The Market Is On A Roller Coaster Ride

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Saturday, June 17th

The market is on a roller coaster ride, The Online Trading Academy helps keep you prepared for the correction.


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This is a paid program for online trading academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk in you can lose a significant amount of money. Online training canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to Bulls and Bears I'm your host Adam that Cisco's sit back and relax and enjoy that the use of the notes that the financial markets. So much going on out there excited as always before we dive deep into want to thank our sponsor. Online trading academy a school that teaches people how to treat and invest in the financial markets maybe a 41 K. And higher rate in an independent trade account concerned about the market sell off check him out across the Carolinas many locations. Online trading academy at 8887508723. That's 888. 7508723. As always in studio co host of the bulls and there is senior coach about my training academy in your coach Steve Champa. Yeah it's the weekend man lost the cover markets on a roller coaster ride man it's been amazing to watch him. On restlessness the question. If we get a twentieth 30% pullback in the S&P five part of the Dow Jones industrial wall that duty or for one game. Because we expect. Not a matter of if it's a matter when that we're gonna have that significant move down on the markets and I think many listeners. We're sitting there complacent because the market's gone up since 2009. And aren't ready for correction that correction is on the horizon. The math does the math folks it will happen you need to be ready. So I think we he would talk about capital preservation as we kick this day off absolutely TM preservation is key it's Paramount. Too many people focus on making money rest rather than protecting money. And if you think about risk management if you think about understanding how to protect white what is protected and grow without worrying about it. Right now watch him a lot of people grow their count the past couple years. But equities at 2030% pullback but we saw not too long ago. It's scanner well and you know eternal winnowed to loser but we've had seen happen here in the financial markets since the collapse of the market in 2000 it is. We've had a signature. Rally and in the S&P the Dow Jones industrial the major US stock indices there up over 2% since the low bold nine which was march of 2009. And many people participated that and you know gotten back to where they were maybe close to where they were before the class of 2009 but here's the thing. We're geared up for another collapse. And the problem is is that if you give it back again because you're not protected or understand how to hedge against loss. It system will point you just shoveling as the Thai. And so we're trying to get it understand his listeners the Bulls and Bears that you need to be prepared for anything remarking duty. And the market did a lot of things the people of 2008 when it collapsed. Here we are I believe that the masses are complacent I think that we had straight up market mover for awhile and their forgot they should memories are so short that we can give it all back. And so we talk about capital preservation we talked about managing that nest egg protect that wealth it's Paramount because here's the problem. If you lose a significant amount of money in a move down the market as a whole. You might be able to get back to where you were but lots and to teach you years to get back at me people that are just getting back. From where they were in 2007. Here it is 201710. Years later they're now getting back to that level of income level of money they had. In their portfolio. Before the cult the last collapse that your ten years older. And one of the things that's important is that you can't get those yours back so we have to protect ourselves it would have to go through those significant moves down. 'cause then we is that if we do take those big losses we run out years we only have about 45 to thirty investing years in our life. Well we can really grow our count in if we take ten of those to get back to where we were because we had a significant collapse in the market and we didn't protect ourselves. Or learn how to. Use eight systematic approach to. The risk management learning how to not lose and take those big losses. Would it does is it literally is going to be easily see eight years of haven't recover so we have to get prepared for. The market is gearing up for significant move down the listeners have to understand this. You need to understand capital preservation is a lot of ways you can approach the markets but one of the most important aspects is managing risk. And you better get ready because we're gonna see that move that's not a matter if it's a matter. You know what ship that's absolutely correct and that's what people need to be focusing on it but right now it's summertime what are people doing. The plan indications they're headed out the beast again on the boat whatever they're doing. They're not thinking about their retirement accounts are not thinking that the S and he's gonna get crushed and I think in net. It's gonna happen tomorrow and eventually tomorrow will come and about a week and a half ago we saw the NASDAQ really get rattled. On Friday a