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Friday, May 5th

John discusses the Health Care vote, is politics affecting your productivity at work? "Wild Words of News" with Erik Spanberg of the Charlotte Business Journal, "I Read The News", "Big Weekend" and much more. 


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This is John Hancock. I don't know Flores Friday as we conveyed. Understand birdie at 4 o'clock our revenues they'll play at 430 to go up big we give it to 500 plus stuff going on this weekend including something that doubles. Passed me by. The Wells Fargo championship is taking voice this weekend. It's just not quite battered girl. But this would have been a week. So. Also going on this so weakened pay the Charlie I turned down all weekend long but I'd have 7 o'clock game tonight. Fireworks Friday night. And and then it's pink nights tomorrow. And then it's princes and pirate day you with a matinee at 205 on Sunday at dvd ballpark. TJ's. Still have to decide whether he's going as the processor pirate. A pauper a pirate princes. The bearded Bruce's. So they go their. Problem. The house is bag new us sanctions against North Korea we'll see how that goes senators are vowing to write their own health care bill until you would not reveal woods yesterday wouldn't know we over talking about that that's a big question today what's next for the Republicans. Health care bill motives of the senate. And he did make a rather look at a whole lot different than it does now there was. GOP senator Lamar Alexander somewhat skeptical. He's of Tennessee he said days among those Republicans who say that the senate will in fact right its own legislation saying yesterday we're were riding a US senate bill not passing this house bill. No we'll take whatever good ideas we find their that meet our goals. So off I assume this saw it comes to a crescendo sometime this summer. The Republicans only hold a 5248 majority in the senate to they can only afford to lose two GOP votes that likely to be tricky. Because because something has to be produced there will be acceptable both to a more moderate members and a hard line conservatives. And so now your starting here the names of Ted Cruz and Michael Lee at Rand Paul and because that's that's who you got to convince over in the senate polar Politico is reporting today that some changes that are. Being considered include making the tax credits more generous. Strengthening protections so that the coverage for people with preexisting conditions is so expensive as to be unaffordable. And changing the Medicaid repeal. With Republicans from states that expanded Medicaid a particularly leery of taking it away. And then in addition all that in order to avoid having to get sixty votes to overcome the democratic filibuster Republicans are using a process called reconciliation. Now which order requires a majority and that means that they have to follow strict parliamentarian rules salt in order to do that. They may the have to weird take out significant parts of the house bill including the provision. Don't let states get waivers from coverage requirements. Which is the very. Change that got the house freedom caucus to vote in favor of the legislation in the first place so. Yes that was a nice little victory that they had yesterday and all party in the rose garden and the whole nine yards but. They still got a long long way to go. I in the end if the house doesn't agree with whatever the senate comes up with. Then members from those two chambers will have to work on now reconciliation likens legislation. And and resolve whatever differences that they that they have and I'll have some. And and then hope that enough Republicans in the house of the senate agreed to that final legislation to get it passed by both of them. But that's probably easier said than done so I'll ask general we stand on all of that stuff the really serious stuff and no life there's. There's there's there's other Hillary Clinton's gonna launch a pack two to fund trump resistance groups. Should there be a law and if you lose a presidential election year forced to. Stay out of limelight for where future. It it is something. That you have to move. Writer says the Justice Department is begin mayor criminal poll of are in trouble view goober. And yesterday we found out that Carolina panther Michael Oher. Who whose love life was told and a 2009 movies be bland blind side accused of assaulting maneuvered driver in Nashville but I don't get to story at all and I have a gun and started all the aspects of it but. Police said yesterday it'd be Hoover driver claimed that he and or got into an argument on April the fourteenth as in Tennessee. When he was they're giving a ride to the thirty year old offensive lineman. And a four of his friends and the driver claims that he put his hand on ores face. So there in an argument and then over driver puts his hand on Michael or states. That's the story is coming out of there. And then lower or. Knocked him to the ground. Why I gotta tell you Ireland. I'm just assuming that. If you go put your hand and somebody's face that weighs about 300 pounds. There's probably a good chance that you're gonna be meet the ground. So I don't quite get that one now at all. Com. He says that door knocked into the ground and adult or kicked him in the leg before his friends restrained him. All right so maybe that's. Maybe that's the assault part. Answers are always said that they were aware of the incident involving nor he's been ordered to appear for booking next week on a misdemeanor assault and now. Many camp started today's all the raw read all the Iraqis enough free agents and selector under down there are two that the stadium division. And we're getting our first looks at our draft picks and and national missile force so much storage virtual world of talk about politics in a workplace. Now work at your place. We're people just kind of avoided. There's there's a poll out that says political talk in the workplace since the election is hurting job performance we'll talk about it next. Creating a new survey today for the American Psychological Association which should just sounds like it's right down my relatives. Took on the house Streep messed up about the American psychological tools. And retired about a political talk in the workspace. And I thought well I'm. I'm probably Vieira the worst one to actually know what goes on to work players about that because my workplace. Involves political talk. Not all the time but. A lot of the time. And we're not to child we hear about. What we have what we believe what we don't believe and we think about somebody you and what we don't think about some reviewed and what you think of us know you don't think of us and. But I would assume that just your general law office. Paul's been divert category. That wouldn't be like radio station where there's political talk going on and actually when I think about what's going on in the halls here. We're not talking politics. Sales department and programming department are talking politics. Upper management and an air staff aren't necessarily talking politics. It its engineers I've talked recently about having friends that used to work with back west. Colorado and down south and Texas and so on and so forth but to a Colorado friends especially and and friends that are moved out California. And no there's so much further left and then me it's not even funny. On and it led us well on the reasonably good. Leads me to believe that you're environment has a lot to do with your political police ultimately nose rays by Goldwater Republicans of the foundation I had was a little bit to look it was a little bit right anyway. But I fought against set for a long long time in July tend to do is start adopting the conservative parts of it. I'm. Took this new survey from the American Psychological Association found that American workers are more likely to say now all. Odd then before sale last November's presidential election that they feel stressed and less productive because of political discussions at work. And it's just like the party's yum it's gotten. It did its distanced all of votes. There is no give way anymore you blow you make personal decisions on somebody based on their political beliefs. And it's gotten to be us against them mentality and now all of a sudden you may find yourself losing tolerance for somebody. There have been the first I've got out in Colorado and California are chime in on FaceBook a lot about politics. And I've said before there are people there that I just. Absolutely. On my list of were really close. Friends. But their politics is just completely different than mine and quite frankly. I don't wanna know all their trap or read all their diatribes on no FaceBook idea I don't really necessarily want it pushed in my face. Com how big a gap there is between my good friends out there and meet. Politically. We seem to have common ground on. And a million other areas. Oh LeBeau love of the west and the mountains. And streams and fishing. And music. And the arts. And in some cases sports. And in some cases. All authors reader edited the stuff that we've bred does this that the other I mean we've got a whole lot in common things that would that we have interest in. But the one place where we don't really CI Dalai is politics I don't know if if it's good policy dude just. Not talk about it. But I mean that's an essence kind of what happens when I get together with my friends out there are those a liberal when he's out