Mosquitoes, Ticks and Termites

Your Real Estate Today
Saturday, June 17th

Mary Ivey of Ivey Exterminating joins Paul to discuss mosquitoes, ticks & termites and answer your real estate questions.


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Advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. Any investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. This is your real estate today. I was talking 1110 WB TV for. Please show your realists say today I guess I need to microphones have. Welcome to the show your real estate to them Paul Jamison Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management you're hosts. From the show whose July will be. We believe from mark count ten years that it so we're glad you're with us today also with me is the one they only mr. Marty I have you and I've exterminating welcome back Marty. PayPal glad to be here today glad to have hearing gate keeping got to crawl space all 1 I am miserable day to be up the food. Your new got to be outside it was hot yesterday and they before too but bloom cooler today but that's all right. All right so we're here in the studio this show is about real estate so anything having to do with it we would love to hear from you 704. 5701110704. 57011. Tennis you're out about today and you have some questions about real estate or you have questions about. For Marty for anything related to crawl space pest control. What you may. Need to do or get help with with your home we're here to help you so it is. An opportunity for you to call because we are alive this week Jesse's on the board today he won't answer the phone you'll get your name. Your phone number in case we leave you for summaries and and your quick question we'll put you on the air and we will talk together about that you're related to realistic so here's the number again 704. 570. And 1110. Itself. We start out today. Just to tell you were gonna talk. Certainly a. Out. Some things around mosquitoes ticks and then I'm gonna. Stand on my soapbox on a little bit about termites and issues that we have been seeing lately in the homes that we sell. Let me give you some updated news. In regards to what's going on in our market right now finally. Fannie Mae has admitted it's a seller's market do you believe in it to from the slump he eight Grammy Emmanuel you know. Things move a little slow on the government affiliated agencies. But what's interesting is sellers are reluctant to sell. Because they're afraid they can't find any thing. Do you have no inventory you got out you wanna sell but you can't figure out what you wanna buy. That could be a problem. So there are certainly creative way is and that we're finding people are working they're going ahead and sell their house and they're making. Transitional. Housing. Arrangements. Until they find a home that they want her. Here's another great thing that your house can do for you were gonna put a little different spin on it he didn't even know. Your house can help you lose weight. And get fit. A new study shows that working outside can help you burn the big calorie yard work and gardening are noon. The new fitness trends. It's 96 degrees outside I don't know about his fitness trend you might wanna do your gardening in the morning but here's a few examples. Of your outdoor fitness opportunities. Planting flowers as to the 400 calories per hour breathing due to 400 calories per hour mowing. 250 to 350. Calories per hour. Watering enough plants. 120. Calories per hour and a course. They have legal landscaping and cleaning the garden's 400. Calories per power. So. You want to. Get exercise. Why do the bike and go outside pull some weeds. Panel dude just the same all right. From a realistic perspective may sales were down slightly they were down point 3% from last year but. 8 teen point 1%. From April. Physician. Day. Sales prices are up six point 6% from last may to 274957. Dollars on average. Which is up four point 5% from last may. Start. All right so now we're gonna look at the differences between list themselves. Typically when you Lister house for sale. It is. And by the way average lowest price in our markets 3141132. Definitely. Definitely one. And you. Shalit. The average is 97. And point 3% so if your house is for sale 400000 dollars on average is gonna sell for 97300. It's basically look at me and low inventory is driving prices up in the air every few days from list to close is now. 95. Which is eleven days less than last year. All right so. One of the things I have decided I am going to talk about today along with. Mean many many many. Topics that mr. Moriarty and are gonna talk about and that is. If you decide tried to re models. Okay if you decide to remodel there's a few tips that you may want to hear two related to that first of all. Here's a few things that you may not think about. Does the vendor that you're going to use obviously this knock yourself. Have. Not only liability insurance but. Make sure you check for our current contractor's license. I have so not just the fact that they have insurance but do they actually have a current contractor's. License its. Next. Before you do something. Especially of a major nature. Check the zoning. Sure you're allowed to do. You know on a plane. Because one of the things. That I always hear the grumbles about how does the HOK. For the architectural review board. So before. You buy that clearance. Storage building that you're gonna put in your backyard. You're darn. Mattered check. Be sure. That you're allowed to have met clearance storage building or it will go on double Clarence because you're gonna have to take it back. All right. Also. We're gonna talk about. Later on permanent. Move. So. What's right. As a realtor to