Scott Fitzgerald - Reaction to Scalise Shooting, Media and Hatred

Scott Fitzgerald
Thursday, June 15th

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So day after day after. Police still and to recuperate here for the we'll weird today. We've had a conversation always throughout the day was are we safe what's happening a week or so politically divided Alice. She's going to be dependent the new normal unfortunately that's so let's hope not gitmo with ABC joins us here now and yesterday the sound of the situation. I was silver star yeah. This is video. Sitting behind me. The big chain link fence. It's around the baseball field. Should be smarter trees yeah. Two feet. Stupid brave little leases for Hank and now there's so much kept mode with ABC. The latest in this investigation here obviously we know the shooter is dead. What are we learning about him and what's the latest. And donate that I was ash yeah I want to mention Scott we knew what Nathan is the man who gather at that time video of those sounds they just horrifying. Sounds of those gunshots. I assume was one of the first people to speak with them. And die he actually in his cellphone that you're you're Ecstasy is dogs are now walking around the video if he's on the ground he's. Show me he actually got belly first down on the ground and show me. How he laid out but he would doubt that cellphone because he thought. That he needed to like in this age that we know people are too we're about the cell phones and FBI actually took that video. As part of their investigation. As for the investigation. We know that James hodgkin's send he is the person that that. The FBI they're really focused on right now to try to figure out why he went to that baseball field to open fire on this GOP congressman. Tom we know that tie he's a person who essentially. Has really soared to unravel in the past few months since president trump took office do you understand where rumors say he had a lot of trouble with that coming to terms with that. Drop trump was president now he called president Robert trader on social media the FBI they're scouring through those FaceBook post to try to. But I you know I obviously piece of the puzzle together about his motive. The the other neighbors talked about him and said that if he's got a bit of a whack job used to be out there his backyard shooting high powered rifles he had been I'm based essentially banned from any sort of counting meetings any sort of political meetings in the town so apparently he was our office rocker for a while. Stay in those primers those rants online. Don't confirm that and that's why we were able to paint a picture early on from talking to his family members of his friends. Arms even know school friends. Who knew him years and back in them for decades. They just said he over the past few months is life really was presumed going down the toilet and that he had really started to unravel and that apparently who knows the rhetoric triggered him obviously there are no excuses for. Doing what he dead. But they talk a lot about is the fact that it was the new ways of Washington in the rhetoric from the big tree off. That really made snapped yeah I couldn't believe when that represented Mark Sanford came out and said the president trump is partially to blame for the hostility in the nation that led to this shooting. He's in I would argue the president has unleashed partially again not in any way totally or partially to blame for the demons that have been unleashed I thought that was a and on statement for him to make specially considering he's in the same party. Well Mark Sanford from South Carolina has been critical of president trump here mayor army rulers same party we've seen some Republicans who have bomb. He martyr Republicans. Who have been a little bit more critical of president trump which are right. They and there are those who are obviously on both sides who have spoken out I against him. Com end of the you're right there I saw those comments as well this morning and I definitely raise some eyebrows there. And and there are a lot of talk even here on Capitol Hill about what's next we always throughout the day after what's next. And what's next day appears as some more calls for security for members of congress I we have 535. Of them I mean just a lot of security mom budget comes here is she's there and probably mammoth manpower. To protect every lawmaker once they step off. These grounds of Capitol Hill. Arm but there are work questions at drab briefing yesterday with a house sergeant at arms. I capitol police trying to figure out what's that. So protecting these lawmakers could not have what would ABC appreciate that update your time is nine on nine. The baseball game. Congressman William said you know what we got to stick together we got to make sure that that event goes on tonight as planned mega site sixteen opponent you Melissa FitzGerald the next hometown tour Davidson a lot of it is sort of that. Will be there and soda shop my understand things correctly I'll be up there Hancock should be there to broadcasting all day. Friday June 23 two just two weeks from now official stop on by joining the conversation I'd love to see you has brought you by a mosquito squad they might we fight you learn more go to WBT. Dot com in addition to the shooting yesterday of course or some other big news breaking in Washington. That special counsel Robert Mueller is now looking into whether president trump tried to obstruct justice. To the DOJ appointed more you know as a special counsel oversee all of this the FBI's probe into whatever Russia's role in the 20s16 election happened to be. And all of it really came to a head of course after the president fired FBI director James calmly so obstruction of justice that is in the US sites. Mueller is on the attack 917 the president was a very nice speech you gave yesterday after the shootings police. He took to be up to the podium. And he sounded. Very reassuring. As you all know shortly after 7 AM this morning. They gunmen opened fire when members of congress and their staffs as they were practicing for tomorrow's annual. Charity baseball game. Authorities are continuing. To investigate the crime. And the assailant has now died from his injuries. The FBI is leading the investigation. And will continue to provide updates as new information. Becomes. Available. Congressman Steve skill case remember. Our house leadership was shot and badly wounded and is now in stable condition at the hospital. How long ways to very courageous capitol police officers. At least two others who were also wounded many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions. How did to capitol police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds. During a very very brutal. Assault. Was it politics who was a mental health. 7457011. Turn one and a from new what you which is it is it because there's just so much rhetoric there's so much hate thrown around. My name it's it's imagine hate were water balloons in the middle of the field is going left and right now that option as a very childlike. Image for it but this hate seems to me to be childlike it comes from the gut doesn't come from the hander comes from someplace deep inside. Someplace in your gut that. The next bad stuff. That has anger Welling up inside of you present a stomach problems. Causing brain problems because that's what's happening mental health people are breaking down but there is still this discussion going around representative Rodney Davis. The word. H a TE hey. This as hateful as we see in this country day over policy differences it's got to stop. You've really there are you feeling some of their rhetoric and heightened rhetoric you feel like that is sin is to blame for this you know we'll see. But yes I believe that they're such pain any weakness in what we see in him. American politics and policy discussions right now we're showing on social media in the 24 hour news cycle this has got to stop. We can be we can disagree. On how to govern what makes our country great. I'm here because we're all Americans and I think Republicans and Democrats need to use this day today to stand together and say stop. Let's work together let's get things done we can have our differences but let's not let it lead to such hateful. There's a lot of data there. I was amazed. Absolutely floored and amazed when I was looking around to social media yesterday. And saw some of these liberals and what they had to say about this whole situation. 704571110. Going to join in the conversation as of politics or is it mental health all right he rest in peace to James Hodge consumed. A true hero. With bad name. Can you believe that Alex. And it's a cesspool. That's somebody. That's that's hate they may have a mental health issue was well. They may have a mental health issue that allows them to have that thought escape their brain and actually put it down and and in writing. About rest in peace James hodgkin's and what are made to do it we understand. Why Powell. It's Donald Trump's birthday. And his gift was James T hunch consent a shooter who hated him happy birthday. Hope you like the gift you give yourself. Ryan you're on WB two what is causing all this. But before it that was that was here read. That quote I got to cut. That was a hateful statement right there was a hateful statement. I couldn't go out and only heard McClellan wrote notes to social media it was a social media person to see how some random person Andrea Carnell normal in Europe. Well I I meant the art audio quote what you and in no uncertain that was that is represented Rodney Davis about hate. OK art what what I want to say about it's really good for people walked it back it they will bear out in better but I got to understand that policy matters. Determine whether at some chick who live or die or people in this country that brought the country and he was happening who worked for what happened that passed. Fifteen years. Really really excited about the content in fifteen to score systematically this man oh. Jokingly hurt hurt you know the people putting all this data to know the Europeans who feel that some people traffic tickets so rightly. You sure are disconnected watching tennis center at pilgrim. More maybe there's a difference between not taking it lightly awry and and picking up an M four a high powered rifle and go on and start to pick off Republicans on the baseball field. I I agree completely but that we're also according trillion dollar in debt is remember one thing court ought. The most cynical but apart ever put out as your excuse that we have reformed this year in the sciences group OPEC could pull the country apart. That would be fun. Unfunded liability. Entanglement form words and hyper partisanship. I've boast really crummy we've broken leg up. We're Gilman all of a meant for only the war make you right and hyper partisanship. Seems to be. And that the tickle in the throat it's may be making people cough up this biennial. James Hodge consent is an American hero. Thanks pat Newman on social media mark what is it you think it's hate infuse whose fueling it. Well I don't like they did say and I think a lot of integration we get it or not directly from these elected officials are there ideas but it. Reported from the media. Just like I eat just reference you know the Washington Post say that they're now booked in until. Donald Trump and you know not only that collision but also interfered with investigation. And lastly we had gained a baby in enter it and he actually said about the immigration or that they are completely wrong. But you know Roberts for like that from the Washington Post that now fuels people. On the it's like again in May be a 100% true but it could also be under that's not true. That fuels people lose an opposition at trop and again goes to that back there he's not fit to be president he's violated the law. And again it's all purportedly because I'm sure they didn't cite any source says that church I leaked information and again coming from the number one man in charge that the FBI. You know last week or former number one you know at most that information is wrong. Not mark any rhetoric market need to stop you right there because you know you you right there what you just said. I hear what you're saying but that's an example of other piece of information that's wrong he didn't say most of the information is wrong he said quite often the information is wrong but they're not allowed to fix it because. It would reveal different things are going on into the investigation I'm not arguing we view at all about how the media is will open things up here and if you wanna pick on the Washington Post. Then we have to pick on