Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope - Thursday, May 23

Everyone needs to be encouraged.  It's essential for life.  We all needs words of blessing and hope to keep us moving down life's road.

So here's a novel idea for how to receive some encouragement today from others: be an encouragement to them.  Be a blessing to someone else.  Give life to someone else.  

It's commonly called the law of reciprocity.  It simply means that whatever you give out in life is what you will receive in life.  Put another way, you reap what you sow.  If you sow the wind, you'll reap the whirlwind!  If you sow hope, you'll receive hope.

Therefore, set your eyes today on someone in your sphere of influence who needs a word of encouragement, a note of hope.  Then go give them this encouragement and hope.  Do it without expecting anything in return.  But then see if the very encouragement you've sown in their lives is then given back to you in some form or another.

I can't explain how it works.  I don't know why it works.  But is does!  If you need encouragement today, give some encouragement away.  It's a timeless truth.

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