week ago this past Friday and we sergeant rattled on them. It was easily start a class is it really hasn't had any significant movement down in price here's the thing folks things get overvalued. They get undervalued when things over valued in the market that means that they have to fall in price we always say no tree grows to the sky. So if you've got all your money in a 41 K and the market's overvalued widget is. You have to expect a correction. On a correction comes you gonna give it all back. Now if you utilized skills of capital preservation thing like options and futures. And there's so many ways that we can protective hedge against lost if you have a plan in place before the significant move down. Now you basically can sustain that moved down. Not take the large loss and also really not have to give up all those years try to get back to where you work so the goal is obviously is to. Put insurance under house before members of the ground. And I tell that's everybody that I work with an online trading academy here Bulls and Bears you have to be prepared for what the market can duty you. Were expecting a significant move down in price and many news veteran forward case if you don't have a plan in place protecting hedge against loss. You just gonna give it all back again and now you are busy run out of years before you hit it gold seekers time goes by and always trying to catch up to a we were. We can't afford that so capital preservation is Paramount it's deemed changing you have to understand. We'll champ I mean a lot of fuel their plan is there's just being in the 40 again it's Bob Moore company stock. I mean people in the market goes down I go in doing that stock positioning oval by imports cheaper it's it's less price and you'll understand them in a way that entire system is set up that's designed for alternately the institutions. The take your money and when they decide that this thing's gonna it's gotten too high it's they're gonna be gonna push the button they're gonna sell and deporting its stock could lose and 3040% again. When you speak is did you talk about Wall Street Goldman Sachs citadel. The UBS TIAA craft. These are the big players in the market and they control price they controlled we're price goes and when the market five does collapse. They're gonna be the ones that are shorting the position they're going to be that was at a party hedge their position and not take big losses in the gonna profit from that moved down and the masses are gonna give it back. So we talk about capital preservation protection risk management it becomes Paramount that you understand it otherwise. You're never gonna that you financial goals that's a travesty because many of you are shooting for those goals issued for retirement we have to get ready because it's. And it happened whether you're ready you're not exactly an online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand people. Are concerned about their retirement accounts they are concerned about what's gonna happen in this market moves and that's why they need to focus our capital preservation online trading academy. The sponsor Bulls and Bears and had to have a class specifically on capital preservation of you before one K and hiring TS PS3 for a three B whenever may be any money earmarked for retirement this is the class for you whether you get. When he grant and they got a hundred grand in their half a million. He need to understand how to protect which you have this is a 500 dollar class I was able to lean on the sponsor they gave me a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers right now ten to twenty pick up the phone and call. 84451. Trait that's 84451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 are class a capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy. At 844518723384451878233. Because tenets wanted to get this classic capital preservation if you're concerned about the market site up. This is for you 84451. Of trade is that a chance fumbles in bears. Back to pull the ball as the live. Conducted its. Well to tell. Tip that I think it was different let's do something else that he's. And I'm excited talk about it though we get a big event coming up here while we get the inaugural. Bulls and Bears WSV. Meet up group. And if you go to meet up dot com and you go type in bull and Bear's radio. Will populated a year browser and you can come out and meet and Francisco and myself. At our light your academy to holding antennae Holcomb bridge road right there in Roswell Georgia great facility state of the art campus. It's gonna be in the evenings and if you wanna enrollments give every that are free dinner apps so that right there so pretty I'm sixty but it fitted and everybody comes to the food. You go to meet up dot com and become a member annually and invitations through that sites and beat up I come in will outlook for the senior what's gonna record the show. Live during the dinner a wreck before the dinner because we want little one of the gated suggested. That's what's we are to start the show because we got the show typically goes so but it's going to be a lot of fun. And gonna have a lot of people in Atlanta that aware about forward case that raise capital preservation is of of his talk about. We're gonna be really really get the rub doubles we didn't have a nice discussion it's really just gonna be a bunch of people get together for collaboration and and you know fellowship. That's