WBT Home Town Tour in Fort Mill at the Historic Spratt Building. 

Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, May 19th

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He's 1110 three got you beat me try to get myself this unjust and populated here is that we continue to hometown tour. How many of us got picture of a mobile glad you're listening and if you wanna stop by at they would rent buildings where we are in downtown. And does where the parties have women and tempo is now so peace out. Guaranteed to have a big old giant party here I. Little upset that they eat all the breakfast dessert generally. There's a food when there's radio broadcast going on they do bring food in for Bofors Oki invade every single bit of it. Others a a nub of bacon left and that's what I got. Announced that it between ninety and so come on out CS no I got a question echoing input via the headphones on India in the microphone there. And various units you today you one of the gentleman has the world's hottest peppers going on and you actually brought me some of the stuff here quote dear god. This is microphone. Here ago reaper. From Parker but tempered company. You know. They you brought to minister the radio station some of the guys and some of the promotions people try to write and frank Garcia admitted. Think it was screaming like a baby. You remember that this attitude so I don't know who brought this to me from the park next door one of the old dog he who pick pick up banks here. Just in case this happens a blow through me like fifth cherries through accuse some ready to go here so let him realize. So tell me how in the world that you get involved in the world a peppers because you're like a chemist or an engineer or a one of them signed typical dudes from your background right to Jack. All trades and master of none are masters some of them. Minister of knowing that I do a lot of things. But I got into it for actually for cancer and heart research. Peppers actually have a lot to do with. Helping with fight cancer and they used to clean your bloodstream they're really good for your body sort of started looking into it merely be seen. Battled all the way through until the early. 2000 and that's what started this I didn't think it was at the end it was a South America but it treat you there was so much cultures there that didn't get sicker didn't get cancer sometimes what it is is all around the a equatorial bail and people have very low indices of cancer heart disease and arrested him westernized in the all drinks they make their own liquor they all smoke. But they didn't have cancer or disease source looking for common factor that you could have all the way around the equator and it turned out to be perfect so these are folks who didn't have any sort of food preservation so yeah it was kind of rotten. So how to do that you figured I was at the rotten flu the kept a month gooder was at the pepper stuff well there. There's research going on right now the botulism might actually be good for you were low doses of yours and that's stuff in the back of my refrigerator and aluminum foil might be good for ring no I wasn't there and out of okay I'm not asking for your medical advisors you know with so so right standardized so if there was the peppers and we started doing research and have been green peppers solutions. All right breed. Yes got Groupon horsepower for your. And we had stallions and who and we had mayors Nintendo Wii still have to clean them to make sure that everything was OK and we had one bucket that said to him. We had another bucket that said he heard we may ensure that never the Twain should meet. And I understand that breeding process who demand I have four children. And I understand that breeding process so I hope he how in the world who peppers breeder they're boy peppers and girl efforts quote. Peppers are really. Today yeah. They self pollinated so what you have to do when your green peppers you can literally I was on the back these glasses that go for the actual flight soon we take the opponent from weren't put in and stay in the remote. Just from flower to flower to flower in the control for all the other ones that were never use it. Didn't do it does some of them take naps afterwards and didn't I don't think you can do that happened at a brush. Hopefully you get you get something out of the cross and the gift that produces. The same truth for next year that's a viable cross and we start the process of starting this new takes about eight years to get a stupid stable tomorrow Saturday eight years shortness. Settle this we can make that go a little faster by using greenhouses where. This is a long process. Quote you had to prod you had a situation where you really building giant facilities and everything through these staffers. And then you found out that there was another way to do that actually work better what was that. Close this. Actually we just. We we've got these are high total so that we need do such a bone or 140. Thirty. And we isolated plants in each of these titles for the specific freeze their we're doing you know concentrator and security breach and cheer. Okay now Schofield. Men's that's the measurement and eat. Yes it is I'm guessing there was a guy named Smith who came up with that right through our Wilbur school and I and I missed that may it's not only figure out how to to measure of the heated something well it was a pretty objective. Measurement when he started there rose how much water do you have. For essentially for the heat to go way up and that would depend on the specific person cured for myself I can I can have any of these sauces did you learn. I wouldn't have a reaction that you might have a very. It's through action sort of recommend it well Larry I'm I'm not gonna do at the beginning additional maybe the end of the show here product. In the seventies they started using a machine called liquid. Chrome. From the moment use he could matter very dramatic graph. They came round with a high performance slickers who matter grabbed him and what those things do we can we know that pure capsaicin is sixteen point six million. We have a standard we can use and you can through may have formula you can still you can measure peaks. From an era when the scroll wheel. Each of the different peppers salsa is pretty much anything that has captured the opportunity. OK so god gave me you know I'll bring your pepper what's the number outside like that typically typically about 3000 okay. It's more than the fingers and I have in my hands your kid and the ones that you are working with the you're in the millions. You have 2.2 million or three New Orleans levees that put that in my guest magazine gimme gimme better mileage you know I don't know if anybody's studies in the have stood up and if you do new new arts and it'll work. A so there's three of them here from pucker but pepper company had curry is with. Me here and when we come back. I'm gonna tell you about on the idea that I have a about a trip that you and I should take overseas songs on there so it's a little nefarious ready for the various strip I'm ready. OK great so hometown tour we are in Fort Mill today will be here broadcasting all day long rush decided not to show up. But Hancock will be here later run Scott FitzGerald and I'll be here until noon its 9/11 to break him back this is news 1110 guys that freedom PT the sources say that president trump convened his legal. Today's discussion will be investigations that are going on the campaign collusion with Russia those allegations and all of that stuff. And out White House counsel on the Afghan and his team are. Reportedly urging the White House and president to be very careful about what they say now that special counsel. Is involved and there's a rumor it's a very it's kind of a sketchy rumor. I don't know that we can actually get some confirmation for this but there there's this discussion that I've been hearing that perhaps present trump. Is going to be giving every single Democrat in the senate and in the congress the reaper hot sauce. To take him down playing any truth and. When that well there might be. We're actually working with Smith locally and so it's really what good can this stuff he weaponized yes secured pat in what way. We used dried powder and these pictures. To make publish very cool yeah like there's for contestants. A lot of her. Hotter than embarrass frank yeah work and we're getting stuff that's naturally it's about 2.2 2.4 million which is about twice what normal. Pepper spray for police scrutiny or recruit nationally Melissa was really really hard. Not yet all right I mentioned before the break here that I think we need to take tricked the trip. And I know you're an up and up Connick guy so I don't know if this is going to be up your Alley you're not but I think we need to take any a trip. To a Great Britain. We have a big old jug roundup and go visit Mike Smith you know Mike Smith there's just unaware what what so what is the deal with this dragon's breath easy that he's got out here. It's very real comparison or she just making this all up. Don't honestly I don't know mark my rap section there's no truth to it. But you don't do anything is possible. It looks to me I can show you pictures of peppers that look exactly the same way during the winter season if you can cheaply and so peppers. The girl stoned to chance like that really so I have pictures with the same thing. But if you spread of pepper you know he's got to get some scientific proof to go behind that is so they tested one pepper came out that way I 2.4 eight million encourage viewers where is the Carolina repair Carolina reporters at 2.2 million for repeat. It sets an average of about forty pounds of peppers and I want pepper. And then do we have Harper's coming in about three Murray now three point Moline so you can LeapFrog back if you have someone will discuss the record I'm ready to submit new business is this a tight knit community you have for growers become. Or is there are a lot of Loggerhead did not mean as its its rear competitor and a couple other there's a lot of different camps. I try to stay out of the drama OK I had to lose focus or what we're doing God's given me their mission was strewn mention it now tell me about tech cancer and and the teachers have been helped peppers ties into cancer here's what sort different cancers that are that are looking not a camp but doctors are looking into. Your stuff purportedly cancers yes you what. When it turns out his catching her serve she's young and and most pitchers have a key home when you can get the two together causes and our own you and sequence to happen. I'm not a doctor I don't know how they're doing their communal but there's a lot of there's a lot of research going on and it looks like they've got some really positive results that's true because there's a doctor one of the coolest things that's happening right now there's a doctor or not Sanford who has developed a protocol for morbidly obese kids. He's using our peppers. To help them get back to our normal weight and paranormal activity it's kind of slipped some from producing this test to clear signal sources not Belichick and I got yes there the metabolism and figure here really does hand it's. The senate I think it's up