President Trump's Paris Visit and The Latest Heath Care Proposal

John Hancock
Thursday, July 13th

Doug Kellet fills in for Hancock and is joined by Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America, Christopher Harris of Unhyphenated America, Jordan Goodman of Money Answers, and Dan Perkins, author, to discuss the latest health care proposal, Donald Trump Jr and more.


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The man do the job and guys know their delegates. Back would you again on this Thursday edition of the program. July 13 thanks for joining us here lot to get into you on the show today. Lot of interesting news from wounded jet today we've got georgians died doing the producing in board operations. Another show today busy program 7045701110. AB. Have thought of that having your comment on the air we certainly welcome. Viewer calls kept a lot of phone calls in on the show yesterday I don't know where to start well I do well let's start with. The media's chewing down the latest that's president Donald drowned his trip to France. And a fairly today. He in his meeting with the French prime minister I think give their French president. And the first lady of France he apparently said something like him in kind of looking up and down on the east. The First Lady. Something about your beautiful and you're in good shape and. I'm getting all kind of reaction via FaceBook I cannot help. But chuckle a bit I did I'd agree would would some of the people wrote hold on just can't help himself. Since summer digging great exception to this. Sort of feeds into this. Narrative I guess in some Democrats strident portrayed during the campaign that. Donald Trump in maybe sometimes makes come as he shouldn't make to the public in my Ahmadabad women and such but it wasn't a negative thing. He does it she really looked good. But there's a lot of quote based around social media on that when today we'll talk about it but the media I don't know how you can spin all your time on television though. I mean he said it that sits there showing the video but what else is there to say. Other than you can determine whether you think there was anything good come of for the president of the United States to say to be first lady of France tournament. Right. I will say that he was accurate and he is still. At the it was accurate in his depictions. Where his description. And then you got the story today this story just gets better it really does you know we we spent several. Programs this week talking about to be Donald Trump junior emails in the Russian thing in. Some think you're sending two and others who believe there's nothing much to ever do any of us today the story is in this is out of the Daily Mail. Is it basically means but it this way John McCain you're remember when Donald Trump kind of went after John McCain during the the primary. In some sort of in Byron that he was speaking and he said. How many remember had came out that he was something to the effectiveness. John McCain was a Prisoner of War he likes people don't get captured. And John McCain is not a hero somebody like that wealth that may have been what led to believe. Idea that John McCain then. Was attempting to dig up dirt on don't draw a base who have put it this way John McCain. According to this Daily Mail story went. We're sent someone in the bridge to dig up dirt on the downturn during the campaign while the same time apparently Donald junior was trying to dig up dirt with the Russians on Hillary Clinton. I am from so the story just gets better John McCain is now entered the fray. Here's the way they put it I guess a Daily Mail it's a guardian. Today the headline reads ordinary citizen John McCain dispatched a trusted aide across the Atlantic to get dirty dossier. From its bye after former British diplomat told him about blackmail tapes. And then the subtitles are I guess it's Serb subtext. Well McCain eighty put out a statement Wednesday saying he was the bureau's choice that's your only source of the controversial dossier. The guardian charted a path of dirty does he made from the British intelligence professional to Senator John McCain and the FBI off. Here's our Republican found out about the existence while at a meeting in Canada you know this have been rumored. I don't think it'd been. Definitive far had been documented that John McCain was kind of behind is the limit a lot of rumors or maybe John McCain. I was upset about it and some of the comments about Donald Trump. They made during the the primaries so team might have Carol Lynn do this he'll be FBI apparently paid. Money for this dossier. But according to the story John McCain said he did what any citizen would do. In turning over the dirty dossier which contain an confirms secrets about the president elect over to the FBI. The guardian charted the fans and how does he came to be and how it was a McCain get his hands on the controversial documents. The story of the does he began with a new investigative firm in Washington being tabbed by one of drugs primary allies. Did they got opposition research on the Republican. John McCain is a Republican right out realize he'd barely makes a standard that. Tore his seat. Even if he's managed it dropped. For making this off the cuff remark during the the primary that he should not have made. About John McCain's military service even if you really are upset about it why are you working. You know Hillary Clinton elected and that appears to be what's happening here. In turn the firm outsourced the research to be retired Western European former counterintelligence. Official. With a long history of dealing with a shadow world of must go spooks. And fallacy I guess that security threats to explain the guardian. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal identified the expires Christopher steel. Seth so. I overnight messing with the Russians were messing with the British and the intelligence and I do get. Information on each other isn't politics Grande do so many said last night and one of the shows but I was watching about you know politics is I think that's an ugly game. Don't trust accurately describes much of what goes on in Washington is a swamp which is really is. The idea of trying to drain the swamp that's a whole other ballgame. Something that I near say they don't trouble never be able to do. But its parent may be a noble cause I what did your thoughts slime we gotta get into health care bill today as well. How get a number of guest on the program very proud join us at 335. Talk about. You know the fact it's still in the healthcare bill is this. Mandates today and your doctor askew when you're a gun owner tonight we'll talk about that and then what's in that health care bill revealed today. But I Mitch McConnell 311 our time I'm going delegates in for John today. And we'll be right back here on news 1110993. WBZ. And welcome back creating their time on the time and does show Dick Dell appeared news delivered in 993 and beat these guys. And George failing to producing more operations of the show on the phone number to dial in is 704. 5701110. 70457. Though we live in debt also yeah I was talking about that story about that. These Russians again just two minutes ago and I said well just the story gets better and image in the John McCain. Unfairly tried to get the dossier. The dirt on that note trump. I think campaign. The same time the trial guys were joined it yet dirt on Hillary Clinton one of the aspects I forgot to tell you about. In this story. That makes it even more interesting is a fact that it was Obama. Says the Obama Department of Justice. May have let the other Russian lawyer the end of the of the country even though apparently her visa was not either up to date. Four was not and you know would you not qualified to be here. So they. They live there in anyway. A so so this story. Continues to be either I would say we're getting to the point of almost tabloid sort of situation now right I mean it's. The it's entertaining. At times there may be some who are infuriated about it but. You get the Soviet Union down does trump junior and these emails and from there be released this week in the meeting with the Russian lawyer. Prism if you come into member overseas that. Now you get John McCain have rarely it's now been proven he's admitted it to be. The FBI think it is that he was the one that senate trusted me to cross the Atlantic to get. This this dossier on men Donald Trump. From a next five countries former British diplomat told him about the of the blackmail tapes. And then president Obama's Department of Justice. Is the one to allow this Russian lawyerly thing that the country. Without that having a proper you know credentials via TV says so. That's what we have today also in the media is making a lot of that. Prison Trump's comments. Did the French First Lady today she was not offended by this is that Donald Trump said. And I need to get the quote but he said. That. Your beautiful. Here and really good shape for somebody like that now. Did you decide improper company whether that was what the president ought to be saying to the French firm's First Lady you're not. I did post a little while ago and get some reaction Aysu at least he didn't say he and Billy bush thought she was tied. Does that really would have to devote their own right. But he is he's this is a kind of way the president talks some people are offended sometimes by his. His comments others may be in times entertained by it. Maybe it's sort of feeds in to be near give it to the Democrats wanted to make him that president front been women in this kind of thing that. But he's. Some are saying police used to being around me like miss universe type women well she's not part of the contestants. Of the miss universe pageant. But. Now the president said in their playing the video over and over again of course in making a lot of Madden. We need to be anchors are women in there expressing sort of their outrage whether it's balls tonight also. The health care bill let's talk about that some because. It's only actually of Texas and the bill was released today by Mitch McConnell of the draft of the bill there will be amendments Rand Paul immediately said he's not for it part of the problem was his bill through July. That to say there's a problem that's. Part of it is all the taxes. Built Obama pull on us. Maybe maybe the medical device tax. Which probably doesn't directly affect you and me but would affect is obviously in the purchase of that but it also hurt the industry itself. And cost a lot of jobs in an industry that that may still there may have been taken out of the other taxes are in there. And so. Hopefully obamacare was the biggest tax increase in the American people in they're gonna keep hitting him. Apparently and we were you return Republicans here who I've said many times of people quote means over and over again I believe Republicans were put on planet earth. They're reducing taxes. And so. We're going do. We demand and ram bosses and I'm going forward. Senator Collins she's always an issue when it comes to Obama here. And trying to repeal this in any stuff form fashion whatever she's our usage she's not board we're down two votes already. This