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Tuesday, May 9th

Demetrius Montgomery in Medium Security Prison, CMS Assignment Plan, I Read the News


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This is John Hancock. Punish matrimony. Still made it still comes down to weigh allows the email system that contain the sensitive information. She's got up well Blackberry that's got an automatic back up that sends stuff to Hilton. Sorry mrs. Clinton but that's still. Coming out of your ballpark. And as her call me we'll didn't we know that he was conspiring with some. The one all those moves throughout their post election. In the Greco I'm. Stay there either other whereas. Tuesday as we can be. Tuesday may the ninth that we can be. Saw mall watching the news last night and I see a new story on the bike to team to IDC. And I said. Hey. They didn't contact us this year as far as I know. I wee bit on that since that since they started. Now they have a change. Nine in leadership and got retired miss that the other so we're just may be out of balloon opened up and over they'll do fine without a split took. But I was I got to kind of do that to we'd been part of our knowledge that that I noticed that the nobles and burn a golf tournament didn't necessarily. Call us anymore either. A moment but we're always so we're always will and hope you all of phone if fifth helpless and needed and a good luck to the bike to DC guys they took off this morning I shouldn't think guys are. 112 cycle assault but a male and female this is this ride that they take up put to a Washington DC 500 miles four days. They ended the police memorial they do this to water. Off fellow officers who have fallen. A while on duty. And so they do Charlotte dash broad today and then Nash wrote a South Boston Virginia tomorrow and then South Boston to Richmond on no Thursday. And then Richmond ended DC on Friday. And that gives them a chance to. Take a map. Take a shower. And get ready for the candlelight vigil it'll take place at the national law enforcement officers memorial on Saturday. And then they all jump into vans or whatever the case whatever they've managed to secure and I had back here on a Sunday but it's a it's an honorable thing that they do. Win now. When we lost Sean clarkin Najaf Shelton. Friends of should of Sean clarkin. Jeff Shelton wanted to do something. Physical because these two guys were physical guys. And so there was up first tried group grew room Meyer with three writers four riders that sounds like that it wasn't many. And it's grown and grown and grown and grown over the years so while. Anyway I I wish all the best moms are caught me by surprise. And I and hoping he got everything you know all the infrastructure and everything and no. The assistant Versa for the day bikers that are out there on the on the road for the next four days riding in honor and memory of those who have died in the line of duty 112 cyclist 500 miles four days. The the bike to DC. Hash tag bike number two DC you wanna. Keep open no progress in the Soviet. Army bus crush note that said. Story in the Charlotte Observer written by Michael Gordon today that the families. Of Charlotte Mecklenburg. Police officers who were killed in. Non line of duty ten years ago Sean clarkin Jeff Shelton are not happy because the guy who killed them executed down. Somehow or another as I've been hanging out in a medium security facility and double morrow about forty miles from Charlotte. This is Demetrius Montgomery. You might remember that Demetrius Montgomery is a guy who never said a word in his old trials. Until the best to my knowledge never expressed any. Well I don't know I I don't remember at that correlate so immigration to you know throw stuff out there that to may or may not be true but. Now you have complaints from the families. Of those two fallen officers. And a mask and Mecklenburg prosecutor. That want some answers as to why this guy. He is. It is an array of medium security. Skid Demetrius Montgomery was convicted in 2007. Execution style slaying she remembered if you were in town you remember this. Another way that the entire community reacted. The motorcades. The services at calvary everything. This was three or four day period of time in Charlotte than anybody that was living here at the time would never forget. Demetrius Montgomery convicted in the 2007. Execution style slayings us. Or Sean clarkin now Jeff Bakalar Jeffrey Shelton to Charlotte Mecklenburg police officers. After his 2010 trial they was sent to a maximum security prison in Raleigh. Which. We all kind of assumed he was still there right. The family did it and they were supposed to be kept abreast of all. Comings and goings of this. So we'll talk about that in just a second. 112 cyclist had it all you see the bike to DC and honor on non memory of those who have died in the line of duty 112 are represented to Charlotte Mecklenburg police department who will look. All culminate on Saturday after they've ridden the 500 miles of their with a candlelight vigil at the national law enforcement officers memorial. A place where Sean clarkin Jeff Shelton. Were. Odd acknowledged number of years ago. Well and in fact that's what started the bike to DC was the death of these two officers in the line of duty they were executed by a kid named Demetrius Montgomery. Demetrius Montgomery. Somehow or another has ended up and a lower security prison and the families haven't been kept abreast of that and they're not happy. He was first sentence to a maximum security prison in Raleigh. And then two years later. Officials say that Montgomery was cordoned quote according to the paper. The Charlotte Observer promoted. Two way medium security facility in birdie county. Two years. You exit to. Execute till cops. And in two years you are promoted. To a medium security facility. None not. Barbaric. I don't think. But quite frankly when somebody pulls off a crime like that bit affects an entire community. I want jail to be just about as unpleasant as possible. At that point you've given up. Any consideration. So two years he's in a medium security facility. And then following stays in two other medium security prisons he gets moved Albemarle in February. And their families the clarkin Shelton families. Not a clue that any of this was going on as far as they know he was still on maximum security in Raleigh. I'm Bob Clark is the father of Sean Clark. And here along with us some of bush Shelton's. Family. Knew nothing about the changes in his location or detention status of the past seven years despite a court order at the killer's trial. But the families speak after prized. They haven't been. And and quite frankly I guess to me at the skepticism comes in and that is. Is that an oversight. Or did they just not want to have to deal with the families as. This cop killer. Ends up. In two years in medium security. Clark says the families and the slain officers have been deterrent bid a bit betrayed quote. But terrible wrong has been done to both our families we need answers to our questions we have not heard anything since the day he was incarcerated. My question is this this is Bob Clark. Barbara Bush on Clark. My question is this why should a cop killer. Be allowed any privileges. Question mark. Andrew Murray. Mecklenburg County district attorney. Didn't have the answer to that he's wondering the same thing according to be a story in the Charlotte