to your protocol that he has and it's been working really is not really just a situation where an urge their mouth so they don't want to eat well they're used. I think he's doing it and it's hard drive capsule reformed so that. There's really no he minerals by you don't have a grocery sectors thunderstorm or two normally the people complain about preemption can sort it's really the food dirty game. Jon Kitna. The peppers and that's what frank Garcia was Clinton win. About things that are maybe you know you think with a former NFL player that he'd have some you know bigger colonies when it comes in this. But it these guys always OK good deal has to reflect current Sula also join us here at the table as a is not ray with the mud puddle. And you're relatively new coffee shop idiotic calorie that's been there for a while that. Which it's featuring high school cancer rate I wasn't. Yes our our our rotates throughout the year we incorporate our dismayed by folks that work in our studio as well as in the community and for the past two months we featured local. Artists hype high school art in there because that's for their folks you know how do you have a relationship here with Ed because a man you guys are right next door is that right. We've had pretty close there's there's an electric fences between this there's a tunnel though underneath yeah you guys there is back and forth to each other so what is the the connection what do you do together and and for God's sake you have Pepper's and coffee. And really. Yes and at the end is my most loyal customer in every day in recent days off in terms of point and thank you had a good and his good. We came up love her I guess that came up one day with a crazy idea of incorporating his oil into a drink at our shop and so we created the reaper mocha. Which is a chalk on the you know mocha drinks that incorporates the his oil thieves referral. It's real or good. Never thought you were twisted now Rea we brings god into this and it's obviously that you're you're you you share each others insanity here so it's really good. Yes business is good and it's good for you. Car does what should the N. You have four drops of the so they're really energy can perform those sort of energy drinks that have Ford drops of your teacher yeah Google brings your metabolism about 20% put them. My deodorant would give up before the energy we kick in that would be my fear on that went sorry that it coffee and it's just time. So help us about the other stuff and then bartenders have you heard any bartenders they try to utilize this in some other fancy cocktails. Yet here we soaking with most of the people we sell the stews bars and restaurants and music for cocktails and bloody marys they're doing it in. Martinis and margaritas some stuff then. They also use our prouder to tossed through. Just the rumor like Margarito. Who I don't know who were born to do it themselves but we saw a whole lot of it to the local bars and rest that's crazy yeah. So was a sky would mud puddle. People have been around for what hormones is that right disperse a copy edition of coffee came men in mid November but the galleries been there for three and a half years of my sister Debbie what's it runs that and stand in their she has local or you know as I said before from from all over the community to all local. And it's she creates its clay is her medium. Can you tell her mug for you what they she makes stuff like that and now a lot of other different part art pieces that. She sells to you whoever comes in the door you'll like it that it's a left handed and right handed mug. My my wife got me a mug last year for Christmas and it's really beautiful mug. But they handle on its curved. So I can only bring you in my left hander Ed that's not where the way that I go right you know I'm not not a self talk coffee drinker shall. I know that wind when a local coffee shop opens up there's this there's a sort of feel to it as a sort of bias. What kind of people come into your shop I'm sure it's all all kinds isn't short of the central. Spirit of these folks. Not no real central new type of person is just you know just local folks from the community all different types of people we have folks working in there during the day in. Neil young and old I mean age range is very new greatly high school kids move you know retirees so it's it's. When we don't have a specific you know niche customer to this point just it's a good mix of people. So you're creating a Fort Mill sort of junkies and they don't you write real and enjoy right. When they know we'll say it's a very nervous place to sit down and required reading real quick Carolina you have to have a man on my you know and we can. I utilize it all the time and I know a lot of other people in the community to. What's your favorite part about this particular stretch here on main street because I'm sure it's changed even since you guys have both become proprietors here what you see it. I think his main street is just growing like crazy and we are we get traffic. And we had an unbelievable amount of traffic for its lack of parking no. Three when I'm moved dunes there were maybe six justices are open on main street and now there there's going to be rough for restaurants and there's. In Hawaii and borrow and and we had to trim open up I mean yeah things are just building up here it's amazing it's a good choice to bring it to you. The little community and a and I would like to extend the invitation for you come down. You can couldn't I'll tell you what I'll even open up some of these so us via the gators squeeze seeing here may be via reaper hot sauce. And you can take a shot and then I'll watch you. What you sweat and twist so it Karrie thank you for stopping by I do look under your score bill low numbers up there and take back this world record heck with those folks from Britain. And Scott right thank you for the other cup of coffee you don't watch the mud got to bring it back here if they did. All right thank you guys coming up the next half hour or take a look at some. History here for milk money up to talk about. That's on the way next on news 1110 that in a free WB team. Audio voice of Chris corn. Sound card and another millions the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. They they offer their condolences to the family and friends and fans of Chris Cornell because it was a suicide. And I initiate and has said it's never a single cause for suicide as a result of many factors that come together. Generally underlying mental health conditions and access to a lethal means. So as far as preventing suicide than we only to be more aware. Of what's happening around us and our friends and her family members and if you see some things that that. Don't really look right if they're starting to. It would draw from the things that they used to do when they're sort of isolating themselves from the year from view and is part of the family or if you if you're one of their friends. That might be another indicator of the symptoms to an honor to drinking too much they start looking at doing drugs and it is especially so like giving away prized possessions. The world's kind of thing that that makes you feel or makes them feel like enough to get ready to. 22 given all up. So good don't ignore the signs OK if it is in the forefront now people are talking about it because this Netflix original series thirteen reasons why. It is a what's conversation. And it's one that needed to be needed to have happen here it's about bullying and it's about suicide. And it's very controversial describe a few schools and XM LS's even taken a look at making sure that it's not inside there inside your walls. Because they're afraid dead it's going to promote the idea or glamorize. The idea of suicide and Mary nothing glamorous about it you to that point I can I can tell you personally. After a suicide attempt a number of years ago that you do it's a bad place to be. So don't. Ignore it. Soaring and the safety of that's 937 now this is news 1110 not a dancer WB two. And it is our hometown tour were in Fort Mill today it's it's broadcast brought to you by mosquitoes squad they bite. And we fight in that is for sure. Now this is a town that has. Kind of gotten on the map for number different reasons obviously the history obviously the spring situation there with the middle. But Carolyn Hastings is this is an event filled town to listen to us is that there right. Lee keeps everyone in knitting. There are a lot of exciting things going on we like for you to come here and who lives here he hear him play. Yeah OK yeah just recently had a big giant get togethers kind of rainy day but it is one of the he'd be Bellwether of events of the year that goes on here it was Alan that's right. Our signature event is to South Carolina strawberry festival and this was our eighth year and probably a first year we didn't have great weather. So it bit us a little bit but we are already making plans for next year and I've asked the committee to the hate themselves that we can has some really get weather next year that's because it's always the committee's fault it is always sick but it's. See now is there's some sort of dance and sort of brain Dan I mean I hear rumors yes you know there's legends of rain dances. To make it rain and other chances to make ignoring an absolutely that is up eight years saying yes you do all along excellent claims or nudity involved. There is not not okay come tonight yet I'm not sure how desperate Duncan is easier to leave me out of personally Whelan on the against tell me about the of the Italian festival that's kind of because. Ed and and Scott probably some cookies here. Saint Philip Mary. Italian festival cappuccino the Scotty. Italian chocolate would roll on it's channel not to means they're trying to fatten me up. Yes so they had to skate out early because they're involved with this 22 annual. Largest Italian festival in the area say yet is gonna be back at the church in. It will be. The directions that they would have it would take is I 77 the South Carolina exit 85. And then turn east on route 160 towards downtown. And beyond ice in the seventh interchange. At the mine right they should follow the signs they have any assignment out for you to come. Is your web sites and letting go to fail if they were like can't learn information about that. Yes is www. ASP. In Italian. Festival dot org. LI AM festival dot org okay so that's a monument it's on the way here what else does somebody look if there at their. They're laying out their calendar for the remainder of 2017. And they want tort known to be a part of that. What are some of those things that they just absolutely have to plug and we wanted to steer to the top form a web site we're trying to get businesses and events to go all to our community calendar but we did has several things and of course we have our annual Memorial Day ceremony that is held on memorial warning look Memorial Day morning at the that a main and our veterans part is beautiful ceremony is begins at 10 AM. The speaker and some united National Anthem is that theory. It tribute. And Anna Solomon Deanna is viewed orange it really is beautiful ended July 4 we have very simple event that is cool. I've. Done festivals. 