there in the wellstone. And I wander into the good to Colorado or I thought California or something like that we just don't talk politics and I think terrorists. A future that is why our man that is because of we get into a political conversation we can talk religion before we can talk politics. And the political thing has just gotten to be now. I am in a fight if forward to voice any. Support for Donald Trump and sort of some of these friends they would think I was crazy. But I think they're kind of wacky per. As you know they us bound. Again I can't understand why Hillary is not president and. Told the results of the survey I'd I'd assigned Dick uninteresting did does it get uncomfortable in your office do you feel. Stressed and less productive. Because of political discussions at work. If your bosses far left in your far right or vice Versa bankruptcy or that could be. 26% of workers say that they have felt tense or stressed out. As a result of political discussions at work since the election that's up from 17% last September. Now. I think all of us are gut. I think just the result of the election was such a surprise even distraught supporters. That there was some tension tension and and and stress. Just on the results of the election even if that's the way you wanted did to turn out. It still kind of a shocked that it worked out oil. 15% said that they had difficulty getting work done because of political discussions 14% say they have been less productive. And 13% so that the work quality is suffered. So I you know that's doesn't get really too specific and as to how you've been less productive or how your quality of work has suffered. But to some extent or another isn't it after you know suck it up and get over it. 54%. Say they have discussed politics at work since the election and for 40% of those workers it is caused at least one negative outcome. Such as reduced productivity. Poor work quality difficulty getting work done a more negative view of co workers Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. Is that is that the root of all of this the more negative view of co workers. Causes you to have a negative outcome or redo a step wrecked productivity up a portal work quality. She's detention it to the attention of the world attention of the country is leaking and do. It into your workplace. You feeling jets are stressed out or increased workplace hostility now obviously if you got a complete lack code is a work and work. A guy who's got as much taller code tolerances is some of our callers or media on a bad date. 15% say they had gotten into an argument about politics at work. 44%. Say they avoided some coworkers because of their political views. So. I'm just curious have you noticed any of that in your workplace you don't have to you go by a fake name and not talk about to rename your company and auto of but I mean have you noticed especially since the election that things are. Because we've kind of been that. Stagnant on on progress in politics now for years. Republicans were standing in the way Obama all the way. Honor understand to some extent why the probe of why the productivity and and negativity has increased just because the guys in the offices increased have you noticed that in your workplace 70457. All of intent. This is the latest job. Airline debacle delta flight. Barely off the flight who would you look from top receivers like other. Now you're the first one bear get yourself into a PR nightmare that's one thing and if you're the second one no then you probably should have paid attention to the first one but nonetheless. But if you're the third one. It's just dump. Somebody says that a memo out now saying no. From now on if someone is drug off the flight to recreate received it'll be the co pilot. And then and then see if any seats. Our new policy is not to kick people off the plane we just let him be a co pilot. And somehow or another all we announced that cease opened up on deployed. Now there was another story is another story. So let's say. United. American Airlines went onto the other one. Just came out this week with the take away more legroom suffering. And then you've got to story that's going on right now delta apologizing for booting the family Austria flight. Odors delta now you have Southwest. Airlines. Passenger Peggy fueling. Southwest Airlines. She boards her flight from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio. Turns off her cell phone as the plane rolls away from the gate. She and her fellow passengers don't get very far because the plane suddenly turns around on the tarmac at midway airport and taxis back to the gate. Peggy in the rest of the passengers had no idea what was happening once the plane was anchored at the gate a flight attendant approached Peggy. And asked her to get off. He thought she had boarded the wrong plane but when she got back inside the terminal gate agent told her to call her husband. He had been forced to contact Southwest Airlines because Peggy Sloan was turned off. Luckily the airline managed to get the twos spouses in contact with each other at the last minute it turned out. That pays 24 year old son had suffered a serious head injury and was in a coma in Denver. And so dull husband gets hold of the airline who gets hold of a pilot who has the flight turnaround so they can get Peggy. And so they tell Peggy the news. And AJ had barely taken it bad and before a staffer explained to her that the airline had read ticketed her. On the next direct flight to Denver. And arranged all the other practical details. Want to you know all that stuff. So they offered AL private waiting area rerouted her luggage. Allowed her to board first packed a lunch for when she got off the plane in Denver. Her luggage was delivered to where she was staying and she even received a call from southwest asking our son was doing. I just figured maybe you'd wanna hear about confident airline for a couple of seconds. This seemingly had their act together and and did things the way that they are supposed to be done. I and I don't know if that's as simple as saying if this was me. How what I wanted to handle but I pretty much is the way of your business. Treat people wait you would like to be treated so her son by the way has fully recovered from a serious head injury and no. And all of as well but there you go finally. An airline story. With a positive twist. And a happy ending. Now I think ultimately it may not really matter in the long run anyway because. We've all got a hundred years left anyway. Stephen Hawking. Is giving humanity a I'm pretty tall order colonize Mars because. We're gonna have to get off berth and a hundred years. Last year. After claiming that tell humans have a thousand years left on earth member balking saying that it's well Lester well he's not 900 years off of it. We're going to also fast and an investor we cantor accorsi straight so hawking says that today in a new documentary. That we instead have about a hundred years until we need to jump ship deserved. Is overwhelmed by over population climate change disease and artificial intelligence. And they say it might be a bit premature to start packing but the BBC's expedition new earth will explore technology and scientific advances that will enable. Life in space or a colony. On another planet. Now I'm Sam written just the other day and I'm thinking well let's refers I'm not going to be here a hundred years. Quite frankly I doubt very serious they'll be here at thirty years. I'll be leaving people behind it may. They got a granddaughter or grandson or not quite sure yet I guess we find out Mother's Day weekend. We saw the pictures dishonored and there's a sonogram. They blocked out. When one of the key areas to find out whether or not it's or girl. So we're gonna we're doing a Vera plant and one of the news I guess it's is and always been a big elaborate deal the gender identity thing. Today that he's terrible parties for that today back in the fifties in the sixties and seventies that this a new deal all. Is that this part of the new spoiled millennial generation thing. Generation X. or I or whatever. I'm so anyway were they were they were planning this big extravagant deal I don't know where we're going we're gonna go to won't paint ball players are they hadn't. Now there are gonna do the the reveal there another just decided to have all the family over for robe on Mother's Day and they'll announce them. The gender then. Everybody at a family is assuming its aborted because. On the outside of the family this would be Susan's son my stepson. Ron's son. And on outside of these so called Geiger family. And if they want they always have voice all pigs too so both sides affair with salt. And I have my heart set on her granddaughter. According had sons under the older older walk around. Take dirt pizza places and spoil on. By Dole's Warren. And then when there you don't Wear when they do stuff that. I don't wanna be around or. Things start to get all stinky. And used hand back to mom. And anything if you need to do junior. So I airway job it's why you know I I read stuff like this and I think a hundred years another man that said that we talked about this just recently. If you look at all the changes and have taken place in the last 225 years just from a technological standpoint just computers and and everything else and and now it changes so rapidly. Gosh I have no idea the oh world that my sons. Will. B 64 years old and or that my grandkids will basically you have to existent you'll have a