Parkinson Disease

David Chadwick
Sunday, July 16th

Windy Woodall joins David to talk about Parkinson Disease and his struggle with it.


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I've won I'm David Chadwick witnesses whose eleventh in that 993 WPP welcome to show. I hope you know that this is a faith and values showed that tries to intersect faith. Values with different subjects topics locally and globally. Things of concern to your hearts it's always a pleasure doing the program thank you listeners. For joining me on a weekly basis I hope you're having a wonderful summer right now in July hot humid. Part of the year but I hope you're having some great family time maybe even a trip to the beach or so does it get any better than that. And it's a wonderful time of year to celebrate God's goodness were all all our lives. Will today I wanted to conquer a subject that is really prevalent among us. Hidden in many ways but still in our minutes. It's the problem of Parkinson's disease. Unlike many of our dear friends habit they are learning how to live with that but it's something that is in our society and something that's in many of our friends and family members lives. So today I wanted to address it try to give some insight into it in as I just said. Give some of our thoughts on how to concrete to overcome it and still live lives. That are very meaningful today. My guest in studio as windy would all Wendy is the head master. At a united state school over on Providence Rhode he has written a book on parkinson's. Unfortunately has the disease himself but fortunately he's been given talks all over the area. In giving people ideas on how to deal with it and in the congress windy would all thanks for being with me today in earnest muted. Wolf when did you first begin to realize windy that parkinson's was a party like. Probably. Six years ago I was diagnosed with the disease officially but for the thumb my daughter notices she's going to college came home and those that oil. Won't the kitchen. Or drag our feet and she said walking like an old man and so. And you're not an old man by any means. Thank you good. I'm 54 that. And knows that to my wife notices well and so that started his own journey of exploration. And into the what was noticed again it was it's this. Walking. Slow more slowly. Slurred speech I mean what wasn't exactly that she only good drag my feet across the carvers don't walk shuffle. And it's my number one trade still in my first person from that appeared. And so she's said that and those little room this communal man that's a but I took it to my doctor and said. He comment in this problems and refer me to a neurologist. Who then referred me to movement disorders specialist. And they diagnosed with and just few months. It was it easy for them to diagnose or did it take a series of tests well until I've thought about this hum. In my experiences being the first urologists. Didn't see anything wrong because some of the engines reducing social silverlight or down or go on record or more back than just observing and he walked and so. Moroccan I can fake wall. Right correctly for in them remittance. Business audience. But and that day he saw armies in the what are you being referred for. In this of this they're trying to on the Pentagon must slow gate in my told Brady Khamese here. And he says I don't see anything wrong I think it's all ahead. Those who again a little offended by embedding some bump in the next guy. It was in the movement disorders specialist and I went there who'd just a few minutes he had diagnosed with partners because from the symptoms. The the shuffling the rigidity in the body. The micro goofy image which means I write smaller and more sloppy. Things too and us losses since the smell them because they can mean she was just freezing rip you lose the sense of smell. The the fascinating. I don't know why and that happens but it. The thing that caught his eye was our cozy here was they can these you know the freezing sometimes when. Shape in the morning or I standstill for awhile I feel for him plays have to physically movement. Let your arm and for several seconds it would be that was several seconds like the only thing of premier shape something and and then you suddenly kids. He even. Did this condition can move again to and he pitched for the movement. Was it when as though he said that's called freezing. He's in that means you have parkinson's so he diagnosed it is all anecdotal there is no test to prove it. Just my stories to him and he said that's and real quickly I'm curious. How big of a problem is this in the United States you know I don't know I don't know the stats that it's more more common to hear more more common and more and no more younger or younger people's swells so yeah. Column in your initial response when you heard the diagnosis. Well it was such as the system as I was from neurologists in August. Who's had a majority forming that by the time he says it was partisans out of your league team just some just to know what it was because they have talked about Tom. But whose stroke or something wrong something goes wrong mentally neural neurological and and so they said that it was a bittersweet moment for me. And then and then I've in this journey what was partisans and what would mean for me so. Windy when we come