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And. Good afternoon and welcome to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim wants. Answering your questions about all those projects in the root for the foundation. Everywhere in between. Can send those questions via email to info at Tim monsoon suns dot com. Human quality 774994361. Again 8774994361. And on the web Tim mosque in sons. Dot com. All right still must get to the questions on today's show our first question says Tim do you know if there's anything I could use to patch and level might concrete. Driveway. Well. Okay there's a lot of products out there. That whole patch of level drug Graham. So the bad news is I've never seen any of them last for weaker it's a toss a snack that is good news that they they usually just cracked I mean that they do all homes as cracker a and you know if maybe a year or two you might get out of it. But to me it's not it's not worth the time and you know maybe if you're trying to fix something up to sell it. I could see someone trying to use these products yeah but then I wouldn't. Well I wouldn't do that either you're currently at deceiving we're proposed bought your house you know drill we uses leveling product and it's gonna break up but in a year to. I have no use form at all. You know there's there's other things that you might do. Which would be maybe get some stamped concrete in or something. You know sometimes surface goes on your existing concrete you know a lot of people we have a lot of ice as winner. Right I'm here for a lot of people that they have problems with the concrete because they threw salt. We don't wanna do you reduce all that's not much good for country at all. So you know I you know I wouldn't recommend it be any different figures wasting time wasting your money. But you might could go pavers if you have a good base. In assist the topic came off yeah in my wanna look at stamped it concrete from our papers. Things like that you know that we you can keep you don't have to tear beating out. Is included on the top keep the pace that you have been in the near the top I'd say that's what I'd be looking to do. Or just terrible thing out redo. But these patches they just that they're not worth the time of the month. It all right we'll have a question you'd like him to answer here on ask the expert remodeling and renovations to a mosque dissent it's info at some mosques in suns dot com. Tim I next question says if they building issue is not addressed in the code book who determines how to handle it. What happens is in in in a come across as frequently. Is. Factored you an example right now. We were digging a footer yesterday. And co books says that the the ground balls. 2000 PSA. Thousand square foot rise in worded report the footer at some of the places don't have. So the cobra two says it has haven't. And but it doesn't it would you know what you do those re so what happens is the inspectors will come in on this one while the growth are strong enough. You gotta give an engineer or an engineer or commitment you what you need to. So in. The instance in order he's always read orbits go one in. So the bad spot or breached over to the good men but that's just one example lenders all kinds of times when you're building framing two and loads. And it's not code you know I agree areas yet if you experience them in the order than a coat and a cobra or there's a lot of charts. Saying that you could end this long what he went tanner two by two over this many. Once you reached maximum and and it's not a code book while it is not good yeah I think that's okay. Is gonna say well an engineer and look for the what you do you get engineer look at it. He'll be the vote calculations that original letter. And then you turn it over to the Specter. Though there's personally different times I have to give an engineer to comment. Even just like sort. He you can only think about aids as oil duke and to the ground before community's economy and you well you gotta compact these abuse. So it's not a code book an engineer will tell you what you need to do it and got a letter here SC. A lot of work. It is a lot of work and it gets expansive in whatever sums not in the code book I'm not real happy about it. It's July but I've done a long enough to know bit you know like I'm doing a project that I got to figure that in the budget. In juniors. Oh are raised a lot more questions here on ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque info it's a mosque and is the emails and your questions steel. Tim I want to add a bathroom to my house how can I know if my septic tank will be able to handle another bathroom. Well if that's awesome you really need to worry about really if it doesn't matter what matters is how many people are in your house using restrooms. Okay yeah so if you have two people in the house and two people were using one restroom and now two people reason to register 02 people. I always chosen it doesn't make any difference at all the the way that the inspections department look at it. Is how many bedrooms. So when you add a bath and your house. They couldn't spoke about a septic system. Just give you permit. If you wanna and a bedroom Tudor house and that's it defined as like a room with a closet. Not a pass which. If you have edit room. In your house owners bosses. But you don't walk through that room that it literally no room well that is not a bad. In any of my have a bad and it a bit icy but if it's a standalone room you know it's got its own interest went into it. In a closet and end all of sudden it's a bedroom and now they're gonna come out and check your septic system minimum experience. So you could be in you can three people women in a two bedroom house. And your septic systems bind at and other. Bedroom and no one else. Still the same amount