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Wednesday, May 17th

A source close to former FBI director James Comey confirmed that Comey wrote a memo in February detailing that President Trump had asked him to go easy on Michael Flynn, saying “I hope you can let this go.” 


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There's Leavitt today that I read a few brief T native Scott FitzGerald who's gonna win Colorado who do you think is going to win. When it comes to this whole memo situation between. Mr. Cummings and mr. trump 704571110. Preface saying hey maybe I got some tapes that might you know. Paint a different picture a different story incoming says hey come on bring. Bring on bring me on in there will allow stand in front of somebody here and then tell you exactly what is that I got going on and what I wrote. What it means and and just how tough to deny him. But you sir are gonna go down. The source says. That. Director called me was in the oval office on February 14 briefing the president to answer the vice president in the attorney general to leave room. And then according to. Call me writing in this memo. The president's said quote I hope you can see your way. To put out letting this go into letting. Wind blow. Dennis Kelly from the New York Times which. Says it has a memo from him call me. It was written after an Oval Office meeting they have with the president back in February memo which was actually obtained by the New York Times. By the way ahead they've had I've read to them hide associate with the former FBI director apparently in that meeting according to. Former FBI director the president said. Michael Palin knew that he had done nothing wrong with the FBI should move on from this investigation of awards to be effective. You can see your way clear to letting this go. Let's go. So the times near times are reporting that the president did indeed ask. Former FBI director James coming to end the bureau's investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn we produce now the story is out it's been a bandied about left and right. So who is gonna win if that this indeed comes down to a showdown. Between the president of the United States and Komi. Where each show's their hand and information that they have. Into whether or not the situation was with the president said shut it down don't go there when it comes to Michael Floyd please back off on this. What is your take 745701110. Who's gonna win the president or comic Jerry. I don't know good. Comfortable that. It's okay why. Because he ran and beat up eighteen people he'd beat up Hillary he told Hillary you are developed over second place but man. But one thing that whole entire world has trouble figuring out there that. The more you keep not come on this guy. The more he keeps getting better and see he's he's seen about settled for second place so he's gonna make sure that you know I think it's heightened terror. You know from beat some of that horse. Ever since he ran the election and you know a and then it picked up that they think somebody thought about the I believe that just that yet so I really thought about something bad about a. Would you Jerry cook. Gerri help me out here so the so combing says that this meeting right he wrote down some memos to himself and and and said that the president asked him. To back off via fly investigation the we're coming says is to quote is I hope you can let this go. And that could get the president and a bit of trouble here now the president is saying that never happened and I've got tapes. Potentially I have tapes you better hope I don't have tapes to prove this so might my question to you he is. Directly between comedy and trumpet head to head all out fight and amend the octagon. Do you think trump is going to win this particular situation still. Because we all talk and of course and more than it needs to be a great people could take my words are your words and make him. Take one or make it twists and and something totally separate. And tram that Ned Maine you know. What if if you're Smart person or your interest and you're gonna make sure you stay that what you're not space argued that they reg EC about dumb enough. So. Apollo or. You know. The people try to call ethics. Mud. And I'm still trying to track will be here and I don't know that necessarily. Viewed you're addressing the point pump. Green church audience pictured something if things out but the thing that you know what people don't realize Butler but he won't do anything they possibly can and. So try to get him out of proper to try to I think what's going on. No I and I understand that Jerry and you know and you're right that is that started back during the beginning of the camp that was soon as he said hey you know what. I wanna be a candidate and I wanna be the president United States mean everybody was jumping on in Dublin on Raymond. And anti trump and on and and obviously he did win I guess my question to you is and I think it's the real question is. Com he's not a dumb guy. And he has learned through the years based upon watching other people in the world of politics to cover his butt and if indeed he worked on memos. About what is meetings were like those could be used in court they could be subpoenaed and they could be used in court. If it does turn out that the president asked him to back off on the Flynn situation here. Do you think that the president will still win. Oh OK I appreciate your call 70457011. Tent. On what basis would you suggest that the president of the United States is going to be combing in this battle Chris. Get trampled went out again. In the water and and it's proved it again and again and again. And they'll find some even if it's not right though aren't so legalese they're making it go away. They went. He's gonna win and there's no question your mind this is firm this is complete our current okay no question. It's surprising you at just how much is stacking up against him and then it seems like the media just. Big. I remember I remember another DJ pitchers station mr. Hancock saying that. Trump would never be president. I thought a putt but I think he has that on tape I think he's admitted that. He is not afraid at all to cop to and he's wrong. We'll see whether or not anybody in this particular situation will cop to whether or not they feel like they're wrong. Still sources are saying combing says that trump tried to end the slim for. Who's gonna win here Trump's got a lot of opposition. What kind of chance does he stand your call 7045711. Tim we'll get to use their dues and I have a feeling your time. So who's going to win if indeed it comes down to a situation where documents and potential tapes are subpoenas had. Shut down the front of the Intelligence Committees are oversight committee Jason Shaffer to Utah's at yesterday's well and they issue a subpoena. To get that memo authored by former FBI director James coming out just came out of this week you said that his committee is going to get the calming memo if it exist I need to see. Sooner rather than later got my subpoena pen ready. OK so that's that one side of the situation your Paul Ryan. His spokesperson said we need to have all the facts and it is appropriate for the house oversight committee. To request this memo I don't like people that say I told you so. But you both know how much pressure criticism and he died talk because I was a one Republican who would not endorse Donald Trump would not go to the convention some people thought I did it because I was angrier or you know bitter weather had nothing to do with a other things that have swirled around this White House are the reasons. They cause me not to move forward. Fans and support him. Both in the primary. And going to that Republican Convention I'm just sad for the country because we have to get to the bottom of the us and I believe this is not a time for Republicans to hide. And I also don't think it's a time for Democrats to exploit. Interest think that's a form urged the governor Kasich of Ohio saying hey I told you so there's going to be problems with this guy and it seems like they're not ending they're just not. Ending at all and things are not didn't let go and show me she didn't Coleman says this known. Not gonna listen. Question took. The general when he walked free and I know he's a nice guy Jesse tonight. Part of the investigation has so many different things going on yourself. Who's gonna win 7045701110. The president of the United States or everybody that seems to be lined up against him Jason. Hey guys thanks a technical. On the first stop at a point but I also limited say. Are we just gonna get to the point where everybody tweets now like that the neat thing we don't actually ever release a press release that are popular public and you've just got to go under and tweeting like teenagers. But that's a good week a I'm. Everybody keep calling man and saying well you know trump can come up up front the letter from the winner count the winner yet everybody keep that you're gonna load doing all the Bronx got booted eagle Leonard he didn't do it. Well let everybody says Atlanta Armstrong with a win until until it came out there he was actually cheating in the near and I know how monorail so. I don't know how did trumpet on a bicycle but you know we'll see what happens let it. I think that mr. trump his both his testicles so I think that's unbelievable. Dead and now I doesn't work that way aren't sure you're stupid thought the point. That is beside the point I appreciate your car cheeks. It it was a rough for the GOP yesterday a red bear from fox he's saying you know we tried. To get Republicans to come on out and talk to us but as of right now there are no Republicans who. We're willing to go on camera as of yet and we'll see if that changes so it's it's been a little quiet. From the GOP side of the aisle Frankie do you think there's. The user vendetta or there is revenge in and comedies hard. No I believe he is real boy you can watch the dictator elected personality. I mean it is very borrow or partial of that pink and looked big he made both Hillary and up. I'm a strong guy and I think if this weren't are handed out this memo that they could they've got to back them it's gonna pick. Today it's. It it is