423 years and this is the first place that I've been to where they cheat off cannons. Our main streets with they can't they have canoneers it with a domain. And is playing slowly pulled. On a sick your thumb. I've heard super soaker is you know being used in the summertime. I've heard of you know gun salutes were they used blanks. Seeing what happens when you fire off a cannon. Here was just really loud there's not a kid involved for sure that. Profit it ceremonial they've been doing it for many years many many years and they have honorary canoneers an army air savage and you'll meet her again. I she will be at the warned to officiate the ceremony. Sand is very very simple event they talk about the history of the flag. The elks lodge stake there are involved as well it's pretty interesting. Wanna set up camp and wellness like the minute I eighty Manila but now that's a mud bucket list like he not have sought to Nancy went. See what type of canoneers shoot I didn't generally does this these are official can't and you're cities like trained. Now they did get a quick training lesson but it's very simple it's grilled more laugh out them. Anything OK so it's not like it's you know six month online course and I had just three easy payments of 39 that's not right OK we did have you know. Ones that are invited and is honorary positions. I music torched liners and want to consider. No I'm not exactly sure how they're at because I'm not allowed near cannons when it's happening I'm have to stay behind him bandstand is there a way to get a concealed carry license for Canon cup and you know the big overcoat you know it Hadley didn't statins at first this morning timer in the past I he would virulent anti fantastic questions. Can imagine walking into the the mud puddle with a Canon's scene and I'd like a cup of coffee things as a second well and added with some player. On the return the idea and then all of a sudden you're doubled to come things you should. What is the worth the spread building here and tell me a little bit about what this used to be Younis was a bank when time right athletes and you know. We have the town has used this floor. This building. Four residents and warm more folks are using it for small events birthdays weddings yeah. Yeah I used to be thanked for Mel yeah thank you for milk and that lets them power and left the door over. They're just through the door to the safe they have always fascinated me because I don't think about all the engineering the goes into this and how does one learn how to pinch safe cracker I thought that would be really cool. Now that is a six month online course in three easy payments of 3999 really and then you get you have you have to also put money away for bail after US. The good thing about this a safe there's another door community on the other side yes she can't get locked in yet so inside the safest or refrigerator. It's pretty cool though it be better. I do like that if I don't what's what's the name of the park it right that's right next door to assume that it is are confederate part content and are being stand Disney area. In. It's kind of been. Focal point the hard for males. The other candidates you weren't he beat me to the punch on that when I was mistake if if I went out and checked out the Canon and I was a little upset there's. There's rules. There's a sign their answers don't climb on the Canon this Izod pony. Yet been uninteresting photo opportunity to Obama but especially now that I'm I'm. Working on the other look with a low to senator. You couldn't do you think you've. Finished the picture feel like so you know let out after you air will go out there take a couple of pictures. For the dealers which you. Yeah and the fantastic can. If you get the police officer back do you think that in my limits are not for just a minute. A second. We got to be able to shoot it off and then unit July and I July 4 I don't wanna break it let's say about it in my big threat but sorry Carolina and you'll be back doing ministry later on. And coming up next we're gonna talk a little history is that right. An Evans from the Fort Mill history museums and I will be a joint dealing mayor savage will be that tit for. Common history geek is is his arm a glaring noticed so thank you for your time I like is it more events coming up here we're in forward. Milk in this is our hometown tour disservice to the students. Why they bite we fight. There's lemons and edit entry WBT hometown tour yet we're continuing last month it was Matthews this week. This month it's Fort Mill awful what we hear yourself by you can do when the spratt building at the decedent to join. The conversation as well and you can enjoy some strawberries who was at that brought all those strawberries out here. Say that a sale louder. Run Edwards brought these strawberries out that are so big I mean you could play softball with them. It may be an ugly thing after used the bat and hit up but but there that there that they don't bring him over to make ball out of Islam from all over myself it's hard. Springs farm GOK so I'm gonna guess that they're probably slightly involved with the other strawberry festival or some sort of sort of slightly slightly and yes that's the voice of an Evans who is a former director and currently now the that chairman of the board for the Fort Mill history museum is that right. So it's not been to some small town history museums were literally they have one thing in their sick wanna aero head you know. Artists like and they charge a dollar and as a whole us again and loses north but use got quite a bit more than that I'm afraid. Good good luck in the you know if it's free it's for me let's go back to the beginning of Fort Mill won't. What was the situation with the early settlers and the Qatar and Indians because I understand that there was a friendly relationship there. All of their lines yes there was well sort mail would of course. Roaming punching range for the native American groups. And the most recently recognized of course with the income not to talk mean against. Who are expected to practice so in child. But content that they have been honing here and living here in as a matter of fact six. Until I made most major settlements were here in formula that they did have settlements from Mike Strauss that okay. On December the UNC Chapel Hill archeology department will be running he feels school down on the strawberry. Arnold feels the bottoms of the river on to excavate some of the sites and they have recovered. Materials and it indications that some of those. Very relieved to lost in reaches so they've got there he'd know that these are the sites in the is lenses are there some of them for some Panama he can't do much more about because there already billions on top level okay. Unfortunately are discovering it and we are aren't they are nobody knew it and it's becoming part of that other history. I don't even Austin and recently so side note if say if they find that there is a site some place and it's on property that's owned by developers something like that. Dude does the long horrors of protocol to go get the stuff out before the building begins. Well you know I'm not so archaeologists are and then not aligned not a builder and a better shot but here's what I knew about from experience is that. With the permission of the developer they can go Ian and they can do these test. And they go against me feeding if I don't funny thing. You can't if they find something now with the permission of the developer again into going it can take take care. Aren't you samples in their data and they recorder they covered Pak us even if they found and wonderful site and never taking everything what you always leave something far. The next generation to to your information about your date for the covered back up and going to build on and do whatever. And they have their information and they have a sample of the product what. In the museum is the one thing that everybody goes and sees like when I was a kid and they should go to the natural history museum. Trying to source Rex I mean that was yet I mean that would and I asked if he can't be exactly so often amusing and that there were. Before we can't have a lot of film of course people who have worked in the textile mill so surely enjoy seeing the things about the history of food and manufacturing that started back in 1987. We have a unique. History art kinda makes it a colorful history to artist ice. In which owns the local artist has peaked and he didn't compliments history timeline came recreated it in these beautiful paintings. And so instead of just found. Telling you the story that you can actually see this depiction and Andy canosa public school to learn about the art and think in the media and now this kind of stuff. But we also have had some very small museum so we have more of an outreach program. We take our history trumps which does have our heads in the pottery in the beads. I own and we go to the schools to third grade which is the local history art curriculum OK and we talk about us how Fort Mill fits into South Carolina history in international history we talk a lot about the topple with the people of the river trumped. We also go in with the eight grade and we have four people. I'm place this past and present. Which is in retractable manner exit into Chechnya and in some telephone history that went for when you coming in you're going to see how farm. Farming tools you're going to see. Textile manufacturing. Time equipment and materials. I am we have. Any research library on local genealogy. And we have some. Alfie young. Memorabilia from the schools. This just it just tells about the foot no history. Calendar event here. But you know I'm not asking how old too. I bet is on pet nothing here that month. I actually started. And it at Winthrop as a freshman in 72 K okay never went back to like city stayed here worked at went in the art house there. You know nine before I began working part time jobs with the top Indians haven't been. Establish terror archives and trying to archivist has part time with is crisscrossing our cuts so I've been coming performance since 1994 way. As an archive ist would want on the prerequisites for a further job be somebody who doesn't. Truly react to dust. And I mean I think I mean you are they I think archives and I think dusty yellow let me tell you have this drop cuff talking in my and indicate that is what. Yesterday we did down that they're great. In 200. Staying low and our economy that does it it was getting to and but if you will you have your mask enough that you take your allergy to she you know come. Is just we're living has is apparently had a good pick but certainly with this job at the end of the day I always have headphones here. You know from where these Ted talks which isn't really any different than my normal Americas who look like a just woke up anyway so. Again we're at we're talking to the the former director and now the the head the chairman of the board for the Ford milk history museum. I'll betcha there's a a website if I had to guess it's fats. M. Each am Dido orgy you have got Angel to a dollar and and they're you. Can't find any any ounce at banner which tells you about Ali easiest thing we have going on reduced or thirty states. And he each my third Thursday his Jan