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Good Sunday morning to you expense Coakley a news limited many 93 WBT. Most of us have watched the images. From Texas Louisiana. Pretty horrifying. Pictures that we've seen in the rescues. The devastation down there. But there are some people who decide it's. Watching just wasn't enough they have to do something about this. Among them members of the Western Carolina University fishing team. They went down to Texas to help in the aftermath party. We had a bunch of college students here basically. Took the fifteen hour drive. Not just with themselves they took votes with him in order to rescue people. One of these fine young people involved in this effort Zach talents. Western Carolina University who joins us on the broadcast this morning. And he's gonna provide some perspective on what has happened here good morning Zach. Airborne all right sir and its first off we just think this is absolutely cool what you have done here. What are your thoughts year after spending some extraordinary days down there. Were you. Really. A life changing it and you really in great seat. Not picking thing you have to granted when he goes down there. The only people who just about everything that they don't take it away from. So quickly you know you never. If you never take anything for granted again. Giving a sense of some of the things that you were involved and once you've got their kids I suspect she pretty much hit the ground running. Yeah we did Rea. We were probably. Target to be learned their morning about midnight. And we we Gartner. Lake Charles, Louisiana. About duke law when they afternoon. And from there we drove we met up with some people. From this organization called operation members. I let Monroe Louisiana and we go. To orange stick it in that department for the boats in the water. We we dropped the boats in and we immediately started picking people but immediately we figure. The first day second day. When the windows or we would always news to political writer exit. And we rooted and payment for the vote in it. Arm and we look and look for people pull our own. Are people who were. Trying to get out of her own. You know we got him there is much more rural areas. But it picked up quite as many people there. Give us a sense of some the stories that you experience along the way what are the ones that stand out to you. Yeah. For me personally there. The first earth he's how the part of was a nine year old woman who has completely mobile. In her home. So we got her. And we had a loaded in a wheelchair and weaker competitor in the boat Washington wheelchair. For me that was I was. Pretty incredible then when it goes that we that we met with them and worker or rumored here. Null and Greenwood from. Monroe Louisiana he has. He's a single father of three troop. Two year old triplets. And here is that there witnessed. Him or he's. And it electorate you today our first date damn there was another single father Tripoli who is a whole month younger than his. Those that don't incredible. Just how dire the circumstances were me you describe this this older lady that you rescued. What did you find when you've got to their homes. As you know the Lou they target for her house armed. It is you know we walked in the door and you can feel hardwood war buckled. On from the water it was just war. I needed the offer that you just floating around. So we're about waist deep water. And their she was she's there is from Michigan and the news just sitting in the law. Her. Kittens. Where yeah. Is it to be heartbreaking to watch. It you order them read. That back recruitment. And I issue with many of these people the clockers really taking bets that these folks certainly could not have been left. In these homes indefinitely. In this water that this was life threatening. Yeah. A lot of it was it. There still are people who is they wouldn't leave their own. He you just couldn't convince them. Otherwise you can convince them believe they they had to stay another. Another. Lady who is around ninety years old Fiat are an outnumbered Orton can't order doors. About knee deep water. And she said her bed will deride the shoes and they their. Kids. And I'm sure they had to be difficult to leave. Yeah yeah I mean. Immunity. Are it is a part of heartily. I mean there's no you know it is. I do my part that offer so but they. If they don't want and I. Can't force them. How he rescues did you guys take pardon. I think. Our team combined to win it. That Phillips from operation members to agree at BP to use. We herded them cattle in Oakland and got her some cattle and we that he won the F a what was that like herding cattle. That loses. That related that was a different experience in good don't at all by him or her record vote. How many how many cattle we talking about a year. Ago then maybe. Wada list been rioted and it cats and meet it's almost as difficult I think to try to get the cat. You know in that kind of blew you cure all kinds of jokes about herding cats. How did you pull that off. Lewis the cat was actually trapped on the ballroom of the Chevy Silverado. They wouldn't you know it only had a few inches into the rest of the truck was completely under water so. They're yeah it was it was that had the windows on the for a while. So we we got a bit before it completely submerged. That is pretty amazing and as you said here's act this been a life changing experience for you and I'm sure other members of the team. How does this affect you going forward I assume you're going back to school on Tuesday he. What do you expect in the future here. You know who really. Don't expect anything to be different. Because we went out there does do what we thought we had to do. You know we knew we didn't go looking for publicity year period in Iraq edit it on our. We're just gonna. Hit to her head down and you truck and we're here. We're gonna keep having meetings were actually efficient together tomorrow. You know outer I really don't know what to expect him. But your lives have been changed no question about it oh yeah. Zach talents. We absolutely appreciate what you've done and sharing your story here and we certainly wish you the best of luck correct. I think there.