President Trump Reacts to Special Counsel Mueller.

Scott Fitzgerald
Thursday, May 18th

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Millions of Americans. Blown pets RD go to their love for their pet is probably given their health a boost in sciences confirmed according to US national institute of health pet owners get measurable. Physical booths like lower blood pressure lower heart rate lowered coalesced. So my suggestion as the president of the United States be so bad because chances are displayed times a little on the stressed outside. I don't want to be like Austin Powers were reasonably good stroke and that cat in her but maybe you can give himself a little puppy dog and a micro. A long way to make them feel a little bit better because the wall seem to be close and and here. Legally what is all this mean with the US special counsel we gonna ABC's royal oaks here help me break this down. What does it mean what could it mean for the president moving forward here. Well what's gonna happen is that the special counsel Robert Mueller former FBI director. It is going to look into everything and by everything I mean basically three things did Russia interfere with the election last year. Secondly did Russia collude with any of the trump folks and thirdly what are obstruction of justice. Recently with a drug administration arguably try to get the FBI director to stand down. Concerning the investigation of general play and so. The so special counsel is going to be subpoenaed records to third paper felt there you'll find them I you'll take testimony Canadian grand jury. One practical effect of all this is we may not see is much from call me in the next week or two in terms of congressional testimony because he's gonna be embroiled in this whole. Vortex of criminal investigation. We may not get beat the intriguing updates from him that we would've gotten otherwise. But basically. This fellow's just off for the races and it as history's any guide to Watergate and Iran Contra. The Valerie Plame investigation could take two for five years or even more to wrap everything up. Maybe beer to the current there on that when this is not yet. A quick turn around kind of process here. Thank you mentioned Carl me. Tom the you know the independent state of the house and depend descendant of and they don't wanna talk to him here how much will that change where he goes Cooley talked to actually first. You know that's a good question I think he's gonna be reluctant to be quite as forthcoming with the congressional committees. Given the fact that he's going to be talking maybe do a grand jury he's going to be. We interviewed as a witness by a Muller's people do you may get some cooperation from them but those some of the speculation as we may not even see. In the near future. The memo or memos that he may have put jotted down and of course that goes to the real hard of what people been very concerned about recently namely. Was there obstruction of justice to Republicans say. Give me a break discussed the presidents as innocent as a good guy I hope you can see your way clear to drop the investigation. That is not an illegal act in fact the Republicans say it's pretty similar to what Obama did last year when he told the world well Hillary Clinton the first server may not have been a good idea but. There was no violation of national security goes to the rules. Or standards and so that's the Republicans stand for the Democrats are gonna say it's not so simple we think there was undue pressure to try to stop the investigation. Bottom line though. Disappointment of these special counsel really is Lance the boil partisanship. That hung over this whole controversy and its people everywhere consider Mueller be a straight shooter. Doesn't say is there anybody who is saying women this is the wrong kind of be handling this. Yeah I haven't heard any criticism of him you know he was supported FBI director by George W. Bush she was in the job tenure as the President Obama asked him to stay on for a couple of additional years he used to be the US attorney for. Northern district of California so. So highly respected not theoretically the the Department of Justice that could say hey we all have which are doing we hear committing misconduct we're gonna fire you were gonna replace shoots. But that of course would cause a firestorm of protest. And of course the irony is they I think it was the way that trump fired call late that really kicked this off anyway the other irony of course is due attorney general sessions. Had to recuse himself from anything having to do with Russia because of his contacts with the Russians. If he hadn't recused himself that he was in the job instead of deputy AG. Rod grosans standards. A lot of people are thinking maybe we wouldn't have this special prosecutor at this point. Not chances are there would been pressured to go the other way and there was plenty of fuel out there I think you're right commie was the match. Royal oaks with a ABC bit legal analyst coming on Los Angeles I appreciate your time today it's going to be fascinating to watch absolutely. Fascinating people are Ryan with the president of the United States is going through and everybody that's around him. It's fascinating people that have been close to him are saying maybe he's showing some signs of ridiculous stress including Tony Schwartz who. Broke with trump the art of the deal how do you think he's. Handling and has handled all of this information and also the news of a special counsel being appointed to. I think keys and. A pretty significant meltdown. Anderson I think that. The the sense of siege that he feels because his sense of self worth is so so vulnerable. That. This series of things that have happened have had been overwhelming to him I think he's reacting from as I said in the piece I think he's reacting from a survival place I think. He's being run by the part of his brain that is reactive and impulsive. Not capable of reflection and I think god he's in pure. Defensive mode. Yeah that's that's a tough place to be if you've ever been in a situation where you've been under attack and you feel like people on the left people in the right. In your building you may be some cubicle in front of you behind you do little clover leaf around its and it's a very disconcerting feeling so certainly my heart goes out. Two to the president and how difficult things are because there's a damn hard job anyway but I don't know that many folks could argue. That he's brought a lot of this upon himself. Do you agree to that. Is this all the press is it almost to the press of the salt and news that all the press of the fault is it all the fault of the press is it the rhinos. These are just these screaming Democrats you think Obama or Hillary are working behind the scenes to. You know pull the strings and I make everything just potentially miserable for this president not even potentially it is that would. 7045701110. I wanna get your take on him who. Is in the right here. As we have mourn yet again another ground Crocker who has or has this son over the hearing that the security in the photo. It's really depressing to me grip my agent grant curators well. That's the music in the artists that were so important to lose your starting. To drop well. Fifteenth two. Cornell gone. Coming up next week we're going to be some announcements and heads up on this here drives a really important number to be doing here. Not just on WBT you be doing on the Lincoln that I think even the fans can again. Get involved here it's a radio son. For LOS. Which is being leukemia. Lymphoma society. And here's to being if I get talk to a lot of different doctors and nurses and people that that work with children in particular back in the sixties. If your child was diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma. It was basically a death sentence. There's about a 3% chance that they'd survive. But the medicine of the treatments have gotten so good through the years here. That now for the most part if your child is diagnosed and you sit down with a doctor. You love the words they'll say they they were potentially say to you look. That your child will be cured. What an amazing