Meghan Kelly,Louisville Basketball," Wild Words Of News" and more

John Hancock
Friday, June 16th

John discusses the Meghan Kelly Interview with Alex Jones, the Louisville Basketball Sanctions, "Wild Words Of News" with Erik Spanberg, "I Read The News", and much more.


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The. This is John Hancock. Man this last Sunday night NBC Megyn Kelly thing is taken on all their life Alex Jones releasing. Secret audiotape. The interview and NBC kind of regrouping and. Base. We are re setting me interview was editing it down so that it makes him look bad I guess. And inviting people from sandy hook. Com. To to be a part of the show now and that's an ever changing and I think there are so well we'll all talk about that is that goes on Good Friday. Really kick off to big weekend we'll do that at 5 o'clock or read the news until 430 span birds coming up at 4 o'clock. Amazon has bought whole foods. Can I order and public I don't know. Thirteen point seven billion dollars haven't or read everything I get my hands on non not quite sure how Amazon will use that but it's convincing that. Instead they Amazon's got a couple of brick and mortar type deals on things. And then there are kind of dog. The culprit that. Is as Roy and brick and mortar I don't know Stewart goes on there per month says that. Now Vladimir pro India president had chaired a meeting of his Security Council to discuss the Russian military's claim that it had killed the Islamic state. Our group leader and an air strike in nasseria. It's not confirm the Russian foreign minister. Because it was a big headline this morning so I don't have 100% confirmation of that information. But according to our Putin's spokesperson you know strike on rocker. And Derek killed over a hundred militants. Among which there were members of ice is leadership. And they think that that may have included the I asked leader Abu box car all law followed by god Dottie. I just pronounced that wrong but I'm not going back. They're at some point it'll start to sound like you have a devil do and just not to assure you really wanna. We're going to rule them. So I as I mentioned is going on in the world today 4000 additional troops being sent to Afghanistan. Our congressman's release has had more surgery still in critical condition but apparently somewhat improved more surgeries are in front of him. And he will be in that hospital they say for some time. And I've got an article in here that talks a little bit more about exactly the injuries that he. That he suffered. And then I don't know about yoga did you turn in the game last night. The congressional baseball games. Went to CNN and then I went to fox and they both just said terrible microphone feeds. Last second type stuff I I guess to some extent I don't understand them. It 24 hours in the Washington Daniel's death and at nationals baseball park that place is is wired for whatever you wanna do what it. So I couldn't quite figure out that relative seaspan. Which I I forget to do sometimes. But I went to C span I should remember that more often. Must BS. OK then and the game started and I I just wanted to see the initial. So I watched they operated second base. The David Bailey one of the two capitol police officers the one with the North Carolina ties. Throughout the first pitch you still a lot of on a crutch and so on and so forth. I think the Democrats killed the Republicans in the I mean in the game. Like eleven to two or something like that. But that that hardly mattered. North side. As a probably case. Heard of unity although Russia. At least in his opening remarks today disputes that. You we can't legislate. Unity. I didn't watch much of the Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi interview on CNN last night either where they did a dual deal which was supposed to be a unity type thing but. When I did tune it and it just looked like Nancy Pelosi did not wanna be there I'm sure that's just my bias. But. I don't know I I just kind of got the feeling that she you know was more than willing to be there to try to you don't Sprint's immunity but she was hardly the problem. She's kind of the feeling that I. Not that I that I got from all that but that's probably unfair as well and quite frankly. I thought what happened less on the baseball game unlike Russia. I thought it was removed from what I saw it I thought it was exactly what they wanted to big. It sold 20000 tickets. It would have seemed they raise a million bucks for kids have no problems of that. But I gave you got to hold base big big baseball stadium there and I realized that and have enough time but. It's like the callers that we got in here after all of that took place that said they ought to sell that stadium out. Well if they've had done some sort of a marketing deal where they were solid upper deck tickets for ten bucks just. Dedicate this to donate to because. People who can't make your I don't bought a seat. But but maybe they didn't have time to it is Washington. It did you know it is like three lawyers started decide to go learn to relaunch of its UB it's not going to be a snap decision it's gonna take a few weeks. Still no resolution in the bill because video here Brian that is well. It's like 85. Hi university have logo got it was close the most sanctions yesterday. The NCAA didn't feel like Louisville went far enough flow with it's a self imposed sanctions following this sex scandal. Investigation so they they've been handed down a few more and Rick Pitino is not happy. They are completed a the NCAA completed this investigation of cortina Powell's. Allegations that she and other escorts were hired to have sex parties and strip for Louisville recruits and no players. And so the NCAA. Do benched. Now cardinals been basketball coach for a five games imposed several other penalties. And the talkers can't work for ten games so that this. When I went over have to do they'll probably have to. Go to some voice work like Alexa. Significant if we talked about unity. Be a baseball game last night and and and and I I gotta tell you ended like the way Russia open distorted showroom today hardly sagas is about 1230 when I first heard. But he would just poop on the unity thing all over the place and I just thought to myself why that's part of the problem negativity. In all well let people be positive or are like people think positive role of you know I don't know that baseball games are gonna. Change the world I'm gonna change some of our listeners discovered not gonna change. And you know. The left or the right. May have changed to attend dude Nugent not paid not the of baseball game but Ted Nugent says he's gonna stop using hateful rhetoric. I don't think he means that was animals doesn't. Now. He's an outspoken conservative pretty inching guy idea in his own right to and he said in a radio row interview yesterday he's gonna stop using quote hateful rhetoric. I'm making his comments in the wake of that. Of the shooting up in no Virginia. But this guy who was strongly opposed to trump and Republicans and so I Nugent has in the past made death threats against well with a former president. Several times. Including saying that he should quote suck on my machine gunned. Well that's not right but it's humorous. Now the thing is you can hear Ted say NS. Ted's liked. Ted Liggett our radio talk show caller sometimes. They're pretty damned off on the phone. He has Nugent is called the Obama a sub human Mungro. That had a bet that's a bad thing. He's also made inflammatory remarks about Hillary Clinton come in and don't hold your calls. Well but the other side yeah I know both sides do this we know we all got our wackos. This is just a one of the rock and roll guys. During a recent uproar with our Kathy Griffin. When she held the severed head of Donald Trump and I hadn't really had nobody it's her I had even thought about that and a little what happened in Virginia. Wonder what role Kathy Griffin in the severed head blade in this guy's. Probably nothing but I understand why you know. Celebrity