fox if you wanna pick on MSNBC. Then we also need to pick on bright part. They all are doing what they do which is to give their audiences. The the fuel to continue to Stew. On. On this information that just this somehow or other they get off on emits terrify Roddy reformer liberal is that right. First year Gerri I yelled at the wrong wrong named and I apologize to forgive me for grown your calling to the right. OK Matt gray day in America. Yes from my herbs man entered the media are you to take care and the way that compartment MI why are some are good. It's right. They they hit they hit you mostly people. And we need you most in Iraq target because I like usual you. That's going to come without the black hole that you don't believe what I've really shame on you or you know. Beat a bar certain policy way are doing it cargo. Shame on you or your creepy. And and our southern Ohio are what so are Bill Maher and and nobody knows about art show that. It would be human I cover this you know she's got that bad they're creepy. And you know and when you do you do not somebody makes easy took to do something like if you just so clear. Do you think it goes both ways run as Jerry. What element I think it goes both ways is our school or where you nobody here. Up to a virtual body when it comes the most you know maybe I called it my cell and among a lot of black brother Elmo talked policy and whatnot. And I'm like hey look how much you go about their. If they can't even you know coda think about it because it is so wrapped up because you call what somebody says that's great audio something like that and it took. I love it when the man but it did this to the dollar written note thank you need more man you're you're. You're exactly right Gerri there's there's a book that's out there that deals with leadership and in how to handle your world. In the analogy they uses the elephant and the Ryder. And the writer is they had the elephant is the emotion and when the elephant is in charge. The head is over written and the elephant goes out of control and emotion ends up bleeding you by the nose. And once emotions starts to build up the brain has very little as a very little chance. Of pulling back the reins when tickets to a certain point Jamie got a thought. I was saying that the buildup of hate and anger that has been. Go on that I see for the past few years that are predominantly on social media I mean I have a day and age where I had raised where. You know people aren't high cope with that. We send me messages during the election because you know I wasn't on the same side as they are any cheat spoke about where. You know calling me names and saying how could you not support its first and then you know I will be I I don't wanna blame one side by. I've ever yet or Fisher that it has bid but this election and I feel light. But it's the jet continuing to proliferate our president. He gets beat it beat either be do all of us and if I I think it it it adds fuel for the fire to the Arctic. I agree with the a 100% in the social media seems to be the gasoline. We've always had matches in our heads we've always had the opportunity to make things blow up but now this is so much more fuel to the fire. We had the big logs in the past and now we've got plenty kindling and very very dry paper or break him back here in terms of ABC talks about obstruction. And the back do you and your calls here about this tape does vitriol that seems to be. Just drowning us here in America. I'm 3300 Scott FitzGerald Friday night fireworks join us June 16 BB&T ballpark. It's we have the night's K okay as first at 705 don't know how long it's gonna go because of baseball trying to was never over to the fat lady sings but come on out through the knights take on the Indianapolis Indians. And then fire breaks afterwards. When tickets all season long go to WB OT dot com breaking news yesterday the president did not want to hear but it came out toss. He is now investigating the president for a possible. Obstruction of justice the story says that. He is overseeing an investigation that is interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of a widening probe not just Russia not just collusion. But also bowl also possible obstruction of justice mark carollo who is a spokesman. For the president's legal team has just issued a one son's statement. The FBI leak of information regarding the president is outrageous. Inexcusable. And the illegal. Interest industry that that is the the consistent line. That is being used by both the White House the the RNC anybody that happens to be touching this particular investigation situation. Coming from the from the Republican side from the conservative subtle illusion same sort of language and again that's just one of those tactics Diaw left uses it the right uses it. To just blast particular words into our brain. I find it fascinating to see via the way that this. Investigation is going in the wind mores putting together his team. It's a sort of what I ahead. And give us some thought to awhile ago don'ts or rip Reynoso reading Andy and reports. From Europe is a matter of fact they had some very interesting angles on things here but the team that Morris putting together. There's an expert in money laundering. Them. There's also an expert in dealing with eastern European crime. Because a lot of the rumblings over the past few months has been. But they're looking into president trumps backed backed it you know Beers back business dealings with the we have the Russians and some monsters and some known mobsters. And I guess they're concerned bagged and and what they were Lincoln is no the president had bankruptcies back in the eighties in the ninety's. And he couldn't get access to banks and I just wouldn't loan him any money. And the story is the allegations are that he had to go to Russia. And that helped build the Taj Mahal put that together. And other business dealings where he had partnerships and shell companies that than interacted with some not so. That's a nice dice you know convicted. Convicted criminals come from Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. As well as folks are from Ukraine and up from Russia so this when it's going to be continuing for a while here. And there I have a feeling it's gonna get ratcheted up. We'll see what indeed ends up happening from the president he's been advised not to. To do anything to it to get rid of more we'll see how it goes Karen Travers with ABC joins us now Keith and Danny stay remain Richard calls come and appear shot. Not just politics calls for unity so that comes on the heels of what happened yesterday. On what is normally considered a place full pastor a baseball field. Do we have Karen tell who have we are here kind of we've had some hard times connecting with the lately some glory got you here when the problems. So the baseball field yesterday the mass shooting the reactions from the president than anybody else you've heard. Yet the president it's a close C house speaker Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Schumer everybody and of official leadership capacity. Really trying to avoid politics yesterday talking about. Calls for unity bringing people together up on Capitol Hill in trying to figure a way to get past. Some of the nasty political rhetoric that is just too common these days here in Washington. I'm like you know we'll see how long this moment last and it's very. Easy in the immediate impact in the aftermath of an incident like yesterday for that to be the tone but. Politics of course we'll find its way of creeping back in pretty quickly but out tonight thank based audience gets so happened and I think it's going to be very emotional moment and perhaps a very cathartic moment for. Members of congress and staff who are still very shaken by what happened yesterday. Here you make a good good point that there's this seems to be a truce after a tragedy when I looked in San Francisco and via the earthquake hit. The gang members were working together you know opposite gang members were working together tell people into you know. Clean things up it didn't last too long the shooting started not too long afterwards so I'm imagining the shots across the bow. Maybe another week or so hopefully not but I don't think this is going to be a permanent change to do. Guys certainly not to mean Ed par rang yesterday said you know everybody comes here with their beliefs and positions in at a reduced to fight for that of course but maybe if things and let me personal and you can remember humanity and everybody. Ice here in Washington as well a couple of notable about the president's remarks yesterday. Where he was speaking about everybody on the field being a public service coming to Washington to be a public servant and he and they make democracy run and I think that was a notable point that sometimes gets lost. Outside of the beltway. You know he Washington does not exactly have higher approval ratings Washington in quotes that you know broad topic of Washington but these are people who come here. To work for the American people because they love the country and ignorant attack on one of them they say is attack on all. Well yes and in I found it. And this may be was Paul Ryan that said you know we're all Americans when it's all come and then we alone or in the country and people tend to forget that if you're on the left you don't think the right loves the country to be on the right on the the left loves to country but all of us do. We just express it in different ways you and me. Just a way that I will low Karen enjoying some Libya that down time from the the vitriol on the rhetoric in the next time we get together. Obstruction of justice will be something that we'll have to look to touch upon for short. That's what I care and Karen Travers of ABC appreciate your update here today a blood drive. Go one on. It's gonna be in the lake Norman here today invisible to giveaways and started to get in light of the shooting yesterday you never know what some gonna happen where. Somebody who needs blood so I'll give the details coming up on that we'll be back today hate you not gonna believe what these social media folks are saying about what happened yesterday. Keith and Dan your calls coming up on WB three. I'm 46 now this is news. Tenth anniversary of the beach you mentioned there's blood drive on on its and Cornelius OK Harris teeter antiquity in foreign news which is on us Tyler avenue. And you got any time today from about noon Ciba. Until two until 630 okay. They they like walking in right in the middle of the day three to six because obviously that's we know most people generally still work in silicon opportunity stop by during that period of time. They'll be good I need to be a 120 pounds got to drink a lot of water hydrated eat a good luncheons and and know your medications and whether or not to dance any sort of interaction. Or problems for you if you if you lose a pint of blood can have your ID will get. And school starting at T shirts and craft beer pint coupons from Bain brewing company. A sonic care toothbrush raffle from the university dental associates in a special visit. From mrs. North Carolina America went to Jordan potential to misses don't hit them. Not 47 is your time talking about hate and vitriol and others seem to be quite a bit of it I think again I was just actually discussed it when I went to social media yesterday. And and saw that people were actually. Calling James Hodge consent a hero. Let's make no mistake. Other than his shoddy marksmanship. James T Hodge consent is a true American hero 704571110. Q can join the conversation sports analogy force. Good morning about how Horry and two on our rights trying to figure this argument. Well first football world apology yes first. I hit mortally wounded when at four hours not had to drop my home he knew about this but it's easy throughout the island that. Oh and I'm glad you're not an autumn and Tom this morning with the U and that robotic response. No reality. He is personally no argument between the Democrats and Republicans that turned into. Like a football being my lead is better than your team south Carolina's better than here helping clients and Carolina's better than North Carolina State or. And in. Yeah it does it matter whether I'm ride alone you sit around it's not same but how does seem to matter here in the last two years that really meant to say it didn't. Even. We do have that mentality they're original founding fathers that Leo puts the issue bill Lee Aurora. Whatever it that chance. But once you became a congressman will keep diplomacy through once he became. Portable electric the issue that you were representative of the people in the