of people. They're gonna make reduce the septic system based on the number. Interesting. What if it's like Christmas time and a whole family's there and they them bastions getting a lot more uses enough. What does stress on the system are as it as a matter of justice that infrequent. Well it shouldn't if they're not there that long and if they're not there a long period. You know all the rain we had to slash winner on that peninsula stress authentic. Yes I've seen a lot of septic systems. You know as soon engine company York. This past winner who just because the ground was saturated. And now defined you know they didn't have to do anything with them we just needed the ground and not be century and centuries. So there are times. And different enemies our our you know a lot more picky about it but there are times that you might have. A slight your current system just because the century's world. So some outlying counties third to Rubin about it you get the counties that are in rate within city limits and usually are a lot more picky. And you know of them that bingo route three and taken it yet how he use bathrooms you. And and some counties that were quick view and so it. If it's it's mostly you gotta be careful about it wouldn't just be picked up the phone calls and arm helped me. I guess who originally or do. Might come up in India house. That would test as the right guys. You know you really don't wanna call now Hampshire inspections and health happy with the answer. I wouldn't I wouldn't call them correctly and got a problem was she knew that your and one count his work with it and a and a way to find out would be to cola a septic system company. And I'm gonna do anything illegal but they'll tell you what it's like were spared IC. You know they'll say yeah the real ease the along with so you can call while but you definitely be kicked out. Definitely. Are a lot more questions to get to here and ask the expert remodeling in renovations with Tomas. There's something you would liked him to answer to send an email to info into a mosque and suns dot com. A phone number is 87749943618774994361. And on the web it's Tim mosques and We'll be right back with more viewer questions here and ask the expert on news talk eleven sand WBZ. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovation of the gym mosques. Answer your questions about those projects in the root for the foundation anywhere in between. You can call two mosques and sons at 8774994361. Again 8774994361. On the web Tim mosques in And they have a question for Tim send it via email to info at two mosques and suns dot com. Our next question Jim says that I want to remove a window from my bedroom to help me sleep better would that be a difficult project. While. It's not difficult to remove a window OK and so that that's not an issue at all so that wouldn't be hard to do issue would be. In a bedroom you're supposed to have egress and it's an escape route other than the door that goes out icing you know case there's a fire rang. And you don't just taken a window out figure egress one it is is dangerous goods or could be a fire and hallway and you could run out right so you wanna take your escape route out. And in council to implement an amplifier and it's my house don't do it well eventually you don't wanna sell a house. Then you wouldn't have put the window back if you still wanna call a bedroom in and ever living up to code. So I would be looking at how can block that went out completely you know maybe from con or Kuerten or something I really wouldn't pull that window. Just missed the sleep better at because you're gonna have to put it back eventually in Colombia a hazard. You know if you're bound and determined to do it it's it's not hard to do. I see it. It quite a bit and old buildings or see an old building of brick doesn't match yeah and use it all bets that used to be authorities via windows ray you know after some with your veneer it's it's a little bit more difficult with a brick. It's easier for final. But it it's all doable and it's. You know if you have brick you probably have to get some animation committed and breaking up on the outside ray but those windows pop out as well it's hard to get a round. It it's kind of hard to get amount and not be Obama means so what you take that window out you probably can't use weekend. At least most wonders when you use and so you know terrific while popular alum and put back in when I want to. And that's kind of difficult project. So if if you do a Google search. On like a sound proofing and cover windows is a clear there's a Pulitzer products so I think they would have a lot better success and it. You know just cover up. Or or us about a sleep mask in some earplugs. Yet while us and some people you know they just really hate those yeah I guess that's yeah but. If it works for an I know I would if I had amassed on plugs on cast I don't care what they are here for beating her. And you never believed the slow I would I would try to I would first try to block it out. But I know it's kind of a big deal for some people ranked especially guys like cops. We go bill coming in to work second shift them in the next week or third shift and am really got to block away so I know it's a big deal because. You know you wouldn't go to links thank you went to a but he is really need to again road Libya house for next five or six years and you really have to do with sleep. And I would play an important another window back in at that spot when you sell yeah so you you mind if you gonna do it and you know worried about the danger. Just set it up in a way that you can put everything back. And fibers are yours. All right if you have a question he'd liked him to answer descended via email to info at him mosques and suns dot com. Our next question on ask the experts says I bought my