amazing. That the circling the wagons and ended chatter and everything that's gone on but. The other thing is you know combing has been described as having kind of and god complex where he wants to. To appear to the world as if he is at the most self righteous V person beyond reproach. From anybody and that everything that he has done has been to protect. His reputation rusty coming vs trump first round number one who's gonna take it. Speak tries. Being hit it dead week I don't know what they got overwhelmingly elected and I will be honest with you who that Democrat. Still have. Our metric ton. Of subpoenas from Jason shape that this committee that they have a bill. You know they're gonna they're gonna eat the Maxine Waters and a lot to comedy goal. Not answering subpoenas I mean how the world a lot coming not in jail but what it to. Brought the vote. How Hillary Clinton not bet and I it. I don't think music or talk about they're talking about goal the wrote that article body. Because he wants this thing to go away when they're 35. Salary that Hillary let it still be that nobody's they were talking about charter boat or. Well you know what I think they'll actually go back I think they went and when when this is all said and done. If if the president ends up winning this particular go around this particular battle it's congress surprised me a bit if he doesn't have the Department of Justice in sessions and everybody below I'm. Start digging back in two. What Hillary did whatever Maxine Waters did meet all those folks who you're talking about on the democratic side who whose hands ain't completely clean. Dan is this some sort of comparison between some some evil person in the past and what's going on now. Well I don't police show up leveraged this through this it's going to be trouble drop I don't believe trot. All it's supporting right now in that now it just like Charles Manson called Bala. United we really thank Charles Smith instead to fight Jim don't eat like Kuwait. Trumpet got beat people brainwashed. It has now come and out. When when you talked to people who were trumps supporters. What strikes you about Demi you mentioned Cole how how does that manifest itself. Well onsite camping overall balance. There's just like it's like parking lot Charlton apple outlets Google not sure that helter skelter yep salute gas Jim don't do enough in addressing the cool agent baker can only repeat kill. Apple like shop at this power this brining water. So you think it's to drink in the cooler situation as long as there's that grape Kool Aid stand around your lips. Trump is gonna be almighty commie vs trump bill where do you stand. Well traveled from Florida or I don't know like your show thank you are gonna win because of record as the president also what's that. What we know that they only did that just hit notes once it got homework once things start happening I don't believe memo because we have to admit. The press and media are so corrupt and so fire they're they're due any day. Anything they can't because there's still upset that met Hillary got the stuff that gets beat off of her and November the measure colors. Are all advocating or supporting trop we want him to drain the swamp we know this no I have great hope. It depicts what is wrong in America because you. Are great even on your short not I think if you're not stepping out of Charlotte what I'm 77 coming into Charlotte so good luck. Good look. Forward to stay and he got out of Charlotte the station 110 eleventh and. Yeah we're at a Charlotte Cezanne on I 77 coming into Charlotte good luck have fun ride. I know about it in my hospital bill anyway. I'm can he really say it's worked well in the last few years course none back through Clinton or Carter but you know how messed up its so. So we'd support clock struck. Early and you know what a great hope being not a politician because McConnell and Ryan imposed that you re. They didn't mean they are incapable. Of helping themselves. We'll build up bill I I agree we view on that that those that there's been some serious dysfunction for a long long time. I don't know that we can say you know it. That saying trump is the hope for the future of government and draining the swamp I don't know how that particular statement although I agreed. I don't know how that ties in to what is going on. We have what he's bringing upon himself now granted everything he does is getting jumped on but there's a lot there's potentially a lot lineup against him here. Why why it's open I'm very angry look at Hillary always bring a Bill Clinton thing LA but he sure I mean oppressed didn't bring it up because what we. Look at what Obama did many many times from front then get our feet to the fact that it's here is the governor right in the hall all the stuff that. Do you think of the we had memos and recordings of the Obama administration. Just one conversation that we wouldn't be having this same conversation. Eight years ago if we are paid more. Conservative friends are more honest for escorts the problem with the threat to America. Well I understand First Amendment says that they can do with you know the freedom of the press but we also have the freedom that America. To turn the channel or so we eat what they're can't. Accepts in a 100% bill it is it is a choice every single day when you hear some then. Think about it process at the fact check it take a look at different sources besides just the one at that you initially heard it from. Can be a difference when what you get from Fox News and Drudge in Brice Clark then what you gonna get from CNN MSNBC. And NBC right shoulder and animal. We'll talk about it more coming up who is going to wind coming your trust in this figure battle Steve Janet event so you are on the way on WB two leading Charlotte's conversation. 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Apparently the question we're asking you this statement that the president make and we just let this go when it comes to Michael Holland. If it indeed. Bears out the thing that definitely does have these memos then they can be a difficult situation for the president perhaps as things move forward Steve who's gonna win coming your trump. But at a couple points related vice Versa all calling. Since that meeting with president throughout. Testified before three congressional committees. And never said a word about this which is. Crazy. But if it happened. And sec and if Cooley had a habit for a practice start preparing medals after report will be eighty patients feel all that level after meeting split. Loretta lynch and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as well. I agree we. Tiger gonna present. So Eric and I think it might in May go back we may re wind. And go back in time and go with history so. It this Islamic is that correct with the ABC that is joining us now here Harris and the White House all right it's good to have you here today so. Obviously there's a lot of things that are swirling around with India the world's media sphere and that would be the early intelligence and Israel perhaps what would happen with Russia. As well as the the memo that commie says that he has. Were you can be claims that the president asked him to tobacco off to a there's one thing go one of the new developments. Well a lot of people are having questions about this memo and it may end until we actually have it in hand and it's produced as a as a document that we can all look at and understand. There's going to continue to just be speculation about that so. No I'm Jason chafe at the Republican chair of the house oversight committee is demanding that the FBI produced that memo he's even threatening a subpoena. Lindsay Gramm just a little bit ago is calling. On the judiciary committee to to get James Komi in front of them to testify. Com and and we're even hearing from at least one Republican House member who says the dead enough is enough. And in an independent investigation. I had needs to take place. To look into these potential ties and really clear the air and I have to tell you the Republican leadership in the senate. Is really frustrated because they want to be talking about other issues yesterday they talked about health care and and unfortunately bared their own and they feel like they're being derailed they say buying all of this controversy coming out of the White House and. So what how long you think before there's some sort of official action and ended the request comes forth. Well the robe official request from chafe at has been sent salad to the FBI. I'm so to the zoo and has been sitting min says not a subpoena okay every request I'm an official request has been made. Come and with the threat of a subpoena to follow if the FBI doesn't produces documents so. We'll be waiting to see. If and when that the FBI produces down. I'm Barnum part of the issue is with any of these things. It becomes. It becomes questions of of confidentiality. Of what can be made public what is. Sensitive and privileged. But it's ultimately. Where we are right now is. The White House that continues to. To how these. Daily bombshell hemlines. That that they are trying to react to and where we're noticing a subtle change. I here in Washington both from Republicans who are no longer being so. So. Confidence in there coming to the defense of the White House now buried their much quieter than they had been previously. Com and we're also hearing from the White House has been a just a little bit of a change in their strategy instead of trying. To get out in front of the news only to feel like the president then comes out and changes the direction of everything what we got from the white house on this most recent headline. Is in denial about the substance of the matter. They say that that the president and the White House did not try and influence the FBI to drop any investigation but no further elaboration beyond that. All right alana is that with the ABC in the White House who witnessed today I appreciate your update as of right now if you remember back when when there was this testimony going on with. The acting FBI director McCain. He said there's been no effort to impede our investigation to date now but still kind of little nebulous whether or not McCain was referring to. An investigation