John Hancock
Monday, May 15th

John talks about Trump Comey and Tapes, I Read The News and the new trend of "Soligamy", marrying yourself.


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This is John Hancock. Heather rather other Torres. Monday as we can fame. Homered in the middle today. Pretty hard to believe in the. Tomorrow as the head days that Charlotte Mecklenburg schools will tell you whether or not they heard you over the last a few months or not to big meeting tomorrow to all learned of a no CMS plans. And. It's open to the public but there's not a public comment period. And dead there will be a public hearing at the start of the may 24 meeting and then vote Joseph will be scheduled later on that evening but tomorrow. Is when and class Ryan Clark so plan for boundary changes 12018. Will be officially announced against. And shall present the the revisions. From 5 to 8 o'clock tomorrow so that should be interest to. Speaking of schools that trumps figured out though where baron's going to school next year he's going to saint Andrew's episcopal enough Potomac Maryland. Which breaks a somewhat of a precedent in that the first family has always sent their kids to Sidwell Friends School but not barren. So they're gone that. Supreme Court rejected the appeal to reinstate the North Carolina voter ID law because. Because. Because it's just. Too big a ball hard chip to expect anybody to be able to come up with the idea and three years. By the way you have three and a half years notice right now is to the next presidential election in my wanna start planning ahead. It can be difficult real. And Korea claims their mission old missile attested over the weekend I can carry nuclear warheads are by feel good about themselves today. There ago. There you go the buzz is back in the Charlotte Observer we talked about that here's a couple of entries from our readers of the Charlotte Observer of the buzz it back and so is Nixon. This trump needs a colony over. This. That's pretty good. FBI and fired because. Of investigation. To me this is why I missed the bus. Hard to believe our favorite cartoon characters are sold Mickey Mouse just turned 87. Donald Duck 81. Nancy Pelosi 76. This. And did the NSA quit spying on Americans order they just outsource the job to Russia there or else. Jane. I don't nobody reads the newspaper anymore to me. And those people. Articulate. Bright. Engaging charismatic. I'm tired but don't yet know I'm. I was watching TV I guess was a Friday. And that new show on or maybe Saturday I don't know but anyway they had all these good looking kids sit around the president and a one point the president. I had sound got to do this and household tough. And Ed at one point the a president sitting there was all of these they're good looking young kids surrounding him. Our reach Bakken and shook the hands. Good looking African American kids standard in the back of a group. Well then I find out that wanna pick up the newspaper the weekend those are just some kids those were Charlotte's victory Christian center's school. Who. We decided to revive our rocket tree dream team and they named their rocket after Donald Trump. And so we had a little White House. And so those those good looking kids that. That I saw on TV or from right here. Eric all. Of those very cool and I yes Virginia I did make it out to moot pupil is over the weekend. Went out on Saturday for lunch. And if you were listening to Friday show. Yes I paid for the T shirts. Always felt so guilty and they gave us three T shirts last week. Then Harold called it was talking about this that the other all the money go under and and consider looking at my three free T shirts again. And so they were going order lunch repaired for teachers there. We know loan. Are you pick dot com. I won't bore you with all my mother's did yesterday but I hope because senator a great Mother's Day we didn't. We went over to Philip. All the sudden Susan's oldest son. And his wife brie. Who if you were listening to the April 10 WBT 95. All the same program. Should Bree was an error and I announced that engendered in this was okay did she was pregnant and so on and so forth and thus those something due September October way to know what. Odds so they chose Mother's Day and they've known I guess for about ten days two weeks. And they picked yesterday aided in the big reveals. So we went over to Phil and Bruce house yesterday and now this is a family that has always had boys. And everybody in the room except for Karen and I breeze mom. Knew. It was going to be a boy. Except no way we were kind of wishing for a girl but we knew we were. Up against the odds. Well they revealed yesterday and her name. Emilia. You know who's a first person I thought I learned that we used to have a girl I'm Amelio that was I worked in our promotions department just like to recently her business to sweetie. A million may does that sound southern. So anyway I can't wait to meter I've seen pictures over. The black and white. Gym it's pretty cute. Jim looks comfortable. She looks a little bit like me on a Saturday morning on her backhand up snore and. Brent then I cannot do I can't wait. The Obama want out I'm ready. So I. They spent the weekend Tom. What kind of focused on what was gonna happen yesterday because those really dig dirt find out. Without him having a grandson or granddaughter in the and this is their first on Minnesota like a big deal. Armed too big deal anyway but do you all know the first one was always so then the second one's kind of a show under one. Here you can where we're at the last one had. Problem. But I I did allow my eared you know zip into the news from time to time. Boy it's just I'm just telling you there are people predict in the into the world we had took my wife's car and for servicing. The last service before the warranty expires reduced. Paid for a and so why it is my Wi-Fi I never would have thought of as well I would have a fighter have been aware of it anyway she had to be in by like the seventeenth two of still be on a war Ernie. So we wanted to over the weekend and she had a Jack and everything. Rotate tires and check in fluids do not at last check of world party lineup that's. So lie you know I that was listen to radios and the other but the guy who was service and are part of the service manager there and Craig guy a nice guy. But he says to me. You'll remember the last time I saw you are predicted that Donald Trump would do. Not make it four years and now I'm here to tell you that. I don't think he's gonna make it a year. And I and I and I didn't really wanna get into a political conversation because quite frankly it's my day off. But I. I don't know I engaged him a little bit on that just to kind of see exactly where his head was. Now and in the first place and impeachment would take longer than that ordinance. And indeed it did take show while just to get to the we've we've gone through an impeachment. Since I've been near the big Bill Clinton. And. I and I understand that. Bit then did the per. Asses got a full court press on every single day and this president doesn't help you at all. With his tweets. Little things I was read about this today his tweet that came out about the camera. Are scares me about the are recording equipment. About the possible. Only better hope I don't have tapes. Well he didn't say better hope I don't have a tape. Said tapes. So that bad yeah I mean that's stuff that if he was listening to anybody they can count on say they've missed president. But anyway I. Daily. And it is it's every single day I