Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope - Thursday, May 16

Some of us have become imprisoned to our pasts.  We've made terrible mistakes and are still paying for it in our lives.  Our thought lives have become paralyzed by memories of what we've done wrong, mistakes we've made.

Here is a great way to deal with your mistake-filled past: dream a new future! Dream a new future!

You can't change the past.  It's behind you.  It's gone.  No matter how many vain regrets you may feel, it's not going to change one thing that's happened in your past.

Today is a new day.  God is the God of second chances.  He loves to redeem and restore the past and broken lives.  So take the next step toward your future.  Dream a huge dream only God and you can accomplish.  Though your past is gone, you can affect your future.

Begin today!  Don't waste one more ounce of energy over your past.  And change your past by dreaming a new future!

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