is such an interesting thing. Appearing on WABC in New York. Nugent said I'm not going to engage in that kind of hateful rhetoric anymore he said that things have reached a critical stage and he was reevaluating his approach saying I just can't they use those harsh terms I can't. And I won't. And I encourage or even my friends slash enemy on the left. In the democratic liberal world. That we have got to be civil to each other. Closed court he said he would quote. Boy it is any thing that can be interpreted as can donating or referencing violence. Off from now on listen we can vehemently disagree. Policies and all that other stuff but the personal hateful crap surely got to go. And it does and stuff the way your meal mom raised you to begin. Whatever happened to that whatever happened to video way that our parents to artist actor and only. Whatever happened to that. Energy and actually it did address is machine gun comments that he made on stage about Obama and Clinton saying no when I made those comments. On stage about them Senator Hillary Clinton and then senator Barack Obama. I don't know if you can grasp the degree of adrenaline and intensity and shear over the top animal spirit and attitude that I. But I live on stage. But I gotta I gotta. Take that deep breath. Well I can relate to that. You kind of go into your own mode are going to radio mode. I'm kinda you know kind of sort of still being. Butt you know rock and rollers don't know. Ted Nugent is he goes into unusual role when he gets up on stage you know he's got he's got. Hardcore conservative role in our rock and roll over or create you don't need to Poland are not into it in one move things so. Anyway Tom. By Monday you are we still looking for unity are we still trying to find a way to a make the world flow a little bit cleaner and I don't know probably not Bobby some Americans up over the weekend it'll inflame both sides and I know we'll get back to normal. We don't doubt we we we we handle things. It's I think our world cycle right now is about two or three days. So we have these little things come by and we get all outraged by them and we tell you only screen and we talked and we we when you accuse we point and our and then two days later something else comes along. I felt like the president's son in law right now is being investigated dude that's a big headline in the paper today and your read it. I think he overly. And this is same story you guys ran eight weeks ago they do get an interaction. That's all we do or we're a society now they're written that goes in really quick so. Circles. Just look at everything that we've undergone. 9/11 and and a presidential assassinations war isn't that big injustice I mean everything that contacts in your life so you just had a UBU you've developed and delegate to talk show host you develop a thick skin and you just start moving on or. Some things you handle well some things you don't handle well when it's also in bed at the end of the day love 48 hours from now how we wanna be dealing with something else. I think this unity things probably about 24 hours from B and over to. So loved president was in Miami today and me. Is canceling part of Obama Cuba deal. When he announced that down there. And because they are guessing he didn't. Even completely got it. We've had about three years of different relations with. Which Cuba. And trump announced that he's gonna unravel some of Obama's policies. On the Communist state. He. He announced policies changes that he says fulfilling a promise to the anti Castro voting bloc that he believes helped his campaign clinched the state meaning Florida. Marco Rubio open for him he also probably wouldn't. Be a totally against being on the rise. Which should do should be fairly active right now with the Russian investigation and all that. So. There's some concern that this could all set back a business centrists and Cuba's pro tour and shall for. A more prosperous. Private sector. In one form or another the embargo on Cuba has been in place since gushed Eisenhower. Administration. And then 2014 Obama and Castro Raoul begin this process that kind of thaws. On the census. And a lowers the travel restrictions between. The United States and Cuba. And and commercial. And so on so I Cuba. They benefited. Terrorism and telecommunications. And so Obama. And end the embargo on Cuba all ago only congress has power to do that. But the United States and Cuba and opened up embassies in each other's capitals for the first time since 1961. Those will stay open. They signed multiple bilateral agreements to work together on everything from human and drug trafficking to. Migrations on and so forth. Obama ended the wet foot dry foot immigration policy that it applied only to Cubans Cubans. That that means if you reach the US shore you have an automatic visa. Now Cubans have to follow the same processes other refugees. And immigrants the but trump didn't change that. He reversed all of Obama's changes but sources told ABC they'll probably redefine some of what he did today which or you know what it means should be part of the Cuban military. That could prevent US companies from doing business it's in Cuba. He didn't really Castro's as failed to take any action on human rights. So I'd trump is revisiting trade and travel policies towards Cuba he is clamping down on individual people to people travel there will still be certain exceptions under which Americans can travel to Cuba. And a family travel will continue to be authorized but I've read some self says this is probably not good don't know what the president did today for the cruise industry. Insisting that that's a true I just had a friend moved from California to a Fort Lauderdale. And set up house there he's in the cruise industry. And so I don't know how that'll affect him no changes will go effect in effect until the treasury the Commerce Department issued new regulations that are conform to a not Trump's new policy. I'd change as well certainly harm relations between now Cuba in the United States trump will not close the newly reopened US embassy in Urbana. He will not reinstate the wet foot dry foot policy we just talked about. He doesn't want to. Offend the Cuban American community which largely votes Republican. Arm and so he reversed in the reversing policy bad for Cuba's Human Rights Watch said in the statement. Insisting on no human rights progress is a precondition to a new policy. That is unlikely to bring about a New York change so the president I'm sure this'll all become more specific as time goes on. I and that's kind of what the president has set as well now another thing that was kind of under the radar that I felt was a single day. The drug administration is leaving in place a program some of your gonna hate this. The a program protecting hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation. The one that that trump pledged to eliminate during the campaign the deferred action childhood rival program deck are. Well he made an announcement cattle you know at the tail end of something else the world late yesterday. And and so he's gonna leave in place. The Danica did the deferred action for childhood arrivals. Come. During his campaign he pledged to eliminated. But he had repeatedly expressed some empathy for some of the some of the people that are involved in that in affected by that and he also you the people that are referred to a normal Leo warmer talking about this in note. Such as streamers. And many. Many of those so called dreamers have been here since they were small children that don't have recollection of where they're from. So the up of the programmed and give them residency status but it does temporarily protect them from a deportation allows them to work legally. I'm always gonna come. To some extent. Down on now on. Mankind. It. You know I know hardcore is one thing but don't. So anyway I'm I'm kind of read did you what many of you may or may not agree where that but I ma I'm kind of glad that he's. Then he's not eliminating the deferred action for children of