thing to hear when it used to be so absolutely terrifying. But it doesn't happen all on its own. It takes it takes brains takes money it takes volunteers. And we're going to be asking for your help come next week to raise some funds for leukemia and lymphoma more details come and got under way here on who's eleven tenths 993. WP team. How much of what the president is going through right now. Is self inflicted. How much is he done to himself. I think this is really important for us to to look at and have a conversation about here and there there's no doubt there is no question in anybody's mind that. He is under attack. He's under attack from now right now the moderate Republicans they're not turn their back on and served well mean Ann Coulter. Who was firmly in his camp for a long time may still be to a certain extent. She's turning her back on him. Of course the other mainstream media ABC CBS NBC MSNBC. CNN you fill in the blank as far as those go they cannot wait for the president to make another misstep. If he's due one unfortunately. A pretty good job. At. And bringing attention to move. Blunders and errors. And he's not saying and the right things from for the most part it's changed to make. What's your take on this here what the tweets that came up at an hour ago. This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician. In American history. So. Is that a true statement or are we are we starting your little little whining. That that's one of the discussions that being that's being bandied about. We've been within moral and done but not just via the political circles but the media circles even many academic circles. He's he started this particular line of thinking when he was speaking to the other cadets at the Coast Guard okay. You'll find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranties. But you have to put your head down and fight fight fight. Never ever ever give up things will work out just fine look at the way I've been treated lightly. Especially by the media. No politician in history. And I say this with great. Surety. Has been in worse or more unfairly. You can't let them get you down. You can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. Whom. I find that to be interesting. Twist to be a positive thing and it's so it I don't know kind of a backdoor. Look at me in the problems that I'm going through. We need to see what happens on the other side. And this still a possibility because he is an amazing fighter but if he trying comes through this and we can look back at that speech and go you know what he's right he didn't give up. He kept on parliament and sometimes some days that's all you really candor your way companies put one foot in front of the other and make it happen. Rusty is this the greatest witch hunt in political history or is he bringing some of this upon himself. I'm you have to look at all banks got an idiot media. The media award Hillary Clinton will. John that it did. Emails got released court said that Debbie wasserman sure shall break the primary so that our candor or go 99 Tuesday. They want it still require. It wouldn't matter to me at the Russian slowly but that the email by the martians early it's the true. The truth got out there that's what the true he had. I'll let why not walk a huge social programs I hope that they empower. So why wait doesn't want to do back. I am are on the right way which is ugly you should take care of yourself and your own family. And unless you are disable what am unable to work I don't wanna pay your respect. No I understand that we we can talk and pulled out rusty hold on a second we can talk policy if you watch that's that's a completely different animal. Then what I think this conversation is I think that there there are two things that are happening. Obviously they're waiting to pounce I get that big the media is there so whether it's the wall of the travel ban. Or if it's health care if it's Michael Flynn and how he handled that or coming in the FBI investigation. There are certain things that. That just doesn't turn gears well enough. And when he makes that he makes these statements about it. That kind of just make him look a little bit petty its seems to me than in some situations he's opening himself up. For more fire and maybe that's what he wants rusty what do you think about that you think is is what he wants. Hey good Betty. Because trumpet only saying what a whole lot of people say because he's not all of their. Please see it doing anything that Obama didn't do and they let they didn't do but the thing here but where's. That Democrat juror. So there until the other it wouldn't ever Obama it's something that George Bush did say look get that. Well what my god did it I didn't year. And that's exactly where or. Left. Don't care what they get. Rusty I'm rusty you have my admiration I think you're one of the first people. Who on this program has admitted that. That you did the same thing so it's not unexpected I guess that. No what do you do at cern as a Republican majority went into that part where it. The senate and the president think that there or Democrat although they should be over. We're gonna start. Yellowish shenanigans army did you really sick world out there on the spot while all here and get some Republican bread. Yeah I did I Ilya. I I went and I bought I what the costs go. And I about a whole Pallet of Kleenex and I was ready to go see those Democrats in this united sullen and high priced. Cammie. It is that is the president stepping in this may see bringing this upon himself or is it only the media help me out here. God I think he is deliberately. Blown him upon himself and this is more about bush that'll. For so many years we can't sit back and have politically correct. Maybe pulling power. There com I have looked the other way if you'll remember back. Broad new way baby boy back and then the curtains and conservative in our there's no way they just don't let. Well everybody that backing it happened. Take her out of school no way they're going to have to sit back and get Norton button thingy thing. Now where our own. Little bit back a little bit over the last thirty or forty years. This country has turned into and I only so far. For the most part numbers are a lot of people out here I won't let me. That don't believe in entitlement society. Looking very good and they're all support the troops. And there are all people. There are fair and they're bringing a new border. All. Engaging. I don't want to profit sure there's a lot of money I get there. Am. OK it's just quite yet if you've been on the radio today than yours truly truly be our air we're more and you're referring to do occur Robert Kirsch when the cardinals for a follow them here. Listen you will there be to talk about create. Direct if you can create some controversy. And some argumentation. What it looks like all right many more union itself won't Taylor. Kirk exactly what I think it's. Hope is that what you think Jimmy Jimmy. Well Robert you're live on the night you're used that as a problem well that hurt my feelings currently injured lungs got hurt him. You have and it that they a year. I think on and on and I now know did I Wear my card up nicely you ask anybody hello yeah and yet you do we'll tell you what you can't Margarito. But I don't have Permian. And he is not. Politically correct yeah I definitely care not there are more elect more and more important in a move you know yeah I'm very mobile world rally. Arguing neutral quiet in there and here's. Campaign I'm happy new level why don't just do this country just do that. Central coast and under terrible and there are still under or several at Merrill. You'll Ali has gotten real culprit of Fox News program. Don't you mean you're able to I don't know what you're doing but he got built a cult they settle. There were person there were computing and government are big beautiful you can you know you feel about that he would kill you. Do not. Go no no no the president. Said that to Bill O'Reilly I don't settle don't give up and that's the way the trump operates it is fight it is fight its attack its fight. We're gonna talk some of the folks from ABC about what's happening around the