sell space. That has been done my uncle Joseph. Because he's handy that does not have a permit. Point eight. It's not easy you wanna know why. Because you've got to disclose. So let's say you. Finish off. Your. Bonus room that the builder didn't finish. And you did not pull a permit. And it's greater than 100 square feet. Can guess what it. That's aren't permitted space and guess what. I gotta tell people that you did not pull a permit and guess what. It's a problem because. If your insurance company found out. Then you are living in Iran permit it to space. They're not going to be happy. Especially if there's a problem. So. My thing is. We're gonna talk today about some do's and don'ts. Around permitting and I went to the Mecklenburg County. Code enforcement web site. And I downloaded. Their brochure. You can tell. That they probably had an intern do it but. It is definitely got a lot of information. About the do's and don't shall permit there. One of the things that I. Didn't. I had a different number in my head so it must've changed. And oh by the way I'm gonna score for a minute so. Pomp Marty helped question for you answer how a guy you are you know the answers so it's easy question. So like let's say the building code. Last year said that you could do something does that especially mean that you can do it this year not necessarily. Because the building code changes. All the time I call it artistic interpretation. Yeah how well. Here at the victim of whoever the couldn't recruits come out right but you know it's so funny on home inspection reports you know you constantly see well. It's not kept up Jewish decode probably when the house is built prior but that doesn't mean it's code there. Right so what I'm saying in the news. Did code changes what's good today it may not be good tomorrow. So if you're about to do something to make sure you check the current code before you do it. Because I sat there and I'd always thought that you did not need to get a permit if you. Performed. At repairs yourself. They did not total over 30000 dollars. According to the broad sure. It's 151000 options. I thought it was thirty I'll. So and it changed I didn't either. It says here. That. At any construction installation repair replacement alteration costing more than 151000. Dollars. Requires. A permit. Candy. Is in caps and any is in bulk so stimulus basement do what any. Two big increased heart. You elegant writer reassess again we'll have that show on another show. 7045701110. To show your real estate today I'm here when Marty adding I'm exterminated and I'm Paul Davison and Jamison realty with Keller Williams and Jamison property management and I just had coffee. So stay let us we'll be right back shot. I'm not skills. All right misspent childhood Marty was drummer pat. The show you real estate today welcome back. I'm Paul Jamison your host you're Marty I me. I don't impose Jamison Jamison real to Keller Williams Jamison property management. And Mario and I reached. And saying. You won't get me some money these day. Got some over my house. I should never left them on the floor about it anyway. OK so Marty before we launch into yours side that you know we are talking before about. Permits and thanks but Stephen if you've got a quick question less popular on real quick before we go over to Marty how are you sir. Well I'm doing wonderful thank you Brad how can I help you what you got going on. My one I'm gonna play I am somebody who worked on hot tub I work on school then in a lot of outdoor spaces yup. In the number of people that do not use they licensed plumber you're on the gas climbed to a real. World lies and electrician you were on QA hot were poor palm. We hit it's shocking to me I live down here from up north but it's just something I guess make people aware of good it's really not Nicole book. Yeah you know it's interesting I'm sitting here read this brochure an analyst walk us through what Marty. Get this here's exactly how it reads I can hang with me stated military's worst are. If that worked involves. The addition. Repair. Or replacement of load bearing members are structures you get a permit right that makes sense. We addition of plummeting. Heating. And air conditioning. Oh electrical wiring. And then the word device. Is just the word alone in between Thomas the word devices. Kama appliances. Or equipment. So what is a devices. I would air did during the devices would be eight arm for our possibly. Disconnect panel but. I've actually been to homes where people. Have tried to install wind and it wasn't long and up late flights. A warning elect goal line hurried GAAP line. Underneath their home and you know like BI warrant stuff that it it's just it scared me so that I'll be up there. I've seen people wire with the extension cords behind the hole. I mean there's crazy but the word devices in between the commons I mean. My game boy console is a device I wrote a permit to watch my grandkids. Play video games. You know. But but to your point you're exactly right the code has a lot of latitude and I've seen it like you've seen it. And now I appreciate you share and have a good Saturday. Well thank you or take your statement. Our. Right so we'll talk some more we'll just kind of are I have to step down from stand and on account are sorry and Warner you know. Throw hammy or anything up but don't jump I can't you know there are so you know. Karma man part Steagall too much women that aren't so Lucia here OK so. And Don Harrison peerless and that was for you Kos put the funny story was an idol I got to laugh with Don. This morning Don is on my team and we are getting the balloons ready for an open house that he's doing for me and the balloon went up to the ceiling and