Most Are Not Prepared For Retirement

The Hobart Financial Hour
Sunday, May 14th

The numbers are telling us the majority of future retirees are ill prepared for that future. The Hobart team helps direct you toward a prepared retirement.


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LLC is being called by the media. The retirement crisis and this is so basically massive generation that you know if you believe the numbers and I'm about to rattle off Tia. It appears to be financially unsettled. And really pretty and prepare for retirement. So what are the numbers telling us well about one quarter of baby boomers people who are roughly about 55 to seven years old. Are confident. That they're gonna have enough savings to last throughout their retirement years. That's scary. Also tells us that only about 55% of boomers. Report having any savings. At all. And the percentage of baby boomers are satisfied with how their lives are going from an economic perspective what's dropped to 43%. When he used to be at 79% just in 2012. In a nutshell. Refining the boomers are simply less confident today than they were five years ago about almost every aspect of their retirement. After concerned you're not saving enough for retirement. You're not alone. And even if you're on the right track with your retirement nest egg. This may impact you directly there's probably. More than you can be doing right now to solidify your financial future. But there's good news and this is whether your retirement looming just few years away or its decades away. There are some relatively small. But Darian tactical steps. You can take right now to retire with enough money. To last for as long as you need it so let's get started. This is no hole Bart financial power with retirement news networks Robin pierce and the founder and president of Wal-Mart financial group crystal heart. Chris has been featured in national media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal CNBC. Fox business and market watch. And acknowledged by senior market advisor magazine as one of the nation's top independent financial advisors Chris has been serving the Carolinas for more than fifteen years. This is the whole parts financial hour on the retirement news network. I'm Robin pierce with the retirement news network and we're here with Chris Hope are the founder and president took over financial group. Chris has been helping people here in the Charlotte area for more than fifteen years. Helping people just like you wouldn't be. Hitter ended this unknown territory. Called retirement. Honestly it's something you and I've probably been thinking about for the well decades maybe ever since our first job. That one day where those checks. Keep rolling and and we get to go live the life of leisure but as we've gotten closer. Kinda got a little bit better thinking when he maybe doesn't work that way well crystal bar in the team and over financial group they deal with this. Every single day. Helping people with those strategies that don't just help them get to retirement. But help him get through retirement Brit talk about a lot of things on the program today and if you have questions. So simple. Give Chris and his team a call 704. 7492103. In the number 7047492103. Get this great show lined up Chris helping relieve people's anxiety about their retirement savings. Really by showing them how that nest egg that we can all worked for for so long. How it's going to last them through retirement so I think most people who who might be tuned in today. IA is going to be you know thinking about there you know retirement savings and sable will why safe why not just. You know live in the here and now I mean how do you deal with that do you do you have people who come in and maybe that's their first question. You know Robin we do about it tell you is the those are the questions that really people should and need to be asking. And really that most people can answer for themselves by eight considering a couple things. You know their goals for retirement what lifestyle they want for themselves. And really the things that they want to accomplish once they're done working. But also. The expenses that there are likely or at least at risk of incurring during retirement. I uniform health care costs or need for some sort of care and a long term basis for example but. You know Robin what I'm talking about are the things that people want us for that the dreams of vacation and charge to see grandkids are beach house. May be that that hole in the water known as a boat that you just keep funneling money into. Maybe golf club membership those types of things a lot of folks I work where. Also wanna leave a legacy. They wanna pass some money on and so well that they have accumulated to loved ones or maybe a charity or something. But then there's also. What people have to have and have to say for. And he's going to be our obvious monthly expenses basics like food and shelter and transportation. And also things like health care and really other unexpected. Health related expenses. That can really. Camera person if they're not prepared. Essentially. He got to have enough money in retirement to produce a certain level of income. To cover your discretionary spending your heart cost. And the unexpected costs which means you've got a lot of costs that you have to meet once your retirement. So what kind of unexpected expenses are we talking about your christening give us an idea and on on the magnitude. It. Some of these numbers. Let's start with health care expenses this is a big one infect. Help you services came out with numbers just this spring estimating that eight helped the 65 year old couple retiring in 2016. Will on average pay about 377000. Dollars in lifetime. Out of pocket retirement health care expenses. That's all after the age of 65 rob. What this also show it was a couple aged 55 today that's gonna be retiring in ten years at age 65. They pay a total of 466000. Dollars in health care expenses from age 65. Onward. What's scary about this. Is health care expenses are expected to rise by an average of more than 5%. Per year. Which far exceeds. Inflation. So the big question initially was why should