back from the break lets us talk about your family's involvement in this how they responded to it in Indian really with. Mohammed Ali and Michael Fox we really do have two huge examples of this in our culture and and then begin to realize what can be done to address. This very severe problem that exists in American culture Wendy would all my guest today he's had mastered. At United States school but dealing with parkinson's today I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. I'm David Chadwick this is used 1110993. W VT welcome back to show. Wendy would all his might yesterday windy is the headmaster at United States school. He is a person in the community who is trying to help those suffering from parkinson's because. Well frankly it's been diagnosed in his own life when he shared during the first segment how that happened. How did your family respond when they heard the news parkinson's you know. You said it was a bittersweet moment when the doctor finally named it the problem that you were having. And he said well now I know what it is but on the other he has parkinson's is kind of one of those terms in America but it sounds all forms in the brain oh no. I'm gonna die within two years but that's not the case. Since tenth cases is not a fatal diseases chronic can be cured throughout the cure yet for in the symptoms can be matched. It is they haven't done they have found a way to conquer completely and so you found a news out and again how did your family respond to blow it really office and immediately call my life and the rural futures shed. Because of this big word replacing would come. We're not we're not an overly. Offensive. Or overly. Demonstrative and so we. To do with a great deal of faith in prayer and I was actually down. The world diagnose his right demo of the hospital downtown. So those things and doing pastoral visits to people in the hostile. So I went only and I said. I and maybe they weren't in the print drugs and there healing so. I call my parents and she caller three girls and if you are the real news so. Again we futures shed that. But we're we're a family that kind of takes things. Historically I guess as best we can so I just went on to my prayers or my provisions and and nowhere nowhere else knew that they song. When you have to deal with the reality. Of the disease whenever you hear any kind of diagnosis and like you I'm in ministry and have to visit people who just receive those bad news diagnoses. All you can do is say to them you've got to deal with the reality of what is and in trek the next steps toward. Dealing with the disease itself which is what you've done well in your life but before we go to some of the things you've done on talk about. I think he said to me during the break there or four signs to parkinson's that he you've got it go by a parkinson's manual. That's right is for four main symptoms. There are many symptoms performance and or via break anything the slow movement the shuffling feet. There is this the Trimmer using. Mobile and on their hands when people try and talk person that all of you remember in 1996. When the Olympics were Helen in Atlanta. The last leg of the journey was Mohammed Ali. He walked into a that he ultimately and in Lipitor trees it can negotiate that tortures trim those down until he took to the other hand and as did that that was that was probably the most. Qualifications. Of the essential tremor that. Social partial instability. And you fall from a standing position a lot of I'm going there and and the seeming to be just standing up and annual this fall overnight lose your ballot here on Friday and then. The last one is rigidity that that freezing part. He can be in your upper torso and meet new legs and maintenance. In your arms to that's performing symptoms. And again if you have those for you you have got something in your mirror neurons the wrong. And they would most like it's part most likely it's parkinson's now for those who were listening. Who have a tremor in their hands and they are going owned I probably have parkinson's that's not necessarily the case is this is and we most identify with for instance but it does mean this they have parkinson's and they're just could be some other kind of be your aging former president convened our neurological something or another rather just to see their. General practitioner and see if they would refer them to a neurologist and so you have been dealing with this disease for six years now right. Walk us through your journey as you began to realize this is a chronic problem this is a part of when he would alls like. What with the step she took to deal with. Well we were. This is chemistry isn't on who will remission is twelve years Honduras and a we have the depth of the culture there and so I found them by adapting partisans much like that you know and is the first stages the tourist each team go in. Everything's new thing in pictures you'd. Sampling the food to learn the language. And so are very real sense a stir in December in the Madsen. Play out what worked in and everything's new and trying to explore. More in depth and then. The second stage is culture shock. And that's when those same things excite you that beginning. Overwhelm you and and we begin to be overwhelmed by the news departments from the what we found out on the on line