salute at the them excited about that. So it chip you know we're talking about shore in the mark we're talking about being ready. Ticket downward move in the market the biggest thing a lot of people don't know they don't know how to make money. In the market. That's Paramount tree that's you know I'd make money the market goes up. Ask yourself that a outing might want to mark it down you know I always use it now it's like driving a car you can't only for apple servers. Cindy which radiant as the chip let's take a few moments let's talk the listeners what does that look like how is actually done. Short shorts well one of the things I recommend the listeners dues go rent that movie the big shorts which is really just unique. Historical perspective of the collapse of the 2007. To 2009 real estate market. And how people profit from the collapse of market one of the things yet to realize folks. Is that when a market falls in price if the S&P goes down the Dow goes down on the Russell and global market when it falls in price. People lose money because they've box things have gone up. Price falls not able to sell at a lower price. Basic math you buy low sell high if you buy low and it goes up to us certain prices that the fall again you can now giving some of that money back. When you finally do sell for the loss. You took the loss. But the money didn't disappear what to someone else because it was somebody who was short in other words of somebody was betting against it going up. The somebody who is counting on the fact that the market was gonna fall the price is gonna come down. And they profit from that that's what shorting it is we talk about short selling shorting the market shorting a stock. So one of the things people at the realizes this it gives you a much greater chance of having consistency in the market because you don't care which wiggles. Up is good down as. See the problem is is many people drive and on the road right now listen to us and you think you believe this in the core of your soul. That the market goes up that's a good day if the market down at the bed you believe that. You've been programmed to believe that the CBS news NBC news' Lester holt comes on good evening it was a tough day on Wall Street today that's always a day when the market fell. So the masses. The heard the donors who. But the she is used to factually column. They believe that down as bad that if price goes down a market that's a bad day an even programmed to believe that. And that's more misinformation. Down is good up is so we improper with a price goes up or down. We don't care about direction. All we need is the market to move you know with the Margaret does it moves. It moves all the time that's the neatest thing I mean it's it. It's an industry where every single day people are buying and selling its pizzas opportunity where no matter what you try to do there's always gonna be movement. And what you just gotta ask yourself does why have I not taken the time Miller the movement to the up. And the down and if you do so they can be gauging you know along ever worry about you know markets are in knots he capitalize and those selloffs and you really separate yourself from your neighbor. Well look historically at the most successful traders and investors who goalmouth cents. You know Morgan Stanley Merrill Lynch all these big institutions or individual traders like Paul Tudor Jones and Buffett. You know back back in the day some of the all time traders and Joseph Kennedy. The father of John and Ted and Bobby Kennedy was a famous short seller. All of these successful traders and investors may money regardless of direction. And so up is good and downs that Nike is the flaw the philosophy you have to realize. Is if the break the bias that down his bet and that's the hardest battle because even programmed the man has been programs so much in this country to think that up is good and down. To me down as bad. Downey is now here's an example of how to profit on a move down. The stick it's typical stock General Electric trading around 27 dolls share kubert. If we believe GE was gonna go to 24 all this year in other words it's at 27. We think is gonna fall 24. Well we could profit from a three dollar moved down we could short the stock or short sell the stock is the actual market term. And my short sellers are what we do is to sell a stock before falls in price now is the benefit. This is the part of people get mixed up on. We're selling something that we don't own. See that's what the disconnect have a floppy was at half price Alec if I don't. Where your broker owns. So when you open up a trading and investing account your broke rule allow you to do things like sell stock that you don't know because they own the inventory. They're allowing you to sell their shares into the market on your behalf. So I decided it. GE was gonna go from 2724. And I wanted to make money on the three all moved down I could short the stock 27 here's what happens. Immediately when I hit the short putt from my trading investing platform. My broker sells the shares into the market at 27. Now. I'm short the stock which means I have to buy this years' back because I sold the shears to enter a position. Not to exit the position at the buy back but my goal is to buy back at a lower price at 24 that's where I think it's going so essentially what's happened ISIS'. I sold its 47 my broker allowed the shares to go out from the inventory