Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope, Wednesday, May 15

 Sometimes we confuse the meanings of the two words "character" and "reputation."  As a result, many people spend too much time trying to develop our reputation over our character.  That is a grave mistake.

What is the difference between the two words?  I think it's simple.  Your reputation is what other people think of you.  Your character is what you think of yourself.  

Therefore, if you take your time and energy to develop your character, what you think of yourself, most often is your reputation, what other people think of you, will naturally fall in line.  But it may not.  You may have a sterling character and people may still think ill of you.  That's the fickle nature of people.  You can't control what they think.

You can control your character even though you can't control your reputation. Therefore, focus on your character, every day of your life.  Make character development the focus of your day.  Then let your reputation take care of itself.

It's the only way you can live sanely on this side of eternity!






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