week and we had no amendments. Nothing that since the bill came out earlier today also they've got this provision in mandate in the didn't really talk event in a few minutes here. That Obama's. And the Democrats put in there that doctors would ask you would your gun owner tonight. Which of course is I think outrageous a lot of those who really believe in the Second Amendment the idea that you're right this. Own a firearm you don't have to tell anybody about it you don't want to doctor has no. Reason I ask you that question no. It's not none of their business. Then of course the idea is. And sort of torrid whether you're mentally capable. I fearing a firearm and well known psychiatrist and find out that. That's not doing your medical doctor and get a check three got a cold or something you need some medicine. Then have the doctor have to ask you know with a year ago or not but that's part of the Obama care legislation. And that's something that. We need to get taken out of there but that's in the bill to. We'll talk more about the bill as we go along to the program today towns on the line. And time wants to weigh in and Donald Trump's comments about the first lady of France shut down your next on the BBT thanks for calling. Fair you don't expect the U loses. I didn't I had sort of thought that the bark bark a bit from your show I don't think there's anything wrong with the president complimenting your purse by the flat. I'll 57 years old nowadays if you complement somebody the first big Mac there's a what do I do and I'm not giving tried to pick me up. We look protected species is god now you can't even tell what and you'd look nice today. Yeah immediately usually get a due to sexual harassment. No you're right coming into this thing is Aaron is released you know the door for us it's the. Out yeah exactly I mean nowadays you're like and what we normally do but 01 NUMB amount the other guy on the other end up to beat it doesn't mean you are. You can't have both boys get a gig you need to do all the stuff. Well here's the thing though I guess it's time trump has his reputation billionaire Playboy type right. He's been on record with a certain interviews about the miss universe pageant at some of these beauty pageant city likes to be around. Women who are not the toll closed in this building to the sort of plays into it. You know really holding on to this a First Lady. I'm France Canada holding having her grip on there and you know you're beautiful and you know you're really good shape. You know I suspect I think that's yeah guys are being extended you an idea that they probably wanted somebody might roll their eyes assuming that they wouldn't they do much about it but I guess when trump does it it's a big deal. Oh yeah I would I would I haven't gotten hurt connect the liberal media is gonna run with that and endurance and mirror you good Bart Starr and all you personally involved about a Nazi. They're they're gonna have a hey day with. We're trying to carry important. I was trying to academy times and there were no drinking game today how many times exit misogynist Clinton video first. Complete my. Are. All. Yeah a million trouble we keep down this this conversation down the thank you we appreciate it 70457011. Jan. And you can and your thoughts look I think you have to have great respect. I'm Shirley for women in the marketplace of women in the workplaces. There's a there's appropriate time I agree with time that we've gotten to the point now yielded the door open for a woman now it's can be misunderstood the if you do say someone looks nice today Alley says that it doesn't happen to me often anyway but if somebody says well you actually look good today. Usually that myth I usually look lousy most of the time duets. It's the fifth day it was it's always at least that's always a way I took it thin but it is it it is an issue in sort of the sort of public environment. Value to be careful what you say I think Donald Trump sometimes. Doesn't use his words as carefully as having a lot of us really would like him to do whether it's via Twitter. Are some of his conversation. And interviews and that kind of thing. I think you can ability. I hate to say it but I think he could have said it may be better to have the same impression branch he was accurate. Let me put it that way. Three police have a hard time here on the John Hancock show undertow that we'll be right back on news 1110993. WBZ. The Diamondbacks showed the village sitting in these Olympics in 993 WBZ. I'm really FaceBook MySpace quote pages FaceBook got them back pleasure I did radio. Stay in my putter because that's I don't radio on my website I don't believe you've done family knows. This is up there. As we continue let's talk about the health care bill of such and owners of America. And the president emeritus I understand now is Hillary Bradley was a director for thirty plus years and what I think is the best of the organizations independent Second Amendment and today the ideally put them via press release about this health care bill. Which includes and I mentioned this a moment ago that mandate where the doctors have to ask you your gun owner or not. There's other aspects of the villain doctor Larry Graham about Larry good to have you on the program and so it's very targeted again I don't blame here could we would view a friend. Let's talk about disability united talked about it when Obama kind of got this thing through congress that. What in the heck is a doctor's in what business and I don't think they wanted to it is what what businesses. A doctor and ask bill on the question here with a word gun owner tonight. Well actually. I don't think it would happen in my case because I. No my doctor pretty well but it keyword ad that question about whether I own guns or not. I can say let's stop this conversation right now. Let I have to report you for a major ethical violation. Of the bureau of being a doctor. That is not a proper question for a doctor to be asking has nothing to do would your health and but just to stop right here. That we know. So apparently got the insurers write mean. The health insurance companies that are very via they're they're collecting information about whether we're gun owners and including and it may be a databases that. That is part of and one of the concerns that we have. And every time you have a database. It means that it can be. Compromised if somebody can get in there and get information that's supposedly. Confidential that. Have little slow learner how that worked out. Under her stewardship at the Ira he's DP easy to get in there and and get people saying information. So if they don't get it then they can't violate your privacy if they have it it's an invasion waiting to happen. And certainly for gun owners we kind of have noted from. Examples in the United States plus many around the world when government to get a list of who has guns. So it's not for fighting crime it's for the government to commit massive crime itself by confiscating the guns. Yeah and we know that Hillary Clinton again elective we probably would be further down the road right 20 and a whole lot more oil certainly more restrictions anyway. Absolutely. She. That didn't make much of a secret about being anti Second Amendment. She was also had to do it against Dianne Feinstein had announced one time. When these semi auto ban. So for rifles it wasn't. Finally gotten through the congress. Two that live subsequently took the political. The expense of the many Democrats but nevertheless she's the qualified the votes I didn't administered middle America to her a marlin. The grisly but that's that's what these folks really wanted to go they wanted to confiscate all go to court not the people that protect them. None of them are not just the ones that the governor used to protect you and me. Yeah and I guess the the other thing too they're trying to find out Datsyuk government I think. We love to know how many guns Americans have right not just that we are bigger donors have been really wanna know. The entire story about OK because some people have a lot of firearms and have just a few some have none they really wanna know the entire story I think. They do and it's none of their business that's just part of the infringement. Nothing means that the in this Second Amendment. They don't need to know that information. And that's why the founders made sure that this god given right was. Enshrined in language protecting it in the bill of rights. And lo mein especially in Ireland. This entry and then it had been the last several decades. We've seen this inordinate desire on the part of government. Just trying to help us by finding all these things that they have no business. Because government does not have our best interest in mind and especially there are telling is that when they wanna come for our guns. Yes I think the thing in a sea where you think you're embedded Labor Day it seems to mean it Dianne Feinstein you may Hillary Clinton to that extent. They're more open about it I think I can I'm OK with that I I've I don't agree within their vilify them. Every way I candid but they're open about what they wanna do when bothers me about health care bill like this you should be about healthcare. And so somehow a bureaucrat in one who happens to low like firearms. Sort of fire arms ownership can put this kind of thing into a two or 3000 page bill or whatever it is and then make it law without us ever really knowing about it. Well using their logic. There may be or about 8000 people murdered with a firearms. Any year. There are I think something like what 30000. No fatalities though does have more like over a hundred. Committed my doctor hook through malpractice. Wrong prescriptions. Things like that automobile. Have a very high Def soul until we gonna go panels these things we can. What do we do just did in our chair and not move could probably get up we might fall and break their leg and break her neck and die. I think they really want the the Centers for Disease Control them and Atlanta to make the decision might have Newsome director of some bureaucrat dared to say it's a health issue and therefore they have control. About you know now with a we have firearms and I mean some people may be listening to us think we're really far out there but this is really happening I mean. You get these provisions in the health care bill is part of the problem. It's the company's debt the anti Second Amendment folks who will not put into the legislation prohibiting. What we're talking about and the data collection as you point out. Is mandated and there are no. Effective ways we can keep them from abusing their there are certain times when. Has this data has been mandated to be collected live probation that'd be dubbed they can't be used for any sort of gun registry. And that's happened to stop them hello Lerner should have convinced everybody you can not trust the government with your private information. They will abuse it Lola Lerner did the only reason she's not in jail right now is because the Republicans are practical. Yeah that's true and another way to getting around is to Leary is the fact that I mean at west is baggage to be ability perhaps. I'm insurance