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John Hancock
Wednesday, June 14th

John talks about the D.C. shooting and the London fire. Jon Grayson joins John to go more in depth about the shooter. I Read the News and much more. 


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This is John Hancock. There are ads on Wednesday as we can be nice to have you with us. Stock market that is interactive video fed rate increase. Any drastic measures hole see what happens in the next hour. Not all of them are down none NASDAQ down 36. S&P 500 down seven point 33 so on. A look at Verizon two I know see what develops there are obviously it has been many a day of breaking news. So got a world we live and these days in. Between terrorists and nut cases. There's always been a nut cases and there's always been no of people that are. A resolute on. Evil. But it I don't know it just seems to weigh in May be it is the media. When news would break back in the sixties in the seventies in the eighties. You would hear about it as the day went on but you worked. Don't work all news station you know their worst CBS AB CNBC and I'm an independent. And maybe a couple others. PBS. Went. You know by and large came home when you watch Huntley Brinkley area watched Cronkite or you're white you know in near kind of caught up on the day's news. Now I had been if there had been a mass shooting all right you know presidential assassination like we JFK obviously news. All wheel would go into full. Throttle at that point but. These days. I aid kind of occurred to me today because the stars to us started breaking out about so little after 7 o'clock this morning while I'm sitting there reading newspapers. Rican coffee. That the dog. And all the sudden the news out of Virginia. And in the Arab and the shootings there are starts to break out. And well actually the first story that we heard this morning was the London fire. He's seen the video on that. Mean that's just unbelievable. And that was almost reminiscent of 9/11 and then all of a sudden you've you've got people throwing kids out windows and stuff open they'll survive. Is people saying you know get out get out and saying it too much smoke and all we can't get out. The death tolls up to twelve and it will raise. Or it will rise. And. But it just didn't see a building go up an apartment building. Built in 1974 I just heard that on no Mike Doyle's newscast so I another I wanna walked in here. You would have thought that the fire safety. Would have been stronger in 1970 Ford took. Went to present day but I mean I think I've never seen an apartment building I don't think ball. I mean caddie it was still I mean it was it was unbelievable so you have that huge. Story. Arm and and then all the sudden. You've got to shooting in Virginia. And then you find out that it. That it involves. A higher ranking. A member of the house. And. Steve still lease these are house majority whip he's like the number three Republican. Had it not been for. Steve's police. Beating at this practice for this baseball game which was to take place tomorrow for charities of the may do every year. I'm an as I listened to the people that were involved in the practice that were also involved with the shooting today. They all talked about how much they loved this this a softball game is baseball game. Because it really was a chance. For bipartisan. If you got to know people with a different opinion on it wasn't us against them and they you know it was a it was a social edited. It just sounds like something that they really enjoyed doing. So why you get this nut case that period a you know comes and promote Illinois mom. But they had the instinct thing to me about this and no rush brought it up to in the early part of your show or I was listening. If it hadn't been for Steve's police presence then there wouldn't have been capitol police officers there. And if there hadn't been capitol police officers there. They're probably would not have been another gun at the scene other than the guy you led the rifle and Wasilla trying to kill all these people. And it was the capitol police one of them at least one of them. While still wounded that brought this guy down. Now I don't know if that bill if that feeds into the argument. Of I mean one of the first things that the press basically dead. Was to accentuate what kind of a weapon it was. Rush said he had heard. I'm gonna reform Montauk and sore I haven't heard that. But I do think it's that stigma that given the circumstances that there was a train that person with. A firearm. On the scene that probably kept this guy from killing a lot of people and is this the only one that's dead. Israel. The shooter. 66 year old James T. Well Arabs say it's name. So you had all of that breaking while watching all of this. And and and that and then the net. Works all of them and and added all gold you know full fledged shooting in Virginia which period which is it I'm not Nestle is saying that's wrong. But at a certain point it becomes repetitious. And that got me it's over that's what got me to thinking about all media verses today's media today's media is 24 sevenths in you've got to fill all that time. So you bring on people argue with each other and you do you don't want there's not bad but it's just not complete. Nonstop. Litany of news. Biased. In mode in many cases by the people who are reporting. Now. That almost brings up to me. In this day and age. We complain a lot about the media what they are what they aren't how they operate how they don't operate. Whether they're truthful whether or not truthful whether they incite whether they do you know all anyway we we we pick medial part should. But as big an issue of the media and how they present there are news. Is fuel. And how you. Absorb. Their news. Today's coverage of the shooting. Complete to me or hurt you all. But I say that also realizing that they have to cover every single aspect of this injury involved. A senior member of the house and and politicians and they were targeted and it was on you know until I understand that. But it really comes down to. As they're going in overkill and going over facts again and then taking on angles because they got time to fill and and I'm blah blah blah it's up to you know. There's the consumer of news. To limit your intake otherwise you become overwhelmed. Just like anything else. The more you open yourself up for the more susceptible you war. So I wanna play what I wanted to do well apparently take a shower about 11 o'clock this morning which is better mired routine. I'm. Alexa. Played the Eagles. Wonder how many Alexis I just ticked off. I do different I'm determined people write music came home from work in there and my tail lax it was playing the Eagles. I leave the radio on for my dog. You know so I gotta watch that if that just. Alexa. Play the 1910. Fruit gum company. John Grayson is the guy who are filled in for me on Monday and he's actually out of the Saint Louis area or for KM OX for a thousand years. Great radio station and his syndicated. I think on Westwood or something along those laws but anyway he's. He's gonna join us at 335 because he's in an area that. The guy this. James. Hodgkin's and for Thomas in his name and looks in their name when they go. Pays from a town just few miles. From where John grace and lives are no. Not this is like east Saint Louis which is an in Illinois are not all ask him about the reward our junk in congress in coming out of the A 330 news and a little bit different perspective on what's going on. Well in Virginia with the shooting from this guy who has now passed. From my Illinois. He is or there