home a couple of years ago and in my kitchen the range hood doesn't bits of the outside. Would it be better to Bennett to the outside if it is would that be expensive to do. Well it's usually better to vent it out. You know when you get. Arrangement. There's usually yeah likewise impact brand new one were a space remark wave. There's a fan and then rotate fan and Emeka can internal vent unit then or external unit and a straight up the back straight at the top. But there are some places where it would be really expensive event this upside. You know some kitchen. There are now outside wall true you know if you have this. This. Couldn't a man outside wall shouldn't be that big deal about it outside. But I see some kitchens in the middle of a house. It's in a milk house and you got a second story read. Are you in about I mean it's as makes it really really difficult that point so account like if you had to scale and you put all the console side note all the pros on the other. You have to let it way out this could be really mean it could be as simple thing or can be very very expensive now for. All the plans that were says you know on an ounce on wall. Shouldn't be that big deal would do if it's somewhere in the middle house and there are no outside wall who's going to be a lot of money event. OK let's go from the kitchen to the basement. Our next question on ask the expert remodeling in renovations to a mosque says. I'm putting a ceiling in my basement and I want to put in sheet rock since I don't care for drop ceilings. I want as much headroom as possible many to hang the sheet rock below some pipes. I'm not sure what the best way to do that would be though. A couple things that you can do it if you just want you know if you just want to she Rocco you can box around plight. If you want the whole fillings loose. In some people want that and they have policy and you know that's that's a big thing you wanna make sure you go at the height. Most of Specter won 57 feet most realtors that I talked to. They won't campus living space publisher of them in the basement in the basement and so you have these old neighborhoods word here is that in Switzerland in with. And a apps apps you think people finish these off you know and it they have like six foot. And it and they don't understand it realtors not impressed tonight in the same money per square foot and a they just don't count that's really not you know if you can finish your basement world where you don't know you're in the basement. You know if it looks like upstairs yet and you get the money for yet. So I don't know for sure what they wanna do they just one finished she ruckus they don't like via the on. Unfinished look they don't like looking at or Joyce. If that's the casings box ramparts. But if you want an all smooth. You can get a grip system elected agreed for a drops ailing right you can get greeted. Like the rails you can hang them from your or. From the suing George or two which opens which would be look at it. Which you mangoes and hang the sheet rock to the bottom side. I'd say so you have another there more heavy duty there will be an effort dropped because she rough heavier rain but you just you hang on hang degree as a and you get. That's the colonial building supply. Usually wind to a basement and I want to group of Louisville and I think result First Amendment that would drops. And then attached she. Is not the same stuff as a drop in its very similar it's more heavy duty. Eight OK let's get one more question in before the break here and ask the expert remodeling renovations with Tim mosques. Tim I have an older home without a central air system I want to install one and I have room in my crawl space and attic. Which place do you think would be better to install the unit in well if I had to pick between crawl space and attic now and for talking sounds like. To me this sounds like one story house and in let's assume it was Oreo right. If if my choice is the crawl space or attic I would go with the OK and the reason is when you put stuff and crawl space. 30% of the air routes and your crawl space that's gonna end up of spears. And most they're gonna crawl spaces and that helped Ayers continued via yes the air her. So I like it up in the attic. And then all your vents are going to be in the siblings spent. I. That would be my preference let's just like a two story house. Then if you have a two story house you probably wanna dual system and you would have. An air handler in the crawl space of one in the attic as well also won any place yet yen would dual system. It's tremor we have HTC licensed to him and I think it is now I don't know for sure cause or was changing rules and things right but that the last time I checked when we installed system. No room can be. More glitzy at a temperature difference like four degrees. Icing you know it's got to be with a four degrees of each other ranked so it is real hard put in a single system in a two story house. And have the second story within four degrees the first story reins. You know so when that happens then it's better to do dual system that way you get the temperatures where readers post as a simple physicist going to be hotter upstairs correct. And he had a warm warm air rises and a you know a lot of houses you know they're they're gonna run downstairs heavy and upstairs not at all this woman who was completed. And then in the summer time. Going to be run and all the time upstairs and hardly at all down there right. Okay we'll we still have a lot more questions to get to you today on ask the expert remodeling and renovations with two. Monster if you have a question for him to send the email info at him wants and The phone number is 8774994361. Against 8774994361. On the web. Jim moss and And we'll be right back with more questions on an expert. I mean stock 1110 WBZ. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovation that Tim mosque. Answering your questions about those projects from the foundation of the route anywhere in between. Go to Tim Moss two cents dot com for all of Tim's information it's their phone number is 8774994361. And if you have a question for him to answer here on the show it's info at two mosques and. Suns dot com our next question Tim says and getting a pre built shed to put in my backyard I don't know how to anchor the shed the ground though how do I do that. Well I don't know for sure would tell but that's you know arguments structures anchored me because whenever we get pre built sheds. What what happens is we have to give a broad range here we have to get permits. So lots of times people will call us we don't do pre built sheds. But they'll call lead because they need to get the -- icing of the media zoning permit and then they'll have figured building permit they don't want to do that. Then so then they pay me to go get the permits and then I work with the pre built company. And what they do is. They have a player from an engineer. And it's supposed to withstand like 110 dollar wins for some like that read it's it's over on Lemar wins this post with scandal now and bill. That the company that that sells the pre built Fed's. They usually bring them out and then they paint room in place so I watch him do it. But the exact that you know how to tell them to do it and they get at the past I mean they they need this sheet from engineer. Say and it's gonna withstand wind and he's anchored in such manner and and you go to follow whatever juniors I say so for me to talent you know. I I don't know it's like (%expletive) that they happen there's that there's nothing like standard I can't tell what you go to home beep when you buy this anchor and drive in the granite five view whatever. There there's nothing standard. So I do noticed with the end you know hundred mile wins. Whenever I I'm involved prevails shed. I gotta get permits it and inspector comes out make sure that it all stripped down in juniors. It's it's not really as simple thing at home urges. Haven't won delivered and put a few spikes and Agassi Elena comes to a shed should they just beyond just honest raw ground might get it should be put some underneath there. Well usually they'll seldom. Well some open come of like built in skids. I'm a slot him in that you level the ground up and built the set blocks. Okay and most though like all the blocks the level a console blocks in the ratchet wrecked these anchors a program. Drama program and they ratchet I. I came around points it's not so much pay close attention to pray I don't do it again. Mute mostly involvement is in the permits to make that your. The guys put it right spot usually a low level ground I mean that's as venom involved in a Tyco bought aerial and ground. But. Every time I've done this that it does shed company the pre built company. They've always anchored it place based on what courage of dollars and an inspector comes and looks. So it you know I tried telling you how to anchor shed would be engineering with IC we don't want that that we don't okay. Let's keep those questions move in here and ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim Mossad the other question to Tim it's info at him mosques and suns dot com. Tim I would threaten org it's a lot of sunlight and it's warped in not closing properly so I plan to buy a new door to replace it. Is there anything I can do to keep the nude too or from war paint. As tough or sunlight is really really. Or on the worst yet. So you might wanna look at different kind of war and that would maybe five or list deal supplement that's more girl. Oh. That that would be my only recommendation is is look in another door and won it as that we weren't. Yeah 'cause I've seen wooden doors at Mendel quake. Really really old worst. Which of course were people who look like a really old medium grade threat. After just a year or two in direct sunlight you get at the world at southern exposure and there's not any cash aid. It starts kitten you know that the sun early days until late at night and even in the wintertime when it online. The finish will come off the war and you'd get all kinds of problems. In a suburb of that while post or ignore him and I can even make it worse really because the heat will build. On all its forms of the storm door and it transfers that all wooden door yet ill act like a magnifying ice and then heat. Heat will build up between the worst that I have paid one coast where he was really frustrated. Because he had me install or gore and his board and they don't sports stalls or shall I put the Storm Warren missed several years ago. And he thought somewhat kept them by brick and because it was just explode in the contest for him and I finally figured out that it was the heat between the door. And it was it was you know blow on the door he would build up couldn't stand the pressure and it in this form or the glass which is yet. So and that was back before it will warnings but there's a lot of the or now the front or exterior doors it'll say in big letters on the door and there. Do not as polls won't. So you know that's that's not the answer for either some people. If they have the money to do it they built a little patio for a and to put a little roof over it get a little shade Gil and make some shape for adds value to the house and that it takes the front door and then you can you know do an accountant or that you want to make feet. And you can have with a lot of people they were like the party's oaks. And they don't and his kids in our. With our requests that come along way. Used to be when you to a farmer list front door. It wouldn't be too many years those target all chalky yen and you've seen William like