Piet colonials. Are biologist and she's talks about two. Pump her curves in colonial times cooking with an easy for healing wounds. I own and to win the past week even to had trio talk about the commissioner of those are the new history makers so there's there the history that's already there in the new history making and of course this summer we're doing children trading with the authors possibly arson so. Bethlehem. Teach him that ORG and Evans at thank you for your time today and and I'm looking forward to learning a lot. About this town today and share and I would view it's the that's the the hometown tour there's a lot of hometowns and this might be yours or maybe it's going to be yours in the future it's Fort Mill. There's 1110. You had him and Scott FitzGerald and this is the next stop the turnstile on the hometown or where in Fort Mill today. To serve as mosquito squad they fight we fight to good thank you once welds in the summertime writes it that taking care. Head up right now we are now talking to the mayor and that's when savage and and you had an opportunity to join vote early in the idea that I did with seat in front of you. Now have known he was seen just thinking about it there is a deliberate practice we're working on his manners you know. Everybody has this image of both times that he's you know this buttoned down and kind of guy but if you don't keep an eye on him. You don't walk right into the mini mart. And do the squeegee cheese. Right into his mouth I mean and then I'll put it back into the into the into the cooler things kind of fun gas Hamas poster revealed this kind of information but today I just can't help but because he didn't leave me any breakfast so. Glad to have you with us here today even the mayor for a year and a half correct. What was that what's at that you're have been like for yes. I affectionately call it drinking water out of a farm her justice for this I guess in the fire hose kind of idea as the Vietnam where I used to use. What does that mean that mean is it and I'm guessing it's because there's an acceleration of so many things that are going on here. Portman and that's truth. Changes the current terminology and for Mel and I am very fortunately a lot of good people octane before me and did a great job of maintaining the sense of community that draws so many of those folks that we succumbing to form now. Com fortunately you know this not just home slam we've we have an explosive sat I section of time where we were only building rooftops. And I but now we're entertaining some great businesses that are providing wonderful jobs are for our graduates and our community. It sends a very big and very big difference in the feel of this town today. Compared to I'm guessing there was a period of Time Warner was like we're gonna what happened we're just everything girl so many small towns. Just kind of went BP Q do you can do what was that like back then and and how's it changed or what was the driving force behind going to. Un actually it was and and evolution that I can't see from the front Chrissie Telecom minister from here I am on the third generation I don't know hormel and my families migrated to this area for work the text looked textile industry was tremendous here in the full mailing area in employee people in the family that ran that bill close family springs family. They provided everything for us we had recreation from them they helped us with the school system the education they treated us like an extension of their family I have heard of the generosity has been amazing. But that industry employ different ones take a walk to work every family had a member of that work they are so we were all connected in that way in effect since a family right or they or do with the businesses that were around that supported the people who were working absolutely absolutely. Imminent text also moved overseas arms certainly it was a change a step change in more milk and we have to look for other businesses and industries to take us places and unfortunately for a period of time. There are more jobs available in fort Nelson everybody had to migrate to Charlotte for the jobs of your arm and that's not uncommon for what I call the drip line around Charlotte. All of the communities the different communities at Charlotte in the metro area have many people to travel for the work that is afforded. Font in downtown Charlotte wrote bedroom community mean. The cardinals growing so rapidly and that's just the bedroom closet it's the deck off you back here I mean you've seen an explosion yes what was what was the population 510 years ago compared to what it is now. I think I've seen so many figures that I would be inaccurate to cite one I noted that in the last census we are about thirteen thousand apps in recent numbers. And that's just for the town itself tonight the township okay. Com the township itself 3545000. And growing calm so we're we're looking hat. Population increases that are staggering for people like myself that grew up here when my graduating class was a hundred people. And we only have one high school we now are introducing him working towards our third one but. It's not just about the new trucks they bring so much to the Thai people as well they bring new ideas and these thoughts to our community but it intensity that the ones that come here are looking for the same thing that connection right to family and community. Educational system draws everybody together our athletic programs. It's it's a wonderful community did you want to kind of in the bedroom community in Rome is a little place called apex and my next door neighbor was from buffalo. The next one over was from Georgia and then South Korea and then Finland and then India. There was nobody in my neighbor who was from North Carolina we are we finding neighborhoods like that here where it's just everybody's a transplant. I would tell you that in the ten year soft serve can't attain a half I was the council member of the forum was the mayor that we have completely changed from being com. The majority were natives and native Stanley's generation goal tracking was very easy here Archie were outnumbered now about 41 well. That's sort of one. So that's a good thing it's a bad thing for for a lot of the folks who. Want the old town feel from the old feel the way things were sometimes there's there's a bit of butting of heads. How long do you think it takes generally for the cross pollination to work where. The natives. Understand the new people on the new people understand the native until everybody becomes Fort Mill in remains at. And OJMR makes sense I did of course it does and I think that they're not all my questions makes sense yeah. I don't know that's good. I think there fortunately that the desire to have that sense of connectedness in that sense of community. Arm being held up both of natives and non natives has made it much easier transition to the I think that that challenges that we have faced aren't residual collateral issues that come with growth like traffic. Com you know how we pay for things are. Around you know are we gonna be able to afford the services that we commit ourselves to him and how we do that without over taxing the people would've been here forever have paid for those things in the past. Was only so much room in the county to Endesa the sheriff's department's handling certain things and done the opposite Stephens was with us earlier today. And talking about how all the different communities are certain to grow an annex a move closer and closer together so pretty soon it's. You know rock kill an Indian land into decay is there's sort of a rush to annex to get as much land as possible to plan for the future you send that around now that actually at South Carolina. The state says that we cannot aggressively go out and annexed. All we have to only way we can take property is through condemnation. And you have to have a really good reason to do that. So people have to come to us and say we would like to be annexed into the tank and in 2008. Week doubled our footprint because we annexed a tremendous amount of property that was found mumbling about her and we doubled the foot print style that kind of messes with the numbers yet let me just what you sense if you will it's unheard of ketchup what do we do kind of yeah and then back crisis going to occur again if you look at the drip line around Charlie you're gonna see hunter's bill Cornelius all of those areas have wrapped. The grants okay yeah and snow not that different than. Mum anything to surround your South Carolina and a North Carolina surrounding Charlie took a break and come back and then the more we Quinn savage the mayor of Fort Mill. Again this is our hometown tour mosquito squad brings a tear they've fight we fight to break him back here and is 1110. 993 WP team. Thank you Susan that was a good morning to you and Scott FitzGerald here till noon today at studio hometown tour. And more in Fort Mill last time was Matthews Howard poured milk. You can go communicating here pretty proud of you think that we need to come learn about use of that we can meet you in share. Everything you guys. Should we email Scott at WBT. Dot com Scott Ed WBT. Dot com it's where you be continuing this and and I'm looking forward to whatever the next one is but I'm will enjoy what we got going on right now and mayor when savages I sit here with this year and also Jason clout with hobos. And you two obviously know each other what do what when where does this relationship go does it start with French Fries your teach milk shakes mean military. And then you know shakes out pork tar it's fabulous Cobb salad southwestern sounded calm but more so with the people she's got you okay. And on menu member knowing what I know and how Mike Dayton at 10 o'clock. But it's about the people in the atmosphere it is still extension of what I think is all good about for now it's all on kind of loving there they know me bad names they welcome me readily and everyone else in the community given great gathering spot given overstayed your welcome now known it was good I don't know he'd better and so that's I think I've Jason seized. On a good potentially. Could it happen operatic went exert public Allen and around. A little about two years are also April 2050. There Werth and Utley a friend of mine owns the build an orient and decided to. Pump at a restaurant in the bottom of the building. Dan Dunn had great support for the well blessed to receive tiered in the town for a mil hospitals and here's a little fifteen years. Pumping up from original host small town of Chester Booth looked out for mill's been great to us the mayor's been great to us everybody tennis. Those dismissals and please don't Jason wee one of those people that other used to be the cook in the household and somebody kept saying to you know what you're really good cookie auto and opening your own restaurant. Note and no I'm not your better bussing tables yet do OK I don't care at home and kids and that Tom. We just had a concept artist shelf crystal Arnot. He's not ourself. Com. Get him in the kitchen he got a lot of ideas would do a regular menu do we have specials. Weekly specials that we have different things does not owner may need. So. So something we want to do