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Saturday, July 15th

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And advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for many of us. And she carefully evaluate before investing. Seats we'd see. Each. Hello and welcome to the show you real estate today I'm hall Jamieson I am your host. Of the show your real estate today were so glad that you are where this this is one of those rare occasions where. I am pre recording today it is not alive. I'm an attending a family function out of town. But. Doesn't matter. Any day you talk about real estate it's a good day so. Glad you're Willis and hope that you'll tune in today I have so many different things I wanna talk about I'm excited to share with you. Right now just mechanic give you a market update of what's going on. The market right now we are seeing is still very active around the fourth of July we typically see a little bit of a slowdown. And I guess. You would know why and that would be. Everybody is that the breach. I got thumbs up from DJ on that. Nobody's gonna announces 'cause their bacon. In the sun. And what citrus thing about the market right now though. Is we are seeing. That still that price point under 400000. Is remaining relatively active we're seeing a good amount a showings were seeing a good amount of activity. We're seeing people. Getting pre qualified and houses moving off the market relatively quickly. The price point above four typically even about 56 and seven. Is relatively. Soft or. Seeing average days on market depending on how high you go anywhere from 94. 95 days up to 228. Days. And I think that's a sign in our market that. That that that is a little bit more of a slow mover I think rates. Will remain relatively low and I think there's still. A tremendous amount of stability. In the marketplace. And one of the things that I think to make it come on our comment on that that is important is that. I this morning wanted to talk to you about some secrets to sell. And the very first and most important especially as it relates to that pepper and market is really. Price. You know I think if you pick up a newspaper right now you see that. There's a tremendous amount. But as a around our lack of inventory and that's true. We are down to an extremely low level a couple of months. Worth of inventory and in a lot of price points a whole lot less than that. But I think what you're seeing is that a lot of the folks in the upper price points 506070800000. Although their values are much more stable. Their pricing themselves. Too hot. They come out too high they're priced too high. And they're just not move it. And that's a reality that all. Sellers in that price point really need to think about look at and talk about with their agent. You know I am. I am a proponent of Maxima as they should. The proponent of Maxima is nation which I just made up means. That he get the maximum value. For your home. The relative equalizer there. It is time on market appraisal. Condition. Demand. Area. Pool of buyers. Lay out type a neighborhood. What's actually more than one equalizer that equalizers. That play into that scenario. So. Let me be clear on net. Well if we're talking about of my secrets to selling price being the first one let's talk about it in the upper price bands for a minute when I say that let's just. Lump it all in over 400000 dollars. So over 400000. Dollars. First of all. Don't be one of those people that price you or 400000. Dollar home at 405. Price it at 39299. 'cause let me just tell you when people are behaving in their looking for a home. They're thinking and fifty and 100000. Dollar increments right so if you're out searching and year on Carolina home which is probably the most accurate searching site itself their Carolina home dot com not zillow people truly are some of the others those are not. As accurate go to Carolina home or go to my Jamison homes dotcom and search through the website that has a direct feed. People will search. And a. 30354045500. Increment this I wanna be in this price range so if you're priced at 405. Everybody searching up to 400000 dollars just mister house. And I bet you if I bought you an offer for 400000. Dollars he would take if your priced at 4 o'clock. I saw one the other day. I got a little aggravated. I saw one priced at 400000. Fifty dollars. Was it. Are you trying to be cute or something. Net oh that's really not a Smart way to pressure home pricing is very very critical. The other thing in pricing. Is. Is is very interesting it reminds me of the herd mentality in the stock market. Bright so you have. Three homes for sale in your neighborhood. You see that the homes are selling quickly so. The first one sells for 200. The next one sells for 205. The next one sells for. To post seven so you price sure home at 225. That's not what you should do you look at a days on market. You look at Howell the other homes have been priced and you priced competitively. Because what's the best way. To get the most money for your home question mark well I'm gonna give an answer. It's too price at at a place. That is perceived as a strong value because you'll get more offers. You'll get more demand. And you may even see prices over here asking price the caveat though is let's say. Let's just pretend okay your home is worth 400000 dollars and for the miracle of on demand. You're a great. School district or you're in a great area and there's nothing else available and you get an offer. Her. 151000. Over asking price. You're jumping up and down for joy these buyers have to get alone. They're gonna get an appraisal. But every other house compare horrible comes up and around 400 and your warden for fifteen. When in the buyer's bank comes by to do the