I tried to jump for it. And I. I didn't get close to just tell you can or I'll remember it tonight while I'm laying down your heart itself. But important yeah OK so all night and bill I. Yeah after our Marty ball OK can I can I. Make a bold statement first and then you finish it forming our host this is this is now listen if you take nothing else from today folks. How what should listen clearly to what we're seeing and Marty. You and I have done in Paris we sold a 139 houses last year on track to sell 200 this year. And a majority of those times a lot of times you're in the seat somewhere and OK and people are not. Keeping their termite balance right now. And we're getting into these crawl spaces and on these reports. People don't understand the risk. This is not a infomercial. This is the troops people this is a problem. It is a problem one the reasons I think really there has come before. Come to bear the fruit business people sustaining their houses along with the used to some war first is is. The bond they have BR the termite work here what are you gonna call it comic service agreement. May have been in place with the previous owner. And the new owner fails to contact pest control company about getting to transfer or they get a notice in the mail. Paul Thompson notices who go out with the name of the previous owner or and or occupant. And water purse is is they never get picked up it's a real problem Marion street. Termites were part of life here in the south. My main reasons is we just have such small. Can't hear it during the winter time too doesn't for a lot of stressful so they do a very good job of working throughout the year and every acre lot hero maverick in the charter has three termite colonies per person bears in Charlotte. Got one colony over fifty feet. Ask if you ever fifty square feet and the problem is that people don't think about his at termites in place in our environment to break down the environment is played very important role. In the palaces typically not a first choice. A lot of people make it easy. But calls to go in there crawl space say. They have wood projects they do in and around Heil ceramics fear and they take leftover material just posted in the crawl space we see all the time. They take whole furniture. Cardboard boxes I'm fascinated. We do a lot of inspections for real estate transactions here in Charlotte. I was informed crawl spaces this week in the people have ball. A flat screen TV included in the house and they took the box in the threw it in the crawl space. And why they didn't just dispose of it it made no sense I'm just always. Factory and walked the only unusual map of the problem is this cardboard is the cellulose material which termites can feed on. A multitude insects are attracted to look for simple reason a lot of corporate boxes bonded together with the horse type glue and animal glued. And it makes it very tracker for insects that other issue is it won't microbial up pretty quick. So it'll mould up quick end in which can lead to you. Air quality issues in the house in. So you don't wanna make a crawl spaces just overall for. Wooden items. Paper out and serial asylum things lawnmowers gas can yes meanwhile put in a hot line more akin to put in a hot blonde more in a crawl space next or gas can is not a good odd beer I see it. Tim all time and you know it is just a problem that we yet is is we. We know I think it's just the nature of the being of the human being and it just most of our stuff. In nameless they're part they don't know what to do with it and they. Out of sight out of mind. Going crawl spaces and sing as many as five or six on Morse. And the fascinating and I'd just gets fast. They are they all right are they breaking images keep line and I'm not or hardly big aren't yet are you want all have a lot more of a bond novel at all it's a joke between me and a friend of mine he goes bill's real time we'll see if one more outbound. Going in you picked it up and mess with a little bit and it was cracked right baton. Bill loaded up and use it for awhile there we give me impromptu Celek somebody and if you're given oil on Mars and used on a nice funny it's funny. It's funny to see that we see a lot of stuff distorting crawl spaces from. Wouldn't could news you name it we've seen. Harsh okay all right Marty hull. The look. I'm telling you folks out there if you have not had your home inspected in a while and you let your termite bond go. Spend. A 115120. Bucks whatever it is. Get a termite inspection like right now probably on east cost somebody he's confident he's. Hi Marty flew in 043341616. I am not kidding. This is important to show your real estate today polled Jamison 7045 seven's. Or 1110 minutes here on 99 point 31110. AM with. We'll be right them. The most. We'll do whether it's Saturday to see if you're out about today rolling around. Hope he's got the window down and your arms sticking out and smile and listened to us today. We are happy to be where you were like you're just tuning in this is a show about real estate you can call in and is alive 7045701110. We got Jack on hold on here when Marty I'd be. When idea exterminating and we're here to talk about anything having to do when your house so feel free to call do you like we're talking a little bit today about permits. And we're also talking about termites mosquitoes and ticks. Yeah. Eight. Jack can you do would. Now I gotta battle wonderful situation right here OPEC talked about the problems crawl space there's. I have to deal I have to worry about turn right. You do Jack in here's the reason why. The termites they quark term order. San he'll care she did study care he's bland he could take would fifteen to twenty feet in either