Observer written by Michael Gordon. Murray says that given the vile nature of the crimes. That's his quote. That did that Montgomery should indeed be returned to a maximum security prison and in fact now that they brought this to a forefront prison system apparently is taking another look at that. As so well. Can a free as a spokesperson for the state department of public health or public safety scares me and he's said that. Because of the objections raised by Murray and me officers' families prison management is currently evaluating Montgomery's housing assignment. Now in a medium security prison you Lebanon dormitory with up to fifty other prisoners. If you have access to work opportunities that in some cases inside and outside of prison. And self improvement programs. The maximum security conditions. To which. They thought he was still serving. Which public safety officials say are limited to quote on quote the most dangerous inmates. Considered a severe threat to public safety correctional staff and other inmates Montgomery would be confined alone in his cell 23 hours today. And all of his movements would be controlled with restraints and arm security and and and and there are no earned their privileges. And there are attorney general says that bats were mark Montgomery belongs. Elizabeth Forbes is the executive director of our prison reform group called NC cure. And she says that prison policies that allow prisoners to earn privileges with a good behavior quote unquote. Are the assets of keeping sanity within the prison system. I can understand that. And you have a whole bunch of people there without hope. And what's the point of anything. But. On March 31 2007. It's been ten years that's pretty hard to believe and its own right. Clarkin Shelton were both shot. In the back of their head. At the timber ridge apartments. And and Montgomery your call that two month trial never said a word. So the family is hot. Because hey they were supposed to be kept apprised as to what. Was going on with Demetrius Montgomery and they haven't been. And then when they did finally get some information of not from the authorities but there are tripped across some information. They find out that he's hanging out in a medium security prison instead of up in Raleigh and and I I'd be upset too. I'm. Not saying that. Rot in hell. Is a policy. But that is what I essentially. People. Want. In some cases. And if you've just executed. Two police officers. I don't know that everybody anybody has to worry too much about you anymore do they. So why I got my I empathize with the family that is thought it was in cement that story. Came out on the same day that law enforcement to a 112 cyclist representing the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department are on their way up to DC with their annual bike to DC. Which left today and will low arrive in Washington on a Saturday 500 miles four days and then attend a candlelight vigil. At the national law enforcement officers memorial weren't nor more people world. More new name will be added to that memorial because more police officers have passed that dot. In the line of duty. Sort of sensing that one story comes out on the same various as the other story itself very ago speaking out of and that this is really well with me either although I don't really have a personal stake in this put Aaron Hernandez murder conviction was arrays today. Because he committed suicide before his appeal could be heard and so the standard procedure there is to just go away dole thinks so. Actually Eric Hernandez. Was a convicted of anything. The a judge. Today. I raced Aaron Hernandez conviction. On May 2013. Murder. Because Hernandez died before his appeal assert. You hang himself than none jail last month April 19. He was serving a life sentence in the killing of a semi professional football player Oden Lloyd. And he is a suicide came five days after he was acquitted. In a different double slaying in 2012. But he still had this life sentence. In the killing of Oden Lloyd. Hernandez appellate attorneys made their request to order a longstanding principle. Holding that win. Defendants die before their direct appeal is decided the convictions are vacated. And so the judge Susan garnish. Cooper cited it. Hernandez trial and in law is killing. Her that it peel on Tuesday. And then she said there was no reason to go against the legal principle in not Massachusetts known as the abatement of new GO. Where the or or are conviction is overturned at the defendant dies Wallace case is under appeal and that's what happened even though suicide it was self inflicted. She said that the court. Cannot know why Hernandez ended his life and while there are many rumors as to why. Including the prosecution's argument. That it was to get an abatement. She could not infer that and so why are hurt his murder conviction has been used. Technicality I suppose. But to. But that doesn't seem quite right to me either. All right I'm I'm double checking some somebody cynicism that I don't think dissidents on Mo double check on the story. Knightley all wander off for us over cynicism about invalid and into anybody in bell. I got to know what you thought you heard but I you we we never mentioned didn't belly all of that's not where it took place I did say to timber ridge apartments. But we consume about two million dollars so. Sorry again none none Allen runs up on WB DA Ron. Patriarchate here are thank you. I want to play somebody else you'd better go on auto and skip somebody they're hidden valley oh Rebecca wasn't your site and I would like when it. I never I never suited well and so are our program about where I would get belies that absolutely cargo I don't. Outbreak almighty your book own pocket and we haven't hit the valley. At some whales until then I just went back and look at the story that I was using as my reference and there's nothing and embellish their song would not so good ballot. I'm mark from my experience that. Is it's on all of the top but that's all walk call. If Albanian American security and you have. He would be the end Alter your Bartlett at the very least. And we weren't there for a bit about vulnerability that they expect much harm can it cheap or that would really how much it would start Spain and every New York. Okay and you you're I'll put him in Portland now and go like Archie but not millimeter bullet with that. Yeah pinch can't do that he was he was a convicted to. Let because they can pick and a little bit are already it is due to general. That they all have got executed. Tim Barton an apology at all or bad. I don't really really really put me in Portland without you know important lower poorly and it wasn't a bit. Jump. You have a was convicted in 21. A first degree murder counts but he was giving life without possibility of parole wasn't given death so you can't kill it. Are under threat because they. They don't know record I didn't who left it could happen what were resources which are proposing on this that we breaks the law in order to honor the law. I totally into it like it absolutely that would be just put Bob org you look at wal. Now all right tell you this you just keep hanging on their with that though without a loss of three because I think that's brilliant let's break the law. I got well you know patio at this event. We'll look to be a lot. That's bad bad bad bad or that part of our conversation has now gone by the