was a supporter of Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders says he's he's he's horrified by all that. Sprayed a hail of bullets at a GOP. Baseball practice but this morning. The house majority whip Steve's release was. Was one of those shot he is now out of surgery and listen in critical condition haven't on the specifics of that I think it's critical condition without. Without being life threatening percent the shot and he'll bust my understanding. An and four others. I and the gunman the government is the only one that actually died at least at this point before capitol police took it took him down yet rifle. I do think it's kind of ironic that since Kelis was their number three Republican. You had capitol police with him. And since you had capitol police there are you had someone. Trained. And with a gun. We talk about people who. Judo workplaces like happened in San Francisco today. As well. And we talk about schools and in and all that stuff and the argument often comes down to if somebody had had a gun they could have defended. But as long as you have institutions. Or situations so where guns are not allowed then that person know that wants to perpetrate evil. I'm knows that. They've got. A pretty clear slate it until authorities arrived. In this particular case capitol police were already there are. And that probably kept this thing from being a massacre the only one dead so far is the man who perpetrated the crime he has a 66 year old guy from Illinois. He died from his injuries. And he was shot by capitol police and net Alexandria Virginia police. Apprehended taken to the hospital. Actually think that we learned the news when. When president trump made his comments. And just ought to just on a note trump was was great today. He was presidential. And he was serious. And he was solemn. And he was to the point and then left. On there was no hyperbole urinating that he we just I I thought it was good today. I'm up on this guy his comments were row all right on the mark go for what needed to be said at that particular time this incident today happened at a place called Simpson field. In Alexandria that's about ten miles from Washington DC. And the FBI has taken over the investigation because they federal officials police. Was assaulted in the attack. So the shooter though they shooter apparently was finally shot behind home plate but at one point he was used in the dugout is. It has cut. Or I don't think he ever got into the baseball field but he was around parameter over by the third base line in the so. He just an angry just another one of these angry dudes. In this case an angry lefty. He's one of these guys I think you'll probably find out that just got so. Enveloped and everything that's why I say. Q you almost have to be your own guard on how you use the media. So you who's so you don't go overboard you have to limit your intake. Today came out. And limit their outtakes they always have to be on they got 24 hours to kill that's why media in a lot of ways is Syria out of control the way it is today. All right now we had to say clueless to talk to a guy that you. It's time with on Monday. John grace and now works at KT RSO was a long time KM OX syndicated across the country. You. As. And around Saint Louis for ever Johnson has to have you on how our event. They are you John and thank you again for allowing it should audit or not they are appreciated avenue here Iowa's and we got good good feedback on that KT RS I used to all online I haven't for awhile but frank opinions still don't afternoons for you guys all of course you secretly part in my ear and I used to listen to him online. And I'd listen to the guys down in Orlando and stuff like that but I just always thought frank was one of the most pleasant people to listen to enough and I lived in Saint Louis when I was a kid for about three years so I've always been up. A cardinal fan and not I think that's how I discovered him this when the cardinals game already you guys for a for a while. Left the place where you were just like you. Right exactly yeah it's it's a funny however Tennessee would go from one to the other around here but we all seem to end up that you HE RS or manage your purity it. You know Belleville was just ops you gonna jump down the road from from doubt subject us. Well I did I was just trying to think 88 total of what that would be the other side of the river I mean is that technically Yves Saint Louis. I it's a little farther east than that so he had keyboard over the river he would end up Saint Louis actually go and down interstate 64 it's about a twenty minute drive from downtown Saint Louis to dust up self. Is this James Hodge concern now very that the shooter today now deceased is he it is he somebody that is known to authorities in that area. Oh yes and it. Is that he's been there for a very long time perhaps did up until today. Because a couple of the local media personalities what to Belleville west school we can't which in charge and shouldn't do remember too much about it. But the law enforcement community and tinker county NN they'll go proper. Certainly knows this guy in fact just a few who a couple of weeks back. He what is she at the police called Shankar county sheriff's called on it because a neighbor reported that he was out in the woods back in the area in the pine trees. Shooting and just firing a gun in June this area this wooded area. But the neighbor came out all the payroll bears houses on the other side of those sports told to stop he didn't and that's when the police got involved. Is he well known enough that the name would start hitting Saint Louis media and people would. What would say oh that guy. It's not so much that an indelible kind of isolated wouldn't get into the bit Mississippi River actually. Saint Louis in the in the east side. Not a lot of people end up making that cross is constrained to put the Berlin Wall position in between the two sides of the river. But it over the course of time the law enforcement community having this guy James such content had been in trouble. Not only for the big guns firing incident just a couple weeks ago but several domestic violence incidents one of them at least involving a gun. And he also the police call I don't know one point four I domestic pension letter calling his daughter that you just tossing her quite a bit so. Yeah they know who he wasn't in in this is something that stems back years so this isn't a guy who just became a problem a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure all the journalists and era general area are run around with their heads cut off right now trying to pick up whatever information that they can but do we know when he became Bob politically active we know he was. Oh volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign a one time Bernie Sanders says he's horrified by at all. But do we know when hodgkin's in be got to got to be kind of politically. Focused. That's not clear right now but one of the things that happened earlier you mentioned the reporters. Like chickens are offered up only water and and I got to give credit here. So the law enforcement community because almost right away. As soon as his identity wasn't released she the B eight Kiev was on the scene they were there the local sheriff's department was there. I believe you're a couple of other agencies that were involved in May in fact intercepted his mail today. So as part of the investigation. When they when the post they came up to deliver the mail heap on the authorities waiting for many MH a custody action. No idea at such as part of a regular investigation or there's something specific