Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope - Tuesday, June 4

I used to see my Dad do the following that really made my Mom beam in his presence.  It's a marriage tip that I think all of us should follow.  Here it is: Praise your spouse in front of him/her and other people. 

It seems like such a simple thing, but it has profound implications.  Everyone loves to be praised to our face.  We especially loved to be praised in front of a lot of other people, especially people we admire and respect.  If it's true in general for us, it's especially true in the realm of marriage.

Try it today.  When you are face to face with your spouse, use your words to praise him/her.  Tell the other how much you love and respect them.  

Then take it to another level.  When you are out with your friends, speak these words of kindness and blessing about your spouse.  Make sure others hear you say it.

You may see the other blush a bit.  But, I assure you that in their heart, affection for you is growing.  Love is increasing.  And your marriage is becoming stronger.

I watched it happen with my Mom and Dad.  It can happen to you, too.

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