rival a program there's still time to have to make adjustments to that and Nancy were all that goes phone 704571110. The strangest case of the day to me. While most uninteresting. And I kind of followed it over the last couple of days but then I can I haven't. But this guilty verdict in this teen suicide by tech's case have you seen this have you seen our. She's cute and creepy. Yes she looks. I mean added that this is this is that chick you pick up and then find out oh my god. The job. The woman who urged her boyfriend to kill himself. And keep in mind. This happened when this girl is seventeen she's twenty now. She was found guilty today of involuntary manslaughter for encouraging this guy to kill himself. She urged her boyfriend to kill himself there were both teenagers she was found guilty today of involuntary manslaughter in the juvenile court judge convicted her name's Michelle Carter. Convicted her in the death of the then eighteen year old Conrad Roy the third. She had sent dozens of text messages incurring huge encouraging him to go through with this suicide. Now if I remember the case than it did the back story on this both of them are kind of a middle or kind of a mess. And both of them seem to have psychological. Challenges. So lob. This Massachusetts teen was ultimately found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in a a truck and in store parking lot in July of 4014. And and one of the tapes I guess that they have are one of the text messages that they have text message would be him. Encouraging this kid to go through with the suicide is telling him to get back in the truck as it was filling with carbon monoxide. He had gotten out of it because he was kind of frightened by at all. And she told she Texan David told him get back in there. Now I guess if you're a sick mind. And you're thinking this is what he really wants. That you're encouraging him do. Yeah I know I'd that sounds like a stretch for me to the judge ruled that Carter who cried as he explained his reasoning. Can remain free on bail but can't leave the state or have any contact with a Roy's family. Now her sentence could range from probation to twenty years behind bars. And now. And her her lawyer had argued that dead this kid Breuer was determined to kill himself and us and Carter initially tried to talk him out of it urged him to get help. They said she was in voluntarily. Intoxicated. By the anti depressant that she was taking at the time and quote unquote enmeshed in delusion. Thinking that she could help Roy find his way to heaven. While she. But I took service failing. To really not well thinking individuals. They just get into bizarre territory. And she gets found guilty today of involuntary manslaughter and then the whole thing is sort of is kind of bizarre. All right so here's the latest on the Megan Kelly Alex Jones interviewed to be aired on I NBC on Sunday night. And added that the article are those ratings at NBC news exacts are scrambling following the furor. Number Kelly's decision to give a platform to the controversial in furloughs sourced. And and that may be. But this will be the most watched Megan Kelly. In BC show it you only have want to remove third one. But mark my words. People will be tuning into this. Which is the problem that she had from the first week. Which had arrived bubbles in real losses speculation people curious. So she did pretty well second week she didn't do as well. Because there was no hype around. People aren't trained yet tool. Media habits are hard to break sometimes. And if you're used to it if your inclination has always been CBS's 7 o'clock on Sunday. And once resident drew for an awful lot of people. Then your mind's not in in less somebody's waving a flag in front of you your mind's not set for NBC's Sunday night at 7 o'clock. So you go to sixty minutes and you forget all about the fact that meg and Kelly is already in BC now on another show. In last year fox group you know renewed you don't agree but I but I I think that's our ratings were down the second time well. Now she's got Alex Jones. Arm and that's created controversy. And so now she has completely overhauled they say the Sunday show. Featuring Alex Jones. And she's inviting sandy hook family is on the program. An editing her interview with Jones to be tougher on him. And then heat. Seeker at least he says. Bunnies release the tape so but he's secretly. Taped the interview. And now he is. Let all the audio out. I end and including proportions were and I'm not looking at a right now but worse she'll basically says this is going to be a debt she interviewer are gonna. But that's exactly what they'll do by the time he gets on the air on Sunday because she passed to. Of apparel as some of the sandy hook families that there were invited. Tech outer Jones rhetoric. That sandy hook was a man massacre was a hoax and all that kind of stuff aren't all that wild about showing up on the show. Megan and her producers. And and out and Megyn Kelly and in a lot of cases has called these sandy hook people herself. And asked him to be a part of the show. And and she's been turned out. They made numerous calls to the a sandy hook families asked him appear on the shore summer issues because they didn't think you're appearing on her show would do enough to Keller. The do venom. Of Alex Jones. There word not mine. Page six. Has near post has learned that near old Haslem. Who is the father of the six year old Jesse Lewis and ended this sounds familiar to it all that was one of the kids it was so slain by the sending a master core. In none Newton Connecticut. Newtown. Has agreed to to be interviewed on Kelley show. EGD sounds familiar to it all he was sent to senate subcommittee or senate committee hearing and was pleading for senators to ban assault weapons. Such as the gunman killed his son. Jones himself thinks that the peace will be a deliberately cut to make you look crazy. I mean don't. He's spent thirteen hours with Kelly. And says that he expects producers dude to have to pick the parts that make him look bad to approved. Critics that Kelly is a serious journalist. And and and he doesn't want to peace there are now. Because of the Promos that he's seen on NBC. She said Megan's a distorting me. So what he has done a minor all the uproar with who it with NBC airing on Megan Kelly's interview are discovered Sunday. What he has done is released his own audio. He are released secretly taped audio of his private free interview conversation with Kelly said that he was doing it because he believes he will be misrepresented in the interview. He said in the video I've never done this in 22 years I've never recorded another journalist. But I knew that it was a fraud that it was a lie close quarter and audio Kelly is heard saying to him. This is not going to be contentious there's a lot I was looking for sort of this is going to be a contentious sort of got jet exchange. But if the story that I got this morning says that there are completely overhauling the Sunday game do make it look like she was being tougher on Jones and much you might have actually bend. Well that's exactly what they're gonna do. So all Bob. Jones also charged that Kelly was obsessed with him saving your fitness quote. It was worse. Than in college in a topless bar when women try to get you pay for a day counts. That was his analogy you know about. I'm Megan Kelly. Charged that Kelly was obsessed with him. And his quote was it was worse than an arc. It then in college in a topless bar. When women try to get you to pay for Dale's closed book. I don't know about you but I did spend a whole lot of my time in college is in no topless bars. I was in pursuit and can. Said. We're looking good topless cars. So there you go off. I don't know what the ratings will be on Sunday but I guarantee you they're up over the second episode and ambience of museum. If Megan show on NBC at 7 o'clock beat sixty minutes this week. Bed WPP MY. Battenberg renew our show business journal is out. Two day show business journal dot com or. Members to your staff