wayside. Your right he doesn't in my opinion doesn't either but you can't just kill him. And I don't know of anybody that would say well let let's arrange an accident. Now that boat. Up portrait art right about now they're already there's no doubt in my mind Ron that you would. Yeah that's like all right you go get their big diver. Unbelievable. Com. I was gonna talk about Yates but I don't necessarily know that although you're what happened yesterday was it was pretty good singer and got some. Samoa lighter stuff on note on airlines. But I guess the big subject in Charlotte, North Carolina today is this little school board meeting it's gonna takes place tonight at 9 o'clock and I would imagine there's probably already a line forming down America. And the CMS school list. Now I would other than your own situation. I mean you know how it's going to affect your school. But you could there is no way I mean I I'm standing here with and bosses. Story in my hand from the observer and it basically breaks down every single school and what would happen and what wouldn't happen. NN note that the one that seems to be getting the most attention. Maybe that's because of people that I hang around here it's a one Julian price place. Is the said shield. And deal worth. Now a deal worth. And 2018 slated to be paired with said shield elementary. Kate through two students would detail and said still three through five students were Nintendo deal worth. The fetus to then go to us said shield middle and Myers park high school now. Act you know at the EU will judge this. On how it affects your kids I understand that should. But was it Scott FitzGerald that had a lady on today that was talking about. Specially. Neighborhoods that are financially challenged. And saying that. There is nobody who has kids. That doesn't want neighborhood schools. This seems to be kind of up push from the top down to create photo we've been doing this forever. We're gonna create diversity we're gonna create those are gonna create this we're gonna get rid of back and hour senator Marty Khaleda and and for some reason another and and I don't have the answers as this is way too complex or me. But I don't understand why we don't work on the schools rather than she ship in the kids here there and everywhere. I try to oh. We used them his ponds to set ourselves up for some sort of checkmate diaper deal is that it. I don't get that and the lady I think that I know I think it was a lady that was on Scott Fitzgerald's and I don't know of a guest for of those telephone call. But she said something about people who. Economically. Oh org jobs don't necessarily so. You know if it's neighborhoods schools. And families can help out families. Single mothers can help out single mothers. If you've got a single mother that's worked in midnight. 8 AM shift. And you've got a neighbor or friend. And she's worked in. The noon to 8 PM shift. Then if you've got neighborhoods goals then families. In light neighborhoods can help each other out. One mom can help get the kids to school all other mom can get the kids. Home from school you know all but if you got if all the sudden your ship and kids here there and everywhere you. If you're you're you're on your own. Now I don't know if that has anything to do with the year it but it just always the same asinine to me. Bet. That we move the kids around to try to justify. You know and and then we have arguments and in none neighborhoods where they wanna build affordable housing. And and do only so because affordable housing never really works out very well for the neighborhood. But any time there's a a proposal. To put lower income Indo higher income areas. Frivolity ensues. So you're not thinking about your kids then you're thinking about you know. So I don't understand us I mean I boyz I I I used. Sarcastically. Say. Why don't we. Take best teachers we can find and put him in the poorest schools. That are now. If you've got a school that is primarily. Caucasian kids. Why don't gel fill that school up with minority teachers. When you are drawing up. Was there a teacher is there a teacher that sticks out in your mind as having been someone who helped you along the way you're. Reached out and well what if you I mean listen I. I went to all flight schools tell I was in military school or I ended up with a 67 get out of Wichita are Jenkins. Black guy as a roommate. As the first African American guy had ever met right I mean technically it ever spent time with in my life. So. I I and you know I had a yard bush said it was sarcastic but it. Band put the best teachers in the poorest schools. If you've got an all black school loaded up with white teachers they'll be influential. If you got an all white school loaded up a minority teachers. People will. All I know you're guys are all in agreement with mayor archer you're saying right now yes. Let's do that and art school. Bring on the minority teachers to my kids' school I know I can hear you don't have to call I understand I've. Nailed it. All right then let's go dig a few phone calls we head up towards a 4 o'clock Gary's on WB TA Garry. I. Via what. A few years a few years back it begat but got to judge made a remark by your mind that maybe I am at a more open. With an eye on the my heart that. And I'll tell all the facts throughout the year I don't think that. Think much is said this integrated school bang and run its course. On the theory that story out. Dad yeah I think his name was Manning and he at one point. Ted senator Obama's foggy as you are on this at one point. I he kind of had the he was the voice of what the schools could do it any given time mom and Aggie you're right I don't remember the stewardesses and the specifics of that. But but but your right on the right track. Yeah I'll let it out yet they have they're saying Graham our bracket all of Irvine. He's at then qualities you look all the stuff has run its course and we need to try to do so before. Well we do know we waited we've above and beyond Manning we've found hood held we've heard that since. And I. Rovers of the board of education oh yeah oh yeah yeah so you know I mean noted the and it's not your Charlotte I mean. Everybody else at this this bussing no busing moved kids don't move kids as a guy died it to me it's bids back password I don't understand why you used the kids to try to solve the problem. I think you have a great social layers just thank you take not awarded this tight teachers' input belt Melbourne in the classic is around. I was fortunate for our group as small community I went from about second grader third re limited to commute they I was there the twelfth grade. Great for the end gray with a small community community school everybody knew everybody. You know two mile loan this school you know you weren't looking that got a call now for a football game or some. Don't think they're important. Who looks that it says that family. Sense of community sense of belonging sense of yeah no I I agree it's one of the reasons I'm always talking ad nauseam about don't where I'm from 'cause it's small town. Why and it was ideal. And I obviously wouldn't have to worry about what schools your we're gonna go to there was only you know three and elementary school a middle school and high school. Period and since then Charlotte on the people that allow a that would lately at they move out of Mecklenburg County. Forward their strict purpose they they