Heavy Metals, The Reason You Still Feel Sick

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, June 17th

Dr. Ernst discusses the connection between toxic metals and your health.


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With that fantastic health topic. Of how heavy metals. May be the reason why you're still sick. Where that you haven't quite conquered your health issue and also coming at you guys live their FaceBook. And if you're due to our FaceBook like stream. I'm in the studio sitting right here and I'm also broadcast out to the Internet. As we are doing our show today so check this out at FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. That's AS KD RER and that's the what's the benefit of that while you can steam me it's kind of funded defense that hearing estimates that love radio and above all of our radio listeners. It's good for when you're in a car outside of the like that. Black have learned that at FaceBook off the gives us the ability that he chat with us directly. You can share the show topic if you know somebody that dealing with the issue that relates to or talk about the date in here that's. I you can also stick around at the end of the celebrants of the new for every FaceBook viewer you get a special for a minute segment that nobody else gets to see Andorra here on the air. So hey Debbie BT listeners if you can find it I devise sort tablets are PC or something near and does show go to face but that consulate asked doctor Ernst. Maybe some great information so. Today's topic is how your health. Could be suffering from heavy metals. And how if you're somebody who is having difficulty overcoming writes the U. You change your diet you changed your workout you've changed it is you've changed that you still have is this like something lingering. I I've been working with some patients who have really changed their wives a lot of change the state for example. They can't lose that last fifteen pounds since its stock he needed. 75 ministers that last little bid to it and then come off. Or I've had a lot of thyroid patients who've got great successes. They feel better they're losing weight there Harris coming back their nails aren't so brittle and breaking their skins getting you know soft they're. Their hormones are still a little out of balance or you know there's an enzyme slightly off when their blood work. Then how we enter the world of what heavy metals beat her body and if you've never heard of the idea of heavy metal. They are at the toxic metals that get inside advice at talkies you know where they come from. And how to get that out of you but more importantly why you really need to pay attention to these things. Some of the most toxic metals and things like Mercury and aluminum and had vehement arsenic and lead. Nickel. Valium. So obviously there's been a lot of press as of late about Mercury and Mercury toxicity. There's debate going on has been going on for probably the last 101520. Years about the Mercury in vaccines. And about aluminum and vaccines that we talk about that. If you are new to this they've been doing scientific studies connecting aluminum to alzheimer's. So it's kind of like you beat think all timers used to think that person got too much of limited in their body now we're learning as. And now you need to have like arsenic is being connected to things like anxiety disorders depression and it's extra. Led of course can cause major issues with growth and development but also led complain about or all of your hormones what are what you understand is. Heavy metals are speaking. And they're like magnets negates docked in certain areas of your body in a tennis up in the rain and other fatty tissues like your thyroid. Which went lot of irate Tyson's patients have had a mental issues. And hails itself and things like your adrenal glands that by some higher real time. So we can fix the battle excuse that you have your life can turn around you can come back again. And today's show is that I know I know I'm gonna ruffle some feathers and not know ladies and hate email. It was a lot of love what I do but you know oftentimes I get people commenting going. Where's the science behind this I've never heard that before my doctors never said this that's fine I give it to them and I never hear back from him again. With that big is because they way it looks hopefully. OK or I get people that say stuff like. I'm a dentist and I've never been told the Mercury is that I used Mercury in all my patients fillings are you crazy Mercury aided the American Dental Association says that statement. Well the international academy of oral medicine and toxicology disagrees with that. So we got it just look at the science guys today I'm a messenger yes I'm a practitioner ID card practical physical therapy functional medicine holistic health. But really this show as you guys hopefully know is to raise awareness that the questions that we get past. Through our website through our practice eccentric so. One of the number one questions I mean beating recently is how to I guess heavy metals in my body and and how to get rid of him. It's still we're gonna break down things like Mercury and aluminum and pat Meehan and led and it's hockey guys about a really fun test it's really not that expensive. I think you're looking at maximum about 200 dollars out of pocket. And listing your insurance is not gonna cover this task so let's just swallow that pill now goal okay heavy metal testing is not covered by your insurance company. Unless you've been a hugely exposed in your doctor is saying I wanna test you for heavy battles but they do a blood tests. And that's for acute exposure they'll do that but to look forward to find out you had led new for forty years. You're gonna papers