at 3 o'clock John Hancock Charles most beloved.