White House because this. Special investigation and counsel and MS Taylor is kind of confusing so wanna make sure we bring it to life we. He comes your way with a momentarily and who's 1110993. Double BT. Good day for the markets yesterday. And make you nervous at all. Some folks who were. Investors were reacting had a big surprise to you problems in the cup administration has triggered the biggest loss in stocks. Since September. Now though nearly 373 points or about one point eight. Then I guess the issue really is problem is the investors see the new latest problems eroding confidence about the atop administration and their ability. To enact two different things and that would be tax reform. And to push big business particularly to a brings a manufacturing jobs back you to the United States as well as a bring capital back and and to begin that expansion. In American business and and made in America that we heard. On the campaign trail. Karen Travers is out today some kind of mode and is witnessed here today. Tell me the the timing of things there was an hour in between something that somebody new and something that somebody else knew what was it. Army yes it was twenty minutes has up to the White House got that this special counsel be appointed a little bit of blind side of the word that the White House send me the officials are ahead here have been using. So they found out that Robert Moeller was gonna be the person leading all things that Russia from the meddling too many alleged collusion. But the drug campaign and that top foreign country what about. The Michael Flynn situation here where you. There's money tied me to back and forth between him and the Russian times. Same thing with Paul Mann a port all of a sudden they found out he's got a I don't know three and a half million dollar mortgage that was like to some Russians will back side of things being included. In this particular investigation the short answer yes I being dramatic you're get away at the deputy attorney general rob rose and Stein said when you appointed rob Moore as the Robert Mueller as the a special counsel. He really has a wide ranging latitude here to read you have the power to go after wherever this investigation takes him. And so he's looking at all things Russia. The bottom of the trump campaign as that's the reason for the special counsel the package Jeff Sessions the attorney general had to recuse himself. Which led to rivals who signed being the person who appointed the special counsel. And it. A number of things Scott have happened over the past week obviously that led to this. From the firing of the FBI director the president admitting that when he fired James called me. The Russia investigation was on his mind highly classified information being given to top Russian officials on the Oval Office. This past week and then the Komi memos where column we wrote down and you know meticulous notes. Bet you after a meeting with president trop the day after a forum was fired us national security advisor. Where he accused president of problem essentially trying to but the good bosh on the Flint investigation and our investigation into fled mind. What about so what does this say about Rosen Stein does a certain is this kind of demonstrate that day he's gonna stay straight shooter not play politics I think it does I mean if you look at the bipartisan support for his confirmation as the deputy attorney general. If you look at his record he's a person who act as a lot of credibility. Arm and just like Muller who is seen as a person has a credibility and integrity you lead this investigation. I think it says volumes about what the but the folks here in Washington think about him in the end that you remember rose as I said in a state yesterday. They knew the fact that he's given this over to a special counsel. Bid doesn't mean that there should be prosecution doesn't mean that he he seemed something in the investigation safari does that mean anything it is means that because of the some of the developments that have happened over the past especially the past week. I'm that he felt at a special counsel may need to come and take a fresh look at this to lead this investigation and on the because the Democrats have been calling for special counsel special prosecutor and the especially in the past few weeks. Comment so essentially that's what he's doing he's given that and I think after this investigation conclusion of this investigation Republicans and Democrats. Will be satisfied with whatever conclusion comes out of it I agree. So like you said this is what they've both been looking for. Democrats have been looking forward for a long time and all of a sudden you have the GOP is opening their eyes and go on you know what. Let's just figure out how to put this all behind us because. If we can do that in the air will clear up and then we can finally get back to taking care of the business for the American people. Seven of Chris is called 7045701110. Are you concerned about the president's state of mind or do you think he's just fun and he's done exactly what he said he was gonna do. I think he's doing and exactly what that he said that he would be a rookie this salesman. And above all and this salesman doesn't give up a couple of anyway it's. He's a salesman he's a businessman. And down rule. Let me let me ask you a salesman. Generally tries to overcome objections. And and that means asking questions back as opposed to. Just sort of rationale. He also he also now it's in the ultimate place of power that's what he's the bodies about salespeople about power. He's about steering the boat. And I'm still win and I'm still drink in the Kuwait yeah I think he can it be great thank. Explain for me just a second here Chris. Know how do you think that he's he's still in charge of this. He isn't charities in this seat the most powerful man in the world. Is is I hear that he still is the most powerful man in the world is he still the most powerful man here in the United States. I think. Who would you expect. Right now I think that there's a lot of power would Muller. Mean he has a he has. Yeah I thought he did not yet a heated up and he has the power to make or break now granted the make or break is going to be based upon what the facts are. And it will depend on how how he digs how far he digs in with shored up. Thank you get a I don't think you're gonna have to follow. I think the media again goes out outcrop with the story did they wanna beat everybody all their competitors. Just say you know. Flash in the camps that. I don't think you'll find anything. I would I would love the day. I think you'll be a fascinating beautiful day. When that lets just make the assumption here that they don't find anything that there was no illusions the Russians were involved at all and then the president. Could throw a party. And line up I mean a thousand buses. And then let the media you know have in the media in effigy get run over by these buses because we could turn it around. Because has been the other way for a long long time. Jerry I know that there's some us and similarities in some disparities between what is happening with president trump. And what went down with Obama characterized that forming. You know I got to make yes ma'am. You're all hey Eric are you I'm good I'm glad you called thank you. I think that I'm no I didn't junkie that she wants it it it don't apologize. To apologize. And here's the point oh yeah everything what I actually vehicle alert. And I oh wandering while. That Obama went good at having the big stories. That never had the good news and we have a big story right now that no one other thing. And I'm really kind of wondering why. And that created grandpa got up. According to the gala that he has failed by old enough on the administration. And no one is how I read that story. That Rand Paul was. Not that I huge story today. That they do worry every music person she'd be harboring. I aren't they covering ahead. This impeachment being adept earned ten. Hasn't everybody gets hot I Obama trail about that they're Elliott and grandpa got the all new. And get bored you think that he puts you about Obama and why can't they fix the other. How you