guess I would ask you right now let's say that he did tape Konami. In his office. Is that legal or illegal. It's legal. All right it's legal under one party consent. Meaning. Only one party in that room has to consent to be recorded. In trump would be that guy. So. I'm getting tired and weary of the daily onslaught but there's no reason to think that it's gonna end. Because that's this is chopping down a tree that's what the Democrats are doing a chopping down a tree. So you just don't take one giant swung open the tree is gone. You've got to keep on chipping away at the tree. Now one of the things that I thought was kind of interesting over the weekend was the president delivered the the inauguration of the comes civic demonic activity and orders. The commencement address. To the college for liberal arts and sciences and the graduate school. That. No that's Lugo that was that you UN CC he. Was a liberal word and you speak with a liberty. I got this tape to the same an article about UNC sees a new us grads. Trump talks to graduates at liberty over the weekend any urges him to stand up to their critics. Follow their convictions. But also be willing to stand up to criticism from others who don't have the courage to do what is right. And I would I guess I would tell you the same thing. Well there's a few things I could tell you but it just depends on what road you wanna take our number one I took off on my journey on my career. I think it was my mom and dad are both said. You're gonna have a tough time because. You're gonna take the hard road and and that's always a harder road than his you know again I'm hard headed. Stubborn and when I was stunned so stunning shock to all of. And they were right. He president draws parallels to what was widely viewed as say a long shot bid by himself to be the president and he told. Is 181000 graduates fight for what you believe them. And challenge. Entrenched interests. And failed power structures. And that's what he's do what. Now it's pretty hard to stand up for this guy because. The vote the White House does seem to be in turmoil I think the lord told the one and maybe it proves to be go to true by the time it's all over with but. There's this little story. That is pat lingering. Behind the scenes right now. From actually yes is that the name of those eight XIOUS. Excuse me eight XIOS. They reported yesterday that trump is considering a quote. Huge reboot. That could include the firing over its previous. Steve Bannon and Dan McGowan. Who's a council. And or Sean Spicer. But that's just another one of those little. There's no validity to that I've seen or reported anybody else does the press that were dealing with right now. You can as long as you're not bell liable you can say whatever you want to. You can project whatever you want you can ask questions that are alluded to sound like questions but actually reveal statements not. So why it's it's been this daily litany. And I don't know. Maybe this guy is the guy off. If he does what he told the grads stand up to your critics stand up for what you believe then. Know what is right. Have the courage or the guts of the stamina. I'd do what take whatever delivered to you and and do what's right maybe maybe develop irregular avoid star tournament. We've got to a hundred days yet. Well sure. All the conversations last week about taping and they Nixon. I've got Nixon's famous event in both two more times the last ten days the milk. The the president Friday warned that James told me the former FBI director that he fired. Mourned indignity shouldn't leak anything negative. But I have a about the president himself may need to know about trump. Saying that coming quote on quote better hope. That there are no sacred. Tapes within mess. On their conversations that the president can use in retaliation. So that suggests that the president may have been recordings some of his meetings or telephone calls. Sometimes that doesn't work out so well as Richard Nixon media president and his spokesperson later refused to say whether he tapes his visitors or not. Com he was suspected I guess of doing this in his New York office a few years ago. He. It's not clear whether or not he was. Genuinely revealing the existence of her recordings or just simply making a rhetorical point that their economies version of the events were false and in no not that I think that this president is. Subject of hyperbole or anything up from time to time it seems like her personally personally rational. Well thought out. Not impulsive. So trump may be the only one who truly knows whether he has tapes of his conversation with the former FBI director or anybody else but if he does. Then it would become really at this point more of a congressional problem and what his problem and if trump did in fact record his talks with call me. Mom dad doesn't as far as I know violate Washington DC law or federal law because there's a. There's I think a one party consent recording. And that is recordings made win only one person in the conversation okay is that which is in this. Case hypothetically. Would be trump he would be the one that he would be the one party consent to having the recordings. Now we can't do that. I can't. They call somebody on the phone and put him on the year. Oh or record them without their knowledge. So laden. The idea is that. And this is according to a Georgetown law professor by the name of Laura donning your stone Fox News. The idea is. That even inside your own home when you divulge information to other individuals you lose privacy. And it's not a violation of your privacy. So that information for instance could be used in court sort the president is on. Far shakier ground when it comes to probable or probing of lawmakers even knows from his own party which appears eager to subpoena him and know those tapes. Should they exist if in fact there are such recordings. Says likely Republican from my Utah on FOX News Sunday yesterday. He said I think those recordings will be subpoenaed and I think that they will probably have to return them over. Well you go back down to the Nixon tapes. Which. Takes awhile. With a forty. Five years ago 44. Years ago silica. Several presidents. Have recorded conversations without problems. But the one that we always associated. That practice with his Nixon because his recordings became evidence in the Washington an investigation that ultimately. Led to his resignation. And then tell sooner or later recordings are likely to become public the lesson for president since Nixon was do not tape your Oval Office reported recording our conversation that's a quote from. Timothy nab. NAFTA only pay a professor at New York University. And the first federal director of the Richard Nixon presidential library in no lower Yorba Linda, California. Quote unquote it can only get you in trouble meeting to record. Because those do become the property of the people the former FBI director James told me. As the president said on Friday better not hope that when they're better hope there are no tapes of our conversation before he starts leaking to the press. Well that's ambiguous but. Colonies overseeing all was overseeing the Russian investigation. Trump claimed call me assure him at a dinner in two phone calls and he wasn't under investigation mean the president wasn't under investigation. Probably hasn't spoken and in public he's issued. An email or a letter to the people of the FBI. And talking about you know you have technically surge of pleasure of the president. But it associates said the dead Trump's claims are puzzling