How To Build A Responsive Buyers List

Kandas and Larry discuss how to build a buyers list and answer listeners questions.


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Welcome to brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous. For the next hour best selling real estate investing author Larry go on some co host Candace will help show you the many ways realistic creates the ideal investment. Where they want to flip houses or become a passive investor making double digit returns while others do all the work. He'll learn how on brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous here are your host Larry and campus. I don't think I'm doing great how are you on an excellent excellent let's see taken notes over there you'd get ready. I am I can't be good for the people don't don't listen and bright people out yet for the different people. For your mom grumble. In less than the Eagles sending elements me info at Bragg radio attack on Tokyo's iron eight. They send emails and they want show notes. Is that we call them so. If you want the show notes she isn't being tallied ask in the avenue around. And listen they're doing yard work and then whatever you're doing and listening and not worry about heaven and take notes down work. In any way. They hate hate the I'm not a meeting person. He yard. What you hate worse tenants and trashing your artwork tennis trash termites and toilets in the artwork but not in that order. He does it. Was that I grew up doing yard work I'm not I'm not Alex's. A sitcom you know I'm not afraid of work she seven please just don't like manual for. Although like you do outside I can do manual labor have done my new labor. I've gotten to a point in my life I would like to be able to choose not to do manual labor. Right. I get it exactly. So. You know my wife had me out last week you will why. Yeah you know I mean she's a hard worker. That rural and worked anybody under the table angry. Guy. So she's out in the yard in public feeling guilty but close you know him and flattened Eric condition in. I told analysts that lets go outside help moms should that the work really hard for a she's taken care of yours. And it's like ninety. Hundreds agree on their lot is like slanted light almost up insuring up and down Lincoln takes major leg muscles and haulers now. On their heels to be able to pull the weeds it's insane. Exactly. Exactly. So I go out there and no last about. The vote. And it and it was right after honey what can we help you do she's not pull all those we the pull up all the stuff around those rose bushes on those bonuses. All he does still have the words and hand from those things you can give me any. I hated it and I found that children would only heal which you were after finished I was out there may be. And I grew up there. I'm gonna somebody whom Putin this you'd have to hear because she feels like she. Must. So and so and so. Come unions. And she. Got somebody in there and take it that they'll what you'll do I should make her happy. All of literally job. Maker do whatever she says these to be done in the yard so she doesn't have to do it. And I don't have to come here with they're. Likely to an inmate in the tsunami. Relief. Yeah. But it was. In and out so now we have a yard person. Some. And he's gonna keep the car. That's in addition to the people Yorkshire. Analyst. And this is there real face so most the time anyway in Avis is no us Burke. Any period of Tom knows that we do eventually get an real estate as no liggett's heeded an all hyped up. About from talking about real estate topics and educating on real estate not what the show's about it's about educating to. Become rich and generous. With real estate that's the iron it's just what we do. We're local here in link Wylie how an hour and Charlotte than radio station but. Our provinces local handling wiley seed asking us a call combined check us out if you wanna see how we work means in person. How are their most of the time and not out traveling around appointments but I give give opera's call eight cents and Larry go or should an email to info Larry Jones dot com now. About real state. Wouldn't want TARP that thing. What are Pope about rules state I got and they are what are we can talk about the day a so I assume. I think in last week we had actually shown. For our dinners fortune and he talked about you know how he was a holiday trade and he and bill as buyers policies are Saturday trading model he built his fires. And that you got a lot of questions come about how I did ours list well they know is this kind of question that got him a question about wasn't. Or words about what is a buyer's list they want and no one was how do you build a buyer's list but then another and came in that I like even better. Was how do you build a quickly responding. Buyers less like an eager buyers list and I like that question a lot better if you can build one. But if you build more and in the inning give properties in and out nothing happens that's not what you won't. That's exactly true. So. There's a lot of different ways to build the buyers seek your personal here's the reason you need a buyer's list. When you get a property and images now and the meaning. And downlink opt in and limitation as to add one and one and you know indefinitely. If he word will work. And great years here at about curt out and eat more and more every week on paying attention. With that investors yet. If you -- it's not like on and got to take action. The other take action. That I. Saw a responsive buyer