can congressman though we aren't that story. Why aren't you covering the story. I not. Not only border ever again. And that's not screened and marriage and all the garbage that the mainstream media didn't rally at Yale working on the and he. I. Know you don't like it hot and a real bit. Weigh in you can't and no way embedded Jerry O'Connell center and Jerry if you can't make a decision. Based upon your believe what is real news and what is not real news there's a spectrum of. Our elected into rock and it's highly regarded by other congressmen and Pollack you hit it just like Paul Ryan didn't. Yeah I'm highly regarded as he got up on the actual need that that I had avenue and that I would have been held by the Obama administration. Not yet strong and his game he always wears. It can't be an ad that's how it story that. Out strong and the kind of immediate action into my husband can't. We got to wake up we cannot let me right now has gotten the wake up. Reid agenda. Ali did it could be the wake up I'll know you're going to be thrown out I don't live. I'd none that I know do Souza now d'souza drank the cool it and there was something bad and said that Kuwait I'm Felix. That's my take on that I get the Rand Paul story just recently he did ask the intelligence community. For evidence that he was survey held by former President Obama he was a formal request and it went to the Intel committees and he wants to know. Because. Apparently this is building off love the same claim the president trump made. Was that the Obama administration was tapping him at the same time so I I guess the question would be where do we go with this story. What would you like to see it go. We're talking about something that that happened before we haven't seen anything new in light of this other than the fact. That they're requesting it same thing when Paul I get it I get it. End that I think the key is here. Since foreign surveillance doesn't require a warrant. Americans are getting caught up in that surveillance and I think people are being observed I would agree with the U. Without some sort of warrant and their bend in the rules I think it happens on both sides. And and again Jerry I do appreciate your call. There's 1110 that if I if you beat. And is not the children to have you along to be a warm day today. In the middle middle of the stretch of the Huckabee a beautiful day tomorrow for the hometown tour in Fort Mill of this and wanna join in the conversation okay going to be a lot of fun. And a beautiful little town to come a long long way if you ask anybody who's been in that community for a while there with a man there's been some very little changes in we like to see it. So close going to be there Hancock to garrison more broadcast live all day missed his friend building. On main street in downtown fort Nelson join us. Join in the conversation but the see you there. It's a 954 and so we're we're talking among the stories that are that are not being covered here because into the mainstream media. Injuries are saying all the focus is on what's gone our truck we know what about. What about Obama and what he did what about Clinton and what he did well and up to a certain extent when George W. Bush did. And then there's discussions about Rand Paul and other people who say that they have been under surveillance. I wouldn't surprise me if anybody has I think almost anybody anywhere could say you know what I'm under surveillance and then if you have the right people looking pretty information. He would. Properly find that it's true. Chris set ridge we keep WikiLeaks where you're getting your information on this. Pretty much all mainstream media sources Semitic it's there's no big secrets about the fact that our goal and our most information go to our recently has been week by eight. Up former police. Officer who was hired by the family. Jude QA dual investigation. There I don't know much about the case and actual police our own reports. Are on the same individual private investigator affair other way to cripple the stand down on the investigation. You got it yardage forward to these stories but we're not talking about. I don't wanna ever say that we shouldn't. Exclude Trump's involvement you know looking at that like they screwed it but that's been their that's the standard. Then why are we taught our we have wrecked her earlier talking about. You know Clinton trash with the tens of millions of dollars that we're all open to the Clinton foundation for Russian bank urged for an alternate uranium one be all. Where she gave up signed off on 40% of the nation uranium and at the same time Bill Clinton speaking fees double and Russia are so 400000 dollar at the same time at the signing. Not saying that that's. I and all that but I think it should be investigated if we knew it every other actual smoke and evidence spared having gritty group I would agree with the numbers. So now know Chris I have to push back committee a little bit on set three edged do you know for sure a 100% that it was the family that hired. This investigator because I've heard reports that it's not and that the families actually upset they want this guy to back off they want the TV stations to back off. For inaccurate reporting. They don't read this you. I understand that night aren't that good a lot of different fate there when you start bringing up family talk about. As mom and dad it's cause then nudity and these staffers saw how he and all are they in the democratic regime what they. Even Bill Burton that the themselves that the possibility. That they are a lot of believe that there are WikiLeaks communications on his laptop. You know if these things are true. As they're being reported that you are dead there than not they're too and that's. Dick yeah I agree we thought that I agree with the auto and and you know what Chris I would be disgusted if it turns out that the family. Once this investigation backed off. Because. They have more loyalty to the DNC. Then they do to their own son. Yeah but that it you can sail like that Oregon State. They just can't believe they can't get their hands wrapped around a Baghdad at the possibility. That their beloved son who is there also a deeply embedded in the Democratic Party filed out of Bobbie think their party's standard is being around rotten they're all destruction. I mean you got to remember there was structured it what expo. OK result. Somebody was upset about that lot of a lot of the world to see yet. And you don't hear anybody at the Democrat there nobody calling or investigation into his murder. On the democratic side nobody Y book that there oh god it was murdered daughter called block. And number HR Bennett story about being a robbery but it watch Rivera while I was there although there right but they're pushing that's all they heard about it that got a great eyebrows bill. All honest and say I'm gonna talk to John more job more if you look back on I think it might be in yesterday's audio was it's still in there yeah there are seeing a clip. With Julian Assange. And and Chris there was an interview and I'm not sure which now when it was it was a foreign. A foreign media company that today interviewed Assange about this very situation give us a listen real quick I. We saw what was great Q and significant efforts to get us there are often very significant risks. And 27 year old. What works for an NC who shot in the back you know it's our gesture we scattered. Our strong unknown reasons as he was walking down the street Martins and certain element that was just a robbery I believe wasn't. Not that's there's not finding certain. Well you just totally what are you suggesting I'm suggesting that Al sources. I'll take risks but Rossi want our sources some I mean we don't comment on her households whose column jabbing that was a bit of the smoking gun there. And well you know it put up 40000 dollars per they reward them for any information leading. Dude you all around dot Mac guys murder is not the kind of thing you would make sense that you worked for the democratic committee. They would be putting up a reward they would be out they're trying to find out all the things they've done that they bottom a memorial plans for a bike rack. What do blacked out there that day. Well that's that's a nice way to memorializing Chris. If you wanna hang I'd be happy to discuss the on the other side. So last week with leukemia lymphoma we're going to be talking about and raising money actually have a radio. And as I could be just on WBT is also going to be on the link and I got to confirm whether or not the guys standing in the open us up to. We made some money and that's going to be the majority of what it is it going to be doing is asking you for your help we always do volunteers search for. We're always you prayers and support and always use walkers when it's time to walk in you know people signed and it's time to hold signs that when it really comes down to we use in Japan. Shall support so that we can continue. With the other research that there has come such a long long way to ensure that you know what almost every child gets a chance to hear the words you're cured. So much you can do to make that happen. 