for the community to bring something a massage tell my street such a great. Great place to be down my street has truly Mosul no it. No mayor. They got entertainment at night right they do what kind of what kind of music today and oftentimes we can go on set battle their patio and overlook the sun setting on the western side of town and hear good music can not see all of the folks that we work with play lists and live with the details on the patio it's a great opportunity to even have a little cent steer with the kids can do series family friendly. Com it's great food great people I don't know what more you. Music museum earlier that you wouldn't music Carlisle three times a week in Georgia booze. You do good we'll tackle and anybody that it makes balloon animals oh yeah okay what we need talking at tourism economical side money on yourself up. Coach thousands of Chris is your shift right dishonest Crispin with the who's going to two years since this is your open up Buchanan about. Took three weeks after we it. Chris computer you're sitting out here. Jason was like a rough man. I mean looks like to go to work with that McCain can get my duty as a run you Lothian it's up to the it's currently. I must prove that that's good so work when the mayor comes yet does she have a special dish that she likes if anything she won particularly towards I initially support Tucker said well this also let's talk about. Don't know we're getting some feedback of trying to figure where that's coming maybe need to move this way with a crisp new get to get away from the speakers here. So if you had to look to pick your favorite dish to create for people and maybe even when that Jason downs you know behind your back when you're not paying attention. What is that once upon her off with any. Did you pick. Mature reveal secrets as I would meet. I'll of doing some British or something that's our favorite things occurred braves short rivers in those sewers here once and for Obama raised in OK yes you can tell knowledgeable cook a liberal chicken salad and there's gnarled roots you know you had to do what you gotta do here what is your favorite part Jason about how this town is changed because it and people have been doing this for two years here. But my guess is since the doors have opened you've seen some dramatic ships were with those feel like. Plumbing there's a lot more people come to this panel to this area that is still got a small town feel calm most people know if everybody knows everybody most of the time concept for the some of the people that comes in the when they come and we welcome with. Open arms. Just small toe field is this real great two weeks. The other corner restaurant so how many how many folks you command would you say are actually just regulars now that are people that. Chris is not to sit up and down here so I'm guessing you get a crowd that just continues to keep on an income. Isn't this a lot of similar real blessed. When he opened up we did expect the the business that we were gonna receive calls the health food. Open and of the of the restaurant that. With a well received in it and and boosted everybody's still comes back to us that's a good thing. What would you say and and Merriman ask you the same question minimum what's your biggest challenge is a small business owner here in town. Trying to get help. Tour to an end and we got Chris we are assuming that focused everybody knew this a com news Todd all right I guess balanced but focus. Which we haven't. Had it. A whole lot of challenges as far as trying to bring business and because we've. Just like a system ballistic missile out of town on main street non. Palm is just that we have challenges every day yeah significant you gotta throw punches and keep going wrong foot for the other so we can always yeah. Yeah indeed so mayor what would you say the biggest challenges moving forward can work. Prefer milk and then the biggest opportunity so let's look at both sides of the of the spectrum would like campaign campaign they do not always go hand in hand if you're optimistic he can sign that a challenge is a great opportunity where usually one leads to an of the opportunity that brings new challenges I. I challenge right now is we're very constrained and land. Area for parking nobody wants a concrete desert as their downtown and you know as you look at it we we're very fortunate to have a consistent. Area to work with us. But we're working to to find ways to provide more parking for our businesses because that is its target tight quarters just based on its probe these troops there that. I think it's also blessings you come because if I go by a restaurant that has no one. Now staving waving her no cars in the parking I'm not likely to stop the new. No innocent wanna see if it puts a blessing you have done it comes from hard work and dedication on their part Jason. You play with hot wheels when your kids a chance tunnel does little bit and don't remember there was one of those deals ahead there was a parking garage. We're had a little over here that you Kerney you know and and you can take them out to different roles. How but that is the solution we need to be a little bigger than than actually do in the hot wheels deal that is people revel cars like that those cells greatly yeah. Though the mayor retail what do you think could be could called the Scott FitzGerald memorial for no they're not real life Jerry can I. I think we have looked at parking decks as one of the solutions. Anywhere between twelve and 20004. T parking space kind of puts us at. And because of all corners of Atlanta is differently and values property values have great way to spend the money so all we're we're certainly working I goatee that downtown association meetings and then talk with these folks firsthand. I want everybody to shop local because these folks have invested in our community on main street and they deserve our. Our money and our patronage. I think they do the job to make full well what it is about the cross pollination between that between restaurants in and yeah obviously you and find the best suppliers that you can for whatever it is whether it's the meter the produce it takes. How do you cross pollinate with the you know some of the local you know coffee shops or wars or rumors or you know via. Of the pucker but folks is is it kind of everybody to keep in each other's backs. You know we we get up operated fresh intraday from the Christmas which is pumped don't want sixteen yeah milk. How would get some stuff from from pocketbooks. We do a lot we try to do a lot of stuff locally. We have local brews on terror we're going to be thirty bears' hotel we'll try to keep them as local as possible. I can't afford milk Bruce well there's one very for milk on the agenda yet other ones Charlotte area sure come the we try to keep it more local. With the with the Beers and then we also have a root beer don't tattoos executes things are gonna go. Is beer one of the future things for Fort Mill because obvious craft brew is getting huge in Charlotte itself band I know that some smaller communities you send this is a good anchor four us. And it's a way to get our name out and in a different way do we see that this is his movement and. It's certainly a draw I it allows people to get together I think some of the furries in Charlotte Reid go outside and says. Have been very attractive serious one in town there's another coming to town. I actually talked to a foul that would like to bring a winery and I took four male well so I think you know it. It can we are all looking for ways to connect and have that opportunity to see each other after a long hard bad. All right we're but I just sort of a time. So Jason if somebody wants to find hobos on the line and give it Peru resort. And figure out what they're gonna ordering at a time where to refer to your system and evidently of those 213 dot com. 2131 of the two run through us are straight it is ultimately okay with anything get lost those when it. The as mayor I appreciate you being with us here today from what I understand you are well beloved and chances are it's going to be your seat for a long long time right well I don't know about our our right. Well it did do it loses this. Is it retirement announcement that we. All right thank you for you tonight I appreciate very very much guest today and thanks for bringing in the food hobos so it's our hometown tour it's a service up miscues squad. They bite we fight coming up. The bulls spring but there's this family you just absolutely have to hear about them Crandall Bowles for the springs close Stanley joins. He's 1110 that'd entry WBT. Hi there Scott FitzGerald this is part of our hometown tour. Today Fort Mill is the location of the glad to be used to compromise people I've met yet to meet any but I heard there's one. Not so nice person in this town but I haven't met them yet I think we've run them off on a rail here broadcast is a service of mosquito squad. They bite we site. Join now like Crandall close polls and I guess and yet here a name that nobody in town really knows trying to mean you just kind of and. Anonymous person is that right Crandall. I well my family may not be in Ireland and I'm pretty anonymous. That's why I've heard so many stories and I don't even know where to begin how about let's start with mom. And the Hindenburg he can you tell the story of what happened just recently with the win with and springs close. And that Henneberg memorial absolutely arm my mother and her brother had. Dan had sailed across the ocean with there mother and her brother. And my grandfather had gone across the ocean in the Hindenburg and he telegraphed to them when they were in. Europe that they should come back on the Hindenburg because it was perfectly safe which they did in 1936. And my. Mother and brother were ten and a mother and her brother were ten and eleven years old they were the only children on the Hindenburg. Com the windows were slanted out just like the windows and office building that my grandfather layer deal. So that children could lean now they had didn't have a glass because you were leaning out over the ocean there was no glance. It's going to know they Alina moment and there was always someone assigned to hold on to their belts in the back to play good and around. I wouldn't fall after windows. And the other thing she remembered was that it was flammable gas hydrogen nitrogen yet because the United States when sailed Germany helium. Because lives as 1936 Rhine and and Germany was Germany at that point and show. Armed they hand when you got on you had to put all your cigarettes consider everything all the paraphernalia into give it to give it to the purse or whoever and. Then they can only smoke in a very tiny little. Box room. My grandmother smoked a lot and they says she's a rough time in that room and a lot on day and I mean basically. They're saying it's tremendous we just went to. The eightieth anniversary to. Of the crash on Pacific crest the next time when it came back the very next trip to the very well it went back to Germany and they came back in 37 and that was that an eightieth anniversary of tea and so. That so it the next trip back to United States is when it crashed. And actually if he's there's there's movies out there