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Wednesday, July 12th

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Hi again our commander acknowledged a need for John Hancock. Wednesday edition of the program 71227. Team. Nice to be would you again TJ doing the F producing a born operations of course of the show. And the phone number 70457011. Standard joined in double to Jeff today's top news items or get the air traffic weather all that. Top four easily go along and you'll be able comment on some of the news items of the day a lot of fallout from the done. And trump junior females from yesterday we talked about it. Quite a bit because emails thirty tweed of those during the program yesterday or just before the program and so. We got into that quite a bit blown up all have the since then and we'll level discuss that question yes sun. I during the of the program as well also be health care bill still seems stalled represented is he's me senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said. That the GOP really just want to keep obamacare. And that's basically what they've come up we have bullets. I think not whether while a lot of us really would like to see happen. And we would all this. Sort of wrangling that's been going on among the GOP here that says he says it's all we're going to. To hear about win the billows unveiled tomorrow so we'll talk about that some. On the program is. As well today house also of course the I download continuing furor about the the Russian probe the FBI a well we guide it's been nominated to be the FBI director I should say. Testifying before congress today says the Russian probe is not a which. And that was in direct response to a number of questions that came from members of the panel of the US senate and the reason he said then of course well I mean there's the reason question was asked. He had his response was because Dell dropped against him on Twitter after. You son appeared on the Hannity program last night that this is nothing about it which. And so he said them in is the guy he's nominated. That's. To be the FBI director says it's not a witch so there you have it a month. Okay let's start with the the latest dealing with the Donald Trump junior pro about the loss of place amount audio for you during the the program today what do we have I Alexei the Falwell is basically this. And I I heard rush during his program doesn't have put any stock in any of this we talked about this on yesterday nothing as far as we know. And I would say that the way the developments go with the current administration's. And view of the investigations under way you can say nothing is for certain things Pennzoil duet to borrow a limb and say nothing. And all ever came out of that this meeting to Donald Trump all men aboard. I Jared Kushner had with the Russian lawyer because maybe something later will develop that there's one real low level as far as we know. I'll do was there was no information that bid came out of this it was used during the campaign. To sink Hillary Clinton Campaign. And some of the criticism about the media is totally accurate where. A lot of focus has been on this idea that this may have cost Hillary Clinton to campaign. That didn't happen the only possibility of the Russians doing any thing as I can see that. Really affected the campaign is dealing with a jumper just emails idiocy emails if any influence anyone. And we don't know that it really did I have not seen any polling or anything of that nature of whether. People read some of these emails that there were released by WikiLeaks. And they influenced the outcome of anyone's vote in May have. There may have been some Democrats who looked in there and saw that wow they rigged the whole thing against Bernie Sanders. And then may have bothered them in the they may have seen some of the no they concerns and even Chelsea had. About there's some of these donations and what was happening to the whether Clinton validation which appear to be access. For a future president there you know they they the some of the discussions. Rather uninteresting I would say if you're one of these political junkies. That there would read it then how. A lot of people were human Hillary Clinton really didn't care much for Francis. And the fact is Hillary couldn't come up with a theme for campaigns as he had no reason to really run in the first place except she wanted to be president. The tourism of the discussions in the sales event made any difference okay. But as far as we know nothing. The the magnitude. It's only led to an indictment of Hillary Clinton really like that if the if what was known. The bank machines set up a private servers are classified information over the server was not enough to get there indicted once fully the Russian they're gonna come up with. Then we're going to make an indictment a certain thing that was sort of what was suggested Donald Trump junior what is meeting Dave about. One thing that is interesting from this I thought about it during the show yesterday but. I didn't have a chance as the program's going to want to really check on this but there are others in the media that did. And it is interesting Donald Trump made economy and one time army sit back and find it. You may have heard it played since a program yesterday but he he did say. That there was some. He was gonna have a news conference are gonna tell all about Hillary Clinton isn't going to be. Very damaging information about all the things he claims have been doing this came after this email was sent. Wind out of made that public comic can you make the connection. Bit maybe he was thinking their Dow Jones junior was going to get some information I don't know but it is fair to kind of look at that. And say that. Now drug did make that public announcement and then never have that news conference to really talked about. Anything other than what we already know that Hillary Clinton in her email scandal so you can that take their toll torrent to get your comments give us a call continuing. Battle of the health care bill. You know a lot of people doing nothing is going to come of this and senator Rand Paul today said that. These GOP is come up with nothing more than obamacare we'll talk about a 704 or five Simoneau eleven Jan. As always tell you wanna fill in for Johnny can you be up on Twitter my it would represent. I don't radio and FaceBook done come back slash I don't radio in my web site. He's kind of radio Doug commonly militants is up there. And you correspond with me that way as well 311 is at a time we will be right back more than John hand action on these 1110. 993 WBT. Thank you boomer it's 318 year old news eleven Dan many 93 get beat David John Hancock till I'm done delegates. Nice to be would you again jump off all this week we'll get to your phone calls in just a moment 7045. 701110. Later in the hour doctor herb London will join me in the as president of the London center for policy research. Author of a new book leading from behind the Obama doctrine of the US retreat from international affairs. We get his take on the other recent trip. To Europe the G-20 summit. By president down trustee when he has to say about it obviously the fallout again about the Donald Trump junior and the emails that he released yesterday just before our program we discussed it quite a bit on the show yesterday just depends on really. You listen to all there's breaking news I keep calling I don't have this breaking news because it Democrats have been calling for impeachment. I think about midnight or know about 3 AM the night of the election. Death was about 38 I think the Hillary called to. Concede the election so since then they've been calling for impeachment of Donald Trump. And now a Democrat from California never heard of is now introduce articles of impeachment and they. System the calling that breaking news. At this hour let's go to Stephen the starter program today on the phone since Damon you're next in news 1110993. WBT thanks for going. Thank you for your contributions Bowden. I think the needed. Since day one. Hillary's. Mark for what I'm all I'm that I'm old buying into Australia. You can trust the political and you know with. Yeah how many people really wanna go on the limb trusting the clintons ride a vanity thing really but. Know a lot of people are making the point is Hillary had some flirtations with the Russians do in. And that is certainly the case certainly with the of the global foundation of Bill Clinton's speeches and and that kind of thing I guess it doesn't make it right. I'm not sure I want any of our. Our leaders of the of the top Echelon being too cozy with the Russians these days. Or. Horrible scene I appreciate your car theft until more there but I appreciate your thoughts let's go to Chris next he wants to talk to us Chris you're next on the BBT thanks for calling. I've got a theory I need about thirty seconds to lay it out if you can look. You know if you bat and then. Early you know I doubt I'll throw NC thirty seconds. Event and I've got business they're doing art park. There's an dale first of all. The Russians did not want to try to win. If it already been proven that theory would work for them she gave them 20% of the uranium. Mining what can expect to occur. OK so that's what I got on that. Let me say similar battery grip that there's criticism about the freely that subject I said the same thing. I don't have any idea why the Russians would be in favor of have no job winning the election I agree reveal he's he's sort of the wild card now now the only I guess the only. The issue might be NC would you think about it would be maybe he's had some business dealings in the past and still we're now litter that. This may be there's some tentacles there that. I mean the guys had a global business trying maybe to some demanded. But but. Other than that I can't imagine why they would want him to win you're right I mean Hillary it would have been easy to play. Exactly now the next thing is is that do not believe that you WikiLeaks. Our. Things were about. Puree paying pro Russia I think that they came from there to hear that got shot. And then for the simple reason that why would Julia and her current want to hear somebody 25000. Dollars. They're aren't our group shouted. Their own thing here is going to. Averages are you talking about did the the DNC staffer yeah I mean not only we've ever gotten to the bottom exactly what happened there but. You know I don't know about it until Sunday against lets us know who really gave him the information but he did say the Russians didn't do it. He has said that on the record yes. Further