704571110. Nudges before the top of the hour we are talking about self rich. And the the strange circumstances. Under which he was murdered. And in their obviously the differing stories. There's and the info wars people believe beyond a shadow of the doubt that this was a a democratic hit of some sort. And there's still discussions that perhaps he was in touch with a Wiki leaks and and I I think that there's something there as far as that goes and this this investigator. I'm not sure if he's open or peace certain. The rural situation and what's your take on the SF rich murder. Play yet to a 44000. Emails and seventeen thousands of other emails and that's what. Arafat's you know that's what they reported that many emails and but I cannot and then also. What what bothers me is they're the average refusing to even looking into it in the course. People don't realize that Obama and them in their fate years a lot of the people higher up not just tell me and a lot of more. Or their people. But he packed with that Democrats packed the federal court time as some things player like eleven judges. In one area of fifteen and lower court should make clear ruling in a case I was following inning got the very good job. Appeal rival for the Supreme Court. And one on big name anywhere read anything and and not of the one units did this did. Was an expert that area he lambasted now they take that if you look like he's just throwing mud up against the wall and you know I knew right away had that was gonna come out. And none. So that the so I think that the fact that the that the does not want to investigate guesses is that kind of amazing. I don't know that I haven't read report has said the FBI does not want to I know that there are reports that people have been the metropolitan police have been told to stand down on that. That could be because the FBI is working on it wouldn't surprise me. Oh no they say they have they have they have stated they are not working on and that's the press that's so true press felt they knew exactly I think if you look you'll find that if the second met yesterday. Okay. Anything. I didn't think with the judges that you're talking about. That it shouldn't be surprised at all I mean. Packing happens whoever's in charge. And quite often good judges are dismissed we just had that situation prosecutors. All across the country because. Trump is an office chanting capital of the Obama he I don't know Hamlin and it was dozens. Same thing George W. Bush so there is no surprise. The other flip flopped the back and forth between courts and sometimes is a lower courts that could slip sometimes the higher courts against flipped. Marty Seth rich shot in the back was four times wasn't. Quite the last I heard. Okay but nonetheless it. One time fourth time the poor sellers. It is treat it more got a morning pledge call money. Ian it just it concerns me that. And helping you you'd better earlier about the you know well will get if we hold Russia saying I under what the special prosecutor and then hopefully. Vocal let it go. I just I think that's wishful thinking. I think trump. The inauguration day we saw that the left is going to continue down this path and not think that that's. I believe you were not getting. A lot of problems on the this is this for the murder. This develop. Is because it's it that would take away goal this. Well all the walls or whatever. And I'm not a partner and I and I think that what we will do democratic strategy. Well let's. Burn the village down to save the village. Well. Marty I'm not sure yet and I don't believe for a minute that you quote main stream. Democrats. Are are going to be doing nothing to protest and it's it's there's that there's a certain portion of them. And I think they're that they're getting fanned the flames are being fanned by some of the folks within the the more centrist portion of the Democratic Party. That are the ones that are going to be carrying the water were the torture Missouri you can characterize an hour real life. There they're the whack jobs that better they're gonna follow. That means that they are drinking the Kool Aid quote just as much. As the the trump loyalists are being accused of drinking the Kool Aid. There's a certain cult like mentality. About it all right they feel like they're absolutely right that nobody can question them and if they do questioned them and it's obviously because. They yard knuckled drag yours and they just can't understand. How wonderful it is to be part of the inner circle you know. Well. You know that's that's certainly. You know hold a lot of water and and and Scott I agree with you here but. You know you see people that are not part of what you make all the alt left or whatever you wanna call them that you know. Continually Victor had you know I don't the weeks to say. Something terrible something. Watergate it yeah and you know I really think I mean. If you look at police testimony on before congress sworn testimony aren't they Burke. He says to his knowledge the administration. Has never tried to interfere in their investigations. Nine no I understand that I mean I'm not a very little money and nobody convert very low he testified in this this so called quote unquote Merlo. There it happened secret affordable. There's no I think there are a lot of moving parts here and here and I think that did that there's there's a lot of dots. I thought I'd dual I believe that there aren't there are improprieties. In Trump's. History and his background. You know back in the ninety's when he was bankrupt there were stories around about how the banks wouldn't lending money to it. So he had to find alternate sources of money that's one thing that's being tracked and there may be some fire there as well. Maybe everything was done on the open up maybe there were shell companies I don't know I'm not that Smart to figure that out. I just know what people are pointing to same thing when it comes to the Democrats I believe in if you wanna hang on him. More than welcome to. Actuators hung up and up partisan and humpback you can join in the conversation again. I think there when all this is said and done whatever sort of results they have there are going to be people who are going to be calling forth a relook. Hey what happens with Hillary club there's no doubt in my mind it's going to be brought up again especially its president trump. It's clear to all these shows. A break him back and that you and your call 70457011. Tendency is to be. So there's gonna be the third. There's only a vastly there was complete turn. We we lost Roger Ailes yesterday at seven stay on top of that not exactly sure what that situation and not just don't know sound card. And as I mentioned early. Erica it is disturbing to me because we're doing what early ninety's is one the other grudge seem really really began so formative years. Formative years for me and music and for a lot of folks here and and and that was like. That this second coming of rock and roll almost because there was just I mean there was there was hip hop and there was this kind of candy pop for awhile in his league it's got also sticky sweet. And finally something came out there was like OK you can sink your teeth into you