The Chris Ferrell Show, Seg. 2, 10/14/17


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Yeah. Then mistress Cheryl previously. It's 63 degrees in Charlotte north. Yeah. Today. Is Saturday. October 14 2000. And I'm glad you're here. I'm glad to keep. Ask anybody you know. Now. We don't know where this morning. Because. My favorite thing to do. All week. I'm serious illnesses hell normal line. My favorite thing to do always. There's too common here. After a broken myself up at 3:30 in the morning. A couple bananas and mountain. Grip bag. Make sure I got my notebook. I forgot to check from us see the LCD home next week. So in my here's some new bumper music more no I don't necessity. Can happen. Mom I mentioned before. That Paris us some trouble. Prison North Carolina. Before we hit this story I would just like to remind. If if I have. Any incarcerated listeners. Which is totally possible. First dog dig your behavior together maybe go giving your TV back okay. Well. Some guys might be listened to me from the hole. Just keep in mind your situation might be tough. But if you behave yourself it can get better. And the people that keep you there. Aren't the people that put you there. My dad was a law enforcement is who it's not pretty close so my brother my brother works at the jail. There royal riot. Turned deadly. Maybe seized geno Benitez is. As she has details source. How violent prison uprising at a high security facility in North Carolina. Inmates reportedly attacking correctional officers with hammers as they attempted escape a corrections officer and a prison worker identified as the two dead. At least ten others rushed to local hospitals G. G uprising began when inmates set fires inside the prison sewing plant where prisoners work sewing uniforms for the state employees neighborhoods and schools surrounding the prison on lockdown residents fearing for their lives after a massive manhunt in the surrounding woods. All prisoners are counted. So yeah can we can tell you that three prison employees are still in critical condition seven were treated and released we also know that for prisoners. We're treated here. I like prison document. I hope it's not shod in Troy that makes me enjoy it like to thank the turnout they send the family don't like to think I'm just fascinated by the process. That was. High ranking. Law enforcement officer. What you're saying my brother is following in his footsteps. Relatives that war. But were also wearing blue. Com. I'm seeing one guy who became a prison guard that. Or senate correctional officer they deserve a proper. To be addressed properly. Who gotten to a big business. Because he had planned to join the FBI someday. And he thought that would be a good place to learn about how the criminal mind works I'm seeing I'm preaching hundreds. Documentaries I've seen one guy I've seen one COO. Who got into the business for that reason. Others. Have a job to do. It's one of the worst jobs in the world and thank god there are people willing to do it. Every document area wise choice here before to the jail within the jail. You fellows. Who did this. To these working people. I hope there's a jail. With in the jail. Within the jail. We're here basically standing in the closet. For the rest of your life. Think about was the Asia this. This is Chris furlong WB today. Next half hour is coming on.