local look. You I don't know exactly what we've seen printed here in our media national media's pretty much what we've had to rely on so far today but are you want. From a local standpoint what are you seeing what have you learn that we probably don't know. Well that just thought about it and they're taking your email later in the Reche also there still law enforcement presence they cordoned off. A fairly good portion of the neighborhood around that place so again I don't know they suspect that there was something else on the property in Belleville. Or they're just looking in and pour into everything they can but he was causing traffic tie ups and bill will not that they can count I mean number in the tens of thousands people. And the to have that much law enforcement activity had not spend some pretty good earlier today. I'll but we're keeping shut shell fire on anything that comes out. Any little bits of information that they come out with locally Ed we're waiting to find out exactly what they saw the elf took took. Yeah and you know and you know just from being in the business for such a long long time are this will start to a little bits and pieces we'll start to leak out and we'll find out a whole lot more probably more than literally wanna know about this guy in the next 48 hours. What right in and extracting the biggest question right now is exactly what you just asked about it packaged. Political activity on whether that's something new or whether it's something you'd been involved in prologue time. But to the best of my knowledge she was just to our local gadfly opened chill. The last few Munson and getting involved Bernie Sanders campaign but if there is more than that world we'll find out as you should probably within the next. Well that'll be dancing because it'll be at seem to see I mean to some extent you've got to like to know win win when he jumped the shark when he kind of win over the edge from just say passive follower of the news to us some under the decided that it was. Upon him to I get to Virginia I'm not. I I got one of the ironies that I find about all of this is that it's goalies was on the field Steve's release was on the field and there are four capitol police work. Over the air and so there was another gun on the scene and in so many of these. That these people these perpetrators. Go to places where they know there won't be early opposition while this guy. This guy was taken down by capitol police wounded capitol police. Right and AB everything good to read I guess he keep an eye on here is that. This may very well be you guys listen I mean his record of violent behavior goes back. Fairly long ways to go back years so this may have been a situation where he just found an outlet. Or is anger and find a place in politics wherever it is not a matter feature the most the thought and decided to take all of them that way but. Interest being held on C school each urged a couple of chip up back up WP cheek. I bathed his condition after coming out of the surgery is now critical so I get out of all that's normal thing for somebody is coming out of surgery like that. But they do it's I believe in critical but stable as the latest sort of that's so this certainly keeping fingers crossed. Well and I had CNN just as we showed up on the air until 3 o'clock this afternoon I had seen that as well but I don't have the deet tails of that is all I would assume based on the reports that I've heard earlier today where they didn't think this was. Life threatening and I believe he was shot and they helped that. Then that that critical may be edited not life threatening but but certainly serious injuries. Right and if for folks who were listening and then don't know from Belleville Illinois which is it is part of the metro areas Saint Louis metro area and it should I mean this is like skillet full count it's got. City this town square with a fountain in the center and it looks like river city so. He has something like this all of this activity suddenly descend on the city of bell belt it's made like a little different than it normally is. I am gonna get off the subject for just to have a second just long enough to ask you are the cardinals gonna be sellers this year to try to rebuild the team so we're not average anymore. All alive hopes over right now it's not looking too good had a rough go in Cincinnati. About a week ago and that I think they just drop one last night that they you eight were hoping to us to get a win back. Am Acer's they get home they can turn. Pretty well Busch Stadium show. There may just be that this is that rebuilding here in the good action you know the interesting thing I think he's going to be moved to look at what happens with Mike looking future pitched. They're number of people like getting irritated with payment waiting for a more results faster as well by the day. You mean that Tony La Russa guy might have been pretty good. Seemed so yeah I got a couple Ringo I think it would bear that out now well all of Obama lifetime cardinal fans a wall back in the days of Bill White each Kenny Boyer and Julian Javier earn Curt Flood did not. And Gibson and and my dad took me till I was a good bit before it was. I'm Busch Stadium was it front tier field. Where they it whether there was the previous Busch Stadium to this what and then now part of that it would sportsman's park a long time ago that was that. Yes we're as fortunate part was merely lets and that's diet that you did amazing thing about this area is that. It was so many of the people who come here and there's baseball players cross country what a play for the cardinals could they know about this stand based. How many of them stay in town I mean Barack still lives here I don't know when the last semi put our cardinals uniform was. But he's still active in the community they intend to get your like a whole lot stick around for a while. Dad took me to sportsman park I'd never been a Major League Baseball game musical came up PO appointed my dad pointed at him and he said do you watch this guy's one of the greatest baseball players that ever played and hit three home runs that night. Yeah I'm not unusual let did and and so he was my idol pretty much sure I hate that word but. But he never let me down not now brawl way up to the day the guy he always. He always held. Hi favor you he'd never let me down he never got into any kind of a conflict or anything along those good guide to adopt all of doubt and FAA it would the fan base in the other get irritated and yet they cry out sloppy out overtly carcass yeah no you can't do that can do that. John grace and he's from KT RS does 10 AM to noon in a Saint Louis and we may talk to you again over the next hill what is would appreciate each time very much. Hey you got a job to talk to you about. And guarded LE VGA dot com John. Lifelong cardinals fans of Saint Louis you can talk cardinals all you want because this girl has been in Charlotte almost thirty years and I do care about the cardinals thank you for making my ideal smiley face comes from Kim. So there. Justified now. And as for Kim. You know the Braves don't get equal time. What are what are they what are the Braves ever done when they've gotten prime time. Except for one occasion. We've all due respect. I'm not trying to turn abrasives and enemies. MI. I saw a lot of but thanks to John Grayson. About the big shooting today. By this segment due dove from just down the street from mom were there women known Illinois just turned. Hop skip and a jump from Saint Louis. I'd trump was very presidential that it called for unity. After the shooting that left. Steve's goalies the number three