quick. Morris. Was kind of over they get to do it here. I was kind of hoping they get a chance to see Rocky Mountain National Park. You know drive from Miami down two of the keys to a few western. See the Grand Canyon. I don't know if I wanna go to Mars and I don't want them to go to mark. And I. Am and. Steve hawking says we got a hundred years and we got to get out of here we got to go to Mars. And others in new doc out called the BBC expedition neuwirth and it explores technological and scientific advances. That would allow life in space or colony on another planet and it'll show Hawkins ambition isn't his fantastical as it all sounds. That's science. Fact is closer to science fiction than we ever thought according to BBC and I know many of you discount anything that has to do with science because you've been told to. Elon Moscow space acts. He is already planning to send humans to Mars in the next decade and know while a colony on Mars is maybe a good idea. I'm bringing new scientific discoveries. Beat columnist Eric may access talking needs to give his head a shake your V honestly believes that Mars the moon or anywhere also in our solar system will be. More hospitable. Then earth even after a host of disasters quote. Just cleaning up our own mess and starting over by. Arising from the rubble seems more practical. And more affordable than figuring out how to grow food or survive radiation poisoning on Mars. He wrote this informs. The solution he thinks to all our problems here on earth is. We says yes somehow the grass is always greener for some people are even when it's on the dead red planet. I just think it's instinct hockey is a fascinating guy. I I don't know. Don't know that I can go and scientifically. But they rim seem to me that. If the earth has a hundred years god love more to say without enough. When you're running your condition. Just beneath. There's a fascinating story I find it fascinating it's running in the Charlotte Observer right now and it's been run the last couple days and it's on the website doing in fact we just put a link up but don't do well on the Hancock bridge that it WB two Beckham. About. Vanity license plates that get rejected. And you read some of of a new goal c'mon. And then you read other ones. Because in this story that TJ is putting up on the Hancock originally BT dot com there is a link. About halfway through what this says a full list of the band plays can be viewed on line at Charlotte Observer dot com and if you click on that link it'll take your right to. PDF list of 7000. Rejected license plates energy wander through those 7000 plates. It just think to yourself who thought they were getting this one. I mean it's always just downright vulgar. I'm. Some of them a good that the one so I against the bill the ones are as I drive around town. So he people drive me nuts because if you see a license plate like that you have to decode it. It gets to be a challenge. And if you don't get didn't get a decoded and this he gets frustrated. I have a vanity plate but it says it doesn't take a lot of explanation. Thereof that they have the range. Of band license plates. They they talk in the article about political slogans. L a CK HE RUP lock her up. Well we all know what that's from that's bad that's the chance Komondor rallies a trump. Presidential campaign DMP trump Donald Trump that was barred. F trump. Apparently there is no one named Fred and his family. Or friend. Or what that have stands work. Impeach 45 I MP CH 45. Not my day. PRZ. Rejected. I you know why I I guess. If it's not vulgar than why can't you make some sort of a statement I guess that North Carolina. Our good invaded that department motor vehicles is on don't necessarily wanna be the the conduit to Europe free expression but. Obama sucks as you X turned down. And then you have stuff. From people of the north DM and why in key KEL. Or damn Yankee eighty anything or go god Damn Yankees is gonna get turned down. Somebody applied for drug dealer. Drug DL are. Really dodger get mad. Drug money assassin killer. Kill I basis was a plane that I was a plate that was rejected. That's something we often get behind and it. Religious. Can't go there. College sports. Hate duke. KUNC. I eight. Heels. It asks you after you. Not yet have that plates. Math sucks. Rejected two. Head WB BMY. And gentlemanly does your staff writer over your own business journal Charlotte business journal dot com new addition is out today we try to argue us. Hi Erica when he's not announcing a new health care plan would president. Enough Fridays until 4 o'clock. Where we were looking at all right yesterday we're just think a guy that just interchangeable. Speaking of health care I trust that your recovered from last week. Yeah I'll him. I don't know what I had but it was a lively 24 hours I can tell you yeah. Never felt bad. So I don't know is that food boys I don't know what it is. Got a better I don't know it's generally not going to be good news when I get a text from you before 8 AM. Separate hot dog as it is is it's not but yeah I know I have no idea what that was all about that so I'm glad you're you you're fully amended and and back edit their. By not being able to talk to you last week I didn't got to get a chance to talk to you about Dale Earnhardt junior denied his retirement announcement and Noah and what kind of impact that's gonna have on a subject to you and I've talked about a million times and and that's NASCAR. The attendance is Luzader is there have been at a loss TV numbers are a drop and and all the sudden now you have. Without question the most popular driver saying. I'm done after this year well that may help this year but it's boy it it really puts NASCAR in the cross hairs of question marks. Up for the future Bennett. Yeah I think you're never right we've talked about this a lot in the last few years and eat even before that announcement. I have like many others are considered this court could be ending deeper trouble. Because. Various factors from the millennial not having much interest in Carter's generally. You know the loss of television. Interest. All kind of things going on with NASCAR and this is just you know sort of final blow if you will. Obviously it's not going away but in terms you know that don't carry we saw in the mid nineties and for about ten years or so I don't think there ever getting back. I was gonna say if it prominent if it becomes hockey. And I don't mean has to be disrespectful hockey benefit becomes hockey it's lost a lot of money and a lot of and a lot of momentum from where at one point not that long ago within the last decade we were wondering if this was going to be the third major sort of speak. Yeah and I think you are exactly right that that's the way I viewed it could potentially. They have fallen back to hockey. And certainly you can have a date night business play people can make. A nice living doing that but in terms of cultural cache today in terms you know upward mobility where. At one point NASCAR was comparing itself to the NFL that might have been more grandiose but some others were. Sort of Jordanian on that I don't think there anywhere near that I don't think they're anywhere near the NBA or Major League Baseball I just think it's. You have to rethink it happened to tell auto makers the recession all these things and they tended to hit NASCAR harder than they hit. Those other sports they were. Included in that victory so yeah this is just another difficult situation because young when you look at it certainly. Really recognizable. Beyond Dale Earnhardt junior to just the average person out there from NASCAR there's really not anybody. No I knew it and then that's the kind of a weird situation and its own right I don't think the load on those in the Kozlowski used in the world or the I have enough charisma too good to polo sport then. The one guy who has set who has joined the great says joined Earnhardt senior has joined petty. Seven championships Jimmie Johnson. Good looking guy nice family good good person. Popular but bid can't move the needle. For the sport I had I don't quite understand that but Torre as good as he's been dominant as he's been in the time that he's been a driver. People are just not enamored with him I don't I Baghdad bids it's kind of unfair. Yeah you know but Jimmie Johnson particular reminds me Mike Trout in Major League Baseball mean people who really follow baseball. No he's the best player in the game but yet the average person and they don't. Know the name if they have a name they certainly don't know defaced. And in Jimmie Johnson. It somewhere they are you saying he's sort of the all time greats no doubt about it but for whatever reason he just hasn't really been embraced just yet retain significant degree and so. I don't know Lloyd. NASCAR can do and they tinkered obviously with the race format plenty of race fans like it but forgetting the general. Sports audience back they tried so many things candy at least to date. The numbers just keep going down. And maybe that's one of the things it's hurting him because they have tried all sorts of things in the last seven or eight years and now it's gotten to the point where it's almost confusing. They are the rule changes they've made six years ago are now different from the ones they made four years that are now different from the ones that they made two years ago that are no different from the ones the running this year. Yeah and now I you know I have obviously been in this area long term but I didn't grow up with