Vince Coakley & Daniel Horowitz


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As you know Mitch McConnell snout out with the new Republican health care plan. And the margin mandating use tight. Highly questionable whether this thing can actually advance. And highly questionable at best as to whether it should advance. Joining us to provide some insight on this argued for an over served reviewed Daniel Horwitz welcome back man. Great you. So I don't know what do you have new to say this time around because I mean. These folks keep pulling out the same playbook of progressive legislation and it's I suspect we've got more of the same year in another form. On Nellie is exactly I mean. Everyone was looking all week for the Russian connection with the rest conclusion that think we found the collusion between the Russians in the Republican anatomy now Republicans have embraced that. Soviet style health care. And pouring community. I mean that. At the Russian cameo talk radio collar quick conservative buddies that are they're for quick instead of a principal on need and their focus now erupted on junior Don junior Alex green. It would be interesting to get and an administration and a and a Republican no party and Republican congress. If we're actually getting the good you know it's funny that Democrat about. Party they'll circle the wagons around the Kindle that each respective died and certainly the Democrats hypocritical immediate hypocritical but our side being a little hypocritical to. Com but I'll leave that you're getting your policy get delivered like a Democrat to their credit that we're fighting we're defending all the the bank common Russia purple. For what you get what mom all we did yesterday was seeking to build that kept. 96% obamacare and just made ninety Britain made 90%. On the Ian stone told now being. There right in the stopped either everything on not to mention Medicaid expansion but it's really direct than that but he's. That the most the middle class but don't wanna be subsidized don't wanna be on Medicaid. I'm they want options they want our health care and medical insurance. Industry that looked more like an American supermarket shelf not Venezuelan supermarket shelf. And. You Republicans have refused to recognize that the only thing that he want to Turkey where the tax increases which are really kind and gentle though it did change here that be less. The two were the largest tax increases on the three point 8% surcharge on investment income for the wealthy and then now. I'm match up point 9% payroll tax on those earning more than 250000. And then the reason why they kept added because it became leaving get a score for budget reconciliation of the budget cut you imagine all of repealing obamacare but I'm not. Cutting the budget because they're not repealing it. And the need more funding to on entitlement. That's why they're keeping the tax increases and another seventy billion. For the insurance spell out first single Payer. In addition to a 112 billion and the first round on Anthony's throw another fifty billion oatmeal lead crisis now. I'm when you have an open border and you allow the drug cartels to bring in 95%. Of the heroin and from Mexico. But can you spent fifty billion on Opie oh I don't know what that means but make them feel good. But he would out beat threw in more spending for Medicaid. And then you know so what do they do to attract conservative. Com that's where that crew the man to come that I could you know tablets and indeed eco that he'd like. Sure while Howell is his proposal different then. What's been offered here by Mitch and company. Short still had to be very clear on you know this is not what cruise only wanted. Mom to be very clear crude hate this spell. You know he's just trying his best when me they were actually not doing what you won't orbit trainer so he's trying to find is there any way I can just throw in L Marion. You may be made something some sort of plan that may be. Exactly did they meet before I eat break it down until light and it does anybody know what they proposed indeed garbage. And I think crude make mistake but hang onto it. I understand what he's doing and and just be clear that does not recruited bail in eight states ED hate to. Com what what in what's going on is on. Even without getting too much in the details of the main problem that everyone supposedly until now recognize that obamacare was that. In order to the so called deal with the chronically oldham preexisting conditions which by the way they problems created by original government intervention. In health care and health insurance. It may eat that we're gonna ball in higher market we're gonna make were gonna mix it altogether. Or not that underwriting risk adjustment. Mom we are going to attorney insurance in two sounded unsure. I'm still working and may keep their insurance companies cover actual early and balancing the. And then therefore everyone will have to pay the rate of the. Rather than I relating to minimize the problem and just directly. Up that amendment separate risk pool. Which by the way most state did indeed pretty successfully but one bit Obama can be just uploaded then. I'm so it would it would contrived problem in order to take over an entire healthcare system. That was what everyone recognize not to your Daniel Horowitz mean spirited purist. Evil conservative but even your lovely mainstream Fox News to Wall Street Journal. Mitch McConnell type Republican bill that that does not my thing. So what crew of the leeward saying is that. All right you know let's shift. Do you wanna cover two had a separate risk pool that the government directly up that I did meet those people. But doesn't have the bad director of the country and certainly doesn't regulate directly country and they can't get that purple that. There in the premarket for everyone out. Now they're the tried. And tested. Strata gum from McConnell and Ryan to be done for many years. In which become not heat concern is that they're conservative and they keep being. You only can say no to everything uncle what they do would be fox now what we wanna do which by the way it. Nothing novel the GOP platform at the province. But somehow were evil first suggesting that we solid. And they hate what to connect seek big ticket UD. Dividend yield being a conservative they're always gonna stand and the always have couple idea actually able here's what I want you to join on about build an arm don't have a dot. What they do then if they seek a couple war of the verbiage of your plane. And they package it into pundit Andy pinnacle they eat wheat pit didn't plan. All are you still get a vote no or this just about blocking everything we do. Still be put in the very top position even though he kind of after that the plant what they do here at the ticket to Rick pulled plan and make it all one poll. City they dipped into the crude amended debt that debt because offered Sherrod could offer non compliance plan better cheaper. Here's the deal. They also have. Hacked off for the good. But wasn't. In that same poll that like Spain and Japan and on the light kept your body on fire with a blowtorch but I'll give your other arm. Any theoretically you'll be all applied by cheaper plan theoretically they could offer and and but can't beat department that people or that he won't be much cheaper. On each of the questions that open up some sort of it and you nonetheless I mean crude might feel a dollar and. But but but that should you know the deep on a speed when he did accrued amendment