into the possible ties between Russia and the trump campaign lure of the investigation into Flint. So that remains to be seen 7045701110. As the number who's going to win this year there's an addition to be a lot of battles. The president seems to be right in the middle of an as a run up arrows being aimed at him the biggest one right now seems to becoming Tim who's gonna win. I hope it's trump spoke about connect say it is. Called me see if keep starting attorney general. When he wasn't he doesn't make decisions cedar prosecute. Hillary Clinton or not he made that decision on its own and it wasn't his. His decision to make its position. With your partner tactic if we give Hillary. You know Democrats. Participation trophy. Maybe they'll quit Nortel patent game there's new game four year starter at Notre Dame. But it met Mandela the go get their therapy pony and a insert pet numb to it to calm themselves down to little self soothing. Janet the president blew under fire here commie says he's got a memo. But that says that the president asked him to back off I hope you can let this go now about the investigation into mr. Flynn what is your take on this one. The way I feel about it and there's impact the folks who are blindly following trophy you'll wake up and vote copy because that the issuer on the other foot in this sport democratic. I Democrat presidents doing the same saying everybody would be jump up and down about it I would beyond. Bandwagon as well. It can I find it interesting that. The backs are being turned now by the GOP mean. For the past couple weeks or so all we've heard heard the shrill cries from the far left and now. Do the right is starting to us say hold on just a second I'm not so sure that I need to it to inject myself into this particular conversation appreciate your car. Email from Sean I have to disagree with a caller who said. That trump. Has Republicans brain washed like Jim Jones in the Kool Aid. The folks at the peoples temple in Jonestown drank flavor raid first of all. Which is a totally different rainbow colored drink just say it. So I I guess we we could have them interchangeable perhaps has been a long time since having I had either one of a maybe that'll be on my agenda for today is it bad toe. Yes okay so make sure I got chicken sued his vets so that's how you pronounce your name. Yeah okay I'm glad that you called 704571110. When it comes to this particular battle. It may take awhile for to really truly come to a head although we've just heard. That it looks like the request has been made to the White House into the FBI to us to bring forth what has been written and what has been said. A subpoena might be following who's gonna win. Cops go away and what ever happened to that series. Where. A person could just a normal conversation without his word being hit it can you imagine. Air space nit pick. Hole hit reason words. I'm general Jack and I guarantee you didn't watch what he was saying and then and none. I don't know what another example would say a very a lot another apple would be Davy Crockett when he went to congress. You'd think they'd be watched every word he says. Hanging out. C. All mobile industry. The coal miners. The evangelicals. Also Donnelly are behind saw and their prayer or about the way well. I hear your battle end and I think there's a difference between watching what you say which is what we all loved. When he didn't watch what he said on the campaign trail he's the president. Which I think puts him into a discern different classification as far as whether or not his words need to be watched. Because everything he says now is official everything he says now becomes part of history and what he says he wasn't just not necessarily. Watching his words if indeed. He asked. Combing when he was the FBI director PS James commie point blank I hope you can let this go. The Michael Flynn investigation. That's got a new deep feeling to it did that that one is a little different than some of the other things that have been so bad. What is your take 7045%. Don't know 1110 inch Chuck Schumer is going to be talking about that. I think he's going to be talking about that just a couple of minutes here so when he does and he opens up his mouth. Will mind his words. Did you know. Blevins had not meant for WBT our hometown tour continues Fridays because there's going to be a war. Warm one but there will be on the inside of the trend building in downtown fort Nelson loved and if you'll come on out umi blow and Jamie mini me Josh Hancock mark Pearson I'd love to meet you man had would you meet me element mis use so will be doing all day long. WBT dot com we'll find out some more information here. Soviet collision is a gay collision course. Between. Former FBI director mr. calming and president trump when it comes to memos and whether or not indeed the president asked. Trust him to where the president as mr. comic to back off and let this investigation into a mister Flynn go. So who'd do we believe that's one of the big questions that's facing us as Americans today Steve. Oh yeah it's best for our trump and call me up but that was nothing more than the president trying to ask a favor in terms of Clinton didn't know the general goes honorable service to the notion of an edge or at all or. No the Democrats being the base. Impunity reputation as daughters integrity almost as if he's not he's a mole and Scott and certainly not a mole and serve this country of 45 years I believe he's a West Point grad. Carl so I don't think there's much of the story there. Well. He did serve the country. Any served a very very well for a long period of time. And that should never be taken away from him but if indeed. He did become somebody who is was jeopardized. By his relationship with the Russians. It doesn't wipe away everything that he did but it certainly paints a different picture. And puts a different sort of medal on his uniform at this point in time so. I don't know if he's gonna go down there. I'm still trying to figure out what would happen to him if they do indeed come up with. Some sort of a relationship that they appear they've had especially if it wasn't in the legal relationship. Maybe just the fact that he had a without disclosing it as what's gonna end up getting. Him in the real trouble here Cody trump vs combing its rock them sock them robots are you pick in the the. Lou another Edwin. And he brought up by its board now that. Has the president of the United States one one of your goals is the enforcement law. And Barack Obama while president. Chose not to prosecute. So here illegally or not they not to enforce laws on the books. Egypt not to enforce the laws surrounding illegal use of marijuana and the United States and literature is very publicly. Now Carly worked for truck. Lou I don't think that there was an impropriety. And trump at teco make. Be back. What. Is that what we are right this guy out to dry it would not drag it much. As Turkish port and trumpet our preset. Let the conversation happened between when the Russians. Tropic without the knowledge. That she would have expected that happen and if they want happening you been irritated at. I don't think that there's gonna be illegal. But even if there is. I think there should get to a special investigator could buy out their car company that you can expect. That BI director the worst president. Could be comparable or as giddy the president and the administration and I don't think it's reasonable to ask that the president. Not all are easy but have enabled site people work more. Like I heritage saying curry I I guess I would have to to question. Your statement about the FBI working for the president they wouldn't be able to investigate him. I. I think that they're pretty independent when it comes to that we've seen evidence in the past where the FBI looked into. A lot of different folks have been in office and it wasn't a partisan situation. At. During those particular investigation so what do you think would make it different now. I understand they buy it as a general rule it there's enough but FBI director of a little bit of an uncomfortable seat. After investigate. The first reports there. And I don't they chased a little bit under bush. More alert would go to the White House and greasy look at every day at the bush a couple of house but it with a brief Mueller. There's a very passionate relationship that I'm not sure that the FBI directors direct person could be that you can think they want it any well you. He then the FBI director doesn't report to the president directly did they report to the attorney general. Which there would create an yelling assistant attorney general and then to the attorney general and and there you would certainly have some partisanship. I know the Jeff Sessions he has said that he would uphold the law and he would always be impartial. Might be difficult I mean it's as sticky situation for everybody who's involved. And I mean it's going to be to be fascinating once this all unfold here so who's at fault for making this. Too much of a big deal when we look at the press is it just as they get not a hand. And the leaks. Will get in his later on the program here because one of the questions that I have is should journalists and a going to jail. When they release classified information or are the journalists just doing their job to keep tabs. On what our government does. Because and who haven't had a lot of people call this program to say you know up I don't trust anything that comes at a politicians' mouths and we probably shouldn't. We probably shouldn't there's a word. That begins with a guy. That has been bandied about the president says I because he's referring to high but any other situation BI stands for. Absolutely. As Jeff Toobin with say mid August is gonna play out on both the political level and that and a potential criminal trial level while sitting president. Is not going to be hauled into a criminal court. Good behavior and impeachment proceeding we'll certainly look to see if he's violated criminal statute. And that raises a real question has he now. Do we have evidence of a obstruction of justice. And and that raises the question of whether obstructing the FBI. Is an obstruction of job. And obstruction of justice that