companies don't jurors. Do discriminate against gun owners that is if you're a gun owner I'm not gonna tell every young to deny you health insurance can you imagine that. Some of the companies could very well end up trying to do that hopefully if there's one or more that refused to do that they would get. Lots more business but yet that's that is exactly the problem that there are companies that are. Making decisions based on social policy. Rather than business and economics. And who we just can't. Don't assume that because we've got a Republican president right now. Who is pro Second Amendment that the battle is over if we don't close these doors at. Nail them shut and pour kept them over. While trumpet president. There will be parents. No they will end you know defending who have a troop presence egos of scores of Democrats think they're gonna get control of congress again. And then you know in the garage that they give having Elizabeth Warren or somebody like that. I in the White House is you know people weren't comfortable we know trump these days you know one good thing about senator Rand Paul on this health care bill he's opposing it. But he has offered an amendment to get a deal with the you know some of the issues we've been talking about. I'm moving get health care bill pass anyway Larry we think. That may well be the case years suspicion. They the Republicans don't seem to have the will. To do any thing and they leave. Rules on the books that are very. Did impair their ability to move move forward something that Democrats would never stand for they wanted to get something done. They would and a comment make the rules accommodate what they wanna do and right now you can. You have to have super majorities to get these things done and frankly I think we need to do. When they go buy into those were rules that require the the there's super majority. That the Republicans are serious about doing the things they said they would do. When they were campaigning. Then they must get rid of Obama care they must mail than any possibility of gun control coming through that. That's it just pure and simple. Political politics 101. You know one other question lamb thinking too if you know if they don't pass anything and obamacare balls in which is sure to do a million dollars and we moved to this idea of a single. Your system which is nothing more than government run healthcare demo one white shirt and yet. Right yeah don't wanna ensure that they could deny donors for their very. Good good definitely do that and if not under president trump the next time we get a President Obama Taipei in there. I don't Katie bar the door there go the gun rights. Yeah you when you get nervous we Cory Booker. Elizabeth Warren and those are two names Bernie Sanders will be back I mean that is. And make Hillary Clinton maybe trying another run. Who thought it was really cool. While. Stalin. Or maybe it was unruffled. The head of the KGB well ahead of the Soviet union's we need vacationing there on his honeymoon. Now what kind of an American. Wants to go and and this spend his money vacationing in a place. Where they're murdering. Hundreds of people that day in concentration camps. That's ever defenders. That was amazing rise. Yes go vacation in the old Soviet union for your your honeymoon and we are rightly so much articulate because different random blood. Well I don't know it was his mouth inflation well. Larry thank you reveal on his grades are to be is always and we remind people it's a Gun Owners of America check him out GOA dot org a gun owner Larry or. Yes sir thank you again I know is our temporary guilders up north. What are they union real nine. And 354. Afternoon program John Hancock show don't tell including end. And thanks for joining us here and we get more gas they'll join us later in the program 70457011. Jan. Two of the on the program with me your opinion on Twitter or FaceBook can't be just. Congressman would be that way many of us have any of you are and then getting some reaction be top stories no one here. Get home I'm hearing what the media is chewing on today. That was Donald Trump in his greeting to the France and the French prime minister's wife I guess he's prime minister may be president anyway the first lady of France. Face it your beautiful and you're really good shape and that has caused a great chapter in both social media and also on television nears some are. Greatly offended by the president's comments about the appearance of the First Lady. I'm France the other big story the health care bill today already too because GOP senators say they'll vote no on the bills and raw Rand Paul. And also senator Collins. Main. That's two no votes we're down to the I guess the minimum right. That there needed to fifty votes plus one which would be Mike Pence to get this thing approved. What's in the bill whether several things they having bill would this sort of the Medicaid. Part of it here they also. Are providing they risk pool. For those who have preexisting conditions. How would you really give says simply that many in the Republican and conservative area talked about for a long time was give something to be aware that. One of the big problems senator Paul boy that is at these tax increases. From Obama care are still in the bill and that's not a conservative sort of position here but apparently the reason they're doing it's the only can pay for this. Expansion of Medicaid which is what Obama tear did to us to begin with. And tags so many people in day it was the biggest tax increase in American history when they did this. And tonight's. Repeal the bill to begin women's and secular order secondly ninth at least give the taxes out of the bill. Then you really haven't done much is set maybe a few tweaks here or there but maybe that's all they can get through are you gonna be happy with that. When the final bill is approved and something will be approved more than likely not this week now and actually got no thing but. More than likely something will passed the Republican. Senate then we'll go back to the house and all of the house. And the concern more conservative members of the house letting go low it was something probably will eventually be approved. Out of congress on this that don't trouble sign are you going to be OK it was nothing more than tweaks. They may be a few changes in what is in essence the Affordable Care Act the obamacare law. These are going to be good enough that we talked about this earlier this week you many you call him out of the wind important aspect about this the Republicans are gonna own this health care bill. The Republicans are in power now be the president. He's in power and then the next couple of years even if obamacare balls in. Despite the fact that would be. Because of President Obama and the Democrats have put this thing honest to begin with but it would be the Republicans will be. Sort of hearing from the voters on this team this sort of tweaking or just changing the bill in small ways to try to make it more Republicans. If this doesn't work well. Then again they're gonna go back to the voters are magical Republicans here and hold them accountable for not getting the job done been there are so many people in many of them are. Followers of mine on FaceBook and and Twitter that they don't want any of this they want full repeal of obamacare bill get full reveal they're going for somebody else that city. In some ways that's a frightening prospect. It turned the senate's certainly and maybe even congress over the Democrats and we'll get the David nags at him. Humble and here before we take a news updates David you're next on WB Davis are going. Hey good afternoon and have a great share are trying to exert. I think just your standard a testament to the fact that there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans and only we could someone completely different office. And I do what what trust doing what he garlic you reach your older leader you to stand up and go for the full repeal in. Q what the people want him to do what they were chanting for him to do. And what they they've put an office that didn't fit and not a Republican and Democrat saying this is a power struggle between two people in the government that's just. Just shows what it's like I mean this we're just stuck with this until somebody can actually stand up and beat something with. Yeah I think you're right on target out soon have a feeling that Donald Trump really is more about getting something he can sign men like you said taking the about the show. And campaign for the so it is untruth. He's not really been animals to the it was he supposed DVR the deal I do bill the big deal maker that he has a really numbness. Well I I think in the years slowly going to strangle his popularity. Down to a point where I mean he's gonna hit a particular measures which it's what are you doing that you eat out powering to the power to be. Because the media has beat your lender permission early pro what he'd beat their permission. Rise even though you're right I mean a lot of yet derided me a lot of the conservatives and then people who voted for trump. Thereafter the median net says the media but you're right they do have an effects overtime no doubt about it David thank you we will be right back with more of the John Hancock show coming up don't go away. Oral five you don't John Hancock showed the gelatin in our number two our program some of you joining his. Getting in the car joining us as the program goes along we understand that Fallujah today. You haven't missed two months and we can't do get you caught up on 7045711. To end the phone number to join us. And also are going to be up on Twitter my Twitter feed is and I dug radio in Facebook's downtown bag slash I dug. Radio top stories well we have the health care. Bill announced today and two Republicans are already saying they're gonna vote no on the Bill Clinton grievance argument that some. The latest on the sort of Russian investigation in the media still chewing on that win would Donald Trump junior is emails that he released early in the week. The president and a full throated the defense of the sun today and it fear quotient or he's gonna do brands. The president also is catching some fired today for his comments to the first lady of France. Where he told her that she's beautiful and she's in really good shape second. Since a Buddy Bell posted on my FaceBook page old Donny just can't help himself so anyway that says some of the top stories that we're following here. And Christopher Harris a month hyphenated American dot org is gonna join me about. These items as well and we're always glad to talk to a Prius is executive director and Chris good to have you on the program good to talk to you again. For durable durable. Let's start with a Russian stuff because the latest that we have. At this story gets. I guess stranger and stranger John McCain apparently dispatched a trusted aide across the Atlantic they get the Donald Trump dossier from an ex spy. Doesn't know yet John McCain is a player now he's admitted to this and then you've got the brewers announcer up. Juniors sort of meaning and his Russian lawyer. And then the further complicate the matters apparently