writer George. On Friday at 4 o'clock where we can get him and that's usually a nine element Stamberg. Happy Friday PI I'm glad to hear that the paper is now oral that's a good time yes well they've as far as I know what is might in your mind yet I have 20 wait until all of the mailman get there but. Online is beautiful thing it's a beautiful pregnant daughters are beautiful thing. So a lot. Aaron award to start with you wanna start with Major League soccer. The city rejecting the 43 and a half million on the soccer stadium the counties say whoa wait a minute. If if they're not buying lunch were not buying lunch. I thought I thought that's. That is well because that's exactly what seems to be going on here. Let's just say it's been a bad couple weeks for the Major League soccer bid doesn't mean that it's better over that they can't recover but they've got a lot of work to do because. What's going to happen is based on what the county has done by deferring immediate decision until August 2 is. You that you just losing all kinds of momentum and at least. Up until now we haven't really heard much from Marcus Smith means so little bit to remain in other reporters but. They haven't had a large public outreach and so. They have been my estimation about six weeks to turn this thing around the world if they can do it. Well then what about the ML SM answer whether watch in this as well all. I mean the financing. Is one of the things it's gonna make their decision. Are you and I have talked about they want a presence in the northeast so that that. Cuts down our competition duo one of the city's nationals one problem. Yeah I'm half all that the first thing is of course you don't have to have a way to pay for the stadium you're absolutely right about that but I think. Almost just as important is it. They're going to be looking at what is the appetite for soccer ward is. The public sentiment and so when you see government divided and when you don't see. Some of these outpouring of enthusiasm and affection that you're seeing in some of the other cities. That's problematic in Cincinnati there're minor league soccer team through 30000 fans for. A match this week and here we are this week no disrespect the Charlotte independence but they're crowing because they sold twice 600 tickets. For their debut in match eastern part of it that's great. But that's when a lot less than 30000 us and police so that that's the kind of security you're looking at and that's why I say I think that the next six weeks are really critical. Those next six weeks are likely to include a site visit by analysts executives who get a closer look here on the ground. Well refresh my memory didn't when we had dug a world class soccer games going on a Bank of America Stadium you know Mexico and so on and so forth how many stickers today salt knows. Did edit it very well they were over 50000 now name one instance they were close to seventy belt and so that's what got a lot of this momentum going to. But it certainly wouldn't be. Regular minor league club did it here they have not drawn anywhere near that nor would you expect in Cuba I'm just saying that it. You have twelve city Charlotte one of them. You look at Cincinnati look at Sacramento in some of these other areas it feels like today are a lot further ahead. But dormitory he says geography will factor into this. In the fact that dismiss their party involved in professional sports is certainly an advantage so it's hard to predict but you have to do at minimum say. And indeed the last month or so has just been pretty much a day are all around for the MLS there's. And Marcus deny his conversations with you I know Markus well enough to know that he's got a little bit of the power of positive thinking enemies not gonna lament the negatives of what's going on now he's gonna destroy strive forward enough. And these two new email essentially says the campaign for for MLS continues. And I don't I doubt that. Tom is that pretty much I mean as he said anything else deal or say anything about concerns. Yeah age you're right he has kept it positive. That's probably a very good thing because the last saying. He or anyone else I support soccer will want is to have someone who's got a ton of money obviously. Whining publicly that they can't get taxpayer support first stadiums so he has. Can serve himself well by taking the higher road and he does remain optimistic. And I think the other thing that. His group would say is look we're going to roll out. Some public awareness of the public education if you will here in in the next week or two and so give us a chance don't just immediately. Buried it did but John you know that. Without that public money it's going to be almost impossible for over the market mr. berg came here. Well in this city just doesn't seem focused in on this at all. Well and then. There is that. Other factor which looms largest in my mind remember that it on July 7 to. Finally begins a four between seventeen campaign milk how many council members or perspectives. Council members are going to want to go out and Dan campaigns say hey you know what I'm gonna do first I'm going to get some money to view an MLS soccer. Right out and out by the way I am gonna take care police and fired all of those things we no matter how good or bad the proposal is. That's a really really tough thing for anyone running for political office to do. I was in that nightclub business at one time and one club I worked out sat 18100 people. But if you if you had 400 people on Wednesday night the place looked like it was empty. If that that's kind of or Jim at Sylvia's we Utah you made reference on this a few seconds ago but Mattel is getting ready to and take his team to a Matthew sports blacks. And and so that there are there a couple of hundred tickets away from being a sellout for the game tomorrow night. I he's got to be thrilled with that because there'll be a lot of energy in lots of excitement and but he's in a smaller. Yeah out. That's right but I think they eat your analogy of the courtroom which is I think one of the big mistake that. It made over and over again sports is that the venues are too big and so. Teams build four earned it the ultimate advantage and not for the day today and so they're going to. To go from 4200 seat to 2600 seat but their candidate is probably going to increase because. First of all they're closer to neighborhoods and people than they were under ramble it. And secondly this stadium is it. Better because of the permanent stadium not a per stadium. And third when you see that demand just what you're pointing. Then more people wanna gal which just like this small restaurant when you expand too much and all of sudden it's not his cup to the table and maybe it won't go after all. There was no place in May still be therein or Jacksonville. And our Kara over the minimum. But he was today was out by the beach it was on the road out to the beach I'll think it'll go across my head to second and it was a family dining players are used to love it. Because the first thing you do when you sit down Avaya a table as they put a great big old bowl p.s and a great big bowl mash potatoes in the center of the table. And that was just standard fare and now people have kind of you know come to expect that. But they also had a bar. There was almost like a bowling Alley. And you had seats along the bar but it was long and it was narrow and in order to get from one into the bar to the other special on a crowded Friday night you had done. Literally step on people's feet as you were going down not. But that was the appeal of it because you couldn't help but meet people because you were standing on their shoes that yeah. An expanded and the place never was the same. Yeah I got. You know I think in every city you'll hear stories like that you know there is certain that the balance of people want their their comfort and these are SF but. And when you limit supply it just war I mean look at Wrigley Field located at Augusta what the masters now I know part of that is you know tradition in history Ellis thinks that part of it is you have a limited supply and everybody can't go. And have all the people that would know the seat deal of Marcus Smith would because they've been Terence he's out of sea amass just for that very reason very good point there are good point so why then ended but that's I mean that's good go to markets is a Smart guy so 20000 seat to a stadium I would assume he probably came to that capacity through and through lumps through some study as to what. He could expect from this market. Yeah and you either John you've probably heard this is well over the years says the Carolina Panthers would never ever say this publicly but if people. With the team and around the team may have long acknowledged that suited. 