would certainly be something that would bring up the big giant I word. Which is being bandied about I tell you what. It's getting thrown around all like Halloween candy for the ouster of president trumping other member of congress wants him impeached is that impeachable offense and obstruction of justice that it. That this could lead down the road to impeachment but we work anywhere near that yeah. Are true are we getting. Closer and closer to the possibility. Of yet another impeachment process is it an impeachable offense given fact the president obstructing justice. So in terms of impeachment do you harbor. Any hope it's you won't find. Conservative legal mind can Max your desire to proceed with impeachment I think he can be. And perhaps even charged with obstruction. Of justice thank you Maxine Waters of. Very weird scene in Washington. I mean totally totally bizarre and we've heard protest Wright made those happen all the time so he sat. Note read my side at all like what it is that you're doing the other side says back off his. A right. So yesterday this was the sound of what happens in DC when some protesters ended up tangling. Would be bodyguards. Via president of Turkey. And this goes on and on and on emissions to the video is amazing. To see was sort of violence and they in these bodyguards there reduced to kick in people in the face. I mean to their pros so two people arrested one for aggravated assault one for assault on the police officer at least nine people were hurt. And again it was the Turkish president's so security team that attack peace protesters. What set him off was the protestors were carrying a flag of the Kurdish PYD party. Just outside the embassy and that's the one that they considered to be a breakaway province. And we're supporting them the United States is. Supposedly in the fight against our basis and Erdogan is saying limited days they want to change the ethnic. In religious structures in that region to use terror terrorism. As a pretext. Basically they had the Turks consider them to be a terrorist organization so we'll stay on top of that one point. So big meeting last sighted to say this seems like every time there's a a school board situation in the public gets involved in the go back and forth. It's at least three hours I mean it's as long as a you know is that. Fill in the blank director. There's movie you just can't take its union James Cameron movie we who can't just make the cuts. Superintendent Dan Clarke showed no signs of backing away. From the substance or even the timing of the student assignment plan. And I wanted to invite him run beyond who's an historian as well as an education activists in this EMS parent Pam under the program are you today under our current or doing great and glad that you witnessed here today so. What is your what is your overall take on this based upon. The history that you know of Charlotte Mecklenburg schools and how things have been you know assigned here or bust here and deal. Court orders in dealing with the feds where do we stand right now and is this an extension of where we've been in the past or is it a new direction. Well what I'm excited about really all I'd be coupled Billings there'll be a work such feel Perry I think there's a very clear parallel to the path. Appeared schools were done under but I think in yet understand their busing plan essentially. People were very upset initially but then people can't stand and make it what we're gonna make it book and it is the right thing to do and I think I see. There's going to bill can't fault. And said field. Bill what parents. Really doing as single well that was where the prince said well how can we make this work up when make it better for all kids so in that sense. I think it's a parallel to the very best. All of that. Okay Tom what do you see as far as being the negatives 'cause there are certainly a lot of parents who were upset. Threatening to pull their kids out Rhonda Lennon on the board said. The plan is sensible and board members shouldn't be swayed by families who threatened to leave she's a 100% behind this. Is that a big concern and well the well would that do financially if there's enough not folks Hussein forget him taken the kids out. Well I think it is counted the much bigger challenge now than in the past because they're a lot more often options they're more private schools or charter schools people start charter schools. So I think the challenge for PMS. You can make these changes were coming that the hard part I mean you can. Move kids around but then what you have to do is create genuinely better situations after the temple pre K I didn't like that. But but hey it seemed to be walking it's doing well and that required a lot of investment with the MF as well enough topic to kill again. The couple parents and while where honest that you got to do you got a hold up your you've got to do what's gonna take to make a school successful. But they added the challenge how can they make these views schools. Attractive to the pants. Do we game or do. Pam do we need more time to to sort of hash out some more of these details here do you think we're going to be ready for the scheduled vote on May 24. We've flag I think that we are because. More time doesn't really do much that the people now the general thing they'll have to be detailed work out and as plans go football awards but on the but a little bit more time up one especially in the summer is gonna be. Terribly useful yeah Pakistan in the parent come up with some really interesting I did this to great middle schools I mean essentially. The bill what parents said well. This isn't there enough that make one change but it doesn't really go far enough and they actually are pushing for. Making even more change in terms of breaking up. Certain economic isolation which is. What's really hamstring our system right now so I'm not excited. I know the people complain and say that you know what just but just for putting lower socioeconomic kids in would wealthier kids doesn't change scores and perhaps overall the school's score. Drops but individually further assess the lower socioeconomic schoolchildren their scores go up actually as well as the wealthier kids scores go up. It's just that when you have lower scores from the lower socioeconomic. Group. In the average it looks like the scores are going down is that is that how you read things. Well hot liquid there is too much. Attention paid at least scored they cap a narrow range of what is actually done at school I think that's the problem they tell you something that people try to make concurrent too much I will say from experience. When you bring different groups of students together at school if it is done right. The school becomes more dynamic. There are more activity there's more intellectual excitement going not it creates a much more vibrant school. And children learn more and sometimes that shows up in. The test scores but test all sorts of other. In somewhat less important things. And sometimes it doesn't show up as clearly but I think that if it's done right. Debt makes same. Different groups of people benefit everybody. To calm and I just think that's. That's what people have to understand when when we went to share my gardens elementary which was he one of the lowest performing schools in the states we really did you know the mix. Our act and we benefited the family action I'm not benefit you know teachers were happier to be the scored just all sorts of wonderful things happened. When you bring different groups of people together. Effectively you can just stick Obama's school and say OK well about a budget and do what you were doing. Then it's not a work you have to put very deliberate effort into bringing these groups of people together. Dynamic and exciting morning and threat. We a lot of work ahead of us some Pam grundy once again education activist he image pyrrhic. As well as a historian. And have plenty of experience looking back at what CMS has banned the what it tried to be and where it's going now so again. Thanks for your time Steve Stone who's or representatives. Right here for a Mecklenburg. Helping and then some users saying no one wins we need to wait slow down back this horse up for just a moment why. We'll talk to him and find out why it's coming your way within the next few news elevenths and the idea of freedom he beat me. So quick update Paul Ryan's the house judges did the streets here and says that it's obvious that some people want to hurt president. Money is going to pursue the truth and with a former fashion that may end up being when it comes to intelligence and combing Michael Palin and all those sort of things so that is certainly on the way. School. Assignments Henry assignments and plans and what are we really being heard as soon as members of the community by the school board. Some people are saying yes but it doesn't look like they're making any changes is like hey thanks for the recommendations but. We're gonna move forward here and some people not so happy about that saying you know are maybe we just need to slowdown. Pump the brakes just a bit stay represented Scott stole from Matt Blumberg is joining us here and it is your contention mr. represented that we need to slow this down why. Well I think we need to slow down for one reason and that. We have a new superintendent starting in July and he's not the one that's driving the ship on this thing in it and while he's not. He he's been here he's involved apparently behind the scenes and in weighing in privately I guess. He's the one can be held accountable for this but it's clearly. The current superintendent and Clark is the one in pushing her for comment plain truth so I think at a minimum we need to wait until. He's been played since he's the one that's only driving the bishop on this. Otherwise he could take a semi pro I had nothing to do with that war. Or you know when there was upset a year later you know I think it's it's only right that he's the one that that question the final. Plan through. I hear what you say and but there's always a timing for things and when a time Bjorn deadline is set. Is there's something to be said about honoring what that was. Because if you if you're taking your example that he should be