or in books. And by the third stage cultural limitation which means. You realize you can't go back you're in this new coaches today. And so you have to adjust to the culture rather than the culture just continues and so that's what we've done we've. I use that now we've for my during with parkinson's without having said that it now that this is part of my life McCain about pre partisans existence. And I still pray for miracles to pray for god to heal me the weekend but until that day comes from the live my life and to the fullest. With faith and humor and everything else I can do. And ethics of the fact that I do have part and I can't generalize that is is. A disease and. I very well. And you've been able to function in your job I mean your headmaster of a relatively large Christian school here in the metro line area it's very successful lot of people know about it. In Europe the head guy and you're able to function at this high level of leadership with parkinson's talk about that windy. I do my M my speech as you might in the year. On the radio today is puzzle impaired but brings the world's largest effect it will come out that we rate you know or all of us have different apple mobile. But. I've felt that was with a few adjustments I can still hum lead them I'll be the first to tell them. It is time for me to move on when the time comes. Now they want me there and and it's it's good it's a good outlet for me keep serving keep working and oil analyst somewhere. On the on the silence them or me doing something. You burn out not rushed out of the structure and so you have been able to function these last six years with the diagnosis of the disease at a high level of leadership so for listeners. They should not be fearful if this diagnosis has come to bail or a loved one you're still able to move forward well every every person's journey is different. The symptoms are different the medication may be different the the treatment maybe different and so ever all of us are gonna live out. For instance bomb main symptom. Is rigidity and end shuffling. Never had the tremor a memorandum. Imbalance so it's only it's a different journey from me and some of that as those problems. Filming cents. VM so as you walk through this journey right now are you having to take medications and do exercises. I mean talk about the things you were doing now to. Keep the disease as at best at bay. Then that I think midst of if you have a three hours and if I miss those. That I am pretty locked up a offerings. The immune function. The the other part that I've had the brain stimulation on the view her that note what what does that that is when they. Put electrodes in your brain in the heavens stimulated in chess was like a pacemaker that essentially true current reign. Just after you think about my big joke is that. Under on the road open garage doors as things. I go about it and that's not true that it it gives me more effective time with my mates. We've sailed in partisans world that your your owner off. You're on that means you have a symptom free days a lesson comes in for off. Mean you're strung with this with the symptoms old at all so most of my time is on on time because the Mets because that the brain stimulation. And his achievement in my and Iran is skimming which are movement disorders specialist and they specialize in this disease. Those like. Have you in this I'd learned that stress causes an exacerbation. Of the problem and how it thinker and high stress job and how do you keep that from happening. We can't even from happening a Fisher and he can. Deteriorate I guess the effectiveness of the medicines. I'm I'm more even killed in life in general so. To mean realise the real lows and and that helps me. Do with the disease of the that are. You've already alluded to be here you're deep faith and I wanna get into debt in the next segment as we move more into how you deal with this problem. I'm also noted on a couple of occasions just in this interview but knowing you a bit as I do you used humor as a way to disarm this disease talk about that. Well I do that because someone on people become for around me some doesn't mean around impatient with the crimes the you don't wanna mention finger or go to go there. Talk about the bill are the partisans talk about. My girls who were there probably the hardest to convince. To do that. But we get them go and there's some that I X that was humor in phase. And so they'd lean and mean on the coming shuffle openness. Two very famous Disney I mean that says you should character and then. And then they just they just learned that we do that Altima family that we we teased about my. While healing and all manner. You know. I have a grandson four years old hospital on time with and I tell him. He needs to walk him pop SP which is shuffling Speedo if he ever got loose on dumping intention believed we joke about. His speed and related to mine that have things so. And humor helps it does help it it puts on people at ease its it was sort of paper other folks as well Roy gives I mean it's it's to me it's a reality check that I can. I can laugh at myself as well what from a girl's dorm that this thing you know you you laugh at yourself in the world list with few. And so I just make fun of myself and MI girls do it now too so. Did you it is hopes this all that I