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Thursday, June 15th

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This is John. Whereas Thursday as we can be out here well yeah. Humidity. Welcome to through the Carolinas by fellow Colorado brother. We are you went to Stanford do it you get all lot of the humidity out Erica look at the schools they generally played he probably didn't get all lot of competitive play in them either. You get used to it. After about fourteen years. Thanks well. Com US open opens today. Has opened. So well look kind of keep round that I don't know if you were a singer Sheryl ordered server today you won't grow like the contents. Of Kevin's tires political cartoon today but it just goes to show you why use a Pulitzer Prize winner and and genius cited decider of what has always been. I'm about political cartoonists that is always just. I just think they're brilliant the good ones I'd just think they're brilliant. Not only do they have to illustrate but I also have to come in on an angle. And the angle. Desires for instance comes up with today. Com. Is a giant baseball. There has gun violence sticker on it as American house. And any any say in you know we've then got again balances. Is gotten way too. It's edging out of although a deal of with what's transpired in the last. Of 48. Hours. That. That didn't die and who would the shooting nastiest police are you Scully so we. We now know is is more injured and what we were looked kinda led to believe yesterday we were we were wondering yesterday while we were getting ready golf fear. You came out of surgery he was listed in critical condition we end there was a real clarification on that while the president came out today because the president visited him last night. Well along with Maloney and he came out today it's a more serious and what we're originally expecting it's apparently had another surgery or two today. And but it meant to but it's brought up the gun I find it fascinating because it's seen its brought the gun subject up against. Good bit of all the cases that this is the one that. I wouldn't think that those who low autumn. Clamp down on guns in the country this wouldn't be the one that they necessarily would wanna get involved with because this is the one that actually has up. This is the one where the counterargument to gun control. School's buildings offices. Where somebody a perfect trader would know that there's no go and an error. Would know that he's got three time to accomplish what he's trying to accomplish. This one goes against that there was a done. Besides his on site. Com. And to me that's the story out of the story about what happened yesterday. Is how many people were killed. But how many people were shot. So it's solving guy kinda inched into big story today is more showbiz oriented. And that's Bill Cosby the jury came out said were deadlocked and the judge said no upkeep try. Now I'm sure we've convicted celebrities before have we. OJ is the first thing you think of and it. Com. And I'm not in the jury room so I have no idea but I mean how much does celebrity have to do with this. They moved this trial did they move it Pittsburg or something like that just to get out of. Just so they'd have a chance to pick up fairer jury. You do that no say in this country with Bill Cosby. And the Internet but about him not only that but 'cause bees. Augusta goes back to the first time most of us heard of Bill Cosby was. Noah. Comedy album then there was ice by. Long with Robert Culp groundbreaking. Black guy a white guy TV show. Big deal that time. Then you have the whole career I and then and then and then to stand up in the television shows are not our hearts to Boland. Mean you you were you couldn't avoid Bill Cosby if you wanted to. So can you not and then the other part of that is it is kind of a he says she's way get that I mean as to consent what you don't what are I saw I don't know. So the apparently it's it's weighing on. The jury as well there was a report before they came in deadlocked today that nerves are frayed patience and shot. No what is certain when it will end. Dun dun and jurors are angry. The accusers mother Andrea understands mom broke down in tears on Wednesday. The judge kind of seemed. Upset at times says the accord staff struggled answer us some of the jury's questions. But then when they came in a deadlock today and he said don't know year and you gotta go back in. Not let you out yet. He instructed the jury keep on trying to send them back into the jury room. They worked well into the night last night. They got the case on Monday. Upon hearing the jury's note to the judge Cosby's lawyers requested a mistrial. The judge said not that simple premature. And then according to buzz seed which I don't consider to be a really strong source but nonetheless. Said Cosby quote unquote grand. As the judge read the jury's note and announced jurors were deadlocked at least one of Cosby's other accusers cried after that no was red so that the that's kind of where we. Where we stand on all of that now. If they come back deadlocked. The judge has some flexibility under Pennsylvania law and we'll kind of explain some of that to you when we come back. Earlier today the bill 'cause we jury payments that were deadlocked on the judge judge said don't keep trying. And that's usually the first step we've seen that and occasion before. I and so I I guess I fully expect sometime this afternoon for the journey come back and say. Overall usually they come to law. Was written thing earlier today and it said you know usually they. It's rare that juries go for more than a couple of days but it's also rare that surgeries. It you know hung juries are and aren't that common. But did that the jury has to be unanimous. In this case in Pennsylvania. And and they told them that did you know until the judge they're deadlocked. And and he told me go back in. So that that's the first raise that's pretty predictable. There's our defense lawyer by the name of Ed pesky. And he said. In a KM BC. Peace. Trying to find the quote. It's a very very rare occasion that a judge is going to let the O letter jury off the hook on the first indication that they're hopelessly deadlocked OK so we've already done that. And then he says if you start to get into three or four full day is. Then there's going to be some concern at that point. That perhaps the a jury is not going to be able to reach a verdict. So if they come back and they say. Hey we are hopelessly deadlocked there's there's no. In no way you we went to deliberate tell the cows come home or not gonna come up with a verdict. So if they came back and they I did that then obviously the judge could declare it would declare I assume a mistrial. But he has a judges have discretion dared to remove individual jurors in Pennsylvania under certain conditions. Rare. Problem. It did the other jurors short you know say the judge that there was one juror and and he won't discuss facts he won't participate he won't. The judges have actually removed jurors before but that's in a real extreme move. Armed but it can be done. The judge would need some. Here's a quote some foundation or basis. For that radical step. That would be more than just you know simply hearing that somebody has got to dug their heels and jurors are not required to give up there real belief. Are tuned to reach a verdict. If it becomes. Officially hung jury. Then the start of the charges against Cosby would stand. Prosecutors would have four months to decide whether or not they wanna retry the case or abandonment. Problem. And then it would be up to the prosecutors to figure out whether or not they want to retry the case or not