we be safe and why do we wanna put away towards retirement or have that money in retirement. And the reason is simple living the lifestyle that you desire and dream about during retirement. Quite frankly takes careful planning. In a lot of cases. The assistance of a financial professional or someone in that field to help develop and put a strategy to place can be. Extremely helpful and really the best place to start with this is a simple analysis of where you currently sit to see if you're gonna be won a meet your goals. And today we want to offer that TU until we call our retirement income analysis this is personalized just for you. But our retirement income analysis takes a look at where you currently are with how you're investing in what your income looks like. We look for ways to maximize that an answer that question number one of your question that's out there which is will I have enough money. To last me in my lifetime. If you want to get to clear answers if you wanna sit down with skilled financial professionals who focus on retirement strategies. Someone who has your interest at heart. In someone they can provide you with a fresh perspective on your retirement income picture give us a call right now the number seven a four. 7492103. Again that's 704. 749. 2103. This is a chance to get your personalized. And customized. Retirement income analysis. A second opinion on how healthy your retirement he has. Give us a call now 7047492103. Well you may have seen this headline Americans are facing a retirement income crisis. But awareness of the problem that's only the first step. Do you know what you can do to get ahead of the curve in your retirement income Pratt. We'll stick around because crystal bar the founder of hope our financial group. As answers coming up next. Call now at 7047492103. That's 7047492103. You're listening to the hole march financial hours on the retirements news network. This is still hold large financial hour on their retirements news network. Robin pierce with the retirement news network and I'm here today with the founder of hope port financial group for so hard. Today really what we're focused on on the program is what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead. And one of the most important high stakes games you're ever gonna play. The retirement. Savings game. So Chris I wanna circle back to something you touched on a few minutes ago on the program various places. Where people tend to keep their nest day to write their assets. Pretty easy for someone to just you know park their money in the bank right maybe just stick in the savings account door. I'm routinely getting you know come on in the mail to buy another CD. But is that a good strategy as I'm saving towards my retirement. I'll Robin the old saying is CD doesn't stand for certificate of deposit but rather for certificate of depreciation. So a eight can be tempting. Especially for people who watch the value of their retirement assets dropped during the stock market downturn of Alina nine. And you know to want their money to be safe. And I'm the first one to say that it's important for retirement minded people have liquid assets that they can access for emergencies. And things like that. But there is also the issue of low interest rates and being. Too safe when you want your money to grow. Now for vast majority of people and she's may be one of them. That are heading into retirement or already there. They also feel the need for their money to grow in value over time not just keep up with the cost of living or inflation. Are really to keep their retirement income flowing consistently. For as long as they need. Often in this is my experience. People err on the side of caution or at times may make bad decisions. And not know what to do about it for example just spoke with somebody earlier this past week. That during the election they went into total cash with all of their money because they were scared the market would implode. And unfortunately for them the market's done relatively well since the election. And with that they've been scared now to get back in so what's happened is. There fear of loss has also cost them potential upside. Didn't mean that they need to be in full stock market exposure. But it does mean that we're seeing more and more people crate safety. But also have that fear of missing out on good returns when the market is willing to dole out some pretty good numbers. So where do we what do we look to get past that though right to get the growth that you're talking about other others some ways to grow your retirement savings. Robin we got to break it down to savings. And then investments in things like CDs are. Savings vehicles and they're not meant to really grow your money. Instead. We have to begin to look at assets that might be taking on different types of risk in order to grow our money and then one that most people are familiar about my peace stocks. Or maybe bonds or maybe. Mutual funds so that comprise stocks or bonds. The history tells us that over time the assets that reside in these types of accounts can deliver growth. In fact the stock market's historical average total stock market return. Is just shy of 10% per year that's over about a ninety year period of time the reality is. Most of us don't have ninety years to be growing our money and not need it. So the reality is the stock market will have its ups and downs as you know all too well volatility. It's a real issue and I gonna talk about some ways to protect your principal I'd just a couple minutes. But in the long run to build your retirement savings no other asset class. To match the growth potential of the stock market plain and simple for example. Let's say that a person saves 5000 dollars a year for thirty years investing in all equities against stocks mutual funds ETFs based upon the average return of stocks. This 150000. Dollars in total investments. Could result nest egg. Of more than 740000. Dollars in other words almost 600000. Dollars of your retirement nest egg. Would be from investment growth. And not the principle that you put him. Now let me be clear. This is not. A recommendation. For anyone to go full end with the stock