so I've got an awesome blood test very inexpensive. He gets even potentially go ordering yourself. And a silly how many metals are sighted view and of course at least it was also able what do we do becomes vaccine is too much Mercury team it's led to a and so we're talk about how we got so sick with metals. Talk about how those metals directly affect our hormones. Is that you know is hormone theme if you haven't figured it out. The hormones are then what caused proms and embodies the metals and there was a hormone are hormones interfere with their body body falls apart we get sick. So the fix is to get rid of the metals. So this is a toxic metal Celek how to get rid of it and as always each show I am inviting our listeners and are faithful fevers. To join me for my events it's not the month that unit is a hormone might still on the 24 which is Saturday guys next week. Next week coming down the wire I have to one owl that it he goes out it's sold out done. Twelve tickets 704906209. For those tickets are 25 dollars normally. You call that line number they're 37049062094. What would he get you'd get a plan on how to burn fat like crazy plan on how to feel good we did that last week about our hormones that are healthier brain. And you're gonna figure even battles out at 7049062094. While we have to take a break. Under attack. Well hello Ulysses to ask doctor herself and on news 1110993. W BT and coming at you live through the Airways and through FaceBook at FaceBook. I you can track you can drag. You can join us on net stream on FaceBook dot com's class asked doctor Ernst that AS KD RER and as the we like the FaceBook stream can of course eakins yes physically. You can comment below and tell us where your from. Give us a sat out if you would like CO parties FaceBook stream is going to be typing your city your state senators like that. And don't forget to share this joke and I promise you you're gonna go oh my gosh somebody needs to hear this and that person's going to be inside your brain. That is good that share button and off it goes. Heavy metals and your health why if you haven't overcome your illness yeah acts it could be because yet heavy metal toxicity. Did you know that most people clueless. To the fact that metals can be toxic. And things like Mercury and aluminum and cat EM IP building up inside your body. And it may be to cause health issues. I love them all if I had to stay with the most dangerous is is Mercury. And the second most dangerous as lead. And you might be seeing stuff like oh they've gotten rid of lead there's no lead in anything anymore well sorry it's still a lot of stuff. It might not be in the paint anymore. It might not be in the you know gasoline anymore but my god it's still around member Flint, Michigan. Where it all that led come from. That's right the pipes that case out just because that we don't put lead and stuff anymore does it mean if not still bear. And listen as we talk about led just for a second. If you are over the age of about fifty. You physically grew up in what's termed the lead generation which is in the lead with everywhere. And so if you're somebody over the age of fifty got about it 98. This is my stats 98%. Chance if we and it led testy comeback pod. And you might say it will hawk muddle through anything well yeah diabetes yet and if you have blood pressure we have. Diabetes that are it and if you have any issue with your health. That your sort of struggling with your taken medication for your profit in large. You are having difficulty sleeping at night you know at least eight guys that led been led gates in the half. It's like now. Like a wreck that just speaks to the horse owners that there. And doesn't Everly go departments that opens the department of Disco and make everything in that apartment receptive are blocked because of Mercury bad. Things are sent down did you know that the Environmental Working Group in 2004. It is study on newborns. While they were still connected to their mother umbilical cords that they were still get blood from mom. Found 287. Known toxins. Including Mercury. Led fiery tarred and pesticides. Chemicals from nonstick cookware already in and so if you are less than fifty. Thank you mom and dad for all of them medals the you have that is a generational carrier comes from mama. And the reason comes from mom is because both males and females were birth from a male it's to do the science on all came from your mom. And mom's leg came from her mom. And from Herman Herman about that you'd get led generally from your mom or from eating. Paints a security team is and it had let them our. When you very young in the lead generation Q knowing your your your toy car. You know China gives laid out in the poisoning like that the outlet is a little bit everywhere but Mercury that pig pig pig pig. And the challenge with this is again ready. How would you know if you have some sort of metal toxicity cake because first of ball. If not included in your primary blood test is not not gonna do it. OK so how would you know you'd have to get tested. Even if you got your blood test on and they said we're protect you from Mercury it's not gonna be there because Mercury is not in water soluble. Mercury like Mac. And that most of emails that I could be in the areas that things like bones. And they like to be areas of light rain. And so what you gonna learn today is this guy's ready if you've got. Issue with you might remember things that you are depressed anxious if you're worried concerned parkinson's bipolar get the Purdue depression. Brain stuff right. That meant successor. There's high likelihood you have chronic exposure to various metals. Now if you were just recently exposed let's say for some reason you've group one of those old honors which they don't have anymore and you'd all of that Mercury. You would be bosses you start vomiting you're it's way you have headache could be hard agreed beat tired. You're joints would make that your. But as you go longer through life. We've had it for twenty years at low levels flowing through your blood because that your annual flu shots or heaven forbid. You have the silver fillings which are just full of that stuff metals and Mercury and things like that. We start to speed this stuff she'll later on in life impaired blood sugar regulation. I eat diabetes. Female reproductive issues that says menstrual difficulties infertility miscarriages. Hypertension. Joint pains and aches anti generations joints digested its use and that he. That's how it starts usually bite your 5055. 