involved and he should have ownership and there are a lot of different situations with the elected officials and placed officials work. We could argue well that needs to wait until the next person does that make sense. Well it throughout the of course I would say then you you know I'm not I'm not sure what and Clark is still the superintendent and see. She had been there before choose general one point now she is the current. And the superintendent told she retires. Based center retirement out to a to a pretty late timeframe. They hired him he's been on board essentially he moved to Charlotte several weeks or months ago in the and we're paying to superintendent right now which is crazy so. Even if we don't wait why isn't he already leading the charge in this now and then I could why didn't he send anything he's been very quiet. He's not speaking publicly earlier all he did I get. Yeah this week say he doesn't want delayed. But we don't know publicly what he thinks that it can I thought I think that's the timing issue is that. And rushing a bad plan is not necessarily the best course you need to have the best player they appear today also. Why this matters to you is that. We seem to have a superintendent currently who is pushing an agenda and he's seen several times in this plan that they laid out is actually not even as bad as some people feared. So in my district and you know where you got under kell in Providence and part of south. Mecklenburg they are not as effective as they Myers park feeder schools are. And so I think you'd you'll see some school board members and those district seats in the south and the north it will probably be in favor this plan because it does impact them but at the end of the day. You still have that. Bill though guiding principles on the students on the plan which include breaking up poverty and in between he. Diversification you know diversity is an in depth priority for the school board. I don't know if that is the main focus they should have they should have the focus on what is best for every student what is best to maximize their educational outcome. And breaking a poverty. I don't know what school can do that and I certainly don't think this will find the plant and can change that. No no disrespect all I asked this question but what is your background when it comes to schools and Dan how deep is your knowledge there. Well two things one I'm at CNET apparent that got one that went from all the way through kindergarten all the way through twelfth grade did just graduate let your Margaret don't have an otter tail junior right now so. To give their Gunter says them. And gun true moving kids in the middle you know crude growth as well we've seen EMS as we've grown as we've had two new assignment plan. Impacting our area there would mean school's coming online tweaking it that way. So hadn't seen a parent I certainly don't feel like the weigh in on this. But secondly I sit on the the house education committee that deals with teacher twelve issues soak everything when it comes to state funding teacher funding. Your teacher pay. All the policies that are set by the state for. Local education agencies or he basis school district that is determined by the state on to me that I had to. Conscious are you gonna introduce a bill that we'll put a delay or put a stop to this until we can know until it's calmer heads in new people can prevail. I don't anticipate that that I or anyone else is gonna file legislation. And frankly bill filing deadline has passed although the way rally can do work as we get toward the end of the session. Things get added on to things all the time but I don't anticipate that happening and and that's not. I was really trying to threatening thing that was honestly trying to you expressed the opinion that I'm hearing proven inconsistent across. Mecklenburg County that. I'm gay and since sending out my Presley and and income making this call for the delay I've had a lot of comments from a lot of parents were very thankful that someone. Helping them stand up and and try to get this thing go in the right direction for the good enough stuff final thoughts. Well I think that. It's very frustrating for a lot of parents funds student assignment when they can't go to the school that's closest to them you're seeing that right now. Particularly in the Myers prior period awards Harry Reid gets into that schools that are very close to their houses they've got to drive past them and grab at another want to get to this is the elementary school for example they've got. They're being inside Q that's very very frustrating. I don't think it's good for anybody soak. I I strongly encourages school board to. Can focus on proximity. To schools first and if there are problems in low performing schools let's address those problems for attempting plans to bury specifically targets. How we can improve those schools specifically not just you know move it around. Do you really think their ears are open I mean that would be one last question for you career I think your earring. I don't think they're listening to them because of our debt because the majority of the scoreboard that think this is a good idea and they think they know better than current I think eight. The so I think that they believe this is the right path and I don't think they. Wanna listen to what a lot of parents are setting can only get your reaction to this from Rundle and. I don't agree with. Represented stone and I wish he would have topped with somebody from the school board or staff before he put out a statement that would have been probably I'll wait to maybe make it a little more sense. But you know we delayed at the reaganite wondering and I don't want to delay a lot at all. So because one of the proposal but I would to allow it to its gonna be affected by this to go and make the transition this coming school year they want to him. So you haven't rising ninth grader. They would go to it heights school for one year and then move over to their eight school. So that's what does she had to save on eleven your reaction to that. Well I I. I just disagree with her on the timing issue they're certainly provisions in there they they can be made it hybrid of block a different Republican aide to make exceptions for. For those doors switching the only one year in the infrastructure and those kind of things. So there's a lot different options they can be enacted. The Billy really as much as anything because we have a superintendent coming and that frankly isn't publicly saying where he he he thinks this should go and I respect her opinion and and she's entitled to it and I think. This is probably turning out okay per district as well so I don't blame her for being supportive of a Nissan plant heard mr. fishing boating. The waiter constituents probably would like it to. Right district one board member. Now ms. love is so yeah like I agree we've meeting with you on that when there hey I appreciate your time representative Scott stone thank you so much end. We'll see where this all goes well level trying to get ahold of the the new. Superintendent to see where he stands on this whether or not he's impatient or if you sit sit around. Twirling one of those little wizard thing when there is called me her spinners handle spinners to work to keep him calm. And and ready for the fights 1027 that will be your time here. Had news 1110993. WB TV. So the GOP is not really doing hall had a lot right now to a back the president from doing with the memo situation that's going on. Us civilians. Former President Obama what you've brought this season BS here. Did you expect anything less than Barack Obama team. Now tonight and it's exactly what I expected him to say so the White House is still vehemently denying. He. The claim in. Several of newspapers. That the president tried to block the Russian investigation. No response yet to a different accusation and that was where the president said to combing let's. But it's. The school after journalists such jailed journalist who publish classified information. So word is so different angles to this particular battle here and I wanna know what you think who. He's gonna come out on top who'll be victorious who were the ref for re grabbed their arm and hold it up in the air. In victories 704571110. Randi good morning on WBT is gonna take the who's gonna take this one. Will. It. They're directed Kotnik. All Specter still get the American people picket them and a black out. Quick they can't ban it looked up there. We got sorted out there are fairly Smart. Got to quote slap in the there Bratislava. Oh so double black. Market out there if let's go to jail anybody at virtually ignored it. Why. We can't. Ask doctor am I not it will or. Put your. But that got sort of what it. Iraq just so plaque. Ever got an update always. Well I mean. We've we've had we've had enemies in the past that the that we. Sort of had truces Whitman came to the table together and then changed to to be allies do. Are you to look back at history we hated the British for a while that we. Well. How are. We're not a cultural and looked and I. Don't get her killer. See I don't disagree with the there I mean I don't trump I don't trust potent is far as I can throw a cinder block. Who in my pinky but it. That demand that's part of it. And there are so the discussions that did that you know this is all been pollutants. Doing here that he's the one who seems to be in charge and push in the pushing the buttons and a Anton. And mr. trump were to go I don't know that I believe it I think that that's kind of farfetched and I think that people are grasping at straws. When it comes of that particular situation. So we'll who one of the things that if you remember. When this all began the the memo stuff in the commie stuff in the firing it was run Rosenstiel the judge Justice Department official. He's the one that wrote the memo and there was some questions about. At least for him about his reputation and his integrity and whether or not that was shot. And he finally got together with some folks in in Baltimore and gives speech. He says many people offer me unsolicited advice over the past few days and why should do to promote my personal reputation. And he said it took an oath to preserve. Protect