Republican. Zahn now gone underneath has undergone surgery and is listed in critical condition but I don't believe it misses as sounds excellent thank. But I don't believe that that's life or death critical condition I think that's coming out of surgery and body trauma and so on and so forth. There were practicing for a baseball game between the camp in between the parties tomorrow to race. Money for charity for our kids in the DC area. I haven't heard a determination on whether or not that game will still take place or not but. A big day I hope they do. In the first place it'll be become a congressional baseball game that's Gothenburg just two don't get more attention than it's ever gotten before the already zug. A ton of money spurt kids in the DC area. But the other part of that is. Don't let these jackass is when I don't care if it's a terrorist Herbert some Kook from Illinois. The threat is over. The next threats not over I mean I understand there's more sick people come and on the line. But this particular threat is over this particular praise guy is dead. Leg game. I hope they do play the game tomorrow looked a little wincing when they decide to do. The other big story today the one that we woke up to the law and it was just horrifying was to see this London tower blazed this apartment. Complex. We're in the death told now has risen to twelve but I mean if you seen the footage of that. Is to see him an apartment building. I catch fire in state you know kind of centralized and don't corner aura section Oro. I've never seen a huge big building like bed just go up in flames. I don't know how anybody survive. And then you start reading the stories about. I mean it's almost reminiscent of 9/11 people throw in kids out windows. And so on and so forth crews rescued 65 people. From the building. There were pockets of fire still blazing. At this Grenfell tower in London. More than sixteen hours after the first reports of the fire earlier today. The and padded London and and the UK. I mean they just got to feel what they're under attack right now I don't think mr. I don't think that there's said that they haven't the last time my. I tuned in to the details there was no immediate word on the cause of the blades. But the residents there are said they had warned authorities about a fiery issues that they're Grenfell tower before. It's a subsidized. Housing block of a 120 apartments it was built in 1974. It was recently upgraded at a cost of about. Eight point six million pounds that would be about eleven million dollars. Other work finished just about a year ago may have 2016. What you love. Witnesses said that they saw residents throwing babies and small children from high windows two people on the sidewalk and desperate efforts to try to save them from the flames that. Between foreign 600 people are said to live in this building. Which houses a 120 apartments which I mentioned. 200 firefighters battled the inferno and it was an unprecedented. Incident that's what we woke up to. Only to have that story. Almost become second hand news to what happened in Virginia on that baseball field today. With the shooting about how slim majority whip us Steve's release and three others and the ultimate death of the year shooter involved so. That's where we are at this point and we're back deal it just feels. So easy. It's. Contained gluten in there and do things and and then. Came into the game. 66 year old Illinois man who opened fire today on members of congress. That we're practicing for a charity baseball game. This dude apparently. Had raged against trump. And one's singled out the house majority whip Steve's goalies who we wounded today. James Hodge concern. Allegedly wrote in 2015. And a post on his FaceBook account here's a Republican that should lose his job but they gave him a raise. Meaning gross police. So he was well aware of who's police Wallace. Federal authorities said it's too early to determine whether or not the assault targeted members of our congress. Our representative from Florida Republican Ron Desantis. Raised the prospect that the. It did and it could have been politically motivated it's certainly would seem so if you read some of the stuff that's on his FaceBook page saying that the man who appeared to match odd prince's description approached him and others in the parking lot of the Alexandra Virginia. Baseball field and asked whether the practice involve Republicans or Democrats. So on the one hand he had he knew whose police was but apparently. And I wonder if he was my if he was Smart enough to know that the number three Republican Steve's goalies from Louisiana. Would have capitol police with him given his rank. If it hadn't been for the capitol police billionaire. I think of the story today you don't know but there ya I think the story today I think what would be talking about today is. Our deaths. Republican representative deaths. But capitol police Alexandria police were able to bring this guy down. He via Desantis said hey now that I see another guy's photo I got to believe that was the guy that asks us about the about the baseball thing. Not trump made his a statement in March. And FaceBook post this dude dude did the shooting today. Turn desire against trump who described. They describe trumps the trader. Trump has destroyed our democracy he said it's time to destroy trump and company. Was in March. In a post earlier this week he had highlighted campaign calling for the president's impeachment. It wouldn't be the only one that did bad but. Trump is guilty and should go to prison for treason he wrote. The guy I was parallel home inspector. According to Illinois business records. Daddy worked for an inspection company claimed two of operated for more than thirty years. A hodgkin's and the shooter said do. I have pass licenses in construction roofing electrical septic appraisals and more I'm certified member the American society of home inspectors. I adhere to all their standards practice goes back to some awful proud member of the international association of certified indoor air consultants. So I you know slowly but surely we're finding out about this guy they've put checked out his social media as we learn from John grace and when his mail was delivered today they're over. Cops FBI officials right there are general retrieved his mail and no and obviously they'll go through. All of his computers and all of this of social sites and all of Buddha is is home belongings and so on and so forth and we'll start to learn more about him in the next couple it is pretty. Pretty bizarre day between the fire in London. And then the shooting at the baseball field. In Virginia. And then of the disgruntled employee I think we've come to find out in San Francisco just outside of San Francisco. I'm at the UPS facility. It's just been nailed. A pretty bizarre day. I've from a news standpoint. Now aren't some they were talking about yesterday was like NBC and Megan Kelly and they say yep we're gonna have with Alex Jones interview aboard they catch some heat over that. The only sponsored by name that is said there are gonna bail is a JPMorgan Chase but there are many companies that now have pulled their ads. From Sunday night with Megan Kelly and on new interesting a development came up today. Andy lack said today that comes with the territory he's the NBC news chairman. And demeaning or cancellations he says it's not unusual we know. We're and we we kinda know what we're doing now with a controversial story so what's gonna happen sponsors are gonna bail assaults over what do you know the compact. I'd doesn't stop us suffer during our controversial stories he