and they were just have to analyze third the strength ability evidence that they have. On and take into consideration I suppose that it is a high profile case. And and they would even probably considered the cost of what it would go through for another trial and it. They may very well ask. You know prosecutors also would factory and a willingness of of the victims. To go through the process again. Hey you know that maybe gain she may say enough I'm good at doing this this hasn't seen alloy of abandon its burner we have a better and to have lived in Pennsylvania. So this doesn't seem. Like it's been so totally out of control of the family may not wanna go through it all again but you know you never. Our prosecutors can ask the jurors who could not reach a verdict if they will discuss what occurred. And if they give the DA that sense that there were several people that are willing to acquit then that would probably complicate the decision to retry him as you know as well so. Okay prize on at all and honestly what transpires and but last. Earlier today Cosby or jury said they were deadlocked and the judge basically told them to go back. And and so we'll see what happens I just kind of get a feel it's on to gonna happen it. That they'll there's some point come back out although that said three or four days. So they got it on Monday and they were twelve hour days Tuesday and Wednesday. So today would be the third day so today tomorrow. And you've got to figure some things as some sort of resolve at least to this. Chapter of a is. It is probably gonna not take place I am. In this very studio on a couple of occasions because he's made a number of appearances add to Charlotte motor speedway so. Scott Cooper and Marcus Smith and the boys and made sure that we've had access to nickel and over the years which has been kind of cool. And and he's been in here enough now that we almost know him by you know hey guys it becomes incensed projects its own. I you know I mean it's it's got to be pretty casual and his wife comes in with him as well. And what it was the first time that we had a ministerial we just kind of thought she was. He was his wife. Then we find out that she actually. Does this kind of work as well. And but there we kind of figured yeah but she's noble and a welder NGOs. The aerial lest wife of nick will Linda. Air Indira. When we interviewed her on hearse or the second time they were in the studio that's who we talked to her more right but the first time she was hardly. John I mean average wasn't rude or anything like cabbage she certainly wasn't open. Yeah cannot kinda cold kinda. But then we had her and her she was doing a walk over at C a mess and so this is the spotlight was on her and she was very nice but she also has more familiar with us which came in second time. She successfully hung by her teeth from a helicopter over Niagara Falls today. Already what you accomplished today. She's already hung by her teeth from a helicopter over Niagara Falls. I've done some show prep and eight. Wrecked. Raisin bread thank you for asking mix and Cheerios in their nice texture bird. She pulled this stunt off precisely five years after nick walked the tightrope over the falls. She was tethered to a group suspended from a helicopter 300 feet above the water. After she performed a few acrobatic maneuvers she briefly hung twice by her teeth. With the use of a mouth guard in between hanging upside down by her toes are few seconds. So mom. The stunt broke the height record that nick nick nick had said at the falls into money eleven. A when he hung by his teeth for 200 and by 250 feet above. This solar is a silver dollar city in Branson Missouri. So she's a beam on hyped now. And I said she was a little bit caught off guard by the windy conditions above they cataracts which is says something that also nick when he under the walk over Niagara Falls had talked about that is well. So she spent about eight. Minutes of her ten minutes done hovering over the falls. After the helicopter took off from the parking lot roof of the nearby. Seneca Niagara casino. But unlike nick Belinda is television high wire act that had millions of people watching. Or maybe just tens of thousands of sort of says here. She didn't a few dozen people. But lots of headlines. So there you go. And. Didn't buy her cheat. Dead. Or interest rates. Raised the interest rates yesterday and Fox's dropping they're a slogan fair and balanced. From now on its unity yeah whatever. You can do. Everything. Hey. You. Ally throws over around here I utilize them as you wish 704 or 5711. Tim Washington Post a big story today kind of they had news story out today. Are reported. This happened last night that the so it's today's this morning's news that the special counsel Robert Mueller was. Who was appointed to investigate Russia's interference of the presidential campaign and possible collusion with the trump campaign. All right is also is now also looking into well whether president trump tried to obstruct justice I thought that was always going on. Thought I would be part of that I don't know why this is news. Paying NYSE made it official or. Claims of obstruction were raised no wind no trump fired the then FBI director James told me last month I think the interesting thing about all of that is. What are the things we learned about James Tommy is he is political. And the other part of that was he leaked info well. President looks like he has a pretty good day inside when firing a James coney. Probably not the guy you want as your FBI director when you're just start off a new administration. But anyway trunks said NBC news interview. Days after he fired told me that he'd been thinking of the Russian probe O'Neal fired him. And and and Konami said in a congressional testimony last week he believes he was ousted because of the Russian investigation. I'm mark carollo as a spokesman for a Trump's personal lawyer. So now we're getting a spokesman for the lawyer to the president. Moving our way down the latter. He responded to a Washington Post reports saying that the FBI leak of information regarding the president is outrageous inexcusable and illegal. Close quote. It is. I don't that we know of the FBI was the source for the information at the post. And speaking of the Washington Post. That is a newspaper or are raiders report cited anonymous sources. Who were briefed on requests made by investigators is the part of journalism as you well know that just drives me nuts. Because we now there are everybody's using anonymous sources now there isn't an aide I it's it am I wrong that he used to be the rare exception that you would say I can't name my source but now. It's a rare exception if you engage if you actually do name your source. Which means you can make up anything cancer. The Washington Post earlier we were talking about this Mark Garrison and now I'm Scott FitzGerald and I in RO podcast that we recorded today which shall be up. Soon. And we we were just talking about to because FitzGerald was kinda talking today about just the general. Feeling in the country right now after the events of yesterday and the shooting of the house majority whip us Steve is goalies. Com. Oh about the temperament of the country right now in our inability to communicate with one another and and I I don't know if you just add it all together. They tell me the crime rate has drastically gone down historically. But over the last what is a couple of years we've got that someplace here. That it's risen. Ones and as a release stats the other day and thought they were pretty interest problem in my book my my point being. We have increasing crime. We have increasing. And decreasing communication. We've