believe it's part of a little more the most honest feelings. Are honest expressions of of exceptions. Well it it is a way of saying to the disease and not letting you'd take control my life that's exactly right and I'm still going to be in control and that I'm. Going to laugh at this thing it shows to me into the world hey you haven't won this for a living. Living well with settings button and you still try to practice that every single day ago. Yeah we my girls are. Always don't know that much more when my daughter has some got a cartoon Tom it was a bottom menuing to diagnose for parkinson's. We gave it to me and realizes she's made she's crossed over the lines she really do this with me because Saddam. The first fences I I would induction day how is the diagnosis and she said well I have parts. And he said and he knows how you feel about that. And the first carrier says well I'm really shook up about it and much for my door and I'll put that Mendez from under or do that was so. Was that was a big step in her wit and her. Except for the disease as well a win win. You would all my guest parkinson's is the subject windy when we come back let's talk about your deep faith which is allowed you to deal with this and a good way I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. I'm David Chadwick in this is the news 1110993. WB ET welcome back to show if you like to hear the podcast of the show and the entire program please go to WBT dot com scroll down of the weekend programs look for the baby Chad would show. And you can hear the program in its entirety with windy would all who is the head master at United States school here in the Charlotte metro line area. But today sharing about his journey with Parkinson's disease that he's had for the last six years but. Dealing with a admirably but also as a person of great faith. Wendy before we get into Europe great faith which is allowed you to do with this disease I think it's in wonderful ways. I'm just a note that Mohammed Ali and Michael J. Fox are probably the two most prominent Americans who have had this disease. They've made the understanding of this disease more well known throughout the nation haven't made. I think to have at least the the awareness of it is because of them is greater than one mile an early die in the it was really broadcast. That he had partisans part of his last. Thing in Concord is as a as a fighter. And the marketing of fog has been unbelievably successful in raising funds for research and and looking searching for a cure and so. We all the margin of fog sees them back to the future Ramirez right when the greatest movies ever and but it's it's wonderful to see him at partisan world to. Leading and leading the fight for. For the cure for his is a server cure his his of the estate is a cure in my lifetime. And the good thing that happened and you would. And again you've been dealing with this now for six years you look at Mohammed Ali and Michael J. Fox they lived with the disease for a long period of time. Receiving. This diagnosis is not a death sentence it's not. I mentioned I think earlier. There darkness people younger and young with disease and divorce thing was torn in his own nose for the first. I'm sure that and he's in his twenties. And so I get the age of 49 coaches barely in the more for college young onset Parsons. You did did you say anything reviewed four and a I was told young ones are more like a tough one positive became a if Odom but my girls again SP. Would you do phony must for their values so. And they don't know call it's Tuesday there there's all kind of speculation was genetic or environmental does that mean proven conclusively that. Well no property in preparation for the program friend of mine told me that some have suggested it could be in the environment. In in New York cleaners in the golf courses that you play on all the pesticides what are but again the windows so in the future okay. As you have received his diagnosis and realizes not a death sentence she might still have about 2030 more years here on this planet and so yeah alum like that too because especially green children threat assessment politically with the grandkids. Your faith has been along with your humor what's allowed you to deal with this talk about your day. Well I I believe that term. I really that god has the power to heal and that he is the a knowing and another god loves me so mine and my two things are got to know you love me you want the best form and then he can heal me if you if you so desire. But until that time comes I'm gonna live my life so trusting you there's a new song out. By. As if I remember. It's called even if it's by. Oh likening the group. Will come into yeah that's what even if it's is. It's always about praying for god to do something doesn't do it and ending says he bit even if you don't I was still Yuma. Ramon hopeful that goes back to shed drag me Shaq in the vending go in the Bible where the you know big big go into the fiery furnace and they say we know you can deliver us I think the phrases and if not same idea EP don't deliver us we still will not Bauer niece to. The god by hail that were being forced to do so. Right exactly where it's always based on buses that when their when your tests when you're faced with the fire but we will say and I think I think those two