74000 seats is probably about 101000 too many yeah he had 64000. Seats. This all the sudden it just makes a huge difference there's a much more limited supply and and people are all of a sudden. A little more eager to get in here I think it a lot of trends and doesn't sport and entertainment and other aspects point two. Less is more but of course the trick here is that people have to tempered their sometime to realize. From sacrificing. Their revenues at least on some of the bigger night. Now welt sell that philosophy in Ohio State Michigan and see other goes over I. There are captured that not play this eight year old but I pick a lot of cases here you'd think I could look like these Major League Baseball games you know and it's. And there are a lot of empty seats because I didn't throw her a once great and obviously people in my hamburger another. If it's just contagious it's natural human behavior when you seeded. Something's not fold and you start to kind of hesitate well I don't know if I wanna go or not. I've but we got says some surprising news that came out of quail hollow this week chemical resign we'll talk about that and the PGA which is a coming our way in August and we'll do that with their expand bird from the Charlotte business journal next thing. There is rare bird from the journal news journal. The rich are about the PGA. You've got the US open a 117 going on and Erin hill also Wisconsin. They've had a blunt crash they found E. Coli in one of the drinking fountains and they just had a spectator died. That's not that that's not the way you want though I'd dive into the first two days of major golf tournament. I can't imagine. Anything worse I mean and when you think about an end. Of course we're watching it here would you think about all the years. That go into Clinton planning for something like this the preparation you have the spotlight. And then things happen that some in your control somehow you're control insist. Been devastating. Yeah not it's like being the number one pick in the draft and breaking her leg at the first day of practice you know yeah I think I'll my gosh what we do that well let's get to the PGA. We're Kim often resigned you lump stepped down as executive director of the Wells Fargo championship or use the word I guess everybody was surprised. Yeah I think most people. The first set up to what he's been here throughout the entirety of the tournament fifteen years and of course had just finished up. Relocate the event to Wilmington for one year only while the PGA championship comes surging down. And this statement he offer was that this has the right time to think about doing something else and he has not. Ted much beyond that. The interesting thing firm triangle portal built around this is I was speaking to one of the Wells Fargo executives. Who is also part of the board that runs the tournament and he had immediate beat. Next executive director of the tournament will be charged we're trying to do. Provide the basis four extending this determined and that's really the most concrete. Statement we've had yet dead the club and response Serbs might want to keep this thing going beyond 2019 which is when the current contract and. Well Wells Fargo could use some positive. I had that to some extent I you mirrored quail hollow might want to question now because Wells Fargo there was a story about Wells Fargo yesterday in addition to the I improprieties that they had had done before there seem to be some other concerns that have gone on a Wells Fargo for some time us or you gotta be a little careful about who you hook up with but on the other hand. You want a long time sponsor in and that's which you write about is that there is a hint of a contract extension with Wells Fargo. Why did an interstate naturally always bet on here jumped to remember originally it was Wachovia and of course Wells Fargo inherited. The contract when they bought Wachovia but there were two years. It in this band where Wells Fargo. Didn't put his name on the turn meant that continued to pay. This sponsorship fee and that was amid all the fallout from the financial crash and so they were nervous about whether this would lead puke. Bad PR and now as you just outlined. Maybe issued on the other foot what this jam account and then some of the concerns about. Mortgage policies. Body if you pushed Maine I would say that quail hollow would. Be more than happy to do to extend the partnership with the Welsh Fargo. Well and you would think that that Wells Fargo is heading for blue or skies. To get all lists impropriety out of the out of the way. Armed did you have a chance to talk to Tom Fazio where is here's Kyra and the guy there was no I'm not roller responsible for the course. But also responsible for all the changes as we head into the PGA. But subsequent jets do some of the story to I've done I did I did just speak with him. Late this week and he would he was talking to media about. What a joy it has been to work on reshaping this course for forty years and is that this sentiment they came from him was. You know what we do now there'll there'll always be tweaks and changes but. Yeah they really have. Gotten quail hollow. Pretty much the way they want it like that there will be its conduct here in the air but that the major work K has been complete. I op fireworks Friday denied it BVT ballpark via multi ms. in town all week long and tomorrow is Sonic Automotive Saturday does that mean everybody gets a free car. I think god is it's all down is over there are. But I thought they had the knights aren't done all weekend long so that'll begin on that have a great weekend in enjoy the humidity. Thank you are right there he goes or expand burka senior staff writer Charlotte business journal. Charlotte business journal dot com and the new addition is out today. 567. Days and dear it's hard to believe that our inventory seventeen and it. A 198. Days to go. 1891. June the sixteenth George A hormel and company founded in Austin Minnesota. 1937. They produced introduced. Spam. Which is the world's biggest selling canned meat products. I can't do it. I told the story before but Bakken and ninety's were darting about or rollers on the look out there was a guy who was a local sales guy and I was there and I couldn't do it. So he brought me a box of everything that spam next. Spam what she's ma'am what this virginal spam so there. And I swore I was gonna at least take the original spam and open it up and slice it and throat and her frying Palin. I just couldn't do. I can't eat meat that has three separate best be surrounded by jell. If my meets jelling I'm thinking now and under can't do it but I know some of you love spam. 1903 Ford motor company incorporated on this stage during the sixteenth also in 1903 AUS patent was issued for a soft drink formula called. Pensacola error. That was the same day by the way that a US patent was issued for chicken goggles. Designed to protect chickens from being packed in the eyes. Because as you all know a chicken. There's a terrible thing to waste. And 1967. Three day Monterey international pop music festival. That's where we learned about Jimi Hendrix. We're we learned about The Who. We learned about John Janis Joplin and big catapulted all the new a startup dipped. The Big Three Dave Monterey international pop festival opened up on this date in northern California in nineteen. 