that Russian lawyers should not have been in the country in the first place for the Obama is the Department of Justice allowed her to be in the country even though. Her credentials and her lease we're not not a do standard here. So I don't know where to start what do you wanna start. Well. It seems like you who really huge which ones don't get any help people who follow me no I would not a and I'm not a cultural traits. I don't. Just like Donald Trump are a lot of talks right now wolf they've moved for me truly conservative standpoint you've actually done about as much as he can do from an executive. What are standpoint that he can do without congress being involved and having legislation. I assume from consumer standpoint I'm actually fairly happy with it actually does present it. And that was standing what the mainstream media has been doing news Beijing as a Muslim ball that is they I finally could I mean full. New Orleans seven months now and 48 month when you're since he moved to the U elected him. What six months since he was inaugurated. It's been nonstop all day every day attempting to pull a little strings. Crippling that they can unravel on the fabric that is. I'm Donald Trump presidency. And are we have our balance. This Semel a balance Chris because like good news busters. I'm else's image in this on the show yesterday but 93%. Of CNN's coverage right now is about the Russian issue. I don't even though probably under Brazilian miss NBC if you do a study. You have is your rhyme is out of balance right I mean here's a thing absurdly so long I didn't think it was much in the conclusion the department who is Donald Trump. And Russia to win the election now there may be some business dealings that he's been involved in the past and we don't know that it may be something comes up you know in that later on. But winning another Donald juniors sort of meaning business sort of take away our argument that they never met with any Russians I never really. And any wish to collude with the Russians is to win the election have you seen that. Fat when I called couldn't you know I know I wouldn't call a collusion I mean it's no different than opposition research and when they think the vote Russian. Bet typically implies. Members of the Russian government. And all that that is from someone who is working it's what they're saying isn't the first more specifically for bottom of the food and and it's totals from. Plot by the government of Russia and specifically help. Undermine. You have to. Simple as well I was undermine the president he assumed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton now. This what they call opposition research norm. And pretty much comes from all different sorts of may not working like I'm trying to deflect. Memorable. What's been reading about. Senator Ted Kennedy did the lion of liberalism right then they called him. The lion of democratic oriented do you really. So you would basically be unified and he would be in the convention. We have worked with people forget the fact good back in 1984. He actively worked with urea and drop off. And via the Russian government to try to undermine specifically saying hey help book I hope so we can get rid of prayer that Ronald Reagan. And I was hearing at the bit about the fact that. Doing stream media when an awful roar about that the media. Choose to ignore them and they're the radio show host out here. I don't even Chris play and one of the things he's so good and so that the more insidious followed the media has been the power to ignore. That's a good boy I know it of course he can pick Kristin from a journalistic background to the united. That's a really good point because in Baghdad want to jump in on this because it's other yes it for years it's not really the bias necessarily of relief from the yes. The media ability coverage when they don't cover NASA that for years as a view of red limited journalism school myself it's. Do you ignore things you're not covering them they don't get played that's that's the biggest bias. Slow and and you had to dom limit a couple of weeks back we're going to a couple of months back now part of the swine. Flat out saying that they were going to cobble. Certain information. They quirky you didn't under the also took a lot of what could soon or watchers and hopefully listeners. Mike Coburn moved to wait a minute. That's not your job. My opinion had been I'm new to him. That day and oral decision and Don lemon was gonna make Chris when he was he originally said they didn't want even with the instant cover that we try to Donald Trump. That's that's a few more than 90% of his presidency if you didn't if you look at the fact that. Everything that they've been doing has covering your tweets coming at each week so it's a beautiful day. That you know the first thing they'll do is say oh my god that Donald Trump not aware of the fact that Washington DC area where I am right now is under huge advisory and an army to debate the beautiful day in big if they don't want to beat these type of degree Google were under the briefs filed with the heat index. It's a terrible date and how come Donald Trump is not being sensitive unsold homes were trapped don't mean he that's the lame street media would do when you get to a point where the pocono. These people were just a promotional hyperbolic and and it really makes no sense to even. Pay attention of them because they are not honest brokers in the conversation. Dan reminds me did you send them have an old partner I used to having radio and I would say good morning John you know we need him in the billions we got there before he did. And even though you say that's a matter and opinions. The fact that you're so sure about that we'll wait and see other outlets. Yeah I think you're right that's the way the media sort of reaction giving Donald Trump puts out there. But again his his personality does sort of did get them to write a mean if if you got to give him some of the some of the credit or whatever you want a college for also giving them riled up so they're both at each other. Also now we have dug a look at what those moments again they're coming from the standpoint of somebody would never on the trucks away. I mean I've had opportunities to go what what you administration put. I've never the most unfair and I don't have any animosity toward another we're gonna look at things but here's what can I do understand about your fuel them and why. We had so many people come out to vote for him he's not he politician and so you try to get people out there trying to judge him. Hold him to a standard that he. No he has made no bones about the fact that that's not cool you. And so yeah he's not going to respond or react to move in the peace between what politicians. Two bit that we can do what politician that we were forgetting the fact that it was politicians got us in the mess that rim. I was just posting from that earlier bit of last year this pick approximately eighteen point. Seven or wherever trillion dollar GDP of the United States. Total government spending. A motive for six point seven truly that was you talk about work herd of mean GDP and I think we consumed by government and the federal government alone actually ran an additional 700 billion dollar deficit. And so people were looking and looking at factors like better economic factors. And saying hey something is all we can collecting these people with a particular mindset into the background and we keep getting the thing we go. And that is do you have that the very personal definition of insanity Doug good to keep doing the same thing expecting different results and soon to. Core Daschle though he's going to be judge eventually about the economy I'm totally with you on that. Christopher Harris is are again c.'s executive director of fund hyphenated Americans on board we'll be right back more than John and judge Joseph. They're under is 1110993. WBZ. And removing my laws fortunately why no news 1110993. WBZ that Kelly sitting in. Christopher Harris the executive director one hyphenated American Dad! ORG. Is on the line with me here also follow them on FaceBook as well as check out the web site. And we discuss the of this Russian sort of controversy just a moment ago they are the latest John McCain apparently sent a I trusted either crossing of planning to get that Strom dossier that. Was in the news sometime back from N expire after former British diplomat told him about the blackmail tapes and John McCain has admitted that. And then we've got to the the latest of coercive we've discussed about. Now does trump responding to the allegations about Donald Trump junior and meeting with the Russian lawyer and he gave me full throated the defense of his son today well entries of questions in France now let's talk about the health care bill in in May be more in general Chris about. Whether. There's any hope that we can kind of have some sort of getting together in time resilience of this agenda through. You know there's a lot of throwing controversy surrounding his Donald Trump. But it's really more about the agenda seems to me I mean he's got a good agenda. But right now it seems like it's stalled in the senate and also in the house when we do that I mean there's so many can be competing factors among Republicans here. Thought Doug I think it. Congress to act and going to have a bigger problem. Then. Have been the president will because. What you have with the president give a bully that. And you're mean to directly communicating with the people letting it be known people see the action that he is taking. Antonio he's trying to do something. Put all we hear from congress who brought to talk. So we haven't seen you think who can who would like they they haven't won what do they passed. Since they started the session with a genuine sort of what I wanna start this new special. What more can we actually been. On behalf of we the people by this congress and I think if he wants to offer was. I know obviously the 2018 mid term elections it will be congress. And even and I don't think that you know from a full cast 20/20. I don't think for a little problem have a problem in 20/20. Because people were you that he is doing everything that he K but we don't congress. If they do. They're doing nothing no walks toward short Doug you're doing nothing. And if anything we the people either want to the Medicare medical words obamacare all that we do want you to let it crash and burn. What do something repeal. Don't try to repeal and replace I think very few people wanted to replace. With something else. From big government big government is exactly the problem. If you're either going to completely replace good. We usually don't play as you can feel it rather. We're just let it crash and burn. If you look the market do this thing and obviously there's one other thing though I was looking on something with things from the hardest jobs until right now the economy as millions of the pin positions. One of the hardest job goal right thousand registered nurses and outspoken about the in the past is that people need to understand that regardless of what happened on cap a little more about what happened. In more in the white towels or in. On