into the market someone bought it for 27 we don't care who it is. I'm waiting until price comes at Tony phone price 124 I'd buy it back now the moment I by the shares back it immediately goes back whomever is inventory. But I get to keep the three dollars profit because I sold it when he seven and I bought a 24. I bought after a sold it. Another is I covered my shorted the term and I was able to put that three to all the share in in my pocket. So on a hundred shares of Madrid a box and a thousand ME 3000. And I did on a move down in the stock imagine that. That's all it is don't over think this folks is not that complex. It's as simple as understanding buy low and sell high and we just selling to enter the position or traders and investment. Or Bynum back at a lower price to cover the position and we keep the profit. That's a game changer. And if you don't learn that skill you're never gonna hit the goals for Nancy's if you family. It's that important and for the masses you can do it just a matter of learning the skill and you know what it's a simple thing is not difficult it is different. Exactly and online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically got shorted in what I love is. If you're brand new to the market he did in the mark thirty years and you don't know how to short. This is huge opportunity for you if you have money in the market for one k.'s higher res and we need to learn how to capitalize a downward move. You do not want to miss out on this that the 500 dollar value let's face it if they can protect when you're 30% in your portfolio the next correction. It's probably worth a lot more than 500 dollars however few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten to 25 pick of the voter and I'll call 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for callers ten to 25 to get a 500 dollar class specifically on shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451878233. 84451878233. For callers tend to 45. It is 500 dollar class again if you're concerned about the markets and opt for you wanna capitalize in the next market selloff. Pick up the phone 84451. Trade at 844. 51. Trade is that a champ a Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears the ghost and mrs. guy having. As equitable way studio. That is in you know it's always good to have Casey here young Casey sitting there producing the show he does a great job and you know what's great is if you go to FaceBook where she going to be stunned a place them though. Actual blooper from the show ready that we have any kind of goofy this on the show. You go to FaceBook notables of Bear's radio. And we're going to be able oppose some of the seas go to new Cameron's studio here it's kind of fun and you know I have no yep WellPoint a better right now so hopefully we'll see on FaceBook in. Like us on FaceBook you'd help us out immensely definitely don't forget chip but it may as a question for you see your coach. Feel free call line ask the coach line 877904. Trade. Ask your question elitism that's if you end up fumbles and yours you know bulls there's prize. And missiles swing absolutely champ while the biggest thing that happened in the financial markets a lot of people politely and some audio. If you think about it you have a job in the paycheck that when he comes daily monthly basis and you handle. But yet the money earmarked for retirement a lot of it was blindly handed over that for one day. And they have no idea was let's take a few moments let's break it out why would somebody want is money you and I both called you know it's a self direct. I believe as you can do better long term and painless beat the mean is all upside that you learning the skills of managing your own money and here's the thing the way the systems that have to do its job. You sit there and off the tee is a benefit the 41 K Gupta is a benefit to give you a match which is of the lower they lower you into the 41 K. They do make a decision and you literally sitting there in the break room and HR room. And yet to make a decision where you gonna put invest that money to deviate maybe six to twenty mutual funds and that's about it and they are traditionally what they call the dog funds. The reason they're available in your 401 k.s does no one buys them outside of the 41 K folks. There's no interest is no demand for those funds silly stuff and the forward case of people picked them. And be illegal demand a little action on these phones and so when you make the decision which fund you gotta put your money to every fourteen days in your 41 day. Promised majerle spent on the decision to your research the fund. Well let me ask you this you know the fund manager if the person who is managing your wealth was sitting in the car next you right now pulled up alongside you rolled out the window and wave view. Which you know who they were probably not. And that's frightening thought so we have this mass of people. The hurt society in America. Who throw money to forward K they don't know his management they get the worst choices and investment opportunities that are put in those funds because there's no demand for them outside those funds. It that you pay on average 155. Grand. That's 155000. Dollars. In management fees over 25 your house soulful 141 K lifetime think about that. And you have all the risk. And Wall Street gets a guaranteed return because who's managing your money is a Wall Street firms bit the trust you