wanted to know where their kids to go to school they want that stability at the school system. And Iran Iran get people off. To help well I'm arrogant and people appreciate though what about people that are bought a house for the specific reason of going to a school of them have the drills changed on. Arm and and then you know we do and we tend to change the rules are from a lot I did tonight is not going to be front. It's not. Because you're dealing with people's heads. And yes people are worried about your kids still but they're a word about their kids first. Yeah blame on that Kenya. Are Ralph you're on WB TJ Ralph. They hate John that I love your show publicity suspect in the ninety's and you know it's like outcome of the call screener man. Ahmad black male I'm an American OK and I African Americans had never been to Africa. And kill Americans. This problem all one it will worn to school where you're supposed to go to school. And you don't blows smoke got beat each others knows things are gonna change. You know let them play in the first of what the last forty years that haven't changed. It takes up properly in that hole or or wherever. To step up to the plate you know I know you'll get are great to go to news. I broke the middle class American family. I have a stroll ball. They were kids in the neighborhood. That didn't have bothered black and white guess what they hung out at my health because all my bad play sports. Every day when he came home from work out the. Well I think that's where I had to some extent for those who don't have a father. Oh I love and on the premises that's warm but I you know I hope mentoring programs impairment. I was watching some sports unearthing last night and they started talking about. How many athletes today talk about the benefits that they got out of bureau of boys and girls clubs in the areas where they are grew up. And you know that's got a BA leadership were a mentoring Norris somebody who grabbed them along the way and put her arm around him and said hey kids your. You're you're worth everywhere everything that every other kid is worth flow of looks movements. Let's get you on a path moving forward so mom I you know I'm not gonna quote. Hillary Clinton. But I guess I am. He does take a village. And sometimes. It takes sacrifice. But they're not there's another part of the. Many if you are aware that they are a guy who built the saint Jude. Dream home that channel three essentially raffles off every year. Is Jeff Newton and he's the guy who built my house and so. He builds these houses foray as. Lease expense. As a cam. And that's badly phrased as a role that their beautiful houses that are they use a custom builder you he's and he is is a great build. But as I remember I did but my point being that they do fundraisers all yearlong. Once going on right now called much of a loser which is out their it to move cheese which is they are bar restaurant. On out there on got a wild road. 151000. Block of bottle while broad. Called Moochie stammer and all weeklong they've got festivities going on out there and all the money that they raise will help them defer. Because ultimately what he would like to be able to do is to build a house for saint Jude's and handed over to them no expense. And so they do these fundraisers golf tournaments and so on and so forth will Moochie pull loses just a series of events all kind of started yesterday that it up. Oh oyster roast yesterday. And today. And what they're doing a five to 10 PM local brew and barbecue event. How determine who geez so and I are reminding you that if you're hidden home. And you're going down on a wild road Deb Matthews area drop edit mode cheese and I grab yourself some barbecued. Shares jams on the large stage outside. They'll do their golf tournament tomorrow. I promise of thieves will be playing add to move g.s tomorrow remember those guys came in and Greg Clark and those guys came minutes also last year that's a damn good band boy. One bit on. See the national spotlight sometime I mean they're they're pretty good. Tom and then Thursdays they're doing a corn hole tournament but the music will continue all weeklong although well we'll have but Jeff fund probably I don't know Thursday or something like that and I talk about what's camera for the weekend but. I just wanted to tell you that there's a big barbecue deal local broad barbecue event five to 10 PM and moved geez tonight. I and it's a benefit for the saint Jude dream home which Mya builder Jeff Newton is building so off. Go out note in America some of the barbecue all renewed and being a good thing I talk about school. The school board meeting tonight we'll get off to that just a second let me go over here and take Rick skull before I forget Erika. Their job is not great thanks. Trauma that. Mentioned you're mature about preeminent security about pick up the car cure. Julian Dmitry Woburn and so Demetrius Montgomery you know. They're Uga are legitimate Latin America. I've grown bird that's where they stand questioners should. To have back there and Obama sort of natural at stake for the eleven guys. Now they're not generated don't. God I don't think that's the case. I don't think I don't know what you are was murdered fifty years ago this November to run a restore that he'd go to affirm our other Paribas announced. And the gaga did it would do well actually put them that you are rising Salisbury. And if so they let him go get a good him opponent probation. I'm down to that facility. He said Ahmad and I'm not public or that we're not mark but perhaps there. Yeah I got I don't know I can't imagine that they would let a a cop killer or guilty of two degrees of first degree murder. At. I I don't think that's the case. We're about probably erupt ever doubt that I'm not that I'd I'd like I'm better. And that's okay I'd my leg and America. And remember reading your time I don't know I don't know the did differentials and in no sentencing or anything like that this guy was a convicted of third to first degree murder counts and has sentenced to life without the possibility of parole so I don't know. How concrete that is. Are and how that compares with what bill on your father's killer was with my condolences. I you know I don't know I don't know that dude I don't know what of what the sentencing laws or what they're and so I I can't talk about a case that I don't know any in any effects of other than what you're telling me. Ryan Ryan Braun I hope you're right about that I. Well I help I am too because if if all the sudden they let cop killers out after ten years were men don't really really really wrong. Well it's sort of backed it and that the average guys stay imprisoned for throwing given lie it's ten years. Well that may be but how about life without the possibility of parole two counts. Let's hope that wherever. I don't I also to. But I got that tickets are responsible rusted to basically say they're getting ready to let him out. Big that the story in essence is. Well it is him being in a minimum security. In men and ten years in fact he was in a minimum security two years after he got there. But the does the real story here is that the family. Was supposed to be kept up to date. To be kept apprised of some. Well of what it was happening with him and if he was moved from one facility to another. The the families of Sean clarkin Jeff Shelton were supposed to be. Notified of that and through all of