Brian Young

At Home with Roby
Sunday, October 15th

Brian Young from the Dunstan Group joins Patrick & Dave McGuire to talk about branded products.


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Good morning welcome at home with wrote Patrick Pass from rookie electric and WH tops plumbing. Train Hazen is away this week he has a conference. Archery. Bring back a ton of knowledge for the review Stanley companies that we will. The excited here valley news weekly update require he's been listed several times that they acquire. He's a chief operating officer Ed into ruby construction and it is explicitly known to think that since 2004. In in Davis really the connection to how I became an added an associate at at the -- Stanley companies. Dave welcome both guys are government back on the the goal will stand bot. I think trickle nervous last on your unheated such a good job I was get nervous probably is really what do Leila go to church for Trent and you like the talks about the British or major you till Dave guys absolutely fantastic Eden he nails it. He nails it. Some daylight it's funny we were walking into it and that is the suit data record in passage it takes messaging retiring and in this thing and Dan. Our RC CFA David Baird is that saint Simons and you know I can't handle what year was and you'll remember that he's a few thousand and naming your team doesn't and it was closed non. 2000 Nam okay that's right we we went team that. David Beers its saint Sams and we went that we had a friend his grandparents' house sea island and it's its present very special place in that. I'm telling Dave we it was a group of us and we all went down and it hadn't had a fun week and and that cloister hotel is now I'm sure most people their menus on energy ate some. And we went to attitude of being go. Night at the cloister. Which was awesome. And in somehow that door was anything I'm sure we're out it is something we're doing wrong but gave myself and a lot of other bodies shipped innings. Have a teacher pay and tie at the table the copper sales at GA's analytical seriously. It diplomatic. Who has that picture I don't know see them got to dig it says as talent David David their dad is a he added that. Now we know NATO longtime all events that Ferguson enterprises in. Now I'll say warmer thing about David Allen and talk a promise them. That member Dave and that's our referees and use them. 2004. I believe is like June or July. And we as a means Catania for some of ten or fifteen kids in and the 88 would make it to the right maybe analysts today. And like all the other people and yet Kyle right. And city in this treaty that it is for like in this welcoming people like your sort of crime you're hired labor I need. Something done or deliver a last minute training when David and I both were was going to do is almost like an cynical pledged to fraternity but I'm not saying it wasn't. In Davis like the only one they would come up in light introduce itself. Very welcoming where you live in idiot no word yet as school is he the nice in any other ones and went public for the first month. I just astute mom orders pulled Rula quickly. The agreement on south of the doubt but Ferguson Ferguson was on a sound and if he hears some additional lapping it says bright young from the Dunston groupies are against. Believe me here on segment two and three inch species he says cited in the city's clean up that my list let's. But it right in music. Good program we really worked hard are you yes there's no question person as great culture and development program and you work ethic and and doing things right and great people so. Our our valued Nam trying to normalized third month now I mean what will listen to you that you're now in the unions that mandatory 55 hour work week. You lost it we were more than now but yeah it was mandatory that thought we'd be at six in June everyday money at the fry it right at a college we work Saturdays of where Saturday's and their first day they said go out and meet. Need to go out and see Stacy in the warehouse now locked out in the warehouse as a Hamlet for lady named Stacey. He Stacy. Was a person as he was a man. I'm Stacy I didn't want a nice deep liner that I think the first days occasional water heater Chuck Dolan led that thing with a with. With them aware of how we called an intro intra and I'm like pouring sweat after accidents like thirty minutes and today. It's parties I Caylee that we had a cast on touch upon in excess. These scripts you Plosser a freshman fifteen and smarts like the first 62 person via. The but it was good man I mean it's harmless. Hate and work hard not succeed in integrity the room with in the companies and completely you very much value artwork it would do we we we make sure that Europe and us which you value you know you arms. And those models school book soap opera. Medium and as a young is young person at a school. It felt it to go. Out really worked hard in aided difference bright and in my career cremate the time I was working it in the eight the corporation it was site. The rainbows and butterflies for the first couple months now come supports it rated falsely path they'll vary Dixon's accomplishment I think that really. Maybe Sydney Evans mile for success in life Basra. I think you reloaded mouse great. David got Brian Young come down says. That doesn't it doesn't it theater coral term they denied the shirts yeah. They're there are I think I got Elliot. Paula my favorite shirt. Yet the way if this live feels a low blow Kohler is what it is and it was a cool caller ten year but and are where Michael ware about how similar to the zone view that's functional shorter. In he's gonna talk about that because I think is important very similar to the rebbe Stanley companies others tops cloning really really. Really electric or injury to be general contractors. And