appraisal you're gonna see an appraisal at right around 400000 dollars. That 151000. Dollars is is going to either have to be given up by use the seller. Or it's going to have to be given up by you the buyer. And if the home doesn't appraise. You have to be prepared. For those kind of adjustments. I had a recent case as a matter of fact this morning. Home listed at 140. One. When under contract. For Warren 45. And the fire needed 4000 dollars in closing cost. Well guess what the home appraised at 141. Where it was listed. So. The buyer asked for 141. With 4000 in closing cost. Guess what we set. Now. And the reason we said now is we had six offers. We didn't we took that off first base sent an email and said we understand were asking for an elevated. Listing price on this property and we understand that we. Where we may not appraise and were aware of that difference and willing to make it up now they sent that in a name. Now when the actual appraisal came and they saw it. They've vehemently denied it and said we didn't put anything in writing that we signed. So oh. We said to legislate. So. I think pricing is really critical. And we're gonna talk a little bit more about that and many other things. Related. To your home on the show your realistic today so stay where it may Columbia where the on Saturday. Even F 53 recording will pick right back here on WB TE. Well comeback kid showed your real estate to the hall Jamieson coast with Jamison realty with killer whales and Jamison property management we serve our. This region in this community and have for quite awhile and we're excited. To be sharing Saturday with you talking about my favorite subject and of course that's realistic so thanks for tuning in whether us. This is a rare occasion when I am pretty recording. But I've got a lot of con tent that I prepared that we're gonna share together. And you know I may go off on a tangent or to behave those regular listeners that are always with me on Saturday you know that just comes with the territory. Self. If you have questions from today show when you wanna reach out to me just give us a call 704846. Done. 7048463663. You can reach me. Any time at that number happy to help happy to talk to our cell. At the break and a before the break we were talking about price I went off on a tangent about that and value priced home. But if you really look at it let me give you the key. Okay I'm giving you some secret sauce on not giving all of it but I give it to you if we set them together. The secret sauce to pricing is not just what your neighbor got okay. It's important what your neighbor got but remember each and every house is usually not the same size and not the same appointment not the same location. Here is the secret sauce. Are you ready. DOS. Diaw and he says what his deal. Days. On. Market. Days on market DO OM that is how you price a home. You look at. What is it going to take. To price this home. Within any strategic. Amount of time now remember we talked before about being in the upper price points of over 400000. You already pretty much you know at market price you're gonna see. Ninety plus days on the market. Pay attention to those numbers. If you're in the lower price points. You look and see if you've got pricing in zero day he's one days five days on the market. You need to price appropriately. In relation to that typically year in multiple offer and there are things going on now. Let me add a caveat to that is well. When your pricing home and you're looking at compare balls you also look at the pictures of those compare bulls. If you're home has granite counter tops and the other home that sold in X amount of time had a four Micah. And not updated cabinets or different things that you had not done you have to take those into effect and the reverse is the same. If the ones is sold quick can't granite counter tops had. Updates they've redone the bathroom they fixed that would force they've done all the things and you have not. Price yourself accordingly. You know. I will say. That one of the biggest things that can affect price. Is gonna come later. Talking about maintenance gray outs and cleanliness. We will talk a little bit about that but if I'm saying all things being equal and I'm setting the pricing of the home I'm looking at. Days on market. I'm looking it compare both pictures to see where you stand related to the rest of the neighborhood. And I'm strategically. Looking at. What the expectation will be and communicated if you're in an upper end home that selling over 400 or 500000. Dollars. Right out of the gate I'm gonna give you the dose of truth that says. You're not gonna sell tomorrow and more than likely you will not be in multiple law for now there are some exceptions to a guy. But I really wanna talk about that tree mechanic. So. Price it to say. Our. Let's move on we have beat debt forced it there. Second. Color. One of the most impact full things. In selling your home is color color is. The real key. To. So many different things I think I read a stat to you all last week that talked about the color of the do more. Than. Here are some reminders of what those things look like all right so. Let's talk about interior walls. If you. Pay any terrier walls blue or light gray. You will sell for 5440. Dollars more than those with white walls. I. Can color hurt you. Yes it can't. If you haven't terra cotta had dining room. Or are bright red. In your face dining room. You will sell for 2031. Dollars less. And white bathrooms. Also sold for 4035. Dollars. Less. Now I'm looking for the stat that I had about the front door. I don't want to misquote it but I think. You're exterior door here I found it. If your exterior door if it is painted to shades of dark navy blue or slate gray. It's sold