spurring a barrier that they were suppose and it internists at that hospital when they're brought that kid and there. And there was supposedly such a well people you know our order great column. In the dark dark or oh courtrooms where they've grown anyway. They came millionaire and they just floated the place it was like somebody had shot the president reversal they're. They're they're immediately think that the fear worker Garnett normally from those wounds. Fair and I'd hit it doesn't make any sense to me. You know especially when they were trying to. Heck they're Republicans. And it didn't work. Are a parent to the fan yet Chris you run into the family issue when you're. We get in the says rich issue because they've they say that ridge did not provide these emails to. You know anyone or didn't hack into the DMZ and didn't didn't spread them around yet but I agree reviews always been some some controversy surrounding his death. And you know whether this was connected or not I don't know I don't know that we've gotten to the bottom of it but I. I do agree that there may have been some strange circumstances ever remember when that. That occurred. You know many of us on the air we're talking about well here's another when connected to the clintons here. Fifth and so you know I mean yeah he almost had to an item I remember re posting that the long list of about fifty people that. They've been around the clintons over the years it had mysterious sort of untimely. Deaths and it didn't some or just car accidents but it is kind of unusual to be. An individual to have that many people you know having some kind of questionable death than. The united it's it's that word witnessed the drug drop for and I got run over are trained for that night and then. Well though that could be a problem. You know I remember back in the ninety's when Clinton was there and ideas you know I'd like to talk about a good conspiracy just like anybody innocent. Thought he was Jerry Falwell had this. Video that was running around I can remember what the name of a was but I am I must've had I don't when he listeners got me a cabbie was VHS back in. Families still have a few of those copies Levy probably invited on YouTube about some of the things I was Clinton chronicles that was an Amos and you know. You could act so. You know it's always a favorite of conspiracy types so you know you're viewed he's gonna wanna reminisce about the ninety's so you can put that on. What it I'll say about the clintons and I said it in the interview a lot of people during that time. Is that there were people and it's a documented just had you know this it somewhere beyond explain and that's just the way it is. And but whether the says rinsing with connect though Sean Hannity ran into a so serve a buzz saw that those TV program about Clinton you know keep me up the the discussion about it Chris thank you we appreciate it I think the the bottom line to these emails. Is that it try to keep on Sunday fears that Hillary Clinton did which he did but she didn't win the election. And I don't want Hillary Clinton you know. Paying now with the Russians on one Donald Trump and his people doing any dad I think they and I keep telling my friends who summer dismay is about this some think. We're sending to a there's others who think Suzanne Julie nothing whatsoever of this sort of defend the Rush Limbaugh's view on this. But the my thought is that now trump had a lot of global connections. His son sons have been doing business that there on the record as saying that they. Nuggets of financing from Russian banks. Donald Trump has made many trips to Russia apparently down from junior has made many trips to Russia and such. So these are commenting Google and final kind of stories about this so that's not unusual. So because the president is who he is. We have several issues at play I think did make people uncomfortable one is three may have some kind of financial. Feelings in the fans would Russia we don't know about and therefore. Maybe that's what's on here. The but you've wing has to meet people around him to do seem to have connections to Russia where we normally don't have that. I think there's probably one of the answers at least partially answered the other issue is the president is a man of many businesses. And therefore it's very complicated and fear in in in some of the dealings or go on for example there's a story today state department's been fifteen grand. Some kind of event I think it involve known third trump junior and maybe a month amid the ways these children but there was something going at the trump hotel. In Vancouver. I was a State Department event. And they've spent fifteen grand there and this brings up the other issue we never had a president who owns a many businesses. And so. There's there's kind of things that come up that appear to be conflicts. A lot of people because he fiesta many businesses and so many locations. And we just haven't had that before. We'll be right back with more on the program 7045701110. And we will be right back with a John Hancock chilling news eleven in 993 WBZ. All the great 37. In who's 1110993. WBT Dick Kelley sitting at John Hancock thanks for joining us here this afternoon it's. We Wednesday 8122017. July 704 or five Simoneau elevenths and the number do I join us on the program. And joining me right now is doctor herb London the president of the London center for policy research the author of the new book leading from behind it. The Obama doctrine in the US retreat from international affairs. President tried to step back from the G-20 summit. And then we'll see what he thinks of after the president's recent trip we also by going to get his book and Amazon. That come and elsewhere. Good to have you on the program sir how are you well quarterly review thank you very much. Let's talk first of all of that you know that the fact that the presidential and just get back from the G-20 summit some what I've been reading in. I watching god part of it but it was kind of a holiday week last week but. He gets a lot of accolades for his speech in Poland but doesn't seem due to get isn't as much accolades elsewhere fully what are you know I'd been there. Don't need to is yet related to the deck kind of bifurcated response. These European think the world of what Donald Trump and of course the west Europeans do not. Although we now that he's going to try and for Bastille day. It may very well be that the French terror around the corner hoping for outfit and of course of the campaign by Hillary Clinton did that Donald Trump would be an embarrassment on the world stage. Freddie would not be embraced by any leaders for any of the people across the globe. And yet interestingly when he gave his speech important. Not only was it embrace. There was embraced enthusiastically. Would hold shouting USA USA Donald Trump Donald Trump. I mean it was an extraordinary speech in my judgment one that talked about the defense. Public and civilization and the values and principles associated with our civilization for an extremely. Important speech one that in my judgment. It's been given scant attention in the United States. But come clearly hit a home run as far as I can tell would be remembered for the public community and the many of the people in Eastern Europe. So I you know again you know would rather paradoxical but so record book the world who obviously let the our position as secretary of state. Encompass grades you're saying that the war would never break outcrop always think something very different today. Yeah one of the things to write you probably fits into oblivion offensive in your book is well in. Man is it down trump maybe the rest of the world's kind of waiting for America to return right to the international scene we've been trying to. Kind of off the other radar over the last eight years present Obama wanted to pull America's influence around the world they want to pull it back. And so there's going to be some you know hope and anticipation that the new president would certainly bring bring America back in this in the discussion right. Well listen to foremost and most important activity I'll be up to cup administration. Anywhere you have to understand it better in the eight years and Obama was president. It was a vacuum that was created there's no such thing as a back human nature and a pitching at a vacuum in international affairs it will be filled. And we are told by reverend let them actors including I think. And Iran and there's no doubt that the United States now looking at a world. In disarray because the United States virtually opted out a farm policy during the Obama years. In fact the way in which I would describe that quality is that they would need a policy not far. It had nothing at all that would warrant state. And the president of the United States was arguing that the market history was moving out direction and it would not necessary for up to do anything except sit back. Cinco body now with other nations and ultimately people act responsibly it was a completely misguided and analyst in view of the world. Yeah I keep thinking I don't wanna this live is gonna you lawsuit teachers well would think that it's. Since it is more of a professor view of the world right it is that Obama had. Or rather than. He's got Marxist view of the world open tomorrow. It's kind of dialect in history. And that that these big historical movements are more important than we personal intervention of any individual. So what you do our I do to change the course of history is an offense irrelevant because it's the dialect that but it moving history at all. Now if you accept that view. The minute that kind of determination. Fiscally. That permanent seat bat in that has nothing at all to do with human intervention if you believe that. It is not necessarily get involved. And that's why I think quasi Marxist I don't know whether a pro Obama with a market or not but this is certainly in inconsistent with the Marxist view a history. Yeah well I mean you look at the legacy that Obama leaves is if you get a ran mass. You have counting down the days are getting a nuclear weapon was still had to deal with North Korea. I know that this situation has been around awhile and then but we have a Middle East were arises is meant on the move him. Maybe now we're starting to see some changes. In that regard what about the situation would rush feel as always discussion about trump in Russia. NATO and in such the winning when you look or make of his current policy or exactly what is his current policy right now dealing well. I think the current policy towards Rucker is water