the Supreme Court. None of those people can create. Competent. Qualified medical professionals. And what have that happen that you have to pick a step back government government take a step back and let the market you'll vote me. But for more government interferes it actually called the road block and I mean. People are uncertain about what's going to happen proven out when mr. Clinton knows things because they don't know what the government going to do. Nelson right I was Lamy said that some of the toughest jobs to fill up what you miss White House spokesperson that. We have Olivia. Let me move along right. But you're right I mean the health care industry of course is a major part of our economy and and you look at them what they're not doing. Right now the Billy came out today from Mitch McConnell office really is nothing more than sort of tweaking obamacare mean leaving all the taxes in there. How ray and Paul pointed this out earlier today there making some adjustments Medicare askew you Medicaid. And maybe pre existing conditions and I don't think so what you're doing is you're taking the obamacare bill occasionally making contained within. We structure of that maybe that's all they can get through Susan Collins and rim already say there are against it. And they should be because it's. They could go on a glass of water on a golf course fire. Tell me what why waste the one mother who drink a glass of water and why would police the authority got to force our. You either have to let this thing parliament. Out of control until it does consumed itself. Or you have to bring the full force and do absolutely everything you can to kill it. That's what has to have what Obama can you can't do they're trying to do these measures trying to make it seem that they're doing something. And that's when they break stop trying to act like you're doing something and actually do something. So either do something or do nothing but don't try to give the appearance of doing something. Now I already had been I think give the disk could backfire. I'm greatly on the kind reserving your right having president probable he blamed it. It'll be Mitch McConnell the rim because you know everybody to be Paul Ryan. And members of bill has two representatives. For not really coming together and getting something done I think the problem is with the senate. If all of the other than the delegation and I want to see obamacare repealed. You know Susan Collins Lisa Murkowski they like obamacare. I think that's part of our problem here. Forming a uniform in the life of fatal fall on the agreement would I don't it did give them more how warm it for what difference it would make him come. I don't booked don't forget about. I mean I don't know boy you don't but I know that my health care cost I tripled while it may not quite trouble but like. I mean we're up by two point seven times ready to play it was sort of a greater you know whoa. Before. It would be about what I do I'm dealing with as well yes Chris I've got to run out of time thank you so much let me remind people one hyphenated American that ORG. Hyphenated American dot org and find him on FaceBook will be right back news update next here on WBZ. Or 37 here on the giant Dow Jones news 1110 many 93 W VT does failure some of the line time. You want a real unsettling in the news you missed call at 7045711. Did culinary should be able to get through 704. 57011. Dan and of course you're live on Twitter FaceBook happiness. Correspond with the that way as well and we're talking to the health care bill. And whether anything's really gonna happen when this thing in my now you get to members. The Republican delegation is saying no. They left those four in the senate it's senator Rand Paul and senator. Collins from main neither one does say they'll vote for it and they're going to be some amendments to this bill but right now it's not getting great accolades. Even among sort of the Republican delegation I think they're at a point now where let's get something there. And see if you can get any votes on it and maybe some of the men amendments and maybe bring some people along some are calling it the the height of sort of crony capitalism because. Like we so the obamacare bill where you had to give Ben Nelson of Nebraska the time to devote for you had to throw a bunch of money his way same thing with the Louisiana. And Mary Landrieu had this the call that the Louisiana purchase for example because. It was necessary to do that just to get her. On board to vote for or we'll have to see what they do from a Republican perspective this time. Meanwhile let's go back to the phones Joseph is anybody talking or there's a news eleven Jan 993. WBT Joseph thanks for going. I take my call well look they like and then the other day it was related at all health care obamacare apple to congress. And that their workers that you're taking notes domino. FF FF. Well I agree with that just don't get sick right now Joseph that does is they didn't re trying to get sick until the Republicans do something about this to directive. Right but you know you were talking about the other faith. You considered I think we took the opportunity correctly you know I don't know how valuable tape Ernie thank. He's got like Russia. Was not our brand did not or could not possibly our enemy I did not know what I heard you say something to vote back. Well I don't remember what I said bill had basically is there is Russia's an adversary I don't think we've really put them in the enemy category at this point. Like we did in the old days of the Soviet Union they're certainly working that way. But they're not necessarily our friend either now and allies I think the way I've put it that I would call them an adversary somebody you. Well I can see your appointments and that. But you don't understand there's a couple things that I think a lot of people. I believe that it isn't personal opinion let them down below there would have researched it. You know. There it is just part of bank on an outright award is not a military industrial complex for a certain people who won't first avenue and. They wanted to go. And that's how they justify you know. What we spent a week or more money now depends on the rest of the world put together. Which you know Islam that apple now lacked the. A Joseph I think we've got plenty of enemies right now we don't need any more you know that's one thing the Dow Jones says why can't we get along with the Russian work on it. Some are worried about his motivation in this regard but I mean I tend to agree if there's a way to deal would Russia means in some sort of you know formal. Arrangement or whatever I don't think in those people would be against that we gather around and really deal will again North Korea's I think we have plenty of enemies. I don't know Albanian immediately just and 200 million dollar airplanes on okay. And a whole new medical systems and all the rest glad I caught up expensive hardware such. We know are going to disagree Rihanna Joseph because think about it for a minute if we don't spend the money now we won't have them 1015 years. Down the road when we might need them. Thought actually that day a 35 innings of billion dollars of plane is something. Free it's so there are supporting me and of course is okay light years ago when numbers drawn that I needed to be there awfully expensive. Because of the you know the high tech sort of environment that. These things make up you know and Ronald Reagan that push through the B one bomber we never would have had that by the time the Persian gulf war you know was around. I'm glad you mentioned the B one bomber because. They're rushing battle armor that you were actually better than to be one and it cost 13 the price of RP one. Well there's in the rush in the government although a lot of the the manufacturing in the businesses and everything that probably will keep the cost down brands we're we're doing it through this. Moralists of free markets do work workplace joy I've got to run out of time and I appreciate their we'll have the time when we come back. For forty two's coming out. Story with my meanwhile you can now in our 7045711. Jan. Time after the big story we'll have sometimes they get your thoughts on the air later in the program. Jordan Goodman will join me on the health care bill. He's the sort of the money and your guy and we'll we'll see Williams's. To say about the unveiling of that health care bill today does he see anything in it we need to know that we'll talk about that at 505. And in the later in the program investor Dan Perkins. We'll be on where this about trade deals the president's big country deals. And some think we may be headed to or some kind of trade war we'll talk to Dan Perkins about that. Coming up at 535. Right. Or 51 of the news delivered 10993. WBT thank you for joy as Jim said and I'm like fidelity and John Hancock 70457011. Dan if you like Julianne. Joseph called a few minutes ago assignment clearly in the discussion about military spending and it's always a tough one because it's hard to determine how much money release ago the military. Did obviously win one make sure we have the best. How military they have the best weaponry in the world retirement the F 35 fighter and he was writing somewhere around a 150 million dollars per plane. It's a 400 billion dollar program I was just looking at left there after we were talking about it a few minutes ago. I'm president trial was able to get it scaled back some would you still looking at between 122 and a 150 million dollars. Per plane and so you you want our military to have the best. You know it's hard to really determine that you have to kind of lit depend again make some of these. Decisions knowing there's going to be some waste in spending. You can always point out that program. We're waste has occurred and of course present troubles even talking about it in the creation of this F 35 fighters. There yet but here's the other sort of issue to it as well the other countries and Aaron and our adversaries. Slash enemies. They're going to be spending whatever they can. To better us when it comes to weapons better us when it comes to planes any kind of military set up. And where do we draw the line that's always a good question right now we have a president in place to use the very strong US military. If we don't do some of the technology and some of the these this purchase of some of these. Weapons in this for the future we don't have them I was mentioning to Joseph a moment ago we wouldn't have some of the tough fighter jets in the stealth fighter this is the B one and all that if had not occurred. Stand some in in the Reagan administration and push forward. I during their time in office. Nine median or knowing we would needed until later in the 1990s. If that's there's such a leg for a lot of these programs the other issue is our our enemies never sleeps you know it's a really tough one. But I think the American people generally side that you have to have the strongest military you can and what we have to spend is clear we have to do. If not then I'm going about it for a minute we would be in a situation where we couldn't defend ourselves then you have no country. You know