adding that putt that did trump sought to a loyalty pledge from Komi during the January 27 White House dinner. Well that's been disputed. And who do you believe at this point the left presser the right White House that. The White House spokesman Sean Spicer didn't comment on whether you know when when he was asked whether or not trump recorded call me. Under up post Watergate law. Called the presidential records act. Records made by eight presidents belong to the people. And can eventually be made public destroying Mel would be a crime. The are represented a mallet shift one of he has already seized on a tweed and and asked said that at trump give congress any recordings of conversations with with a with comic. I don't know or that's going. Both Republican and democratic lawmakers yesterday. Called on not trump. Two to turn over any tapes that he might have a conversations with the former FBI director. Those calls came after trump posted the tweet on Friday suggesting that he had tapes within ass of conversations with Tony. Sean Spicer declined to confirm or deny that those tapes exist sorted trump. Senator Lindsey Graham said on NBC's Meet the Press yesterday and I still can't quite understand why he gets such a forum. You have a guy who ran for president that less than 1%. In the primaries so I don't get that other than being John McCain's. Lap dog I don't understand the attention to Lindsey Graham although he does set on influential committees. Anyway he said on meet the pressure Esther date can't be cute about tapes. It's a quote you can't be cute about tapes if there are any tapes in the conversation they need to be turned over. But I'd be turned over to your ass for a Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Always a leveling. Saying both sane voice. Now please to look for. Solid rock solid guidance. Set on CNN's state of the union. That does trump must immediately give congress any tapes and he warned that dead destroying them would be against the law that's true enough. Schumer also said the senate Democrats are considering whether they you know whether refused to vote on a new trouble pointed FBI director Intel special prosecutor is named to investigate the trump campaigns. I'm potential links to Russian interference so last week I got Basel I just it just gets deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper rural. And I do those of you who are really like big time political junkies you must just be in pig heaven right now this is like a really great. Our last few weeks of the season where you know anything can happen anybody could win the pennant. But in last year. Just really into politics. This is exhausting. And maybe that's the whole. Do look less agenda on this thing is to. Just keep up a steady litany of negative true rumor. What ever. Rhetoric dead dead dead matter keep throwing chum in the water. And as seen how much of via mainstream press willow bulls run towards it I you know they'll turn it because there today. But it is it's a daily negative negative negative negative and you've got to watch yourself for it'll start to take effect to YouTube. It already is affecting some people in Washington that would have been supporters otherwise Republicans are already starting to weaken out. I just to Ted. Present our graduation weekend vs about more colleges. UN CC in to make you UNC yesterday and there's this season. Trump's. Urging graduates to a stand up to their critics. If you would tell one thing do. Graduates what would you tell based on your life experience now. The largest effort in drug going in my back in my head. Of some that I learned to do I don't know what took so long does any salesman knows this. Mark. Is how to drop a line in the shot up. Because that visited the person you're talking to will respond. 99% of the time. Now sometimes you get yourself into a like an uncomfortable. Situation. But outside or how I took me so long to do but I've now learned. How to make a statement or whatever the case may be and then you basically good dropper dropped that line and and just let it sit there and and the key is. Student to have the patience and the discipline. To not. Be the one that speaks first make the other person speak first whoever speaks first loses. That's how I was trained. And sometimes you can sit there for big idiot if allied has dropped yet now the F bomb it I don't know about that or not. Eight at some point. It depends on what those conversations about it and whether or not you're talking to a superior or or an employer or whatever the case may be well I was from a sales standpoint if you're in a sales negotiation type of thing so you're trying to Celso right now right. I've done it here. We waited with a great success because every now and then you just get into a deal so you drop a line and then you just leave it up to the caller to go on. But if I didn't know now when I was trying to do sales nine years ago might have been a lot more effective. Because they did that they instinct thing about that is it's usually you drop a line and then you lose patience. You don't see an answer or a statement forthcoming coming back catcher. And so you're the one that gets antsy and then you feel like you have to add a sentence under the sentence that you just left. And that I have great fun now just drop and it because I guess I have enough confidence now that I can just stand there for pretty much as long as you can. Waiting your response does not to say that your response sometimes the response sketch is used. Sometimes you get a hold of respect for the person being done it with their response because they drop it right back in your court but. Little things little nuances that you learn that's where experience comes in. Interest and stuff I copper yesterday via a former. Our national intelligence director James clapper. He was describing our institutions. Yesterday. I was being under assault. Both external late. And is that you have a big news here is that the Russian interference in our election system. And he said I think as well our institutions are being. Assaulted internally. And asked. Internally. From the president. Clapper said exactly. The founding fathers. In their genius. Created a system of three co equal branches of government. And built. And yet do that it does and that's it's it's a built in system of checks and balances. And when when people have called especially after this election was over and have. Expressed. Stress about this president. I've always said you've got three branches of government that's what it was device foresaw that knots one single branch. Are considered totally alienate the other. But clapper said yesterday I feel as though. That the big the co equal branches of government is under assault and is eroding. And I would agree with that. And I would blame both parties for that. Especially over the last one you change because that's what they've tried to do in order to get what they want. I don't particularly like these are rules out before took sixty votes now takes fifty wandered. Judges and this that the other I had been quite frankly I'd. It's supposed to be tough. It's supposed to be they're supposed to be a system and there are so that you get. The best result not necessarily just the result any one party you're one individual wants. Prior agree with clapper yesterday he not only talked about. I institutions under a full assault meaning Russians and stuff but he also talks about two of the founding fathers and them creating the three wolf coequal branches of government. Our with a built in