his movement from maximum security at a minimum and and two more stays after that men no worry is now an Albemarle. They haven't been told anything as far as they knew he was still. At the Max up there in Raleigh. They have been told anything so that's the story to some extent and then the secondary story is really a cop killer in a medium security. It's it's ludicrous. It's is absolutely lower. Well let me go to Jake and then I'll get off the say Jake. Well bill good. What worked well that's great system and get dugout tunnel that they medium can't lose. Or not that low lights that they couldn't get out. We are really Lorca Murdoch or letting down everybody. You know that's that's not created where I can beat him. I'm so always say you worked in the prison sentence and you don't think he's gotten out. I got a lot of low won't get out there as well I can imagine either although. The court system surprises you know and what was the thing that told I've summer Symbian article from Atlantic magazine and it talked about a plea bargaining because we're talking about that last week. In ninety some odd cases are plea board. And there's a myriad of reasons for that but still that's. It is is that the justice so we're seeking an odds are sure that is the justice for seeking. Although if you're accused of something. You would certainly. Oh lol love the leeway in that respect toward. So well 70457. Relevant and how many of you of into the relationship or in the middle of a divorce because of your views on Donald Trump. Abdullah in the followed should bring. It's not just Republicans and Democrats it's there's a new study out and divorced attorneys. Couples. Feuding over politics especially Donald Trump. Many of these divorce attorneys. Say at record numbers people breaking up and headed to divorce court Wakefield research did this a Virginia based polling firm. One in ten couples married or unmarried. Ended their relationship relationship over political disagreements. Usually its finances. Moline emails are parting ways that a particularly high rate of 22%. But with all due respect millennial olds. They're young. And not say it but under and it is saying. This is also the same generation that I keep on hearing that is. On a lesson to faith in less than this that the other so you know maybe. The survey also found that 22% of Americans know a couple whose marriage or relationship. Quote. Has been negatively impacted. Specifically dude took president trumps election close quote. All right so one and five a view. Should know a couple whose marriage or relationship has been negatively impacted specifically dude to president trump. 704. 5701110. You don't have to mention names you don't have to mention any thing it. I wanna know what you know of these couples in fact Wakefield says that 24% of Americans in a relationship or married. Report that sense trump was elected they and their partner have disagreed or argued about politics more than ever. And while followed by a wave of finances usually are common dispute. Over the last six months more than one in five Americans in a relationship or marriage report having more disagreement. Over trumps policies. Then money woes. Who knows of a marriage in trouble or who has dissolved a relationship marriage included. Over political views. With special emphasis on Donald Trump. Vowing mystified this project I was taught him to basically say it was an effect couples are giving are split up over trump. We probably had some underlying problems before that this was just what the tipping point don't put words in his mouth but. And in essence and that's probably true although. Couples. In some cases. In politics. Just don't get into the politics of it because the other. Aspects of a relationship. Make you just say you know what I'm not gonna let politics get in the way you are really good building. But then after you vote come to co have a tape for awhile then your politics become more clear in your. Religious beliefs become more clear and your heart becomes more clear and whether or not assuring good or bad person becomes more clear and so lump. That you know this to some extent this is the same. Dilemma that I talked about recently about friends that I have who primarily live back west. And their FaceBook posts. Which they're just so Paul what Donald Trump they can't see straight. And and I have my questions as well but not to the same degree that they do because I can kind of see. Less regulation no better financial my you know I don't know enough that I still have high hopes. I always thought it would take something drastic to turn the country around a not so sure this was exactly what I was looking for but you know what I'm not sure exactly you know what I was looking for. Maybe this is big you know so I'm I'm still apparel opened at this is a good thing ultimately. On the other hand we could just go through for eight years of all of this so people and then. Some lusty walks back into the office and it'll just go right back to were we started from which is kind of what's happening right now. We're going back to the days before the Obama administration right back to where we started from well not not exactly. So. Anyway married couples so those splitting over trump. Pretty instant stuff not as interesting as what's going on down in South Carolina and he heard a blues pops. You live in South Carolina TJ. South Carolina regulators. Apparently they think we're wrong when they allowed a food drug to begin selling frozen ice pops made without alcohol without an alcohol permit. This is down in Charleston. The blues pop's band. It's making its way around the low country selling frozen alcoholic treats on a stick. The department of revenue in the owner Woodrow Norris is following says saudis following the law the way the law is written. But the city of Charleston is asking the state to reconsider saying that selling booze pops. As food and that's what he's doing. Allows buyers to do dangerous things that they typically couldn't do with an alcoholic drinks like walk around in public with it. Now if the rules change. And the blues pop band is regulated as an alcohol seller then this guy would only be able to work special event and not wherever he. He thought he can go make money but the question is is a blues pop ate food product. Or an alcohol problem. I mean if you put cola in brownies and does that make out an alcoholic I know it's a little bit different thing. And if there's a lot of boos in the is how they freeze the. I'm just test. All right a 149 days into the year two. 136. Days to go it's may the ninth. Probably tuna has agreed to plead guilty to illegally rigging the price of tuna. The company well yeah. Sport go over. 45 million dollars. Gray wolves are about to lose their federal protection from hunters and Richard Simmons is suing The National Enquirer for libel and invasion of privacy. So I must feel better. The late show with Stephen called Laird tonight. This may not make a lot of you have Peabody if you miss Jon Stewart col Baer is hosting a mini reunion of the daily showed tonight. On to celebrate his twentieth anniversary of joining the show. Cold there was say a daily show correspondent from Mandy seven to 2005. So they're doing this little mini reunion tonight that includes yes Jon Stewart. And Samantha bee. And John Oliver and Ed Helms. And and or rob core dream. And eldest bash. Good transferred about an