market. The reality is that's part of a recommendation in today as we talk we're going to be talking about different pieces in different parts. The reality is you don't need one piece or one part you'd need a plan to pull it altogether. A plan that tries to help you reduce your tax exposure. Reduce your overall exposure to one or two or three types of risk. As well as something that helps you not pay too much for the advice that your getting. Unfortunately today when we look out there most people have not analyzed their portfolio. For things like unnecessary taxes unnecessary fees and unnecessary risk. That's where we comet. Our process is to sit down with you. Find out about you what your money means you what your retirement should look like. But also stress test your money in such a way to make sure that you're not going to be paying too much in Texas too much in fees. We're taking unnecessary risk when it really doesn't mean that much to your long term benefit. This is part of our retirement income analysis this is personalized. Is prepared just for you it's not off the shelf we take a look EU work assets and we let you know the health of what you're doing. So if you wanna take advantage of that give us a call 7047492103. And it's ditching your own. Complimentary. Customized retirement income analysis. At 704. 74921. O three give is gone now 7047492103. So I would assume that a person's age is really gonna dictate at least probably to some extent right. How the assets that we have earmarked for retirement or allocated. Whether it's and you know our retirement account or or elsewhere how does it actually factory and someone's age. You know Robin. Age can be a factor but it's not the only factor we wanna look at. Ed obviously we hear that the younger we are we can be more aggressive with our money. This is what we call our capacity. For risk it's our ability to say hey I'm thirty years old going to be working until I'm seventy years old. I can take a loss I can be in the market and I can handle that risk because I've got time on my side meanwhile for seventy. We might not have the capacity for risk depending on how were needing to use our money. But there's also on top of capacity. There's tolerance. And the problem is most folks focus on capacity when they look at age. But tolerances are gut feeling when it comes to investing our money. And what we find is sometimes a thirty year old. Well they might have capacity. But they're stomach won't allow them to invest with risk as they don't want to lose money in at times. A seventy year old. Well they don't have the capacity but they're investing very aggressively because they're gut tells them that's okay. And they've also been spoiled by the 1990s in the stock market only went up. What's important is to follow rules that take into account both your capacity for risk. Injure tolerance for risk. And we use a tool here at the opposites called risk allies that allows us to had to take a test. And when you take that test it helps us better understand your capacity and your tolerance. By doing this week and then help structure a portfolio. Or analyze your existing portfolio. To show you. What type of risky need to be taking in order to have the income that you need and put you in better alignment to make sure that your portfolios. Acting the way Unita to act for you got wise. But is also acting the way Unita attacked for you to create future income. In other words it's not as simple as the old rule of 100 you take 100 you subtract your age and that tells you how much yet in the stock market that sounds really good. But that was built in the 1980s. When interest rates were super higher in the stock market only went up. Today we need to customize and be very specific to you because your situation. Is special and unique. Now when it comes to your retirement savings. And how to grow it and how to make sure your being a good Steward of that money. And make sure that you have the income that you need in retirement often times find you don't know what you don't know. Any gotta have that will plot out strategy. For growing your nest egg responsibly in retirement. And the first step getting a customized retirement income analysis. That's completely personalized based upon you or unique circumstances. It's an analysis that we build for yet that includes. An honest evaluation. Of how much you save for retirement and how healthy it is being invested. How much riskier. Assets are exposed you. And also takes a look he retirement goals and we can give you a thumbs up or thumbs down with a 95%. Certainty that your warned to be reaching the goals that you have in retirement. And also how we create that tax efficient income that diversified income coming from your portfolio. To make sure that you and Uncle Sam might be partners for part of your retirement but not for all of your retirement. This is something we limit and the reason is this type report it takes a lot of time for my team. But it's also personalized report that can be deemed changer for you. If you wanna take advantage of this give us a call 7047492103. Again 704. 7492103. To get your own complimentary customized retirement income analysis just give us a call 704. 7492103. Even the best laid plans. Come up short sometimes. How can you lay a foundation of reliable income for your retirement. Well first steps stick around. Chris told board over financial group he talked shop on reconciling your road and protection strategies. Coming up next. You're listening to the whole mart's financial hour on the retirements news network. Yeah. This is the hallmark financial knowledge on their retirements news network. I'm Robin pierce with the retirement news network and I'm here today with the founder and hope our financial group Chris O'Brien. Now you may be familiar with his name. And scratching your head of him hurting here on the radio before he's also been a frequent contributor in the national news media. So it's possible that you read something in the Wall Street Journal perhaps maybe you saw him on CNBC or Fox Business. He's also contributed to MarketWatch. I Chris and his team have been helping people for so many years here design and execute. These retirement strategies. That you know people look at and oh wow. Hadn't thought about this kind of stuff before. Because they do this day in and day out where you and I if we don't write in and we work with somebody like Chris and his team. They're gonna walk us through retirement so we only do once. If we don't. If we don't know what's coming five years from now if we don't make preparations for what inflation might do. Down the road and you know really erode our buying power. We're going to be in trouble Chris and his team though they do this every single day with people here in Charlotte they can do the same thing. For you here's their phone number 704. 