and defend the constitution of the United States there's nothing in that oath that is about my reputation. French cinema he's had a friend sent him a text message after the memo on combing it was a released. Urging him to get out of there. And he said there's no place I would rather be so it looks like grosans dean is going to stay. And I think that's a good I think this could mean he does look like a good guy and in both sides Democrats and Republicans given their full support so I think he's going to be true to the letter of the law. On the good the journalists thing here should journalists. Be jailed. For releasing classified information. Or are they really. Moot canaries in the coal mine. And can we ever expect to get the truth out of our government officials and I say no. I don't think there ever gonna tell us the truth I think it's always going to be bill would lies. That's it goes back time immemorial you know I kind of feeling that if we were to look back at our founding fathers. Thought we hold in such high esteem and such reverence there. I'd be willing to bet there was a few little lies go one on there in May be even when George Washington who said I cannot tell a lie yes I did cut down that cherry tree. That's my thinking I believe. And I want your take on this and several 4571110. That the media. He's our protector the media art is or are whatever the verb is they're they they're here to protect us from the government. Isn't that what they're supposed to do and how do you feel about or do you think that there are actually the enemy. And compare that that's the First Amendment right. The Second Amendment. The right to bear arms one of the arguments I hear all the time he's not such as it is I wanna hunt. Not such as Kazaa lite loud and allow bones it's because. You wanna be able to bear arms to protect yourself. Against the government. So what is the difference between the media. Arming themselves with the bullets of words. The grenades of sentences. The anti aircraft guns of paragraphs and stories how is that any different. They're protecting us against the government. Just like your guns protect you against the government is that a good analogy. Or are is is it way off base Dennis journalists and questions where you ago. What they're my question back. The shooter journalist review released classified information if it's classified information for a journalist bill weapons are well. Well then it was late so that's where that came from and the winner of the Waco. It appeared slate then he's sure his source and to be sure that the validity of information. Then that isn't it's kinda his obligation as it's very foolish to put it out there or not. It is I would say that it is his obligation to. Shed light on things that are considered perhaps to be underhanded. I think you'll be a horrible crime. If a journalist got leaked information that said we're gonna attack Syria tomorrow we've what 3000 special operations forces. That would be crossing a line and that would be. Putting our national security our people our troops in danger. I think that's a different animal and and tell me if you're wrong a different animal then then what happens on the inside when it's dealing with the us when is dealing with the Americans. And I guess they can determine what they classify. They can decide that you know what they you they. Just the discussion with combing about asking you know not to go after flan. They could say that you know that was a classified conversation and they know we've nobody would be able to talk about that. Yeah no I don't I don't think that. Classified. Information to me is something that. We're keeping under wraps for. Major major patients or or. Espionage. Or or think that happened that the average American doesn't Victoria where does that meet to nor should be aware. I don't know. And Dennis do you think that there's anything that is classified that has been classified not because of national security concerns but because of the optics are the perceptions or fear about reputation or fear about repercussions. So there's something is classified strictly because. The government does. Want anybody know about it. Then and that's where a journalist. Who's being given that information at the end of longest he has. Validate that the information and it's Europe is information. The responsibility to really sit. So how do we determine what kind of classified information should. Should be outlawed and and that journalist should be you know. Investigated. And and the stuff that is okay. That that's their dilemma via its that we are we're all very very do we tell war and where. Yeah and and I don't think that that battles over at think that's that's still going to be coming to a head. Especially when the president has said before that he wants to change liable laws that deal would journalist. As well as he. FBI director at the time James combing. Two jailed journalists who publish classified information went. Really the if they wanna go after somebody the leaker is the one that it really is responsible. So therefore are maybe there needs to be a little bit more attention to the leaders. Appreciate your call. But then again without the leaguers. We don't get the information. So when somebody leaks information that that really the American people should know. Heartily classify them. Do we classify them as traders. What do we classify them as heroes. And say it's a fine line and it truly is. And if they're traders. Who were they being. A traitor to. This state. Word to the American people because they're not always the same. And who's Kellyanne Conway the basically said America is Donald Trump and Donald Trump is America and if you don't support Donald Trump then your being unpatriotic. What do you do about journalists. They're protecting us is it enough. If your questions coming up us. Divers in traffic let's get right to it here is due within a couple of rough days when it comes to the roadways and Susan James has taken a look it's a Serbs abode jangled famous chicken biscuit. So I only one being delayed for you right now that his son 77 southbound. As you coming down from Troutman ended the mores O'Leary between highway 21 and Cornelius road traffic really early tiny deer. Good sneezes that's the only problem we have on the traffic scene at the moment today is gonna behind the line in the alone nine needs tonight. A couple of clowns slow in the mid sixties right now it's 79 and kind of silly and 79 in Queens city next updated 11 o'clock season James WET. All of these kind Saban traffic hard journalists truly classify or who you know give us classified information and there's those people that leaked that information. You shed some light on what's going on with the government they traitors to the American people into the country. Are they somebody that should be held up as heroes 704571110. I want your calls over the next. Alex Jones of sprite you could have a stroke yesterday. He was on his TV programmers Internet program with Roger Stone whose mothers do to your question in the surrounding the other president. And he was saying this this leaked information in this this intelligence that they gave to the Russians. Has been a news for months and months about a need. Apparently he had come into trees because you get a bunch of printed. Part articles there on his desk that he showed a hundred and Tony something articles about how back in the February march April wherever it was. That there were reports about the laptop situation that there's going to be bombs. OK we all knew that we all knew that I don't know that any of us at this point I'm really know what the difference is between what the president told the Russians allegedly. How that might be any different from an article. But the Israelis are not happy. It's not protocol to release information and intelligence that you got from another shoot another source without their permission. And so of their little slip sideways about this Idaho senator James risk he is behind the president supporting and defending him. Saying that it was OK he was in the right to be able to shoot share classified information with the Russian officials. And that the Washington Post sources are the ones that were wrong. So leaguers and journalists who report on what is leaked are they heroes or are they traders JR. I'll. Well equipped and I'm not I source Somali it is our. Generally I would say if they're critical or prevention and very. They release their and they don't. They don't ruin knoller source then there should be in jail and go to Delray that they're all walked. That. BI got a look at their motivation and what you're prepared to bet that. Well that and I think that leaves it open to two possible dangerous situations JR that. It depends on what the motivation and depends on what the situation is those are very very subjective I would say would you agree. Job absolutely and army well what. Everything Bennett caught them by diplomat. I just lost juju are you there is protecting exports. Then backyard or. We could be as guilty as the source there that look up though. The penalty errand punishment should be equal. Should don't give up that oh. The end of the way that our laws are now there been times at few I think doing relatively infrequent where George has said you need to review your shores but from for the most part. They are protected. And I think that is important but I truly think that's important and I do think there's a place in our world and our society today for leaguers. To expose things that are government is doing to us that we wouldn't like if we knew my journalist heroes are traders. I'm the last caller got on this one. You know when they don't lose their sources that make the kind of kind of sketchy I mean how would it be if you were in college you go to college paper they're making outlandish claims. And you didn't have any sort of under their blogger people wonder about just you know. But I agree media. The thing that I find interesting in the filling their find to be. Supportive of the journalists is when the story is carried by let's let's say it's the Washington Post the New York Times won't run that same story. Unless they can get. Independent. And and correlating. Information from their sources