Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope - Thursday, June 6

I want my marriage to last.  I hope you do, too.  There's nothing more beautiful than a marriage that has lasted decades.  I recently heard of one in the church I pastor having lasted 75 years!  Now that's commitment!  It's also so very admirable! 

How can our marriages last this long?  Here's one great tip: recite your vows to one another in private and often!  I know of several couples who set aside several days a year where they recite their vows and recommit themselves to one another.

They really are extraordinary vows when you stop and think about them. For better or worse…richer or poorer…sickness or health…forsaking all others…as long as we both shall live.

Honor them.  Live them.  Also, recite them privately and often.

When these vows are honored over a long period of time, they produce an amazing, admired, honored marriage.  I think it's something for which all of us should strive.

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