got our political. System that is handcuffed. Because no one side or refuses to have any sort of compromise with another. And we got more whack jobs. Obey because we got more people. But we also have more information that we've ever had before. Less chance for accuracy. And more radical web sites for people who just want to suck up whatever they can suck up and believe it. All it's all available to them out there. See Alex Jones. So. There was an article in the observer on nor is it took them pulled in my hand I should be able to see it right RM Monday. And that they were talking about what crime affect your vote in the Charlotte mayor's race. No. Now as a modern all I know I don't know I don't think so. The primary I can go play with the democratic good thing I don't have to stay in the primaries through Republicans on an independent. This is not good news for Jennifer Roberts. Arm but to the general election won't be good for anybody. I've been anyway they talk about three days of the year later. Still a flurry of homicides and all the stuff in the city's 37 than 38 murder when this first pro bush are we not up to 41 or 42 now. Hard to keep track. So they said that the I. Irony. According to our Michael Turner who's the chair of the UNC Charlotte department of criminal justice and criminology is that crime is down in Charlotte. And across the country. By historical standards. He says anybody 65 or under has a never been safer in her adult life ever. Now the headlines that you read the newscasts that you see with your local tilt television stations like that would tells you exactly the opposite then. In 2014 homicide rate in Charlotte. Reached a low of five point five people per 100000 in 1993. He was 28 point 99. Per 100000. That translates to 129. Murders in the city. Crime has risen since Tony fourteen so the last few years have not been good but it remains. Relatively low. What it was two decades ago. Now that shouldn't that religion knees anybody's concerned it's still way too high. Statistics on the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department backed up the they're concerned first quarter of the year homicides were up 91%. From gas last year. Robberies were up 20%. Aggravated assaults were up twelve point 4%. I kind of take a stretch and all that and tie that into a politically as well but I mean. To meet what's going on in the country right now is more although moral ethical problem that it is a political problem. It is more whack jobs out there there's more ball rule people out there there's less education there's less common sense. So. I mean Al we've had post on this radio station that will suck up any information they can get a ticket is truth Dole's Gasol and ovals gullible people I've met her on talk radio. Are. Insincere. Whereas you would use anything you can to fire up an audience to try to get. Those two ring. Well cares of their ringer now. So. I just think that edited the window when I was listening to FitzGerald today. I think it's a moral problem. I don't know how you get a society to turn back around and like I said yesterday. If you want to discussions to start quit sending quit voting for incumbents. But any other part of that we've talked about before. The people that represent us in I don't care what government body you're talking about county commission city school board. State legislature. House or representatives the senate. Since those people are we deal they're supposed to represent us don't pay they do. The population is just as corrupt. Just as everything is the people that we send to Washington would sit and incumbents to Washington maybe that's the beginning and then what all borrowed the other part BO yeah out. Start raising your own damn kids that might help general. It started off careful. I'm really not used to be in the old guy in the world you know that. I spoke to a bunch of broadcasters a young broadcasters people who wanted to go into broadcasting on a Monday at the killer institute open app always enjoyed doing them. Gets me around young people to begin with and no I love him and asked me knows sort of journalist until when you're on your way up to blow and I thought that was good question. On the and I said. The tradition asked that I I actually came up yesterday meeting Sunday. And I oh listen to bottle grew Cold War kids. On non serious accident. And I and they were not only surprised that I mentioned serious accident but they also were stunned that I knew who called work it's work. And then Scott looked every city Al there were probably horrified to videos and oh my god while now I gotta now we're gonna go find a new favorite band the old fat guy knows who gold markets are. Well here's a story why there are ripped out of the Daily Mail today almost half of people ages 75 plus are now on social media. Edges that it drives. Horror through you guys didn't. FaceBook went south a long long time ago. Spacewalk was such a cool thing when it first came out because you could bump into people that you just hadn't seen in years or. Reconnect and now it's just got to be used DJ says the phone book. With commentary. It's even worse. Older people are not shying away from technology researchers at us so come. Revealed that. The more than 25% of those over the age of 75 now use a tablet. Up 15% from Tony fifteen additionally 48% of online baby boomer 65 to seven before. Now have a social media profile as do 41% of those over the age of 75 and that's up from just 19% in and Tony fifteenth. I can tell you right now you'd EA yes you may have to. It's kind of like when none of the adults discovered MySpace everybody went to FaceBook been that are adults also discovered FaceBook and and everybody went you know. I'm I think you're still probably well now I guess I was gonna say I think you're still fairly safe on minster Graham I don't think the old people looked quite figured that out but I know I stand corrected on that I think they probably have. I'm not so sure that there are all people have all look figured out Twitter. Twitter is there's still got about. Still don't quite get Twitter myself. Maybe that's because I just have such disdain for and understand. I'm not I've got to be in touch with people 24/7. Type a guy. About 90%. Of social scene years. Over the age of 65 opt for AO FaceBook account. Well just 1% have a minster dram Greg count. But the study also found a 68% of those over the age of 75 have no plans to go online at all. And I guess if bureau with an I mean this respectfully. Kinda. If you're over 75 and don't want it don't. But in all I'm that we try to get my mom to get on FaceBook and and I'm still think she wants to have it just I told them that she's interest and and don't. But did the today are texting. I think if she did if she started texting I think it would probably would probably than they are trying to get off of it. Because it's say you know I mean it's pretty cool I don't text mall. But it would be you know I mean there's times when I can do a texture and say hey it was just thinking about children doing OK you know just stuff. But a but there you go you too young people in the studio with me. Almost half the people 75 Plosser on social media. Sure. You can hide. But wolf larger. Just like we always self. Parents. The Mayweather coming out of retirement to fight. Economy greater con general Gregor you know what do you think it's very very is that every everybody's saying mayflower just killed him. They got a box. McGregor has never boxed. Professionally not damage or not anything. If he if he doesn't go leg kick. You'll get fine by contract Big Five. And are you excited about that five. Until somebody earlier that we stood right next to