it's about what the client wants and really listening to what they want and he could've given us the same generic conjured that it did not that we had passed we think we're pretty strategic on the shirts. And it does have a big big emphasis that trend puts on this. The blue wheelchairs to people are gonna win here and they're gonna film did about wearing an act homered twice and it's and it's sort it all Harding in. Inkling is that even a lower. It's starchy currency it. Currency re a kind of pick it up like Mac and see the taping Amare great leg on the treadmill that weighs like forty piles of us. How do we work out back like eighties Canadian and is old like thick sweatshirt. And Alec opting in like rocky in and. Yeah. No I think a lot and it Alaska and in looking forward looking for companies and products second such soulful orbit that are also long Washington and great meat. And really what we're looking for two and and what you'll learn about those crucial role is a bit they're there and make an impact in the community. And they have their house vote of calls they stand for and and this is real X on. It netease we'll be right back with Brian Young from this entry. Welcome back Dan homeless wrote. Patrick cast member of the electric. Bombings trip Hastings is not with this week he's off on business. Sharpening his mind to make this all better but we've got Dave McGuire from my injury to be general contractors in the studio his eyes are still in has. Dave always does a wonderful job in our guest is Bryan young and I'm from the Dunston group. I've known Brian for quite awhile now and knows Scott also Scott Johnson from from their company. In Brian you guys have done a lot lot do you your brain your branding do related to what does that even mean. Yes sir I mean branding I think there's a lot of fond of aspects that come into branding you know our goals pretty simple. You were gonna provide your customized approach for all your brand merchandise and apparel. You we wanna be able to create a platform where week. Cannot only put your logo on to a product but really work with your marketing teams at the beginning of the stages and come up with something that's very creative very unique. On each and individual industries that we work and so our goal is to literally have a conversation at the beginning. With with anybody whether it's an organization nonprofit I'm on manufacturing company professional sports team. And truly ask the questions on the front and to understand what their goals and objectives are you know one of the first questions we ask is why are you putting a logo on some you know we're not asking what is the price of a teacher. We wanna know why are you putting your brand on a teacher. I'm and we want you to be able to get the best bang for your buck so I feel that our. Customized approach to bringing an end merchandise. Creates more of a proactive marketing. Plan that really enables you know our clients our community to to achieve the best that they can't. Davey side and at the he has passed out ID TI mean that the have missed some late night talk fast and I'm. It is not it is not from north of the Mason Dixon. Yet it's true I do you speak very fast. And it is okay and it is great Brian and yet. A hard time before the show one of the things ED from a rainy and when to bring your business group is that you guys that's our podcast called brand builders podcast. And Milwaukee got mrs. Claus says okay if you're learning in the in the podcast appreciate what that idea stars. I do know what it actually started in this room speaking in his drew interest Patrick and I industry adamantly anti Scott Johnson got the opportunity to comment and nine and graciously accepted it to speak about pink to drink. Which is a big nonprofit. Event that we host to raise money for the 24 hours and beauty are now the 24 foundation. And in reality we appreciate the opportunity to get. You know our message out there and we wanted to get that access to to our clients and to our friends and really entrepreneurs in the area so our goal stumble or not bringing on the talk Robert Emerson as we wanna learn what makes tick what makes you different when makes you better. What makes your your brand successful what's your outcome in the city so we're bringing in people that you know CD we're bringing in the Carolina Panthers were bringing in. I you restaurant owners and asked him what does it take. To open up a restaurant you know and so I think a lot of the questions that we ask and the the knowledge that we get on a fifteen minute podcast is really good our whole goal is to really push their brand and let them just a you know tell the story. The case today like he got that you understand senate here I am on the gates and Brian obviously we're all very different to him art. Brian all this Peabody listed on your podcast Embree and builders podcast. He got the idea here on the at home with Brodie says. I just figured he had anybody from rubio on the podcast he's got Carolina Panthers need it's not that they see this and our brand name well you know. And and that is that's very important we wanted to make sure that we perfect our craft before we brought our expert so we're and we're waiting we're waiting a couple a couple of months until and you know we we do it the right way on social we don't embarrass ourselves but zero B and all the family and bottom of ruby were. We'd love to have each you know different segment on on to talk whether it's specifically into electrical. In your new division in the climbing commercial you know all of those different divisions and understand more. About your Brandon and relinquish exits of the people that we work with. We'll less. LeBron and and we we conceive. That you Gaza very. Proactive and invested in the community and you're passionate about what your doing and you