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Carolina Outdoors Show Sponsored By Jesse Brown's Outdoors Bill Bartee and Don Yager bring their passion and years of outdoor experience to the airwaves of WBT each Saturday morning at 5am. If it's an outdoor adventure they've done it or they know someone who has and they spend an hour each weekend sharing those adventures with you. Take a look at this list and see if any of these interest you: Scouting a field for dove turkey or deer Paddling both on flat and white water Climbing rock on the side of a mountain Surf fishing on Hatteras Island Through hiking the Appalachian Trail Fishing for giant catfish on the Catawba River chain of lakes Day hiking Carolina Regional parks Fly fishing Carolina mountain trout streams Skiing tubing and boarding behind a speed boat Training your dog to be the perfect hunting companion Camping in tent trailer or under the stars The list goes on but we're running out of space. Suffice it to say the "Outdoor Boys" have stories to tell and there's a lot to learn from their adventures. So whether you're just getting up or just getting in go outdoors and do something pick up your trash and we'll see you Saturday morning at 5 on News Talk 1110 WBT for the Carolina Outdoors. Sponsored by Jesse Brown's Outdoors.

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Deer and The Whitewater Center

Saturday, September 16th
The #outdoorguys take a trip to the South Carolina islands with a friendly deer. We'll also visit one of Charlotte's greatest resources, The U.S. National...

Architecture, Earl Scruggs, and Hiking

Saturday, September 2nd
This week, the #outdoorguys take a look at mid-century architecture, head down to Shelby, NC to learn a bit about Earl Scruggs, and then we're going hiking...

Fishing, Tennis and Football

Saturday, August 26th
The #outdoorguys are ready for cooler weather! This week, they'll take us fishing in Montana, we'll learn a little bit about a hidden gem of tennis in North...

Moonshine, Barbeque, and the Eclipse

Saturday, August 19th
The #oudoorsguys are talking moonshine bbq sauce, with a local sauce man. Then we'll touch base with ​someone who's spent more time in an eclipse more than...