Tom. McGregor while it was great to go on with scale way at the Super Bowl oh I knew who he was. I mean I stood right next to him. You know most satellite mr. tad too investor note tattoo. And you late message would that be if there is no way your message would that do. I and I might tell you you know I could say oh what a nice guy was that's not there's only truth. You PTA and. It's a little earlier that fox is gonna drop fair and balanced that was a Roger Ailes deal. And so they're dropping a fair and balanced. And they will now go win have you heard. Most watched. Most trusted. Where are most watched. And for many of you. Are most trusted it so they're don't. The then they said that the decision was actually made last August are right after they ousted do Roger Ailes over the sexual assault allegations. He's create created fair and balanced. When he launched Fox News in a 1996. New York magazine explaining quote it allowed fails to give viewers the appearance of both sides being heard. When in fact he made shore producers staged segments. So that the conservative viewpoint always one. They're ago. Are you should be able to see that by watching it. Some can some can't. There's a story. About. And. Now don't talk about don't register for a while. If you hate go to the dentist. There's a new study. That finds participants who were given a hand held controller and a VR headset. And who walked around a beach. Experience last pain. So you you are that this would be you imagining you're on the beach while you're in the deadliest year. They give you a virtual reality headset they put you on the beach. And they had more positive recollections a week after their dental treatment and interestingly say when that when they are participants. Oh walked around AS city environment all in the dental chair with the a virtual reality headset. They did not see the same benefits previous studies have shown a beautifully but you know beautiful scenery can have a mental health effects. So why not said here's my question. Why shouldn't all dental offices be well on the water. Say they don't. I got to go to the beach tomorrow bus I haven't dental appointment. If that works. Mean goodness. Us senate passed bipartisan legislation to in a near unanimous 97 to two vote yesterday that imposes new sanctions on Russia. On and that's to be punishment for their interference in our election last year it also lets congress blocked a trump for me using her. Now ending current sanctions against him. It's not clear what. What the prospects are when it delegates to the house. And the White House hasn't really given any kind of a stance on. He told a house foreign affairs committee that while Russia has to be held accountable for its interference in our election he urged lawmakers quote. To ensure any legislation allows the president to have the flexibility to adjust sanctions to meet the needs of what is always an evolving diplomatic situation. In choosing thing Marius is that the president's under investigation all wait a minute no he's not he said incas called me told him that yes he has. So I anyway that's one thing that took place and there's a story breaking today you member of the big massive cyber attack that we had last month where everybody was. Again that the that the ransom where I think everybody was. All the computers are world. And demanded money. DSL thing as an essay thinks it was North Korea. And they think. That they did it because they needed to raise money. Up for their government coffers. But if that was it that impacted the NSA is right about that. They only raised a 140000. Dollars with this massive. Cyber attack last month. And to those bitcoin have not been cashed out yet. Because transactions like that would be pretty easy to track. So there and made any thing. The NSA says that the this was a scheme by North Korea to make money. On for the government. And the report which hasn't been made public yet. Says the perpetrators responsible worst sponsored by North Korea's spy agency the reconnaissance general bureau. Other than the ransom where. Was traced to an IP address that is commonly used by the recognizance general Bure the RGB in China. The North Korean. Organization. And that and the reports suggest that. The perpetrators belong to that Lazarus group. Hackers collective that works on behalf of Pyongyang. The goal of the ranch somewhere. This is the one where they demanded 300 dollars in order to release encrypted data on non on people's computers. And so they're saying that there was the whole motive was to raise money for the North Carolina are North Carolina North Korea regime. But they affected 300000 people on a 150 countries and apparently only raised about a 140000. Dollars and as I said. Those those big toys haven't been cashed out yet because. They're bad people would be able to attract concede. Who was what. So the NSA assignment isn't a definitive. But it does say that the evidence overwhelmingly ports to North Korea then you go over to the BBC. And made they differ on that they say that. They've they've got a little bit of a different assessment on all of that they suggest that the hackers were a fluid in Chinese. And so that would that would cast some doubts on what's going on. With the speculation about North Korea. But anyway those are your two us stories that are floating around right now the Russian sanctions bill passing the senate. On or near unanimous vote two. New sanctions on Russia for punishment for screw around with our elections and and Indiana say pinning some. The cyber attack could do we went through last month on none on North Korea told. I'm pretty and stuff plummet to your cholera twelve. It really is up on WB TA Willie. How popped off Webb father William. But when I'm sick and tired or assault on our side but not only that Tokyo about that was thought you know I'd run up to Obama okay. Just you're not always that list. There that had not done I don't believe me I just show everybody else that is issue. This sort or out here for our credit Bob or the guy that purpose let it whatever. The child all of well built car they expect. It is not impossible. To pick it up my family man they think it's him. Doubt that all the get paid Isabel she gets the money for that we'll settle well. Yeah I don't remember I gotta tell you that I haven't followed this thing under conduct because quite frankly. I don't care. I have also been corrected just to correct every religious or by. The jury was picked in Pittsburgh but the trials taking place in North Philadelphia. We all can result say it in order belt but there. But. I don't say. You should get a lot. Of it. You can't and now you don't think she would want. I don't want to know why they have to you know that I think our military. A lot of money and it started chipping the little I know it paid off. I got bought out there and. This is this has gotten a point or is not between you and I we can't understand a word your cinnamon apple let you go and issued a better celery you know the number low low world talk again. It wasn't between here and I was just between him. That is that the that this doesn't work Ryan's up on WB DA Ryan. Are. All right then I'm good I'm fine did you or did you call in earlier under the name of mark I did not okay. They'll not let up. I don't rain on my show I mean I'm FitzGerald joke. No lack of North Carolina itself although that was with mining the appearance on whatever. Are now well why are the cottonwood on a moment ago you mentioned Walt was not a total since that's what that's all that's who people voted against. Yeah. Voted against increasing the helpful if you have no won't he senator are not the part of all need to think it