systems of checks and balances and yes that's under assault and that's for a. Thank Ken and out enough front of the public over the weekend. First public appearance since. This new life began. He. He said Saturday he's focused on being the best father husband and a son he can be. And didn't rule out running for office again. And and then he said according to the paper quote. Any thing else is God's will close court. I just gets so tired of people evoking god to cover up their own. And just you know they may reserve is sincere is all get out enough. But I you know I do it until he proves not to be a con man pat con man. Then I'm gonna think he's con man and especially with some of the dealings I've had with him in the non response that I've gotten from him he shows up at a year and a million trouble for this and but he shows up at a forum being held by the black political caucus. Because they won't find any fault with pat under any circumstances. Because they won't. He's. He's not behind enemy lines. He's in a place where. And I just think it's. It's in it's just so predictable. I Canada and two other former officials give advice to an audience of a hundred. About fundraising and opposition research and making contacts and all right if you if you're thinking about their role in running for office probably good probably good advice he certainly would understand. On the ins and outs of fund raising and opposition research and know making contacts and the political process and if you decided hey maybe I'll run for City Council. Already start Guardia and joy you know the information I don't question information. I don't question the experience. But he had no point in this first public appearance since being released from federal prison. Did he and address is guilty plea. You know if you're talking to some mob potential love politicians. Maybe you might be I'd just as instrumental and sharing with them some of the down false. A public office some of the temptations. Well public office. But apparently that's. Reporters asked him about the charges after the forum and. And any said is says any said. Since his release from federal prison and no September he's only seen love and support yes. Because he's only hang around with people that are gonna give him love and support. That's why he's he's hanging he's hiding behind a black political caucus because he knows they want. There won't press him on any thing. He is up probation ends in 2019 when is our a right to vote. Object comes back. And and he can run for elected office if you wanted to and it just happens to be a City Council election night here. And I got to tell you some Charlotte if you elect pat Gannon back to City Council you deserve what you get. In less than the next two years that week he just. Threw actions. And deeds. I'll proves that he's a changed man. But it's just forty c.s still the kotsay and con man that was there before. And and pat is larger hanging in hiding behind the black political caucus in you're not gonna face anybody that might. Ask you a pointed question. Or. Well then do you know why does that give you any credibility. Was glad I I liked that alike you pat. I'm. Like all my ex herb. Political pets. They don't say no love me so much anymore. Laboratory. Last time we ran into him and alls and I said to elect heavy on sometime he'll look to me like I was out of my mind. Why. Because I won't kiss your ass. Now. It you know we we we. We we where we are we've been fairly thorough pat and now we've been we've always been fair with back but we haven't always. They expressed the conversation that the opinion that. Bid dated he would probably alike and that's fun and I still consider him to be. I hate the word used the word friend because friend is a really. A good appointments. But Buchanan. I did just a couple of situations in Canada Americana is best right reached out to him to know. No response whatsoever. Not as a radio announcer or not as well wanna get you on autism anything just as. Guy who's known him for twenty years and our reach out to him when he left City Council the first time when I didn't know what the problem was. I guess we found out later on that he had some IRS things he had to deal with or something along those lines I don't know what the nature of those are so don't read into that more than wanted to just. But. I never got a response from a man and I was just saying hey you OK just checking in on your won the north eurocard never run. The contact in a couple of times since since this ordeal and didn't really expect to hear from in my there's no reason boring but today and haven't. But this hiding behind the black political caucus fruits or someone they're not gonna press him. So. I'm ma'am. Think he was the TS. The Pope is I got to meet with the with the Donald on another 24 of this month. What is that a week from Wednesday. The Pope. And Donald so I guess that settles upon. Donald is more religious than Hillary. We're all we had that. During the primaries. Which ones are better Christian I don't know. Between TJ and I which one he thinks the better happily. Yeah yeah. Doing TJ and I wish anything's a bid to bid the better scholar. I mean c'mon. During TJ and I thirty days the better truck. Is the stupidest question ever between Hillary and Donald Trump but he thinks the better Christian. While early. So all Pope Francis says they won't try to convince president tried to soften this up policies on immigration and the environment and stuff like that because. He just wants to find common good and worked for peace. And now proselytizing. He says this does and his style. In politics or religion he went under and he. He would he would and he says he'll say what are things. Sincerely to trump and listened respectfully. And. And I just find that to be one of the most amazing meetings ever. Donald Trump and and the Pope. May 24. Trenches have already said anyone who wants to build walls to keep out migrants is quote unquote not Christian. Trump restarted you remember all this. Trump responded Baez saying it was disgraceful that the Pope would question his faith. And probably wants. When anywhere Roy where is that what I'm doing. Although. Normal as senator I apologize. They had the big go water prior ransom where things hit. Gosh everywhere including the United States but not the United States to the degree that we got. That the UK guy I didn't Germany got hit Minnesota's all forced there were kind of everybody was. And I think you know when people turn on their computers today all hell could break loose again. Limited number US companies were hit FedEx was one of them. There is apparently software that's available now from Microsoft to help on this ransom where thing. One of anybody locally he's heard about that. It is any company that we know of it. They have been hit by the ransom where. Twice. The ransom where attacked. Hit a least a 100000 organizations and 150 countries. Spread to thousands more computers this morning when people like you know started to work a guy who returned to work and logged in for the first time. Tom it is the biggest online extortion attack ever recorded. Although they only think that they've been able to a naral about a 50000 bucks worth of our ransom. He it is not a massively sophisticated attack what is new is the use of this worm to propagate through these systems. Com. There was a 22 year old cyber security researcher that helped. But toward this from being worse. Had it not been for this guy this year this young cyber security researchers accidental discovery of the so