know. Music that didn't make you feel bad for not changing your socks and underwear every other day. And now the only one that's left is had any better so let's hope that that that's not the situation were to become an anytime soon. But somebody's going to be third one I don't know I'm not wishing that upon anybody but. Source the women and happens so what separates has popped up here and and again Seth rich was a ninety guy. With within the DNC. And edged couple weeks before the election he was murdered. Shots in the back. And at that time what they said was it was a botched robbery attempt and at the Washington police are still continuing to investigate debt. But then all of a sudden there is a a former homicide detective who's been hired by a third party. To investigate this situation who's come out and says that you know there's there's some really fishy going on here WikiLeaks was involved and we need to reopen this case because the FBI is not doing anything about it in the Washington police say stand down so Marty called us back and I appreciate that. Blitzer let's finish what it is that you're thinking. Yeah well. You know at at the end of the day I think that you know you you commented earlier you know where smoke. And I think that a lot of the smoke we're seeing. Is being created. Rather than they're actually seeing smoke there. And that's the biggest concern that I have and he had to be perfectly honest you know. And no I am not a coup late breaker for. Either warrants. And either party but at the end of the day after day every day I just. I feel this just since been dreading going through because of all of this horrible. Despicable. Behavior that's going artists ugly. Yes a that. You know I'm 55 years old you know I've seen a lot of presence coming down and out and I tell you you know I'm just. Feeling that. You know and on the small business owners well. And you know I'm just I'm tired or just feeling just as gloom and doom and and you know I had clip on the news quickly and query over breakfast this morning and also bella standing up on. There's four of congress saying you know I call firm you know impeachment. God piano you know fears hit it's it's awful and and I'm tired of feeling we'll check and and it needs to stop. I I agree with the end you know you said and I appreciate your call you said at the beginning of the call. That you're not drinking the Kool Aid from either side in this sad thing is there there are two cups of Kool Aid. And both of them have been PD and that's the way I view it is that it's all tainted. And there are all that for themselves and they're all in it. And they all do it and and release information to manipulate us to keep us on our heels so that they can continue to do. What it is that they want to do which essentially is. To stay in power. They tell where do you stand on this Seth rich murder you you follow in the fox line on this or do you think that there's a bunch of bunk. Gonna stand here and I can't okay good morning guys I you don't I'm doing love living large and I'm leaving it all behind me. Thanks for having me all. I'm just glad. That Hillary didn't win the election. Just everybody knows these last note. Brought questionable this sort of happened. All the way back to Arkansas. And in their lifetime. And now. I'd like talk about something else supports this. What is that if it's way way off in the real we're old weird world maybe you'll go there may be night. Now at the same thing okay go ahead that a liberal. News. This morning on Good Morning America. Stock market had fallen 300 points Bryant Dow Jones took that 28000. And something. If President Obama had been in there. They would have calculated the percentage of dropped sit well point 01% drop that's not sit well Good Morning America sits. It's plummet it's. Now how ridiculous is that. Run the huge I'd nausea I don't I don't agree with I don't agree with that when the stock market tanked. But during Obama if it was announced this tanking or it was dropping or the bottom was fallen out. And my belief is. You can always spinning you're you're exactly right I think it was a one point 8% drop. This. Yeah one point 8% drop in the Dow 273 points. There is concerned about the UV instability right now within the drug administration it is not because of of trump. It's because of what was going to be happening and that would be tax reforms. Jobs coming back. Having capital from overseas come back to the United States all those different things are the things that the the the market folks. We were hoping was gonna happen you know Good Morning America that it they can report things however they want. I don't think that they gave Obama a pass when it was the stock market. I don't I don't remember that. I don't remember that John you've called 7045701110. Combing Flynn trump boy it's an interest in triangle there and it. Yes sir it is. Thank you Kora. With taking my call sure but I cannot Oprah there's been a couple of always. That app that might need to be discussed a little more indeed they'll. Fire away here I match your match your pleasure art for first and foremost I'm neither. Democrat over oh. I am an independent. And listening to your other caller I'm 66 on the disabled Vietnam vet the that is the platform that I speak trial. That they they had. I think the news media as a whole has all their British built they. And to make that is those they had. It knew where there are as the media report that produce not that your respect and on it and pull it out there are you referring to mayor though the mainstreaming not spoken there's Rush Limbaugh would they drop by meeting and thought you particular. Yes I'm I'm not a news guy man I'll report on things that are happening but my mind and that's not my job to go on dig up news it's to convey what's out there. And the real reason that I'm here so that we can talk about what's gone on and what's important to us and have a conversation so that we can. And helping each other tour we can we can challenge each other so but but keep it going John I mean to interrupt you there but I did my backyard did I didn't mean interrupted. Particularly at but I'm parliament and the arts and the new media I have to include all the news media you know. He'd be in the station and Rush Limbaugh and a couple of other. But that they underlying fact is that when you go to company. According. Made his ability appears following all the raw meat Hillary did. And they get Urlacher and the city found no greed and to prosecute. To me that was sparring grip bombs were derelict nudity I've been a mayor. One split in Fayette regret. After I got an opposite side all day so then being played and right here because as I keep playing that's all brand swap discussion have been don't. Not all. We'll look at what you have they dreamed about this when it does get fired upon it expired they dream up this tree vicious slaying that transpire in the stall him. Listen ball is not a politician. This plant is built they built yet border. And he does not want to arrow will respond or bid to quietly he's Hulk. Food and these people lower more opium so there might be yet installed and everything. And they did it stop it or being undercut everything he does. If any sort of column eating and more water the new media would say can't swim. Now I know I know I got that I don't know why that line keeps getting repeated. It somebody's out their crime that went you know I understand John that one of the reasons we put him into office is that he's not a politician. And one of the problems that he's having is. They he's not a politician. In that he doesn't know we're at the mines are he doesn't know where the land mines or doesn't know where. The Mozart and then in the traps in the crocodiles because they're all out there in a lot of things have to deal with protocol. Have to deal with legal issues has to deal with separation of powers. You know there's a lot of different things that he may not ever have an attention. Of doing anything wrong. Supposedly what Hillary get yelled got away with and if that's the case and there is no intention then I'm gonna believe that the conclusion. Is going to be the same. Is what they came up