wanna help others right so there's a lot of synergies and what your saying with the does a group to our business of the best laws such a good match right you know. Absolutely and I think if anybody has as net you're trying to come in and really the entire family of ruby on lucky enough my wife is is a real tour with Robert realty. Amanda young's if your home you know you call her. But I think that if you give the opportunity to spend one hour with ruby. You're gonna wanna do business with all of them and it's really their commitment to the community their commitment to really caring commitment to loving others treating everybody equal. I think it's an opportunity and we've kind of I don't wanna say we piggybacked off ruby but I think the Johnson group is very similar we care about our community we care about what we do you. We do not do something just to make money we do it because we want. On to give back you know were an organization that really. Provides non profits the opportunity to get their brand out there but I really think like you Roby in the dancing group a very good parallel paths and I think there's a lot of companies in shortly. If you do the work and you look for local organization can help you out. Not only will you will you be happy but you'll be supporting the local economy and I think you create a relationship colossal elect. I agree with Debra in fact and cutie an example about your company. Has performed in the early eighties today. Earlier this week we yeah we are hosting a golf term natural succession succession group that it's gotten better at the end Scott Johnson and we are having their annual alternate on Monday. Game were all volunteers and inevitably something will fall to the cracks. And we lost our whole signs from last year for the whole sponsors the suit yesterday afternoon that was sort of the oh. We gotta get this done extremely quickly on an annual recommended a local company it ends in that it you know it is shipping work. Has someone here at the time he thinks it. So what what happened was we weren't able to keep it. Camera ready. ET at these signs by Friday. Scott say Amy descendant teaming I'll take care of it. We'll figured out I'm like we needed that we abilities now off figured out how worried about that part. Justice vicinity icing and it's got was going to. Pass that on somebody else or give someone. This this probably all went down around 5 o'clock this is Wednesday night. And I got an email 1045. Wednesday night and as Scott had a big event the that you and Scott Johnson group supported with David guidance there's rises from 5 o'clock to 738 maybe even nine. And it's how is it that events he went back to the officer went and and busted out this our workforce insanity it 1040 last night so we can may Sri had these holes signs completed. On Monday for a while turns it eye and that's the kind of passion and Hannity EU law. Portrait for every kind of this is a nonprofit is this doctrine is to raise money. For west boulevard ministries. Do we had Barney and in the studio he's been on this and do wonderful things he's do and if there. And of course Jeter TV show so all this money or racist off turn it is for these great charities and pull sciences unit is one of those things it. Maybe it's not a huge deal but it really is if you company has supported it turned especially if clients with the union go to points were part of this group. Were supporting this turns and it's a pretty key factor. And affect the owners of the company Scott Dunston. Took the time his own time after a big event that we are all left. Pretty excited about right went back and went to work for for arteries it that's the kind of company you guys are I think that's a similar to what we are Ravi. And a day to talk about that mean. We would be the same thing if the crisis it is a musty I've got to have listened to market. It looked an all hands on day or augmented the office ordered pizzas or whatever won't get the job. Yang and I don't. Racially saying that I mean you know I had the how would say I'm very lucky to work for Scott Johnson if you haven't had the opportunity to meet him and to be honest he's one of the best men I've met in my life not only from the stands up orbit. For how he takes care of the people that they either work for hand on Scott work and the Danziger were about to be. Celebrating our ten years I'm next year which is a big accomplishment for us the scotsman and industry for preteen years. And it really the love and passion and he provides each and every individual is the reason that we're in business I'm 90% of our businesses referral based we do not. Go out and cold call or try to. You'll attract new business person I. It's really about just working with people that we care about relations exactly and and that's really what separates Scott apart from a lot of people and indeed and I appreciate a guy. I try to Eli. It's there to replicate what Scott's arm built and I really think in the future we have an opportunity to kind of follow the ruby success story. Branch out into different divisions where the idea corporate community division and make sure that would be in the best resource for you guys as well. So. It's abroad arm are back in the day. You when you talked about non. We re we talked about accessories and company accessories and things like that branded company you know items it is big thick catalog right flip through this at this a thousand pages long has no real cheesy it's like that right. On that that business has changed it seems like tremendously and and with what you guys do. You know what what really sets you power from the next online where it could be used some of these can be heard on those bright hold. I thought you listen at how maturity Bryan's gonna come back he's gonna tell exactly headed out of business. Welcome back at home with broad