longer that parties represented. The game we need to get respect that man sitting in the I don't know that we've ever truly has that mindset that that's what we need to these kids. To be nice. But you know you you make a good point with the analogy. Oh football changed you know how many times have you heard the story where somebody's where in the wrong Jersey in the wrong place in the all of a sudden they've got a dent upside their head. And that her I mean you know. Well I'll lead him to do with Mel McDonald and see him we element of the Carolinas that it plans and then we just can't get past that this summer in Kenya. But it. He knows if when we need to really get over it. Reconcile I import. A two party system corporate party system for support system for example but the minute bit. Scott FitzGerald mutilate he debate not congressmen. I'm I want him to qui being. A Republican or Democrat and start being represented. What you eat your answer there when Scott FitzGerald ends up becoming a congressman a lot of people would say I'm doing now a lot of the state scarlet. Hey Keith. I don't know which Jersey where today but I appreciate your calls Cannata Danny hi Danny you're on WBT big problems. I cancer yet thanks for hanging on appreciate your nation. Well we'll look at what I think we'll be accelerant so all of us. Is this spin this technique that's now being used for every question mr. rap they're political political. Our policy question in a bowl spoke so inaudible and so people who want to reduce the immigration are actually not fully. You're not merit. But not without those before of course with issues that all the Walt such as abortion are the best frontal great. Or whatever but now I go to every single question. Filled with political. Stovall is a moral question a starving people to bet if you cut a program. Both both children and an honor raping children around every question and if that's what makes people who would agree with. These small you know want certain moral terms too of course. Become good defender of journalism bit and Germany that's what they fear itself is suitable as you know what it does stand to push people. To do so more extreme sentenced to defend their position because why there are actually no moral crusade to. You know Danny to bring up a really good point and what. I think what's happening and it's been going on for a long time but it seems like they're getting better at it. Is there adding a benefit a moral benefit. To a position. You know if you're in sales and you say hey you know you're gonna love these windows because has got double pane glass. Which means it's going to have better insulation point. You know you're gonna love you know this car because it's got the V8 engine which means you're never gonna have a hard time passing somebody. When you talk about you know immigration. You know if you're against immigration. That means and then they have the moral piece to it so it can tie in the emotions as opposed to. Just they head piece which is the actual piece of legislation so you bring up a really really good point. Poker or server all right I appreciate your call let's see let's go to move. Normal. Steve who Sunnis as crisp. Perfect Christmas was evident. Hey yeah. Look at it seems things. The portal and its I don't carry that child got one from Russia either resourceful guy in the business tactics. Big deal for ten years because you gotta love from anywhere you know you'd mossy okay what are either Britain guy and he gets the job death emergency. Isn't just me or does seasons change sound a lot like marks something. We we record everything that happens on this radio station you might hear that again Chris found. I heard Simpson. Holy Moly 70457011. -- Terry I'll get you Jack hang on Steve you've been different take on this statement on the road. Yet it's a little different take I think Mark Zuckerberg turned understand during the election why so many Democrats crossed over and voted the other way toward the Republicans. And you know I think that's actually kind of pouring in this situation. Because many Democrats. And even here in this city of Charlotte. Are very concerned about thus far left side of our own party it's just gone Cadillac. This guy yesterday he's one of the lack gets it's at our party but he's certainly doesn't represent. All Democrats easily need to set up like promised. No I I agree with the a 100% remained if you are a normal. Even keel to reasonable Democrat. You would condemn what happened I think was in New York yesterday I'm not sure which city was. I think it was New York where one of these anti file order on how you pronounce of these anti fascist folks stabbed a police horse in the neck with a knife. And say if you're a Democrat those are not your people just like if you're Republican. You know the far right extreme. Whatever you want to call amino white supremacist what Nationalists. But are not party your people either. It is just like in a weird way. It's like we're asking the moderate Muslims. To handle the Taliban the moderate Muslims to handle crisis. Walt can't we ask the moderate Democrats to handle the leftists and can't we asked moderate Republicans. To handle the far right. Why not take our own advice Jack hi there you're on WB 2 good morning. Got an interesting thing to think about my allies into very rabbit suit the Democrat and I who equally rapid republic at. Or Q election is over. Listeners are people that we've elected as a group and up and up whatever body for the next two or six say why are many years. And that local school can agree to disagree. Without getting Massey but I repeat all. And this. I have great difficulty understanding why. She anybody is the extreme monitoring of the ourselves. I think most of the population. Is like my wife and I. You know we we've lean one way or the other but. The reality except. And you get booties. You just live where oracle appears. If they add to your whole life. Well. I I like what you're saying and I wish it were true I wish it was easy to do but there are so many people who. As we talked earlier are allowing their motions to override their brains. And then in many cases I have to imagine there's some very real pain or some very real hurt. That these people have and then it probably they chew on it for a while minutes seems to be worse and worst and they feel some direct offense by. The other side and that's when you add a little little mental instability in there. And maybe a little liquor in these people go off the rails and it becomes a scary scary place appreciate your call Terry radicalization. Reasons help me out. Well. I think that never let that card that don't want and I'm not only I could anybody take initiative and what do you have been like that because. I don't think that a lot of people heard mention how people get paid by the Democratic Party in properly mad at me. They go out of these hot button beneath them that I'm kind of a leash you being a war on. I'm a black backpack or whatever it may eat and make it eight to go they're up straight and probable. So you know he got hurt somebody I'm quite good not bad out. You know god and god are making that commitment an American again. And numbered and social media. And a lot of people don't think realize that we read a book and he's trying to remember. A lot of people probably didn't. Hit it as you could commissioning new. You can't act a little bit about. And got the device you'll be happy your head and your contact let good people don't read up like that make him and that. Well you know. Media I don't think you completely everything BR that big blue and giving permission hero. That you look for more information contact. Use them not to run here beat up. You know I don't believe everything they're good even people get inundated this. We can't get crime happened in this country that the hot button I'd all of a sudden that Burton bought big book. And their bit of that get inundated both feet deep painful. FaceBook. I love this somebody treats all that Barack did that actually coming around. The actual sport the better show the court and the like this one database and the guys that our work. You know something to do it you know then that information out. Yeah you'd probably want it I'd I think that their. We need to address that point here is a very good point there are some diabolical. Pieces of technology that are doing exactly what you're talking about it. We'll get to fit in the next half hour here. WB two and a 10030 hi there Scott FitzGerald thanks Felicia. An hour from now. 1103 congressman. Richard Hudson was going to be joining us. Talk about the camaraderie that was felt all over the hill yesterday a lot of shooting and via the injury in the morning to them as usefully. So we'll get to that also later in this hour gonna talk about the obstruction of justice situation was going on here with the the president and the investigation by Muller. Oh which not. That's still the one of the phrases that being used by the White House that it characterize what is happening and and it but I have a feeling that. They're the gears the start to get to some higher gears here. Who knows how long the investigation is gonna go. I would imagine that money laundering which is one of the things that seems to be coming to the forefront. Takes a long time to figure out maybe find a mobsters not so much but the money laundering that they are considering. And that's. That's complicated stuff I mean I look at a spreadsheet that was my mind my eyes glaze over. Can't imagine what it's like when you're dealing with you know big huge giant corporations and partnerships and and overseas. Shell companies which is the end of the current discussions so let's not forget something that's going on in South Carolina word tragedy. If you listen to the emotion in Putnam county sheriff Howard it's sills voice here. They need to surrender. Before it's kinda toss salt to brutally murdered crash salt should ask Onebox. I've their blood on my sheet she log on issues of course we're talking about Donald Russell rope. And repeated blows these are the two Georgia inmates who shoulder guards. And escaped from the prison bus and the situation is they've stolen a second vehicle is they try to stay ahead of a massive manhunt. More from Howard silk. Approximately 6:45. This morning. I don't have always sixteen between marriage part of Georgia. There was a department of corrections. Bush they transport bus. Similar to one usually there that's not the bush was similar to that one transporting state prison this was not a war DJ. Do the prisoners. Are down out of the bag somehow got into the driver's compartment. Overpowered the war. Move officers who were driving the bush obtain their weapons and shot and killed both with the corrections officers. We'll variant the bush. So tragedy there via the dragnet is getting bigger. The Internet is being cast wider. Apparently the latest is that they've stolen a different vehicle looks like they have found a truck. And they did see one of the guys I do believe and a dollar store someplace to call them up on camera. And is going to be very very difficult for this one got a high just because. He's got this to boast guy he's got so many prominent tattoos on his face. Crowns. About his eyebrows. A star below his right ear graffiti style letters all across his neck. He has a ghost tattooed on his right forefinger and a face on his right pinky which are signs of a membership in the ghost face gangsters. So as of right now what he is him and what they think he is in it both of them are and is it 2008 white Ford F 250 pickup truck Georgian tanks. BC XB. CEX 5372. Shots to keep your eyes peeled. You know I mean how how often have we heard stories. Where somebody was on the run they were. You know try to find somebody tracked them down and somebody just happening here the right new story at the right time. And and they and found them I remember years ago there was what are your solution and worked at Cincinnati there was a guy that was on overnights in his name was the truck and Bozo. And he had truckers from all across the country that were you know the call in and listen and talk to him. And I can't remember the criminal but there was some there was some killer that was on the run. And apparently he stopped at a rest stop. An overnight to get some sleep. And a trucker. Grow by saw the cars all the tanks made the call. The arrest came right afterwards so. Just sump and keeping you back your mind here as we try to move on from another tragedy in his time. Coming at Georgia so. If you wanted to. Good news story at least so hopefully it's gonna continue to be a good news story for you don't mission twins from