so and there may be multiple kinds. I understand there's a real there's a real fine line here and it scares me if all of a sudden the government can truly shut down journalists. Because. How do they decide to do it may be just somebody that in light maybe somebody wrote something they didn't like and it was just it you know completely punitive. Bryant journalist's word they stand heroes are they traders. Oh Scott you know I gotta tell it the people who made it into the last segment. I've literally spit my coffee or the wind chills I never eat anything like that which one. Would the one where journalists are here to protect the American people. Come Iraq really yeah I mean here or there. Mean they're there can make good money peer told the journalists in the immediate care. About. Protecting us and in this kind of the dog killed and here in here speaking question. They wouldn't take it up Fred were snowed because Edwards well who uncovered. Seeing an apartment we're doing that or illegal. And and the media doesn't speak about but the other thing is that if they care about if you cared about making sure we knew what was or even a day. More than ever say you're audience would know the work Fukushima. But they don't. All they do it all they've been doing for the past couple months is just. Being the most. I mean just a creek is known as. Complete nonsense I mean I was part of the control the way that they categorizing content I waited for an old Russian interference wanna bet you bring me. I think it is this is a foreign country giving money to a particular protest the candidate that Bechtel they're they're so that would wager that your entire audience would say yes. And Hillary Clinton got more money from foreign governments and liked any proud as a candidate ever. I know we're talking about undue influence on the Hillary administration. It's nonsense. They haven't agenda their personal agenda I don't accompanied her own bright individual that has interest written I'm what they drink moderate opened. Right and I don't I don't disagree with you at all the journalists the that the media that seems to have this feeding frenzy to bring the president down. It's gone above and beyond. From just being general reporters in reporting the facts I I get that and I agree with you under percent is it. Do we need to get rid of the mall I think that would leave us I think that would leave us without a watchdog I think it would leave us without a century. Mean you mentioned Fukushima you mention Edwards Snowden and things that or illegal. Cool. Who would take care of us when that kind of information needs to come out Xavier. Take us on what you get. So. Have been what that is why you call it you know what I think other. Dawned on me that the last caller actually didn't touch on until the end of this call. Which is the consolidation of media company. You know journalists. Don't get them to. You know that it is into the bigger server reporting the truth. For the money I mean they're they're not money in that process went with somebody's. Like riding. Local county council reading. On Thursday night that goes to a local newspaper with a circulate this could go out. That's that's not why journalists get into the good as they get into the business. In order to report the food there's the facts that are there that are or that it to be reported. For people to be able to understand. Where journalism and got off the whale. It is consolidates a lot of people like Rupert Murdoch Korver who called it had heard all the other people who have gone out betray you and basically. Bought. And visited the site and put them it's about making money migrate both for real journalists. This dirt dirt goal is to it is to get the truth out there regardless of what that's true. Maybe and its the truth as they see it and not of ruin it is. He's already bruised. And we're just waiting to take a step and see what it tastes like well that's all seven dot figure Ryan said that we need some facts. Stated there is no question that there are folks out there. We want to hurt the president of the United States. I think anybody can say calm down enough media is just doing their gay here and they've. They just wanna be completely. Honest and factual. And independent. And not take a stand. And I don't think anybody would argue that that's the case so my question to you is where does the media fit into all of this week. We we are told that it's the enemy. But at the same time they're there is this belief that I still have been a lot of people still have that. There are what keeps us safe. From the government doing wrong. There are times where the government does dumb things in the in the media jumps on it makes a bigger deal than it is an and that particular case that just stern of crap and making things worse. But I don't think we can throughout the baby with the bath water and I wanna know what you think 70457. Up 1110. Investigators. Lakers traders or heroes or somewhere between David. David. You're an update oh I hit the rumba and I'm sorry Jerry. In America it's a matter. Great day in America rather it is great. And when you put target in the the third section of the aisle are thought it was a joke and ran immediately to look at her from the government. All right got to really Daniel told you you believe that there a law that hitting the leg. The old Kobe be the ragweed and the power is going to be. Oh got killed Serbia cut and are no longer worrying crap I am is just battling came out of blue if you notice that day you know west farthing thirteen fourteen then I would have I would I understand you've probably. So you just words ms. specific enough no I believe me I get. What's happening with the media there's this feeding frenzy and there are a lot of folks. Unaccountable people who want to take the president down there's no question about that you can see it. You can read an article that uses the same facts that you know on CNN that's on on fox. And they'll end up adding these words. That just totally give away what your thoughts are I mean it's amazing. But I do believe that their role. It is still in can be. Took to point out wrongdoing mean both both harder. Is it got out of hand a 100% but believe me I get it it's hard to find the truth in journalism David. Where do we find the truth is it's still possible and and candies investigators. Truly be heroes. Of America. Armed administrators similar to that. I would say that thirty years ago work to New York City at the core problem would sell more in cultural affairs department. Until more annually with support for the Joffrey Ballet or the governor or a war. And public relations I would argue are firm. And I remember probably twelve and over one of these big court seven PR firm. App and then why didn't water you hear why aren't you harder. And she said many phone wobble wobble all my life. He says he needs a war on something they'll never forget he says the media is to manage. She says everything you hear or see the release. It's painful war. And he said he if you ever walk and not know why. Something you've all seen pretty piece that follow Obama. He's said the cult it's people like Lee said negotiated put this stuff out there but he said the media is being well. What I say that Dave what was his position thome thome his position again. He watered the allure or one of the big representatives. For a public relations. Company one of these international matches your cup. OK so there priority there I agree David that if it's a public relations firm. That is you're putting out the information there there for a span because their pockets are being in line with silver. I I get probably a hundred PRP a press releases today through the email hey you wanna talk about the you know talk about this is sponsored by brought you by. That the nefarious one's the ones that. Look like it's news but really it's what they want you to hear I get that I believe that that's more with the corporate world. You know we you know like right now I think it's United Healthcare that is under investigation. Because they had a leaker inside who was part of I forget which department it was but they were there's Medicare. That they they were. Ratcheting up the level of sickness of some of these Medicare patients so that they could end up doing more things and and getting paid higher. That takes an investigative reporter to get to the bottom of it and that's a particular situation where they're protecting us from the greed of big corporations. And that's perfectly fine right nobody's got a problem with a bad. Throwing so well I mean you talk about the corporation. The deal we hear about this. You know the corporation who. Funding the lobbyists who are influencing. Of this group that broke yup. It's just baseball comments I the end but. Anyway I just thought I would share that with you that it was an experience I had many years. No it's a very valid point and I'm glad you brought that up for public relations firm is behind things then you better believe they are word Smiths. They have they have an idea in mind of what they want your brain to do where that information Ernie journalists how do you take them. Well I think that journalists no longer are journalists now they have an exemplary chin as individuals and their group whatever that Jindal. And they cannot get beyond that they cannot reports they don't reported all that Lou as you are talking points and they're out to destroy adult well. And I. Unfortunately. I think it's a big deal look big reason there are so pleased to troll. Is that the GOP chase community. Feels like Trout this blog or extreme. Sit there and they're taking everything they want the greater cost to the American people and it's unfortunate. That blue and seemed to be dominated by the right where you don't think that's what he's doing while they are so well to the structural. Singer here nerve. You're equating the LG BTQ. Community wind journalist that they're just the same thing. I think that it's almost synonymous trigger war. But I don't I don't boot the problem is not bad. This that's unfortunate I think that's where well the problem though is that the journalists cannot seem to be journalist Seymour and you're asking if this. It's. They should be control. And