goes under I'll bet you're not we don't call. No doubt about my ball. Laporte what was the other portal crap you read iMac came from BP militant mode that you were if we're. My question you were talking to people. It only gave money to either candidate would be happy consumer who I think there. Because really. In my in my humble opinion I'm what what this whole story and how is about to release it definitely. What other apple implement political group blue or not. More than hello let me start because I'm not sure where we're headed here. And you're still talking about the the era of the Russian sanctions passed by the senate. Right exactly what the lesson don't let them so that they increased their couldn't control the principal provoke thought it was I thought well. But I think well what we've gotten all the more won't allow allow. Well my question with these athletes who also worried that Google more and are here is more important moved the ball over the war criminal. We got them I think all that equipment they don't lose we will never thought it Morton who weren't. Literally you can they expect it better I think in this true wouldn't you agree. Haven't the interference don't treat me like a salesman and asked me do and answer questions and start saying yes before you try to slam the door on me think I am an idiot. Our. So your concern more is the money that they've given her rather then. The snooping through emails and Internet sites and no state election boards and stuff like that. We'll look that was any bend com. The contention is that it wasn't hacked it that information can be only a lot of that hadn't been establish order not informant and now. Who act as a potent. So how would hit the crap I'm thinking part RP and the potential but it with apple Natalie about a minute battle. Yeah. The secretary I don't know. And you know I get my seven any trouble or not but did you read this story about gay nicknames. Ryan news I think is that over the weekend in the Charlotte Observer. From new from summer of two Friday due. There were ten. Gang names bring cash aid and consequences. A zoological and wrecker and thousand and make upon anybody. In pleasure locked up for life which gives them. Well I just don't I don't know I mean nicknames cracked crime nicknamed baby face Nelson. Pretty boy Floyd. Got a Teflon Don I mean had they what you've always had nicknames. Arm. Paper pointed out they also cross cultural and linguistic lines that Tony fifteen indictment in Charlotte of 37 members of the VO Latino MS thirteen gang. Monikers ranging from some were still little Psycho. Do you share that way your mom. Say you know they called him all solvable Psycho. Currently. Looted teco. You know all one of the guys that was in the MS thirteen gang goes so we saw it on TV. One of the one of those guys that is in jail for I think life. Was on note paint crew that pain in my house 1012 years ago I sat there in the four or in my house shoot the breeze through it all the doors. Nice guy. It was interesting because Dallas good immigration was strong mayor tool and at one point. One of the guys. Was painting up around the bonus room and I have a lot of my WBT. Memorabilia and so poke their. And apparently he said he asked the Foreman got a guy that I was talking do together with a member of the service thirteen deal. He said. Something about. In Spanish auditors and W VT enemy. Those were weren't necessarily on our. Armed and Zoe is the heat they've been they had to do what I later fight I was MS thirteen that was tell these guys say cool it. He's fine he's good duties I had that conversation for them is not your enemy. It just works from the enemy. Our heroes it's this a real thing and when I ago when we started watch and I've talked about this before but. Set to watch TV one night and went oh my god. Now last month they have this this indictment of the united blood nation guys. And that's what the article was about. Names of 83 defendants and a whole lot of nicknames trigger. Cut throat spelled with a K. Byrd out. Mo. Giver have to say your last name before your first day when you're in school. And be more murder. Montana black Montana what is it about Montana Billy kilos of Montana. What is it about Montana. Lose guys. Know it's big sky country. Lady rage lady rude lady uno beat. Red lion red hot rugged read it. Then they have attribute names Gotti. Gucci. Hope parade but oh no that's he said that it is there a potpourri hungry quick he will easy. Fine young men I'm sure. Incarcerated. For reasons that are pro purely political and look predicted. Mean yeah. 166. Days into the year there's a 199. Days to go it is June 15 two. 1017. 1984 secretarial war Edwin Panama stamp. Signed in order establishing a military burial ground which has become of Arlington national cemetery. 1995. On this date in 1915 you'll remember this. OJ Simpson trial OJ struggles to get a pair of gloves that prosecutors said were worn by the killer. I may have been the turning point of for all the Il. If they don't fit you must acquit what was though that the gloves don't fit you must acquit. Pretty effective if you still remember all the time later in 1995. 42 years ago that's hard to believe. 42 years ago. So that would be about 22 years ago that I we all sat around waiting for the verdict. That was a bit. Bob Barker ended his 35 year run as the host of other prices right on this date 2017. Are 2007. So it's been ten years. Now that's pretty amazing to do period has a killer job on that died that drew Carey's got a guy just wanna. Well they all do they all go up and hug him and let bill barker was the same thing they loved him too. I news on this day that nick Belinda became the first person to successfully tight rope walk across the Niagara Falls and today his wife. Are hung over the falls by her teeth. You very that 71 year old Kansas City man who robbed a bank so that he would do to be sent to prison and you and get away from his wife. The hole or is it he robbed a bank facility get away from his wife. Well the judge just sentenced him to six months of house confinement. No you know wanna die I want I want an injection. Or a firing squad angry. Now you're going back home. KFC is advertising that next week it will send despair as sandwich into space. Critics are saying that the weather balloon that's carrying the sand which won't technical go hire enough to enter what is really considered to be space. Cinema to the space station open. Sure they enjoy a and a member of the board of directors at Hoover resigned after he interrupted the female speaker during a meeting on sexual harassment. In order to make a sexist joke. Now that guy's got a future in radio yeah. He does go ever all sorts of inappropriate things that'd radio staff meetings you know while they're talking about something that he had just. But I've never Tizzy boomer that's cut and upload there's going to be obvious she's dead serious taken notes of what I'm doing a prism. Oh hunter's bill for I 77 X and recorded three brings you this guy with traffic through Irvine candidate somebody's got to do it on Alabama did put up a little bit did you know Tom Desi don't. Yes nice guy felt as he -- an old dagger used to work here people women are I don't know what job as you know when I was having my most difficulty 9899. With our programming department here. They have staff meetings and and I'd sit next to Dez EO. And guess he'll what did do get me in trouble every single time that he'd say something to me and I've been turned imitate him you know don't talk to hear it and I'd get busted talking about what. Every single time. I don't setup man I do I miss Desi off you have big time. 4078 US open championship