the sport and while I think I understand the business side pretty well. And I've been to more than a handful of races I still can't can't tell you held the point system works and I just have no idea car. Reputation back to the old keep it simple stupid don't moniker because if people have to go take a community college course to understand the sport you're you're doomed. You know weighing in any NFL it's real simple you know that everybody can it get to the server that everybody gonna fight to get to the Super Bowl and whoever wins the Super Bowl is going to be the champion and auto racing is always. PLE. And much more complex for some obvious reasons but and as you say when you daddy and other layers that it makes it even less accessible to. Newcomers so together they got a lot of work to do and obviously this is the big month for sure immerse speedway with the two races. And this industry is very important to to Charlottesville. But it does feel. And it's obviously. Diminished air from what it was 20042005. And getting back to that level seems to be. A really long journey. I don't know if it was you who planted the cedar there was sort of sales that I had very conversational we're talking about Major League soccer and the Smith's interest in now there was probably you'll. Well this said possibly. Their compelling reason for wanting to get into MLS is because the sport that they brought all of their things invested in news. Is diminishing. And they need release they need a whole rundown to keep the empire alive. Yeah that that that's just a hunch I have I know they would never say that you know obviously they're they're very heavily invested in a publicly traded company that owns a great racetracks and their family has been around the sport. For what sixty years or so but. I just don't see how you. Rebuild this thing in any. Sort of reasonable short period of time and it just feels like NASCAR is really struggling for relevance for you on. Where in Charlotte this is the hub of NASCAR and you know age it's not on the front of the sport section very often it's not on the tip of the Tonga people talking and it's not even on the sport's marquee piece ended someplace and go and so I don't hurled troubling side. And nobody's talking about it anymore on Monday either you talked about colonials I don't think memorials as silly all agree with fights either I know pipes kind of carried the sport to know I don't think parents and in that aspect of it to. Well as well so it's I don't know I I don't know what the solution is but I know the day Dale Junior all walking away from a does not going to be a but is not going to be helpful and no it won't kill the sport. But it's there it certainly will. Or hurt their that their comeback. Yeah that that's exactly right and it just hit it it it feel like it's gotten to the point where. Marketing horror increased. He is simply not enough to matter how brilliant you are you could be you know bring inherited the people who run apple and I don't know that they did. Yes sort of lifted the ratings and the interest. All that much can you go from being here probably you're just an even if you didn't care about NASCAR. As you say on Mondays you always at least through osmosis knew that. Dale Earnhardt or later Jeff Gordon or whoever. Had won the race percent and it happened and now it feels like you can go weeks or months without really having any sensitive. What's happening out there. But you know that was that mean that was an old world all right because if everybody had their driver tilt until you would turn on the TV and you would find your driver and for most other sellers the black number three but. If your driver is still on the lead lap than your watch and and if your drivers not that you may bill parts of and also good to do. The other thing that I think is not as strong as what he used to be there used to be a pretty hard core. Ford or Chevrolet argument going on and I'm not so sure that exists in any longer either. You know I think that's completely gone and believe me I'm wonder I'm always leery of things were better back swing and you know way back when but I think it's some of those transport for NASCAR. Have certainly hurt them in the one with the manufacturer is a stable and our members many here in the mid nineties and there are constant arguments about whether Forbes was presidential leadership region afforded itself like I'm speaking another language right now I mean people believe in and forget about Doug drug NASCAR even those who were watching before every manufacturer debate this used to be a big part of the court trying to. And nobody ever envisioned that phrase. The Toyota will run real good today. I it into it and believe me understand the other world marches on and you that you have to stay within it I'm not criticizing them taking money from Toyota or anything like a hundred. But I'm just saying is that what they key part of hand in the and that support was the debate in the back and forth about the manufacturers and that's something it's gone and I don't think it's really coming back. I hornets are in the news so while I talked to Eric about that in just a second no property tax increase. And what that might mean for the ACC network and we'll talk to Eric about that as well when we come back. I'm back Darren Bedford from the Charlotte business journal. Erica last week he has the end I had all sorts of layoffs. And met them at broad and speculation. Because ESPN news and pretty much taken all most of their production stuff and movement and upload to Bristol. So that brings up questions about ACC network and personnel and sorrows so for so give me the cliff notes. Explanation of ESPN's cuts and what that may or may not mean for the ACC network. OK so the cliff notes is ESPN has been out in Valentine would have studios. Four. Gosh fifteen to forty years. They have the SEC network here ESPN you head does a lot of network here and then they have an event division about 200 employees and surely give or take. They cut our realm ten employees may be a few more we're not sure the guys are not disclosing specific numbers as part of this company wide layoffs and because a lot that yet. What you just said is exactly true which is that the ACC network which is coming online in 2019. And is. Likely to be based in Charlotte there are a lot of questions about whether ESPN's continuing. Loss of cable subscribers. In need to reduce costs will exactly to that network being delayed in ESPN in the agency later. On said that no nothing has changed I think there or are a lot of jitters out there at all analysts watching this very closely to see if in fact it changes. Also what does this mean to our companies like 3COM which obviously is associated with us at least by low cal we all used to be one happy family Jefferson pilot sports sold to break our mom went. Already calm but via TV station were owned by inner calm but what does that mean for people like ray come 'cause that's up. That's a production company that televised is ACC events. As I assume as a subcontractor. Yes correct yet they haven't sub license with ESPN. And when the announcement was made last summer by ESP NBA if you see that this network would have started according nineteenth. Rory come. Had it been assured that they will continue to do business with the ACC for example they sell corporate sponsorships they helped them some of their online and web site. Offering a and so the idea is that you would phase out the production side. Break on the ACC as you ramp up. This ESPN owned ATC network and who knows maybe they would still do some production and as a contractor but it would certainly be less and so it looks like break com. I would not have a great deal of disruption beyond what they were already expecting the big question is do you actually have an agency network that. It's going and is it based in Charlie's seems like the answer. Is that if it does go forward it's going to be in Charlotte because the FCC network is the obvious model for what he has BM would do with the ACC. And SEC says by the way is not going anywhere and Paul find bombs from an on going anywhere I assume. It didn't know they are doing now have pretty well by all accounts and live from the SEC Def financial reporting. They have doubled their television revenue over the last three or four years in motion that is attributable. Kitty SEC network as did the wild card here John is more you know what it did be thinking get the is that the the parent company of ESPN and ESPN has lost eleven million to its subscribers give or take over the last 45 years. And it's seven dollars a pop per month of that turned into real money in a hurry like 900 million dollars or so and that's what you're. Taking the hit the loss of that income and then the ever increasing rights fees for ESPN's Hugh Carey NFL NBA and the other sports. And it's almost like retail in the country now retail is dying because people's buying habits are changing. And so the model for ESPN is changing. Because people are now cutting the cord and fighting different ways. To get the contents that they want. What should have there's never destruction of print media I'm sure that would never happen now I think now I I think AM radio and newspapers are pretty pretty pretty darn safe I don't think we have all want to do attitude to have to worry about. Hey I agree weekend and all I talk to you next week. Have a great record on their egos are spared bird senior staff writer Charlotte business journal Cheryl