with with Hillary. There needs to be an intention there. At least that's according what they say now granite ignorance of the law doesn't mean you can get out of it. And in politics. Maybe to do except Richard about a six. Some of her damn stupid Earth Day. A break him back and then you Paul and Danny coming if your calls coming up here this is there's 1110993. WV team. Upset that I forgot he beat me. Obviously we're still waiting to see what happens with the former national security advisor Mike Flynn. And the on the thing and it's best. From the that was just released yesterday I do believe was is that he. Not a decision to retake. The nicest capital of Rocca. With Kurdish forces. And apparently that happened around are the same time that he was getting a half million dollars from Turkey who opposed that particular plan. And there's just ten days before trump became president trump the Obama's staff. Approached presidential or then elect you know electron to make sure that they were on board with his decision to use the current fighters to work to do this. And this is what the government of Turkey. Did not want to happen. The Obama team. Have decided to ask for trump sign options he attack would take place after trumpet become President Obama was gone but Flint declined. So there is some question about that because he was working. At that time for Turkey so that was good vitamin a boo boo that could bite him in the blue book so the passing of Roger Ailes. And nobody's completely thrilled about that Ted Turner's fellow go out dad I outlasted him. I think outlasted him Paul in another Paul covenant to Mattel employee called 704. 5701110. George Stephanopoulos. Is he Republican. I would like to add to what the previous. Caller says about this adjective about the stock market plummeting yeah I think it should be noted that. Stephanopoulos. Is currently the chief anchor and chief political correspondent for ABC news. And sometimes on the television it's not a water person says. But we'll look at his face when he says this and George always. The mean. Trump. Always it's too late ebooks and the way he talks about. So to be seen Scott Kelly lately. Scott Kelly when he talks about trumpet he looks as if he has a herd on his talk. Well you know. I I have to tell you I think there's an incredible amount of jealousy of mr. Trump's money. Mr. trump is aren't great but who were. Maybe he's bully his way through business. But he's got to the top and as far as his international policy. I think North Korea is gonna be quiet it down because seriously there. Drop in the mother of all bombs he got an awful lot of people's attention. Obama has the bomb carried across the ocean that you didn't have. Go east and uses trump is not afraid. Trump can not be intimidated the Republican Party in fact some trusted to know if you guys and wouldn't do what I'm gonna do and the American public back to. I'm deplore I'm one of those people they always said. Most deplorable George surely by Hillary does get a better look at dealers. No I I bet I think you know what I root ball I'm mark I I do I understand completely your Communist. No I think George Stephanopoulos. I couldn't let them they hate is still in love with Hillary easy and don't win at all. He worked for Clinton. He worked for Clinton that there should be no surprise where he stands and you're exactly right when he speaks about trump. It inning with no love in his heart and that's for sure but I bet there's animators anybody who's jealous of his money. Mean that that's in that particular world. I cannot bully for a moment do you think that what George Stephanopoulos says about trump is because he wishes he had his money there it may be Malulani. But but an opening on the money Paul are president certainly has a few challenges are. Yes it. I'll work out I'll look into all of this has gone on it we want I'm kind of glad that a politician has not. An office however. I think he's too much focus and our little thing that you commenting. On every little thing that comes up against the he's in a fight and you should know that and understand which he'll fight his battles on that and then elicit. I wonder if somebody in his cabinet. Who has the courage to really telling when he bright. And when he walked. And that he will listen to them. Yeah that's a good question though there's a very very good question I I agree with view. What he needs to do at least in my opinion is he needs to act presidential when there's a storm and that means hold his head high. Move on and read it and and let the arrows of bounce off of his back as opposed to. Sometimes when I would consider to be these petty tweets and these little dots across the buyout I don't think they're necessarily. Doing him any favors and and Paul I agree would you want that one. Yeah oh yeah you know because that. There book report anything and everything they're even going out the word impeachment map showing a lot of support. They're looking for anything and everything that take this man bound and I think that he has the use something we is down and begin this seat who who is. On his side who he's fighting against. And focus all work. He'd need the focus off what this country we talk about make in the country great wolf wanted to whale may can make it great if not they'll fight. Every little thing that's gone all. This began to attack those Spain that have brought it down in the first place that he talked about. You know edit their favoritism make it all America first and stuff like that these sort of being that he needs to focus on. And begin this stop looking that every little thing that happened because this distracting. And it's make him. His ultimate decision. Not worth it. I hate you I I agree with the I think that there's there's two ways that America can appear great. We can appear great to the outside world I don't know. That that's the image we're giving right now I mean potent was on TV yesterday laughing. At what's going on whether our political system right now and to me that's insulting. It's embarrassing. And and it makes me angry. So that's part of it what do we look like to the outside world making America great on the inside. Is what I think needs to happen first and we are just tearing each other apart. Nobody is willing to give any ground if I hate you I hate you and there's no way that my mind is gonna change you hate me you hate me and there's no way your mind is gonna change here. It then there's very little common ground for certain portions. Of the population and certain portions. But the conversation. And that's not gonna move anything forward if you truly is not is it on Rihanna. What are caught are welcome to the program on Andrea net president trump well where you go. Our our law at all the only thing I hate you if you look up. And then Bob Graham and don't tell me what this before being outside says goodbye to pick off opera greed and I'm not. Did it. Under Rihanna I did not hang up on you additional action on that to you that you fell off. So please try me again please try me again and I know that on the outside. A thing where you're probably going is that everybody wants to be here and that says a lot about us. But the leaders of other countries I think the individuals I think the population in the general population of the country's. Look at us and and admire us and are jealous and want to be here. It's the leaders. Who are sneering en us at this point in time and that's. It's uncomfortable Ryan about a minute or so what can now can you tell me about your thoughts on the president. Be sure around longer you mentioned multiple or ask a question mattered whether or not George Stephanopoulos as a Republican. And I don't know many people of this let George Stephanopoulos was that shall air advisor to the Clinton Campaign invoked 92. And nineteen and (%expletive) that's what it's. Bed and was in the area he was he was on his staff too wasn't he does exactly his Press Secretary wasn't. Rottweiler exactly exactly part of White House steps over the holidays wondering why George Stephanopoulos. Look I categorize it. As well though you're Dartmouth that the opposite but the church thing went down. But again if