an old boat. Yeah. GO coast gone in so they would look like that but now. I mean you know that touched the work that didn't know that if we would our sports. In if you do give our request or you can buy a finishing it's the make it look like would you know Spain. Don't do you know to make it work it is really really hard with a stain on our request or. Usually of an optional factory to mountain and it's Libya under 200 dollars. But the factory to me it it will look like it was gonna factory it will look like a rule would work. Very so Dorsey homework. That's able to make our sport went to work I refined. So I wouldn't it and we talked in a previous show that when it comes to projects that new friend or is like the most the best one as far as maintaining its value. Well actually return on investment. Yeah so if if you spend a thousand dollars and in front door you can get backed over while. I think you would I think you'd read a 110% yeah yeah in hybrid a 101% plan with 150. So if you put doors everywhere in your house than you do you ski make him more and more and more more and more well it you can't put before horizontal hole how's that one of those I guess that story. As were the two were worth a try. Windows you know a lot of people think oh the upgrade of windows visual enough that the money in that threaten your personal pleasure and personal enjoyment I am house. But at the Douglas you know because most people expect that your gonna have decent windows begin with a fair. In windows just don't pop you know when you pull out a while because when I don't ever hear anybody do I hate it when you walk up to the front or people will make comments about different yet exactly. Are always still have a few more of your questions to get to on this week's ask the expert remodeling and renovations to a mosque. Elect to submit a question for Tim descended via email to info at sue moss and suns dot com. Their phone number is 8774994361. Once again 8774994361. And on the web it's Tim mosque and the suns dot com. And more you're questions are coming up next on ask the experts and news talk elevenths and WBZ. Yeah. Welcome back to ask the experts. Remodeling and renovation the sim mosques and he stopped 1110 WBT answering your questions about those projects from the group to the foundation anywhere in between. And happy to answer the question to present at the email to info at Tim mosques and Give McCall an 8774994361. On the web it's Tim Moss and suns dot com all right Jim let's get back to those questions mice are the steps going up my front porch are sinking. What do I need to do to stop. Them. You probably not. Okay you probably. I see now a lot of front porches. Urged the footer underneath underneath the steps okay yeah sometimes or footers on them or even older houses are going to waters hundred deport. So when you build a house. Now the bill locate it but. Pack an older houses they would like dig a basement of a dig out your footer for house. And that you would go ahead and build a house on it and that footer past. But they're going to put porch on and will be below that of order so a lot of them got down with no footer and adequate footer. And most of the steps. And older health largest producer and console maybe forest land problem frost on and so those will just sing and sometimes. They poured sidewalk all the way to the front porch and then built steps on the OC OC. You receive sidewalk. Like tilting way up through hell yeah. It's a disease that steps on their in his race and raised in and out on the foreign policy can once I'd raise in the other picture really don't win it take care is the repent now as you know achieved he spent three or 4000 dollars. Produced that steps should have been right the first place but the guys that know when bill that it happened. Other I really don't see that you're gonna stop it there are some companies that. Oh coming in and undermine the steps and about raise it up and and squirt some. Or inject some concrete in there. I don't I don't know that's going to be really good solution for stamps yet you know. We can do differ like your house foundation house but for the steps. It's now or that you know you're gonna spend as much as just knew he says that race. So that's what I would do news and another problem wanted to easy simple answer it but there's there's no easy fix on one. And instantly you really wanna get fixed because what will happen when they think now. You release brick steps Ehrlich six and a half inches ever wants it to and yeah wanna start to settle Yugo the very first step will be roadshow. Maybe none at all. And in your last step before you step up could be twelve inches through so it's on even and code says. That it supposed to be in a uniform symbol Leo and a you know someone say that the mailman or Sony comes in there fall on it step. Then your homeowner's insurance good and don't have to pay for. You know it's. You know you don't want stutter stepped into one big twelve steps. Most people when they walk east or where our focal harbor hatred in your count on stuff should be in every you know you don't catches eight inches six pitches. Now almost on the big twelve step which you can fall off definitely. OK let's keep the questions move in here and ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim Moss Tim is it hard to match dropped ceiling tiles. I several damaged tiles in my basement ceiling. But it's fairly old. Where should I check for a match. It's going to be hard do. Because you know just because that your house. They're you know. Not whether as an aside but the weather's good word yet they're gonna age difference in in each house. So it is just like an old newspaper polls or real mountain you know it's going to be a different stage of aging. Then a new. So even if you can mash the exact design and