What is 99.3 FM?

WBT-FM 99.3 duplicates the programming of WBT-AM 1110. Some listeners have asked why the FM signal is sometimes difficult to receive. WBT-FM 99.3 was put on the air to supplement the signal of WBT-AM 1110 in a weak signal area after sundown; specifically Gaston and parts of York counties. Since it is meant primarily for listeners in those areas and is a low-power station, it can be difficult to receive in the northern and eastern parts of the Charlotte area (Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Union, Cabarrus and Rowan counties).

At sundown, WBT-AM is required by the Federal Communications Commission to adjust its signal coverage. This adjustment causes the station to be difficult to receive on 1110 AM in parts of Gaston and York counties. However, listeners in the affected areas can easily hear WBT on 99.3 FM.

We invite you to try WBT-FM 99.3. But, if you have trouble receiving it, you should have no trouble hearing WBT-AM 1110. Simply put, the signals are meant to augment each other...if you can't hear one, you can probably hear the other. Just flip over to the other station.

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