your 401K if you understood the team better. And you understood that out of the paint those fees I can make money is the mark was up or down. And ultimately. I now have the ability to influence decisions as to where I want my money. You can hit the go into the ballpark that's a game changer and that's why we're so. Adamant about banging the drum. Of self directing your Bulls and Bears because if you don't learn the skills to manage your own money you don't learn how to to control that money. You leave it to somebody else it's a Wall Street firm you know what probably never gonna hit those goals that you would think well that's a chain that's the same music that was. Your spouse count on your kids account on it. And if you gotta ask yourself who knows if there's a way that action you know do you better than what do there's a way that I can save money with what I'm doing self directing the answer. Ask yourself why might. Well and people again have been misinformed that Wall Street decision outsmarted and I meet people all the time. That have learned the skills of making decisions in there IRAs and if forward case that are better quality decisions and any other anybody else manage the money would have put them into. And ultimately that pain ovals fees which is just a drain on profitability. One of the great things about learning the skills of trading and investing is that you can do it 6000 month. I'm meet people all the time that's been maybe six hours a month maybe eight hours a month managing their nest day. And then not in a 41 K because they wanna be able to profit regardless of direction. And they don't have to pay those exorbitant fees and eating up their long term returns. So one of the great things Adam is that much stuck the older in the steel of managing your own money you stuck to incorporate that into your lifestyle. It's really just like anything else is is becomes habit and eventually you become better and better yet. And so the focus on the markets is obviously that we want to profit from price movement. If we're in a position where we can self direct with a focus whether it goes up or down with the profit regardless of direction. Unlike in a forward cable can or make money one direction and wood off the pay those fees of the so much upside. And so little downside for people learn the skills self directing it becomes a no brainer that's why more and more people are flocking to the ability and. Finding out how to self direct their own portfolio. A lot of people are looking to sell direct a lot of people are fresher brokers that had to pay at financial advisors. Online trading academy teaches a class specifically on how to get started with self directed you do not want to miss out on this. If you've been in the market you don't know how to take control your funds this is the class for you. The 500 dollar value of a few seats that I might treat Kennedy gave us to give away here apples and pears were gonna take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now call. 84451. Trade at 84451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class. A itself direct your portfolio again if you're branding the marquis in the market for years that you want to control the funds. Call right now at 84451. Trade that 844. 5187233. For callers ten to twenty in a 500 dollar class and so direct your portfolio. That's 84451878233. For colors tend twenty to be of this process self directed. Is that a chance bubbles in there. Welcome back the bulls the bears on us at the fifth go at. After a blast take with the boys always it's time. As always this time the show. Check in and asked the coach. Got a couple calls then went to take one we dig Joey from saint Pete. Go ahead. A golden bear. Generally from eight Pete Florida. I didn't started equipment company about nine days ago. I got that packet with a 401K. Our director. And actually have another 401K my old company. In the one month ago. And 10 what are my options quit that old war one K. Roll it and and it news. Company here at the do apparently a I really don't know. What I'll be out there that can you tell me. What are all mine now. It is so much. And you the that that might. It's a good question Joey thanks for comment and yet he got a different options that you can take advantage of one of the things that when people leave the place of employment and they have a 41 K. That goes with the solved I meet somebody let's just leave it there. And somebody forget about it. I mean I've met students and I'll watch it academy that didn't even realize they had 203040 grid and retirement accounts somewhere until we helped them identify that. Which you know one of the things my mentor taught me years goes financial success requires you pay attention to what's going on. So I'm glad that you diligently thinking about this joy because you bet your money needs to go with you. There's a bunch of these you can you can do nothing leader in the 41 K that is currently and then you'll still get the same tax deferred status because the benefit of a 41 K plan is that. You have to pay taxes it's a you'd take. Distributions later on in life so you don't pay on the contribution of which are you putting money into the forward K you're not paying taxes. But when you take that money out later on for retirement lifestyle you're gonna get paid you know the tax liability at that point so it is a tax deferred account which. Is beneficial to a lot of people. But