I think it should be the matter is if you look at areas of potential convert. They knew they are there areas where we can work together. And one possible area is of course dealing with world terrorism. And the international terrorist movement up that affect structure particularly its border as well among them within Russia. Represented a significant problem that's an area we you might want to get. When you look at areas divergence. And there are many including Syria including beat up on the eastern part outcrop Ukraine including of course. But what had happened. You're not in the east Mediterranean. So there's an awful lot that can be said if I would trump I think that the Russians were following look. You work very hard and use your resources. And Europe modest investment in capital to build a real fleet. And our aircraft carrier at least in part to you put an awful lot of money and effort in the creation of an air base and what hockey. You know what we're not happy about it felt Tony what will avert our gaze to what is going on in Syria and you regret. But there's a lot of period that we cannot up or are these two. And that is your trying to kill the fear increase Syrian army and those were working with us to destroy our. We cannot tolerate that thought Maria what. You peel off your alliance with Iran and Hezbollah and we will allow you to keep your assets in theory. We will work it out. Can you give us something in return neatly breaking laws alliance you break off that alliance. And as far more stability in the in the Middle East then one might have I'd Democrats. And the reason might become so important to be hawk uranium happen. Clear conditions and could hear crap and it's a bit higher power vampire. That is going to dictate policy the U. You wanna be in a direct confrontation with the United States we are going to put back against hearing from when we do we do not want to kill Russian. So step aside you step aside and allow up to deal with Iranians think you will be able to maintain very important series. Now another legacy of Obama forgot ride the Russians and their base in Syria in the is the fact the Russians now have an active role in the Middle East. Which assuming I guess American policy and try to prevent for many many years. What we're measuring that were brought out there are quite forgot. Righted so we we work so hard for that but Obama at the lab that jurors well on the on his wife tried. What it well do what is your take director on the between recently by Donald Trump where he. Any deal later sort of backed off in this week but he he talked about that he had discussed would prudent working we prudent honest and some kind of cyber security unit. That really deeper broader range barrage of eyebrows this. Rallies are engaged in backsliding on that one and and and any shirt. I mean how how do you engage in today in an agreement with the Russians on this matter him because it's a lot like inviting the wolf into the yard hook and how. I mean what what he's saying that the Russians are going to help our markets security police. What they wanna understand all the nature of our firewalls were or most vulnerable. The idea of an alliance of this kind is not our ability to do they were all immediately after trump made this announcement fit well not so fast. We're gonna think about this we're gonna work on it. That's not gonna happen. Yea I mean you go are ready for this but I mean. I try to have confidence obviously in Donald Trump's a foreign policy but then he drops Allen honest does that raise some eyebrows to maybe some morale well. I raised a lot of eyebrows with the use of these we I don't know what you complain on a forced error that's. You develop policy and 140 characters can you explain anything in a 4240. Characters it's one of the reasons why we have a dumbing down an America that's the way people think you communicate. They're good not communication. They're fulfilling that and I think that the president deployment of the strap. He'd think he's drinking up what a lot of Americans forty million Americans agree with him for what can you say. I mean if he were really clever about this matter he would they look I want to develop an understanding of my foreign policy positions. I want Americans to know why I gave that speech and Riyadh. I want them to understand what happened that G-20 meeting I want to understand our relations between Russia and how we're going to the heat and you know while we're gonna have fireside chat. Every candidate for every Saturday I'm gonna give Americans. One hour of my time and I'm gonna try and explain to them what is happening. 140 characters from thousands of characters each one of them an attempt to what have Americans understand. The direction of the cup administration and why it's different from the administration operatives such. Well said doctor herb London president the London center for policy research the author of the new book leading from behind the the Obama doctrine meant the US retreat from international affairs you can get it. An Amazon dot cancer thank you so much of pleasure talking to you today. Always a pleasure to be with you thank you all that you are saying mere 346 our time and then we'll be right back. Yeah I. Yes. He now agrees WBD Denton Ellis sitting in 70457011. Denny you wanna. Talk to me on the program today coming up for a five really tried to on the guy though former FBI special agents author of a new book. He says the deep state does exist. And they're trying to bring down president Donald trouble talk about it it's around the world find today. And of course the health care bill we're gonna get some sort of bring down the bill tomorrow and as senator Rand Paul is already. Sort of down downing the Billy says they're just keeping obamacare so. We just can't get the Republicans on board on this when the Democrats are not doing any thing. Also some of them congressman Democrat from California suit filed some articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. Itself. That's being viewed as breaking news. Across the board today my gallon as his web site actually goes dotcom boom Mike is when guys plugged in I'm. What's happening in in Washington he had a couple of interesting things on his posting today said. That there has been a swing it. In what he called barometric pressure for some great CEOs. Those are major corporations he said many of them engage with the is put this White House over the opposition of employees and shareholders. Are facing now intense resistance to oppose him apparently. Would demy deuce. Finding out is there's a lot of big the big companies are catching it from their shareholders and judge for various reasons although the eight. You know the market is been up today in Baghdad they get hit in the UI today and I think there's. No reason for some optimism there's a much are exactly why the CEOs would be against that. He rides outside of the saudis the polls and prudent very few world leaders are going did offer coverage and I'll drown or get his back. Here's something though and I said this yesterday. Sony is true and I've I've got this from a number of people. He writes most elected Republicans in town privately would prefer president pants. When push comes to shove they may not protect trump indeed their natural impulse will be to throw him overboard. I think that's really true I said this yesterday that. One of these these problems and we'll get this more of your calls here but one of the problems is it down drove us find himself. In some kind of a major trouble here politically or minutes and other fashion. He may not have the allies needed. On Capitol Hill here because of you know some of the hard feelings after the election let's go to Q&A. Posted dogwood is next getting Iran news 1110993. WBZ good to have you. Ferrer want him in the world that are wrong with people. Do we have time. Certainly stir well. Merck says brand morale or homer and I'll lose a year raise our they had their say in baton pat thank. I am not around the world and draw in a long time until Obama to call it's moms that I haven't cabinet member of workers and hand lower. If but when they forgot about that thought this all went to a good thing you go away huge burned beyond McCain. Oh well I don't know you got to wrangle an early after a lot of media VS thing a lot of media members do and now we might have do. Have of talking dude bill Donald junior. His really his email sort of really via blew this thing over yesterday if it could blow over your right I mean. It's is cited him impeached I don't think there's any bill legal. Concern gear up for our. Yeah I mean I'm no lawyer I've heard it both ways never a lot of well respected lawyers say there's no real legal liability here. So you're right and this all their lives they're very good shape I think. You're in good shape a new thing where. Our phone call on my own. Report Craig Morton and if somebody got hold working on the I got all kinds that dirt on the new recoup all. Well would you like to hear what I'm sure below to. He had normally curiosity yes I don't know our credit credit. You have I'm not to look at it also from the standpoint of how I would react. And what what I say on the radio if the Democrats were doing this I think down trump junior though made miscalculation on this because. It yes I agree with you that if you've had someone if I came the US would look I'd get some good dirt on Hillary Clinton. This billionaire indicted in the U guys need to know about it that's a little different I think than when some of the system cells as or the information coming. You know from the Russian government I think I think that would would say man that's OK I'm not gonna. Am I don't get into them whatever they guide you know it aides who have come to meet some other way. Back them up or does it wasn't until my guess was born Muslim problem. See him ever since were this were Biden or even from the moment I assure not wouldn't have. Who they are I have my own nowadays I went right I mean in the emails a Donald junior released yesterday law. No no wind when Donald throughout. Yes I'm thinking he win that females are Donald Trump released yesterday. You know they presented it to him that it was coming there's an agent from the government rationale I don't know that she was. And there's a lot of discussion about that she may have been she may not have been. They didn't appear to get any thing from it but. The the email was stating that it was from. You know the governments are you gotta that would assume if you're Donald Trump junior that this must have come from some kind of espionage