said. But Jack Kelley who jumped from NB judge to NBC news from fox earlier this year. Got some bad news in the ratings. Book. And this doesn't surprise Maria and they have found and it's way too early for NBC the star aura about ratings has are up against sixty minutes. In it says so when we kind of made reference today yesterday without. Really knowing what the ratings were gonna be but I watched Megan Kelly the first weekend out because. It was highly publicized. And I think that sixty minutes either the contents of sixty minutes didn't appeal to me that week or it was repeats. And saw I wanted to see what that you know how Megan did on on her new show with NBC and and now she had a high profile interview on her first show and I noted rumor analysts. But anyway I she knocked it out of the park that first week from her debut episode drew an estimated six million viewers on June the fourth. That that they visited the show's second episode last Sunday. Just pulled in three point six million viewers so you know they lose two and a half million people. Less than half the number drawn by a repeat episode of CBS. Sixty minutes so a repeat of sixty minutes beat. But that's I said I I know enough about media having been an app for awhile that the hardest part is changing people's habits. And people that watch in sixty minutes. For a long long long long time it's kind of like a Sunday have. And lust there's a football game honors of the like that you just kind of programmed head on into sixty minutes at least to see what they've got. I don't think sixty minutes hold a candle to what sixty minutes build their foundation on those guys have all retired and died. But. Yeah you're not you are not program jet in less your Megan Kelly fanatic. You're not program jet to turn that program on at 6 o'clock our 7 o'clock on Sunday as you your program to turn sixty minutes on at 7 o'clock on Sunday. So you know they need to get this more to the point that it's. Toppled minds of viewers and so I think that's why the ratings are down on this because it's gonna take time. I'm just like anybody else that's new guy on the radio or anything like that it takes time. Basically weed out the people that aren't gonna stay with the new person. And then build on the foundation that does. In it takes years in some cases. Kelly told the Associated Press in and an interview yesterday. About the Alex Jones interview one. What I think we're doing is journalism. The bottom line is that while it's not always popular it's important. She set I would submit to you that neither I nor NBC news has elevated Alex Jones and anyway he's been elevated by a five or six million viewers or listeners. And by the president of the United States. And you know journalists don't get the choice over who has the power of influence in our country. So. Anyway there and I would assume that on Sunday night at 7 o'clock this Alex Jones interview is going to air it in fact I pretty much guarantee that. Given all the publicity that it's gotten now on Tuesday or Wednesday. You wanna bet that the ratings are higher this Sunday. Then they drop from their original show. Sure there will be maybe that's exactly why they did an interview Alex Jones. Yes we're gonna hack off our sponsors. But that's temporary. Arm and we somehow or another have to continue to put this show into the forefront so people will develop a habit of tuning it and and if that takes Alex Jones are controversy controversy is great for getting people to tune in. Why we do the show here naked. TJ say now don't spread their room at the okay it's. I'm sorry I like our Rick you're on WBT hiked. I don't appreciate each. And congrats on your. Appointment of all I ask. I want to thank you very much. Iran have a comment and quite spoke web question and comment are small. What ever happened to individuals that make Brett thank you know. Political figure or anybody that. Well could lead to many of a must oppose. Ended to some extent I. I guess if they felt that the threat was. A real enough than than they were put that person in the rosters but. I think there's. I think there's too much of a boat these days are also especially was social media you've got all sorts of but I out there that are issued in their mouth off and you gotta it's it's kind of like talk radio. He's got a lot of tough guys on the radio that may not. He'd be quite is still up in person you know. Right. It is saying made it if you'd be made a statement. Out in public big departure and should British goalie. To me that it's something that it should people apart at but he anyway. Well but AJ if you say that specifically about the president then you probably are gonna put yourself in the draw sinners so I wrote Banc I think they were aware of this guy they just probably hadn't determined that that he was going to be. A threat at that point and and that's that's a thin line to you can't just start throwing people. In note in jail because you suspect that they might be a little whacko. Now. My comp come and unlike the Mary Peters is really challenge. For everybody no matter what you are they out you might stay understood at all. I thought we all anybody across this nation support Hezbollah gave no I'm not tired tomorrow night. And send in a contribution. That charity epic abolished and girls club in DC they. I respect that they don't awaited I no but not this time we get back. Respecting one another honoring one another and and do it right bank. Yeah I think that would be a nice symbolic. I think ask yourself Thabo I hope they decide to go ahead and go through with the game tomorrow because the threat is gone. I didn't mean all threats are gone but it means that this Pacific shooters not a threat to the game tomorrow night saw mom with you I'd like to see it as a symbol of of a country that's just set up with a at all. I guess I would add to that that if you're really really tired. Of all the vitriol all and all of the you know the two parties fight and and nothing getting go down and in a bit if you're really tired of that. Then quit voting for and can. I just got an update on the so. Steve's release news who was the ranking the third ranking Republican who was shot today and Virginia. Went to into surgery came back out listed in critical condition. Shot during this baseball practice earlier today. To capitol police officers say at least two others also were shot to they had to unify the shooter limit wander on down there and just trying to get an update on the critical condition I don't think that's a life threatening critical condition but I probably shouldn't say that it lets say actually no. Representatives Kelis was critically injured and remains in critical condition this is according to med star Washington. And they are tweet that they issued. Other shot did not face life threatening injuries according to a police and a congressional sources. So I don't really get the update there that I'm looking at as to what they really mean by critical condition and whether or not that's life threatening or not so. Continue to monitor that try to get you a better explanation as it becomes available and wander over the throws a lot add on WBT had. You are going to the U. I implement such a little bit reluctant gentleman that before talking about how we all need to read that you know their. And I think the problem with that is is there we're not being respected. Anywhere. Bernie Sanders. Saying you know we need to take this fight against the president into the street. I Hillary Clinton do the same thing. And then Kathy Griffin where her whole very long term you know if you do not matter who the president wants people respected the office. And we've lost that respect for whatever reason I don't know why it. Because I mean. OK you don't like president but he still the president of the United States and they are still. I should be some respect therein and were not happened and I picked up forward a lot of these if she. Yeah well why can I agree with you but you'll also have AA indicated some informed and not so informed but you'll also have probably more people today that are truly concerned about their country but for different reasons. On the Solis was so a lot of these people are acting out of sheer. And and feared doesn't necessarily. Equal respect. All rights June 14 you know what significance that has to do with the United States politics June 14. This particular day June 14. 