direction. And can travel up to a thousand yards and a fourteen day period in here's what's so crazy. When he's tunneling under the ground his travels on top provinces soul and he's traveled through that tough five inches not taken amenable to his little less color him armed and confiscated. And he stacked console particles together and he spit Norman couldn't fecal material in building low round how away. That he can traveling and they'll keep a constant humidity which gives him a favorable working condition. And it protects him from his in his prep workers. So as you can imagine for that will be Rask cool food stack these solar particles and stood on his lot of dehydration. And a lot of work. Says he likes to hit a hard line any likes to hit that hard line and top five inches so close go giving the direction. So we give cut plus the major things going immediately cut his workload down half steady him build around tunnel. He's gonna use the hardliners have this tunnel. The biggest hard line atop bodies sold it leads to the house is to drop way. And the drop away oh lead to the garage or sod wall which leads to a Porsche petty who works termites typically show up first and most houses. It's areas in Jason's two garage is porches and patios. If you're concrete slab regret slab is sport against. Very. Brick veneer a parole or whatever makes your foundation is there's an expert expansion here or crack. And a termite only needs a sixty microns which is that smaller than a human hair to come up through. And he's famous about doing typically who attacked the base boards or the sheet rock first. And then if you get more sure of this current through wall from a window leak or some of that nature film directly go to that aired calls its U using hydration. And it Slotnick disk. Lest less work for him it's all about the postseason for the termite. And that's a reason that you need you need haggard house looked at every year from slam. And now if you're a monolithic slap me on my list slab little bit different monolithic is where the Corbett. Footing and slab all at one time. Typically don't termite issues is crucial point or a monolithic you suddenly comes around the exterior that you usually can see pretty easily. The horrific monolithic slap cracks the termites are famous about coming up through the cracks because it's just less total building that answers your question. Yet some are so Jack earlier that your question throughout. So how long you've been in your house. Here right. Have you ever had anybody check if retirement. We have a forward audit. All right did you go to our what I would do so so you that you had turned my bond when you bought right they gave you a bond when you brought right. Yeah even how long did you keep it. I don't know. Yeah so. What are you expecting it may ever so nobody ever done it until it yet you might wanna have it looked I mean and he's now got a great story we had. Posted some of FaceBook. And it was where a woman that lived in a basement home bet had a Fulbright minute. And every day she was going to the paper shredder and spreading papers in the paper shredder had a picture above it. And the termites have come through that wall or not based on concrete slab it comes through that wall and they'd eat the vast majority of that picture out of that picture Friday. And you could see the termites in their working had a glass frame more front frame. Plays well and you could see the termites eat it. But that just goes show you the culture there today in any such a slow change of what they do. Most people never kitchen that reason you need somebody come in with a train got to look at it. Yeah I just have somebody come check it out it's been forty years they're they if they've beaten after forty years they you know they probably you know. Cued up a little bit but you know. I appreciate your column because a lot of people find just 'cause there on a slab Jack that they don't need to check so it's good that you call. Yeah don't have story about a lot of things that you know like they're coming up through crawl space all that stuff and waste turbot. There is little problem. Well I saw somewhere check in that's for sure yeah hundred. Why the show your real estate today part Marty see see see what we started the term I think Gaza Strip. Got a check for at least for Cordelia went batsman hit into. I don't know Jack Slevin in any remnant of the 70457011. In part we got to talk about. Mosquitoes. Because. There's a bunch of. And this is what people don't you treat for those that yes we do we do. People think that mosquitoes the you don't need to survive an adult it typically is a female that bite you. And she's fighting you for a blood meal to reproduce for protein to reproduce. And like today he's a great example right now the dew point in the dew points always what's critical the dew points like. 68 degrees and what that means is anything 68 degrees don't sweat. And as. The Vegas longer. The humidity and the due point will likely rise probably today about 6 or 7 o'clock. The dew points probably going to be 7071 degrees not all that dew dew point cool definitely it's middle. That's when this oppressive stand but what happens is is that due in the air in net condensation and humidity that curse in here. It not only hold our breath our carbon the oxide which we breathe now which lets the muskie didn't know where warm blooded animal. That this is the of that air holds that Diana and nest three's when the speeders or worse. In the late afternoon or the early morning because it's holding it down and it's easier for them to find a host animal command. And get blood meal she typically you Doug wolf while more than about thirty yards typically she'll ovals are