sort of we are getting the information you just really have used better judgment I think and a feature Villanova is dead in this regard especially with all the the media in the Democrats complaining in the furor that was going on at the time still about. You know any connections to rush of a good point and I appreciate your call Kenny will be right back for more on the show in just a moment. News update coming up for you the top of the hour. John we know will join us in just a moment he says a deep state is trying to bring down his now troubled talked about it when we come back on the John Hancock show. And back at 12052 dilemmas in 1993 WBD I'm gonna judge sitting in with. We're John van dyke show on this Wednesday edition of the program some of you just joining us we know is we go along we view our. Getting your car and we're happy to have you 7045711. Jan is a number to join in any time. If you're near you or phone or computer you're going to be up on Twitter or FaceBook my Twitter feed is that I dug radio in my. FaceBook page. Basically died down banks lies kind of radio and my website is I don't radio does potential it's easier to remember. As we continue. The discussion of course about Donald Trump Donald. Trump junior and these. Emails from yesterday they were released by Donald Trump junior. And we'll probably get into some discussion there but John Madonna's gonna join us here he's a former deep cover FBI special agent often offer. Author of the new book the near enemy John Walker thriller. He's also an engine college professor. Teaching counterterrorism and international security and Campbell university and we're glad that. Tandem on the program here today he believes a deep state is trying to sing Donald Trump and we'll talk about that during them. This segment of our program and John good to have you on the program today how are you heard her and her dark. You know I've I've got thoughts on this too and I wanna start would this in the NC would you think about it because I'm sure you really studied. You're limited to what's going though the administration I think part of it is we were not able to get rid of a lot of the the Obama guys who were in there. The downturn has been having trouble. Filling some of these positions within the government that are sort of bureaucratic. And therefore you have a lot of people there that they're not real happy where them then there's also some. They be Republicans. Some hard feelings from the as the primary tonight do you know some people who work for some of the other candidates might be. In they have it may be leaking some of this information what do you think is going on. You know why are we turn now I think that there are there's been a record number of will be tracked 420. Something in his. You know I don't know how many days but not not many more days in office. And I think that the combination of all of the water boils down to release you know it's it's unpatriotic to do that I mean I was FBI agent and never. Crossed my mind. To read something here I didn't agree with something has so I don't know that says more about to start even than anything else. Yeah that's a good point because usually I talk to whistle blowers over the years the idea would be that if we saw you it may be legitimate. If somehow the information you're providing news spotlighting someone trying to harm the country right I mean not just because you disagree with some policy there. Well and some of these concert contractor or Martin or if you look at that Chelsea Manning was and the army which Snowden and now a reality winner. Work contract employers with top secret clearances. It and what the public doesn't know it the FBI used to do background in investigation for top secret clearances. But their farm that out there are too poor profit corporations now and corporations are on the clock. That it funded based on turnover. So you have sloppy investigations. And quick investigations. Because reality Warner our owner. FaceBook page. I mean from viral stuff against the president. That I was given the background check I would have checked her social media and I would have never given her top secret corner so. That's part of written contract people have the serve rescued you patriotism. 70 good morning I mean probably some businesses do a better job right did you get your social media maybe more than that. Then would have been there. You know you look at what what do you make of the deep state is it's called and I wasn't familiar with that term I guess until that John got an office of people started referring to it. I use it Obama leftovers is it just bureaucratic people I mean now Travis said things about the intelligence community said things about the State Department he. You know he has attacked some of the institutions of government. Are these people just getting back at him because they don't like him is at this. You know I I would like Q and our first heard about it you know look it up and has a better basically means you shadow government. For a few to mention that's I mean you know thirty years ago our weather you know suggestion for tin foil hat on and the that. But no way it exists and is it doesn't exist and that's sensor that. All the people trying to do harm to the president. Are part of it. But what happened and there are people that are trying to obstruct and I'm doing. And then you have a lot of witty and surrogates. Power on. An example is that correct. I mean. Did they oppress your people in the press that are you know publishing and stealing all their funeral. Stories against Donald Trump. And then you have unwitting surrogates and in the press that are just ideologically. Driven you know they're just very liberal and and they can't she fairness. And that's one example of the deep state in other there are many other well. Yeah also to I would imagine if you come from. A position that America's green have committed all these violent offenses against the rest of the world America's a problem in the world America. He's the reason maybe the world is such a mess then maybe it from your perspective you're doing what you think his patriotic right I mean. Figured doing the right thing by a but I dumping information. That would stop someone like Donald Trump and his agenda maybe that is a twisted way of blood began even maybe if maybe that is the answer house. Well bad and I mean you also have tyrant government officials I mean look at Jews or Irish. She'd. I'm master who planned. And she's a member of being the White House staff well the White House staff as a consumer. I'm incompetent they have no investigative. Function at all. That's the FBI and CIA or if you're really a leak or there isn't someone suspected of I've been up a spy. The FBI and the main agency that investigates that Phil wants him to Murray primary external for an. There's absolutely. No reason for her to do that other than political because she she's not an investigator. Yeah exactly I mean it's sort of including believe the political as well as sort of the investigative. Aspect together right I mean. One of the things I think Americans have always depended on was there was some sort of distance between say the FBI or the Justice Department. And the rest of us sort of the political hierarchy. So maybe we're seeing that change maybe it's always been that way maybe I've been sort of a naive American to think. So there's always been some sort of little separation there but Floyd what do you make him I mean everywhere else seen this even with the FBI's sort of situation with the FBI director and president trial Brian mean about an investigation into whether he fired him because of an investigation. We do your right if you the Justice Department purely for the bird has always had a political. I've been through it like out here JFK airport that is brother Hillary Clinton demanded a female attorney general. When her husband wouldn't but what had happened to. The FBI what do we want step removed we were always independent. And when you're became the director. He sort of merged. The FBI with the Justice Department. And you have. It turned into June and call me politicize the FBI but before that. You shouldn't CNN's Mary tournament record handcuffs on somebody in your news conferences and all that that's after the fact. So we need to separate ourselves from justice. And it's difficult to do because what we're sort of and warrant now. That's a good boy Reagan used to say that. Those are the worst word you get here was I'm here from the government to help you I guess some other words would be bad here is I've also hear from the FBI except that. Well yeah and I want to show my credentials you're close like equal access you know I've never met an FBI agent fit it. But you know but that's a good point I'm really care of this wonderful reputation. Detonator is bigger than life. And it and that has you know what sort of lessons. While we got politicized from the bench. Call me when he came out on July 5 and announced that he wanted recommending RB that's basically against Hillary. That's the first time an FBI agent or director ever came out and recommended. Either indictment or a declaration. We do not recommend charges we are fact finders. So that wasn't strangest thing and then Ed combating the problem coming out right before the election this. There's say there's this is still on going I mean it these days VMware just one mistake I was dumbfounded by. The next mistake for sure right and if so James Toney sort of out of the picture now we have a new you know nominee that. FEMA before because the senate today and in the humidity got Robert Mueller there via a special counsel or whatever it is now investigating. Well almost nothing that I can see that there's anything good to be a party administration have a special counsel investigating it. Well that this special counsel would spokesman on the inactive if there's an underlying criminal activity. And we always have those rumors gossip innuendo moments. They're really not an underlying criminal activity right now. But it also. Spells out what constitutes a conflict of interest. And it has been there that if you I have a personal or political relationship. With the target or witness you have to recuse yourself. So we just described. The relationship between economy and be ordered they're recurrent. There you go. How come back we'll talk to build on your new book in the near enemy A Jun the smokers thriller we're talking to John Modano a former deep cover FBI's special agent he teaches counterterrorism. And international security Campbell University Camp Lejeune. Here in North Carolina will