265. Days into the year 200 days ago. Donald Trump the 71 today. There you go. On this date 1954. Eisenhower signed a bill in the law that placed the words under god. In the United States pledge of allegiance they didn't have until 1954 that has come up on several of our discussions over the years we learned that sometime ago. The Daily Show is unveiling meet Donald Trump presidential Twitter library this weekend to pop up exhibit. You'll opened Friday add to three west's 57 street in Manhattan which is not far from trump tower. All right and we'll feature some of the president's bettered known one shots. Organized around such categories as say added. A retrospective. And the commander in tweet. Odd that The Daily Show would be somewhat irreverent to the president I remember one of never would have thought if maybe the original Jon Stewart daily show you. Did you do have been stunned when you. Maybe I am North Korean drone that took pictures of the US. Missile defense system South Korea was found after it crashed. The NBA champion Golden State Warriors staff curry and son and and company. Say that they have yet to decide if they'll visit the White House or not. And new research shows that red onions fight cancer. And girlfriends. To say and NBC's move ahead with the Megan Kelly interview we talked about that a little bit earlier Skittles is releasing a limited edition. Light candy. When make any difference at the taste is the same order. In fact why hasn't scandals down that Eminem's good lord Eminem does everything now have you tried the Karen Allen and ams. Not bad. Coffee ones are eight hey gathered I don't know. And the old human campaign that still. The old standards aren't aren't too bad either I mandate it be go on to their web site. You can order whatever color you want him what are variety if you're thrown a party and I mean that's always Eminem's is god and in turn unbelievably global. I after two decades a thriving on the slogan taste rainbow scandals is ditching their signature rainbow and looking for a special cause pride. The back of a limited additional white scandals bag explains during pride that. Only one rainbow matters. So we've given up powers to show support this white out only removes the color not the flavor. These candies are still fruit filled. Think there's a line there that I just probably shouldn't use all say that traffic is brought to you by hunters shall Ford I 77. Exit to 23 and fears over on cannon who also comes at a variety of colors yes or somewhere over the rainbow I guess is that sits some lawyer somewhere that. All over there there's a particle somewhere. And I haven't found a bit of someone that gets as you're in radio there's no pot of gold and radio on merit no that's right that's an absolute truth you need to go into politics. I think that if the whole goal but I think if you can still spend it okay I got to about it called when it. One of my favorite all time so. Warranty Yvonne it's called splendid isolation. And it's it's all slung about just. Feel alone. Well that's on. Yahoo! is no more. No longer a company. Yesterday Verizon took ownership of it. And the brand. Yahoo!'s search site email news and sports sites will still be on the web as they've always been. Yahoo! launched in a January of nineteen. In 94. Jerry's guide to the world wide web was launched. It was renamed Yahoo! in march of that year and was incorporated on a march the first 1995 they are bought Yahoo! you Verizon bought Yahoo! for four point five billion dollars. Back in a 2008 Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo!'s search business for about twenty billion. Probably shouldn't take it meant. And I can't remember the girl's name the lady's name numerous summer armor Mary does the blond who took over Yahoo! tried to save it. Failed. And what it I see her compensation was it was like. I wanna say 230 million dollars but I figured surely that can't be right can. She walked away. She failed. To save the company but she's still walked away with. A ton of money. I think when you see figures like that when you see that you weren't necessarily successful in your mission but you still walked away with more money than you'll ever ever possibly need. That's discouraging to. Unto people who work hard all their lives and and somehow or another can't seem to have. Here they come. We went if you win low when if you lose it in that world. It is there you go the free marketers will be on my phones and troubles started when I get all of that. I think Lou. Lou. And. I'm not so sure of that was stock compensation and everything else that she didn't memorize those or name. Stock options salary that their own but 260 million dollars. Eight take 260 here in 216 terms or you know you're talking real money. Unbelievable. All right so I've had this list. Today and I in no Mayer music. Room office when. I couldn't find. And one of them was the original. Good morning star shined by Oliver are you old enough to remember that song. Do you have an airline bag nearby justification need to. So here's my question for all you audio files out there. Is this the original. Hello this we'll take you back to 1969. You can start falling right now. Good song. It's very original. Good morning. No I'm not gonna puzzle that didn't aren't. Marty. All right we'll. Let's review the lyrics on that but it that this came from here 1967. Has been corrected. Song is performed. I. The character Sheila in the off Broadway production 1967. And then all of her daughter and turn it into a big hit maybe that's what I'm thinking about his 1969. You think there's a drug problem in the country today issued a going back to deletes. The summer of love 1967. And Harrier which had nudity. That's why it was a big deal. Good morning star shine. The earth. Says hello. You've twinkle above us we twinkle below good morning star Shia new lead us along. My love and me as we'd singing it. Our early morning and singing songs. And then you get to the part of the song where every time you've ever heard it in your lifetime you've thought to yourself. Watch. And it's exactly what you think it is. When he gloved the bloc beat Mitt. Now La La logo. How stoned you have to be to think that these are actually lean periods so you're. No actual drugs were taken during the writing of this song. Real. Or I don't know but it may be used to keel. Sounded like a good idea last night when I wrote it. Sabah city suburb. No B I about now about legally low low. Total BOB wallop. No be ABBA. Nava. Early morning singing the song. So what what what are they say Scott original the original. Beta no. Well I've got to got to know if it's the original or does so I can edit to my. My collection but I did logo more than anything else. I just I just got to look at the lyrics last night and it because I am always fascinated. How song comes to fruition but the inspiration is to the