called kill switch. The malicious software betterment spread much farther and much faster. And security experts say that the attack I should wake up every corporate board and and legislative chamber around that are around but it would have been smoke. Just got to think I just. I would have gone through all of this stuff and and army are yours you're over there we mail you don't wanna open up attachments these days because of all of this stuff and you're going to web sites and near a I you know and and it's a whole new world and I was six point and a stone don't talk to my mom and I was in Dallas. You don't. You don't just have to worry anymore about somebody coming up and stick and a gun in your ribs and Robin you know now you got to worry about somebody finding an electronic way. To wipe you out. Stay out like that. So. Let's go back. 101518. Years. And re ask the question. How are computers going to make our lives better. This is significant to myself actually the Pope meeting. With the trump probably not I mean Jesus was crucified with. Truth is Phillies won the youth. To. Not nice people. The sort of they were politicians I don't know they went down low but they were. OK. Okay. It's. The okay. And yeah. Primarily go to Cuba. Right thing yesterday and via paper about Cuba Cuba travel is still hot for Americans. The problem as is once you get down to the infrastructure may not be all that are willing to have. Now I'm looking at a picture this is what acute this is what interests me about Cuba. He has to tour buses a horse drawn carriage. And three. And that's a Chevy or not. But what I think or three about 1953. Shelby's. One Obama convertible now we talked about this before when they when we first started. Well I'm having better relations with the Cuban and people were allowed to go down there. I should disobey one of the great. Car collector. But the problem with that is there and actually. It. The Cuban people deserve some sort of award for taken all these old colored cars and figure out somehow or another keep a run for so long. But I number and other flip side of that. This is why they probably won't be collectors because. Those things are run him down there or by whatever means they can. They can figure out too although you'd have the body styles. Still been meaning to drive by the this is a hotel called apparel and focus and breeze way. The breeze way in or something like that that's where that 1953 she habeas. On his part to the side of the road been out there hi guys I'm not in the market for trajectory should be judges like to know what he's asked in fort. It's got the advisory you know that dog none on the outside of the car that goes across the top of the windshield and green. Thought I'd just like to know but that does loves that this picture is just got mentioned to me that's why I'd like to go to macular. It's just to go look at all the old cars. It was like the first time we ever went to Europe. They have those old taxis. I don't think that column anymore. But that was you know Baghdad major you knew you're in Europe because they had used that taxis there were more were great. But it's like if you look at old pictures the United States and murder come here and expect to see checker cabs you know what a checker is. Checkers were almost like 53 ships stationed Legos are regarding our shared big old heavy. You know I mean if he got into a wreck for the train the train covered and that it might lose that battle. And that's what everybody if you go back and look at some of the old movies probably even black and white movies but if you go back and they've gotten New York street scenes and stuff you'll see what checkers are present all they have there were all checkers. It was a make or make your car used to know a lady. Kind of an eccentric lady lived up in the hometown where I'm from and she ordered or knew checker every two and a half for three years. I didn't even know you can do that I thought they were strictly for the purpose of taxis. American's interest in visiting Cuba is still pretty strong. Any time there's so any time an airline backs out believe me one of the bigger airlines is gonna wanna go ahead and and take that availability. Last year visits by Cuban Americans and other US travelers total about 600 in 141000. People that took 34% increase. So why then did the biggest restraint on growth. Is on the Cuban aside in terms of us supply hotel rooms and a tourism infrastructure. So when they're already currently handling you know the struggling to handle the level of visitors that they've got right now but slowly but surely it'll on. I it'll start to open up a little bit but. Don't expect a whole lot of elegance and but I love to go down there if for no other reason just to see all the old cars. May fifteenth. That made it payday here. We get paid twice a month priced at the first and fifteenth. Well just wait. Payday for some 1940 McDonald's was founded in 1970. The beatles' last LP let it be was released in the United States so I know exactly or I was on May fifteenth 1970. I was in military school Salina Kansas. We have gone downtown beautiful downtown Salina over the AG cafe. Gag in gag. And though don't do it yeah. Let it speak. So we are whether we were back do other than military school what our loved Beatles album. They just don't seem to benefit together ROTC uniforms no beatle uniforms aren't Beatles love. But anyway that's that Toro was we were getting ready to get out a military school I remember I was pretty happy about them. And the new Beatles LP came out. So there you go. Dan Patrick 61 years old today ideas national police week it is salute at 35 plus moms week. It is work at home mom so weak and it is sliders day. Saluting to which by two which birders. Are no problems of that earlier if Phillip Paul Brooke. Was mutual balloons on mood she's up there are no Matthews on a while Rowland a Saturday had a bison sliders. But I would recommend them. You know I did I read the news today oh boy the act cockpit door access codes accidentally were made public why the airlines are on a roll right now are thank. One of the hardest jobs right now in the PR department for airlines the latest incident access codes to the cockpit doors. On united planes were made public. What could possibly be the problem. And do you have friends that drink booze and putted indie energy drinks is that a gallon drum faster. Then make it. New research shows young men feel more intoxicated daring and sexually self confident. When they're told an energy drink is mixed into their vodka cocktails. Even if it doesn't. Do you study out of Paris university says the way energy boosters are advertised heavily influences the way people. Believe they field. We'll now. Just a little bit of actually today any kind of alcohol. Whether it's got the energy drink it or not make you. At some point intoxicated daring and sexually self confident. I know that because I tried to pick up a mailbox wants. Made you. Ask. And yeah. I retired actress reminder we're all enough for Mel on a Friday were looking for. Over the best second annual Levy T hometown to her before no one know Friday this Friday protons and Scott FitzGerald mark Erickson and I'll be. Broadcasting live down there from the spratt building on now main street in a downtown for bills on appeal. Come by and I join the conversation. Spratt building downtown Fort Mill if you need details about what's going on this Friday all they along. I just long drawn in to a WB TU dot com. Well the first astronauts headed to a Mars are read the news today