about thirty feet. Where she gets it within a five to ten feet the host animal shall annals surface through your wind back shall fly off the vertical surface. Your blood meal and then go back to a vertical surface in drops from the water on the blood so five if I got a mosquito bother me and I around thirty feet or won't leave me alone typically but that'll mean their format that the thirty feet away. Our mosquitoes get there mosquito gets their nutrition from plant growth. Let's see if we can fit our weenie and she's got another slab question. My world slabs were on lab role lab mania all right all right Arlene would decide to go and pick you up so you've got a question about this lab and rodents what's what's up well. How lint that I got at Wrigley didn't I didn't you don't have economic data monolithic flat what did you ever lose. A monolithic sled is where they poor footing and everything at one time they poured the footing in the slab all the time it's one solid work. I don't I don't give back to eat without. All the home visit. Lose they would. However and at one it would latest problem. Anything is lab about 5050 chance this monolithic loud monolithic you typically. Are you can walk around the foundation if you see the break bad is going down in the sold typically that's not a monolithic slide out. If you've only got brick on the front in you look on the side of the house for the rear of the house. In you can see you leave it looks like exposed concrete is probably a monolithic. I'll have a deeper into granite that you admitted that that is flat and you stated that. Matter of fact I went out there and visited look at they worked it out and it right. And that's not a house where that foundation tomorrow and and it's that was not Portland I think that would you're not yeah. Yes I'll ask don't model yeah that's what you got Yucca. I mean I think what I have a lot of Cali how my daddy construction Richey Palmer. And he did to Taylor Dent and you know it it wasn't a flatly teller that he'd score. Right. Next door mat Kenya as I have not hit anybody that Chad about it I didn't have that. The latter when I got I have to and all that up that. My other question is yeah he's not about box without storm knocked him out there that you know recommit their reds catcher a I hate that are already just. I really don't want to believe that I animal blue. They like oil and I get a lot out there do you back when had a cup ID plaques. And I found out they were in there Akron Indiana right pocket neglect under that. Bet and knuckle ride that gore enters this step and it already got that he constantly spray an Arafat's. To speak about the way and staff but. In the garage should have thought that these Iraq. Right correct any thing that you've got any time you've got any clutter stuff stored side beside it creates not only. A potential depend on what is potential harbor Jeanne. In food source area but this clutter in general attracts a multitude of things. And and bird seed has won the when we still on I'm a bird lover. I loved watching birds while love while life in general I just love everything is my problem but the leader of the crazy thing years as people love to take virtually. And worked out of the bag in leave it in the garage in an unsealed complainer. And then in two to three months they came understand why they have a rodent problem and then they have a slight problem dishing out. And she's literally. Had a dog to keep the data and do a lot Gator very small. Yeah I don't question add news talk about how about I'm not about I would be gone I eat drink not all my law. In my direction ballot I don't know genetic I had. We're glad I doubt very little black. People dominate that sport that Democrats I Brighton how long black. That bothered me. How long it. How long the time you sprayed it to the time the nets you started noticed the Mets the same day and. They're that they're like little black day and then there's small. I don't know what they like it because that's flatten I don't that they lack the. Probably help a lot of a lot because you're probably sweating are they flying. Yeah I don't hate it yeah and they they pick up your and basically the heat is coming off your body in their attracted to. And may Beebe at her femur some type of pumping your washing clothes into the are attracted to believe you're not happy yeah. You haven't you call us we come around to a special mosquitoes treatment in out of you some relief level. Yeah plus affect your burn and 25350. Calories while cautious about mowing your lawn so there's a good thing for. We'll be right back they show your real estate today stay where this. Introduced. Thank you can. Sit back and sips lemonade out of this beautiful day today happy Saturday tea. We're live from WB two studios and told Jamison your post you're Mariano. We're here talking about anything having to do in your house and we have come upon a theme. Then. Diggers just called and by the way last caller Arlene not Andrea sorry. Are laying into me because you Andrea. Art so they're Kamal witness what you got. I am it did and they feel it at all. A I have a house. The land blockade is headed termites. They didn't show up in the hole and I was report and there was significant damage done to. Two the main beam in the girder and out as well as media dining room floor yeah. Tom I went ended terminate exterminated. And went into. Canister afoot here is they're repairing. The circled part there any doubt and that's been done to. That they were mall and we know we're both removed. Ultimately the Prius owner knew there were termites and when they removed lauded in place does themselves. I had done in new drywall. Hello Lynn I do other work myself that it