and you can hear the guy and only clothing of the human man a bad that's. But the hydrogen apparently exploded. And I think they on the ground and 34 seconds I mean and it's like three times the size of this building we were in the hangar. When we went to the celebration of it and but. Story three people were killed but sixty or seventy something survive because they couldn't take it to run out like underneath a fire right. Just like you said the flame and heat and everything was gone up yeah so wow that's that's amazing. We're gonna move through different members of your family and through history told me a little bit about the colonel. Both with the World War I and then what he did as a writer because I found that interest in this edition of the of the savings of some of his manuscripts. Yes that's true did you know they look my head around his books and I don't read where it comes several of them are mean and then we had a biography of him which was good news conference call war bird. Chris is born of his books was called war birds that he wrote. So he was on the growth of four male. Com here is. Mother died when she was similar stories when he was like six years old. I used very close to his grandparents. Any actually came to go for a walk with his grandmother when he was I think ten or twelve when she had time here on her body so. Like Indiana's father always had sort of a contentious. Relationship. He went to Pristina person to join the RAF and 1915. I guess because his. Three. The United States handgun into the war and energetic doing the royal air force he went over their learned how to fly and what's amazing and they establish strike. To Wright Brothers flew to nineteen are waiting. You mean by that time they had you know people flying in the war spent a lot of them died in training I mean the planes have crashed we have a picture of him. Standing beside his crash plane. He crashed to play you have people in any store that Beckett and I don't know yet and yet they were I mean they I guess they didn't go very high and they were kind of boxy and like I mean I think some of not that there was. Com not a you know mishap when they crash in the none of them survived on the content they were hard to take off and that kind of thing but he did fry. Then finally joined the US army when the US join and he would try back and forth and he was very he was like a Playboy they would stand on their free time in London they have lots of women and drinking and stuff and he's very colorful so he wrote a book about that Cold War birds and and you said there was a Daria as well in his two best friends agreement are then I think I was Yeltsin my grandfather had. He's at the other family got mad and I mean he was a good writer he wrote a lot he'd like trying to do not wanna join the textile industry which is father was running it. When the war was over but finally. On the sort of compromise his father's. In his father's. What do Swiss father wanted to do and so he did begin then to run the minerals and and ran them and who's responsible for expanding. Just making coughed into finishing and so that the company could grow a lot bigger than some of them. Wants to just stay in making car so he did that but. He also renovated a house right down here where my mother and brother grew up. The white home stand as it was a wife handling springs family lived up to Rhode. And my grandfather a spring she did not think that mark and his sons should live into that house and renovated and lived there and he was very opposed to it so my grandfather of course to. Anyway cut and I grandma my. Mother remembers so my grandfather said my great grandfather if you do that. I'm I'm never coming in your house and never did never did. Brought my mother remembers him driving up and sing in the driveway and yelling. That's whoever he wanted to find in the house and not just what he did everything got on the porch. I don't think you got horse I mean houses built in 1832 and it'd been kind of in disrepair so my grandfather got it fixed doesn't. And he had the first air conditioning. It ever was in this area he he was very into enemy had. Cars where the. The door would open up practice bat wing or wherever you Carl we when you always you know where via. He worked K singing a different. Come on glances with one really want me was just a character. So he may delight in running a textile company ads as interesting as it could lead to the answer Yeltsin in the spring made answer very risque yeah. We actually we're gonna use some of those things stand here and Kingsley. Com on some of the building fronts you know because a whole thing is textile thing to keep bending down there. And just yesterday we had a meeting and they said they were afraid they were a little bit risque because a lot of the show underwear girl with the spring nights like stand that. Standing around their scars literally let me show them the Victoria's Secret catalog and see if they still have a roster right now I know it's either bit conservative about except us but I think this. But he did a lot of things like that and and he was he diluting the 63 she doesn't I don't you tell me about the. You the family and the attachment or the attraction to. The outdoors and nature because I know that what you've done here recently was it was just an April. That that does all of this was dedicated to park dedicated her into the over well. April was when we gave the park to Kansas City ahead right beside what that there was a big plant there at Texas when he had the burn down right. And so they got turned into a park where the plant was and so that's been the garage apartment further they are worked for Walter are cautioned not succeeded him. As a company and so. The park that has been using park in person so we gave it to the tam palace. April the seventeenth I was okay. And that's part of the the name that natural world we get about a minute before we need to take a break here I come. But to Greenway. Now that's a phenomenal they really started with basically my mother and her Brothers. Governess a German lady who is very religious and very committed to the outdoors and she they were out doors every day. Walking around you know they walked around and they just stayed outdoors and so. Actually she stated to promote ties got married and then had eight children and so she that same. Arm governess to hotel she took care of all of us and we would come home from school go outside no matter what. And just wander around the sale has changed a bit which is these days has an idea I know there are also scheduled I mean I had my grand don't have or practices every day that. So that was and that took about my my mother got that seriously soaked you know threw out she's been always outdoors I mean she wasn't always with us but she was has been grinding and on particular ride in and of all that land that is agree why it was random my grandfather kept acquiring land that was can contingent kind of you know beside its own. And so he. I mean that's all that was just private property. And that's gonna stay that way in perpetuity as it's gonna stay that way perpetuity turner conservation easement it was given to a roar springs while. Browser to sit here. Nothing like love and that's a right given and a obviously a lot of this would this stand with we take a quick break. Come back with Crandall close Folsom which are more about the family that that made this town. What it is and is still up for that 1046 you're time. There's 11109 that freedom UB two home. Continues today port now where will it be next. You can email Scott at WB you got coming your suggestions as we'd love to love on YouTube like we're love unforced milk today to broadcasters fronted by a mosquito squad they've fights. And we Sikes head I'm gonna guess on the green way that. Her there's no excuse there it's a it's too secretive place Kazaa and springs close and her love for the health Stewart and consequently with mr. Crandall tell me a little bit about your mom. And her love for the outdoors and what led up to the screen way in the creation that. Well as I was talking before she's always loved being endorsed she's insisted that we that we event Dorsey still a lot of time out Dorsey she's. For many years now been riding horses a hot and that will look I don't know what is now the Green Line adjacent to it. Com she has handicap prime crisis has been doing that for years she takes people on. Compact trips in the mountains actually they take the horse is out there in trailers in the campaign and she's she can't cook and she's been really. Doing that even say she actually couldn't see which is a little Dicey but I. You know is on college got pretty good helper. And so she's dedicated to the outdoors and. It's as I was saying earlier the Greenway what's private property and we can wander all over India and Ramallah for a cause is to be at Bryant. In the eighties we developed a plan because. For a meal at that point started throwing them into formula so little town like we mean think about being part of Charlotte we stayed when you're going town. When you're by that streets were 94 we knew we just were here. And then as things started to get closer and highways and so forth. On. We decided we needed to play in the town needed to expand so we set aside some land for expansion which is what Dexter basically is now. And Springfield and then we set aside 3200 acres war. To be a green light to be forever. Preserved. And G it was an Easton so that we can never preserve it and are never profit from anything everything goes to a roar springs which now runs a green white. And for a long time it was for the people formulas he she cared about him were velocity. Was like anybody was prohibited from going in their didn't have any fancy she could walking in but we did trails and stuff. So that people could take horse trails are walking trails and just go in there and those. People gradually found out about it story coming in you know more and more people were coming. And we finally decided to do a few more things are developing and set up a board of managers made up of people from. For mail but also Charlotte Iraqi Elton expand the scope Brothers. And mom. We have I think 37 miles of trails including one now mountain bikes are they has not vessel as well as walking. As well as the horse trails and they interact in their so we've got a system there. And nom we hadn't we raise money to do a welcome senator which we haven't done you know we're gonna we're gonna do welcome senator. That there's an amphitheater they are now to rampant here where people could just sit on the ground. There's always entertainment damn near the Charlotte symphony came down last year Ayala did a wonderful performance there. So there's just different things are a lot of class is now for master gardeners for bird watchers for a you know people disinterested in. Lorena trails and walking through the Green Line. So it's gotten a lot of activity we have thank you crash festival and we have birthday big birthday celebration my mother's a very big advocate of. I'm making it affordable for every one for me and so birthday is always free. Man in October festival when they try to raise prices and she liked was not very happy. Yeah. Obviously honoring anything