hour. Well and so that's what it's going to be. I can't imagine it'll be anything else. Hopefully it'll be funny. Bill Clinton is going to publish a crime thriller with a James Patterson. Right our presidential thriller thriller with the a bestselling crime writer James Patterson went it was on TV today with his son. The our president is missing as well there will be called will be published in June 28 team being billed as a unique. Amalgam of intrigue suspense. And behind the scenes global drama. From the highest corridors of power now think about that a second whether you like Clinton or not. Is a guided said the office. Or stood. Well you just can't avoid it Kenya I mean nasty here think about the Oval Office and Bill Clinton you're not necessarily thinking about. A new amendment. Armed. Penguin random house will publish the book guy and has said that it will include detail that. Only a president can no sorbet you're using him Patterson gives and him you should be able to come up with some sort of inside information. Maybe I Tiffany trumps to undo or Georgetown law another trump on her way to the capital Tiffany 23 year old daughter of Donald and Marla Maples second of history was planning to attend law school and a Georgetown university and that I. Not read yesterday that Barron will be enrolling next to a fallen. The Washington DC schools. Touch screen Amazon act go. TJ said now what I want that the whole deal hostess a shout commands that are. Then I said well what if you wanted to say elects. Show me my playlist and he said OK I'm and yes they did Amazon echo came out with a touch screen today and I haven't really had a chance and is looking up a few moments ago just got to see what looks like it's not ground like drug dealer that you have now been oh. It's more of a flat panel with those speakers on it but. Amazon launched. An echo with a touch screen today. Displays answers to verbal questions and a features Internet based on the telephone calls and no Sorensen four sought to find out more about it but. The interesting thing about this Amazon and I just ask you guys about it. When did read my mind. Right after Christmas when. So I go I mean I was asking you guys about this five and six months ago I was started read about it sound uninteresting as you guys you guys were Collins in all matters great and keep lists on that I can do this bad. So anyway I probably broke down when ball one. Well I user for math as much as any well I've used are for Tom Petty and you know I did a computer in the bank that. So I can walk in and say election is like Tom Petty. She'll say shuffling Tom Petty songs in a funnel like what she's picked up by zealots next. When she's listening to me she's a lot like a wife she doesn't always listened to were armed. I know you gotta touch screen and how that so well effect but. Instinct thing to me as this is the initial. Stuff. What's it gonna be watts or one of the color artificial intelligence what do they what's it gonna be in ten years there's going to be in fifteen years. You'll be able to control everything don't you think I'm. Unbelievable. I got I guess it's unbelievable we'll no longer have to walk across to turn off lights which. It and you know what's to blame for all of this the remote controls started all of us that the deal that. Could put her. Yeah. What common bathroom items since 121500. Kids TER every year. You're not supposed to stick stuff in your ears right. Q tips. But an ear wax it's icky. If I ever used the word icky before. He would be a good pet name when it. That excellent there's a. Anyway. The easier way it should be removed I know that from my hearing deal. Intact or one of the reasons when I go under the first time I wanted to miracle lawyer. We do beer. Oh so embarrassed. And of wax in there to start a candle. The act contradictory a set of priorities might explain why thousands of kids show up in the hospital each year with small related to your injuries the study was done by the national Children's Hospital. And they found that 121500. Kids a year are treated for an emergency rooms. For content chip related to ear injuries. That works out to about 34 visits every day. The majority of those injuries about 73% occurred as a result of using cotton tip applicator to clean out the here's what else. Vacuum tubes. Sound. Look like bought up a piece of toilet paper somewhat bad. Kleenex. Another 10% of injuries occurred when no children were playing with the applicator is a man 9% when they fell. Within. Oh with a cotton tip applicator in their ears. So they're sticking out of the years I would think they'd be sticking out of the knows that some kid would do. Ram one up the good you know yeah I don't know but anyway your kids and they may not be there. I'd be VO you wanna go say look you know Chuck Berry just died in March April was an April. That was nine years old march died march was nine years old so was Saint Louis. Is planning to convert his one time home this is the one that he lived in when he was a kid for like eight years back in the 1950s but it does so at all one wonders acute. Because this is where he wrote. Maple lane and roll over Beethoven and sweet little sixteen and Johnny B good. And it's a pretty good catalog repair. So the city of saint low us on Monday. Is voted to create a cultural district around this ousted Barry lived in a one time. Honoring the rock and roll legend and other prominent African Americans who lived in that part of the city and anybody that knows Saint Louis may have heard about the great the greater bill. Which is a neighborhood that it was among the few areas where blacks could actually owned property back in the mid fifties. And it was home to well a lot of famous African Americans including Josephine Baker the singer and Tina Turner. And Dick Gregory the comedian. And I think Arthur Ashe grew up there as well. So they're gonna take that part the city on Monday solicited bids for this project and it will be senator around the north Saint Louis home or bury loved. And wrote all those songs and a museum what decorate Chuck Berry cultural district. And that went on her Berry who died due in March at the age of ninety and is part of the African American heritage of that particular area in no Saint Louis so love and I think that's pretty cool book. Now whether or not ever gets to be of Greece launder or anything like that probably not but just still think it's pretty cool the thorough. The third knowledge and especially that neighborhood when you look at all those names that Jack came out of there. I it's not even Memorial Day yet but Oreo has revealed a new limited edition summer flavor. Ready TJ. You every piece. You have an Oreo leader. Have you read number now ones you just like that the black velvet chocolate ones the black ones with the white the traditional. The the metal ones are good. Via an open it. Well they've are revealed their new limited edition summer flavor. Sounds perfect for the fourth of July did basically is an Oreo. With pop rocks in the center. But those things got. Exploded near Ralph. Pop. Yeah I'm not so sure I need. Oreo is. Snapped crackling and popping in my mouth. Armed. So they put the pop rocks in the center. They're not the official I guess they're not the official pop rocks but they are red and blue candy that the packaging and describes as popping candy. And interviewed doesn't sound appealing I guess you could always