that's we had a president in office for eight years. They've really had I believe a very low look at the US military he did everything he could to keep us away from. The influence around the rest of the world. Ties into buying into the idea that Ronald Reagan did that. You have peace through strength if you have the strongest military you have the best weapons you are less likely to have to end up abusing them. There's a lot of theories I guess and how do avoid war. But the best way is to have. The army builds up to the extent that someone else does and even wanna think. How about. Engaging the United States and some kind of military conflict we do have to deal would Russia now remember Obama. I allowed Russia into the middle eat all those years of foreign policy all those years. Reagan years Nixon years. I'm through Clinton. The did to bush is. Doing whatever we could to keep Russia out of the Middle East in just eight years that's what we've seen. They in the military base now what they've always wanted in Austria. They're propping up the Syrian regime. They. The other they'd do they have the military actions going on even though some of them are against ice is some of them are also against the opposition. Against the Assad regime in Syria. And that's going on right now that's something we were trying to avoid fears keep Russia out in the Middle East but that's not the case now there's a lot of lot of the legacies. They're gonna come from the allowing years the Iran situation. North Korea's still. Out there. Whipped says John McCain called him a crazy fans kid. Then you get Russia where Vladimir Putin so we Reuters Dylan Joan we have plenty of enemies. We don't we don't have to seek them out there around they're looking for America's due to shrink into. It argues out of existence. And so it's important that we do and useful than what we had a stand on our military but I also understand. And this is part of the overall problem I think we've. What we do have with a trillion dollars and spinning every year of the a man of debts the unfunded liabilities that exists. At some point we're going to have to deal with this and there seems to be no appetite no stunning story. Two whether it's telling some government program. Are dealing with the entitlement programs said. Sort of taking up much of the the federal budget every year. You know such as military spending you have to do what you have to do when it comes to defending the country but there are other. Issues like domestic spending that can be dealt win. And unfortunately we just haven't had the stomach to do it and we certainly don't have the stomach to do it with the current congress and I think that's why. Many people are so upset you know. Don't substantively interesting the other day when he sees it may be a government shutdown would be a good thing. Now we've not had any president say that. In fact Republicans usually blamed for any government shutdown and they certainly would be blamed if it occurs. Next time around when we get into these budget issues but when the American people I ask you this question would you. And many of you are probably supporters of Donald Trump and voted for him. Would you support a government shut down to maybe try to get control. Of an out of control federal budgets national debt fair question right I'm not so sure a lot of Americans. Who would actually be on board this. And one of the concerns I've always had. And I think we're further down the road than we were 2030 years ago is that I'm Ellis we're on the verge of falling off the cliff. I don't think many Americans are really that concerned about it. The next largest keeps ticking I think Yemeni people say well just a print some more money than we've always gotten by with a don't worry about it. I think that is a very dangerous position with the intercept our country and and if if anyone who gets elected wants to do anything serious about it they're more than likely not going to win reelection. I think that is the sad truth of so we're we said when it comes to the budget Democrats have no interest in dealing with. Any of these issues have been they're cutting spending and dealing with these entitlement programs and Republicans right now seem to be there's one dollar pointed out not much different. There because they're more concerned about winning reelection. You know president trump when he ran for office talks often about draining the swamp and I've said this on the year in many places. It's a great idea in theory. That's a unique unique to drain the swap that would be great but you know the swaps been around a long long time. They are very. There's there's there's quite a large number of people entrenched in the swap. The swamp has a lot of very strange but very determined creatures roaming the swamp. And the swamp is. In golf too many many people in the past and they intend to be there when you're no longer around. And I think that is the situation that prison drug is found himself in the swamp his squad consists of wife Lotta the establishment career politicians. The lobby groups on three streak. Maybe the end mainstream media the swamp is a very deep and very dangerous place in prison drove his finding it very hard I think to navigate the swath. I don't think draining it has ever been realistic I think maybe if you if you can never navigated. And maybe get something done but he's having. Won a lot of people would have a problem even navigating it with the members of congress. Well a time this hour we'll be right back with more coming up news update for you in just a few minutes here. Also don't forget you can call him anytime 70457011. Tim of this. Converse with you there hit me up on Twitter my putter he's been doing radio and fish -- cut down and actually I did radio we'll be right back with another hour of the John Hancock show. I'm glad I'm into action news 1110993. 7045. Similarly limited and the phone number. Joining us enjoy jailing these producing more operations. Of the program today. He's given Malcolm all we have known for a brief speech tomorrow. I ask that question because apparently detox Dodd met a survey. And I'm reading from these banks that time they actually did a did a survey of people and that was one of the questions. Democrats 73% say they would give up alcohol tomorrow if president Donald Trump was impeached. That would severely if the Democrats gave up alcohol it was severely hurt alcohol sales and American women's. Then the media. The embassy advocacy group for alcohol rehabilitation ask a number of questions. About how willing Americans would be to give up drinking alcoholic beverages. The number of people is a big deal of alcohol for Trump's impeachment varied greatly by political affiliation. Democrats 73%. Republicans they're still 70% that would give up alcohol obviously. Now don't go away it giving about moment the media would step writing negative things about Donald Trump Republicans would give it up and only 30%. It's only three resist it would be enough for Belgium to be impeached death toll 30% of Republicans would give of alcoholism. And the media stuff saying bad things about him among men. 23%. Would give up alcohol to halt global climate change. And only seven point 6% we give up alcohol tomorrow break cancer cure for cancer the only five point 6% of women would do that. I'm of those get a strange but Jimmy 3% of Democrats who would give up alcohol for good if Donald Trump were impeached. Well the health care bill was announced today and they're gonna bring out more amendments to it there already to Republicans saying they're against it. That sooner fall in this senator Collins senator Ted Cruz at Texas says he will support the bill. And joining me now to talk about a Jordan Goodman and that Jordan is the America's money answers man and we appreciate having your mind. Internationally recognized expert on personal finance he's a regular guest in numerous radio and TV programs he was on what has recently about the health care bill. Jordan good to have you back on the program how are you. Broker what are your dog. Let's talk about it I don't know if you had a chance to review some are we came out to Narnia but our cable do you think about it. Swell. It somewhat similar they have to kind of change and around the edges. Problem that the basic thing it's gonna cut back Medicaid dramatically I would like 30%. About coconut. I'm a lot of paying out there are a lot of people would still lose their. Health insurance. The Congressional Budget Office. Also it would be 28 million. That would would you know blew their cover somebody like that. So what they're trying to do here is kind of on the edges or. Recruits are recruited her company were were critical requirement bill which you'll probably insurance companies. To operate much. More kind of give up can become. Policy. That would not have certain things like. Mental health hospital ovation. Paternal care repair repair things like we could we caper in general give people choice. I do have a lower premium in who think the return recovering well aspect. As long as we have recovered off well a couple split them up on the brink of part of the plan. You know what we didn't guard yeah definitely like people took that where there are people come up that plan. In general people who would be about plan would be healthier. That don't particularly a lot of services. They're taking healthy people. Are the traditional pool predicament of Liverpool. Which we the people left in the pool would probably have even higher premium. Gonna gonna have more points. Yeah I'm just say release a usable option right I mean they do a better tomorrow Dominica prepared yet growth. My upper. You don't have accrued work to do with your people portrait. Occur. We'll come right back you talk more about this. Is simply this year Jordan Goodman. Okay. Thank you rumor Honolulu. And we're okay. Howard is Jordan Goodman. America's money answer man for doing about the health care bill there was another version released today by Mitch McConnell. Jordan went about this argument that this is nothing more than Obama didn't. That the Republicans really just tweaking. Obama again there's no repeal here there's certainly no probably only be moron. Repealed but left the factory have left repeal. Of the previous go for example the Packers who. They were in obamacare. They've got higher income group a three point 8% surcharge remain. All of the build. We're keeps these are packed with our medical devices. So that makes it more like obamacare and program Pollack came out to about. That this new revision of the even left the repeal upright he would actually be against a public like. Says it has had Republican bill then Mina conservative bill is not right. Well we've attacked who would not beer Republican bill probably cut from Medicaid. 