patty and start well. First of all we know what is the bars that it if you get a property and contract in the deep disk and you were turned around and sell that property right away. Very fast you've got to have a bias somebody's ready willing and able to buy the property. From you okay because basically what rules they day trading is its wholesale. All right. Hopefully things in Canada yeah yeah you buy it at 10 o'clock and sell it to authorities so to speak. And you know you have your Ireland. So so what we do is when we get a property we make we might make when he. 305000. Offers and we can deal that it deep discount maybe it was listed for 67 unity. We we pick it up for rail on about thirty. It's thirty is styles some sort of speak function cart it. Are you OK there. I'm sorry Candice and her game lag. She's like have a meet she's port that the chair so I'm Lehman by slower I reached the mine and grab and grab in the chairwoman afoot. And then us with the chair over into her lag. Anyway the only answer. I am. Right so. Anyway what was actually in. Rules and about the Mars list. My leg cramp. And their. The only thing I know that weren't any of that moment let's try and again night Jerry now what does it sound islands in. And then you ran into it and so I like to think about you have no idea what you are not so leery want to have an outlook. So really it's much easier to Fonda. House for a buyer and a buyer for house when you began with the in demand and that's one of the seven habits of highly effective people begin with in the mind. If you can wholesale property you won't have a sold to very very quickly okay. So you start it got to start building your bars listen these are people that are either gonna buy it and fix them flip that. Or buy it and fix it rented out okay. And where do you find that buyers list. There's so many different ways and places you combine that there's online and offline and places you can find your buyer's list of guys. And to start out with the very first the very first place I would suggest. Go to your local real state of investors' association. Go to national Rio dot com national or. Clinical find a local group and then click on your state. And and look for a group there and go and join the using them very expensive under a couple hundred dollars. Are you area through your whole and they need it once a month most of them have subgroups that no cops that he condemned bin nun. That's running out newsletters and they've got all kinds of information that comes out consistently throughout the month and not that their monthly knew exactly. Mentioned on area his son the one that's here in Charlotte market that we really like hello JC Underwood. And and that's the that's the local group right here. Now when we come back from the break and we'll share with you many many many many more ways that you can build a hungry. Cash buyers list to pick up your properties very quick. Call Macy right now 877 liter ego should give you a free copy of our book set up the tour for the office and other kind of good stuff right. Yep and if you want to show notes just shoot me an email to info at Bragg radio dot com you can also find art show archives from past topics. On brag radio dot com we'll be right back. Yeah. Welcome back to drag radio's leading the world to be rich. And generous I'm your host leery with. And it. But it. Pena and where we talk about rules they've invested in aren't you. Second segment. Segment to. All about building your buyer's list. Best good yes it was their question was found from a first segment was how. The question I'll like the best we had a couple commend it can I don't battle that is familiar entirely too enthused. Employers who would you still have been no matter where a female voice. Carrying humanitarian. And a parent things you learn that you. Cabela's bids that I. Doesn't sound mean. Let me ran its view and her team at the care and seen how excited you are about staying in H. You rendered in England literally mean on vote is attack attack attack. Speeds. And let me see if I do the question like that. How do you build hungry risk of buyers. In response about well before the election we can. Be found a before us and we talked about. Joining your local rules state investors okay. Now one of the things that it I have failed that works really really good. Very very fast. Is to put out some and that's what is abandoned child. This those houses the suburbs as you see that say buys houses usually up until own older. Undermine that right right and it'll it'll say. They'll say about houses were leery about houses or whatever we have we have several different ones. And and we have people plural now you can run ads on Craigslist people will put them out or you can go put my yourself. You know put out if you're a hundred album week or whatever and you know and then that the full will start brilliant. And you know and and you'll get properties that way and then that you also get buyers that call. About those properties another thing you can do is look called Craigslist. Okay. Look on Craigslist for investors that are wholesale and properties if you see. But Craig's list under rules state that says handyman special fixer upper she. Cash divorced transfer motivated reduce muscle about the foreclosure Oreo slower than required to name a few. If you see any of those that probably don't like us an old timer to. I plan well. So. When you see those ads okay when you see those ads. In you'll too you know all those people you can also render old hat that