749. 2103. If you have questions on today's program. Maybe you're concerned about where your money sitting may be cut. You've been doing the CD game and you've got a bunch of money in CD's in your winner and should be something else with that or you're looking at what's going on in the stock market and going wow. This looks great but who. What happens when it does it. 704749. When he won a three. Today we've been talking to Chris about retirement savings and really more specifically. Some of the proven strategies for growing and protecting them money that you worked so hard to put away over the years you mentioned the importance of the balancing growth. And protection with the assets that are in your you know retirement savings. You also talked about you know some of the people who were able to protect the error you know their nest eggs to market volatility exactly. How are they doing it you know Robin volatility in the equity markets and really the stock market in particular. Is one a risk that a person headed to word or maybe already in retirement. Has got to protect their principle against. Doesn't mean you can't experience it but by golly can't be all of the stock market. And have another 20082009. Occur the market at that time was down 51%. You know if you're in or near retirement in the market takes 51%. This is what we call your retirement. Game changer. And that means of protecting your principal or finding ways to invest your money to reduce the risk of losing too much money. In case of a deep and prolonged slump in the equity markets is essentials. You know we talked about this before the older we get. From a capacity standpoint the less time your retirement saving has to recover from this sharp downturn in the stock market reality is that just a fact of life. So you need to find ways to protect your principal from those down terms while still preserving some of the opportunity for upside. And there's a lot of ways to accomplish this fortunately. The problem is no one's ever talking about it. Now there are several different ways to accomplish this but it's really about diversifying. Your assets not diversifying in the stock market but diversifying. The many different ways you can be investing your money. May be putting some of your money in your conservative vehicles but also keeping some in more growth oriented vehicles like stocks and mutual funds. This combination. Helps offset different types of risk now again we've heard this from our brokers and advisors before have some of the stock market some of the bond market. That's not what we're talking about we're talking about making sure that you are exposing yourself. To about six to seven different risks that offset one another. Give you greater chance for consistent growth while also helping reduce exposure to anyone area of risk. So are their are their tools. All their Chris that that people you know might be able the use that help accomplish both of those things mean that provide that upside potential. But also that downside. Protection for a person's. You know principal. There are rob and in fact let me finish here which you three concepts very briefly. And because everyone's situation is different and chances are you're listening to the radio throughout the throughout the week. The first when you're gonna hear from everybody that's selling selling selling a product. Which is the use of some form of an annuity. Now the reality is a new lease can be good but they also have their catches and you need to make sure that if you have an annuity one. It's not the only thing you invest your money in but number two that it's appropriate for who you are and what your situation it is but. Different types of annuity do you offer the potential for principal protection. As well as some limited upside from market based returns. Now. A cousin of an annuity. Would be to use something more like indexed universal life insurance now again. I'm not a big life insurance proponent Al there for the sake of having a life insurance. When we're talking about tax efficiency. Potential to grow our money as well as pass money onto the next generation. As well as have a long term care benefit and side force certain people and perhaps you're one of them. This can be compelling way to take some of your money. Can accomplish all of those goals all in one again not all of your money. Not every penny what you have that's where people tend to make mistakes which is where we're gonna get to that third option in the third option is where I think it's the best. And I kind of alluded to this before. But it's a matter of spreading. Your money around in seven or eight different asset classes those seven very different asset classes are exposed to different types of risk. But not the same risks they're four when the stock market crashes. It only affects a piece of your money. Wind up interest rates rise in the bond portion of your portfolio goes down that only affects a piece of your money. Win the real estate market changes that affects only piece of your money but the reality is. Every piece of your money is not exposed just at the stock market or just interest rates rather. Now we have the opportunity to truly seek out piece mark path for growth. Now as a reference for this this is really how endowments and large institutions tend to grow their wealth. Which is how to we get a fair rate of return not the market rate of return but a fair rate of return. While reducing or limiting our downside. As much as possible by reducing or eliminating