club opened today. It's not enough box just in case you're. Live coverage of the US open from mud Erin hills Wisconsin. Joe Buck calls the action I think they're on tonight actually to 6 PM I don't know if that's a recap for what are we just got attorney wanna know so far. Mom. Okay finished. Rickie Fowler is in a seven under. And that your second. And he's followed by yum Scott's favorite herb Brooks. We've got. There you picked. That was and when he's in a five under so is a Tommy Fleetwood and Brian Harman. Brian Reid for under. Ernie Els two under on discount our Brent Snedeker is. 200 scuttle gonna named Sergio Garcia. Is still out on the course. And early out on the course and he's too wonders solo. Because what's going on there but does the US open is soon going on as we speak and we talked a little bit earlier about to Floyd Mayweather knocked Carter McGregor announcing a fight. That'll happen on August the 26 McGregor has never boxed in this will be under boxing rules so you can see what happens there. Knives are out playing again tonight and Bibi NT ballpark 705. They're giving us feel Louisville bats this win last night or not. You can try to score of the game last night you know that lost the first one not I and they are in town. Through the weekend Indianapolis Indians are coming in now for a at least Friday and Saturday it's Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday tonight down at WB do you ballpark so what. But it's baseball game would probably be pretty good Republican doppler radar looked sector could be some stuff had Norway. It would be down below Morgantown and I headed toward Shelby you'll just have to see what direction know that takes so that may affect our rush hour oral. But I sometime after the bowl Q prion. Dennis Rodman is in North Korea. His trip was sponsored by a Canadian company. Pot calling. Have you ever heard of pot calling. You out is gonna say. Well apparently he heard of them because he approached them. To sponsor his trip. Does this surprise anyone. Canadian based digital currency company. Called pot calling. Paid for Dennis Rodman to. And his entourage. To go to our North Korea to visit the dictator Kim Jong-un. A spokesman for pot coin which created savior they can they create digital currency for Canada's dispensaries and their customers. Says that. Rodman's people reached out to pot going to see if they'd be incidents sponsoring his fifth trip. To our North Korea. Well apparently it worked out not to be the only you're a guy who picked up on talking about it in fact I heard about a last night went sob story out. Pot going. Spokesman said Rodman told us he wants to promote peace and love across the world and that's our mission to close quote. So all pot calling community members chipped in and they have paid for our Rodman's trip to North Korea. If you're traveling through the Atlanta and Denver airports anytime soon you might get a fingerprint check him. TSA is testing technology to replace boarding passes with IDs. Are skewed replaced boarding passes and IDs. With quick fingerprint scans. I and the fingerprint check ins are being tested in Atlanta and a Denver and I have no more information on at the national I don't know you would you have to be registrar prescreen hope free. Because they can't just run your. I mean make good on some people's. I assume that I've been I've sure I've been fingerprint of someplace up and down malign. Maybe for those 7-Eleven game get in get. If I told the truth. Scientists. Have developed a drug. For us unless tam. This is just like Ali thank you are just gonna say this is like a dream come true. Anybody. That was ever born with red hair. Orb like me. It did Johnny winter lookalike. I can't lay I mean I guy can get tan but boy you entered did to get tan I've got to start. But I just didn't burned. And just the latest. Well after ten years of research scientists have come up with a drug that could help people tan. Without exposure to the sun. I guess my first question news. Yeah but do you still end up orange. The drugs stimulate cells. That produce the pigment. That absorbs the ultraviolet light. They stressed that there are further tests that are needed to safeguard against potential side effects in humans but if they can come up with some sort of some sort of a drug for a son was tea do you think that might make somebody old feud box. While no way I don't think I would do. In fact. We might get more sun burnished to stimulate the ultraviolet rays you might Bernie you know it would you burn faster I guess not not if you're. I don't know about anybody else but I have finally in the sun too long under burst into flames and it won't. In fact I got legs my neighbors will love attest to this and got legs that will not absorb son. They are not doing yard work and stuff like that and I had a widest. We're gonna legs you ever saw and life. To do exactly what I'll laundry all the overweight. And those. Bright white translucent legs just exactly look I was shooting foreign Mario in my old Agent Orange and all I need now are brown socks. And sandals. And plaid shorts. And it's not my object at. To keep me from getting burned it this is what I've business where I've been shooting for. All while I've someday. I I actually have set us on badgers who would like to be a little older gray haired man with a pony tail. But rules gonna take about a thirty year thirty pound weight it's with. So I mean I've never ever get my dream that's fine I don't care. Jimmy correct score. Netflix now has more American subscribers and cable TV we'll talk about bill would come back I think that's pretty interest in. And that's shot up drastically and have you seen now you've got Netflix have you seen the three hour. Tom Petty documentary. Sales department was told me about that today yeah I gotta go why are gonna go get back gogel find out. If maybe it's time for me to join Netflix and apparently according to this article Netflix has more American subscribers in cable it says right here at the at the bottom the only two people that don't have Netflix are living in Belmont. I guess they're talking about me. So we'll talk about that in just a couple of seconds and it. Lufthansa is offering cheap flights it's 505. Anything. Oh. I. 505. Betty don't forget to join us this Friday night BB NT ballpark up Friday night fireworks after the night's game with the Indianapolis Indians for street 705. You can win tickets all season long per for night games to go to WBT's. And dot com. Okay. It's. We're tired about that TSA testing me as a fingerprints to replace boarding passes so good men of Atlanta and Denver you know the TSA does with confiscated items. I always wondered whatever happened in my University of Colorado. And Swiss army knife little tiny one that they confiscated from me in Denver. Although my daughter in law Brandon as she searched high loaded try to replace that thing last Christmas and she so she special order tonight. That's a Gupta CU and Zora Zora went off. But always wondered do. The other thing that I got confiscated her Mora was that's when almost got to stick. That was after shave lotion delegates I had too much of it very you know I mean no it was sort of it's that it was its obsession. For men. And I must have. Had too many ounces or whatever it was. So I accuse the guy or vote confiscating it has elected. Well here's the deal if you ever accidentally carried a prohibited item through airport security you wonder what they do with that stuff afterwards it's likely to meet. One of three states one would be sold one would be donated one be thrown away. TSA refers to them as voluntarily. Abandoned property. Poll. And volunteer. And contrary to popular