be right back with him in just a moment 7045 Simoneau eleven Jan. The phone number because of course on the program. And we'll be right back fear run news eleventh in 993 WB 28. We're going to rerun the Jun ten judge Joseph don't tell it sitting in these 1110993. WB teeth. Similar horrified Simoneau elevenths and the phone number in on the line with a series coming out though. As a former FBI special agent authored the new book Kamerion Wimbley and John Bucher thriller also teaches counterterrorism and international security. How was injure Saddam is dead your book sort of focuses on. Terrorists attempting to kill and they football game and obviously we got the fall coming up soon people are thinking football and. My wife and I go to some of the football games and every time where there she's like you know this is a big target this is a big target. We've had some of these lone wolf attacks in various hotels are as part of your vote I think in. They give us your thoughts about how do we defend ourselves our K and we I mean there's if there's only so much you can do to get out. And actually breathe air right move around in this country. Surely we can be doing a lot natural the book's about is correct sir I can give you examples for a for example President Obama signed a ban on surveilling mosque. Or any any type of month Muslim organization from law enforcement. And a lot of the radicalization of global terror is on all of these mosque in terms Cameron the Boston Marathon bomber who works. Preaching Jihad for two years before they planted the bomb itself and we've been able to surveil and develop informants that mosque. We could eliminate a lot of protection just arguing there. Another issue is it a watch list you know Doug do you know what a lot sort. So then one more damage vineyard clearly beat you're Norwalk where they're where a lot of work. Well I am I assume is sort of like the bullets are about the watch list of the other airlines resounding we're suppose it's his Mosley people who can't fly right or do we even have such a thing and the facility. No way we we have a no fly list but a lot there's there's several 100000. People on the watch list. And they have access they come and every day and you're ports of entry in the United States because. A dozen or are quite good with what good would that be that. This particular list. These are guesses and I have Brothers were probably on that right. Here are I mean everybody's gonna be that supportive of we don't I was. There's been hit there if it doesn't nobody's watching where you're figured it's not. I got Jeff. I knew there had to be a catch there because I'm thinking OK even you know people's there's the talk about the defected the FBI for example women interviewed the Boston bombers. And then assume they have Brothers and and yet. They had to have been under some guys surveillance at some point in the middle would have gone to the interview right and then decided that guess. That they were not a problems of some place. Well reputed to have that gets into the other then the author of the dark wherever we have to get up hearts or Trafalis somebody from. Social media to the dark where. And what happens then hit whipped up into a junior are trending on FaceBook or some other things and then I go encrypted. And by the time we get warrants or follow them on there they've already act that are over there off onto another site. So we've got to stop worried about I mean people are worried about the government listening to them. In my heart my stance was always you'd be very bored listening to my conversations the faster stick. And that's another thing we either how about. Profiling that's it for a dirty word where our great law enforcement technique. They're mental and always seemed as they always seem to make sense to me they'll give a description of some us suspect they're looking for best profiling or I mean. Somebody came up with that and menu but did do you did you do is just an inability for the law enforcement know who they're they're searching for I mean it. I have always found that to be odd that people are so and that his idea of profiling. I can understand that if people are being harassed for no good reason that's another issue but that come under some other. Area right rather than profile. Well our course and an affair thing is is that people forget about these little. Faith in my mind do you feel trivial things only when they're too big body count of MarketWatch loft. And then everybody wants you know the protection but he's normal terrorist attack her or Obama. Increased because. I can conclude in your territory and rocker and they're there were lost Mosul. So they're already telling people don't come over here anymore. Commit Jihad in your your homeland. So that's fit that's our future and what we can. Get this political correctness out it's gonna just mean that there are more Americans are gonna die. They've tried some people just I think don't take this seriously as they get simply being anti Muslim or something like that when in reality. It's just the the current this situation that we're facing. Let me remind people of your book it's called the near enemy and I John Bucher thriller intriguing yet at Amazon and elsewhere. John I got though is the author and is do you have a website or having John. Yeah our job would go like EA CO dot com and also terribly gone OLRGATO. On FaceBook cash offer. And the near enemy is. I spoke to be fiction but most of the tracks so it's your good book. All right fantastic you know again the book the near enemy or John Booker thriller by John Modano who teaches counterterrorism and international security at Campbell University. And Camp Lejeune. Thank you sir for being on there's a pleasure talking to you today we'll be right back for more than John hands action on these eleven day and 993. WBZ. Palestinian love news eleven Jan 993 WBZ. Some time Peter joining us here at 704 and five Simoneau 1110 if you like to call in indoor hardware this year we've got some open line time. Saying no later we'll have John Wooden VA former congressman to join his his final fine. And will modes are more of of the Donald Trump junior female situation here just depends on who you read and who you listen to. As to whether there's. But much to be made of this. I think dead deep down it's it's a situation in I don't agree you want my friends. We've posted a little while ago from Colorado. That it it's it may be bad judgments. Doesn't seem to be something illegal. But it's and they didn't help the situation because please it's kind of puts the other presidents. Administration in sort of you know further mess dealing with the sole Russia stuff. And sort of feeds into this idea like we talked about yesterday. That the Democrats in the media. Have been constructing for sometime now that there's some some thing going nine nefarious. Behavior about it now drowned. And the election I don't know other callers earlier in the program the last of this myself. For a while that I don't see any benefit the bit prudent would have hand. Are Russia the government to have Donald Trump win the only thing. That could possibly be lurking there and I've I mention this because you never know when you you don't know what you don't know. And that is. With a global sort of our company like don't try to pay as in the number of businesses everywhere. That he's involved we have. And that he owns its it is possible that there was some business dealings in the past. Any business dealings with the Russian banks we mean business dealings with the other individuals and Russia usually. There's a tie you right back to the Russian government so maybe there's something. CNN regarded. Drumming at one people know about it other than that from what we do know. There's really been much there and then why would prudent once Donald Trump the winds right he's kind of the wild card. That he had said some nice things moralists about prudent imprudent. Head it's and in return. The only other hand Hillary Clinton is a known commodity essar this really during the year and the election cycle leading up to the actual Election Day. Hillary Clinton's a known commodity. You know you're dealing with she was secretary of state she was the wife of Bill Clinton. Shares a long political track record she was senator from New York. Her thoughts are well known her behavior is well known you have the Clinton global foundation which I think. Would be another way to sort of get to the clintons in one way via access. And we did certainly seems so they use fares to look at this from. How far in and suggested people were donating with the idea they would have some kind of access to Hillary Clinton got elected I think that. I don't see how they went really would look at that and not that come to that conclusion that they were feeding. On the idea that Hillary would be the next president. Therefore if you're a foreign government giving a bunch of money. And then you've got a better chance to be heard whatever you were particular issue is. And Hillary Clinton did this against what she said do Obama that she would do and signed it. They of a statement event affected she would not too the Clinton global domination would not be raising money. From foreign governments while she was secretary of state but that happened anyway so. She actually. Divide. Her boss in doing exactly that. So why would Clinton want. Someone like trump who is kind of hard to pin down who someone that. Decision making can be. Based on instinct spur of the moment rather than have someone with a long track record that he kind of put your finger on like Hillary Clinton that was my thought. Anyway before the election so I never really bought in the idea that Russia really wanted Donald drove to win the but an out of these one and win all these others sort of people around him that did have some kind of business connections with the Russian maybe they think they can cause more chaos. It is for forty here on the John ham Jack showtime. Boomer and that's brought you by hunters billboard nice 77 and ages 23. Say thank you Doug we have some delays and I 485 in south Mecklenburg this report sponsored by US ink and toner. There's a collision on the elderly before 85 and exit 59 Rea road and a blazer back to X 64 highway 51. So for all that you may want to consider highway 51. Or consider Valentine commons parkway. Forward outbound that's the outer loop of I 45. And exit 59 Rea road evidence of that Sharon road south of running behind and highway 51 east of horrible if they Brookline to these don't Albemarle road it will grow Smith hill road. North Charlotte