overexposure. To one or two specific risks now I realize I just gave you fearful. And that's a lot to digest from a radio program in its not personalized to you and I don't know what your specific situation is. We're not one of those folks at say hey it's a one size fits all proposition. Rather your situation is unique. Your unique your needs in your dreams and your goals. They're unique. And therefore you should have a plan and a strategy. That's also unique for you with your unique situation doesn't make sense. Have a unique plan something built specifically for you to help you reduce your taxes. Reduce your costs. Reduce your exposure to risk. Can help you meet your unique goals of retirement. It's important that you get an independent guidance from a trusted professional. Who can show you that Ceres options available TU to grow your money. Four year. This is part of what we collar retirement income analysis. It's a chance for you to get. Recognized advice from recognized leaders in the financial world personalized to you. If you wanna take advantage of that simply give us a call the number 704. Seven for an 2103. Again at 704. 749210. Victory. What we're talking about. Is a fresh perspective on your retirement needs. And figuring out what exactly you need to have the retirement that you always dreamed up a call now 704. 7492103. What a great opportunity to work with who worked financial group take advantage of this offered. Pick up the phone and give them a call right now 7047492103. Don't put this song don't wait until something happens. And you go on her. And I wish I would have done this earlier. Just to now. 7047492103. So you script. And you saved for retirement. But. Are you still concerned. That you might come up short. We'll stick around because coming up. Chris will mark the founder toward financial group outlined some tips and tricks. For helping you get through it. Call now at 7047492103. That's 7047492103. You're listening to the whole mart's financial hours on the retirements news network. Is a hallmark financial our funded retirement news network. I'm Robert Pearce with the retirement news network it's my pleasure to be joined by the founder of hope our financial group Chris Hope what you know. Vince Lombardi once said winning isn't everything. It's the only thing and that added certainly applies to the retirement savings game where losing. Really isn't an option right. Because of losing the savings game isn't an option for us and I think we all can agree on that as we head into retirement. Then what about the people who haven't saved enough yet. The numbers that Chris has been tossing out throughout the program suggests there are a lot of baby boomers who are finding themselves in this kind of predicament so. Chris when when you have a client. Who comes in or potential client. Who comes in Chris who says hey I don't know that I've I've saved enough for. You know my retirement. Are their tips you know some tricks may be the you might offer to them to help them make up. For some lost ground are robbing your definitely right there's a lot of people out there having to play. Catch up at a later phase of life in fact. One recent study found that 92%. Of working households. Don't meet the conservatives retirement savings target for their age in their income. Of that to me is very concerning. So let's let's do that and in the time we've got left on the program today. Give us an idea on some of the suggestions. For how to help accelerate. Our retirement savings well there's really some low hanging fruit I guess it's say out there you know sets of people can take right now to boost their retirement savings. And at that nest day that we talk so much about eventually stands a better chance of have you enough income through our retirement. One thing to do is to contribute as much as you can afford. And as much as a law allows T retirement plan and you know maybe it's a 41 K are higher rate. Whatever the case may be. Socking away money into an investment vehicle that is hard to access. And often times help us build up our wealth. In obviously attacks to its its limits on the amounts an individual or couples can contribute. So make sure you follow those. But again matching that out at least make sure you're saving money somewhere. Also take advantage of matching in retirement accounts we talked about this a little bit before. But if your company adds a matched your four K at least go after that match as its free money and we all love free money. Also if you're over the age of fifty. Keep in mind that the government has catch up provisions when it comes to retirement accounts. And that's simply means you can add a little bit extra money based upon being over fifty tier retirement accounts to build those up. Now one key point in all of this. Is make sure that if you're looking to dodger wealth don't just looking your retirement accounts like we've been talking about. But also make sure you have some money on the side some liquid money for emergencies. And maybe even begin to build up some tax free money in some of the your investments as well again let's diversify how we're growing the money. But also very importantly let's diversify. Their future tax effects on our money as well. Now folks like me a financial professional. The ride on helping someone just like you do it you retirement savings back on track. And if you're worried about the past that your honor. Pitcher not gonna get where you wanna go during retirement. Or keep your simply think and it's time to get a fresh perspective on your finances heading into retirement. The first step disease. Call my firm at 7047492103. For retirement income analysis. That is customized assessment comes directly from our financial professional team who focus on retirement income strategies. And hands you war interest at heart. Let us be the ones to do the hard work and provide you the insight into your entire income picture. Your entire retirement picture and help you uncover the areas. Where there's opportunity to grow your retirement nest egg. But also opportunities to. Get rid of pesky things like unnecessary taxes in unnecessary costs. Of this analysis it's completely customized. It's complementary. And it's based upon you worse circumstances. So give us a call at 7047492103. And be one of the few folks that gets to take advantage of our retirement income analysis. Again that's 704. 