belief TSA officials do not keeping any of it for themselves. The agency has zero tolerance policy for such behavior and employees can be instantly terminated. If they vote there if they're caught pocketing confiscated items. And then you don't want only is that. I job with the TSA does so rewarding. People love your. Well liquids like water and soda and shower gels and that kind of stuff that all gets tossed out. TSA has no way of knowing whether or not those products have been tampered with so they got no choice but to throw away some items end up being sold and a the law doesn't allow the TSA to profit off any abandoned property and other government agencies. Canned but not the TSA. So the TSA can hand over items that are potentially valuable to surplus center's. All and then get a consumers. Customers can now go and purchase clothes but. There's no way that I ever would have known where that night ended up. Are they get it up online no sites like go go deals. Any profits and up in the pockets of the state that helped coordinate the sales the remaining confiscated items are likely donated to organizations can use the result of Saudi. You're ready big confiscated from the TSA. That's where it went to one of three places. I have. I doubt that many of you all make our regular journey to the Huffington Post. But there's a really great article about Jim maven. Who is the father of the David Brothers. In a different mind in fact the two people I wish I could see moral overload just because I enjoy their company would be door frames or they gave its manager and and Jim they're dead. And and his wife Susie just they're just great people. But anyway I'll Huffington Post the article is called for his family and hours. Jim David's thoughts on faith family and music and it's pretty extensive and now has lots of pictures of oh well Bonnie gave it who was. Saying a lot on me of some of the earlier David brother stuff. Which I serve more and more time with fellow elects saying now. Play the David Brothers and so they shuffle will songs and it's actually kind of cool because I'm here are no songs but I haven't heard a long long time and in some cases on here and songs and an even know existed magical foot go back and look and I thought I knew the David Broder is pretty darn well. Anyway Huffington Post article on Jimmy but no one of my favorite people. And nurtured a brother fan know or your Jim Davis thing. Two win there and everybody's good minutes. So here's the deal Germany's biggest airline Lufthansa. Is offering a cheaper than normal flight. To a surprise destination in Europe. With passengers only finding out where they're going. After they buy their tickets. Now the deal all you have some control over this. The deal lets passengers choose from nine categories. For their surprise trip. Nature. Shopping. Romance. Party in. Cities. Sightseeing. Culture. Actually that would be sightseeing and culture what are your categories romance. Ski and winter sports. Sun and sand. So you would be able to. Categorize what's your most ordered for so let's say you're hoping your surprise destination. Turns out to be a very good a beach. Tell you would go in and you would pick sun and sand. Bonds also would pick your travel dates. Which is good for retired people. Not so good for working people and then most on the chooses a surprise destination for them. So you could opt for you know you can opt out of going to certain cities. But that increases the cost and then once the ticket is bought there are no refund the cost of a round trip flight for of these surprise destination. Which only depart from Munich and Frankfurt at this point started in 99 dollars. So let's expand that per second I understand that they're just flying from Munich in Niagara Frankfurt but let's take the concept of the idea 99 bucks. You pick one of the nine categories. They picked the travel dates. Would you be up for a surprise destination trip for a cheaper cost way where were you pick from a category. For a type of vacation you want and the dates to Joseph bill but the airline picks the destination for you. I think I would too. A governor still sitting in this engine to Syria or. Probably not flying there anyway. So think about that we'll talk about only came back who may talk more about vacations in the dead men may be even tomorrow I don't know I've I've got indications on my mind best vacation worse occasion but don't answer that right now. How would you feel about the surprise destination trip for a cheaper cost let's say 99 bucks. Let's say they fly out new York and Los Angeles. And the dates that he'll go. So when I said they also opened the travel day it's I'm thinking that actually you pick your travel dates the airline doesn't have read kind of funny in the article. So would you do that we'll take your phone calls next and a. And a. All right Lufthansa which is a Germany's biggest airline is offering this cheaper than normal flights to surprised destinations in Europe and you with the passenger would find out only where you're going to go. After you buy your tickets. It's that they're they're doing these out of Munich and Frankfurt right now and they started just 99 dollars in the way it works is. The deal lets passengers choose from nine categories. Nature shopping romance party in cities. Sightseeing and culture. Romance. Sky and winners sports or sun and sand. You'll you also picture travel dates and then lose the odds that chooses a surprise destination for you. You can opt out of going to certain cities if you want but that'll increase the cost. And wants a ticket is bought there are no refunds so well. The cost of a round trip flight for a surprise destination which is departing from Munich and Frankfurt started about 99 dollars my question is. Would you be up for a surprise destination trip. For a cheaper cost wary where you pick from a category for the type of vacation you want in the dates that you'll go but the airline picks the destination for you. 7045711. Tim and Kristina is up hey Christina. I don't I'm guts or would you do the best. School itself say it actually sounds pretty intriguing to me. Didn't hear me out 99 about a court absolute. Would it do it would that be your total motivation most of your motivation is the cost. While a lot of the motivation to console though especially from the cost so much to go to Europe. Saw her so. Not if they would you do sound like you send new Yorker LA a couple of hundred bucks Charlotte. You know that to go over to Europe. Coming to go to new York and you get to European circuit again. Well I does wonders the trend picks up where you've got a big airline like air Charlotte Douglas I mean we got access to dinner everything that's we're BugMeNot so one of the all you know I think it's certainly do that if that you if this turns out to be you know I'd help just fill seats I suppose that would be a open otherwise. I got I've watched I looked it up FaceBook entry today of some friends of mine who just arrived in Europe. And she posted one over and it said are really excited. And just a little stressed. And then vacations are like that I mean you know you're leaving your house in your lock and things up and is that the other and so not knowing your destination. Do you think that would add to your stress. No I mean yeah you have to go about it like look at that it sure you're rolling at nice you get extra gear category. Well I would excite and culture. You know on the on the huge fan and it got to go to Italy on my honeymoon. We're out so absolutely you know let's go eat something different and and enjoy somebody else that culture. And and and a one category that they are having here is romance and I'm not