oh boy we'll have one of the longest layover is any flyer has experienced you'll have to spend a 01 year. Going around the moon. The lay all will be part of a thousand day mission to and from the red planet after many years of testing and planning and moon trips and all that. The actual trip to Mars they say will take place. In Miette 20s30s. Now that would put me at. Sudden. Decision variant worm upper seventies. Low eighties yeah but I mean if you're gonna go to Mars. Probably the end your life anywhere right. All right. The strangest thing about airline passenger last night to have a lot to deal with anyway these days lost luggage and again bumped from flights and can draw get dragged off a flight. Trying to get your take home you heard about dollar over the weekend and you can apparently Canada flight and needed to. So there's. It in Kentucky the Cincinnati northern Kentucky international airport. They. They bring animals. To help you relax and in the Cincinnati northern Kentucky airport they bring miniature horses. Delivering a calming force two to three times a month. Denver and ruby two of the 34 therapy horses at seven oaks farm in southwest Ohio trot out of their trailer. And water into the ticketing area and I thought this is really a cool idea. And then I remember my oldest son Phil. Who if you get him around a horse this entire face will swell shut. This is allergic to home. So I thought to myself well what about that put about people that are allergic to you bring a horse into the ticketing area and a person breaks out in the hives. As another great story for the airlines two of but I like the ideal right up until the point that I thought about Phil Phil would be fleeing the other direction and probably jump in security once boomer at 13% of us. Mostly men. Have done this. Not necessarily a good thing for the past out the front seat of your car well that could lead to this whole never spent the night in jail. A short term you have to cook. The years ago so it was jail and it was at night but you did you spend the entire night I don't know about the entire died down if that's the fifth. I'm taken adjusters who are your your group job somewhere they'll make a bet that the did you statue of limitation of this your hit. I was then to partake in the fifth special project I actually picked up. If you have another ethnic ethnic. Final thought that is coming up right around the corner. Now we will do our best to get you home. How does. Cheddar bay busy Durbin a red lobster and they have with Angola cheddar bay biscuit. And a good. Yeah if you were a smeared all over your face would you wanna eat your face. Yeah well they're doing kind of that red lobster is introduced a cheddar bay biscuit flavored it. Look bomb. Burt says averts visas and they have all sorts of flavors. Of auto loans and well. The period as well as attorney your lips. Yeah you know you just peeled back and Oregon is peeled dead skin right off girl listed as designated as you're always been like months and under face. And it makes no sense. Look Bob should be flavors that you wouldn't particularly you know. Cal adding. You know moisturize your lives but you know once it's on you're not going to be messy weather. Is by not going to be making a whole lot either. Well depending on who you run with if you buy ever donned a red lobster your likely familiar with the restaurants biscuits and now if you will be. I'm able to take good taste. That. Had to go because the company is releasing a cheddar bay biscuits flavored lip balm. Is part of a red lobsters fiftieth anniversary. They're the other part about that that is do you believe low ball marks. ASEAN I do. I guess it does but I mean it's almost like one of those things where you were. You almost talk yourself into it working. So Mars up to the worst and often don't get in trouble or but I mean the worst it chapstick. Jab checks his leg wax I mean this is you know it's. At least birds gives you some feeling that there's some sort oil or something going on and her. Read this story yesterday about the oldest living World War II veteran. He turned a 111 years old last week. And his longtime. Texas home in Austin. Name is Richard Overton he was born may eleventh 1906. During World War II he served in the Pacific theater from 1942 to 1945. As a part of the all black 100 and rescues re 1887. Engineer. Aviation battalion. After the war he goes back to Austin. And has lived in the same home ever cents. He has been honored by sitting presidents and governors and other global dignitaries for his distinguished service. But most days he can now be found sitting on a sports show probably word of World War II veteran baseball hat over the cigar. Oh just oh by the way can I read the end of that story and I thought. He's a 111 years old and he's cigar smoker how does that work he's been smoking cigars. From the age of eighteen. Now I'm not saying that that's good story and I'm not saying that she should discount bad but. Some people can smoke and some people can't. I should know smoked. It took a long time Tori. The thirty years against. To the point I finally started hearing it in my laughing my voice and that's what caused me to quit fifteen years ago whatever was. But my grandmother smokes cigarettes from gosh I have no idea when she started but all her life. Viceroy is. And she lived to be a 102 years old. Armed and she's smoked as far as I know from the until the day she died and some people can smoke and some people can't. An and again I'm not saying that that's in economic justification go smoke but I'm just you know here's a guy's been smoking cigars and apparently had no. He'll win a lot of all of that mouth cancers or anything along those lines and and people like my grandmother but anyway. World War II combat veteran turns a 111 years old Andre Agassi any kind of story like that catches my attention right now because so many of our fathers were World War II. Come and not a big Tom Brokaw fan but I do believe that the greatest generation is certainly. An apt title. Our forum for that particular generation who. Upheld an awful lot of the morals and ethics of their of their parents and and our grandparents and and raised us with the discipline of our forehand enough. I think if they're needed to showed itself all the way until our generation decided that they weren't going to be like the previous Jim. It's 505. Eddie. And get back and I agree WB team. Nicer in town tonight factor in town for the next you know as Durham bulls led tonight's low bark in the ballpark I think you take endorsement. Free admission for dogs. Donations will be accepted at the gate so benefiting local charities. Our game starts at 705 need further information just couldn't Charlotte knights. Dot com. Boomer 110 of America's personal Americans. Personal items are located where. They have bank vault in a storage unit. We now we we have too much stuff. It's so true you know how we deploy as I mean there's people like just that you know you put everything you own and their lawyer bill analysis of them like to have the we honorable war a lot of what we saw somebody's where their build and another one of those elaborate really nice indoor storage units and you just look at this indeed yourself what. We just simply too much stuff multiple story climate control now ya how many people do you know they can't target their garages because that they've been the garages filled with stuff and they have storage unit for that's the truth now man paid too much stuff. Too much to hide stuff and highways here's boomer