for. I don't like their shows were like I pause. Would love her list that. 1514. Dollars. Mo war. Slate gray. Or dark navy or slate grace sold for 1514. Since. So who says color does not have an impact. On your home it really does and I got to tell you. This there's this guy. Everybody knows and he's he's outstanding in his field meaning he's famous. Frank over east white paint everybody knows frank. That did can help you put together color palettes that can really help you sell your home. Collor can hurt you. But it also. Can help I mean that is real real money okay now. Moving well. Let's talk about. Staging. Staging. Is. One of the secrets. To say. Why you ask his staging such a secret what don't you. Because. When you walk into a home. It has to be able to communicate. To the buyer. That they are able to live there. I'm so let me tell you about the first misnomer to stage. Is staging only on the inside. In new. It's not where to staging start. Question. Like. It starts the moment you drive up to. It starts from the curb appeal. All the way to the front door on that like grade front door mr. now gonna paint and after the show. How many people are at the paint store right now didn't like great pay. OK so. That staging does not start. Where we think about it I mean what talk about the obvious stuff but let's talk about that non obvious stuff first. Fresh mulch colored flowers. A yard that doesn't look like it just got. Burned out by the sun. Trees that are not dead and leaned over and all part yard ballistic spider webs everywhere. Make that front appearance. B rocket. So that when somebody walks up to that door. They're already. Feeling like. This home is welcoming. And inviting and what was that I heard somebody say the other day. Makes me just yearned to come on in because if the outside looks this good I can't wait to see the inside her. That's the kind of experience. That you wanna have on the outside now is it fun in 96 degree weather now though it's enough. So my secret TU is. Pay somebody. And did you get landscape. Art if you hate to do outdoor work like me there are people that like to do it more he just after a check. All right. So we've got to go to another break. I'm Paul Jamison your host the show your real estate today we're here on WBT. Have a great Saturday would you stay tuned we lots of talk about will be right back. Welcome back to please show your we will stay there if you're just tuning and they show is about real estate everything having to do with it. We're here to talk about it I'm Paul Jamison your host. I'm with Jamison realty. With Keller Williams and Jamison. Property. Management I am in licensed broker broker in charge. And in jewelry. What I do it's obvious this to those that are listening. We are pre recording today which is a rarity were usually alive during this time but had to hang what discuss. I mean were born after and I am by myself but data that shouldn't scary yeah. I've got lots to share with you and lots to talk about we've been talking about some things to do. To sell your home we've already talked about price we just beat dead animal to death. We talked about color and color and money. We're talking about staging but we also put some emphasis on the staging. The outside. First and that is a part of staging. We're gonna talk about the rooms to stage you know I think what I talked to clients about staging they gas. And they say wait a minute what's wrong with my stuff. How do you personalize I'll take all the pictures of my kids' aunt Bessie art dog that poker training with the dogs around the table. The man cave stuff that memorabilia I'll take all that now we don't need of stage and I'm like okay. Let's talk about the real definition. Of staging. The real definition. Of staging his let's pretend for a minute that we have identified who the buyer is freer home. Aren't and the buyer is someone between the ages of 34 and 45. Or 32 and 45. The millennial with a stretch. And they have a couple of kids middle school age that's what the demographic is for this neighborhood. And you're like me. You're getting ready to sell your on the older side of things. And you you have furniture that's also on the older side of the things. Art and you re put your house for sale. Well. When that young buyer walks through the tour. My house is clean. It's neat. Experience. But. They're not gonna identify. With my taste. They are just snuffed. Staging says that that person can see themselves living there. They see themselves there they feel comfortable there and it is inviting two of them. And you wanna say. Gracious can't they just look beyond that and see what a beautiful. How's this is my stop is fine it's nicer not by and my stuff bring your own stuff. Well. I like to tell you that that's true but it's. It's just not. You have to create the experience. You have to create the invitation. And it is your job to make them well. Yours real terror and yours job to make them feel comfortable. Invited. Welcome and at the home is up today because when we just tell you the one thing that you will hear. When. And if they were to write an offer without some changes being made. In order for us to purchased this house we're gonna have to make a lot of changes on being the buyer right now. So. You know we don't like this in the kitchen we don't like that in the kitchen we don't like this it's kind of out of date. And so what ends up happening. Is you pay. One way or another. And it picked cost huge 3000 dollars to stage the living around. The master bedroom. And some of the exterior living areas if they caution that. I'm telling you right now. That it would cost you double that. If it needs to be done because the buyer is gonna take that and say you know what. I've got 567000. Dollars were