exactly sure I understand what that means to. Does that mean that you you you're traveling with your best friend. When you're traveling you're okay. So that would be a place vivid that they ginger right Chicago and and we give you beer. Yeah pretty much yeah that would be that all right hey Christina thank you forget restarted appreciated. Thank while she goes and she's going to be any. We still in the south whether it's legal hunter's bill for brings you boomer Von canonized over the set and exit 23 partners a boomer I'm Jim and I remember driving one time from. Colorado did Dallas. And I used to do that all in one sweep backer I could never do that again to the event. Com I drove and drove and drove and drove went over time pass came out to New Mexico down the panhandle of Texas and the drive and all day long I finally stopped to get something to eat at a Kentucky project. Filming and and I walked in and I ordered and at the end of the lady behind the counter said. I huge. And it cannot I've always remember deck and I thought to myself by Durbin all day long and I am truly in the south. Yes sir I think you pay to go to Lexington Haggis the barbecue elections into the college honey mugs yeah acidity counters you're what you have to drink around. He was NT honey it's still did just caught off guard but I loved it is outrageous so southern miss it is. I love it though. Now do you ever feel self conscious about it when your statement your wife not a not a bit. What did you call her sweetheart weathered out like a might be something going on right. The other thing about that would not not be rude hey sweetheart did you get me some sure there I don't know no we all Garcia that I know worked out real well put but unfortunately right. I haven't look to see what Tucker Carlson's ratings are doing know these days but watched him a couple of times version over the last couple days. Why does he always looks so concerned. Think he's got that Yahoo! he reminds me of is Jason Lewis. He's kind of got the same haircut save face. Kind of sort of job Jason and he's any Smart Jason was so awfully. I don't know brides member of the house now. But does watch and talk her last night and every time we asked a question it just it just looks like he's just got absolute. I don't know what the word would be it's not necessarily concerned and it's not necessarily. A disdain. If but I mean he's incredulous to some of the answers he's getting. Or I don't know. But anyway I it's not a smile observational what you know Tucker Carlson. And then maybe that's the face you're supposed to have I like what I like watching people's faces when they're not speaking on TV. Just a moment just don't know what to do with their faces some album the local TV station here want to mention any names. But there's one good TV station here in town and they got a couple of people don't know what to do with their mouths you so McKenna duties. We urge the actions. I don't know which is fine I would probably do the same thing it's why not Monte. So there you go there. I knew I Yahoo! which no longer exists technical. Finance online poll found that workers have a lack of trust and their employers. You sell for five. But the majority say may don't trust American companies. It's a Yahoo! finance online poll. In the poll. 54%. Say they don't trust US employers. 46%. Say they do so that's that's you know give a margin of error about 5050. Maybe if companies who give you more reason to trust the Marcia do you think that a even care about you ultimately in my view. The big companies that's hard to do smaller companies. You know Boston combined tell you did a good job. When asked why they don't trust employers. The top answer by a huge margin. Where's they put profits above everything else. And that was cited by 69% of the people that doesn't mean that they're against free market that just means that your priorities are screwed up. That's kind of what we're talking about yesterday's funny that this would be a Yahoo! finance online polls that Yahoo! just basically sold the Verizon. And motorists are more whatever the girls ladies that should or girl the other day old woman's name was that was running Yahoo! and I can't think pretty long blond. She's walking away with get a cash stock options all like kind of step by 23260. Million dollars. While the guy who gets up every morning at 6 o'clock to go do his job don't understand how you can fail. To bring a company back and still walk away with a quarter of a billion dollars. You don't you know I raided that that's. It felt all people are looking for is a fair shake. Other responses include companies are no longer controlled by local people who live in the community. That was listed by 8% of the people. Well that that's consolidation work and an end. That's that's the big companies come and in taking down the other taken over the smaller companies. On and then you become radio is a prime example of that when I first got into radio. The guy who owns the station usually had his office up there in the corner of. Those days are long gone. Global competition so tough they have to be ruthless to stay in business was listed by four point 5% of this. Surveyed about the lack of trust that workers have a US employers. Asked why they do trust employers. The top answer was they offer a reasonable pay and benefits. That was listed by 33%. Have you ever had somebody breakdown of the state did this for us here. It's cash is brought to be six or seven years ago. Where they Britain where they take your salary. And they take your benefits. You know medical and everything else and all the stuff that the employer has to pay and show you what they what it actually cost them to employ you. And it's much greater than your salary but you don't quite understand that you don't think in those terms when your when your sit there and further deaths renegotiating or something along those lines. So. Asked why they do trust employers the top cancer once they offer reasonable pay and benefits at 33%. Other answers included they're great at making money and that's good for the overall economy positive things about employers Tony 9% gave that kind of an answer. They're doing the best they can and a difficult and cut an economic environment was listed at 28%. I hate that answer by the lord. Bless their little hard at. And they generally care about workers was posted by only 24%. So I don't know how you remedy that but it did to meet you as I read through that survey last night I thought they used this is the result of consolidation. This is a result of no longer working for. Charlotte national bank. This is now working for some. Bank it's located in San Francisco or Chicago or New York or so neglect that this is no longer working for the guy who owns the radio stations. Hmmm we're we're we're now owned by a company that owns hundreds of others radio station. Can mean it's good veteran different it just means it's different so there you go there. I finally customers are more polite than customer service agencies have you ever feel like you're the better person and that deal you're probably right. Mark check institute reveals 79% of customers are polite to customer service agents on calls. But just 57% of the customer service agents reciprocate that behavior. I don't know I I'll tell you this I've started off some phone calls on business things with somebody that was pretty groping on the other end. If you're nice to them you trail me gotta also think humor sometimes you can turn those people inside out bring a run around on your side. And sometimes you can and mart heiress had one of the nicer guys you'll run into what this afternoon in fact you'll run into him next.