boys said. We know that god can know that he will be even if he doesn't. Who will warn about on the he give you one interesting little anecdote here. Shows kind of how the western world will still biblically literate back in World War II but when Germany was bombing Britain over and over and over again many Christians would get together and pray to god and say please deliver us from the German onslaught. But then they would always say and if not we will never been our need to not he has some and and if not became the motto odd bit of British Christian during their prayer sessions when they were pretty against Nazi Germany's relentless bombings of London while. I don't really that is that's the way we have to face everything that we don't understand what I was doing it to. That even if he doesn't end servers according to what we'd like snapped me. That we still taught to believe him for the best for our lives in and United States is a Christian school that you or the head master off so it is a Christian faith that you hold onto which also implies a deep belief in resurrection life this. And I believe that a week ago when the looming alternately like they haven't. He doesn't it be that if he does on this I won't mind the either and I'm going to do that it's okay to pray for that does it mean some people listening go I've got this disease or whatever and I prayed a couple few times and nothing's happened it's okay to not only pray but to keep on praying and ask for the healing that's right Paul Elizabeth or influence he had for fifths twelve. And that's debate on what that means that some people think my business diseases side. And believe that in these are pre three times forgot to deliver me and that's euphemism which means over and over and over again strike right in always says that if three was Paul's. I beat Paul by a 1004. I do bravely go out and that was even a few dozen. Most of interest in him. My life so I'm. That that's a big part of my faith domino set except my surgeons exit exit my surgeon is there right now and move forward. There's there's debris that Jesus prayed in them in the garden consuming. Wrote before he was I think in Reston things than them or visiting with this cup pass from me. The process and and that was his desire I think that he also knew his missions we've said it memo who would yours be done so. That's I think energies to root for a thing I'm OK send him over the years ago. There's something I've learned through the years as I've minister to people that I'm not sure who was who coined it but I've certainly used it many times it's called the prayer of relinquish moment moment really is that prayer you're just talking about. Or not my will but you worked and been theirs. The letting go of the prayer to god and and saying I'm gonna move on with life I think that's what I'm hearing you say and if so talk about how you use that in your life especially when you've been given a diagnosis like parkinson's. Well a lot of load chronic diseases we think that there's no in praying and I humbly that I believe that we ought to pray we believe god can do it by. I think we chosen not to another reality that we live in right now so. Except the fact that money healed yet. And I use that word yet give them anything to do that but you know he's open doors for me because of this. Official to the sport group that when the local YMCA's. And they come day that's mine. The service I serve people who also have the disease. And let them know we have speakers come and talk to us and and I am on the go on the poster boy in the front for DBS with the brain stimulation. And and a man of faith that believes that god can help us through this time so. Of I would never thought of doing that before if and disease. A written two books on the subject of I would never done that without. Without having disease so gaga using this as a platform I think for me to share my faith. With people that would government. For all applaud the books in the last segment to make sure people can know how to get them in because they really are remarkable works on your part to try to help people but. That leads to the expression your faith being you're going to help people with parkinson's and that's a second corinthians chapter one verse four phrase for Paul said. Use how god has comforted youth conference to comfort other people and that's what you've done and and that's another way that faith. Flows through use that helps bring healing to you'd talk about the. Some more please don't continue to go be leading group of parkinson's patients and caregivers I wouldn't just laughed because there was no interest before I think. Felt for people fringe and had the disease. There's no interest in doing that. But now it's big part of my life all of the school there. Also in a moment organs such as for Carolina's border. I'm the chairman of the sport serves committee we shall support groups. Be trained in and on how to function things in the Alamo Group about fifty people that meet over their at the YMCA and so it's. It's a great it's a great Allah for me I'm very very thankful for that. Yes that person Genesis were. Joseph had been been put into prison for all luge years and then finally met his brother's very perpetrators of the crime and he looks at them decision you made it for evil but garment for