honoring. She can come ornery when you see need to do these are ornery person but when she needs to be what she's raised eight kids right gets seven Brothers and sister I have. I have seven Brothers and sisters my young my number five was born before I turned six. So were very close together and then there's there's three more after the first thought I was so. Yeah. Again your mother is 91 years old I know how how raising seven kids just wouldn't put her in the grave just is that you know kids guess Asia community as a threat. So. The family provided a lot of hope for this town through the years what is your hope. For Fort Mill movement forward. To for for me don't I mean I hope formula. Can maintain its identity everything is so different now so interconnected I mean there's so many people. Student whose arm. Please ensure who work in Charlotte who live here and commute every day at 77 which is not so easy to do my own. Thomas so I think that and I think we've done just this main street here and you know the Greenway in certain things that will keep for milk. Having its own identity and standing for the things it stood for. The whole time we were growing up that detects sound too meals were here in the company headquarters and so forth. So that was kind of a defining feature SY wished we all knew each other and that kind of thing brought calm. With those being gone which was a blow to the town and all the other towns were there the company had. Employment arms but that's that's not there anymore so for mills. I you know partly by virtue of its location is prosper and much more than some of the others because of the com being this close to Charlotte so. OK we get about three minutes left here and and I know that your husband Erskine Bowles. Come work with the Obama administration on several different projects what was that like how was that a world changer for you I know you've been involved in a lot of businesses so there's the the big city big world corporate world and then Fort Mill what does that do to your. To your psyche having those different kind of experience this. We'll make sure our greatest scene I think not many of CN look at. Yeah I mean he is he he's he's in the first. Seventeen or eighteen years building his own company in Charlotte socially did that in any side decent financing McClinton. And I was in the same price at Wellesley with Hillary Clinton. So the first signing medical nobody knew who was he came to enforce the change in Charlotte. Ten. So my husband said well you you don't take today off from work because I'm. Bill and Hillary Clinton are coming down the tank tomorrow on Sean SI can't take it day. Do they know that story. I don't know whenever there's no word on what can I am I not been a direct line to a moment tellem. You have got a card in the mail about that some effect so they would. Like changing army and he was in and there he was the chief of staff read you know when a lot of the stuff was going on in the ninety's good and bad with Clinton so he you know that Sarah has certainly changed his life how were you in Washington at a time and I was still working so why he was here you are we there we live combos that went back and forth fashion. So low he has a whole different world. You know when your Bergen with JPMorgan compared to coming back and you know gone to hobos you know here in Fort Mill the also want. Well I really appreciate what's the last what else to we need to know about you that's gonna make people so. What you want I'm so thankful this family's been here this all this time well. I don't think I don't think he needs to know anything more about Neary in as much as I've said but I I do think my. Mother and her ancestors particularly her father get a lot of credit for. For workers sandstone via one wish for your mom right now more than happy to. I wish that she. I wished she could see yeah I wish this on I have to obviously that she's so resilient that she can deal with that. She loves to travel she takes bike trip she rides on the back of a taint them by. She's going hiking with so many of virtually any grandchildren this summer. I'm so that's what I wished she used to keep on doing it personally she can't endorse awesome. Thank you so much free time I know that there's a lot of people grab and a gin and that born in this direction and that and so I'm really appreciates and an honor. Thanks for my play underneath my pleasure so. Yes indeed the family that you know that that is helped this town continues to help discount Crandall close polls has been our guest in this half hour so thank you so much again as the hometown tour were in Fort Mill come on out. I'd love to see if we're in this press building I'll be here till twelve noon today the broadcast goes on all day long. 1110 I had read a few PTI and putting out an all points bulletin. For warming. Does not a alone can't be a great name for Cologne what that we'll be aware darling. For me. What's it's like that to snuff film where he is one of the big characters in this town that does that I have been told. I need to talk to because he's got as many stories. Is. 1001 nights you Arabian nights still what Caroline what you're that you call where brimming meridia. He is. You're not gonna kiss a man wearing wearing. Well I'm not Wear and yet it hasn't been invented yet so kiss me I'm just kick just. So where he's going to be tell us some stories is that we both through another day -- through their hometown torque and a Fort Mill as the location. We're in this spratt building which is a kind of a multi purpose building if you got kids they get out of line you can lock him in the safe which is always a nice thing to do but it's anyplace Sophia weddings are yet some sort of event that you might do it to get the the company together the famine together. It's available for better broadcast is brought to you by. Mosquito squad and they bite and weeks site and I wanna courts again. I don't think Crandall close bulls for taking the time to be with us here today it's not like she doesn't have anything under played earning under scheduled salute to be able to take some time off. And and look back in time. At what made this made this town what it is or what continues to drive this town. To make it what it will be so that is all it's been wonderful and us aware meet in case you did know is that one of the barbershop guys. And they Carol I can you tell were going to bring his his clip hers. And that's Aman ruling nose hairs that I need some assistance with. And Bo tells me that every single day in camp FitzGerald when he got to trim those nose here's. Well Suzanne get together with where we that's gonna end up happening here. We're cross talk a little low marching band as we make it through the morning near the end of faux high school band go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Guess what that's at Thanksgiving time salaam disciple of the obvious. So the other things that are going on the world I wanna make sure you still understand that there editors things outside of what we're doing here today. The Senate Intelligence Committee chairman rich Cooper. Said yesterday so far former national security advisor Michael Flynn is not cooperating with the committee that's investigating into via Russian election interference stuff. And I do believe that. And Lindsey Graham there was saying yesterday that all of a sudden they're looking at things and there may be some. Some criminal. Investigations. That are going on also wanna touch upon against something that's near and dear to my heart I think it's very important that the conversation continues. And that is about the death of Chris Cornell. And it was suicide. Norris when they when we found out that he had died. There were different or rumors being thrown about. One of them was that it was an overdose he's you had a lot of problems with drugs in the past may still be there were some folks who said that the additional. That he was doing in Detroit he did not look like he was in his right mind. And maybe most likely that was one of the things that led to him deciding this is yet. But generally there's not a single cause. For suicide. It's it's as a result of a bunch of different factors that sort of build up over time usually mental health is in some sort of mental health issues are that are underlying as far as that goes. And quite often there's a substance abuse because of whatever mental health sort of paying people are going through. They'd try to end of masking this there's suicide prevention foundation. Is concerned about something that's going on that maybe your kids are taught you about this and if not maybe you did have a conversation with a and that is the Netflix original series. Thirteen reasons why and it really truly has brought suicide and bullying to the forefront. For kids and for kids and parents and in many cases kids and teachers. And if you don't I think about the stories about. A girl who was bullied. And then killed herself and then she left behind a series of tapes for her peers to listen to is to explain. These thirteen reasons why she took her own life and to spend the the most tweeted about television series this year. And the concern is especially among some teaching and teaching groups is that this is actually glamorizing. Suicide. And it's a serious issue and you shouldn't take it lightly fewer than anybody in your family that you see signs that they're going through some changes. I don't know relate. You look like the in other. Music more alcohol or drugs and they're looking for ways to hurt themselves you know they search for online materials and if you haven't checked era through Google searches are there history if they all the subs or doing things that are reckless what they were pretty normal and conservative and in stayed in the past and all of a sudden they're. Jumping out of airplanes and ride motorcycles and you know which in the contrived. If they start to become withdrawn. Sleeping too little too late. Get aggressive sometimes it's one of the things that goes along with the reach out and just have a conversations and how we help you. In particular data to be veterans we have got a an epidemic. I think it's at 22. If I can remember the number I think it's 22 veterans today. Due to PT SD or other situations in their life commit suicide and that's to corny to too many. So have the conversation okay get in front of it if you want to you can write this down as the national suicide prevention lifeline. Ends will be for somebody who's currently going through it they want and want to do with the crisis. And there are also there to be able to help you walk through. What it's like to deal with somebody who you think Q you should be concerned and watching overs so slow halt worrisome some advice from your local scout here. And speaking from experience because I did to attempt to commit suicide a couple years back or recommend it to nobody. It when you to the point where you did hitting worth it anymore. It's a very nice feeling to make it through and then realize. That it is worth it it is absolutely worth. Gimme a break and we come back talking to permit the sale of the conversations I've been looking most forward to today. Is part of our hometown tour is wanted by a mosquito squad they'd like