act what it means. So it's really ultimately not a cruise amendment. In the first place they pre written. Net they'll add an awful in conjunction with the broader bailout and stopped that he is meaningless because. And that day. Why is it that premiums skyrocket because it the government monopoly why they're government monopoly. Why they're government sponsored monopoly bodily will we have under Obama care and under the OneCare it worked then single Payer I mean. Armed because adventure socialism or crony capitalism at work because you get the work element of the bar of the private sector and government control and neither of the benefits. T get it they're inherent greed in the private sector and I need that bet that. Generally can be directed towards that but we're all greedy you wanna sell the you you wanna get away with the cheapest car then getting the most. And you know Diet Sprite is consumers are greedy did. You reach an equilibrium with organic consumer demand what happened period consumers cut out. Because eighty there's no competition good the reg. To that went down South Carolina you know how you bet I'd insurance of one insurer in the entire state. Mom of the crowd was he'll do whatever they want and then they yum. You know. They're regulated on the other hand in their subsidized by the government in three ways they thought that the consumers but only those under. A certain income level but the key. You know I am not cover I think 20000 a year for garbage and I'm not you know Howard you know you know that our our big topics for conservative review it in Greeneville. From our staff down there at getting hosed on the Merrill ended the equated and it's the pretty bad South Carolina really bad could hit one ensure its monopoly and ended up city come in. So what they let they yum pattern though. Hold that he thought in Vermont because we've got to go to a hard break and you hold out of this is that you wanna go this example and I have another question askew as we continue. The Vince Coakley reaffirm we're talking about the alleged obamacare repeal. Republicans are advancing here I wanna get to Daniels example and another. Very important issues we continue. We talked with Daniel Horwitz conservative review and side you give an example I want to pick up with what you Wear and described in the impact of this health care bill. Jerky if you picture the airline industry that they yet that outlet airlines. What could not Southwest Airlines from charging a thousand dollars per ticket like green go to Washington DC. Late day all the consumers wouldn't tolerate that they need to Laporte the media the deal here is period nowhere to go out went South Carolina government. With the regulations. Create a monopoly promote crop. That they are able but then you know under the cover of a car now all the regulations well back to where the thought he'd come in om and there's three pronged fat people that they weak at that people commit consumers but only below turning gone on to purchase. Thousand dollar ticket then we thought that the state to make it stable and then we'd that the deal would directly bail out the insurance then that deep but the airline. In order to cover the cost the regulation. Then you can now raise the cost to without it and indeed he'll continue reaping because now you know that the government and the pop and the politics. Control. The market and not organic consumer commitment to you got. Had to work your way. You don't have to pander or or serve the customers really because the customers the government. The government and you've got problem of health care they are the arsonist directing up with the firefighters. They are the problem and that's what did build our. To to get. Active due back in that we do adequate amendments went wouldn't leave the oval that you could all the all for them cheaper non compliant planned. That meeting let it in addition to read the back about the recoup the money and get out there that landed a look at this in the same principle but that did not that he ought to apply to those. So they're not innate need to make them cheaper because they did and it could be that the guy and the ballot I mean this is. It is still the standard that we don't have the party that believed it but then again we don't have a party that believes in these big on self evident cute you know I did. I'm sure you got my email I just been doubted her on the. Am I get started. I was about to ask you this is let mind boggling. Let you wanna know why they don't understand pre market helped get what they understand the Y chromosome via. Let me give you the concept position from two amendment vote last night he brought the house floor. That annual and and down the main problem is not a spending figures a lot of debate over you know we've we need more hardware we need more troops. But what worked in the destruction of policy. And social engineering in a military. And there were two amendment. Won it to. Stop paying first exchange operations and hormone therapy. Another one too to strip out a provision that committee put in there too. Make it part of the mission of the military to but he had a bite the weather. Com. No they were both voted down into and other words let me just put that together for you. That human beings on an immutable Lee changed the way there is that opined. But at the Y chromosome are not. And but but you know again that that's bad enough. Well we're talking about a military at a time of war do you keep the destructive nature that the one could. Could sign up immediately get a commission but they're not but then wait money because they're not deployed for two years to get two years. On to get that castration and then you know hormone therapy. An and an act it believes at least certified that there. Unstable and that gender dad and which peaked like two years or something in their mind whatever. Is to get Tom. It again you're not be religion you know I mean god forbid that we like W natural law like you know that it may and that. We kind of referenced in the preamble and declaration not and and I'm not going there I'm just saying. In a Mitt includes typically and midnight geared up on that they can jungle meant and got a Ito with a mullet and I ran. Get the transgender brigade on you and networking up like the climate I mean. You don't you would think located at something that may be the three most extreme Democrat to vote for every single Democrat. And 24 Republicans to keep the transgender thing out that you Republicans they keep the global warming amendment undoing what that but you know but it's worse than. Let me get suppose that the health care. All these votes are pretty close and watching that a couple other amendment so much gimmickry now. You know whether it worked out it's called hope yet but no strategy he leadership really agreed with the rent only got thirty seconds by the way Daniel. Back to remember how with this. Crude is being butchered by leadership bright meadows remember they were armed with these men when they wanna get a vote edit them. They get it and then but noted the 24 just do what they want because of leadership really deep down agreed at them and they're relieved that they could then put the amendment. The Republican Party we have. Just wonderful absolutely crazy we can always count on Daniel Horwitz to review what's really happening. In the nation's capital and most of the time it's not the Democrats that are doing the crazy things it's the Republicans. Thanks for coming on and it's always. Enjoyable and maddening.