says I have and human specials. Picture offers cheap cash in on my buyer's list okay an immense specials. Fixer uppers cheap cash. Get home buyers list now you're looking for people who were looking for a discount okay. And people who have cash to work where right. That's just a few ways and feel it's a beautiful must be great it's great. So he. So that's it that's a couple more ways right there another thing you can do is gold FaceBook if you gold FaceBook. And you just typing yen or whatever it is you type in let's say let's say you live in Cleveland okay. Cleveland. Rules state that area again. That that's right that's right you typing Cleveland rules state and a search for groups. Oh my gosh look years here it is and I'm only FaceBook right now I just typed in Cleveland mostly. He got real estate investing Cleveland Ohio this 353 members. Cleveland Ohio rules that holds for self 542 members. Cleveland real estate investor club 346 members. We'll stay home for rent and sell in Cleveland 2200. Than any team. Members right there should it become member of your local FaceBook. Currently that's exactly right and you know one. I'm a member of all of those groups now while we're gonna be a member. Opens cleanly. Yeah well what I'll be a member of groups like that operates and others also Cleveland Texas and you gotta be careful guy near Cleveland exits there's also Cleveland Tennessee. That there's members in those groups so in Obama but I'm a member of of of all those groups. OK you know auction sale but a lot of the group that allotment if they have less than a couple hundred people I'm not gonna join the group. But I'm a member of a lot of groups that have hundreds and hundreds even thousands of people because we financial houses. Two people all over the country right okay so we we join a lot of groups and you can post ads. You can Post Properties. And you can search for properties I've seen properties only got student that if panel properties on FaceBook. Have Toronto market. And turn around and sold. Or they've gotten properties local properties in the turnaround marketed them own FaceBook. And whether or not a person that inquires about a property ball property or not. Your goal is to to get their contact information so the next time we have a property. You can market to them and it's all part of bill and bars blissfully. At. I'll apart. That's exactly right and the key is. To turn them buyers' list in two hungry qualified buyers list. And among tea how to do that day when you start building a buyer's list and you need to have some sort of it. They email service that you can email out to like. Constant Contact or eye contact or mental channel or one of those to. And there's a lot of yeah. So you can send out an email okay. To this bars list and you send out an email that says I'm creating a two hour head start short list. To you know my two hour head start short list you must be ready. Willing and able to buy property send me a copy your approval funds' letter. Or a copy your bank statement shall mean you can qualify. It you have the money to pay cash. And help you know the main thin so console but don't panic and mark out the account number. You need to leave your name the market your dress and everything like that or have them marked out there address are you need to see is a snapshot of what's in the account has approved the funds. Either snapshot. Of the banks famous or the account or per like a profound letter. That's exactly right that's exactly right at Belmont. We do we do and and we have people that we're adding to our bars this all the time we hit new buyer leads come in every single days cause of the web sites we used. The web sites we use our optimize. To be able to generate. As CEO search engine optimization. Traffic and woody two hour to hour. Head start short and you send out the email that says I'm creating a two hour head start shortlist. To get a two hour head start job. All everybody else Oman wholesale properties available. Then you need to get all my short list okay. And all he's due this image copy approved funds letter. That you go from a bank or semi cup your bank statement early show me that you can pay cash for a property or eight. So we talked about re groups we talk about banishing him we talked about Craig's list that most searching for Craig list as. And running your rattle your own right Craigslist ads and we talked about FaceBook. Another great source to start building your buyer's list. Is linked to the end when getting Lee Canadian Linkedin. LIN KED. In. It's honestly it's like social networking for business right. Right yeah and and we have we have a little over 101000 followers. Only. And I think we have about 151000 followers all the FaceBook thing. Booked. Is that on your immigrants. Agree it's not limited on your thoughts on my plate. But you can go to you can go to a link there and set up an account setup account for your business and then typed in the words. Real we'll stay in your city elect real state Charlotte rules state Carolina. And you're gonna farm people that are real estate investor unifying groups and conjoined all those groups impact. In my book getting started and will stay date trade talk about this in detail and every other single way that you can buy. Our builder buyers' list to be able to have your property sold very quick. And on you gotta do is culmination. 