Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope, Friday, May 10

Here's a leadership tip I received years ago and it's still valuable to me today.  Here it is: What will make people want to follow you?  Your own heart.

It's very true.  Followers sense a leader's heart.  They are constantly asking questions like: "Is he genuine?  Does he really believe what he says?  Is we willing to sacrifice himself for this vision he wants us to follow?"  

If they sense the leader is genuine and authentic, they will most often sacrifice themselves for what the leader wants them to do and then follow him to the place to where he wants them to go.

Another way of saying the same thing is this: all leaders need to develop the leader within.  This is the first and primary quality of leadership.  They need to develop their own hearts of leadership.  When done, people instinctively want to follow.  They follow a leader who is genuinely leading himself!

It's a truth I learned years ago.  I'm glad to have reminded myself, and you, of it today!!

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