Morrisville then maybe you've heard about them Erin and Abby. And for the first time in their lives are now laying side by side separate beds. The reason this is a big deal. Is because they were conjoined twins. And they were joined at the top of their hits. And obviously the surgery there. Very rare procedure it's not something that happens just every day. But they ended up separating these 210 month hopes. Eleven hour surgery happened in Philadelphia. And will see what ends up happening next there's Turkish mentioned the operating team thirty. Members. On this team in the surgery. And obviously months and months of preparation. And if you think about. Practicing for something what's called a play that was called a football game. You rehearsed you go over things in your mind again and so pretty soon in your brain you're creating this muscle memory. And that's what these surgeons and neurosurgeons in this entire team of folks had to do in order to prepare for this surgery let's hope. That the healing. Begins and continues and we have some prayers going out to Eric and Abby the length and I know the parents. Heather and Riley Delanie bringing them home it's got to be an amazing feeling so god bless you. Accomplice the so coming up next we have talked about how the media. Handles disasters how the media whips up his rhetoric. Can we come up with a solution and look at a way to try to. Push it down a bit slow down a little bit maybe he's are worried minds are sort of diminish the pain we'll talk about that we'll do Florian it's coming up next. Negative sixty attitude his love and had better record of the future. Yesterday was all of cover. You have the television on you you could not avoid what was happening accomplishments goalies in the shooting that was there on the baseball field but it did not take long for via Talking Heads in the media. I think one could argue that it was an act of political violence but. Is it the right thing to sort of stir up those emotions by reinforcing the fact that it was a political act of violence doctor Robert Thompson is what this director of the Bleier center. For television and popular culture at to university Syracuse or Syracuse University forgive me for putting the orange man backwards yours for where the school is so. So what is our responsibility as members of the media when it comes to something political like this because this is different. Then a disgruntled coworker or a domestic abuse situation where. There is some celebrity to these killers this is a different animal as a. Well it is that you Asian pointed out yesterday and today. There's been and the bandwidth discussion about this and hey you know I don't really know what to say when something like this happened it's a big story it's got to be covered. And one of these elements when one covers it then one tries to figure it out. Is to have cause the kind of discussions that are being. Ahead in the issue of stability comes up although I don't know what these conversations get anywhere the issue of guns come up but we've had those conversations many times than that. They don't seem too low get any worse so it's it's there is almost eight. Ritual like stealing two these. Extreme no experts in conversations that are. Coming through and I'm not sure that we're getting any closer to. And understanding. Or anything else about this but at the same time I'm not really sure what the alternative is deaths. And you mentioned ritual you're you're right I mean it seems like every tragedy. If you blocked out the sound you'd be looking at the same scenario the same setup every time it's like OK here and see one your NC to your instinct three U smile here you've frowned here. You Furl your eyebrows over here you know what I mean. It is and that's very true it is it is very it makes one very cynical consider is this sense that. They get you pointed out they they all look the same it's become age genre and we've got people in. He'll be be Bichette test conditions for. Each of them and I think I really became heated it seemed like after that after. Sandy hook that was so. Extreme. And so completely. Horrible if if anything ever would have been. Bug something that would move towards some sort of resolution or some sort of actual useful. Action you would have thought that would've done it but. We're virtually no different place for a than we were Winnetka. Well. Help me figure something not here because there there are timed chunks that we are programs to. You know this is sitcom it's thirty minutes you know and I understand top of the hour bottom of the hour that kind of thing sixty minute dramas at some point in time. They determined that's what our attention span was we couldn't eat anymore after we had that much you know screenplay it's a 120 pages each page about a minute's of you have a two hour movie get retain. Records you want to record three and at a military opera goes one for dad they do. Equity Wagner let's forget about him is go to a you know a 1910 fruit gum company record like John Hancock was talking about yesterday two minutes and 42 seconds so these tiny chunks what is in your mine an appropriate time chunk. For us to be able to not get overwhelmed. With this kind of coverage how can we limit ourselves to pursue even look at it that way. Well it could just think is you're right should come to our thirty minutes dramas are an hour long but 24 hour cable is actually. Not good does reflect those kinds of things if it goes on and on and on and how much did cover gets covered depends on what else is there. It's happening so for example this morning all three networks were talking about. The shootings that we're talking about and know all three of them are on the press conference the father of the some respect for North Korean Nicole what if what if what they're all covering cloak. There is this sense that 24 hour cable. Has no time limitation from the big story comes out they can go to breaking news in the can go on all my installed base. And everything what. At what point do dumb BP you know he'd been it's been covered or it fees used to beat. Of any value would also complicated question because you never know who's dropping in win win new information this come the end. And you know and all of that of course the in this particular case it's in the interest can give a quick could we use this. Unusual. Situation. Of this guy it's taking too violent act. And then somehow try to use that is represented to the all these much larger issues which he'd maybe in some cases then in May not be in other cases. Tell me a better. That talk about the spectrum of media because in the old days you know it was with the newspaper. Very slow moving process we had to read you know we had actually look at the words we had to to make an effort to be able to get the information. And then it was you know thirty minute newscasts and that was in knowing if you put it all and thirty minutes that was enough we we didn't get over overwhelmed. Now you say they don't like you say we get this circadian rhythm that's out of place with with 24 hour cable stuff. Tom how how do we end and you tie and social media and then the radio and then all these other things. They all feed each other. Is there any way to sort of chopped them apart so that they beat the acceleration doesn't quite go so fast on us. Well I had no I mean I think these. Technologies are out there we've got these institutions covered covering these things that I don't think there's still a bit and then open we're gonna be able to. I change that now of course any individual if they're feeling overwhelmed. His gut yup option of turning off the TV and not constantly engaging. With social media. I mean it's just like dead in the old days you'd get a big that Sunday paper and you read it until you were tired of Reading it and then you could stop reading joke there's. There's the other difference that you're you're pointing this out. Earlier. Back in the old immediate days there were the fact that this story would break reporters would cover it. It would go through editorial prophecies it would be printed and you'd get it on the doorstep in the morning corporate was a really big story either be an extra. Additions Null and these stories happen we see the process of the reporting as it's happened I mean it's breaking news is just step that. Reporters often get on the scene. They're talking in front of cameras in getting experts to come and talk before they even know what's going on for their defense that we're really seeing. These stories. Emerge as the reporters are coming to grips with them we're also. Watching that process. The the world media is always bad and anybody who would say otherwise is is. Afford themselves it's always been about ratings and revenue if you go back to Hearst in the end the days of the you know the yellow papers or what they called yellow. They'll journalism journalism yeah yeah I was are set sensationalized to a to get tries to by the you know to have to look in and then by the paper here. At some point in time it seems like responsibility. Went by the wayside here what is the responsibility. Of media in your mind to handle these kinds of such. Well I mean that's an interesting question because there's the here right now most of journalism in this that country not all of it but most of it is. I dependent upon any revenue stream that comes from advertising which means. It's got to maximize its audience because that's because the audiences how you determined how much you get the charge. For advertisements. There have however been times. For example when the networks weren't big corporate entities back when the networks work. Being run by the grand old man idea. CBS news for a good portion of its early history wasn't making any money it was a prestige thing. First CBS bill paley who would they added it was probably a bit. Ended a lot of good stuff got done their that in fact one could not making money but. Especially now with the structures of these things that's very very difficult to do. I mean I think to journalist's journalist community very very. Special. Profession and I think we should be saying thank you for your service to good journalist like we do two soldiers and too low public school teachers. Com BP N is that they did they are they're working within a structure where they both have to beat. That being responsible journalism journalists according to what those those standards are. But at the same time working within large corporate structures where that you know if they're in third place throw. Oh. They don't go to adapt to change right got to ratcheted up a little bit let's let's flip things around here we've got the media which presents. And there's so many different channels we also have literally thousands and thousands of people may be millions of people who were looking for their opportunity. To get on camera to be on microphone to get an imprint there's all these people clamoring hear my voice hear my voice hear my voice. And they all have different messages how much does that drive what we're given. Well it does because I know there are so many places for all those people to to be herd immunity used to be the other way newspapers there was magazines radio. Television in the looted very finite number of places. Where people could be heard and if you weren't a big shot the best you could hope for is maybe get a letter to the editor in the paper maybe get. Put on the year and call in show or something like that. Now there's just anybody with a computer is able to look you know have an international distribution system right. That however it's confusing and as an anarchy he is that can that change. I think in the end we get to say that that's a good thing there are no opportunities to hear. Still many other voices people who were completely silenced before. Blow ways in which they can be heard. And well that can cause trouble and it can cause chaos and it can cause can. Confusion. I don't think we did you know like to take that away her voice too now that can be heard this beat heard before but some of them are horrible. Some of them are good good and ultimately I think it's good seeing that we have those multitude of ways. Look at that sometimes it's almost like your teacher in front of a classroom of 35 year old they all wanna talk at the same time they all think what they have to say is the most important thing in the world. Doctor Robert Townsend from Syracuse University always a pleasure and I appreciate your insights. 