877. Literally go and Macy will get it out to you right away right. The digital assistant she share well and it's got a bunch of great stuff finish you can give your rundown and a stuffed 877 Larry go. Wary incidents email info at Bragg radio dot com check out National Archives on brag radio dot com as well. And then make sure you ask her about our next three day event wearing Cleveland this weekend. But it will be up will be in another city and sometime in the next month or so five weeks after about that we'll hear back. You've bragged radioed that the in this and here with Leary's go lynch. Your other host of brag radio. I intend me on the Mike what's happening you know mania. I'm sorry I was sitting down on the floor since you took my chair. He gave it to me I did. We'll let you know much. It wanted to give limited to your left and right at the moment he added that the well. The phone now. Pocono record ever and I and I really am sorry about that I don't about a document and I'm out of touch chair now. The good uses it is the wheels. Right that they can roll away from the silicon each. Specialist talks more rules state about building your buyer's list. So we've got. Waste ability dark about. In the last segment. Put up Banda son slip on Craigslist for posted ads on your own Craigslist ads look on FaceBook join their groups. And also he did do Linkedin. Now there's you know there's to so many different ways. So many different things you can do to build a buyer's list we get a lot and and it's. We didn't we a lot of everything from an offense we still a lot of properties through and it's aren't. We people call up and on about their properties. It's eight. It really is crazy there really is that is. You didn't and it's kind of fun and landed in any campaign that can always pay attention and meals. So. That it really is crazy when you advertise to sell properties you give buyers who never does the prime bought properties. You can sell horse yeah it's crazy isn't it it's awesome and it helped. It really does it really goes but but that's the way it happens that's exactly the way it happens right. That's true it would mean but he just and look and welcome ups and stuff. So. Anyway. OK so. You Rio Rio it's. I'm looking for my list. Of what approved list available to stoke fear we'll talk about. So. Is it on what postcard students at that tired you know will you can you know there's you know in room. There's a lot of postcards during now you can do direct mail and you do direct mail. Bob mailing people who have money ball properties self directed IRA custodians. Are a great way. To do that a great way to find. He will it interact. Are you can of money people with money right. Yeah so. What about like I know our buyers the list now we have repeat buyers on. We have people that bought multiple properties from a us on our buyers list is there anything that you know of that we do different. Outside of these other things to keep people buying properties from a I really don't do like that we really don't feel like Anaheim property keep people keep people buying properties from not to keep them where I'm buying that he would ease them back from her or selling prop. He's you got to give people really good deal OK when you give a really good deal then they're gonna keep I'm from the you know most of the people who buy houses from Los Candace. They don't buy one house and we never hear from. They might buy 2352. Houses from Kenya tire iron after. That's exactly the investor buyers today. So. You know you you wanna make sure that you provide a really good deal when your whole sell the property and make sure they have at least 30% equity and after they get done you know that you can also run ads. You know whether VO Craig's list we talked about that but proof of that is as well. In the local community newspapers. The penny saver typed papers to thrifty nickel type papers you mean those are all different ways and places that you can run ads. That to build a buyer's list of an online classifieds besides Craigslist is also back page. There's prop bought PR OP BOT. Is another one. Brutal owed the LE dot com is another one also only have houses for sale. You can post house shall there doesn't have to be a house that you have for sale but you post what what we call blind that. It's a house. That you know you post house in new describe it you know it's you know. Handyman special fixer upper needs X amount in war three bedroom two bath yes some pitchers. In the when people call you say I'm sorry that properties not available what are you looking for. Right it's as simple as. You know that I'm sorry but up properties Nolan not available right now. So what are you looking for and now put Yuma buyers' list are you cash buyer. You know do you need funding and an important when you look at yeah we're looking for or are you looking for. A fix it flip or something that you can rent helped. Now with our buyers those go back today captured any financing do. Cash buyers it's pretty much with our buyers into American clothes first right. That's exactly right up. If yeah that's exactly what I mean it's not unusual for us to have 23 or four people want the same property. Right and we just get multiple contracts like in use them for backup in case amazed. If if the first person and it's a contract that they say they can do it and some that happens to them we've got some money else lined up back in just foreign in and. And exactly another source that you can now find buyers is only day. You go to real state dot eBay dot com eBay's rules they section. And you look for properties there and people who were video properties you can reach out to communicate with them he can