submit your flavor suggestion to Oreo for the next. Wonder vault labor. Because they're they're always open to suggestions all you have to do is submit your ideas using the hash tags. My Oreo creation. Hash tag contest on not answered grammar Twitter. And if you if you win you can also nabbed 500000. Dollars. It's an hour back to the guy who's doing the obstacles those the blues circles. And I'm taken an Oreo with some sort of alcohol concoction of the middle of it would be well received except by those under the age 41. Rather go pop rocks and your Nextel Oreo and your chance to win half a million bucks after coming up with the really great idea of good luck on that. If they ever stood in line and no wonder. I mean are you one of those like me if you go to a grocery store no matter what line you get in it's going to be the slowest one. Will tell if it's 505. These. I. As a far out in reverend Matthews Eric called mood she's tavern. And their raise in funds for the saint Jude dream home which is built by Jeff Newton the guy who built my house and it. Just few moments ago they opened up their local brew and barbecue event. Block of vital wide roads so if you'd like to go and it's great barbecue. On and and maybe a whole roof. Or something a local group. On and help benefits saint Jude's and a roundabout sort away head dude had a Moochie still meant Jackson. So up waiting in line. I just one of those things that we have to deal. And Beck have all been about devised this in my very own no theological background. I believe that the final thing is but purgatory where you have to stand there and wait. And that's your final opportunity to blow it. Because people don't like to stand in line and they don't like and they get impatient and they so your there you are when all the other dead people. Standing in the world's longest line thinking I'm never gonna get here. And how you conduct yourself in that particular period of time could very well that would direct reflection on your final exam. So all it would be I think it would be beneficial apply helped fuel load. It is a couple statisticians from the University of Sussex. Who absent tips for choosing the fastest one. A if you see me in a grocery store. Pickle line I haven't picked. 'cause I guarantee you if there's a woman with a check. And coupons. Not yet even out of her purse. I'm standing behind her. Our that'll be 74 dollars and 25 cents well. Where all. Weird that I could you hold this. I put that checkbook. Oh and I have the. We'll tell you which line to get him in which lines get out of the just secondhand. I. Pat. I saw a couple of statisticians at the University of Sussex. Have some tips for choosing the fastest line. Waiting in line one of the things that we all have to do a one of the things very most of us have very little patience. On. And you've become more patient as you become older. I think I have. Right up until the point that I don't. But they got more patient standing in line and doing stuff like that and I am probably I mean do you. And I'm working on this and I've been working on an African enters. Yeah I need to go work on being a better motorists. And there's you know as sometimes hand gesture shouldn't have come from a public figure. Especially when everybody's got a camera. Well I needed. Mom. And I'm talking about waves and he's sons and our films you have stuff like that I pentagon wanted to but it. If the wrong impression. I always flip the peace sign when you almost got me off. Just a natural inclination premiere. Of flip you the peace and now. Currently temperament bail out. The say data has shown that female cashiers are faster. TI did you ever checked to see. The talkers are. As I can slow you down to. Until I get up there in Norwich here's a talking slide. The they they say the female cashiers are faster so that would be one of the things that might help you were in no getting in line faster. A standard line that feeds into several cashiers. Well armadillo or that be like go to target. I don't. Oh decks they do that. But that's a that would be limited on the places that would actually have that I terrorist teeters not gonna have. Not less you cut off all right Erica little gap. In. Your bank. Yeah I've been worked real problem. They say opt for check out on the left. As most people tend to move to the right. Now that tinge to am trying to think where that I I guess there is no primaries and on the watermelon. Self checkout. As I've seen those on both sides and then I also have the same question as so on the left. Is that. The left if you're standing behind it or the left if you're standing in front of it. Are they also say I. As it'll save time on face to face interactions. I guess it would then you also would have three different check outs instead of just one. But better and and I'd have to see that in practice to think of that really works and then the sale to Mobley. Thumb there are artillery variables to tell love for certain which line we'll go faster so you just have to take a chance well that's now we're back to. Now we're back to square one. Exactly words. I didn't wanna be. Though there you go there. I'd have you found dead TJ that having a tad to make you sweat less. You have tattoos you might get hotter in the summer compared to people without ink according to and his Alma College in Michigan. The collective sweat samples from ten people that's going to be a great job. Our from a tattoo area of their skin and a non tattoo area and they found that tattooed skin generated significantly less sweat. The non tattooed skimmed so these people you see that are completely covered in cats. The cruelest yeah. But have people on the honor of having a tad to make you sweat less. And turn on. Annan had harmed our second hometown tour we don't we we have such a good time and Matthews in the people Matthews couldn't have been nicer to us so we're looking forward to going to Fort Mill we will do that a week from this Friday. May the nineteenth though Thompson will do I don't EBT morning news from mother spratt building on main street in downtown for milk. Fitzgerald's. Doing his show nine to noon. Apparently rush. Refuses to come. Yen show for the staff meetings or anything like that I don't think he's ever been doing kids first anything. But we love him anyway. 'cause he's our highest rate chipped. It. Which just goes to show your really don't need who participated all that extracurricular stuff. I don't pick a bully and both Thompson and a Scott FitzGerald and garrison we'll do is say Charlotte the six and I'll be out there are 3 to 6 o'clock broadcast all day long spread building main street downtown Fort Mill. Week from this Friday would hope you'll come out and now join the conversation. Friday may the nineteenth spratt building downtown Fort Mill viewed more details on that. WBT dot com all I'll tell you something else if you're in for Mellon you'd like us to bring up any particular issue. Or investigate. Over what's going on in Fort Mill. He may be inside a gimme that hey I love their gimme. This place is great give me the this place isn't so great give me. That's kind of overcome and in forest. You know when we went to Matthews we started talking about John Street in the proposal the knock that into a four lane highway going through doubt that would ruin Matthews. Nobody wants to do that except the Department of Transportation so the more we can learn about you before