music come before the song thirty irregular accident but music to a party have to tune and you have to have put words. You know and and I've talked people like Scott they've written and so on and so forth again asked him what the process is but I it's different for everybody I mean they you've opened your inspiration where you come up with your inspiration and sometimes the tune comes before the words of the words comes up. Who sits down and writes. Or did our maybe that maybe they were improvising in the recording of the song at that they had translating vivid colors. And we'll be glove Gogh poppy. Newbie nappy no appeal. I allow low low low. It actually. Is somewhat reminiscent of some of my show us. Toby OB while. No BI but now about. Early morning singing songs. We're gonna go take a shower and we'll be back. With the rival five petty. Which actually it's 505. These. Why do blacks. Given the. Okay. Remind. Our toned down tour is a week from Friday were heading towards a Davidson FitzGerald I'll be out thereof broadcasting live on Friday the 23 SOA. But to have to stop by and join the conversation will be in downtown Davis and her mother got specifics on that but I do know will be there on Friday the 23. All brought you by a mosquito squad they bite we fight details. On our next hometown tour to Davidson. It WBT dot com also. Fourth of July is right around the corner. So. Fireworks fund food. Sky show the WBT sky show street party will be July the fourth will do and it meant and Martin Luther King. Dude live music kids rides a whole lot more and then you can had a heard BB NT ballpark and watch a team USA take on a team Cuba. I had to 6 PM. And the WBT sky show are none July before so we'll look forward to that we think people like Acosta heating and cooling and fox 46 Charlotte and the community coffee. And I Harris teeter because they'll make it possible details and tickets. Four the WBT sky show you can find that at WBT dot com has. It does not highlight. And you see those this big blue exit signs. And it says so. Arby's. Point four and got an arrow points look for a and it's also got McDonald's and it's also got some barbecue place and it's your wondered how much those cost. You sealed. You drive down any major interstate the United States you see the big blue signs in their decorated with business logos. That most exits. Business has to fall under one of these groups attraction pharmacy. To mean a local drug dealer could. Providence. Into those categories. States have various rules for the signs an example of Michigan requires and any gas station on a a specific service might be within six miles of the highway. And be open only sixteen hours a day seven days a week at three under sixty days earlier than that kind of thing. But in addition the gas station must offer water gas and oil for various types of vehicles as well as public restrooms in public telephone did you know that. If your drive down the highway and you see a gas station those people have to have restroom facilities and I would assume that would mean whether you make a purse or not right into qualification get on the big blue sign. As for actual cost of getting a specific service signed varies by state but in general. For a year for eight year Errol spans someplace between 500 bucks in a couple of ground. I would think if you're you know if you're on I 26 had downed a. It down there about what is that summer field or whatever that red Somerville what are. But at times where you're getting hungry I would think that that sign that says say there's. Jack in the Box tacos. Point eight. And there are. I don't remember how long ago it was but you it's like within months ago and is completely off guard but remember the guy that called and started talking about. Total eclipse. And and how it was you'd have to drive down to Columbia this theater where everything and what. Well the United States Postal Service is coming out with a stamp in just days. They're gearing up for this rare solar eclipse. And you would get your best year you'd have to drive down under I think it was like Colombia or some. There's like a strip of so the total solar eclipse forever stamp. Changes when you touch it. Commemorates the August 21. Collapse. Transforms from the image of a black eclipsed sun. And do an image of the moon. With a heated your finger. New stamp. These stamps official release ceremony will take place at an art museum on the University of Wyoming on campus in Laramie on a June and twentieth. The day of the summer solstice what's next Thursday. These stamp images a photo of a total solar eclipse seen in Libya on March 29 2006. This will be the first US stamped to use Thermo. Laurel nick. Ink. Which changes color with the heat and and light. So they used that the body heat of your thought more fingers. And and and rubbing their close image will reveal an underlying image of the moon the image reverts back. To the clubs once it finally cools off from. Your body heat. So I'm sure these will be highly collectible the back of the stamp pain provides a map of the eclipse path. Chris you would use that is the sticky so that you would cover that up right. So August 21. This year total solar eclipse be visible from coast to coast it will be the first total eclipse visible. Only in the United States since our nation's founding. In 1776. And I was very. It will also be the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the entire country. In 99 years. So loved. Anyways stamp collectors. You're stamps coming out a few days and a eclipse aficionados. Of might be some you wanna look into SO well Christie creamy a teacher. For all they put up with during the school year. Which in essence means your kids. Teachers can score some free caffeine with deeper with the purchase at Krispy Kreme this summer. Through June and July teachers who show proper ID can get a free coffee with the purchase of a regularly priced item at participating shops and gets a nice gesture. Or I think that they gave above both the coffee in the dome for freedom would be better. Krispy Kreme says quoted we wanted offered teachers an opportunity to really relaxed this summer. We know the summer months are up precious time for them to regroup and recharging. We figured it would be nice way to show them that they are appreciated all year round so there you go. Through June and July show proper ID teachers I guess that would be you know a white school teacher at a similar. And get a free coffee. With the purchase of a regularly priced item that participating shops. I feel good that I what you know about us. Any weight gain that comes out of this on your half news purely your responsibility and. The holiday. A press conference on the air shooting up in Virginia including me are congress candidate five people shot what's a drop in consumer that is tips. Dot FBI dot go. So again FBI's point four hour tip line 1800. Call FBI. And select option one or visit tips dot FBI dot ago. This is not at all I announced police or news conference Sunday shooting investigation Obama shooting this morning is too small to report. Law enforcement will remain on scene until processing of the scene has been completed. We asked that the local community for your patience and your cooperation as we complete this test. Further updates will be shared via written statements. Unless law enforcement collectively stand behind me advises otherwise it's. Well open that up for a few questions in just a second but I wanna turn it over the chief Ralph larger businesses. Jim Slater who's the FBI special agent in charge. Thank you ladies and gentlemen made some Mike Brown PR OWN chief for