business journal dot com. They go to mile made a fifth I'll be at the stone Chris location of cantina 1511 from about 63 well les toll thirty. But I all interceptions which in essence get off your 6 o'clock cannot wait. If they are if they got to listen in addition how they're about 635640. I need to. Mobil made tacos. Time now about seven but how about 815 all probably did a black and blue murder. Places murder but this is a genius there are promotions department saying goodbye you couldn't. I think the Mexican restaurants have been pretty busy tonight so we're doing a remote from one which means we go to set up our own table this is brilliance. Eating tacos in. Three hours. I really don't agree hours each day. You talk as ever for the day is twelve. That's the number of horses that have won the Triple Crown the Kentucky Derby the preakness states and and the Belmont Stakes which you know they've all brought up here and not yesterday. And don't. Did you know that. I haven't been able to find attractive and it's got to be either because that's that's only Belmont I know. Russian opposition leader was attacked what they toxic green and die. I read the news available candidate is recalling a shipment of Bombay sapphire London dry gin because it contains nearly. Twice as much alcohol as it should. And the former business manager for all of us Morissette is so on his way to work prison for embezzling. Prosecutor asked for five years the judge made it six. That's how that goes now someone explain this wondering. If you replace. Jay Cutler today signed on as an and that says an analyst with fox TV. Really. Mr. charisma they're gonna put on TV who it fox thought that this guy. His body language is Judd and I mean it's just a guy just wanna punch in the face. Jay Cutler has a TV. Analysts. Well. Maybe he can do NASCAR races. So that's dispenses mean spirited odd traffic. Brought to you by voters go for I 77 exits 43 meters Freddie camera. Thanks John is Westinghouse are here for 85 an accident on Westinghouse and in several accidents. On the upper lip a 45 as you approach 77 so that's gonna slow you up. The other direction towards Steele creek very slow traffic as well just from earlier problems and heavy. Traffic through their reports of emergency crews before the plug on Harris heading toward 85 are gonna take a look at that might as emergency crews there. And the between 77 an error would watch for some trouble independence before Harrell Karl darn that's on the outbound signed with an accident. Looking into tonight cloudy skies and below 48 partly cloudy tomorrow with possible afternoon showers and a high of 67 right now sixty in Rock Hill 62 in Charlotte. Next update at 450 pretty hammered WBT all day time saver traffic. I made good. Spanish steps a cigarette in my. Celebrations all over the place many cities across the United States both Mexico the origin of the day. 1862. Outnumbered Mexican troops defeated the invading French forces of Napoleon the third. And then over the years the celebration has evolved from one of military victory to a colorful and vibrant event though celebrating Mexican culture. Not too much chance for oh white people to hit every Mexican restaurant of the country any talk rose and I drink margaritas. There are 31 point seven million people of Mexican descent in the United States 10% of the total population. So cigarette in my other you don't. But I still think it's become an excuse from Mercury news. If you guys you listen on the kitchen only one of those two. So here's the deal and company and Morgan winery is searching for eight can Bassett or. To travel the United States this summer and a mobile wine bar. We'll be looking for your resume TJ. They want you to drive around the country in a mobile wine bar. Which could possibly go wrong. The other job promote union wine that companies can do wind up. He can bass Sydor will join a wineries road trip events team. In traveling to festivals and store openings and other outdoor events to promote it's candidate. Adult beverages. And it while the position requires. It anywhere from one to four months away from home. Are those weeks away include drinking wine meeting lots of new people living out of Avaya. Perfect for somebody. We've confirmed for me when I was about 21. Problem. If I told you I read the news available at that there was. One thing you could do for over thirty to 90 seconds each morning. That would have an immediate positive impact on your health. And your energy level and your brain chemistry and your attitude. Due beards and what does some miracle elixir is. The answer to that the one thing you can do for dirt thirty to 90 seconds each morning. And icy cold shower. Not a cold a shower but they've blast of 38 degree icy cold water. This causes you to light gas and for error and let loose what they stream of obscenities. Or at least thirty seconds I'll tell you what the benefits of that are just dissect it and me and. So they say if you love. For thirty to 90 seconds each morning. Taken icy cold shower not a whole nation went to. But a blast of 38 degree icy cold water. The kind that would cause you gasp for air and probably let loose with a few words. For at least thirty seconds some of the benefits I'm think about that that first you know. That jump into the pool at first jump into the pool season. That generally have but that's not 38 degree is not what you've got to early wells approval. Anyway they say it triggers deep breathing which in turn increases your oxygen levels Andrew. It improves circulation and helps your arteries more officially pump blood. It lowers blood pressure. It boost your immune system. Repeated cold showers have been shown to a toughen you up they say increasing your resilience distress and know what is that called hardening. And it activate your brown fat. That's the good fat that increases your metabolic. Raped so that you can burn more calories. So there you go now while forty get 38 degree water. What is cold water. I I don't mean what is called for a but I mean the cold water that comes out your tap what what will be the general temperature that I don't have a collateral clue. I'm 38 degrees. I keep water in the refrigerator. And since I got all hot shot refrigerator it's at 37 degrees. I love cold water. In fact there's a big old gallon jug in the refrigerator with oh sharply written on the side of it do not drink. Because I drink out of it. So arm sales to but I had to do. And I know I've got my take less water heater set at a 125. That's my salt water. But I don't know what the cold waters where would you get 38 degree room. There the it. That was like that challenge that was going on its servers to an. On mountain stream. About right now when they are run off is still going now would be about 38 degrees. Einstein's Brothers big all that changes launched via world's first caffeinated bagel called the expresso buzz fatal. Which sounds like a straight a plot that you would buy out in Colorado. Expresso does. The F bagels each contain 32 milligrams of caffeine which is about a third of the amount found in an eight ounce cup of coffee so there you go. Well off to Weinstein bagel have yourself where big time and down. Chinese tourists are being forced to slowdown. When they walk past these historic site are a historic site. Because authorities were concerned that it wasn't being appreciated enough. And so what they've done in China is they've added fifty bumps that basically forced people to slowdown as they walked past and historic site. Speed bumps for people. Unbelievable I I went into read it today. Took chief target for its shower thoughts. I and I felt some but they weren't killer went to ensure our thoughts are well but I did found a thing on read it. If you were forced open a big Krewell would you name it. Much ado about muffins. I'd love Bette. I said I'd combine it with a flower shop and Colin Guns 'N Roses. Delay is and confused. For all you zip. Rolling Stones. Why than anybody done this is as great. Big my day. The pie hole. And that way when it was closing time miked yell should they shut the pie all. And and then another one is a great uttered all these people's all the associated big to the future. The good stuff but I read the news today oh boy let's make a deal. He's creating the world's largest cereal bowl. There's a song prized game show set a world record by creating a massive cereal bowls a gag prize let's make a deal shared clipped featuring met. Another record breaking ball it was a song consolation prize but if it's the world's biggest he would take it right. You could set it up in your backyard and uses a mini pool. Guinness world records confirm the massive ball weighed 3504. Pounds about the proper specifications and presented to show. When they record certificate. Members of the audience were invited to share in the contents of the gigantic bowl which was filled with the organic granola and milk and a reminder was so good donated to a local publisher only shelter. What are you know what to do with spoons hang out a giant bowl I think. Think maybe no why not do. There's a study that debunks the myth that fast food is mostly eaten by the poor. I can debunk that. New study out of Ohio State. The united the Ohio State University. Found that middle income and high income Americans are just as likely to eat fast food is poorer individuals the study also. Used data from 8000 people for the national longer Bo longitudinal. Survey of youth. The results 79%. Of people ate fast food at least