there's too much of that and refer to me that's for sure we'll. Earlier this story that we get about slog of months. There as say a growing trend. Most people. Not waiting to find the right person to marry. But instead throwing their own wedding and marrying. Should rule wrong. Go moats. They're marrying themselves. Called slog of me self marriage is about celebrating independence. In your own work. It's mostly women I guess that are doing it and they had 37 year old Erica Anderson who married herself last year and told CBS. Oh you're a until today at her seriously quote I would describe it as women saying yes to themselves. It means that we are enough. Even if we are not partnering with someone else. It sounds like slows as a low self esteem to me. Anderson also said that says she got tired of people asking why she's still single. Like that's gonna start to grade on a single anymore I'm married myself that I should lead to any questions. That body in the conversation. Anderson she got tired of it. Not companies have caught on and are providing services for salon the most including a us site I married me dot com. Which offers to slog Emmy ceremony kits that include a wedding band. Daily affirmation guards while. And vows to marry yourself in Canada which offers consulting and wedding photography so I'd make is sound there like it's exclusive to just women. But I suppose guys can do it resolved what happens if you decide to divorce yourself. But if you get to the point where you can't stand you anymore. We have a line of not using it. Jim Wright had guided LE VG eight economic primary myself chemically myself as it depended on my taxes. I don't know. I'm not real sure about the whole concept. Except that in the middle of the article says that most of this is being done by women I just wonder. Charlie this is just stupid and don't. So little maze a log me. Self marriage act creating independence and your own worth mostly women are doing and 37 year old set I would describe it as though women saying yes to themselves. It means that we are enough. Even if we are not partnered with someone else. Now combine you're going to be go get a their killer. Chick pump onto the whole nine yards. If you Paris post and have a little bit better confidence in yourself regardless of in fact if you're the only one in your general circle of friends or all let's just say city and state if you're the only sort of missed. Out there. Did that make you feel just like goal to have more of an outcast. You toured Jun ya give you big hug. Ends up on WBT hey Ed. At night and good. Enjoy your show just wondered well one of these folks that it's customary himself. Were to develop multiple personalities would they be committing adultery and so at which it received a divorce court. Yeah I don't know. I don't know if that's what's it brings up more questions than it does answers and just. It sure I don't met them now yeah I I I have no idea. My lion was for though of forgot it's a performance award to me but I Guidant and aggregators blog because it. But I'll just tell you that. TJ Marco thought it was the funny. Now there and laugh but admitted juggle. Alright now here's one for you wedeman let me go to Michael WB DA Michael. Thank god I doubt that law Rebecca. Look at the very health insurance great certainly ought. You know cook didn't do about that and that they expect it actually. And what game Adobe's being self insured or is that and how does your employer go about terror. I'll figure that out that says that's a good questions no and IMO characters who stood. I asked independence. I don't know. Now here's one for their ladies. You just it just think about to snake quiet confines of your own mind don't don't get to someone else in the car which you'd. Don't make don't know reaction. 53% of women fantasize. About. Leaving their significant other. Ever fantasized about leaving my significant other better here's what I do know. When I go out Colorado four days ahead of Susan. And it sounds like all the best this is going to be great. Four days in Colorado without Susan. Sounds. Free. I did all I do whatever I want a lot of jump and garden. And have been good drive to Aspen I can deal. Generally I start missing your but an hour after it landed. Sounds so much better than it actually you spend. Like sharing stuff with her like being in places where there like Acxiom sunset of her life. So now another sitting there watching a sunset by yourself just couldn't quite. I guess I'm just not a solo Stallone too much. Hello I was a polygamous or about 42 years. With benefits. Never mind. I know albeit my memoir 53% of women fantasize about leaving their significant other all tell you about that. Well when we come back and why women are attracted to men who look like they're Brothers from. Yet I hear a giant hit it. Do. Then I'm out looking that are you ready for ninety degrees tomorrow. You ready for the heat. You better. I don't think there's a new way of avoiding a pleasure wanna move. 63 tonight clear skies. About ninety degrees tomorrow sunny. 66 tomorrow night 88 Wednesday 88 Thursday ninety degrees Friday. I don't see anything. Even hinting of precipitation or anything along those ones. So just just so you know what's ahead for your week. That's pretty much an artery go. Everybody's got secrets. New poll reveals that six does Huskies meet 53%. Of women. More than half. Fantasize about splitting up with their significant others while 44% of men say they've never thought about it at all. Study revealed 69% of divorce c.'s excuse me 69% of divorces. Are initiated by the wives. They don't you think that why don't think women get over. Broken our relationship session than guys do. We're just pathetic. Intimacy expert Laura Doyle how do you become one of those. These numbers is a record these numbers and the divorce initiation GAAP. Don't prove that men are happier and marriage but they do suggest that women are more willing to do something about it if they are unhappy. Close quote. Doyle steering this intimacy expert. What do you what do you take for and is in embassy expert. Psychology. Technical college. High school here at. Doyle's theory is that women are routinely evaluating the ups and downs of their relationships and decide whether or not their romantic investments are paying off emotionally mineral the other hand. Tender compartmentalized. So issues. So no one major pain point while it may cause them emotional stress is likely do would doom the entire relationship. 