also run blind ads on there as well. EBay's rules that section is one of the few sections you can run classified ads vs Justin auction than you could post property owners as well. Local auctions. There's local auctioneers have auctions all the time and you go when you network but the people foreclosure sales that the foreclosure. Steps. You know at the courthouse right warehouse and yet courthouse steps you can do that. There's also auctioned web sites like auction dot com. Real T bid dot com. Home search dot com home XO ME dot com. And and then even some of the other smaller. Auction companies like Hudson and Marshall dot com or Williams and Williams dot com. Those are some of the other smaller ones as well. Here's a little trick that I learned a long long time ago when you see how else that is up for auction. You can go you can have these little stickers printed that say I have houses just like this only cheaper. You know my buyer's list and you go out to the auction house and he put a sticker in the window. And everybody goes to look at that auction property before bidding on a seizure sticker. And contacts you can get on your buyer's list how do you like that experience. I like that you don't think that auctioneer world that an option a chronicle op at sixty billion all the auctions are line. Eliciting a little auctions or you're just pulling that from on line. And they doable all run single have to worry about that. Right after. Andrea that. Then we talked about about houses silence. You can put out flyers. Place it's printed online classifieds offline and all that stuff for you groups suing mention going to create groups and we do that was the very first thing that was the very first I thought could have been an excellent. Of theatre in the Newman mentioned FaceBook and live within our campus and take you know it's Korea and taken it. Good job good job. So you know there's just a tremendous amount of places. You know even direct mail. Mela postcards mailed out letters you compile a list of services like Melissa data dot com. Or. List source dot com those are some other resources. That you can used to build a list. Okay. That's a lot and got a lot of rain down with the now so did after I had this and many have her on nattering and it and more. So. There's more of the book and a captain that there are again there's a lot more in the book it goes through. Everything Nicki talked about whether I was obligated unfortunate and I. And give Macy Kolb. 87 and Larry again I'm not chairman of Bulent colony back then and hopefully she will be. But you can hit the investor kit from her if you're at a town you're gonna get that digital investors kids obese and you right away. And you get a copy of the that they trading book. Information matter are that the richest model information that they trading model. And an asset protection information things like that you're local and can come out op let's go and schedule a tour. To come and check it out and pick up the physical it here at op. So you can schedule a tour if the physical Laurie can ask for the digital movies and T investors. It is the viewers and both of them. And I would like seat in my office. Yeah that would be great calmly she right now and say don't hurt me. Don't hurt them but she humble soldier of fortune C she is a marine. That's right if he is so probably right about. Now welcome back to brag radio is dinners. That's what we do week have started spotlight in their highlight and students. That have. Become. Or working toward being rich in generous working really hard and their real estate endeavors and an iron working toward or are ready able to be generous with their time and or money and we have it today we have can't and Sarah. We'll slug guys. Excellent how are you. Gregory. And it's also not all of you guys are in Oregon are you let him talk to. Good luck. The man because we know how you are so there ha UN office we're familiar. So guys just just so everybody knows Sarah kept our inner circle students there read our office it's been maybe about three weeks ago and since they've left. They're just battled fire I mean they're just rock and roll and they got one deal while they were at the office and to tell us what you guys are doing. Which Nike Nike an inner circle outlined under contract and being home we had humor under contract in me. And probably Q more in Albania active data call minor letters that hey. He didn't really hit a day. I land so we're pretty in the contact group. And I. Buy it now. So so you guys are in Oregon than in your buying in Tennessee. And Pennsylvania. Yes or you're an account underground but now. And I'll show them. That's awesome I love it I love it now. Tell our listeners what model you are doing what do you do what's just give a little runt quick rundown. Of of one of the usual workable and which are buying it for what to sell it for how you can make money in that sort of thing. Heading now and isn't the first how they got there in your pocket. It I guess Philippines and eland let it for forty or nine I hit it needing it for twenty floor spot. I had my contract knowing their game he made it repaired leg basically move in ready. Thinking everything Dan and it would hinder and they'll have. Pan am 34 into the annual developer I'm Brittany. While feuds. And I have the right now herbal elegant and Kate. You know before it hit my contractor in their pockets they'll be on the tube. He'll do it I need that money at this. That is great length and our and also it's good delete your options open