1033 down tight Scott FitzGerald would use here and if you beat two good to have you along here. Friday night. Did tonight what to ball games things start to cool down you know when may 39 o'clock so first pitch 705 for the for the knights take on the Indianapolis Indians. And we're going to be out there with some fireworks for what does nothing to come up to game 705. BB NT ballpark. It's up front and I fireworks are ongoing human tickets all season long to to go check out against a WBT. Dot com so yesterday various strange situation sad situation happen on the baseball field and it all began. It all began when represented Desantis. Met the shooters. Sort of set at the outset who the shooter actually before opening fire whether they're Republicans or Democrats on the field fiasco have you. Yes Jeff Duncan and I we are acts. Chile's dragon balls I was at thirty he was it shore worse probably I would have been thirty feet forty feet from the gunman had we stayed Jeff would have been probably seventy feet how about we wanted to beat the traffic so Jeff and I wanted to say let's just get on the road so we did as soon as we got into the car. An individual approached us and said it was kind of abrasive he just like hair those Republicans or Democrats. And Jeff was like they're Republicans in the guy immediately turned around and kind of started walking towards the field. And we it was kind of weird but as the tiger thing like you pull out you just got to shake your shoulders. This Emily got back to the hill and heard what had happened and Jeff and I immediately talk to one another like we got a report this guy. We reported kind of what we're remembered about him. Then once he was identified and they found this picture Jeff and I like were like that's definitely Hamlin and Jeff had a staffer who is driving and he said a 100% that was him. Are you so that's what happened the very very beginning of an all Steve Gomez is where Davey sees that noose security contributor former special agent with the FBI. Joining us now here and it could be tuning in is up when you use your FBI brain Steve. Imagine right now conversation with the other folks from the FBI discussing what are we gonna do to keep our elected officials say four. That's how would that go. Well it starts with having a more strategic outlook of where. The congress members are going. And when they're at a location or venue whatever the foreign did. If that is known to the public. You essentially have to look at that as a soft target so in this case here the twenty or so commerce members or practicing at that field. But it was known to the public that they were practicing there at that aren't so now if you have somebody like this suspect can happen in an accent. We woo hoo. He wanted to commit some kind of act he had the opportunity you work on them. And as a result they were soft target and that's what he had the attacks yet think about that from strategic standpoint. Are they in a position where people know where they are. And can an attacker Kirk's. So when the president goes someplace there's a that there's a security detail that goes ahead of time and what they call the name of that team but. They go out they they check where the president's going to be potential problems potential dangers and then they sort of ups of the dead the president can be safe when he gets that. Are we gonna have to move in that direction when it comes to a congress people and senators. I'm what eight exactly and get a lot of times. You you have forward deployed team. That all check out where things are gonna happen as far as the president and and even with certain special events weather how you know elected officials. Maybe a baseball game basketball game and whatever it is there's always. Forward deployed in battle kind of recalling. And yet there are security issues that that is done. Quite often. So what you have to think about is what are those places. Where they are going to go. And and it's you have to have that kind of reconnaissance done to then decide okay now we have to have. One or two people to go long would it be elected official or maybe you need more ten people. It's a matter of looking at the situation strategically how many elected officials. And then do you have to have you know a certain amount of security people that are going to be there to protect these good new. Yup it this one most disturbing to me because. In my recollection is the first one where somebody didn't go after one target like Giffords. This was multiple targets and it could literally banned you know shooting fish in a barrel other than for the though the security detail that was there. I really hope that is a wake up call for. The government and got an elected official they're chiefs of staff. And the capitol police and and as everybody that is involved in provide execute to our elected officials because they really can't let this kind of situation happen again. They have to recognize that our elected officials especially in this environment where it is your politically volatile. And day and you may have people such as this person yesterday who get a ticket the next level. We already know we have ice is an al-Qaeda that are prepared to attack us wherever we eat wherever we are. So the lap and wanna do is provide these type of opportunities to these radicals were prepared to commit violent. And we can't let that happen. He had well earlier today it was I was talking to two of the callers and what we want the moderate Muslims to clamp down on the radical Islamist. Why can't we try to figure a way to do the same thing where the Democrats clamp down on the radical left and the Republicans clamp down. On the radical right we need to get a hold of our own country how licenses sitting back laughing bone they're doing to themselves. Do you feel exactly they're they're not only that but they're probably looking at this situation and say wow this guy. Figured out a vulnerability. And took advantage of it now fortunately there were no victim fatalities. So we we are we can be very grateful for that. And it definitely showed up Omer ability which. Which tend to be the case and think about from a security standpoint. We're are at their vulnerabilities. We have to cool those vulnerabilities we can't list goes to do it because that's what I says al-Qaeda. And some of these active shooters are thinking about they're trying to find the home. So that's right it's like machine learning every time something happens there's new lessons that come about and these are lessons they get used against us a break re a picture called the recording that. At 46 now this is vigilant and that streak of the should Tony gave. Big celebration for the it twice and people of fame inductees. For WB two including a rocket Rick good and hello everybody the nationalist most beloved John Hancock. So we might invites come. Go to WBT dot com slash contest for the opportunity to join us in celebrating these these radio greats truly the NASCAR hall of fame. Which honors the history of NASCAR salutes us a WB two restored 95 years serve in the Charlotte community. And the be part of the celebration so thanks for listening and being a part. And our history in New York Times has used this this attack assassination attempt. On the baseball field to to bring back up the the situation with former rug Governor Sarah Palin remember this. Back during the day where there was some there were different congressional seats and Sarah Palin's political action committee that committee circulated. A map of these targeted an electoral districts. And ms. Giffords Gabriel Giffords. When listening stylized cross hairs and at the time there was you know that is cited this disgraced man to to not shoot. There is no no evidence that that's what happened with a mr. Jared Loughner. In risk schizophrenic. So again people are pointing fingers should. That you know this this inciting this this rallying cry language that that people are doing amendment serve its mass in minutes it's. What's what it's the masses and it's the lynch mob she's gotten just absolutely out of hand and right you've got an interesting take on all this welcome to the program. Very much first select a site that I'm a Republican and a staunch drops supporter. I do however understand the mindset that you shooter also met through what we've it was well. Four or five years ago there are related public golf. And I felt like it was a prayer. At the mindset that won't stop plotted to kill the through individuals that were involved. How. I had the weapon. Glad I was they'll do it where we're going to were. Auto postal sites through them before shovel. And outlook buckle yourself or go forward with it grief about it. And possibly it's because of but it about the consequences. Definitely. Overcome. It felt so what's happened I was unable they're dropped on my Hartford not properties thoughts from my my. But thank goodness I was able to control myself and others are gonna do it there and interstates are right most gradually the anger. NB desire to do this dissipated enough. Beneficiary of the papers it has been I do understand what their city's people's minds in there there's. The tremors and they're not I'm not able to do is to control it locked. Outlaw what is what started with a angered. As as used to donate new chewed on that anger what happened next what came next and was at all fox. When was it driven by feelings mostly. It was it was all ball circuit that is loaded it over what. To look your element and I had I was going through hell yeah I think it's respect for what you chip on your city the golf ball or. Is or is it all thoughts or is it is a driven by feelings. Feelings FE EL IN GS feelings. What you saw us voters it was driven by feelings that he. That anger was driven both Palin and which the interest early on it until my thoughts. And I indicated I was. Throughout our Murdoch couldn't grab the spotlight a vote petted daily diary while much. And civic ballet it's probably dissipated a little while but I accepted by what has happened but they have. Happens with do you think back through the mob. Situation enough I'll off bail out also able to overcome it so that's how I got you I do understand that they use it they'll. What what clicked because at some point in time your building up to this building up to this building up to this. It's still real in your mind and it's still gonna happen. And at some point time you said you made there is some sort of observation or awareness in your brain that the consequences. We're gonna out way. What ever sort of vindication. Or whatever sort of the passion released that you would get from performing this act is a make sense. Almost definitely it it just took learn to do it different. Great food and have a little bit further angered the dissipated the desire. To do it and not face the consequences. That's sort of how. There's more voters later art part the thing about it as mentality is just so it's just at all as. It was. Guerrilla. What stopped you re in the beginning because that had to be when it. When you Richard fever pitch in you're making this plan and what by the way what was your plan. What we gonna do what we gonna say and why did it knew what was the real thing that kept you from doing it in that short period of time afterwards. Seriously. Sol knowing that it was well. And that and that Cochran who I am. Tired fault apple for help. You're all talking about mom all of salt low ball has warmed up. If it exists is like good about it more than their policy would wasn't older adults to introduce student again just the city's. Smarter or more you know I'm out here economic control and you're not and but you have no power. I didn't go through it. Thank god it is that you. Whether the important part there one yet integrate things he didn't go through with a but use that word control and the good news is that you were more in control of your your thoughts than your thoughts were in control of view. And I think that's where the difference between these people who do end up. Following through on their ideas that they don't have control something snaps inside the brain and they don't have that voice inside their head that says no this is not right. Margaret Beckett I thank you very much but out here it really appreciate your courage for a first year and they witness our I appreciate very much sympathy tuna it's fascinating. We were. Gotten so angry is somebody that you made plans to get back at them. John I've ever done that not not to that extent obviously not to that extent no I mean that's what separates. Endless cycle paths it. I think every normal human being correct me if I'm wrong you're 70457011. Text I imagine that that revenge. Is kind of a natural response in many situations so yes in more than a few times I've felt that feeling but. You know you you just go to you police on and you find something else to do