goes like this is facing its each one of them were for well it's a wonderful reminder to us that they've got not the author of Parkinson's disease Wendy me that I don't believe it at all myself it's part of a broken creation right every part of creations broken including our bodies or wouldn't die so there wouldn't be diseases but but god does work good out of this and one of the places as good as. The way that you've been able to care for other people with the disease. I think so I think god has given me an outlet and placed a Plaisted is channeled his does India have the state. Help others. Well when we come back from the break or you'd talk more specifically about. The places where you or were people who might have. Parkinson's listening to this program more they have loved ones who have it. Can go and get the exercise and the movement that can be geology which will. Begin to help them but also want to reference your books some places where people can get some more help in being able to handle this disease. But calls again we want to make clear this is not a death sentence it's light can still be lifted its end and has been and to the full that's right and I see that in your life IC did in your eyes I knew that with a year. Wife and children and now grandchild just a wonderful testimony. In ain't over yet it's right Wendy would all my guest we're talking about Parkinson's disease when we come back will he be some practical applications on how you can. Deal with this problem I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. W VT welcome back to show. I hope you've enjoyed it I have it's informative as we have discussed the issue of all up up Parkinson's disease here on the show Wendy would all is with me he is the headmaster at united state Christian academy on Providence Rhode and windy real quickly for those who may want to give their kids a quality Christian education in a bit of a smaller school environment. United fate will be an option for the wouldn't that mean we were K through twelve and we just graduated. Toward forcing small class sizes but it's a great school. And that's one of the advantages is the class size because kids can really get personal attention and they do that thing. And have all the Christian schools I know in the area it is the one that has the war price tag which for. Moderate income folks that gives them a chance for their kids to get a quality Christian education because we're so sharp you think otherwise we are pretty modest price and I can tell you listeners that is the truth from. Many my friends who go there it gives them an option for quality private Christian education and when you would all could not be a better leader a friend of mine a great man on. Talking about his own diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and in windy one thing that I think people might want to. Know about is that this is not just a male disease I mean as we've been talking Michael J. Fox Mohammed Ali you yourself. It's among females to. It is in my group is probably 5050 between. Men and women of the disease there carriers and that's a group you lead to help exercise and deal with parkinson's saudis bacon eggs says the weather have a program called renewed and it's a neuro wellness. The a program that. I'm for don't leave in very much I guess as speakers and that being any in the program what you do with those who are gathered here. When we meet once a week once a month I'm sorry they mean they meet. The seeds eight times a month to put two to exercise but we meet once a month with a speaker comes in post about living well with a three directs. Or whatever else might be. In just information that we gather and we share with each other what we're going through. And we always introduce those are news newly diagnosed disease are and where does this happen the seven that this has UNC from mean there's there's several throughout town okay than other other parts stations in different wines. Who the the relation we have the wiser and having great so. As I listened to you talk it sounds like you're emphasizing the need for community in there we go through tough times we need one another and we need to come together and share. What we're going through and no we're not the only ones going through tough times this right and we and with it's it's a moral support we give another. For people that are also going to lose income. Difficulties or whatever it is for for us all parkinson's patients. So it's great to be together be informed and and help one another well again that one another and don't forget folks you are not supposed to live like a launch none of us are supposed to walk through the difficulties of dislike about other people helping us. Along the way in and windy rule quickly. What times can people go to your particular support group and win if they want to my eyes must four remains the second Monday of each month at 230 in the afternoon that this is UNC there Matthews OK so people do you want that particular expression off. Hal to. Be able to reach out to people. And care for your own needs and that's the place where you can go out and if anyone would want to talk with the personally you're OK with that if they contact the school. They can come at the school argued that this notification Cammie 8617. Providence Rhode should there and