though they shouldn't be to actually. Well the truth there. There are no longer turley as well Serb journalist again that I think the issue you're given a free reign to do or they won't investigators UCL adults say they investigate they don't get a report indicating British simply. Take quarter. That sooner or later they turned into reported. Yet it's it's it's the campfire nuclear watch in and they continuously take it piece of paper and fan it's a that the flames never go out. On this cute yeah yeah no I agree. I think that journalists. Crossed the line. When all they're doing is attacking the president because of let's say its policy and that is wanna pick it apart and there's always gonna be two sides to to the policy. But when that's investigating the potential crime. I think that's a different animal altogether how do you feel about that 704571110. Weaver obviously had some problems with our county Health Department. We'll get together last night some tears shed what does it mean moving forward we'll find out coming up on news 11109 event three WB team. Just haven't seen now this is newsletter each and every WBBM. Saw lots of big villains here Tony obviously via schools are trying to work their way through. What sort of changes they're going to be taking envious I'm considerate Sutter and than we of course had a big debacle disturbed about the beginning of the year and that is we've via the county Health Department. And know what they did pap smears encumbered option in new all sorts of good potential improprieties in the state came in the department health and human services. They've done some auditing and does go to county commissioner Jim Puckett I wanna get a quick update on where that stands can canal department holder had a high. Well I think they'll almost a bit older and the long run no matter what happened. We are still in the middle of investigations the state there have been some of their. But luminaries who looked and no they're saying things looked fine. But I don't think they're doing billion million notebook back to deepen that we would like to have. Are we to what we have to control it then you'll still wait to hear what their reports there's no doubt on the road didn't want to open they're gonna look further into. There was an emotional. You know. Little little speech there from the the from the director what what led up to bat. Well I think that they're important I was not into that particular meeting up heard about it I think they'd be what you're dog poop patrol observers thought this loan. Employees who are not happy you have been talking about. This year and that they're so that. Perplexed Foleo and the management. And I think he would. A little emotional over the fact that a lot of good employee. Still support them and not a good thing a number of implosion of format. Payment or pretend commission left side to the prowler they help Portland the work they do it. We're all very proud of the work they do but we also want to make sure we do a polite way. And that we don't wanna hide in the state that we have reprocess long working our way. It did the boot and then it is the border and they're. We gotta we gotta say the first without a doubt that'll make sure that everybody went to drop off whenever I make it just. OK so they observers seemed to be the ones that are leading the charge on this in this investigation here we've been talking about reporters and and journalism and whether or not. The news. In an objective way for people to write stories and and and learn things for us to to pass along to us is that as the public. Do you do you think they have a dog in this fight there are particular angle that they're going forward they doing some good investigative reporting. A candidate or investigative reporting better of course Warners because I don't newspaper. Let the same time. I noted that Red Kelly who's been reporting on this. It has been working on the short or long thought he continues to work the only he thought the military employees called the mini camp commissioners. And the truth of the man ever did they are doing. The right thing then they take the time to do the due diligence. They ask the question they have been have been spared all sides and did you know. Give me your opinion towards Daytona. And then they're mobile buy out everybody all and I think that everybody needs the way the don't read into our sport whatever that is. Our import that will be whatever investigation we find out more control what. Fit that matches what what. The observer planning also did you ever gotten is they're all making mistakes or out. But let judgment call by the I think at the end of the day they're available for all of their little ones that that does have the right you go in and no look at the document ask the email nick investigation. And that's what they claim is incorrect then the county. Three and should. Sound of that that we're gonna argue or the. You're not going to mr. Jim Puckett got to give us a little up don't know what's happening with via the Health Department here because week. We did have a bit of situation earlier in the year so this is a situation the Symbian example love. Journalists doing their job to be able to protect us from wrongdoing which. No it's it's. Who arguable about negligence or if it was just oversight issues. Who as far as the Union County Health Department go and on this of those pap smears but if we didn't have people like the observer in those reporters. Would we know about it when things just get thrown under under the rug. Kevin crimes what are you talking about crimes. Doubt that the trump crimes and whether or not the reporters and journalists are catching the you know quote crimes and I think its crossed the line Washington Post New York Times subscriptions. Are. Up massive quake and that's because they're writing these kind of these kinds of articles. Our somebody's leaking that information that that. That's my issue with Europe doing investigative step what president trap it's being leaked and they are not doing investigation. Just see how real and substantial leak it. I I have to hold hold that thought up a second here because. Investigation means you go out and you find people to be your sources. And you ask them questions so sometimes leaks are because of somebody asking them a question directly. As opposed to maybe somebody who's has got an axe to grind. Who calls up a reporter and says hey you need to hear this this is what this jerk he's done recently here can remain there's there is a difference. And I don't think that the investigative reporters just sort of sit around and played for their phone wondering. Different take Vegas is it yet but so some of these quote leaks whether they are an investigative reporting or an ax to grind. Relative to national security. Our those are crying it is illegal to leak that sort of information that and there are several crimes that beat general swan and leaks war crimes wherever that information came from. More than a legal source tell me that nobody. Elaborate on that plywood or elaborate why leaks about Flynn. Would be considered illegal or. And a measure of net a matter of national security. Because they were tied to his. Dealings with Russia ambassadors. And how involved he was with them so I end weeks similar to this. Talk with Russia and he classifying information or classified information being shared. That's illegal to leak that information the president can declassify anything you want that any time. Read that no I get bit annoyed by Biden understand that that that's that's his prerogative. And we heard somebody to take part in net for the media about anti illegal. I don't know how much of the I'm a new morning on the show how much of the actual classified information was released. It it may have been all of that because CNN was told not to report on certain things they Washington Post and New York Times were told not to report on certain things. And I don't know what the history is of releasing information that could put us in to national security problems some. And I think the Flint it's consists of the situation was more. It was potentially a crime and criminal act as opposed to a national security situation so that's that's my take on that David. Does investigative reporting even exist anymore in your mind. I don't think so at all locally I think a blanket does to a certain extent I think it's the best locally. You see. Locally that you have closure to stories. Are nationally. I'm frustrated in fact that I know oversee closure. And the story our our university our Justice Department. And maybe you can tell nipple was the last time she's going to be Justice Department. Bring closure to. Any kind of leaking information or any kind of information if you still need us. Didn't. Has been investigated in the recent past. You know I could beat a dead horse that can hit the Hillary. You know like your one of your previous colors was talking about all the money that was coming into. Her campaign and I'm not. Just trying to bash on Hillary but all the money that was coming and her campaign who. Do. Other countries and things like that. Including. He has really ever needing closure of our own any of the investigations. That they boarding up. They seemed like they bring it up and make a big deal about it and then next week. There's no closure to it but won't respond and I don't seems to seems extremely frustrating to an average give. I agree with you dig into week. We as American people and depressed too I think have this that shiny object syndrome. And wherever the squirrels Kleiman in the trees their eyes are gonna follow it. And as far as the that you know and I'm not bash in on Hillary. That believe me man there's a dog pile and we should all jump on it because she she deserves a ton of bashing. And I said this before earlier in the program today you wouldn't surprise me depending on how these investigations go with but trump is still stand criminalists and done. That that Hillary might get to reopen again. Is this something in there. Just because the Justice Department shut it down doesn't mean that that whole doesn't have anything NN of of work. A break him back and then youth 704571110. We'll talk about it. Journalist traders or Hughes.