the Alexandria police department. I just wanted to give back give his status as the over doing in this community to Brian reassure the community in terms of the safety and the security of our residents. Right now we are canvassing the immediate area here doing door to door with our friend our colleagues from the sheriff's department Diana sort of drop them into. See what they were sent obviously he is is saying the same thing that he said earlier press conference and that is that the community is safe. On that this was of that this is a business loan. Gunman that the deal. They're pretty sure and although we grabbed the tail end of the FBI agent I think he was essentially giving information for tips and anybody that has any information that they may or may not have on. No one what transpired this morning sort and so forth so that's where they are now an investigation has wanted to kind of my check in on that and sealed where they are we talk a couple seconds ago about the Texas woman who called 911 to complain about her weight for nuggets. Fast food. Probably never serious enough to call 911 but. Can you call 311 if you're never too late. There was 31 wonders developed. Pending nuggets. Police in a central Texas say the woman fell into a foul mood when a fast food restaurant took too long go to deliver chicken targets and not. She called 911 to complain. Waco police said yesterday that the woman one of the nuggets given to her for free because of the delay and that she parked in through a drive through allay inept McDonald's and refused to budge. Which. Potentially would have other people calling 91100. Here's she's delaying their nuggets still. Restaurant employee called 911 on Friday. To have police moved the woman along and officers were responding when the woman also made her called a 911 to complain. The unidentified woman given her money back and told to leave. Without her nuggets. Saw a toy boat. Launched by a class of Florida fifth graders and four years ago and ever throw. A bottle into the ocean. I think we threw a bottle in the Mississippi walks. Study we're eight years older sons and I was general why we're I was in London go to Missouri at the time so we're close to goodness of Vietnam and some aren't there were router so we've we've put a note to bottle throwing Pacific. Added to probably get demolished by a show voters something like that wrote shortly there after. Anyway these these Florida fifth graders. Up four years ago throw this toy boat. And it traveled at least 500 miles. In reached a South Carolina beach. Posted photos to FaceBook and should the small boat being washed up on Monday. Exited to Ennis Ennis del. Modesto. And stuff that's were laws and store beach. He bowed head fail letter stating that it was a fifth grade a class project from summit Kiev step Montessori school in Davie Florida. Which is down by a Fort Lauderdale. We've brought the boat back to the department called the school let them know that we had recovered the boat they told me that they had loans they had last launched the vote for years ago. I don't know Worrell was during that time but it traveled 500 miles and until the fifth graders would be 45 years go to other kid that is still in school they probably have. The bargain Jason bell. Pretty cool story. Long Will always be Friday night wanna Vijay. It was a disk drive is pleased to do that but that girl last long enough Friday's. I don't even Brothers. Be. Hanging down under color or discuss what's in the red rocks with a doctor John opening. Is in July the eighth personal like that in a way. Oklahoma City study finds that kids can't read clocks. We when we talked about coercive than. Whether you're continue to teach bat. And not and now clocks. Both were things that. I don't know a normal part of learning for children but they say that the kids today have a tough time doing it a new study. More than a 150 students ages six to twelve in Oklahoma City. Found that only 20% of the knew how to read a clock. Digital. Well I mean I know they can re big get rid o'clock clock did you have to say it. They're used to have phones they debasing digital time they don't know the bill backhand the big gamble Orlando was that they need going around. Well that's the second hand whereas the first stint. Caitlin Carnes who works for the Boys and Girls Club at an elementary school in Oklahoma City explained to with the local TV station there KF OR. Why are many children today don't have that that bad clock reading skills she says I think the exposure to technology. Everybody's so used to seeing digital they all have both cell phones and tablets so they don't have to look at a clock very often that's analogue. Keep that also own kind of goes in with the trend of I don't know it's stuns me when I see people learn watches anymore. Women seem to Wear more watches the men do anymore but that's because we've all kind of got used to our phones. Carnes his work with to teach kids in this afterschool program. How to read clocks just like. More elementary schools are bringing back teaching coercive. So they might wanna consider adding instruction on how to read a clock all do you need to know. It probably still would be a good idea. Trevor Bigby and you might wanna. Com the Internet has that made down. Well I kept to the chase on this story is that people are getting lip reduction surgery. I can't specifically remember averted or see it's got the do you they had no lips. It just got question what now you know they just have no lips. Maybe they can do lip transfers. New beauty. Which are still off mark garrisons desk. Armed. Reports more and more people are getting their lips were reduced in a size according to the New York City plastic surgeon doctor Melissa adopt. Who specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery lip reduction procedures tend to be more popular in Asian countries. Now aren't a lot of people doing to try to get good good doing Botox again. Bigger lips. I don't know attention this. Live with a lip she were given. If god wanted you to have big old fat let's say they given you a big old fat lips. Through they say though lip reduction is done as an outpatient procedure. They say it is serious serious surgery patients are usually placed under a local anesthesia and have both stitches for about a week afterwards. It's also pricey here than injections on. Mr. Graham Malone they do there are about 5000 people. That have posted do. Lip reduction hash tag lip reduction. But at least in the United States lip lip augmentation. Such is killers remain sale facial procedure. The most popular. And that probably is gonna change anytime soon I don't know. You want bigger lips mark. Bigger listen just get no way of your food wouldn't. Who want that at all. All right there's a house for sale. If you wanna live in two countries in the same time you could buy a house that sits on the United States Canadian border I always wondered if this was. This house was built in 1782. By a merchant who wanted to sell to farmers in Vermont and Quebec. There are entrances on both sides of the border and a small granite border marker. Just outside the front door derby Vermont is on one side and stansted. Quebec is on the other house comes with a granite wall 1950s to core a whopping 7000 square feet of living space. Divided into five currently vacant apartments and is listed. For a relatively low 109000. Dollars zillow is someone who's got a listed it catches that it does he need a little bit of work. About 600000. Dollars worth but if you've ever lived. Dreams. I'll vote living in Canada and the US say all of the same time maybe this house is for you.