once. 23% 83 or more meals during anyone know of the weeks in the study when researchers divided respondents into income categories 80% of people in the lowest 10% of income eight at least wants. At a fast food restaurant compared to 85%. Who were in the middle income 75%. Of the richest Serb girl around responders. We are what the study doesn't tell you though is how much they order. I mean even if I if high income guy goes in two up fast food restaurant. Does he. Does he get a sandwich and then in a bottle water. Orders Donna does he get too big Macs and a chocolate shake can for a you know I'm just so your order would have more to do with. What you order would have more to do well with what you. We didn't do a hungry burglar story yesterday did great. It was all of these were guy breaks in your house and it makes and so in Rome and generally they usually fall asleep on the couch and as silly get busted. Deputies in South Carolina. Rock Hill. Asia. Have arrested a man they say broken to a neighbor's house. And made a sandwich. Authorities say 55 year old joy. Ugly out. Of Rock Hill has been charged with burglary and larceny. After authorities said that he entered they locked house on Saturday the report listed stolen goods as a drink of clear moonshine at clover valley Kosher hold bill pickle a scoop of nukes commit no cheers. In two slices of bread. Probably is who is a running property from the oh homeowner admitted to entering the home on other occasions. Just eat I guess I'll. And the number one placed at people wanna visit before they die is. Hope YE. In a study one domestic destination stood out that was Hawaii about 18% of baby boomers most of that island or their chain of violence as their top domestic a destination. Alaska had 12% California 80% Arizona 8% noon Nevada seven. New York 7% also 83% of boomers 76% of gen actors and 69% of millennial. Had at least one travel related item on their bucket list but the place we wanna see before we die is Hawaii. I've seen that I'd like to see it again before it died. EDT AM Charlotte WBT FM Chester W Ellen Page HD TH. 124 non stop minutes of news and information. Here's the big story this hour on UC 1110 and 993. WPG. New hopefuls hit the field at 5 o'clock I'm Mike Doyle. The Panthers opened their rookie minicamp this morning outside a Bank of America Stadium practice field then reporters got a chance to chat with. Top draft pick Christian McCaffery for about five minutes after the all purpose back ransom drills in shorts and jerseys today polls awesome news from the Jersey on being up two teammates and he knows there's a class a lot of songs it's you know. Playbook down south 600 yard McCaffrey says he's focusing on learning the plays and picking the brains of the veterans during this. We can't can't. There's 1110993. WPG traffic and weather together thanks to hundred no Florida I 77 minutes at 23. There's pretty hammered. Thanks Mike on the west side southbound 742 accidents one at Sam Wilson and Morris chapel let's slowing you down 85 a little bit better. You seem to accidents on the outer loop before 85 around 77 and then up around west boulevards of big backups there on the outer loop. Outbound Berkshire several wrecks of 77 and then after Russell's very. He's still ET Harris very backed up to the that the plaza where there's an injury wrecked get emergency crews on the scene. For several more on the back ups on Harris trying to be so expected to sugar creek with a pretty bad accident there. Your next update 510 Freddie hammer WBT Albany times you for traffic. Yes. Gloomy weather in the forecast with periods of rain showers advertised throughout the weekend only the top of the weekend mainly on Saturday and into Saturday night. Upper level low continues to pain will across the Carolinas. Preannounce shuttle weather up and on the eastern seaboard low tonight cool with 48 degrees. The southwest winds in the morning miles per hour chance for showers Saturday 67. Sunday sunshine upper sixties I'm Scott Laurie Moore the weather channel news 1110993. WBT. WB two other brought occupy Charlotte Comfort Systems heating and air conditioning right now it's mostly cloudy 62 and hunter's bill. 61 down in Rock Hill and in uptown Charlotte 62 degrees. Last night's storms as usual a bunch of damage trees and power lines caused fair share of power outages though most of electricity. Now back on this afternoon fallen trees damaged several homes and Albemarle blocked nearly a dozen road sort of for morning drivers. National Weather Service says it has confirmed Turco to a tornado touchdowns in the state. In Oxford north of Durham and near rocky hockey in Choi on Cali. Forecasters say tornado also caused lot of damage in Darlington county South Carolina. Republicans still celebrating yesterday's house passage of their health care bill which they hope will replace the Affordable Care Act but it still has some tough terrain to travel as Mary Bruce report. So bigger battle is not over yet the house bill now faces a steep climb in this and it. It really is likely to be scrutinized all over again and the battle lines are already being drawn on everything. From Medicaid into how Americans. We'll pay for coverage much of the drama that we saw during the tense fight in the house could play out all over again and already some senate Republicans are saying they may simply start from scratch on a whole new bill remember any changes that are made in the senate then have to go back to the house for their approvals this is going. To be a long fight. Mary Bruce in Washington at Fort Bragg today at new timetable was set for the desertion trial of army sergeant -- bird Dow. The pretrial hearing colonel Jeffrey Mann said he intends to begin jury selection on the sixteenth of October and start the trial in earnest on October 23. For adults accused of endangering fellow soldiers my walking from his post in Afghanistan in 2009. After which she was held by the Taliban and its allies for about five years. Three previous trial dates have been scratched largely because of the pace which classified materials and handed over to the defense. And Charlotte's federal court a man identified by federal prosecutors. As the creator and lead administrator of the world's largest child pornography web site has been sentenced to thirty years in prison. 58 year old Steve chase of Naples Florida created a website called playpen and August 2014. On an open Internet network where users can communicate anonymously through so called hidden service web sites. Change ran playpen which the FBI said it more than a 150000. Users around the world. Small cargo plane crash in West Virginia this morning killing the two people on board. It was landing. Touched down. And then move her on Henry's and at this time may have skated off and whenever that hill at the end of the runway. Josh Knox is with the economic county emergency operations center he says the twin engine air cargo carrier's plane. That crashed it Yeager airport in Charleston was contracted by UPS. WBT money watch strong jobs report help drive the market higher today. Record high closes for the S&P and the NASDAQ Composite the Dow gained 55 as well closing about 21021006. The NASDAQ up 25 the S&P 500 rose nine points this afternoon. This update brought to you by garage door girl. Almost a free trip charge call garage door guru today and I'm Mike Doyle news 1110993. WBT. Money money money money money why are we and that 1000 dollars right now. That's just text the word mute him off the view of TV. Just seven to eighty wanted to got a shot to 1000 dollars and you've got nine minutes to enter because you deadline is 515 on this work. Mute him you wouldn't be eased. 272881. This is a national contest. Message and data rates apply full contest rules are available at WBT. Dot com it's. Radio program. Not a Wells Fargo weekend but the Kentucky Derby cabinet. This would've been Wells Fargo championship weekend but it's in Wilmington this year because as you well know or Charlotte and quail hollow. Has PGA championship coming here in August so low they had to jettison the the Wells Fargo tournament down birdie eagle point this year. So other Wells Fargo is going on this so we can at eagle point golf globe which is Tom Fazio designed a club out there on the coast. How the nights are in town all weekend long 7 o'clock tonight at 7 o'clock tomorrow and 205 game on no Sunday. And the NASCAR boys are hanging out in Talladega. Sunday race beyond fox two PL. Talladega. It would be the guy go 500. Check on him. Golf. Festival in the park is this weekend. This used to be I assume it's still lives but I this used to be a big big big big deal. Mom and it almost passed revive may sixth and seventh little sugar creek or Greenway. Over there are no south can strive. This actually be Vieira. If this is I'm wrong here this is festival in the park org. You know the people who put on the kings drive our walk boy I festival in the park. So no wonder did just seem to be getting the publicity I was used to it giving. So why it's on king's rivals sugar creek Greenway which they've really done wonders with may sixth and seventh so that'll be tomorrow and Sunday. The kings drive or walk put on by the people at festival in the park and if you go to festival in the park dot org you can get more information on that. It is no Dodd day in May. Which is the it's officially street festival season. Our block party consisting of local artists and other all raising money for crisis assistance ministry got house DJ is play and in more than forty art vendors enough food trucks and all that stuff intersection of about. 