30% we're talking about like 350 billion dollars supplement the Democrats would never do. Employment opportunities. With helping the Democrats probably would protect particularly through either. Our music at all in the money is designed to try to move money from the federal the state. As well one they're talking about a 182. Billion. Over ten years and go to the states. Sure their insurance market. That would not go their separate Republican are the things about them. But it is not a complete repeal of obamacare the crush of proper. Yet Jordan why would they keep the tax increases in the including the the medical device attacks which understand hurt that industry quite hard. Why would think that they don't probably stupid. On these. If the money somewhere to farming subsidies and interrupt Obama committed to direct a mature. That's come from somewhere. So that's where you go I am also very adamant that sort of straightened up 45 billion. In funding for the procured addiction Greg. Up from two billion in the original bill. So their best spending more money and effort gonna get from the previous pro have wiped out those tax food I bring their captive back which are currently in effect. That we're responsible we look at my of their handing out through a commercial up the mark. Yeah I was a unit because the Medicaid though that would you would mrs. Elam demo those tax increases but apparently the numbers just don't man up then. Correct correct yeah and I don't think politically I mean when they went back to their fourth of July recess. There are kind of angry content meaning don't cut my Medicaid and Natalie and Democrat or Republican states Nevada. Dean Heller and you mentioned Susan Collins and Miriam. You know other places. They're not they're big Medicaid state airmen are going to be happy about the huge cutbacks so. Don't remember what we've doubled up the depth of Specter just Republican Ramon and you know that there is going to be zero corporation a Democrat from a truck. We're during the Jordan Goodman will have a more on this and this is. I believe. New villains in any good three. PT good diligent John Hancock. And also wouldn't be here in Jordan Goodman America's. Money answers man nationally recognized. Expert on personal finance regular guest of numerous radio and TV shows also is. Web site money enters dived object about money interest not done. And we're joined the health care bill was revealed today already two Republican senators say no. Senator Ted Cruz who's been sitting on the sidelines begun an amendment. Included in this part of the bill is a saying he will vote for this version of the health care bill. And the Jordan is kind of giving as sort of the the take on the bill itself all the taxes remain in there. There's a cut in Medicaid. There's going to be a CBO scoring that short of inside baseball stuff in Washington but they're gonna. Come up without much. How many people are left to go without insurance after this bill goes through. Endured what about the the reaction you thing I know this is probably. You don't know what to do is speculate but we think the reaction the American people will be because. All they don't trump said this in his interview with Pat Robertson is here today and CBN. He's been sitting there waiting on a bill to sign it for six years the Republican says repeal. Obama Kearin replace it and then they finally get in the off this year and we're not doing that what do you think the reaction probably. My candor that's very repeal and replace ruptured come up with a replacement above all things out of trump talked about it. Giving great coverage to everybody for lower premiums and better after all the wonderful things. Which aren't gonna happen and there's not a lot of people don't lose their coverage. Not some people are gonna lose that because they're gonna voluntarily phase they don't wanna pay right now you got a penalty. If people don't plummet recovered that would go away as well. So all of those 22 million mark recovered a bit definitely very fifty million would be Bo apparently. During gonna want to pay the premium remorse but what that doesn't reduce troop debate. All group of people covered and there are people remaining. Time to be older and put reviewed more health care writes how about that that's what the best welcome them. You've got to have a lot of helping people in the pool. That's up without the other healthy what. And they if you have government try to help you want to stay out and the fifth one thing yeah that's the problem at all. What about the cause semi retarded and increasing premiums the higher deductibles and that kind of thing is this going to affect the rising cost of insurance right now for a lot of. Well I think I think what ornament they don't don't be raised deductibles even more. And premiums would go up for me and cook. If there were only New Orleans I do believe that plant regularly write me slimmed down plan would have much. Higher deductibles. And in theory premiums Cracker Barrel but I'm gonna cover an awful lot left. And whatever other war or you don't get to you know very much. They're good people of exclude all the red to pick you or your opponent Peter pre Olympic official. People. You know help regrouping commission are gonna pay a lot more. Have a high deductible because they're at a pool. That. Remember helping people are corrupt government we were at work. OK so I've been telling people brave years don't get sick under Obama care now you tell me don't get sick and Mitch McConnell theory I look at us like her other words we're we're amazingly we're we're in trouble is what you're telling me here. Well but I went great group Doug do not think they're gonna make it through either don't think they're gonna we're not Republican senators and you mentioned through. But I think they have more student columns written policy clearly gives step. I've been howler from Nevada could hear that Lisa Murkowski from Alaska that's poor right there and I can't lose more than two. So I don't think it's gonna make it through what's left but it doesn't go through and we're left with a obamacare which is imploding as we speak there have been stumbling. Because a lot of counties don't have any of the early coverage of any act at all. I don't rip current account you are on the country have only one option in the northern. Norway took home got to give one red the other but I don't think of particular version of fashion her a bit or become law. Do you believe they'll actually get this bill up for a vote I mean. Some are respect I don't even admit. Because nobody group. I don't think that McConnell would bring it up if you don't gonna bring it up for about a particular web. Well I do say that some are speculating that maybe McConnell will bring it up one way or the other for them vote in ministers voted down that when you move on it's actually a reformer somebody like that that you have brought up like into the roots. I agree with you I mean it's definitely gonna work they wanna get behind them and move on to pack two which is where. That's the phone and it's wild if I play. But I think they've got more chance of going after the event more agreement of which were republic of level what they wanted to talk to him approved. Federal holding up everybody pack of infrastructure. Regulatory changes so they wanna get them over with a one way or the other and I think it's gonna get over with by parting apparent. All right Jordan Goodman they are you so much for joining us great target the discern when they are miked up your hair. You did your website money inches that's done he's known as America's money answers man money answers. Not done well. There are some out there who are speculating that. Mitch McConnell and the Republicans. Put a Villa provoked it will be voted down as you heard Jordan say thin will not get passage and they'll say look we do the best we could we couldn't make it happen I would tell you that would be I tragic when it comes to mid term elections may not heard Mitch McConnell he was not running for reelection. In the year from now but that would be very devastating relies on the Republican side about whether they could win reelection I think you begin the American people after. Six years or better saying repeal and and also replace obamacare. Because deserves either bill as Jordan when that righted the beginning and rim posted this earlier today this bill's not as good as the one they came up with a couple weeks ago well. Frankly I think we'll be right back with more than John van dyke show here on news 1110. 993 WBT don't. Welcome back by 37 years. As we move along in new employment in any day. An inverted real joy as investors in just a moment here. We're premium today albeit top stories when the big story today was my coming up. How around the 543 we also have a traffic updates just ahead with the boomers hang around for that as well. You can down in dark wood this is 704 or 5701110. TV like you would join us. That weighs whether some of you just got in the car. Hitting home the top stories mores sort of bureau about the Russian myth. Controversy Donald juniors. Emails that he releases we still the president in France today says that and well he actually defended his son in I would say full throated defense today during a news covers also the president attempts. I've caught the attention of the national media today wind. He said to be first lady of France that your beautiful and you really good shape and that has some. Has some of those on the mainstream media going crazy today. And then the health care bill came out today the latest version of health care bill and we've been discussing. That is well Dan Perkins is a registered investment advisor was over forty years of investment experience. He also presents his first book in a trilogy about terrorism in the US. And that is coming out today about that as well but our question is really about president trump in economics and all this discussion about trade deals and search are we headed toward a trade war let's does bring them on the talk witness about a day and thank you so much for joining us now aria. Are trying to think you're near up. I doing well I really wanna get into this and we're short on time but. The president's made similar comments that have made other there was some economic people both happy and also unhappy. About what he may be thinking about is forestry ideology any thoughts on it. Hope I've been on an arm under radio all week on that so or Bluetooth. It looked to me really. Only because he went to the G-20 summit you know he says he's in France today I'm sure he's talking with them but. He stories argument tearing up some of the deals some of the agreements. Yeah I mean this tidbit for. Just to put in perspective. This is not anything news that he's talking about when he was running for the nomination. He was talking about that that trade deals needed to be fair. And the deal that previous administrations have negotiated we're not fair to the American people and let me give you and the people in general. The media been too quick example. The trade deficit with China for the EU is a 180. Plus billion dollars a year. That trade deficit between the United States in China in the next step up 400 billion dollars a year. So. What does that tell you that says that more goods are coming from China. To Europe and the United States that are going the other way. Now why is that is it because the trade policy in China. Is restricting. The importation of goods produce all over the world. Absolutely. And so we've got a situation. Where. It does this deal issue it