with it let's move on. But that's because you're somewhat normal and I used towards some oil loosen you go to via almost. I'm I'm trying to think back immunized had revenge plots. And I've done and I have taken revenge and in a couple different ways but it was never. Fatally wrong there was never going to be dangerous. Have you ever had a plan in your brain to try to get back at somebody. And what was their thought process like. Bring your kids all the times I don't kill you. They're really have any idea what that means they don't know what the seriousness. Of that kind of audience. But they say it. And I think adults say it. May not articulate guy named in mean how many times you heard that about you know you sit around with a coworker. And I hate that some of an atomic kill. Slow. Normal people say it and then it's done and then they go out to lunch in the sale it's your turn to pay. People that are not normal dose of the ones that don't have the control which. Which makes me go back to this whole concept of whether or not it's really politics. Floor. If it's mental issues and my belief is that it's a mental issue. Now. What I hope. Doesn't end up happening is. Don't have that big giant book I can't remember what it's cold it's the other book that psychiatrists. Look in and then there's these various symptoms and disorders. That they decide are actual mental disorders are mentally after the masters and Johnson a stunning that's the sex deal yes and you get this confused as our mental disorder that you have that fixation. That can't remember what it's called but it's a big giant book has got a number an attempt. Anyway there there's there's there's discussions now of political disorder syndrome. Jimmie could you possibly imagine DSM four DSM as well armed could you possibly imagine going to you know your therapist. And they say well you values to gun on cops get into how practical Purdue deplored this sort of thing in Durham. That's a reduced seems to be an excuse but has to be something else beyond that besides somebody just paid in the other party so much that they wanna go off half cocked. 704571110. Have you ever have you forgotten so angry. We're so frustrated at this system or an a person. Worst situation that literally in your mind you try to create a plan Tim hi you're on WB 2 good morning. Basically they're part of that part of that greatly and straight narrow reflection of your receipt that friend trials or that's. I don't catch you don't matter yet cold case or bonds. They're voters want short general what made a big hit a that it made in our sport so there's nothing left. So it's like in net it's crossed my mind that. And then I got mothers says well. I will have to wait to have his revenge don't keep calm and speak this thing up are you guys. And I know you mean that the joking kind of way but hey at a job you create your world got to take care and seeing not just can't wait to law. There's Minnesota or big dissent part is that I think we've all had that feeling at some point in time. And it. You have to be Smart and after a net pre net suing him and yet. And if you can't then other people need to look at you engage is some help. Jake I got about a minute if you can't do an amended then then we'll hold jail mortgage on the other side of Kent cigarettes. Yes I can go to minute. Eritrea and I'm neighbor that I really felt like I wanted to do his players hurt real bad. And actually total that's fairly. The next fair we're good they're being mart and remembered their spirit. And border is because they do you have of playing in my yes I had a player so I'll award of the bill it. And the way I was wanna do it close library. Fans. Or Orton is great but. I didn't do it calls. Of control right. And now we're really your career. That's awesome and the good news is that UN saw somebody who could help you and back Q also allege. We'll continue the conversation I think it's a human reaction in the problem it becomes and human. When it crosses that line tentative DA didn't when we come back we're gonna talk to congressman Richard Hudson about the situation yesterday and what life is gonna be like moving forward it's on the way under the BT's. Flood of course either Scot Shields up to Vijay glad to have you with us here today. A lot of the events yesterday swirled around. Let us into today and there's so much to get to come back and take a look at it again what happened on the baseball field yesterday. And his somebody was off their rocker obviously there was a bit of politics were around in this person's brain here and and unfortunately for him. I handed him dead and unfortunately for us as a republic. We've had an injured congressman. Thankfully it's not US congressman Richard Hudson who joins us now here on WB two Howard missed congressman. Great we will go to and I appreciate appreciate you joining us here today was it like yesterday when you all that together. And huddled up and Paul Ryan was speaking to you all about trying to work. That brings immunity together. Well very emotional time you know world filled clan world solo was shocked. You know but but I think we also. All recognize the truth with little opportunity for us maybe to change the tone and maybe grew up. Call me a little bit better when I come from political discourse. And it's not people wake up call for a lot of people. But will work main we all can be as optimistic as we wannabe and and is hopeful about something like that. But my experience has been that lasts for a little bit and then it wears off and then somebody pops the balloon with something nasty. And then we kind of tailback into what it was like before is there any reality to being able to keep a quieter you think. Well also and I think maybe you want won't change you still have people who. So inappropriate than usual storm people who expressed themselves waved at the Lawrence. Productive but but maybe you won't change it across almost all politics operate she maybe folks on the left and right. Then tolerate bad behavior from from folks from all political parties. And then that promo I mean you know people. People there boom most people are good from people want. Most people stable compete or not emotionally stable. And so lovely people could go to work. That care about doesn't reckon the problem. Between ourselves and even though or so also our standard or. I'm star standard and folk you know I am hopeful obviously. I'm not Pollyanna on the world could not going to be poker. But boy I am hopeful that maybe we can. A woman that's going to dialogue about policy in the last couple days muscle media. Columbine Iraqis who constituents. None and so you know who has put movement I think we aspire to be better. Congressman Hudson is where this is winning and WBT obviously we're going to take a look at. Tempering the the political discourse here will there be any heightened awareness and maybe efforts put forth to try to really take a look at our mental health here in the United States and how we get cared for. Well I pulled from the a lot of us have been concerned about for a long time now you know what they're. The mess she's in this country there are so common phenomena years alone won't sort of you know well. And so I'll work with barker promote the use the congressman from proclaimed yes or no health reform we were able to get us look you know little. I LLC and that included in the political secretary bill passed congress some of the cold in the last year. We look at putting more resources. On the ground the mental health. Look at what barriers are there. For example. No carrier you're not able share information. With only members. You know what more can you think we can do a group that are jobless not allow my truth. People who need care getting there. I'm goes something that we have what I want going to feel look at only the big piece who has. Once again congressman Richard Hudson is witnessed here today yesterday's demonstrated a vulnerability I mean we're all human beings. And we are all capable of intense fear. What has this done. True to you when you look at yourself and you look inside and ask yourself. Am I afraid now or that. How to how do you work through this and and what's next. Well beyond what your every every daily about what our home in North Carolina all of them here in Washington working. I think about it. I mean come on the crowd. I think about security and our outlook and we are earth there you were at the mall. I think about my security thousand and our safety that's something that is it a reality series. Come on Portland. But you got to carry on you know out I'll be given an incredible possibility incredible honor to represent. Cover Belton who Carolinians in congress. And you know I got up this morning and then he and then went to work is like every day. Then you know you you can't with a career public a big part of it is my faith. Number we've gotten George believe that for a permanent plans and not and so that gives me a lot of political grief. Was who wipes say. I. Well he's. Wounded it's it's upsetting. Or family. Because very periodically speck of Ramallah Ramallah. And I've been enrolled model ought to the last couple days have been Brooklyn these goalies also court quite figured he must. Know what they're going through. It's just. It's hard to imagine on the campaign they're doing but minimalist style when I'm not. And since June Kansas board but you are concerned do you know I between mobile phone. Of course there's still allow him to go to separate. You know if you figured your golf course. They are and and I'm glad that you're here and you the ability to be able to be where thus and so when you get to back together again with all your colleagues there on the help. Hmmm I wish you the best I wish you safety now afford to see him what you're going to do and how you're gonna move forward to to make sure that you're safe so that we as American people can communities fortune. Are quicker or work congressman welcome back any time congressman Richard Hudson and his 1110993. WB to break him back and and you. 1116 out of 1110 minute freedom we. Company name Jim Vogel who's in the lake Norman area and he gets folks together to help with blood drive Sanders is one going on today Harris teeter antiquity and Cornelius on top I have. Tom and and you won't have to. It was going to be gone up from about two to 630 here today and giving 120 pounds on base machine hydrant on a constant lunch. I've tried deep with you and then you come into school stuff okay T shirt giveaways you get a got craft beer pints coupon which you view your pint of blood. Putt from the Bain brewing company in corneas a sonic toothbrush rappel. From the university dental associates in a special visit from mrs. North Carolina. Wendy Jordan so content to be had by all and to be doing a very good deeds have gone help out today she mini mills got a WBT dot com can questions investors and listened to be. He further assistance when it comes to bat. Thus a 704571110. My folks just jump in here and we'll get right to your Sherry. People don't understand their own actions kind of help me get bring this to light forming your tournament. I don't want to say that I the politicians. They have a very. Serious job and they need to take it seriously because they're expecting their lives but many people and I heard that there had been say. I need incurred by boat you know what I want you make that vision back don't go away because. It. Jane you are a lot of the problem and I hear this all the time the last the last the last. There's no left no right there's only Americans don't need to think that way and stop letting the people tell us out of that. Because we talk about god. But I care about delete the police and actually do that we're gonna have a problem does not know how it's something that it created. But the person that the best. Now he can get better. I think they're better yet what. And the top politician I have very important model Matt said they would think about helping the relief well. No benefit at about what that's brand to kind of say that's my god what haven't you to do you know about people and then you won't be good for your life as much. The technical know when you ER even know children that we care. Probably thought all the politicians out there again about the left the right where America and I'll put Americans first. You sharing not walk only fair share up nor shared a share a couple questions for your. Do you really think that mental health is all circumstantial. Parliament. Created yes I do there that are present circumstance. Then it's not really didn't know what they're all on a lot of kids are born with that but you know a lot of it has created