Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope - Wednesday, June 5

Do you want your life to be different?  Don't you desire to unfold a new path, a new purpose in your life?  Isn't it time to take a few, new steps forward for a new design for your life? 

If so, here is an important first step.  Always be grateful for all you have in your life.  Spend some valuable moments in thanksgiving for all you do have and what's been accomplished in your life.  Thank the people who have helped you succeed.  Fill your heart with gratefulness.  Don't ever desire more until you are appreciative and thankful for what you already have.  

If you don't, you'll always lack contentment.  Then, no matter how much you have, or how great are your possessions, you'll never be satisfied.  You'll always want just a little more.

Once you're thankful for what you have, then you can move forward and blaze new trails.  And you won't ever have to worry about a lack of contentment.  That's already been taken care of.  You now live in a continual state of thanksgiving!

And that's the best place for all of us to live!

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