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Scott Fitzgerald
Wednesday, May 17th

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This is Lana is that correct with the ABC that is joining us now here. Hair and the White House all right it's good to have you here today so. Obviously there's a lot of things that are swirling around with India the world's media sphere and that would be the the intelligence and Israel perhaps what what happened with Russia. As well as the the memo that commie says that he has. Where he can claim that the president asked him to to back off to a this Palin thing go what the new developments. Well a lot of people are having questions about this memo and it and until we actually have it in hand and it's produced as a as a document that we can all look at and understand there's going to continue to just be speculation about that so. Jason chafe at the Republican chair of the house oversight committee is demanding that the FBI produced that memo he's even threatening a subpoena. Lindsay Gramm just a little bit ago is calling. On the judiciary committee to to get James Komi in front of them to testify. And and we're even hearing from at least one Republican House member who says that bad enough is enough. And in an independent investigation. Needs to take place. To look into these potential ties and really clear the air and I have to tell you the Republican leadership in the senate. Un is really frustrated because they want to be talking about other issues yesterday they talked about health care and and unfortunately bared their own they feel like they're being derailed they say buying all of this controversy coming out of the White House. So what along you think before there's some sort of official action in and at the request comes forced. Well the world official request from take it has been sentenced to the FBI. So to the Serena has been shipman says not a subpoena okay every request I'm an official rook last has been made. Come at with the threat of a subpoena to follow if the FBI doesn't produces documents so. We'll be waiting to see. If and when the FBI produces down. Part of part of the issue is with any of these things. It becomes. It becomes questions of of confidentiality. Of what can be made public what is. Sensitive and privileged. Bites. Ultimately. Where we are right now is. The White House that continues to. To hound these daily bombshell headlines. That that they are trying to react to and where we're noticing a subtle change. I'm here in Washington both from Republicans who are no longer being so. So. Confidence in there coming to the defense of the White House now their their much quieter than they had been previously. And we're also hearing from the White House and just a little bit of a change in their strategy instead of trying. To get out in front of the news only to feel like the president and comes out and changes the direction of everything. Well we got from the white house on this most recent headline is the denial about the substance of the matter. They say that that the president and the White House did not try and influence the FBI to drop any investigation but no further elaboration beyond. All right alana is that with the ABC in the White House who witnessed today I appreciate your update.