because of a part of town here they can't get a job that hippie that they have much. They're working hard. You like right now I'm glad for college student Connie link that got aspect of their mental health. But nothing can stop it there's a combination of things online it's more mental help people not only that I understand that you are all sharing sharing now don't get them home a huge Ari I don't know church Mary. Jerry let you talk Sherri Sherri. I let you talk let me ask you question okay. It sounds to me and and I don't wanna put words in your mouth but it sounds to me like you're you're almost justifying. People's. People's reactions and even the actions that they may take. No I'm not but I'm just ran everybody that I have a little help but we don't collided with that idea. No I understand W but I don't like going back to taking away our. But if somebody is you know like you said you know their their health care is too expensive for their pell grants are being taken away. I understand that this could add to frustrations on things but those people. Who were losing those things there's still no excuse for taking this kind of action but it almost sounds to me like you can understand where these people are coming from. Based upon what you think is being taken away. Well I don't think they should go under that kind of thing bag idea but I don't think they should have those health problems that they have right now. I think that would be channel. No I agree I I think that could be changed in day and I appreciate your insight on that they were all hurt and in different ways you know I think every single one of us walks to revive the pain I campaign. I have things that bother me from years gone by that I still work through time things have happened to me today that hurt. But I try to push through. And I try to figure out ways to get help so that it doesn't take me down Jackie called 704571110. Budget with a suit today morality how's it to them. Well thank you its the pin because it's another. Suggested. Suggested response to what's happening in our country is. Has coined that or asking the audience that it's politics or neurological issues then. Certainly they all factor in theory was pointing out but. But I'd I'd like to suggest that it also. Clearly moral ethics and and the reason why I want to to put this up to your audience is because. That the caller ray who was willing to share without the really dark time in his life. When you ask him what made him not follow through with his thoughts to it took. Two with his plan to kill you first response was. It was this that it was wrong. And so. They're they're my appointments he was governed by his ethics. And our country is quickly becoming morally bankrupt. How many morals morals are just now relatives and the bat it. What you can't put that on social media that they're feeling a murderer. I think you grow. It as my co me it doesn't matter now whether usually. On the information because he thought he should do that. It relatives and sadly. You what you would deny that fact wit neurological. Pulpit for politics. It's a time bomb waiting to happen. And to shorter than say pointing out with god I'm gripping our hearts and helping us to realize. What is truly right and wrong as he's got burned forests. I don't know where we go except lies down on our knees. Well Jackie I I hear what you're saying about morals and and you used the term relative morals or moral relativity and then there is a truth in that. And the problem is that everybody does have a different set of morals. And it. It's hard to get into somebody else is at let's say somebody's a you know a truly one of those earth first Ers a tank and they believe that he that that the human beings are destroying the environment and they're angry. At let's say coal company and they have this moral outrage and they go slashed the tires of the coal trucks. In their mind. That morality. It is is justified. Same thing let's go to the other side completely let's assume you know some of the white Nationalists who love me so much you know they are morally outraged that our immigration. Situation here is allowing people from other places it and not northern white Europeans to come here and to quote create white genocide. They have a moral outrage their tuners are obviously two very far extremes. I think most of us stand sort of in the same kind of ground yeah we're we're between that the twenty yard line in the twenty yard line on this football you know feel those other folks are in the red zone. But. I agree with you it's a matter of morality but it's it's a moving target you know I mean with some of these folks are. We can't think you're bringing up great issues. Extremes and that's exactly the case but it does that work or underscoring even pop said that. You know the fact is whether it's man made law or sport god law. So badly extreme but but still certainly at god outlined that if you what you're taking a life. You're breaking the law and and so what does that the manmade laws changed. It's still that bit Bennett can become relative but but the fact remains. That. That if somebody is. But. Oh didn't that are of Robin Hood out there I can justify their actions. It is still does that. This still doesn't. Give them the right you can protest and you can protest within the law but but it doesn't have a personal right. To be able to take that extreme. Artists you know you went to the first thing you're thinking in New York City. But what's going on with what does that on Broadway and inhaling. You know. Topic cops do you know to take his life you've adopted by the haven't are put them right it absolutely is not. You know again black and white. You can say it's okay because of my passion and the what I believe what I feel you know whether I'm a tree hugger or. You know I'm going to be out on out to. You know that they again and again people argued that they've got to draw the line whether it's still all right side greed and you've got to make your case then. Sometimes the sometimes you guys step across the line but it is it is. Hard core when you take the law in your own thing. Well in a jacket fortunate I do think there are gray areas and years ago Steven king. Wrote a book called the dead zone and a guy has an injury long story short he can see the future. In certain instances and he meets a politician. And he sees into the future that this guy's gonna start world war three. So the moral dilemma and the question and that bookie is. Is it okay. To assassinate this guy knowing that he's going to cause world war three would that be considered justifiable. Would that be considered immoral act. I understand I mean the public schools other stories where it's hard core and god says you wipe out the enemy. That in there but then again that's why you know I it's apples and oranges and we can argue this until kingdom come. Which would be a good thing right now. Heard a note yet no kidding a week and inject you hear what you sank in I'm not disagreeing you that we have some moral issues we have to take care of in this country how to take care from. I don't know you can't force anybody to have morals you can. Punish somebody for breaking the law. But that's a completely different animal altogether. It's fascinating conversation and and if you want to continue this I would like to and I think what we're gonna do is when we come back on a play a little bit of ray's conversation. Which is what started this whole. And the reason it started is you can understand. Why. This hodgkin's and guys who did what he did. How that bond begins in your brain how the plan begins to formulate. And we are all human and we are all subject to. To various wings of our emotions we are also object at times do not really being a completely control of how we think if you think about you are not in control how your brain works. Thoughts commend your brain whether you'll want them to or not it you can't stop them their monkey chatter it's what you decide to do with those voices when those thoughts. Some of us are better at than others. The break about you coming up when there's levens and 993 double BT. Rest in peace James hodgkin's. A true here thrifts with that name. There's not much is enough and I'm reading those so maybe it was amazing yesterday just how how. How ridiculous some of the comments on FaceBook Twitter were you're people were actually taking this side of this distillers. There attempted killer rest in peace James T hunch consume whatever major do it we understand. We understand. There's a politically based as it mentally help based what was behind it we've had callers opinion mercy you know what I can understand frustration I can understand anger. And other people and it's situations. And I've even thought. About taking very drastic action this is ray from the last hour right you've got an interest in take on all this welcomed the program. Thank you very much up front so let's say that I'm a Republican and a spot drops supporter. I think I'll ever understand the mindset that the shooter also met through what we didn't well. Toward partners the perpetrators of adult. And I felt like it was a player. A couple months afterwards. Sloppy sloppy field with through individuals that were involved. I had a weapon. Glad I was they'll do it Orioles don't do it. What was mostly through them before shovel. Pass out or couple heal itself out of forward but yeah. Ed policy for you this because but it about the consequences. Definitely. Overcome. It felt so what happened I was unable or dropped on my Hartford not dropping spots from mom my. But thank goodness I was able to control myself and others are goes through that there in interstates are right most gradually be anger. And the desire to do this dissipated enough. And they are hearing on the date but it has been I do understand workers city's people's minds emeritus. The camera isn't there another round table to to the stupid throw it last. Outlaw what this would start within angered. As is used to donate new chewed on that anger what happened next what came next and was at all thoughts. Who was a driven by feelings mostly. It would be a result salt stuck established loaded over about. To look development and brand we're going to look I'll let but it can't dissect the follow what you SharePoint considered a golf ball or. Is nor is it all thoughts or is it is a driven by feelings. Are your feelings FE EL IN GS feelings. Well yes sauce voters it was driven by figuring the that anger was driven but they arena and which and so do you think back through enough. Situation enough I'll offer help out also able to overcome it so that's how I got here and do it it's bad but they have to pay out. What's what clicked because at some point in time your building up to this building up to this building up to this. It's still real in your mind and it's still gonna happen. And at some point time you said you made there is some sort of observation or awareness in your brain that the consequences. We're gonna out way. What ever sort of vindication. Or whatever sort of real passion released that you would get from performing the sack does that make sense. Almost definitely it it just took I have heard the debate different. Great holy temple faithful to haggard participated in the desire. To do it and operation consequences. Has supported how. They're for a fighter pleasure art heart defect about it this that's solid years just so it's just at all as. It was. Or are. What stopped you re in the beginning because that had to be when it. When you're richer fever pitch in you're making this plan and what by the way what was your plan what we gonna do what we gonna say. And why did it knew what was the real thing that kept you from doing it in that short period of time afterwards. Seriously. Doll that no one that it was well. And that and the subsequent group and I felt out before Howell. I don't know my mom all saw a little while longer shots. If you exist is like good about it more than a policy would want to build our doctor QB student did just the city's. Smarter or more yeah you know it's a lot here at army control and you're not and but at the power. I didn't go to it. I thank god let it go through that. Well there's the important part there one Yemen to great things he didn't go through with a but use that word control and the good news is that you were more in control of your your thoughts than your thoughts were in control view. And I think that's where the difference between. These people who do end up. Following through on their ideas that they don't have control something snaps inside the brain and they don't have that voice inside their head that says no this is not right. Arbor thank