35 and McDowell streets. You should draw bio Brooke sandwich shop on north. Who I read to burger surveys today best burgers or was in the Charlotte Observer and I don't know where the other one came from Charlotte agenda de commerce of Lanka. And Brooks wasn't in both of them. And if they had they hadn't been. It wouldn't beneficial service. The reverse is now posted. There's not. And some go to burger it's no god day in May intersection of 35 and McDowell street from 1 to 7 o'clock tomorrow. So there you go there are overdue traffic we go to what you might hunter's bill Ford I 77 exits 43 years Freddy out. Thanks John still pretty ugly on the outbound signed an early profound for 85 on the west side much of that also you're seeing trouble here. On southbound 74 at Sam Wilson endorsed chapel outbound Berkshire several wrecks here when it's 77 when it arousal staring east WD Harris really quite backed up. An earlier problem with the intersection with the fire truck on the scene. Guess several backups on Harris to. Tonight cloudy low 48 tomorrow partly cloudy with a high of 67 and possible afternoon showers are now sixty and rock killed 62100 stolen 62 when Charlotte. Next update at five Tony Freddie hammer WBT all the time sabretech. Do you have fifth annual Charlotte food fighters this weekend three data caucus will be tomorrow. Stone down part up there are no Matthews they got twenty food trucks vying for the title of best dish. You get male vote for your favorites and the money goes to differed different heroes which is a local nonprofit. And two are the airport is her honey supply and to a build up a community and educational facility which shall call I think the high of away is that when Ramon reading here. So local food truck's battery battling it out the Charlotte food fight fifth anniversary party. And it takes place in stone town park and that will be tomorrow. And you can get to a more information on their FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash Charlotte food fight. So that's part of your a big week in Carolina rebellion is going on this weekend. Kill list all the bands I don't have time sound gardens going to be their depth leopards going to be there have been seven fold corn the off spring the cult. Shiv well. Richard bell was Dale Earnhardt junior's they are band that's been off. In a band that when I was working at the end and we did winning. That they were the hottest thing in the country and I had a chance to sit back in the baca and issued the Braves with a Papa Roach. Which I thought you were gonna be jerks. And they turned out to be the nicest guys said backstage with them and Moby won the evening at. Bright it's Verizon Wireless now. Is it Verizon Wireless now. Is it PNC pavilion now and I can't do it you know a place of talking about. Some good times rock city campgrounds as were a Carolina rebellion is taking place. Music begins has already begun started today starts at 1130 again. I mentioned at the nights are in town all of this weekend playing to a net they may be a nor know I think they're going boom went out for the entire weekend. Friday night fireworks tonight gave starts at 705. Tomorrow pink night the knights will Don pink uniforms and support the fight against breast cancer. That's a 705 game tomorrow and then Sunday. Kids run the bases and BB&T ballpark it's princes and pirate day. And that game starts at 205 if you need purchase tickets or get more information Charlotte knights. Dot com. All your daughter Heather Thomas Davis and his wife Kelly have a foundation a nonprofit called the defending dreams foundation. And they got a host of events going on tour. Hard comedy show that starts at 630 tonight at the comedies own. Ed down at the avid music exchange. So why and that's what's the guy's name I'll Ernest is the guy who's do it. Who's a a hard shot on on the cruise lines entertainer of the year from what I understand. But anyway the start off with a comedy tonight and another just got a whole lot of stuff going on this weekend the foundation itself the defending dreams foundation focuses on education and leadership development programs for area kids. So they big kick off the weekend they took a trip to a couple of schools as well as Levine's Children's Hospital where he and other players visit with a young patients. You got the comedy show what Ballard's tonight 630. As CLT comedies own dot com I don't know if they're still tickets available or not but that does starts in just a little over an hour. The golf tournament that they'll have this weekend is already well sold out. The Panthers. Players that are attending all or part of the weekend include Ben Jacobson a captain marlin who is back with the team this year occasional minicamp discuss sort of these guys are necessarily in many camp but they may be out there watch and see what that. McCafferty kid looks like. Jonathan Stewart's around Julius Peppers will be around order to help Thomas Toews as we can look equally Shaq Thompson other NFL players AJ Klein who now plays for the saints Brandel fellows now Bengal. The payroll from the Seahawks will be around John Jenkins from the bears will be here are some guy named Josh Norman of Guinea played for the Redskins. Seeing good. Yesterday. You'd bet that at. Not Tolbert Philly brown Ted Ginn junior they're all coming into help the not to help the cause and I guess surrounded old sycamore ball rotation tomorrow for the go for the golf tournament like I said that's been sold out for awhile though do a youth can a football camp tomorrow what revolution park field. And it's just had Thomas Davis is just class act he was out here this week you've probably seen the TV promus with our Miranda from that. Morning and a new Joe's himself. And they arrived around in his ride which is is it a 77 caprice. And it's all tricked out and I mean it's suits panther colors and it's the whole nine yards and a now hosts now say she didn't look exactly comfortable in that car but. It was pretty cool news that are critical armed. There is a church here in town. It is celebrating. Their 250. Celebration. This weekend. Our Providence. Presbyterian Church. Is celebrating 250. Years. Organize and 1767. It's the oldest frame sanctuary in the country. Via sanctuary building was constructed an 1858. They've got a historic sell a church cemetery with three signers of the Mecklenburg resolves seven members of the Mecklenburg militia. Soldiers from the revolutionary war and soldiers from. All the American wars all buried there. They. They do all lot of work. With habitat for humanity of Salvation Army center for hope and loaves and fishes and a whole lot of other organizations. And they're celebrating this Sunday. They're 250. Birthday. Providence Presbyterian Church. Worship services at nine and eleven. But all sorts of celebrations going on around that with bag pipes in a moment for a mission in period dress and homecoming festivities and it just looks like it's gonna be about 250. Years. He is is Kurdish for sensational can Garfield. It opened a time capsule from August 125 years ago on replace that with another one that's probably a good decision because usually. By the time they open time capsules at fifty or hundred years or just totally. Rotted out. But can guard Julius right for the yeah observer. Are brought this to my attention and then I had some correspondence back and forth with the camera grain but. That's that's pretty cool 250. Years rooted in Christ growing in the spirit. 250 years Providence Presbyterian Church hope you guys have a great. Our celebration over the weekend I think that so that's pretty you'll. Our convoy of hope has rolled into guest in county Alitalia but that's all about in just a second. Took a drop from Friday is our boy got two of on this weekend actually two rallies or heard from Karen it to sticks and cones. And so they'll have their first ever food truck rally in stallings. Tonight. And met packets going on right now five to 9 PM great time good jumping in and very takes family and friends and neighbors bring your chair bring a blanket bring a ball bring your glove bring your appetite no dogs or alcohol please be rose a Mac shackle be there dumped when girls. Jesse kicks magnolias pot belly barbecue Ruth these. Cells roadside sticks in college which is Karen's ice cream truck word winning. And the hog and dog all part of the stalling celebration tonight. And then tomorrow they're going back to the Steele creek athletic association shields on showed circle that had good success there. So they'll be there tomorrow from 5 to 9 o'clock. And no dogs or alcohol there either but some of the trucks that are showed up at Steele creek tomorrow include 100 main barbecue. TiVo's Mac Shaq. Promote so cheesecake company. Domestic cheesecake to look at TJ because he lectures coaches big. And may his trail kitchen Maki taco Ruth is and sticks and cones on. You're. Still covers over your big Greek and stuff NBA playoffs I'll remind you about that. In fact. Tomorrow night yes. You'll actually be able to see the Golden State Warriors and stepped curry play Utah at a decent time. 8:30 PM on ESPN tomorrow. Those games don't start till two. And thirty guy to Philly I've seen one the second of the Golden State orders civilian NBA playoffs this year because it just minutes past my bedtime. But do you got a shot at that tomorrow and then golf we mentioned the Wells Fargo championship