patch but that's a pretty electric Debbie. Plumbing in haste in use. Not with the system we use our team it's deals that toughness become better is this with with his group Ambien date McGwire. Remainder of the regional contractors. A clean for an applause. Here it will stay. Okay. I'm I'm not backing down. Reston feast on a leader and yeah it's cool ICG nos you know I saw some really cool and did not get off topic is that really and if you listen in the last S and when he has saved bringing ADT to not sit well. But it I wanna tell if you didn't see case now being at an upper Saturday that I've. Playable right now on that that means it's in the chills just thinking about right now dot it's so cool is that well Don. And Agassi that's neat and it's after horrific tragedy. In the isn't around any sort tidy things together with that song. It was it was getting it out of the American close. Are so powerful a day before the break you were asking Brian. How to do it how to differentiate with their with they're. Branding his solutions or were strategy might be a better word 44 visits and you back in that we of course have to. Have a commercial break every now audiences to tell the audience was different what he'd do differently I think one of the things we conduct. It's not just Clinton in the appoint your name on old and it is gonna and trashed you guys print out some really neat stuff on the net but some comedy. Yes so I think that's. A great question and and there's a lot of people in this industry. I think a lot of people recycle. What I mean by that is they're gonna come and asked how much you paying for this for them and they're gonna try to. You get the price but really what values are boring I think with a dunce and we have a thing called the DG promise and this is something that's touched on for his entire life and is. If there's going to be an issue in it's gonna happen in the custom world right were were working on tight deadlines were putting your logo one. We're gonna tell you right away that there might be something that happens on but if there is anything happens double back and 100% if our customers happy no matter what we will backpack it will be free do you we will make sure it's right no matter what. Com we provide a relationship we provide someone that's going to pick up the phone. And the detainees of Amazon prime everybody loves you know it's simple law have a drones you know drop you wash off and like thirty minutes it's incredible. Well you know we can't do necessarily because it takes time takes leads. And use. It whisper. And that's you know a lot of people's minds and we work with a lot of colonials that are in there is director of marketing rules or even you know mark setter. Their whole goal is Google. And usually Google needs something Google. All that's not always bring you the best. And so you have to go to L I mean did you call FEMA will lot of people were going to Google coffin. And they're coming up with some random website we take that burden off you know if you tell us how that relationship with your marketing team. We're gonna come up with those creative ideas we're gonna take time away so you can focus on your business and I think that's important thing is you know if you give us an opportunity to do what we do you. And Morgan egg and able you'd have time due you do and that's the overall goal you can save time and focus more on your business and Alastair content you are running parallel path with you. We're gonna be the best resource we're gonna give you could sway Bernanke eager gear and overall we're gonna make you and we can make a director of marketing look at. Owner comeuppance. This jackets off some obvious problems. This corporate gift that you guys talked to the park that's all we want credit. We don't even care for credit we just want to be able to make your life a little bit easier make you look good make your brand the period and hopefully help elevate brand in ejection. Data sounds like dangerous because I was direction not just indebtedness of the he just base wealthiest sells all of our ruby friendly companies I mean if you're looking for the cheapest price you look for commodity. You know we cannot we can respect that but really were not the call you need to make right nothing's the same thing with a dozen groups Suisse we like to say it's remarkable load stood get on Google Talk some trees Beisel service for fair price. Hey listen you do trust an expert who make this Turkey who want to make this very you know custom bomb. The cost shares type environment you know you're right at the people that know what they're doing and and you rely symbol stand by Honda I mean you're that DG promises powerful right. You know the thing about Amazon all the items on promise greatness very convenient but what happens possibly goes Rawle. Right black I agree it's funny that you bring it up and where you. We're certainly not at all trying to take on Amazon Amazon has done has just re reinvented the retail world that. In that earlier in the week I send Dave a text message I was on Amazon I find some sort of treated her college because Halloween costume from my daughter's. It's that handyman services. And so us to the patriot in senate today even massive check this out. In his responsible as a unit but beware is a service that we would have to do I call Amazon and some and his new shows. How to I notice it they're silly questions are rolling and your world Bryant did they can't be answered by an on line it's a it's a person it's a relationship. It's knowing that something's going to be handled it if it's if things go wrong. You DA's initial round of silver Bryant finished. Allegheny sample that with a dunce in group not a streaking gimme constructs an example as well today. We orders and hats and told us on the last time and that was Stewart's and hats. They