you for thank you very much for it upstairs ray I appreciate your courage forever share that was mentioned the take a lot of courage they're 7457011. Had a few rivers have those thoughts. And how did you manage them lie near a WB two behind. The. Yeah yes sir it's gotten more including good morning. And I'm article won't qualify. What you believe. You know thoughts and feelings. And I'm wondering your words. Count you know as far as differences between words. Thoughts feelings and then action. Generally to my understanding we think and images and in words we when we. When we quote talked to ourselves and we work through things and we think general that's through language and our brain and you can if you sit in your quiet. You can actually hear yourself talking to yourself you know that the brain never really stops. That makes us. They're not may have scored yet. And the problem comes when some of these folks who hear words coming from the outside that are so full when anger reinforces some of the words that they have on the inside. And then they get confused and I can't tell which is wished just doesn't necessarily mean. That there are completely schizophrenic. But there's a confusion that's going on there is psyche you know you put the grapes and you put the pair's and you put the cherries in with the Jolo and all of a sudden it's all fruits out he can't tell who which is would choose us all. A hodgepodge trying to complete call would you Steve I'll get to you as well 70457. Up 1110. It's 1140 your news 1110993. WBT. There's Avant said that it meant freedom to be too so we just heard from re angry at the conversation where he and his mind. Wanted to take somebody out and a plan to canoeing is gonna say in how he was going to do it. It's a make it to. Sort of understandable can you sort of relate or have sympathy for this kind of went after the other Republicans are on the baseball field. This is somebody that decided to go beyond. Just having a plan. WB 2 good morning. Yeah hello there hello bill good. Promised Capone and about somebody else can I used to come and I'm. You can't if you lie. This was fine thank app and a place in California State is psychotic. Can't it was just leave let's leave it at that haven't leave it at that. Ali and dad okay and now but it has spent forty years good teachers as somebody up on adverse conditions while letting it still works only for column never got to appearing to clear Maceo volley all the things. But it would work when they're a married written about the bigger amount of resources manager told me you just a worker global. Usher or re issued useful or have a job for. Just like get right not I got two motions and a year and that they're big races some like street was Somalia. It's similar work for colorful steel six and so my guess it'll say it would division measures. You give group division come up and act while walking into my award warned of personality conflict but by. And aviation club. Leo. May have been noted black belt personality conflict but he's got your policy. To get real people through bulk. I want ordered and and 68 didn't wanna when the supervision they referred to three simple closet and play as well if there's only to lay up. But we don't have your place and they had this. Okay wait all. What it would did you wanna do or what was going. Anyway loud it got so bad to me and my wife had to go back to work remember that whole spam and I'm proud gal Becker Alia I want to lull you know Barbara ultimate united every year largely Italy Greece Somalia. They're not saying look it'll veteran I got the right consider try not sure what normal pre salt well there or everywhere actually those is that to get thirty. Religious bird Samuel buyback of somewhat yes but anyway. Up all of the Blankfein and other plant stuff about the tight gasoline over and shotgun to get an all Monday morning and I'll let them around the state mandates. And in certain science I executed and the tight first. But couldn't get the bottle distant and nowhere you know may now so anyway our market ever came home one day and so the whales she gave up by Anglican that you recently ERS site. So what what got me offer that followed was but follow all sinned against the new resource which is referred wonder of the file the United States. In my album first ones coming up like two years later. Has so you saw the lawsuit brought you back from the edge and it and you were. So you're able to take an action we would be able to take an appropriate action which which I'm glad you did because what do turnouts are good. Too but at beginning of the real bad day for you on in saint Steve bigamy and hold on for a long time appreciate that you still there. Yes mr. when he got. By a chemical called my question about Hillary and factor and a campaign knew Steve SN we're talking about dude. Understand but what the they put me on there. But would you on the air yet. Did you join us all the mobile has about well do it anyway real quick. My courts are close you know Hillary went crazy in the may be a bit too cold Paltrow would not. Commit to accepting your election results and now. So let's say Hillary is not come out Angel sitting by commercial border let. Donald Trump is the president and it is the other way around Schumer and hello you know would be demanding that that happened and not public part time that'd be it. Yeah no I hear you Steve yes rush cover that yesterday. It's gonna mark I'm mark the end of the BT what do you. I. Got busy market just used on my moral few minutes ago and say what you saw it. Is that only Israel to Barton you know I can't. Got to agree with probably trigger like that who wanted you know the British right when the deputy owner Orton. They're friendly soil took up arms if you Molly foals that bitter cold and I'm well of course now. And are your future your future when somebody at that else's song. Can tell you also that you are yourself to winning a league best must not fall. You Tyco. Detects a life and cheer when didn't do as a question and Obama are our engine. You support that even you don't support we. You know they'll sad truth is I'm not actually exploit oil side that sort of suitable organ oil it was organized. Yeah it's. The relative party is big because there are people who. Are morally outraged at different things whether it I mean you get these Peta folks you know in their mind. They are completely justified with every single thing that they do to quote save the elephants soared to to get people to not Wear fur. In their mind they're on a mission in its right and in it it may even in their minds be god given it may be god directed you know that's that's where their brain works. And then on the other side they have the same sort of thing mean we have seen people who don't know you know pro lifers who will go shoot an abortion doctor. And their mind it's morally justified. So to me it's murder. They're very act would be murder. But there's a moral justification for work within a certain group of people because. It's it's for greater more you know greater morality. And now that line slides so I don't know that we can necessarily come up with a position where we can go OK here's piece paper. And here the ten pieces of morality the world know agree on is just this is not gonna happen it would have been nice. But everybody so different everybody so different. Got an email just says. He's got to agree then all of this is a man Alicia did the same time we have to acknowledge that the left wing liberal agenda saturated the news is reaching countless minds. Minds with the mental issues contributing. So I don't think you can really see it's purely mental issue because there's so many people who commit similar acts of violence we've seen in the news but that man was motivated to strikes specific targets being GOP personnel. I agree. Oh it's a it's a combination. You know. Once she got coffee and you put your cream and sugar that you can't separate the two of he becomes one unit and in this particular case this guy I don't believe could separate. What was going on a set of his brain and and the political part of it because the political part of it as we have seen it becomes such a part of your identity. Via you know we've talked about this before it is the and what's the name of the complex it's is where you are always right you know that your right in the more that somebody tries to convince you that your pitcher wrong. Though the more that you hold on to it. And the more facts that your presented witness. The memorial hold onto it even if in your own mind you know. That you're wrong. You'll stick with it if you use your brain convinces you your identity convinces you that. That's what the truth is and you'll hold onto it tight and we've seen this time and time and time again. And it's the far ends of the spectrum that seem to be the ones. That are practicing this. That to the most so it was 7045701110. Just got a couple minutes left to be able to have this conversation. So do you do you understand this this this this conversation. Help you understand at all maybe where this guy was coming from doesn't justify it for a minute. We all have these these on these violent impulses. If you if you say you never had a violent impulse and I think that may be your your I don't know your. Pulling yourself the difference between us and animals is that we generally don't. Act on the temples. So and a gold colors are lined appear and we'll get you just a second here. I'm the shooter has been called a whack job and a way over the top whack job one of his neighbors' cities are radical not. He's been banned from all the accounting board meetings hosted he was banned from all the coming board meetings and stuff like that. And because a lot of trouble that's why that in the path next John hi there you're on WB to leave your thoughts. Well there's a while they're worried but I can be dark period you want. That's that's our right he he he failed typing that got us on the phone it's okay we love him anyway. He's good with pictures. Are just flat out better partner. So are you learn to go low here blah by The Beatles as long as she starts seeing and it. Probably me. Are you are gonna look clearing itself the target their current or parents that are out when nobody ever comprehend the great work. What about the country and agreement what are you saying are you going to appear on me. Shelter dogs and no I don't put sugar in my country to be glass well I don't like that kind of sweetness. Okay look and yet don't order to buy you don't you know we have a boring here are greater authority to marijuana. Good save every album I thought they're not gonna get outside a buck well OK well then you're commanders know it always weird love. Thabeet right. He had a problem is that you can't get all The Beatles records well they they have these things called rights and you know copyright and that sort of thing. So we can't get to John you can look for but I don't know that well not necessarily a let's go to John there either John your WBT would be yet. They know what was site that let Obama got elected the first especially this and the second time. And not I didn't like it. A lot of our friends and so helpful but no problem and similar shoot people Beverly trucks destroy. Kill people. Just got into liking image quality about it yet everybody Garko go to like. And that he you've got licked inflation which left Winger got a little awestruck expressed that what you like about they're not man enough to you it. I can't example I have and so. That's killing people well that's what. Probably somewhat about which got all these demonstrations I sort by armed a lot of that. That's my two cents work. Gotcha yeah I I believe in as the conversation has gone on that that it's a combination of politics and a common combination of mental instability and then you add into that I think there's a lot of disenfranchised people. There's a lot of folks who don't feel like they belong to anything in this using a completely different angle on the whole thing everybody wants to be part of a truck. Suggestions Friday. Like everybody wants to feel included. This is like gangs rise. Listen to make self feel warm and Fuzzy moment. Does have done through the be nice if we. And I knows to be some folks a little old folk field men are gonna say we've been left can't conquer everything. Politics in congress. Minister as simple as diligent and I didn't start with a heart who says generally when you use your heart. Not your stomach nothing got that gets pissed off when you use your heart chances are you have much better chance of winning. The ship toolbar which you blue skies and green light and low. C 1110993. W breeds.