right. We're absolutely and so if you fix it flip that if you you know if you fix it up flippant you know what what are you. Roughly what do you think you're gonna make it. Aaron I'm in her forties now. 40000 dollars for a net profit after everything. That it's huge love it out at home run out that that is a home. And I did I don't have to have a patent negated big surprise that they'll now. Go lower than it. Well you know what I think about that you know what I'm about that I heat rehab. But you make a lot of money in rehab closure OK with Dylan. With the contractors. So yeah if you hold celled how much would you make. Hole failed in between you or I thought for Al clear and 4515. Omelet conferred 25 to thirty print. You going I had said to be conservative. Pointed at 25 if you wholesale and that would mean the day you close on it. You would buy it say at 10 o'clock at it and sell it at 1030 and make twenty to 25000. You're at it that huge. I wouldn't do the rehab a wooded area at all. They come and run. You know I haven't had retired right out of my mind out there you're sitting on independent nine iron I'm model over the Internet I'm all over the class and they'll. I think you're digging goalie and I. That future a lot of it alone now what kind of her house was this how did you get the house. I can't foreclosure. Okay so we'll think on property. It yet. It they had it for quite a while you're at the company was found in the tired it happened on your back now. And they did you encounter any leery stated I had accepted it also. Offered a lot. The right and always makes me nervous and thanks for personal or. I'm buying it or wait another minute had not happened out in rank that the pretty get tired. Though he did a good job that is great you know 50% that's huge huge. I got you got a new. I. That's also that's great so so Q at what tell us about another deal that you guys are working in and what you do with and how much you're gonna make on the right click. Then we'll get into the generous part. Yes I'm so Kerry did that out of state and in mr. end date and that partnered up with another investor. We just got an offer accepted on how your lower in the right there'll higher here. I'm if the treatment of Tibet the offered at the 1101000. We're gonna put about 101000 into it and come on it are. Around 200000 so. Right there were looking to make probably eighty. So eighty minus like close calls to Oprah commission and stuff like that. Yeah that's huge payday. Loan Emma. You're welcome. To. A lovely guys you guys are also you guys are the model student. You you took the information he took everything and you ran with them you didn't walk you didn't crawl you run again. Use one and it aren't you I'm telling you guys are Ryan knows such huge. Lot of and you know just in a few weeks you've gotten three deals that's huge so tell us a little bit about. Your ideas and plans for being generous with the money you will be making all these deals and in the future as well. 01 of the things that don't want it I dream of mine that so you people is. My dad worked hard dollar line at a job and actually just loved that job and I'll be able to actually bring him in the third partner on the deal we just got a and so on either unemployed is going to be open its books and how will that one thing that I'm excited about the Egan. If I give back in all the years he's you know work and given to me. That's great I remember you mentioned in that when your office a few weeks ago that that's huge that's really really good. That's really what are some other things you guys are who are planned to do. All what are my point is I really want mr. regroup here. Where we're located because we have not like they're with a couple started the big guy. Now they regroup and minister. Really not Diana you hit. And yet be I am really that bigger and we're going to be. You know birthday he would really helped train into the well I actually ran. In partnering up with an inner circle beating and alert in numbers. And now I'm really kind of hub I think it right then and myself. And the new all the help people wouldn't even think finding you deal evening I'm giving advice and knowledge they. We hired I've ever had in mind is helping people. So it's starting to regroup I'm hoping that it'll open a lot of doors. Turkey and actors and keep aren't tandem in the scene in building an. We're about done. You're telling me earlier on the phone a bit earlier about being able to give away a house. Yeah now I got another 1 am tired a little and inner circle. Friend they had me in the morning Dina and her life goal. That goal. They aren't outcrop. I had to die. He's you know he's really scared that passion without and we do want to do it property and I'm get completely re immediately you know one whatever order I think would be phenomenal thing in India. That is and that is good at and there. Yeah I'm thinking got so much for being known and shared that with us today we really rally appreciate you guys were fleeing. That's going to wrap up today's brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous for more information about what Larry and Candice talked about on today show or to get a free investor's kit call 877 Larry go. That's 8775277946. You can also go to brag radio dot com. Make sure to tune in every Saturday for ranked radio leading the world to be rich and generous. Clarion Candace we'll show you how to invest in real estate and the many ways real estate rates the ideal investment. You run news 1110993. W. You beat seat.