what I'm my recommendation is an obvious I can't tell you what to do you like to advise you but what I would say is this you can roll that into an irony in you mention that in your question. You can put added to an irate with no tax consequences in other words you're rolling it from one tax deferred retirement account which is company sponsored. You don't work for the company anymore you can Al rolled into an irate here's the beautiful thing about what an irony unlike in a 41 K you can profit when the market goes up or down 21 of them. Benefits of an IRA account is that I still have the same tax deferred status. And out of the pay taxes until I take. Distributions later on life but I can now do more things that I can do a 41 K it's called self directly. And we talked a lot about a terrible them as it's really managing your own portfolio. And you can rolled into an irony. And now within that irate you can to a variety of things Joey you can trade stocks options currencies futures you can do real estate Nyerere if you chose to. The so many things you can do and you can grow that account. Without a tax cuts with so later on a life. The problem is is that many people they feel like they're not Smart enough for sophisticated enough to take it control that money and manage it. And that's the misinformation that Wall Street gives to the masses. There's a few basic things you can learn to do Joey and what I love are all educated we teach people how to take control that bucket. And how to effectively manage and grow its regardless of what the market goes up or down and we talked earlier this in this show about short selling how to make money in a move down the market. The problem is you can't do that 41 K. In an irate is a lot of things you can do to take advantage of doubt would price movement. So my recommendation is and again I can't advise you but if I was in your scenario out probably rolled to a 41 K you mean rolled into higher eighty or 41 K. And I might even think about what really wanna opt into the new 41 K because when you look at the 401K. System. Is designed to literally be able only make money went on the market goes up. Who was sitting on the precipice of a collapse of the market where at a record hired near record high and I don't know if I wanna be buying at the top. And so there's things you can do what you can utilize the same resource that you put it at 41 K. And put it into that same Meyer who you rolled the goal for one K and do so the Sony things you can do. What you have to do is way out what's gonna serve you best you know one of the things we talk about a Bulls and Bears his. Widow wanna go to. Wanna keep this is big is is possible if you wanna explore more opportunities. You could find more specific details but do with some self research. I mean I love the academy we do that meeting we can help people get that researched on the know what their options are and opportunities are. But I what I would say is this Joseph it affect you thinking about is admirable. Commendable to you and also my mindset is always that you got to do better if you control manage that money yourself. See the problem in America is that everybody has their money and management. And it's all can only grow the market goes up so in the forward case and half the market goes down people that horrible form in case they lose we talk about this constantly. If Bob and I react in protective hedge against lost and I can even grown my account as the market goes down so you have more choices. And the best thing about learning the steals the man as a portfolio itself Joey you can do it 6000 mark. It's not going to be time invasive on you sell one of my recommendations are is this. Do your research obviously. Understand the entire day in my opinion is a better opportunity in the forward K for the old 41 K and you might even wanna think about. Taken that new mighty and it contributed in the 41 K put it in higher interest learn the skills to manage that portfolio itself because. Once you learn that skill you'll realize I can make money in either direction and I can protected reserve that the things that hit two to four K. I'm able to and higher so I appreciate the call Joey really really good to hear from you thanks for being a listener and hopefully we'll talk you know Thompson. Absolutely thank you joy from saint Pete. Online trading academy speaks about that all the time managing your own retirement accounts and a lot of people when they go to the academy that's what they're looking for. In a class specifically on how to get started managing your account Julie this'll be something right up your Alley. Lot of people leveled 41 K they don't know what to do with them if that's the cases is specific for you. They have a class a right to campus the 500 dollar value is learning how to manage your retirement accounts you do not want to miss out on this if you have an old account you don't know what to do with it. Pick up the phone will have a few c.s to give away we're gonna take callers ten to 25 pick of the phone call. 