weren't to Scott's the specifics this is before you were there. I never knew about it he threw lane in remade hats the reason and you found out is hat for this to arrive it was a Tuesday. And it does it Maclean from your office arsonists is the best she's awesome she can't say hey I got bad knees he's going to be guarantees us now on Asa I'm not on the net you know. And she says it hasn't accomplished a loaded Tijuana tennis it'll happen cheese and they weren't they weren't perfect. Says Scott threw away and he's making another batch of an ever known. That sounds like like an old pop Iran story as if it if it wasn't perfectly and. I won't happen do you terror now. And it's not cost the cost from war and in because it would even though mostly just happened beasts and Aaron and they would never know. And get a handle that's the golden rule we talk about that on the show all the time if it's it is not always about making money. These are right staying in money or become a byproduct of doing the right thing by your client. It my dad in here. They get less on them dance song to her bra and that he he he was it but a perfect business in business for forty years. Director of India and it and sales managerial role now as he kept thomas'. It's all about decline as a people that understand it's the customer that customer and the customer experience and that's really what we also hear it. A silly me I that he gets it right for a perfect actually armed with with a dunce anger we we wanna be able to. To help help you right but will like you mentioned earlier with the cat along with online searches we have all if you wanna go to our website and search you absolutely can't. I'm but I think the differences is what maybe there's an item on our on our website that. Maybe we haven't had a lot of success with and you come to mean same and I need experience and on askew you know walk. Maybe it's fifty cents and that's my budget occur. Let's work in and try to do issue and product we know we're going to be successful because the one thing that we're not gonna deal. Is put our logo on anything or put your logo and think you're not going to be happy. You know we can offer you. A good better best solution and hit any budget you're looking for calm but at the same time we're gonna provide you are subject matter expert ability to say okay. This is what we would get. You can make that decision. Most the time were right you know sometimes we do that we do make mistakes at the same time always make those that are. Com and one thing that's cool that were coming up with I think the differentiates us as is new for that's when seventeen. We Hewitt on a holiday gifting says you have anybody out there. That you're looking for cancer corporations are looking for just anything that you wanna brand. We created a new thing called the brand builders box and what it is it's a basically a fully custom box and multiple different sizes and we work with you put. Multiple differ from bringing to light and whether it's a jacket whether it's yet whether it's you know specific. Bad whatever you're really looking for but this box really creates the experience in when you think about duke. Your birthday or Christmas and opening presents its not so much about what's in the box it's the process of opening the box so you can kind of create that they and then you're gonna eat let's say we have a hundred boxes. We'll have a mall stocked up for an event. People all day are going to be looking at those boxes and gosh what's in the box what's in the box can be nothing and making it so that's something where we wanted to increase the experience because everything's an experience and if you can do that. You know how he sees. Conservation. And it's him it's nice him that. It was called mystery. Called it world. That yeah. It would it would force 171000. And everybody I gather around like that. It's it's the unknown right means that whole experience and that's what we want. Cool well Bryant let people touch tells the website. What's. When he spots and it's that you can you can have a great. State team absolutely and I. Well I appreciate that I'm you can find us a dunce anger dot com that's UN STA in group dot com or you can call us at seven a four. 293. 4609. Also look us up on instead Graham to find out some really cool projects that were doing an outside of the community in my did you some creative ideas in ways that we can help. Say witness. At the Dave acquire on the spot here just the second. Looking back at how the press I'm Patrick passing her pretty electric in of these jobs plumbing. Tree in Payson is not with this this week they've McGwire is doing in. Didn't do a great job these missed the first 23 segments. Go back in this and especially if you had a small business just curious about branding and marketing. I'll hit Brian Young from the dancing group on and he is it ball energy as a lot of passion. Around customers are separating Dave and usually educational. It was great if you're trying to get a personal loss of pros a year your business from your comments a more mature these guzzle. Help move right now people like gosh does. Work with the masters I can't believe it might now is not a master shirt and our logo on their but they're tied it together and and and it's not Ronald Cuba will let. He can mean needing to train always talks about this it's about aligning yourself with with like minded brands or brands are in the same same category of course everybody knows masters. And so on on days front Acer and has failing companies. On his own personal assert that it signifies our companies were quarterly its team together from brings and point. It EDT recent personalization and now I think desolate. Really what we're all of outrage I mean he didn't even read everything on the company's. Dancing groups that mean it's all about making the