67. We wouldn't mind seeing Rickie Fowler won the US open would wait. Could I can do root for that he's leaving right guys tied for the lead right now he and Brooks Coca or going back and forth. They're both on seven although I don't think they're in the same foursome or those same to some agreement on the but tough Fowler another Coke or are tied to that and nine under in the US open. Paul Casey is in the clubhouse at seven under Tommy Fleetwood is 600. C woo Kim is five under along with Alexander Shia fled. Geragos the right pronunciation and Cameron champ was an amateur at 500. And Charley Hoffman is set to five under. And then it just kind of go looking for a names that I am not kind of curious about. Sergio Garcia masters champion. Three under. Zach Johnson three under Ernie Els three under. So we'll level kind of keep rising and that embassy where it's all going but the dollar right now. On seven and that tied for the lead at nine under so that's a good fit happy people get this much sleep. I'll tell you what that's all about just a second first we go to our traffic brought you by hunters shall Florida 77 extorting three and boomer Montana we give my children are scared to miss something you know you're you're not happy not only because you don't get this amount of sleep every night or every two hours OK yeah now can look if in fact I think you're in the miserable Kendrick low took this book so this happy thing had dispersed on you put forward to mr. it's just a cover up to your good sadness. Sleepless night you like the smiling face in the crowd and the frowning face okay all. Billy go I can figure this went way they did the other I'll tell you it's seven point one hours of sleep per night home man. Catherine marathon. Is. Well if you would ever leave here. I need to get you of this go at one of those pillows and then maybe you can hear a reason to sleep longer than two hours where else do I wanna Barry. I don't know with the president eat and sleep either no okay all the both them and and I I'm still looking at doppler radar and I still see anything that absolutely threatens us and I was watching some stuff earlier this is we might be enough. In the middle of two storms one out to the east and one up in the mountains so we'll just have to watch that but and we are watch enough between. I'm always has so happy that's about what I get a nine point seven point one hours. Omar alarm clock goes off at like 5:30 in the morning. So I go to bed about. 1030. A watch ccb is news at 10 o'clock news just got to make sure a month to date on what's going on locally. And then I and then Ireland and I'm gone so that's seven hours seven point one is what they say the secret to happiness maybe seven hours asleep. Recent survey 2000 people. By a mattress company. Suggests. Perfectly happy people. Just seven point one hours of sleep per night. Now I haven't they always said that you you should strive for eight. But they also used to tell you that you are supposed to drink what. 88 ounce glasses of water is bad for. Oh yeah it's. And I I killed that I mean that's not a problem me I'd I don't really drink much else I coffee tea but I don't don't. Now I'm not a soft drink to have it and and water. It's mostly the cholera boy in me. Report said that less than six point eight hours of sleep amid completely unhappiness and relationships. Constant worry. And never shredder gratitude. So there you go seven point one hours that's what you're shooting for. The iris is warning against a new twist on an old phone scam and indeed did they here's the way IRS issued a warning. I in the scam callers posing as IRS representatives advise. In your case you potential victim. The two certified letters were sent to the taxpayer in neo mail bowler returned as un deliverable. The callers then threatened to arrest the potential victim if they payment is not immediately made through a prepaid debit card. I'm telling you right now. Anybody that asks you under any circumstances. On the phone or through email. To pay them with a pre. Paid debit card. Hang up. It's not dumb. Tom in fact Becky visage and as scams I've got to an an email today that came in talking about. New outlook email Signet signatures did you get that. Did you open it. I didn't open it neither I don't recognize the name I don't see inner calm on their anywhere. So I was gonna ask they're Gerri those guys. About it that's why haven't exit out yet. I wanna open it up anyway I don't care about two email signatures. But I they used to be careful out there are it's just a whole new world the colors threatened to arrest you because say you haven't paid. And then they ask you to pay with a prepaid debit card. This camera this camera also tells the victim that the purchase of the card is linked to the electronic federal tax payment system. It's not. So to ensure that the potential victim doesn't back out the caller warned the taxpayer not to contact their tax prepare. An attorney or their local IRS office. Intel the tax payment is made. Now I don't know how you would respond to that but. I wouldn't respond to Debra favorably when in fact I think the conversation to be over by that time he don't be afraid to hang up on news. Believe me if the IRS wants something from you. He will develop out of a long. Process. Anyway. That and you know. Telling you not to contact your tax prepare or an attorney or your local IRS office. It's that that's a red flag as payment by a prepaid debit card to me is a red flag. And should always have the opportunity to contact your tax professional before resolving a tax dispute. My mother taught me long longtime guard seems to have worked out pretty well for the last some odd years. If in doubt don't. Pretty good words to live by if you think you're being scammed you can think your being screwed if you think that the person on the other ones that are you're just not sure. More than don't comply with the way issues. Believe me. If the IRS wants something from you. You'll know what it's. Radio gave basic US open Charlotte knights homes down and Third Eye Blind to week you. Imagine that the US open going on right now. Rory McIlroy and Jason Day. Both missed the cut. Rickie Fowler and upward stroke or bleeding nine under. And they're both through about eight holes and so we'll keep you up to date on that one but propellers and at the lead or work around with the lead all. Day long so that's a good thing. Charlotte's blocks continues well until the 25 of the month done the Booth play house. Something no well worth your time Mara but in my columns is. In charge of all of that been doing it for a long long time and it's really become a mainstay in the Charlotte so get yourself. Sale. Shot blocking. All good. Crackers and down tonight. Neighborhood theater 8 o'clock. Excuse me in town tomorrow night. 8 o'clock neighborhood theater. The whiskey gentry Russo. Cracker. What was her last hit. It's neighborhood theaters to load up pretty good place to go Michigan is where the NASCAR boys are this weekend. 3 PM Sunday for the Michigan International Speedway. In no Brooklyn Michigan. The extending your race I think is set to 130 tomorrow I don't know the trucks are gone the Jazz Fest. Do this on a yearly basis down at Charlotte metro look credit unit ample theater. Brian Culbertson is is in town Mike Phillips is around your floor overseer unit is round so what should be a pretty good to a Jazz Fest going on this week and actually goes on tomorrow. Down into via Charlotte metro look credit union ample theater. Saturday night isolated thunderstorms during the evening and skies turning partly cloudy low of 71 so maybe video weather won't affect you in the temperature sound pretty tasty too. Or Jazz Fest is tomorrow Charlotte metro credit union amphitheater. That's more North Carolina music factory here. And now Lady Antebellum has said Jeff PNC music pavilion tonight. With Kelsey ballerina and bright young. 