74921. And three you just call now 7047492103. Chris a lot of this sounds. Complicated right investment allocations. Maximizing. Retirement plan contributions. Right I mean trying to figure out whether you know this makes sense that to keep working right these are important decisions. But again there's so complex how do you have these conversations. With your clients. Robin you're exactly right but we're talking about a lot of things and quite frankly were kind of just over top today. We haven't even dug as deep as we need to go to really positively affect people's retirement futures but that's why I think it's wise for people to at least. Visit with the financial professional. For perspective but make sure you're visiting with the fiduciary somebody required to do what's in your best interest to get insight and guidance. On your retirement savings in your situation. What you need is a true retirement income strategy. I knocked out fly by the seat of your pants fingers crossed. Type of approach not coming from a guy in a rental office in of one of the big office buildings that's gonna be gone tomorrow. Wind Wynn las changer are my approach is changed. But you wanna work with some reestablished. Somebody that knows how to positively impact your retirement. And now there's people that focus on retirement income strategies all day every day. And these are the folks that can help you draw up a strategy that works for you in your situation. With the strategy in place. You've got something to help you keep your eye on the prize. You've got guidance. That even when times get tough for when times are great. You know exactly where you sit and that's what we call comfort in retirement. In interest in fact Robin. There's a study that said that more than eight intend boomers who work with a financial professional. So they're better prepared for retirement. As a result I gotta tell you if that's not a ringing endorsement to get professional help when it comes your finances. I don't know what is. Well certainly on that note Chris it is that time to wrap up today's sell a program that before we go. Yet any other thoughts that you'd like to share. Robin the only thing that I wanna mention very quickly is an experience that we recently had with some new clients. They came into our office to take advantage of our retirement income analysis. And as we began to go through the psychic sea. The ice of the wife begin to get real big and almost be excited. And her husband laughed and he said. I've never senior excited about finances before. And she says honey I've had never felt like anybody actually had a plan everybody wants talked about. Invest invest invest but nobody wants to have a strategy that actually makes cents. And she said this is the first time since we've been going to all these meetings all these different years and actually understand it. I actually see where we're going with our money in the purpose behind what we're doing. That gets me excited. So my question is when it comes to your retirement savings and how your grown yet. Doesn't have a purpose. To understand why and how you're investing your money. And really what the game plan is for that money to take you from retirement. Through retirement. T know that that money's going to be there as long as you war war. Feel like most folks most folks that have money scattered here there and everywhere but don't truly have a plan and they don't really realize. What the wealthy built up. Really means for them in the long run. Now that's where we come to help out. And your first step is really getting our customized retirement income analysis. And it's customized based specifically on you when you're need to you're unique circumstances. It's gonna include. An honest evaluation of how much you save for retirement and how healthy this. How much risk you're exposed to and how much you're paying for that risk. It's gonna take into account your retirement goals in we're going to be able to show you don't likelihood of you having money. Opinions and throughout your entire retirement plus we might even show you a couple of ways to reduce your taxes and reduce your costs. If you're interested give us a call no cost no obligation to number 704749. Point 123. Be sure to take advantage of this special offer 704749. Point 103. No cost no obligation. And a chance to get clear sometimes that just makes sense to give us a call now 704. Seven point nine when he won. You've been listening to the hole march financial life. On the retirement news network. Investing involves risk including the loss of principal no investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values any references to protection benefits or lifetime income generally refer to a fixed insurance products never securities or investment products insurance and annuity product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims -- ability of the issuing insurance company are firm may be able to identify potential retirement income gaps and me introduce insurance products like -- as a potential solution talk to your financial professional and your tax advisor about -- Social Security benefits can fit into a complete retirement income strategy financial professionals are able to provide you with information but not guidance or advice related to Social Security benefits -- so -- is an investment advisor representative and insurance professional with -- our financial group -- our financial group is an independent financial services firm that helps people create retirement strategies every day using a variety of insurance and investment products to work toward meeting their specific goals we are not permitted to offer and -- -- -- during the show shall constitute tax or legal advice -- should talk to a qualified professional before making any decisions about your personal situation we are not affiliated with the US government or any government agency investment advisory services offered -- a wealth management LLC.