north prion these two way and your drive time for RED five northbound from exit 38 RE 77 Nixon fifty Concord and apple has less than 27 minutes. US ink and toner provides comprehensive training solutions. So you can focus on your priority your business and be sure to contact US ink and toner. For your free print or assessment today to make sure you get the most economical printer for your business US ink and toner dot com. WBT weather channel forecast chance of an isolated thunderstorm overnight with a rose 75 tomorrow sunshine in a morning chance of a pop up thunderstorm late in the day with a hi Bonnie for. Money won in hunter's Rio and the queen city our next update at 450 boomer Von Kevin WBP all day time saver drafts. Mike can get to humanity is turning around prevent. Donald Trump we did today that the White House is functioning properly. And it health care and some other things but he does them time do well watch television. So it's just I must admit I'm entertained in time by the of the president's comments. Win them. He is it kind of silly thoughts about still watching various things on television and bagged. There was someone on TV this morning there was kind of pointing at Saddam could be done near me were drowned the drive was watching. They recorded version of FOX & Friends. And IA he had to think at least I did at the time I saw this sweet little while after that then. The drug was kind of responding to the fact that this guy was saying to no job is just watching too much cable television. And refresh. Saying then does say that the White House is functioning just perfectly everything's going according to plan. I'm no other word thinking that that's exactly what's been happening. Recent a note because after all we still did get a health care bill through. The president boasted to leave that. He's gonna be angry if the Republicans do not Jim over the health care bill tomorrow we're supposed to get something. From Mitch McConnell and the GOP on exactly what's in the bill and all I can tell you was the only person has so far there's really spoken out about it today you senator Raymond hall of Kondracke and he's saying that. They're doing nothing but keeping Obama care and that's a can of endorsement that the Republicans. Are going to have to be aware of another holding him we're never gonna get this bill through and it would be did as much as any other bill John McCain the other day. So many others are not big fans of Senator John McCain of Arizona but he said. This bill was going nowhere. John Hancock doesn't it delivered 10993. WBZ thanks for joining us time for you to join do. Don't know you can get right through it 7045711. Jan any item in the news gives a call. You're taught to read Donald Trump juniors emails. And this whole Russian the issue you're welcome to call MB. Nominee for of the FBI director win before the senate today. And be ready for certain well. Don't have to be happy that he's been he numbered and recently including. After now junior appeared on the Hannity program last night that this was. The biggest wish him which tied him American history so but did the FBI director was our began it will be the FBI director was asked. That question that during his confirmation feeding today also. The left is making alive in the course there's some criticism as you expect from the left. How bad down drubbing prayed over in the Oval Office but I assume that pastors today I'm paying them. As if it's unusual to pray for the president and thank those who are those of the Christian faith are supposed to be praying for the leaders right. And that they're supposed to be a through almost a mandate to do you. Pray for the people who happen to be making the decisions. Annual level anyway at the at the blaze not down get a story today from the barn a group. And evangelical research firm I headquartered in California and they have the right today of the post Christian cities in the United States. I keep thinking I would have never had this discussion or this story. Thirty years ago but it's the state of America today or more Americans. Bless. So affiliated in any particular way with the church going and nudge. And it is becoming more prevalent in some parts of the country verses out there. And they have put together a survey in which say they're determined that he most post Christians cities. In America right now and not surprised well I'd be surprised to be maybe night. But the those two of those cities eight of the top ten happened to be in the New England area of the country. So the New England part of the country the northeast appears to be released. Those who are considered themselves Christian Andersen several criteria of the list. Let's see Portland and Auburn Maine. Top speed overall list as the American city. And that they determined was more post Christian or any other. They element 57%. Boston. Was next Albany New York next Providence, Rhode Island next to Burlington Vermont. That's where burning brown rice. Hartford New Haven, Connecticut New York number seven Sam was this deliberate Seattle number nine in buffalo number 101000. He goes on to say the qualifies post Christian responded the city's enemy least nine of sixteen it unifying factor. Learn a list which included categories like Beverly got tied. Disagree the Bible is accurate to despise atheist or agnostic. These kinds of questions compared to taking the Christian box in the senses get behind how people loosely identified themselves. And decorum what people actually believe and how they behave as a result of their belief in their practice according brown Barnum. These indicators. You have a much more accurate picture of bully them believe in America and I told me the list of the city's starting with the Portland Maine being number one. They found that. San Cisco Oakland San Jose is the most and hurt metro area. In the country's 60% of the respondents in that area that is not a permitted church service in the past six months. The researchers noted result in his most recent study are not all that surprising given. Rates of church attendance religious affiliation. Belief in god prayer Bible really involved dropping for decades in the US. I know surveys from December found that 21% of Americans have no religious and did get from 15% of respondents. Who said the same back in 2008. In the forties and fifties only two to 3% of Americans do not reporting formal religious identity. Showing you that there's a major change going on in America there's less people are being. Influenced. By the church community. Many realtors group none of the results of his most recent study not as us at all surprising but he said by consequence. The role of religion in public life has been slowly diminishing. And a church no longer functions with the cultural authority once held in times fast. Dan also echoed Martin's findings we go to church attendance in 197373%. Of Americans that were members of the church. While only 56%. Said they were members of the church in 2016. It should be noted that the least both Christians city in the US was Shreveport Louisiana. Which also be good bars list of the most viable minded cities in the country morning described Bible minded people as those you report reading the violent Fashion Week. And he strongly essar the Bible is accurate in the principles it teaches so. The I hear from any pertinent Arantxa the most viable minded. As an independent would retreat towards the Louisiana but there's no doubt there's been a change in the culture going on and then some it's reflected I think. In the lack of the affiliation. As far as a church attendance 197370%. Of Americans are there remembers 56% of whom sixteen. And this is going. Less and less and then you get a major. Metro area in California San Francisco Oakland San Jose where 60%. Of the people they say. They they have no church attendance at all in the last six months interesting from other boys that kind of just posted that. Via Twitter or FaceBook if you wanna. Read the entire survey and the story there's of their story of there's been a change in the culture I would say in the last thirty years is considerably we've seen at some say. 'cause some changes have been better having many others do C a coarseness in our society now. This just go to Twitter. There's a CNN anchor today. I can't think of her name. This year you've seen it many times she used to be on fox. Says she is just she shutting down a Twitter account it's over. The twitters to mean people are on there just to vicious and she does not really read it anymore and you really can't blame her because people do have this ability now. I don't know Vince the anonymous sort of aspect of much of this. Browser as some people were that way and is not anonymous for their ability do hit you right there. Between the eyes via Twitter and FaceBook and whatever and she says she's just have it somebody in the public guys. There's there are a lot of people in that I think you look at that and see Twitter more than maybe so the other areas of social media is the intent of the dark side of things. I find the vehicle to be one it's a very useful when it comes a news gathering and not posting stories of giving a news beat out there as quickly as you can many I think but many of the stories and events that happen now break on Twitter. More than anywhere else yeah I was really but I think it has its great value. Look at the president using it so good for goods of those maybe we was a not for so good. But there are a lot of people after they do use it as sort of a means of almost weaponized it. The area of Twitter where you can be you can targets embody control them and and insurgent antagonize them. Via social media but this lady she's had it. Do regularly uses anymore she shutting down their entire camp there's also inducing story where there forget how many people that Donald Trump has blocked on Twitter like 500000. People or somebody like that thin a number of people who have been blocked are now suing. I've dasher I get this but there's suing saying that this is public record. And Donald Trump does not have a right to block them. Clawed his Twitter feed it's kind of amazing. Will be back we'll talk more about the Donald Trump junior email situation with John ability former congressman. Coming up at 505 mere 704570. Limited you can join us we'll be right back with more of a John Hancock shows. And. And welcome salad Maria Regina and judge Jose jealous hear some news Wednesday July 12. Please seventeen edition of the program on news eleven then. Many 93 WBT. Obviously we remember starting at the top stories today. The fallout from Donald