730 is when things started out they're for a Lady Antebellum so our country concerts under the stars as what is being built at. Told you about Friday night fireworks tonight Indianapolis Indians. Or Charlotte. Nights BB NT ballpark can't be a better place should be pretty good night for that. We're watching doppler radar right now my I don't see anything that should threaten you at this point bubble left keep on auction for pop ups. On nights in town again tomorrow night 705 first pitch against Indianapolis and then on Sunday they're doing a Father's Day pre catch on the field. Our gates will open a 1 o'clock the game starts at 205 if you need more information are purchased tickets go to Charlotte. Knights. Dot com Third Eye Blind is back as written article by courted divorce about a Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blind was pretty big when I was hanging out out of the end on time out. And and then they got according to her article they count a lost favor are they you know over the people. What had been evident that they vague and now apparently there's a whole new appreciation for a well anyway there they are at Charlotte metro credit union tonight so the jazz thing tomorrow. And Third Eye Blind tonight. I'm in North Carolina music factory. And no source and pick ups are with them and that's not bad is it. So on there you go 7 o'clock tonight Third Eye Blind back in town. Think they would regard will be boomer 21% of homeowners say that when they bought their house and home they replaced flight. Door door locks I'm sure but I would say go doors toilet seats. Around there you go. I think coach thank god it literally had thought about that but I don't like a pretty decent investment actually we're becomes acknowledged that the no no ifs ands or buts about it that's an idea actually it's thank you very much. Somebody had tried to deal. You're out wandering through Myers park tomorrow. Come on king strive CMC Myers Barca and no Levine Children's Hospital area. But tomorrow is the hardest yard and show Mars five K this great Olson's deal. And all the proceeds 100% of the proceeds for tomorrow low will benefit to Levine's Children's Hospital you well I assume no vote Greg Olsen the tide in for the Panthers. By the way this very weak us that he'd like to renegotiate his contract I can't think of another player right off and that should be able to do that than. Wanna get into their business but. He cannot. He's kind of been pretty steady thousand yard tied in for. But three years anyway I had this story about his son TJ born in net 2012. With left heart problem men none. We kind of went through all of that is so fans and a vote not only Olsen but his wife Karen know. So they're involved with this and this has worked all of this came out of so it's the money. Are raised through private donations and events like this five K in golf tournaments and concerts and they did they just do all sorts of things all year long but. Hardest two yard. And show Mars five K. Hi is tomorrow. Run walk kid's fun run. Com. Greg Olsen foundation. 100% of the proceeds benefit the our hardest yard program and the program for a pediatric heart that Levine Children's Hospital if you need additional information go to show Mars dot com. Slash heart. EST. Yard. Five K. To get a big turnout for that tomorrow at two of Greg Olsen is a good man but to wish to have a pet food trucks. The Karen and her a group will be down at prosperity village through drug rally going on there tomorrow. Florida 9 o'clock in the parking lot near the bar low you bring your chairs and your kids your dog in your. Appetite and barbecue time Charlotte will be there be those Mac check have been there a few times they do great stuff Billy backers will be one of the food trucks down into the through directed to our prosperity. Village through drug rally 4 to 9 o'clock tomorrow. Comfort foods will be their family ties all together Kona ice Maryland crab noticed porch. Two chicks in the track. She can't have two trucks and projectors are you know only be able to drive with. Some wonder wings and things and and Karen's award winning ice cream truck sticks and Collins. So that's where they'll be there also I think kept food trucks up there in Harrisburg along with a concert from the air Charlotte symphony so you can go out for that food trucks will be there from 5 to 9 o'clock. I and the opening band goes on about 715. I think orchestra takes the stage about 815 and you can take the family in the dog in your shares in your blanket and all of that stuff no adult beverages up there at Harrisburg. Because there will be beer and wine. The garden on site. But the trucks it'll be out there are a hundred may 100 Maine will be out their cap figure notch dumb blonde girls. Freshmen had males trio. Street spice the hog and dog and and mystics and counsel be up there as so well so that's they are pretty interest thing. Our quick reminder of the place to be new show photos by Charlotte based photographer and writer Daniel Coston. Is going on in the night gallery attest spirit square as we speak this is his first ever show. Exclusively of concert photos taken in no char horrible past 42 years. I'm he was on the David Brothers before I was as far as I know all I'm Daniel cost. It is kind of become the photographer of record for. Music and events around here is good dude he's it's it is the photographer that. Or hurt us doing the 95 I just wandered on in here he didn't know that they were gonna. Do me do do do you think maybe it did with me at 534. But he AJ got an errand started taken photos and got some great photos and fact my new FaceBook. Cover photo. Is is a day annual cost and they way the show is now open it will be until November the 22. I doubt that the night gallery its spirit square that's whereas my wife to marry me so that's a near and dear to my heart. The official opening will be of spirits where on July the seventh from six to nine. Our home of the blues they history of the double door should be available this month from Ford can no go press. Itself down to spirit squared see the worker Daniel Coston. Heroes congress party of big weekend going on now. Well right now actually they started 11 o'clock this morning continued to 7 o'clock tonight rolled out of the Charlotte convention center. Ten to six tomorrow eleven to six on Sunday. He rose online dot com slash. Heroes con. Comic book blessed. That's a pretty big names coming into town actually forward to that it does say they attract and Emmett cash or fill up the whole Florida to showed convinced senators premiere investor deal. They way it's going on all this weekend and like heroes online dot com. Slash heroes. On net. It you know information you need. All the stuff going on on the other side of the river. I'm Jim quicken coastline are planned Mount Holly downtown main street tonight 7 to 10 o'clock and then up in Belmont. My newly adopted hometown. I'd be banned backwoods. Performing down it just still park and no Belmont family friendly events. They get drum circles and face painting and going on to do this every couple weeks down there at stoke park they used to do this and main street they've changed it up a little bit this year. But there's a pain on pottery and I paper bag go quilt station and down. Tie dyed T shirt station and inflatable obstacle course and laser tag and Tyrone Jefferson and a sign of the times is so providing. Is scares me performing. Our finale concert. Are they do Latin and jazz and rhythm in the said the other and more importantly it's free. And June 13. Charlotte test look Carolina's Strom circles and and and drawn dance and storytelling at all much other stuff Thomas and now commonwealth avenues takes place fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteen going on right now. June 18 of the Carolinas dot com if you need more information on net. I think that's pretty much it for your big weekend. Rise against and deft Jones are in town next week at the Charlotte metro our credit union ample theater North Carolina music festival and on Wednesday. At the SC MCU. Ample theater Elvis