everything which they change over the years. It's not going to be exact match usually what I do on Imus was too late for this person open but whenever I install a drop filling a buying extra box the tunnel. On deadly with the homeowner. And and believe and somewhere in the basement room at the drop you know that the drug feeling. And that way they aged and so you regain water on there are jointly you know war appointment which got married have what they need. Oh. You know you might be able to have. Usually what I do is from trying to find them I will go to Lowe's and Home Depot and look through their holes left with I can't mention their amusement. So itty you know it'll bands which base looks like it if it's just does play plays with a pool table accuser run round on things. I would worry that the trio apologist and another title and a but if you really have to make from all uniform and you know you're selling your house. April if pop mall while violence now. Which can get pricing and and I have my camera with those things go for Africa have paid as little as like fifty cents appease and lunches eat something and not priests or bad. It's a bit because each one is you know using two by two and a you know I think we have to buy two overhead here's some of them. Our to a four but a lot of homes or get away from that looks like you know a school isn't gonna work to build and to toot. But it is Roland that bandit so it's two bucks apiece recovered four square feet and you know it's it's not a whole lot of money and usually less than a thousand. It especially worth the extra expense to buy that extra box at the beginning yes it's definitely get the extra boxer to just set aside. Thank our it was have a question for him on ask the expert remodeling renovation with Tim Moss descended via email to info at some moss and suns dot com. OK Tim I bought a home about four years ago and at the time I was told my windows said twenty year warranty is the house is only ten years old now. And several of the windows are now leaking. I can't find any labels on them to get them fixed under warranty so I'm not sure what. To do. We you gotta guess what McCain fundamental these labels. Now. And I have this right from today window manufacturer they purposely do not put them on real yup they sold today can't find them so you can't fund. Because they know that most houses will change means three or four times in twenty years yeah. And if they can't find a label than making a comeback on the honored work. So. What we have killing a studio today as she had a question about but on a warrior home worry. Yeah home warranty and my answer was the other is a really good if you give up honor the warranty yes it's the same way with the wind vehement when you're ward in the wind and yet it's great. Are you get him on and and once you got to do was find out who would world made the window. So I had a friend was that three or four months ago. He called me of one replacement went in I knew that his house wasn't that old toys won't what do you need replacement for a city in the last hole for. In and I told him well almost every manufacturer working class for twenty years. And he said well I don't know who made and you know what the morning with I don't know who made him. So he took that wind all pork and he did fine tune into the manufacture was. Based on some numbers on the window that he put these numbers and Google search. It was able to track down a manufacturer. And any sent in into the tax information when it was built. To prove it was within the twenty years Bryant and he did get his new windows so it it takes a weight work. Which you can future he'd get your new windows. If if you take your windows support I mean like you know the windows tilt in him in you to remove the tops revolves. Pick them or look look at everything somewhere there's going to be a number. Or a little phrase or or some kind of in my name and look like her name is punch in the school. And you'll find out who manufactured that window. And and you get these paperwork you know initiated claim. Might have to give you know tax information showing what was bill. But they'll send you what you need. But it. You know that they're not bad bounce and and we need to bet on make it you able to send its prey so it's what you do the full work in font instead of the stuff they will say annually. So have you found that though window company is the most difficult to get the warranties done honestly all the various projects it you know materials use and mouse. Well I'm I'm trying to think most of it's only a kind of a different position them because as the contractor. This whilst he was happy. Ray is there gonna see me all the time and and it keeps selling you stuff right now wanna keep that so they know the you know they don't wanna lose you know a couple 100000 dollars a year business from me. Whereas. Say you know you found out the windows for bed yet that manufacturer knows well I mean never hear from Chad again re so let's reject it. So that's a that's that's kind of how it works. It shouldn't work that way but it just it just does his word about the bottom line. And they're not so concerned about their filming. Sad but true yes it is. All right well I think that's all the time we have for this week's ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque. You have a question for future showed him and be happy to answer it send it via email to. Info at him mosque and suns dot com here's their number 8774994361. Again that number is 8774994361. And make sure to check out their web sites him mosque and tell you everything you need to know about him as his company's. And make sure to join us again next Saturday at five yeah. For another episode of ask the expert remodeling and renovation of the so mosques. Zero need to stop elevenths and WTC.