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade scholars tend to point five to get a 500 are class a managing your retirement accounts. At 84451878233. To get a 500 dollar class from online trading academy are managing retirement accounts at 84451871833. Once again if you're in the market are you unsure what to do that all the count eight or four. 51. Trade is that in champ bubbles and banners. Welcome back to move the bears that because it just you know having to fly them. Talk about a variety of different things more than me. You know this for the bank opposed to trading investing in actually getting gaining renown market. You know a lot of people lined meat they come up to me and they say. You know I got a problem I stock I don't know on the cell and it's almost like they hold the team longer that message out some players somehow but the question is when do I get in the and when do I get out let's take a few moments let's talk about this break it down for the listener champ when would someone want to. Or the Willis take a theoretical example let's say XYZ stock was trading at 34 goals this year is my question listeners is that a good price. People say a lot of I know you don't know because just the number 34 all this number now if you knew percent certainty. And there's no purpose and certainly in the market and that stock was at 34 was 150. What action would you take you to buy it. It's obvious. If you do with a percent certainty that that stock was at 34 gold when he would actually UT where you'd sell it if you didn't you short it to make money as it fell on price. See if you don't have a reference point or another with what we call price reference point with the should be a buyer seller at a price I do you know what to do. And the frightening thing is is that many illicit right now every fourteen days as part of your 401K you buys. No matter what price that sent what if it's at a price we should be selling. What I love about following a good rule based system trading and investing what I love about the academies that that's all we teaches how to understand. I should be a buyer at this price vs the seller or so at this price for some buyer. This specific information we can look at to determine. We litigated and where to get out it's not just the casino is not just hope it goes in a certain direction. So what's great about understanding. Entries and exits in the market is that. If you have a good rule basis to tell you win again and winning get out and it puts probability your Fave is going to be profitable it takes the emotion of decision. It takes a lot of stress and and the and the headache out of the decision. And so what excites a lot of people what the market is the ability to make money quickly and from their home. But they don't have a good system of entries and exits it's gonna be a moot point and are going to be successful. So what we have to understand is that there's different things that we can look at different pieces of information. To tell us we begin where to get out and it doesn't it's not fool proof is not a 100% probable doesn't have a guaranteed return. But it allows you to be consistent where if you're right a little bit more than your wrong and when you are wrong ticker really small lost and when their right to a bigger game. Think of the math on that. If every time your right you make three dollars in every time you're wrong you lose a dollar. If you're right 60% of the time you make three all in the other 40% of the time you lose a dollar you're gonna be a tremendously successful trader investor so is not about always being right. It's about knowing where byword of cell based on a set of rules to fall and then ultimately. Making a good decision without emotion and when your right making a bigger winner than when your long taken a small lost if you do that consistently. That's the team changed a lot of people so entries and exits. Is not a mystery. Is what causes a lot of people have anxiety about the markets but this process is that you can follow where you would know exactly litigated and where to get out. So if you're right he made good return if you're wrong to small pre defined minimize loss. And if you do that consistently over time. He stuck to get a compounding growth in your account watch what happens the team changes can really transform your finances long term because you've got race better system in the masses. And ultimately it would make money regardless of direction and market conditions. Exactly and champ of anyone's ever been in the market they've always said you know I just don't know when to get it when they get out that's ball game you. You start to add entries and exits with high probability low risk on your side. That is a game changer that separates it online trading academy that's exactly what they teach entries and exits in the financial markets howdy it is daddy get out with high probability low risk. Once you know how to do that that's a game changer. They have a class specifically on it entries and exits the 500 dollar values do not want to miss out on this we have a few seats to give away. If you betray even that senior question I'd like it and how to write it out this class for you. We will take callers fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade that the 844. 51 trait for caller fifteen to 3500 dollar class. On entries and exits on at the campus on my treaty cap that. 8445187233. 8445187233. For callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500 dollar clash you do not want to miss out on this. If you're in the market you cute confused on the entries and exits went to a violent myself pick up the phone call 84451. Trade at 844. I have won that trade chip has been a great week here on Bulls and Bears all the exciting Casey appreciate Jeff is that it champ a Bulls and Bears.