is going dawned on the around Wilmington. Back here next year we've got the PGA in August. Auto racing the guys are not Talladega. And and and got baseball and an all that kind of stuff so that's part of your big week and other neat thing is that it's rookie minicamp over a Bank of America Stadium. Well you've heard that but we're gonna look at Christian McCaffery. Oh which is just going to be fun. And besides that he's from Colorado so I mean what's not to like about it. Com. They got all the draft picks out there and by the way they've got all their draft picks signed already. But the old days when that. I mean now it's pretty much designated where you get drafted is what you're gonna make for it to back in the old days if you got all your guys signed him before the mini camp Peter. But anyway they're all signed. So are many camps going on do you think that does that mean car dealerships will be busy you know this so he can at least floor for two or three guys. John Hall the pass rusher that we got out of not Texas a and MLB Hanson to see you ought to he does we got the big offensive tackle Taylor motion because they couldn't get should mobile woozy. I don't know Pastrana. But I think I like this Taylor motion guy he's big huge. And you heard the story about. The Clemson linebacker. More aware. Bin Boulware. He seems like an awfully good player to be freeagent I don't quite get that one at all. But he was so excited apparently showed up eighteen hours ahead or twelve hours ahead of by the many Kampman knows slept in the parking lot this Tarik get away. These energy watch civic clubs and that's gonna play areas. Sit around twelve hours get ready if somebody. Like death. Derby is tomorrow that's always I don't know one horse from the other but the ones you should be looking at that I guess are always dreaming classic empire. Got Rivera. Irish war drive and urban. And it's as soon as I say all that somebody also go on to win it but soon. There's not really a signature or worse yet. But there will be by the time we get till Monday. That's your picket. The thing going on and now guest and county. This we can call convoy of hope. And had this takes place tomorrow the doors open at 10 AM it'll be at the gas and gazette which is an 1893. Re melt rode up and Estonia. Convoy dot org slash gas stony. And in essence. This is a national nonprofit organization. That helps needy in poverty stricken people. And they will give out over a million dollars worth of goods this weekend. Free Tom shoes for the kids free haircuts free groceries tree baby food free lunch free family photos. Pre health screenings is a play area for kids. There are several local organizations that'll be their with any other types of assistance that you might need. Ideas such tomorrow at 9 AM Gaston gazette parking lot. You can go to convoy of hope dot org slash outreach slash gassed in county but it's. It that bit from everything I've read of it could Lional serve a free lunches until the food fun or all of whom runs out. There will be a no checks her idea proof of residency hope for gas and and Bethel church. Bethlehem church are organized the event in partnership with the more than 75 other choices. Convoy of hope national organization's been organizing similar essential items giveaways in community service events. For about 25 years and the items are free. And will be given out and as long as the supplies last. So. I'll the united and then I dipped from what I understand hundreds if not thousands of volunteers take compared to sing so good for you guessed and Johnny and I hope we get a big turnout tomorrow. And and I hope you feel great about yourself and it's also done with the I'm I think that's pretty cool thing they're doing out there they just started unloading tents and all this kind of stuff today it's a big big big deal. So there you go big strawberry festival going on in formula Kelly about that second hey Freddy yes been nice avenue. Thank you so much Jonathan great I'm sure we'll see you back again but boomer back on Monday went down to a Florida State to over his sons are graduating. Annual I head back to have to put up with John bruiser that's right he's back from vacation Monday tip yeah he's been no I have an always in Florida are still like that gay calls me every day and tells me about the yachts. Could be temporary tag in and out there it's like they're his. I think yeah I see in his boat it's almost takes up his entire bathtub at the volunteers. It's. There's AS strawberry festival going on and four mil. Today and tomorrow. 345 north white street. Have our. Unless I'm wrong I have a really great brochure here talks about all the business vendors in the festival sponsors in the food vendors are got a ton. So was this would be a great thing to go down to. Him. The entertainers are entertaining right now no they will be asserting a six obtain a stand corrected. I'm mr. potato head is there a 745. If you hurry TJ. Mr. potato head it. And the blue dogs are on that 915 and then tomorrow they go to festivities all day long. This apparently take so place in. Police are park. Whose actual. This is not a mailing address but this is how you were GPS the strawberry festival 345. North light street. But they got dead they'll they'll blame the 27 South Carolina strawberry queens and got a golf tournament in and obviously go picker a strawberries in the car show and contests and entertainment all that stuff but anyway big strawberry social going on in no Fort Mill started today. And and it continues into tomorrow and so. That's party of big weekend number of and I think that's it I think we covered just about all the big weekend stuff that I can. Than I can find. I write read thing today if you struggle with acme of Missouri this thing about there's and and an act mean vaccine may soon be on the horizon. Now I never had a really bad acne problem but I mean come on if you were a teenager you had. And it was just the worst because you're always happen middle of the day before you have got a date her silent. And so I got to think it about an acne vaccine would have been a dream come true back when I was a kid right after they have been of the wheel. Tom. So if you struggle that made their some good news on the horizon there may be a vaccine on the way is out at University of California San Diego a dermatology professor by the and Erica enabled Eric on the says that a six year study could lead to a vaccine that might fight that can fight the effects of the act means that the bacteria that causes it. He tells NBC two types of vaccines are in the works a therapeutic one at a preventative one not that they plan on given kids before they ever even reach adolescence. Then if you could knock down acne you would do you know you can take a lot of tanks out of the of the younger pop real up population. Read a thing on today about. Aaron Hernandez. He's the former patriot tight end. Who got himself into some pretty big trouble just recently committed suicide. In jail. And we still haven't seen what the three. Suicide notes that he left behind. Percy can. Contain. But this does give you a little bit of a. He wrote a reference to a biblical passage in LA ink on his forehead and in blood on his prison cell wall and then hung himself for the bed sheet. John 316. Was what he wrote on his forehead. And on the walls. Now John 316 most of you know but just for an update. For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe within him should not perish but have everlasting life. That's what Aaron Hernandez. Convicted of murder right. Was writing on. Now I assume mr. Hernandez also knows that. And that that you you have to do it. You have to ask forgiveness. For that stuff to. Other words are great and John 316 but they're not necessarily. Free. There's obligations on your part to an order to a fulfill the to complete the circle. Maybe he knew that maybe you didn't I wouldn't judge. They found him about 3 AM on April the nineteenth at this prison his suicide came five days after he was acquitted of the 2012. Gun slayings of two men in a car. Besides the John 316 written on his forehead there appeared to be a large circular blood mark. On each of his feet. On the cell wall there were several drawings and John 316. Apparently written in no blood. And then under the drawings was a Bible open to John 316 and the verse marked in blood. A description of the three notes found next to the Bible were rejected from the report. Anyway it if I find it I guess I find it fascinating. If not to confusing. But. The Pentagon Elena did administer and remind him business but I'm kind of interest and in those suicide but so would look to know who they were written to. I don't know what they sent. I have a subway a great weekend I'm heading out as fast as I can get out to cantina 1511 and stone dressed and we're gonna go out there and hang out nobody 30 this evening and a deuce and Cinco De Mayo and I think there's area talk or twelve with money and wanna solo mom I'm looking forward to that. If your head now to a stone pressed drop by and say hi I'd look good but to be to look to see if and then have a great weekend and we'll get back in neo swing at things but overall be back on now Monday he's that got to Florida State to for the graduation of his son. And does so he'll be back on now Monday and I will leave you in the very capable hands. By Charlotte at six with a mark Harrison so that's that John anchor Charles most beloved and we are officially. And on our way to zone press. Out of here.