the work that I see that needs to be done so and study your offer B and 400. It's going to be. 39. That's how it works. You say well when we bought this house we did all that stuff. The seller didn't do that force what guess what. Things have changed and I need to communicate to use the power of staging to be able to transfer that if that is your buyer now. If you have a buyer that is. You know. Aging in place and they say this is their final resting place they're looking for a one level home with may be a bonus to throw the grand kids to get him out of the way that. So I'm familiar honey. So. Then. You know you're not look good for that same millennia old furniture looked. You're looking for something and that matches that kind of bar I'm not talking about putting door release on every table. All right. Just realize that mentality is different the experiences different it's not their first rodeo it's. They're probably third or fourth were. So the expectations. And the I ability to work through that process is different okay. So the keyed also what I said is spent a little money on the outside maybe the back you can stage a living area. Staters can help you with that war. He knows that in your new home you're gonna go out by some brand new patio furniture go ahead and buy it now put it that your home and take away. It's okay you can do those things. That if they ask you for the patio furniture. In the deal. So a you hoped that dual so Jordan what the bigger factor. You know. Who have wrecked and far. So there. You know it's so funny I have had people argue over pieces of furniture before. Or you know or refrigerator. Washer and to our people. Let it go it's used stuff most of diet. I love the refrigerator the way it fits in that space okay. Instead of doing repairs I'll throw it in make it work in the deal use it as a plug our power ploy. One on one negotiations stay as negotiate with stuff that you don't care about. That's how you win. So. And that's that's old age talking an experience that will will will work that's for another that are. Moving off. Price collar staging outside. Clutter. Oman. Clutter is probably. The number one. Thing. That. Creates. An experience. That causes people tend not see. The true gift of a space now. Let's just say. That you have limitations. That allow you. To. Have lots of things meaning you have children. And your still live in there and you you're doing the best you can. Let me give you some clutter tips. And these are simple but there are rules of thumb that can help you okay. First of all if you. I'm clutter any area of your house. I want you to clutter what I call the first fifteen. The first fifteen is the first fifteen seconds. Of where they're gonna go when you walk you know if your gonna I'm clutter any area if you kits they ended and and I'm arm wrestle and people I'm gonna go for the first fifteen and tree way. Living area main room kitchen. Les. Focus on those areas sacrifice whatever you got to sacrifice. Where the you've got a load every single cause that to the place where you have to put a warning sign on and Wear a helmet when you open. Do it. Okay second remember the garage. Although it's nice to have an open and empty garage is a safe is down. It is an area if you got to move some furniture if you got a ditch some stuff. Put it in the garage. That's the area that most women cared the least about it. So think about it that way our. Our role the show your real estate today. We're enjoying being with you on this Saturday even if it's pre recorded his one time. We'll be right back. Hello and welcome back to the show your real estate today I would do if you're just out tuning anarchy binge eating and we love. That talk what you about real estate we are pre recorded the day which is a rarity. Thanks for hanging in there we've got so much to talk about we're talking about some secrets to selling. You know some of this may you may be shaking your head on board everybody knows that well let me just tell you. I've been in house's lots of them and know they may know it but they don't do. And sometimes it's a difference between selling your home and not selling your home so who am I if you don't know I'm Paul Jamison. I am one of the top realtors in Charlotte I love what I do. I'm with Jamison realty with killer waves Jamison property management. I deal in homes all the way from investment property to luxury homes and we have a team of ten people. That work without us we are a strong group we also have a property management company we managed close to 300 homes for investors. In town. We love talking about real estate you what if questions for so obviously not today could you call in and I'm not there. 846 done 8463663. We'd love to help you would loved happy family would love to Serbia. At the break we were talking about clutter some of the obvious things I gave you the tip on the first fifteen. Meaning make that first fifteen seconds really pop I don't wanna walk in the door and see a picture of your family. I will because then I'm walking into your home I wanna walk in in my home I wanna walk in in my buyer's home. Make that experience. Warm and inviting for them are clutter has many obvious things as I said at the break. It's hard for a lot of people would deal with. Make sure your bathroom is free of all. A year personal stuff I don't wanna see your toothbrushes you're shaving cream your perfume sure lotions. Your calms your brushes. Make those counters completely clean kitchen counters. Completely claim exception may be coffee maker little coffee area with some glasses to make it look like you got a little coffee bar. Do not load up those counters Macomb clean open and inviting. Our. There's some obvious things are. Let's talk about. The beginning. Of