that's why he hated that we took well because you know you hate them because he's you bet I shill for the court. And a hundred per cent. Andrea and Ryan just to remind people how I characterized it when when George Stephanopoulos talks about trumped its if he has deterred in his mouth and then when Scott Kelly. Talks about president trump it says if he took that heard out of step pull accomplices nothing put it into his uncle and a. It's exactly you know our former acting general medical records that put up. If people understand by the practice the way it is fate they were basically would understand how the Associated Press works and how the different media agency disseminate news. Com EP. What we understand that they'll understand how widely is it compromises. As it and you being a nice guy into the Banja in the dark and I got. What do you read that into the top. You don't have anything to do it or lose go out that all the. Tom yet but then it gets filtered through whoever it is that's doing the presenting that but I understand what you're saying and I think that the world of news changed a lot Ryan. And thank you for your call when UPI went away. Wasn't. Anything other than eight feet. And then if you scoured the BBC and Reuters and and some of the overseas news sources. You can get a really different take and a really different opinion I think sometimes and be very eye opening for you gentlemen get your call. Tomorrow as today fort mills river nefarious via second stop. Our hometown tour and I'd love to reach its. I'm join us of those going to be there helping hand out. Hancock's gonna join us we try to get rushed to come by the whose love for busy with a opens on Friday at all. Appears to be there as well so come join us it's all day long and would be at the spread building in downtown Fort Mill details available at W VT. Dot com so does he get emails I just don't understand them I do I just don't understand them and maybe you can no sort of help me out so what Paul writes and blow rights and regularly he. I think he's got a man crush on me. He wrote in mr. rich is dead he was shot so this is the so rich that we were talking about earlier he was shot shot in the back left in the street. If that is all you want to consider what difference does The Who did it question matter at this point. Does the truth matter to you. Yeah maybe may beg garbled my voice for a little while after we get into that discussion but it it seems to me that that's kind of one of the questions we are basket. Is who did it and who didn't want high. And I think there's there's. Potentially. Quite a bit of fire along with the smoke. With the WikiLeaks you know attachment in connection found the Russians were involved or not but the DNC you know there's certainly a reason. To get Tia the magnifying glass to take a look at them. Jim you have called 704 or 5701110. And I know I don't have to tell you but I will tell you thank you what's on your mind about the president. Yeah I was thinking about you know we have the million man who operated as Dell didn't end Democrat. I'll I'll still trying to figure out how we got armchair near won't look like audio and that is why. And what those you know that beautiful map of heart you've been real for example in my humble opinion Nicky and it should so law. She she has kept a low profile as and she. Oh let me get some sheet she's the welcome I could try indicted are. There and then he thought I heard about being in exactly yeah. So hold on a second Jim is the only thing that matters and about a a First Lady is that she's she's smoking hot. Wrote it way out there although it is up. Do you have a Maloney a poster on your ceiling. Well. No. Comment or that they look at all. Barbara and why it is you're right elbow right now if these kids who said you had yourself. Well we're learning all about it. You know war the vote by and that they're a well I've got up there hope you didn't let it probably yeah hurt quite well. We. Give you 000 all of the man that I would never got a good look at the top 100 brighten it has wandered out oh. Ops. And have you ever are you I think were what were you Jim are you married. Well a lab or war. The company before. I thought well I doubt very much higher up admired all I thought I don't know maybe somehow wound number in my career homer off. Eight Israel long long life today in a tragic life as well it sounds like the you're happy now. Okay good let that is why hobbled by a worse start with the economic outlook here. OK good not that's. When you're standing strong you're you're you're standing as strong as having any of your lives. Here and really gave the because I don't know how many interview as many as Henry the eighth and get six. Maybe seven have and any of your wives opened their mouth and spilled the beans on you about something they you. Really didn't wanna come out. That Barbara. Well let me say what you want out there and ocular I'm glad he yard where I want it to. It. Oh. If you are not quite a lot our. It. Slowly he did so loud editors here does but about me is who support them and suddenly and being positive about these little you know they're just why she felt horrible about forty some years. The way that is good then and you're only on number two. Thought oh warm okay will go I mean I didn't know what the numbers were leading up to it you show. Let's cross our fingers that that you stay would number two there will be there would be a nice thing. You mentioned yourself talking about Tom Brady yeah I think it was a big surprise to a lot of people her husband said the other day. That you want him to retire. He said that not to eat you know this Kenya's and then he was gonna play as long as he felt as good as he does yeah you're trying to get him to retire. You know I just have to say as a wise I'm a little bit you know it's as you know is not the most like. Let's see an aggressive sport rice football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much an Armenian talk about making it does have concussions in his. I don't you think it's a healthy thing for anybody to go to like half. You know to that kind of aggression like all the time that cannot be tells day for you right now and I'm planning on having him. Mean healthy and do a lot of fun things and like hundred and I hope. So who would be culpable in that situation at the end of the team knows that he's got a concussion. And he still plays is that his choice or I don't know I wanted to T boning and here coming up in the next half hour to talk about that. And some other groupings has gone on India in the world of sports here. It was interest and here yesterday in who knows exactly how true this was. And what the spirit of it was. But the last year during I mean might have been during the the primaries. There were some jokes between a guy named McCarthy. Whose house leader. The house majority leader Kevin McCarthy talking to. Ryan. And basically are saying hey this there's there's two people that couldn't are paying. Rohrabacher. Who's always been in the can for a for treatment for prudence is got a big old giant man crushed car is that couldn't baseball cards or something and don't. And trump. And they started laughing and then somebody said this is an off the record right Nolan leaks right this is out because we're all family here and they didn't want that to get out. Who knows whether or not there was any social truth in their minds behind that do get a conversation bill got about a minute left Jim what can knew what can you might meet with. Well. In this until supposedly did. This outlet that everybody is gonna you know trial in the president is somebody wanted to well. What about playing and what about. President Obama. You know all the whites alike interactive moonshine echo what about that Janet these you know they they used to bootleg. You know that bit about it right now just about trot. Did and in his myths that continues to. Keep stern. I mean big guy at a meet what direction. And then allowed to express it and it. And now did what happens whenever I want to believe from out of boot boot it and give me anything so he's also. Right what yet what did you eat well eat. He he gave me a candy gram.