Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope - Friday, May 24

Every one of us has dreams and goals in life.  They are in our hearts.  Sometimes we share them with others.  Often we keep them to ourselves.

For those of you who still have a dream in your heart, something yet unfulfilled in your life that you still hope will happen, let me give you this word today.  Don't believe it's over.  Don't give up.  Don't become discouraged.  Don’t believe the lie that there isn't another opportunity for you today.

Though it may seem like it's over, it's not over until every different possibility has been exhausted.  That seldom happens.  There's always another door, another chance, another opportunity.  

Moreover, it may just not yet be the right time.  It may not be the right season.  The Almighty who controls all times and seasons in life controls everything in life.  He alone decides when it's over.

Don't give up.  You may be one day closer to your miracle.  Your breakthrough may be right around the corner.  Hold on!  Keep moving forward!

The answer may begin today!


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