53%. You believe that are not 53% of women fantasized. About leaving their significant others. Pass Susan about this. She told me that she fantasized about leaving me for me I've got I talk about so. Prudential sold. Okay she didn't really say that I don't wanna put her belt line and she's probably you know private home right now say it never said that. Boomer each year around the world there are roughly 101000 reports of humans being attacked by I want bigfoot. Macro perspective around depends aliens no squirrels. You if you're gonna tackle this girl. No I've shot if you gonna hit it I want you well Linda there's an example is frogs to look at stories that struck back at pebble I didn't come when you Iberia. I don't think ever go back where is girl but I ever saw the scores in. 3040 years so it's been a while. I'm diabetic anymore we put up a video a thousand years ago about a guy who had built a catapult outside right next to his bird feeder which you can get the squirrels don't have. And it was any good triggered from his living room. Means only they would set up the catapult them they would put food edited the squirrel would walk up to thing and given the thing and then he'd be in his living room and only had to do is push a button. And it would loft this world. I you know like a hundred yards through the air and you'll lake. And a fairly they can swim so I didn't kill this world but it basically gave him a ride of his life or you know they love that oh my gosh I've been looking for one of these ever sets up this sounds like great fun. Hey rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of my head. I don't have a lake that's probably problematic or Romania and I get lost him into the the into the magnolia tree and plug though we all like Ashley that I'd never come to work. Mentors Hancock live I just look at the flies squirrels. I didn't fitness birth certificate. There Iraqi. He. I'll get to the women were attracted to men who look like they're Brothers who had just the second. First we head over to us via telephone and sale of at all out of nowhere you bta Todd. Hey you know I'm married you'll have a great thanks. But yet I did you graduate Oreo where. I would like to open about where you think you're really let it open up blood. Freaky bit ahead shop in Colorado. Free keys yeah I named Greeley. And I don't know that you got two strikes against you wanna never freaky isn't too I'm not so sure wanna live that close to Mon for. I. Second. If you marry yourself does that make you gay. Know all and makes you move I don't know what that would make you would heavy same sex marriage. We do that that's a decent question do what I. Yeah I don't know. I don't know that that's way to save certainly did. Again they say this is mostly women that are doing this so log everything. But I suppose a guy could. Plurality ever thought of a date yourself. Never mind how bloody I don't overdo it the big story over united and I know the answer I don't wanna hear it. You're not a knock knock knock on the. I just have one question no no no no dog as a young dog. And I'll I'll I'll have a beer after work and see if my judgment was sound on that point. If I don't. I think drinking heavily and then coming over your questions I feel really good idea in areas America's favorite over Montana no marriages under way this afternoon as far as I'm we think. Jot job flagrant Mike had a question for you. Mike did nothing media. Manipulator of the royal yacht. I'll look would you give veterans great political game knowing visit I knew he was gonna walk me into dangerous terror and LeRoy yeah. I don't know time for meeting divisions that's right up with the yeah. All right here's a story of all the way to port. I think. If you think your attraction to people are simply by chance they say think again. Researchers. At north Umbria university would that be are you okay. Asked volunteers to rank. The facial similarities between the Brothers and boyfriends of random selection of women. Asked volunteers to rank the facial similarities. Between the Brothers and boyfriends. Over random selection of women got that. The results showed that there was clear evidence for perception wall similarity. In facial photographs of a woman's partner and her brother. Now it's thought that women do this because quote face is that Sutley remember if our resemble family members could present useful clues to a potential reproductive pardon or. With an optimal level of genetic dis similarity. But I just say. However. Study participants chose the picture of a pardon or as one of that was of most similar to a woman's brother 27% of the time which is only slightly above random chance. And researchers point out that this means that you shouldn't be able to pick a partner simply based. On appearance as a sibling now I'm reading that the Daily Mail this morning and I'm not thinking OK well I've been I don't understand ample water breathing as you've just. But. Would not in most cases when not your brother's face have similarities to your father's face. And wouldn't there be some sort of psychological. Appear on appeal or something like that then does someone who. Love Zhu made you feel safe waited on that kind of thing just ask him I'm no. North Umbria university researcher. And anyway that's what they say why women are attracted to men who look like they're Brothers. This is there's no explaining Mark Garrison on this one that's. We know I'm doing now we need a picture of his brother know you we would need a picture of your wife's brother does she have one. She has eight do you look like any of them. So it's a little bit of everything and she picked a little of just a little battle until I was eleven. And and put all together and and there you have it. Mark. Com cinnamon flavored Pepsi coming to stores nationwide. Yeah I had I was thinking about do we were were we were order world market over the weekend and act on those cinnamon. Bearers you know little shoe east like. All of those things and I do all like settlement. When you were a kid. I'm looking remark I'm not looking at TJ but do you remember when cinnamon toothpicks seems like every year I am wrote yeah oh yeah o's would make an appearance and cinnamon toothpicks would make an appearance. And aunts and I used to love cinnamon tooth picks but every now and and you get one and all would put a burden to send her your tongue. Analog Mexican food and take one by going to take another Biden it to light you up. How would you like to try Pepsi with a little bit of a check a video press release from PepsiCo. A reveals what they're calling Pepsi fire. A cinnamon flavored Pepsi will be released nationwide via bottles and cans you can find them in twelve packs. Of twenty ounce bottles and twelve ounce cans and single sets wherever Pepsi products are sold throughout the end of June. So would you try it. You wouldn't right mark you would try and mark mark you were dried. Now are you those soft drink drinkers anyway. I don't drink you know and we buyer. Twelve Texas stuff a myth pricey one album it's. I just I don't know I'm water guy I don't awarded a disaster Colorado thing I'm I am a water fanatic I love water. And the colder the better if you get are so cold and catch it there in the back your throat. Well you can almost convince your mind that it's that third Scotch and water. It. OK and maybe not I here's my here's my favorite story of the day. Jacob Peters contacted last week by a man needed just somebody to secretly shooter romantic sunrise engagement from afar to popular Arkansas landmark known as hawks built drag it. Men wanted to surprise his soon to be fiance with pictures so they arrive at 4:45 AMP per Peters is a photographer. Got his thirty pounds of gear ready headed out stood to the proposals body arrives at the photo off place at 6 AM. He sets up his camera gets ready for the couple to arrive 670 NAM young couple walks into the my area and be in Peter's begins a shooting after a few minutes standing on a rock outcropping the man pulled out a ring cut down on one knee and proposed. He continued snapping even after the couple sat down and began to enjoy the sunrise and after fifteen minutes he packed up the stuff. Hi and did an hour along the hike back to his car and then he drove home. When he got home he sent a text to the newly engaged to a man saying congratulations the photos are beautiful when he woke up he was stunned to CA. Following text from the client that said. I'm a little confused. We never saw you we got there a little late. The photographers shot the wrong couples. So Howard Shore Monday go and I'll see you tomorrow.