is the Trojan horse. For the bigger issue is that many of the trade deal that America had entered into have been one sided. And it mr. trump said that trade deals should be fair. To both parties. Yeah and we talked about 400 billion dollar deficit it's not fair to lots. Did then we've always talked about his idea of fair trade I've always wondered how we get there. Tony talked about that in just a moment right now we've got to check traffic with boomer brought to you by hunters real board nice seventies. Hey thanks a lot Doug we're seeing heavy traffic on I 77 north of the state line have reportedly that's in the northbound 77 Ericsson three Errol would road. Also in York county just north of rock you on northbound 77 Ericsson AB three Sutton wrote. What remain repair under way on eastbound independents right lane near Margaret Wallace wrote an uptown Charlotte have a collision south try on Ted Levine avenue of the arts. Had not also to the southeast of sell an avenue near running me blame have a collision that won't park road at marsh road. And on broad street to south boulevard plus to the southwest on the Westinghouse boulevard head south trying off. And if you're headed east on highway 218 of the popular back through to the beach in sea to eighteen they have new grove road have a collision with medic on the seat. Your drive time morning hi ED five headed southbound from exit 38 RE 77 to X seventeen Estonia less than 25 minutes. WBT weather channel forecasts its chance of a stray thunderstorm through tomorrow the overnight 74 tomorrow what that potty five. Naive foreign rocky owed money for the quaint city the next update of 550 boomer buying canned and WBP all they tied savored graphics. And thank you boomer 542 here on the gun inside showed the Palestinian and Dan Perkins is my guess the name of his book is the brotherhood of the red Nile. They terrorist perspective CJ you know and Amazon not done instant investor which argument trade deals. Dan you mentioned about fair trade how we get to that can we ever really get to fair and free trade. Well again that that yes you can but let me take you one more example. There's a product company owned by China interest in China that is trying to buy. Un American company called a monogram. Now in the last five years. Chinese companies have come into the United States and bought fifteen. Billion dollars worth of business. Coming to the United States and I actually buy them out right. Not too far from view as a company called mid field. Foods which makes the turn at Smithfield. Ham. Owned by a Chinese company didn't change the name. But here's the important thing if you do a Google search and you have to question how many American companies have purchased Chinese companies. Ever that appeared accurate. Than zero. That's a really inducing a point you're making Smithfield use me or my sponsors I have no idea they were owned by a Chinese company that's interest. Yeah we didn't change and that they didn't change today and so they also don't donate. Chicken processor but the point it. It if you wanna go or perhaps something made in China you wanna make it to distribute out of China. That China has departed Chinese company that's willing to make it in you have to give up 51% ownership in the companies. In order to be there. Well you know in general I have been since then really I wish I had more time in musings he would have been through this is. President Truman was down this road damned if Perkins and I guess again his book the brotherhood of the red Biotech you have an Amazon. Dad John. All right one more segment of the program this afternoon 515 to John and Jack program. Thanks for joining us by the way and I'll be hosting for John again tomorrow look forward to a 70457. Though we live in Jan. If you go in right now we'll get John before the end of the hour it's impassioned calls at the end of the show yesterday. As we were discussing the so called Russian involvement in dead Donald Trump juniors emails in such. Latest if you haven't heard the story gets stranger and stranger started the show with a back. Around 305 today but. There's a story today was in the the guardian. The British newspaper the John McCain dispatched a trusted aide across the Atlantic to get a dirty dossier on Donald Trump. During the campaign from expire after former British diplomat told him about blackmail tapes so. I was jokingly saying that John McCain. Was worried with a bridge to try to get dirt on Donald Trump during the campaign and then trump junior was working with a Russian and try to get some dirt on Hillary Clinton. That's him in a nutshell. The story goes on to say the guardian charted the path the dirty dossier made from a British intelligence professional to Senator John McCain. And then that turned it over to the FBI. McCain put out a statement yesterday saying he was the bureau's source of the controversial dossier. The Arizona Republican found out about the existence well the meeting in Canada. And dispatched an emissary to honey then I'm sure it was going to help Donald Trump right. After drums that John McCain was not a hero and the blue and it can't turn it. During conflict so there was that storm that is so the story just gets stranger and stranger right now and of course you've got the the story of a done juniors emails and we talked to lot of Bennett on the program yesterday today the president made some comments that. I'm defending his son's doing anyone would've had the meeting. To determine whether you know there was any thing that the Russians and con Hillary Clinton Cisco the phones tennis anybody talk with the stimulus action news 1110993. WB teeth. Yup Paula Donald Trump junior vitamin. Yeah I can only do help somebody need to always love of people Beckham took Monday. Do away all our uranium rides and all kind of stuff. I mean would he do if your government official. Our. I put you you need to do it well this Palmer cup yuppie right. Yeah that's true he's sort of a it's a very strange sort of situation the other week. We have when you have the president who has his family around him like he does. You're right down junior supposed to be running the Trump Organization but at the same time we was advising the campaign also Paul Miller for the campaign manager was in that meeting. I Jared Kushner the the president's son in law he was also working in the campaign was in the media. Guy every review I mean nothing came out the meaning that we know there was actually used during the election. I have not posted on FaceBook yesterday acid you know. Fear Donald Trump. You know releases these his emails Hillary Clinton deleted hers so sad fact that I mean that at a lower dealing with here. I'm an actor a lot of these Colorado aboard overvalued fit here. Here's what happened when we gonna do which can do what it. Yeah I mean my criticism of Donald Trump junior Tim I don't know how you feel about it is that it really should have the meeting anyway. If if a foreign national you know you know it had to be finished ahead subbing and had to have been Guidant. By some sort of espionage means. And so it seems to me that if you an email saying that the Russian government's deal wants to meet with the information you really shouldn't do that. Gilbert what do blocking it and all follow. Or maybe if you got some put it out of all the tribal was doing it and let loop hole coming number a workout appeared bottle or scrap my as ever guys. They're gonna tell you yeah he's been doing with it great but let's move all the thought royal flush left like worker or gamble. Many 3% of CNN's coverage of Korean news busters has been about the Russian ninth. Now there are no anonymity times and yes. Please Europe blu also kind of social issue. You know without the diet you know we like Google and they'll look here and all that. No I agree without paying down drunken helpless in that regard Tim by. In his tweet squid target about the the other week China the the Russian investigation start tweeting about health care start tweeting about some of these other things that he is involved in. And then my eat you know health change some of the discussion as things. We comedy and I am not a educated at all in Iraq now my forward by approached at all. I mean what flew all the male hormonal spurt started hear about it I don't prosecute somebody who. So what you got up all the terrible to go to Poland slick on their wrist late. Did have a war in what I'd be it ever trying to. Go to India and tightly all the white. You know I do you demean you may not be educated you would put it but he's earlier comments that so we could use a little more than there's somewhere. I expect 10. And it probably it's I thank you for calling I appreciate it 7045701110. If we have time we'll we'll squeeze another call in if if you call right now yeah again it people don't wanna hear about the Russian thing dove often but the media is covering NN. Finally we're gonna get away from it any time soon was special counsel that sort of involved. I do wanna bring up this story about and I try to figure out why we're doing is I just tweeted this and also posted on FaceBook. We're selling some of the moon dust in moon rocks. That was victim on the moon by Neil Armstrong why are we doing that they're saying they're gonna auction this. And they're expecting between two and for me in dollars Sabbath two informing you know from onto rocks. But what are we doing that's history right is that should be in a museum may be it's. They're gonna be auctioning to museums. And other private investor would get their hands on moon rocks and moon dust. There's Neil Armstrong actually picked up on the historic. Mission to the moon the first trip do the moon I don't get that that's. That's a stories out there today that we're actually going to do that are we that hard there's a country that we had a so the moon rocks. I actually heard the story years ago bit. From the governor Buzz Aldrin actually told this story to be. This is the moon actually has a very foul smell that you can't smell it when you on the surface of the moon obviously because you're in space and they had their. Cleared the space suits and all of that but when they get back into the of the capsule of course a lot of this moon dust was on their their uniforms and on news faces. And sit and I think was Aldrin who said he was incredibly foul smell. That you know because of the dust that was around in in the space capsule. And so you think you miss with a mood stinks basically thing yet people are still going to get there. All right Greta Sampson. Will authorities argue again tomorrow at 70457. Olivia Dylan we invited you my website and get. All the stories we talked about on the show today and links to many others. Also my email address is up there I don't radio. Dot com. My Twitter feeds up there invites you to follow me have been picking up always always every. School emulates you know just warning. Typos stories I find interesting not necessarily all pro Donald Trump stories those are find that I think you've kind of move interest. I oppose some nominees speed that I dug radio and also my FaceBook. Pages space would die down. Back slash I did radio my thanks to Scott and George doing the.