customer experience a personal experience. You as is the beat these situations different each caught seeds are different and it's about listening and understanding what those are. I'll ask and all right questions and follow through Wednesday and in my onshore. What Dicky says he said the word listen. And I think that's something that did that people and gain in business that that you really need to understand he had tears on now we've all heard that a hundred times. There really do we need to listen to order clients' needs are in in an act upon them accordingly right. That's right now in in you you can never are up restore our team all the time as you can. John you can never go too fast right unity you need to slow down and pay attention to the little things and and that starts the number one is listening right. On meet you can't. You never can try to get to a fish and are doing him because and you start to lose while we're here in the first. Went eighty ET that so well and I was so it was a year you're really did listener means you had your branded notebook in the Stevie. That has all the way it is of the companies on top of the net good and anyhow about. Three quarters of the pages of notes based on what Bryant told us in the and in the segments in the recently what every right now. We're always Lauren and calm and out wolf first of all right and exciting things about dom about bronze visit the doesn't group and actually I've got three things I need to talk to them about four companies. Two service and now are up fills national whereabouts company's income figure out ways that maybe they can. Helpless Brian not I think I think that's great I think we believe was sort skipped over the affected. It Brian's wife and and day is is with red be really one of one of our one of the Stanley companies Sampras in Amanda's been a wonderful job it really really unity we don't you talk about the company's lob on the service. I mean I think really really if you have a real estate need hit it and Andy Young under and of course he Lawrence under city Thomason. Sandy's son Travis backe he's ambling into their texting and dealing this this entire shows the same time on I need. But I mean is this week we had a real state aren't aren't and it is a big part of that. It is and you know in again by we we talk about all the show locked in on all the we have different services and a different product pursue it whether on an alleged school. And structure our our real state. The core values in the mission of making a personal news is always the sign so. Yes we're we're very excited about having a man on the team and non she's a very professional on broad bill say vision great person so jealous. Have it open yet and I think that it will talk about that O'Brien a little bit foolish enemy. Even though we have all these different services that we offer. Through the ruby family of companies in humans and plumbing electrical. Real estate and construction. And it's it's that core fabric of integrity ethics and taking care of the client. In and we are able to find their expertise and knowledge to be able perform the specific trades. To the client sees it. At the at the foundation edit it is is ours our code of ethics right. I think in one of the management and a Milosevic years ago about all I would go so you veteran knows it was a great podcasts Alan if you like you can laugh at Patrick about away Patrick is second in the second favorite song go ahead. But there's I have two kids. It a love miss organisms on the Gaza but it is really you know what resonated with me councils and threw it down with like Rodman now. It was about dad mentioned he says about one business. This was big entrance almost. On the best that's you know it's it's the golden rule treat it like you want to be treated. It immediately. And we talk about law all on me you really do about it. As the only all professional. You run out of school or in school and think about the world is this big mystery ride was and it's a to be successful and all that and it's only when you really noble down through with a lot now is truly simple it is treat others like you won't be treated like I'd. Had some applicable to me last nine in the cross on bond house. And though we're gonna close hopefully. In about more. Thank you. But in a newsroom really use of recent experience with us and Thomas who works with Amanda I was grace cell vote on him Kirsten statement. What was Duma lower right there latency and only store. But. One month interest on bonds and what you do right. Sowell get our and he civil. Decrease your house says it will and assess however. He's so worried muscles musical ministry is you'll be treated not think. He knew it house combined in. Order did the same thing and says that's for success as a small example. But if you take that approach and life and how many failures around and get better day but that's like the would be. We work in suit our culture people. This was sport's Olympic history oust the sole. House missile you have no other Contra there's no vested interest financially free media and he didn't anyways as I think is a wonderful story in a wonderful point. While I would expect out here is that the Mossad and will be an illness associated with our company's businesses. That are doing the same thing that's right. So real quick exit for the last break Tampa Dave when we record the show on Thursday Tennessee we try to make seek for a while obviously sunny morning. Dave hill one painting on Thursday night you know what I'm going to be real confident about this. The defense came ready to play no fourth quarter comebacks. There is little rocky for something to Eagles might might take a lead in the first quarter but they will finish them off the body when he. Sudden tune. I believe it date. There's your pay penalty that next week tasteless and I am ready.