Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope - Tuesday, May 28

This marriage tip may be so obviously simple that I don't need to state it.  Yet sometimes the most obvious becomes the most oblivious!  So let me make sure you know this marriage tip and truth: Go to bed at the same time.

I know you can't always do so.  I know two people in a marriage are totally different and often have different schedules.  But there is something wonderfully marvelous about falling asleep together in each other's arms.  There's something magical about letting your last words, before you go to sleep, be "I love you" to your beloved.

It may demand a little work.  You may have to turn off your favorite TV show, pull down the lid on your laptop or turn off your phone to do so.  But do it!  Go to bed together at the same time.  Enjoy together this very special moment in the day.

And, you never know, something wonderful and magical may happen right before you fall asleep together!

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