from juniors emails send. The emails were released right before the program yesterday in the meeting with this Russian lawyers certainly is taken a lot of attention I so it is CNN's been 93%. Of their morning program this morning. Talking about Russia. So the media is completely all over this and covering it rightly or wrongly indelibly a former congressman from New York is gonna join us. He also is host of a very popular. Podcast called the revolution with the union and iTunes and elsewhere sound play around. He also has been a frequent guest and some of the TV programs including the Fox News Channel. And we're glad to have him on did his thoughts about his old Donald Trump email situation that John thank you for coming on the program today. Good afternoon Doug it's always great to be on with you I area. I'm doing well and I couldn't wait to get your take on fully oil and then yesterday when we. Talked so much about these emails what do you make of this and as it's sort of play in the with the Democrats in the media we're trying to create this whole idea that trump isn't good between Russia. Well first what I don't think they were creating something I think that's what existed trump has had a long relationship. In his post with the Russians here in America not a Russia for the here. As his son's years ago it appears proportionate share of their. Real estate holdings over here are owned by Russians they borrowed money from Russian banks wants trump. Could no longer borrow from American banks after the bankruptcies and Atlantic treading. And he's had a long relationship. With none of these old cards from these rich Russians and what the word out putters when you wide ballot. Dog can get up with ways in this case he weighed down with Russian dogs years ago for oratorical personal he's laid down. With the Russian dog he got up with Russian fleas on. May decide to run for president fan a top Russian crew used those for use. To try to exert. Things to do things to help prop one of the hated Hillary wanted to help trop where I'm the issue here that we're going to be talking about as a country. Is created trump. Accept. That help recruit who was trying to give them. At their peak periods and he's in deep do do these in believable and political. Food danger if he truck at any time. For improved but most always found that in it is why this junior story. There's prefer public evidence. Thought I would memorial moment sorry about a minute of that before all the problems. That are links would trumps to the Russian government on the campaign and then try to get dirt on Hillary which. No we all want her on our credit. But there's an end to government fifth thicker rough from government is giving it to you you can't accept that it's a com. The goal the contribution in kind and you can't go. Yeah I think the other thing to do this kind of bother me read this and then John let me meth. I don't have together your conservative short of Obama from Spotify these Iranian but the same thing we've made it seem like you some of our conservative friends said they have been critical of this the bigger meeting the dome trump junior and whether in some Lindsay needed to brush it off I mean I hear Eric bowling on TV yesterday M Rush Limbaugh even today. I'm making our vision nothing at all here. This was this was a bad idea at the of the best the best of this rioting. Beat it certainly should not have had this meeting. He should not apparent to me and there is something for those that there is clearly. Oh reach out from Moscow to the trump operation. To assist them now that this goes hand in hand with a report that no one can challenge that Vladimir Putin. Picked up by US intelligence. Last year. Gave orders to his people but I won't hurt Hillary I want help trough. And what you do not context anything that happened from then on match ups that. You know how it is an organization when the boss wants something done. All these underlings try to do so when the word went out the food wants to help trump. Fall is wise and agents and Packers and the lawyers everybody so we're gonna do with the ball swamped try to help prop. Don't want him back I'd wanna put my time here on insulin intended. PTI and agility and my guess is nobody former congressman also commentator you've seen him on the Fox News Channel and elsewhere host of the podcast to the revolution. And then John as telling as we need to think more seriously about some of these them allegations out there doing what Donald Trump. And the issue of Russian this Russian probe. Down from juniors emails so we retirement that a few minutes ago. Where he. Was willing to have a meeting with the Russian law here. Who it was is said to be there on behalf of the Russian government to provide. Dirt on Hillary Clinton that is something that broke before this the show yesterday and we talked a lot about it. I just waited and also put on FaceBook the story that John was mentioning before we had this. Check him was Mike and the big story and this is the McClatchy died times story well McClatchy DC dot com. Written by Peter Stone Greg Gordon OSHA investigators. Probe here could their run digital operation. Basically the the story I read it John is that there's a the BB is the digital in the cyber sort of unit. Was put together here and the stories seems indicate. Then maybe. The drug administration was says it's along with Russia when they were using this to send out these fake stories and sort of targets. Some of these districts at the last moment via social media you have to fill me in the that was sort of the take I got on a quick read on this story. Right or not trump administrations come campaign you're kind of lose. That care curt term was running that digital operations in the trump campaign a year ago and at last fall. And that their probing the Justice Department and troop committees up on the hill put the ball or indicating they're looking industry if there was coordination. Where. And this is the way it could hypothetically work repair work. The trump campaign says we need help in southeastern Michigan. And they tell the Russians and almost on the Russians are using bots to pull through email and FaceBook and we. They stall in the part of Michigan to help turn people walked in Hillary and onto trial and that's coordination. If there was coordination if that happened. It's going to be the end of trial. About stop war on it's going to be an all oval as they work that way and there's a lot of those stories about their child there. It'll ask Joan. When you Joey Joseph and the investigation not gonna. Suddenly go away right so I don't mean it. Yeah I mean have and so I don't we answer of those of us and are very concerned about the agenda and I'm OUR two we want to. Do you generally go through we know that did this is certainly you know swirling around about Donald Trump and his administration may be present we did. Little while ago that everything is going perfectly at the White House I have different. Have to chuckle about that. But the but when we say that the conservative commentators. Some who seem to just disregard all of this how do we deal with death. Why they choose to disregard it if they wanna be like Eric Bolling who's you know particular lotion and beer that particular wasserman. You gotta be objective when you look at ING can be a conservative. But you've got to open your eyes to reality aren't which is what halfway through the year. And the only thing now new court such was a great accomplishment that that we can never take Ottawa. But on legislation. You know 100 jobs of any substance there's a house by one vote did ask the first. Go round of this help clear on. And less than a month later trump after a big in these guys to vote or cold bit me. Which has picked off a lot of members of the Republicans in the house who he's gotten he's. For the next go round and health care whatever comes back from the senate gonna need all the sort of stop. What in the world is the president this supposed to be a Republican. Trashing. Of bill that he lobbied for and calling it mean. I mentioned just immediately. Eric Bolling. And Sean Hannity one of these so stupid as a Nazi what's going on that's their fault. I'm not gonna and and Doug you're not you're too Smart people around Oaxaca Paul fit. Yeah everybody I mean we have to be objective Actel looked NF Sid this before a pin you probably know I've been criticized left and right on this either dubious too much for drummer I'm. I'm I'm not enough for growth. But it seems to me that the best way to look at it is if if the clintons were doing this or of the Obama is renewing ms. I would be upset about it. And so I sort of put in that prism then I wouldn't that I would be talking about it in a negative fashion of some of this was going on during the Obama years. I'd go exactly right and so case import. President Hillary Clinton got glad we don't have to say that but she's proud of the caught up she's pregnant and we discover that a Russian lawyer working for the crab well. Comes over here to meet with Chelsea Clinton. To give her bird on the Republicans. Nominate. What would we all these things would rebate check it said nothing burger but there's nothing to now we big Hollywood bananas. And it's area pray at the state senate particularly in their hour of that this. Those that did not listen I appreciate your priest didn't thanks so come on broad musical like here but thank you again we'll talk to. Or. And John the NBA and once again check out his podcast at. I didn't and also it sounds clout by police seven will be right back to news update is next here on news a living in 1993 WBZ. Well I cried during sir John John and Jack Jones 1110993. WBD 70 or five Seminole. Eleven Dan got some time you'll react the movie. Conversation we just have with the former congressman John the only a you're certainly welcome to do so. I was getting soon responsive via social media. Just a minute ago when you're welcome do have your say about it he thinks we need to take more this seriously then maybe some others do. Including the story we mentioned that McClatchy DC. Not dammit I just posted via Twitter. And FaceBook there was a story I was not aware. Also of course the reaction doing we don't trust juniors. Females. That he released yesterday doing this meeting with a Russian law your president trump has actually told Reuters. The Reuters news agency that he was unaware of his sons meaning with a Russian lawyers during the presidential campaign last year. The president told a news service he did not follow his son Dow Jones junior for taking the meeting. He said quote I think