chart 28277. And they can write a letter or. Call on the phone and I'll be glad to. Sufferings of the tomko with the windy would all is again his name. In windy let let's talk to about your books aren't plugged them and let people know how they can get ahold of the copy if they so desire. Look for in the months just that I write a book about mine mine mine. Journey with partisans several years ago and I left to go let's dig as I'm going to say but that as an begin to outline some thoughts and foreign eight chapters. Outline and and and verses from. And my own follows these when those chapters and so. Hit it it became known as shuffled. My main symptom away for whatever the challenge is it's about my first thousand days of disease. There're a second book. Ingeniously called shuffle along and it's about their recruiters say you're done and it's got a picture of me immigrants ceremony and so I like for them to but it's about my second. Thousand days which includes the previous surgeon thing. And so is your journey basically in these two books or one in part two that's right and and I hope maybe a Joseph do reshuffle no more cut hills doing that god that would be great when in the hell can someone get the book they can order on Amazon com and they are they can find in any local store that can order Barnes & Noble of Grozny but so shelf. W I ND a LL I get their right it's when thanks for my real name them on the books Wimbledon yet and the low end of the old sales more author should if you are obviously when you become somewhat of a and folks it is a wonderful opportunity for you to enter into Wendy's journey. With parkinson's and also find your own journey in his journey. Which hopefully will give you hope to keep moving forward and again windy let's just say this over and over again this is not a death. So just it's something you have to learn to live with a deficit year me envoy for the restaurant like that disease the amount. Minimize that mourns toward us with this that and you're white and you can still travel and still go to the beach and walked the beach and go to the mountain my wife is happy because and I'll walk slower against walker Hoover. Who asked a key that would mean. Yeah and can you do mountain trails if you do it slowly or do you have to be careful. With Selma and for those who grow the program earlier there. Dirt path so that be careful of slipping but reached the order today to two. Mourning and these things. Well the point being again that that life doesn't end with the diagnosis of parkinson's but it is a real disease in America today. And you're encouraging those who have been diagnosed with it don't give up but also come to places where they can get community. And help. Get help that they need from other people going to the same thing by two big things are exercise which is that the four apartments it loosens them. The joints and gives you more fluidity of movement anyway. Which is probably true every everything I think he that would my own life and you do it everyday. And then say in the need for a moral support but it to me about five months from the diagnosed upon a group tomorrow and my wife to tease that that's pretty fast for me and so. Anyway I made the Susan we get more sport and in Serbia itself only when they. When they that with a for troops so any dietary concerns. I need to be old one but I don't matter at a equipment and an oil I'd do if you have the Mets don't mix who proteins when you first take comes stay away from those. So you don't have anything in your diet that you have to be particularly aware of that exacerbates the problem none of them were of McCain. We only have a little bit of time left I'm if you could encourage all our listeners. Who. Have loved ones with parkinson's may have recently received that diagnosis themselves. From your deep faith perspective for you trust the lord in all things you believe there's a resurrection is gonna come with a new body when babies still hope for healing yourself. What would you say to our listeners to encourage them. I was just I would just say that just remember it it is not on the fence and there are there are ways forward if you will. Through a size two most forward through prayer and I would I would encourage. I would encourage them to them that they anybody with the is diagnosed with the disease or know someone took encouragement to violence courtroom. You're two books shuffle shuffle on Wendell would all through folks you can order it Wendy's journey through parkinson's. And thank you for being on the show today we're expressing your deep faith and her award and also hope. Amidst the problem that's not going to go away analyst lowered her beings I have hoping god opens science and I'll that you want them to. Good for you Wendy thanks for being on the show and listeners of Ike could exhort all of you to do this love god with all your heart. Soul mind and might. And what your neighbors as yourself an especially if you have parkinson's get together with the other neighbors and deal with the problem and if you'll just do those two things you have an absolute. Lifetime's worth of work to do. Thank you for joining us today windy thank you for your presence. Hey everybody a look forward to talking with you all next week I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110993. WBT.