we get there the better off that'll be you know we're looking forward to our show notes. We'll get into what airlines in just a second. You saw the stuff with the spirit. Canceling multiple flights the melee that broke out did you see that yes you know that's apparently is a pilot its slowdown. But it was chaotic Janet Yellen customers and physical altercations and three people were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. This was that the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood international airport down there are no Florida. Video shows lions here we are back in line again out the door of the terminal one customer said that they were told that they wouldn't be able to get a flight until Wednesday today. Our scares me tomorrow while another says that three of their flights had been canceled by our spirit and had a all as they already spent the night in the airport. The flight cancellations come amid. A dispute between its breath as spirit and their pilots in the pilots say that there are working without a contract. Spirit says the pilots are taking putting their quest for a new contract ahead of getting customers. To their destinations. And all hell broke loose yesterday more than a 150 of the airlines flights have been canceled over the past few days and so was that's what took place with the airlines more airline news. Coming in just a second including southwest surprising their millions passenger. Chapter two of our airlines stories. Southwest pilot surprise to their millionth passenger. Com by refunding her ticket. 0% say he started a Southwest Airlines Torrie two years ago the a pilot has been keeping track of all the passengers he has flown he flies the one million passenger. Any picks up her airfare. Pretty cool. You member. The conversation about having. Phones inside the cockpit. Actually inside the plane. And people being able to use their phones because it's pretty much been known determined that there are not a hazard to the flight of the aircraft. But it's not a safety issue. People don't want phones in airplanes. So we'll talk about that in just a second. I also tell you just oh by the way because I don't think we have an update on this member of the Ronald McDonald statue that was stolen in New Jersey it's been found. Being repaired and going back home than usual word about them. So I just breaking news is that Donald Trump has fired the FBI director. That's just now breaking. Sit upon all the guests Koreans. So not don't have the story gets sore but I'm sure that Joseph Gillespie will just few seconds. Well with journalist six filling in forum. Mark Garrison. Which are about airlines. Spirit had multiple fights and big melee down there are no Lauderdale yesterday. On Hollywood airport down there in no Florida. A southwest pilot actually kept track of the passengers he has flown in when he flew his one million he picked up her fair. Finally some good news coming out of the airline industry that actually happened this week. Or within the last couple weeks. And then now. Our greatest fear hearing some loud mouth and his phone conversation. Cell phones so we've always been told this was a safety issue. But maybe the real reason that the FCC continues to band voice calls on phones. Has more to do with customer preference than it does with safety because the decades old rule. That was written with safety as the primary concern is pretty much mood now. The threat of cellular signals interfering with a plane it doesn't really exist anymore. On and we know in this at least for a last couple years. No phone has ever brought down a plane and the European aviation safety agency concluded after a 2014 review that electronic devices pose no safety risk. But even the FCC has kind of changed their official stance on all of this in recent years they note that the technology can be installed on planes to prevent whatever interference may exist. But even so the new SEC chairman has called for proposal to allow. Are the use of phones. A high altitude. Ill conceived. And he's taken it off the table altogether we should send him a bouquet of flowers. I'm not saying that I think you'll always have peace at 30000 feet but. I hope it lasts as long as my life to it's because I really don't ought to listen view. Now I can understand why that would be why you would be irritated by that and applying. Because it is a chance to kind of she'll louder. Do some homework or read a book or take a map for. You know work on your computer whatever the case may be and phone converse image you can't handle at a restaurant you're not gonna want it to listened as some. And then there's always the guy that makes the fake. On caller just you know well I your judges turned twelve million dollar are Rolling Stone bill load number on my way of to Denver. See if I can to get a beetle reviews. The. The but the but the value of a moment of quiet. It 30000 feet. So that I hope hope that last for a long long time now. There's an Australian man that is suing American Airlines for permanent injury sustained when he was seated between two obese people on along slighted you read this one. Ever billionaire. But I want album. These put if somebody doesn't fit the standard C we've had this argument before we've had this debate before we've had this discussion before a bomb. And we do have to take into account the seats in economy are not only to their small but they're they're getting smaller by the second we just learned that from was an American that so the last two rows and one other road there. Even shrinking that down from 21 to nineteen which makes no sense at all makes sense for them. More money. But it makes sense for us. One of the things that Susan and I do us as we have built my house and I can have a farm house still going to is antique shops and stuff. If you go look at old shares and stuff like that may end up but patterns are a whole lot smaller than they are today. This Australian man said. He was forced and I think he had a window seat. But the one person overflowed into the other person who then overflowed and him and he says he's suffered permanent injuries and the whole nine yards to all of that. So that was the one story and the airlines and and the other story that I found in the Miami Herald this week is just. There's an article they're about weird stuff people try to get on I airplanes through security and we've seen stories like this before but. Don't know that I've ever seen a bleeding alligator head. Well if you get an alligator in your cup office headed your in Florida and you wanna get back to your house and New Hampshire what you'd think Doug Gatorade with your right. Yeah you gotta have your trophy. They obviously confiscate lots of guns. Bear repellent. Check human handy now that could you know. If you were hijacked that would be a good thing to have. Brass knuckles belt buckle. A hard over. Now I can remember taking a Volkswagen thing back to a rental agency America although one mud both the doors were in the backseat as. Somehow or another we had and a beauty with a tree. But I don't I don't know that I ever try to take the corridor on the plane and somebody was actually stopped in Miami at the airport where they fueled up chainsaw. So there you go. Com I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock I appreciate you being here Joseph Gillespie's in for a mark Harrison Charles at six next John Hancock out here.