time. When god created the earth and the heavens in the moons and the stars he said. Let there. Be light. And so there was light. I true. Related to selling your home. Agree with the lord. I say as I do in all cases. I say. Let there. Be light and lots of it. Because lite sales. Yes you have blinds and yet she opened them yes you have curtains and yet she opens. Let me define. Open. Open means. The slats. Turned. And a horizontal angle. And the the blind all the way up. And even with the one next to it so that the maximum amount of light is coming in and if you have those little Molly and things. Especially if some arm broken Molly and so those little wooden things that are on the outside that you tack to the side of the window. Consider taking him off. Their built inside the window. Obviously. Don't take them off a guy. Maximum light. Maximum visibility. I we clean the wind. Bedrooms yes you want to have a romantic setting. Open a land as open the lines bright inviting. Morning happy sunshine. Sunshine cells pokes it really does. All right I'm gonna try to keep move lead we're moving fast TJ good gracious okay. Are so you get the picture 01 more thing about light. Okay. Our market has done a great job is created light bulbs that are energy efficient. And they look like a pig tail. Those lights if you wanna use them should not be visible they should not be behind the clear globe. They should not be bald bald pig tail. Where they mismatch you light bulbs should match. And the pig tailed bulbs should not be the involves you can see. Use those on the lamps that have a shade. All right use other ball moves. I know that it might cost you an extra 25 cents for your power bill in the month all ball must match. Proper wattage. Bright bright bright all shades okay all right. Next may tenants. Are. If you're shower. Looks like. A black. Line to war zone. Or the engineer tub. Looks like. You. Have had a war. With the grout gotten. Fiction but a piece of molding there sealant. Make sure that the areas around the sank. Our. Mold free. The grout lines are smooth. Because those little details are what the women see. As issues. Make sure there's a there's a company and I'm not plugging them specifically called the grout doctor. If you got an issue caller grout doctor has guys can fix it and they're very reasonable price we use them and I really really like. Okay our. Maintenance around the front door make sure a the real Turkey and open it. Make sure there's not wood rot on the window. Make sure it's painted and maintained. Just make sure that the first impression things and the wet areas. Are handled and handled correctly. If you have a spot on your hardwood floors and I pull back the rug and I will pull back the rug. If your high and south. That immediately puts in mistrust don't hide it fix. It. Dated accents. David accents can help or hurt you related to the sale of a home. The ducks with a bonnets and the spinning wheel. If you're selling to a certain market it they're not gonna wanna see that. They are going to want to make sure. That you. Try. To make them feel invited. And I did see that dark wallpaper the other day that must've been really popular I don't know who developed that prince you know it comes with like the duck is on my pick cotton gin it through the term interest. Are the duck cast upon that's carrying a basket you know really nice stuff that I do like the pink stove I saw one of those things that's pretty cool. Our. Art so. Here's always talked about pricing color staging outdoors inviting let there be light water. Personalization to the seller give them a list of the things that's important to you as to why you live there. Maintenance. Dated actions. And make the home available to show by the way. Make it easy to show. Know that the more people that and the easier you make it the faster you're gonna sell. Our a case of let's go into the semi lightning round of a few more things in the hot summer. We're gonna talk about to make sure you sell and then I'm gonna give myself an advertisement and applaud so that'll become an. I might even sneak it in the middle cause he turned me off too early you want to hear. Are so. Number one don't skimp on the AC. When you walk again. Make sure. That I'm comfortable and I'm not come up Paul I mean fire is comfortable. Okay. Don't skimp on the AC don't turn on the downstairs and turn off the upstairs and make a break when we go up steps. Spend a little bit of money make it comfortable you know if you leave a consistent temperature cost more instead of playing thermostat jockey. Second. For the showings what you leave in the morning shades up lights are on. Watered up front yard. Pass do that. Pleasant smells. Watch this one those things that you can buy. Don't overdo it those things you can plot again. Although they make smell nice do you just so you know there's people like me I'm allergic to fragrances perfumes all of them. I get sick and I get migraine headaches you don't want him. There's buyers out there that don't wanna neither. Our queen the front door in the windows. One out of town the first week your house is on the market go on vacation. The clutter. Gives school information. If it's good. And put some color out by the front door some pots if you live where there's deer. Get a little bit a dried blood or blood meal they call it put it around the flowers dear won't eat it. Promise. Great time to sell we'd love to talk to you I'm Paul Jamison. Owner of the Jamison teammate for six done. 84630. It's 3663. Year on the web at my Jamison homes dot com if you're an individual investor we'd love to help you. So and manage your home. We have a strong property management and was there to serve thank you all for being with me on this Saturday got less. Talking live.