Costello. Could be a pretty good job I interviewed Elvis Costello once and only thing I remember about those you heard a dark black sport coat. And he had dandruff the worst Denver Iverson multiple. Hopeful but I love his music. It is good. Bugs are. And SA says there is not sure about that last month's ransom where epidemic sore from north Koreans they're trying to they're trying to raise money for the government Vladimir Putin's sarcastically offered political asylum to a James told me. You hear about this woman in Maine who was jogging in the woods got attacked by Iraq soon have you heard historic. She gets attacked by Iraq soon. With rabies they later find out. Crazed animal bid her. Have you ever seen. I told the story before but I used to live and I an old house and know Boulder, Colorado. And I had the upstairs and have been busted ended two apartments and so the downstairs rooms one and upstairs and the other. And. We had record and problems. Especially me because I was upstairs. So you can walk out the bedroom window you know crawl out the bedroom window and get all under the roof and at a trapper. Put out humane cage out there a trap out there to catch him in and we brought him up to the hills and bolder and let him go. So on. Anywhere they that the guy you know says colony wondered if it collects an as a lawyer I look out there when big east about the record a record. So I call him he comes right over and welcomes pastors and out the bedroom window and me outtakes that trap and he turns it up end over end. Which means that. Raccoon was like upside down. So he's happened at the top of this thing trying to get the raccoon that. Turnaround. And that thing all the sudden let out a curling sound. And flipped at the speed of lightning. With I mean the most vicious. I never knew raccoon could be that I'd always wondered if a raccoon and can't ever got together what would happen. But the cat wouldn't it doesn't stand a chance. This woman and main jogging in the woods gets attacked by Iraq soon. Bit her she grabs it by the neck and drowns it in a mud puddle. That's not a woman you wanna be best. Just pretty sure about that we're not yet talked some of those guys a glut of homes and and drag Iraq comes out of from. Chimneys and how vicious they comedic lead to get him out I'd never seen a raccoon. Go. Vicious they don't like death. It was fast and it was mean and it was so I mean teeth bared in and claws and I'm just so the fact that this woman could do this I had guy I have no idea how she could do about I was around the thing and a mud puddle that must have been like a fight to the death almost every issue probably gonna say I'm gonna get this I can't let this animal go. Do I have to find out of it has rabies yeah well it did so that's the bedside of disturbed. Friday night fireworks tonight dvd ballpark. Nice taken on the Indianapolis Indians first 67050. You can win tickets all season long at WVT dot com C may want to wander in the air a week from today. The next stop on our hometown tourist Davidson. So what Scott FitzGerald and I will be broadcasting. Down there are our shows a next Friday I'm looking forward to that's so an and feel free to stop by and drive and a and join the conversation will be downtown Davidson or get more specific on location. Into next week it's all brought you by mosquitoes squad they bite we fight details. At WBT. Dot com Independence Day is right around the corner so our sky show you'll start here and about that you digit details on that the WBT dot com as well and a week from Wednesday. He is so wind yours truly end our rock and ray Gooding and A Henry Boggan will hinder the WBT. Hall of fame. And it's going to be a hell of a night. They just know aspects. That are gonna take place some stuff that's gonna happen and in if you can come we'd love to have you. I and you get the details all that it WBT dot com. From word to and listen a little bit different fashion is so your mum and so not everybody that wants to attend is going to be able to attend but but you better shot so what. Let's see the NASCAR hall of fame which honors the history of NASCAR. Is is among those that are saluting WBT for our 95 years of serving the Charlotte community. And so we love that. And if you visit WBT dot com slash contests. There is the opportunity to our join us in and no celebrating now what we'll do a week from next Wednesday but took. We have been working on the speech now for about ten weeks. That's that's actually not true and been collecting ideas for veteran week's song lyrics that come to be or something or other. So I estimate that my acceptance speech at last are about seventeen and a half hours yet though we're not bring a cot. Our and a pillow enough now idol edited a promise. I absolutely promise Americans. Americans gave 309. Billion. Dollars. To charity last year. And it was an all tax write off. Charity. Charitable giving actually in the United States in a 2016 was up nearly 3% from 2015. Better economy problem what. I'd be giving USA annual report on no philanthropy said that individuals. And the states and foundations and corporations gave 390. Billion dollars to charities that's up from 379. Billion about 380000000000. And 2015 giving by individuals especially strong. About 200 to. And 82. Billion dollars that's up 3.4 percent from the previous year where our world or or the most. Charitable people on the planet. But we kind of expect people to do well alone but of their own part too. But anyway I think it's good is speaking a philanthropy the Amazon CEO Jeff below says is asking the public on Twitter. Per Philanthropic ideas. He might have a couple of bucks that he could probably throw toward to cause I would think I had the CEO. Is looking for good causes to spend us some of his money on Sony posted on Twitter yesterday. Asking for ideas. I've sent in my name social. Security number. As. I emphasized that instead of long term options. He was looking for short term projects this kind of interesting I thought. Is the quote from promised way to at one point you said at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact. Close quote within fifteen minutes he'd gotten more than 300 responses. That did that tweet said the tweet is a request for ideas this tweeters and our request for idea. I'm thinking about philanthropy. Strategy. That is the opposite of how I mostly spend my time working on the long term. For philanthropy I find my I I I'm drawn to the other end of the spectrum. Don't right now as one example I'm very inspired and moved by the work being done by Mary's place here in Seattle. He says I like long term it's a huge lever blue origin Amazon Washington Post all of these contributing to society. In civilization in their own ways but I'm thinking I want to much of my Philanthropic I'll act activity. To be helping people in the here and now short term thinking about this in regards to gates and and Walton and stuff. That they're throwing money and then and I got that coalition of Brazilian errors that are all throw in large sums of money and giving away their wealth. But that's all most of that is long term type things b.s those wants to do something now we don't wanna. Throw money at a project that's going to be good for five or ten years he wants to take care of need now I think this but it I is just a different and is it different. I angle that he's come in and out. And that's where he said. People in the here and now short term at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact if you have ideas just reply to this tweet. With the idea and if you think this approach is wrong I'd love to hear from. About that too. So anyway I thought that was kind of thing to move at different avenues that you took taken there. Doesn't have yourself a great weekend enjoy the baseball games that you're I had none down to believe do you ballpark. And and be careful what they you can you know the weather and humidity and all that stuff and we'll see you back here on Monday at 3 o'clock I'll leave you with Mark Garrison of Charlotte six.