many people would have held at that meeting that's from the president Reuters. Just posted that via Twitter just a moment ago listen Jim osu would talk with us you're 70457011. Day and Jim thank you for calling your next on WB NT. Yes normally I wouldn't wait that long. Almost cellphones and face something about the fool. That you had oh that's so lame job and I guess he's a former congressman. And it amazes me that these people saying that they're working. For themselves. What they're supposed to be working for America. They're one of the Democratic Party crying and complaining. Guess over the net corporate who lost the elections. President trial is here now what you could do for America first crowd helped save this country. Which young group BA that's paper that's his name is not interested dead or interest it is spreading we're number. It's just amazes me you. Him and excited and John is just a Republican he came in on the Reagan revolution I don't think it's low hourly and I don't think you'd like to be called a Democrat. But look I understand is different point of view I think though it's getting sort of the mounting sort of stuff out there that we've got to take an objective look him. And CN wonder what is legal nine he had only go of it is rumor I mean they. Emails that were released by John junior yesterday I mean those were from his email or else. Her majesty it's warm where would you pay no kidding good Obama was. They're an offense was more frequent than would lobby that I agree is selling our uranium to. I'd like many times just campaign are just a minute where was I was many many times I was here but there was no other stations around the country. Complaining about it. I've been his big critic is pres Obama of Obama is anybody bag that was on fear here WBD election night moaning about what we've just done is a country so. I mean I stand back for no one of this I still have some issues here. About what's going on at least not all fake news close released yesterday by Donald Trump junior wasn't vague news. Few facts may think that they got the big guy actually took cause they're leading. And that was something that ferry as the well you and I didn't go right mind. Am I don't know how much of journalism and I'll be happy to give you my opinion I think. Then if you get an email from someone who is in the claims. To may have context of the Russian government and he says the Russian government wants to have someone meet review because it has dirt on Hillary Clinton I would not accept the meetings. Because I do think it does matter where you get it from I'm all proposition research obviously I was happy I voted for Donald Trump I wanted to win. So that's not really an issue here. But the issue is down John junior should not have had that meeting did I'm Abiola won it feels that way it is not a Democrat to fill that place. So I think you're wrong in my opinion irritation out and had the meeting. There and he's very up front about it I don't care what. And you should never complained GM paying on just minutes yeah okay I am wrong and I understand that your opinion diffusion not to blame. Then we are looking into the meeting then because saline I'm headed we wouldn't have this discussion. Like 552 on the gun into action is eleventh in 1993 WPG thanks for joining us on this Wednesday. I know many of you are joining us is we go along in the program today some of the stop those stories the president has told Reuters just a little while ago in an interview that. He did not know of the meeting has been Donald. Trump junior head would be Russian attorney he was not aware of that. Also he told CBN the Christian Broadcasting Network and Pat Robertson on his program today. Meant better improvement rather of had Hillary Clinton as president. Couple of comments there also we should have the health care bill tomorrow of some kind. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky says is nothing more than obamacare so there's still disagreement among the Republicans in the US senate. On this and let's get back to your phone call 704 or five Simoneau limited a few more minutes. Take your calls let's go to Bruce next Bruce thanks for calling your own news 1110993. WBZ. Similar yeah hello I think I agree with Europe previous caller I believe that president. This Bruton basically owned Obama and Hillary when you look at what happened when they were an office. Obama came in office and the first thing they did with food and said stop that deployment of missile defense system skinny dip it. Next thing had happened was. Our President Bill Clinton said if I Ukraine got rid of those nuclear weapons that the US along with a couple other nations would defend their borders to America. Security. When Russia Putin invaded what does Obama do what he did not done he's. Have that you're not think. Ruin your right on target. We have crews are going to run on target and also of course Russia getting that base in Syria where it was a huge mistake in you're exactly right and yeah I mean until agree we they do and I said this earlier. Tonight I never have bought in the idea that the improvement wind Donald Trump is president because. You you don't do known quantity and they already knew where Hillary Clinton was. Slate Hillary were already know that Hillary signed off point for seven uranium and you don't know how much was given to the Clinton foundation and return. Why don't we are investigating that. And it's. No we made me that's the one good thing about it Bruce's that we might be doing that the FBI. Maybe investigating because there was some him that they were doing so. Before all the sort of the other combing firings occurred I certainly think there should be. I don't understand why Hillary got a book about email scandal either slow but that doesn't mean this the that was gonna save does say that. I agree with the oil that that is a mean however that other investigation shouldn't go on also. Well you do investigation to a movement data and the media as far one sided I can pick up the observer every single day and I see thump than. It's either factually wrong or factually misleading. And I thought anti prop. You know penguins start to look at it and say the FBI says that we have. That Russia had the DNC computer. How do they know they did not look at the computer particular word from a consultant that was higher by the democratic committee. These people are not known for Conan proof. Felt great. Well even if they did do that rumors Bruce I noticed amid I was talking about it even if they did do that. I don't think that's really influencing the election the new I mean how many people made any real decision based on those emails so we lost Bruce OK well I didn't mean because job Bruce I apologize only dark do a bit further about it. But as I've said to on this program if they even if the Russians had been of the DNC and Hank John Podesta is emails he then influenced anyone. In the election I don't think his many real polling. This suggested it was made a big difference David did. He made differences among Democrats because Democrats would find in those emails. Then says there was activity of the Democratic National Committee. Two armed Bernie Sanders. And make his day a fast track for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination they would've liked that same thing of the job this female is there was planning and there but the Clinton global foundation fact it was so. Good of a concern that even Chelsea Clinton emails. John Podesta are concerned about some of what was going on in the way in the perception that was being created. Have action I would say selling access let's go to John. While we can't John get just a minute or so going to John WBT thanks for. I'll vote. Yes you do adjourn for a foot on your mind of a legitimate Anderson here. Aren't out there or did your mark not only throw my mind. I A I did yes. What are. I did yes the EB digger burnout you wanna dark about. Yeah I don't he told me you know I'm about forty minutes in the. The dawn aren't Sean Hannity out tomorrow congress questions about its. If I'm not saying no there there have been not been murdered. Well we're gonna have to find out about it the one thing it is there though is. The John is is that there was a meeting. And before we never knew there's there was one in their bench so but if there was anything you changed in the meeting fairly nice we don't know for sure but it doesn't appear demanding reviews. In the campaign that's true. And I don't know how are they have little impact Dell these investigations every I think they. The issue really is. Whether the senate in this in the House of Representatives any of these investigations amount to any thing and then you've got that special counsel Ken on your back. As well let that's really I mean there's there's one thing about it illegality but there's another thing about whether it's a good idea politically right. Still have a special couple rude. Call me best friend and naive about it well plus bode well our commitment mortars what do you think about that. I don't really like that gun to be honest really I don't like the special counsel either I would never tired lines. I think it's a shame I agree with a one of the the people are calling on the program earlier that. They know actually I think it was our our former FBI guy that was on win this. So there ought to be some element of criminality. In question before a special prosecutor is ever higher. What happens now is you've got to guys it's basic gonna do fishing expedition. And there's no into his investigation until he decides to end it. There's no. No scope of where he's investigating so therefore even even goes on against he'll be able to go to and fro do investigative. I think that's a bad thing and I certainly don't think that there should have happened in the first place. You go to bottom line here. You do on the. I you know they wanted their crew trump they wanted to model also look the bottom line. In doing that itself so keep that in mind done drug's gonna help of mono in there and agony Pete Jim on this did have to be a whole lot more than that thank you for the call we appreciate it thanks for the phone calls today and all the messages via Twitter and also FaceBook I appreciate it we will continue tomorrow of the years 3 o'clock for John. Meanwhile he didn't tell him my website and I don't radio that damn my email address is up there he likes to correspond with me love this. Talk when he was well meanwhile thanks to DJ doing the of producing in born operations of the until today agreed and we'll see you tomorrow on the John Hancock jokes.