Moment Of Hope


Moment of Hope - Wednesday, May 8

I have this absolute, firm belief: If you woke up this morning, it's proof that God is not finished with your life yet.  He must still have some work for you to do!

Some of you may feel depressed today.  You may think there's not much left for you to do on this earth.  Discouragement may be overwhelming you.

Please don't allow it to happen to you!  God is in control over everything in this world. He loves this world and you, too.  If this is true, and I'm certain it is, then the fact that you awakened this morning proves the Almighty isn't through with you yet.  There must be something in this day, today, that he wants you to accomplish.

Take a few moments and ask yourself if there is some need only you can address.  Is there some hope only you can give to another?  If so, you've found a reason to live today.  

Now go do it!  Give hope to another.  That's a fine reason to live today!

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