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Tar Heels on a Roll

Things seem to be coming together for North Carolina now that they’re in the thick of ACC play. Read more...

Bad Lip Reading: NFL

What would life be like if we couldn't heckle our favorite the multi-million dollar NFL players? Read more...

Deflate-Gate Commercial

It would seem that the New England Patriots have a few personal issues...  Read more...

Panthers on to Off-Season Mode

Despite winning five fewer games than the previous season, the Panthers were still able to become repeat winners of the NFC South.  It’s the first time the team has done that in their 20 years of existence, and they also won a playoff game for the first time in nine years.  Read more...

A 2015 question: Is it a New Year or Deja vu Year?

Here we are, fourteen days into a New Year. New years mean new beginnings. Fresh perspectives, clean starts. Doing things differently. Being the eternally hopeful optimist that I am (cough), I thought I’d take a look around and see how we’re doing so far on the government and political fronts. Read more...

Enough Declaring, Time to Start Really Caring

Poking my head in through the woman’s car window, with exaggerated, sing-song curiosity I asked, “And what are you doing here?” Read more...

Charlotte At 6: Yard Art

You don’t see it much anymore:  Yard Art. 

Deer, chickens, giant eagles, cannons, soldiers --- all hand painted, all made of concrete.

Mark Garrison visited Tammy Stone and her gallery of cement creations for Charlotte At Six.  He found an adorable dalmation in a fire hat and a five-foot tall monkey in a purple suit.  Yes, all carefully created in concrete.

Yard Art used to be everywhere, before the days of subdivisions and their stuffy rules that put a damper on what people can display in their yards.   But at Stone Art of Frog Pond, the tradition is alive and well ---  for people who want to express themselves in a concrete way.

Frog Pond, by the way, is a wide place in the road, on Highway 24-27 between Albemarle and Charlotte.


Cam Newton Accident Report

A copy of the accident report involving Cam Newton... Read more...

When We’re Too Right To Consider Being Wrong

The most critical problem facing America today is people’s inability or unwillingness to let facts get in the way of conclusions. Or agendas. Or political “jerseys.” Reactions to matters New York and Ferguson shine a convicting light on Left and Right, alike. Read more...

Sit Still, Pay Attention

Teachers everywhere give those commands constantly.  But not at Davidson Elementary school. 

That’s because the kids there don’t have to sit still in class.  They’re constantly moving, gently bouncing up and down on big plastic balls.

The stability balls have replaced regular seats, and the school says the kids are focusing on their work better because the balls allow them to wiggle a little and get rid of their energy. Plus,  they have to concentrate and sit straight to stay balanced on the balls.

23 classrooms use the balls, and teachers told WBT’s Mark Garrison that even first graders are doing better work and paying closer attention thanks to the balls.  


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