could. And I just recently entered sitting years got new terminate. Letter for it. And notes or write to obviously and I'm just wondering since they have prepared everything. OK disclosure they have to give now playing now house of Purcell. Our great question. First of all. Was it done to the per the specifications. Of the engineer with the structural things. Yet he this circulating here that actually the one who do do work. And he gave us and inspection report that we would use it in case of disclosure I have to do that. Okay all right are there any more issues remaining as a result of the termite damage. No I they say opened up to all. I had a hardwood floor replaced them that was. That hurt my feelings is it was a beautiful our report card would throughout these entire home. But the only thing determines where was the day that you had the police say they're bigger plays the course plays. Rees finished do the laws I don't see any other choice here is anywhere. Okay all right so they the answer to your question I'll give you the a medium answer and then a short answer in Korea okay. The disclosure in their requirements of disclosure in North Carolina are as follows. Any thing and that is at that time of which you fill out that form or present your home for sale of which the dates on that former or. If there's anything that is of materially. Or adversely affects the value of the home at that time he you have to disclose. Polite kid. I'm handled termite damage. Or damage that has not been re mediated or fixed. OK so if you have two engineers specifications. You have. Done everything that needs to be done and it's been signed off obviously by structural engineers sounds like he did everything they need to be done and you have a termite bond. You are not required. To disclose it OK but. Just because you're not required doesn't mean you may not okay if you or me I would say. For the benefit of not too. Hiding any thing hey when I bought the home there was some termite damage look what I did that take care of it. And it's gone and here's a termite letter. Sometimes. Even though you don't have to say something you may wanna say something anyway. Yeah it will not hurt cheap. To a Smart buyer. That's a sense of relief. I did not my main concern is. If I don't know how does that go through there and today. You know there's things that have been done right or things that have been done at all Billy says that it had. Two contractors look at it and recommend that you ahead circulated air fixes and I just. I have I mean I don't know that you be fearful and the whole it sector who want to nitpick every little less detail. If you have that structure report. He told digger your comfort yeah period. And we have provided to. The buyer. If they if if you're in the disclosure you say we had when I purchased the home next time there worsen termite damage I had it fixed. I have a copy of the engineers letter if you would like to see it. OK so but it. As far as official disclosure in contract. I don't have to do that but as media and anecdotal thing I would talk to them about it desire or am I realtors discussing with them. Correct. Oh yeah and again. You know there are things. Even though you don't are aren't required to disclose it sometimes. That the transparent factor of how it is perceived if you are very transparent and open say hey. When I bought the house cigar didn't disclose some domain so I don't want them how do you feel like I felt. That there are you know may have been an issue so here's what I would suggest. Tell your realtor. Say hey you know if if it if you feel it's appropriate and you need to you know just say hey Wendy guy bought the house there was some termite damage. It's been re mediated we have a letter from a structural engineer. If you would like to see it but no net if you see the repaired this is what it was in this is how it was handled. I'm telling you it goes a long way to make an and a win win transaction because the worst that can happen and is Specter questioned. I'm here and most of the structure. A lot of it finish is so original. So I really try to go back to where it was. Originally hand hewn and thinkers and lingered remain humor both hand noon. And night just just really gorgeous work and. Right well if I was your realtor. I would want a copy of that structural engineering latter and I would want copies of that stuff and I would be. Very open and transparent because it takes a lot of other issues off the today. Actually I think it's so much for your help. I'm friendly well Carl have a good senator Mike Marty we have about where we got about a minute and half OK we had a minute and half. And by the way we didn't get to talk much about the permits so I might save that for another show we will talk some about that. But beat Cognos and if you do you make changes and then Marty. Just real real quick kicks. Fix our problem mainly the calls of the wildlife. We pushed the wildlife and our world into smaller territories repulsive this development mean. He used to be that you'd have to be out and roll her country to see if they are now you're seemingly intercity. Everything from coyotes you name it we're seeing I don't know. Cross walks you run. They're whole not a cultural scientific. I've got I live mob moll loses overload panda which industrial park which is near no dot. And we've got to fox that runs through our yard all the time there. So sorry and it's called the picture we're related while like 3341616. Or bug abbey dot com pummeled give me some bugs because that Jamison. 846 done eight or 63663. Or my Jamison homes dot com we appreciate your off. We'll see you next week to show you real estate today god bless have a fantastic Saturday and happy.