we five were in Fort Mill will be back and is 1110993. WP exe. I Levin 69 Arabs got. Drilling at about 45 more minutes of this broadcast at least this portion of the hometown tour. In Fort Mill again if you got town you live someplace and you just love it you think that we need to command love on you. Shoot me an email Scott at WVT. Dot com Scott at WBT. Dot com as we put together and prepared for this day for me in the show. Then there was one personnel when I was looking toward a target everybody just there was one person in particular. That I really had anchor into it to you on the microphone here and like to welcome. We army so I'd I'd look where where's the applause for worm come on everybody were. Erica. Thank you for participating you'll get a prize when you look at the doers who I think missed so much a no no warming I was told a lot about you but just won't actually was just enough to Pique my curiosity and as you walked in. Let's not that it was disappointed in the in the image that I had in my in my figured you'd be dirty year with fewer teeth. Well not quite though not quite sure you're much much chance Superman tonight they had anticipated. Probably our we have we have the fifth that did people tell you that'll have a short yeah yeah right so warming aiming nobody knows what your real name is except for the police officers in the IRS sworn to Wear me come from. My did he give me that morning when I was probably. Copiers though he did. I don't have to do a bad time did I got out just tasted it he said I would like Heath and I wouldn't be steel. Takes it out like a little warm when you were from the it took a hit but he gave me that name in this American been column novel uncle worked so. Does anybody call you by your actual given name. You have some you know. Say you're people who will entertain on this new you know they had been here quite Islam is a lot of older people have you know. And they most improbably warm relax and your people have cut they'll they'll call you Steve you know okay that's what they. Come up bar reject this was somewhere you can wonder if Steve and of our project. He's not I'm always structured at a ninth period that he would love that she was little time off like you know when you go to the roadside stands when many of the tourist traps. In they have little things with different answers Amanda an area go and sue and he never get a warming under Ginn open. All right so what what's debut Barbara just. Former barber stuff for real bummer ship barbershop coming upon close to fifteen years 47 is that right I have been doing this fortunate coming out of it coming to the locations of media. 22. And up my data barbershop was run appeared corner of quite straight enough ovation road. He upended up in 1950 men and tool. 1981 in the proper it was so not come to work appeared so you've been here since you want me to pay you want while there's a lot of debate wan location. Are you weren't holes on the floor. Not normal week how do we had to replace a deficit neutral because he did a little the lord whereas a right so that is the world of Catan here. My experience is always been at least for me may be on the would do that does it is it. You ET you pour your heart out to the person that's that's working on your head. Is that an experience that you give people the Sudan almost like the therapy clock starts and people start yet to work you have some you know. They'll they'll start you know that reflects a mostly this to us. You care about everything going on order Reno going on around tanner or whatever you know. Not so much. If you have back in my David barber shop and pretty much knew what their plan would go I was gonna say you the senator and all the information does well basically it's good I get accused that a lot happier but. Were you told me I tell I have a rocket docket that a lot takes about a I tell my I get accused of being normal I don't know ever planned to get accused of being an old well okay you but in my baited or shot back in the past probably sixties early say before he had to retire. He pretty must do everything via a vet who is doing what. Do we don't want who's doing who but it comes at a private investigator that never had to move just unclear in the singer's Sager a schema the scissors so so tell me even in this town for a long time 47 years have been doing this. What are some of the big characters some of the the Fort Mill characters that are almost legendary. Not a necessarily outsiders but to people who have been here for a long long time 60 yeah I remember her. Well now we head we've we've lesson we consider will likely that we had. One got a cult but there drift. Where Griffin he worked for the ten while wanna know why they called him bugger I Griffin at that Matt Cain gave us an account of I think I got it but I guess I am aghast at the thought of a truth. He worked for the town and he could grave he kept main street playing the to. He can press around the city Hollister reflected now think a lot more grass because when he was don't have enough. But now he worked. Thirtieth son become appear in pulsating. In early. He'd make sure it would no transitional sending there was no trash on main street from tired tonight. You know he just that he painted he. All on his owner was a good day for all they Wiki pages. You know he just got paid for via. Doing you know he didn't think I can actually get paid for considered his company debts. Because he and having enough swimming. I've built those model airplanes that he isn't an early letter that's kind of you know latest we can he took pride in what you've done keep finished ninth especially main street to. He Kampala claim from. Not everybody that maturity what a cool crash inspect all weekend went. You know what nobody working you can approach remain about the nutritionist. The opposite of the litter book for sure try bugger off Griffin right yeah okay deserved liked him anywhere in town. No the tour yet he dents and paint and paint a mural on into mobile and anyone else. Did and I was exposed to. He really the villain so exhibiting I thought there was a lack of vandalism in the know and I know event that is laid out make sure it would Tagamet. If he always he is always in the Christian for a okay. Cadillac played like a give her hope. Oh really yeah any had a had a war going man had a a rampant pocket doll power invisible dog bit of I remember those heat down. Cadet at every year you know. There's came out I think this came out like the seventies already done that he got to allow come I don't know how well I'm gonna see him you know. I had an invisible dog I was in love. He member not yet commonly chief from the 1976 Olympics chip pot head over heels fell in love with a dark thoughts in mind visible dog was Nadia -- but I'm sure she would it be honored to know that so so Booker Griffin who who else noticeably of the big characters in town that if we were to write a movie about Fort Mill and we just have to include him. Well it not a guy was up downing will wrap the cut in the black reward Willard. Louder and louder. They are out of the Blackberry awards. Okay it they always kid him that you know you depict black period have a good life had have a license. They drilled I was at what he said that's what it always is key to bring these up. Inventories of one hit glad you had a Gladys Knight picked blackberries so and you couldn't pick one it would right. Well it's hard to see if they were ripen in the Nolan I'm a fit. But he couldn't hit a flight Friday that you know that's what. So he has all the rules about blackberries are they mess of people about it all right this went on he was. Local baseball we're back in his younger days and then they say a good ball where her but I it is. I never did make him make it's not like anybody I was. Pretty good athlete you know not to your knowledge they used to have like the tech stole league's don't you were stories that Shoeless Joe Jackson started and attacks delay have they ever. Every meal tam attained. Yet so they pay they don't have ballplayers. They would hire players to work in a male two yeah. During helps make sure that money go through their hopes up makes it yet they make sure to head to make sure they give ballplayers take. Let ticket thanks yours now. I'm sure you're familiar mineral was right down here paglia so us you know Jason. Have you ever suggested to him that when he makes a Blackberry pie perhaps they should call do you do Willard louder. We'll take your every thought is that with so much better than the bugger grip and my daughter I came up this. Component plants so far none have thought about this size that's two of the characters who also loves doing you know about this stuff. Oh lord stuff. Conflict what it while you're thinking about let's. He jump or can you bring up mr. Dick on line two is name is Dick and I called himself to hear him and Dick you've got a family history story Fort Mill what is it and a M and worries on the line is will also be nice to have. Do you know do you know army. Oh OK we'll wearing this is Dick Dick mrs. Norman I don't. I'm doing well thank you guys are best friends of Bob Harlow. It to a vote for the person who used to work on my yard got broke out a group out there on our whole group could grip it. Company. And then the drug Brodeur can put them at that time and usually go down to atletico has thought that maybe it's for a long I'm not sure. And he's their problem colonel. So and so and gotten involved is mills a loud. Or that was essentially there really liked it really like the girl. And not all of it colonel Bryan is Brady from what McConnell at the time. He was in the purple on factual but. And it came back from the first floor of a major. My man of the fact or law became a kernel but allow it's it's what kind of thing I think crime I was mentioning risque. That the colonel. Springs. Would draw off as someone make up for a short. And what was. I have joked I know we've got top reserve and I'm may have won some oil. Hey I'm ready made sheets. God between countries. And Indian brought civil fine. On the shape but they have much. They're the beautiful maiden. Standing next terrorists. And the caption underneath that was how to make up brought punishable in Beijing. That's how hot hot hot hot cup that I brought down a word. Grand over the appreciate yeah that's a little little tantalizing there and I think they weren't real hot and bothered remind me three to five minutes alone to soaking both Dick I appreciate you go thank you so much if you are you. Joining seminal work. 5711 to do you remember those ads and yet and I. I was a kid yeah he he had several. He. They some override risque drivers. Bacteria but for the birds if you got to remember this is in the fifties. Right yes so you have to come up as they had you know I don't know who the thumbs up what people hate that they had to meet his. Frank hit his standard that would what he won't admit yes rights in the Carolyn liked the ladies. So I guess that was the minimum. Alarming what she addressed for your barber shops is a vacancy at 230 mine streak to thirty main street warming gets word that you'll have good looking hair on the head there after the show up it's 1127 a break him back this is there's 1110. Not an entry WBT.