45 sometimes like you know like. I'm not quite doing right and then those all turn into cancer. Heart disease. You know dementia alzheimer's parkinson's DC to pat it's kind of like. I was just getting headaches and having difficulty breathing and I sort of game tired and my joint third a fall apart I was depressed at all that was happening. And I couldn't control my circus anymore meant clippers despite the improvement culturally crazy and I can remember it happened. That's heavy metal toxicity. Soul what do we wanna do while we got to learn about these guys we got to teach you where they come from. How to get rid of them and unfortunately a lot of these come from. What all calls sort of and the toxic dictation of our environments it is from pollution it is from the use of these chemicals in industrial processes. And a lot of them come from sources that stuff that you eat or you'd drink or that are injected into Q. Or that are put in you and giving ample. If you have those amalgam silver fillings. Mercury is generally found inside of them it was. Stabilizing agent and not a dentist I don't know all the science behind it but I do you know that a lot of silver fillings have Mercury and it. And I do know that you've been lied to say it is inert. It is stable it will never leave the tooth not true. Go to the international academy of oral medicine and toxicology which is a group that dentist by the way where they say that some of them do leak. Vapors of Mercury so. As you breathe and if you have those silver fillings with him not compelling your healing Mercury vapors and makes it to be true. Mercury is also found in a lot of stuff. That we find Mercury and you know like flu shots and medications. And gates you know their all over the place so it vehement and out of filling Mercury vaccines at the beginning of vaccine for anything. Generally they use Mercury as sort of a stabilizing agent. If you're eating a lot of fish that are large face like a shark for example I don't know the last. Acts arc for dinner. But I doubt the big big fish right they are loaded with Mercury why because the something called. Bio accumulation from being at the top of the food chain so it works like this little tiny nano it's eaten by our team with the team by. I don't know another face another fish and other fish and it's shark. Casey the accumulation of facts and ask you this who's at the top of the looting today. You are. We're the only ones that eat everything. And the challenge with this is week it toxic fire ourselves. So vaccines. And your heat and your food is where a lot of Mercury comes from. Here's what happens is Mercury starts decline inside your body a hand start going down so if your feet not just one side the boat. Number two we get anxious number three an epidemic probably can't remember or even talking about. We have difficulty speaking. Sort of our engagement. That ought to Ugoh. I know the word that I will come out. Okay and it was starts he'd bigger issues like kidney failure cancer heart disease diabetes. And cognitive decline. The Mercury is a big and unfortunately. A lot of people are really clueless to the fact that Mercury is in your body. More than likely. Another one that we talked briefly about what you can lead a and I and that's it if you grew up and your over the age of if the U group in the lead generation and shocking amount of its ports has team. Kids today. And one in five children have lead in their pot. And even though lead was banned in 1970 eights where you can't physically get leaded paint anymore or letting gasoline anymore. Millions of American homes were still built. Either before that time frame or during the remodeling process that that. The lead that was present in now if your house is built before 1978. With a very high likelihood that there's lead in that house. Pipes. Had been switched from leaded pipes to not let it pipes in 1930s and 1940s but that day. The slaughter that still holds the pipes together. As crazy as this is can have led in its and so mineral deposits often will start to coat pipes. And that's the a lot of land which is the issue with Flint, Michigan if you remember that no lead is often found in our drinking water. And it's also found your blood because it came through. With your generational birth process. Symptoms of lead in your body are unique it's often cramping or polluting in the debate. And really aggressive behavior the more that you have the more angry you are just the more irritated you are the more frustrating you'd yet. Headaches. That heat and high blood pressure again numbness in team in which you see the theme from medals. As of your hands are going down your doctor does oh with carpal tunnel. And you do you get the carpal tunnel surgery and they're still numb a what do you think heavy metals. If your. Randomly noticing lately about my whole leg is numb could be heavy metals if you're having memory issues if you're having difficulty. Recalling things if you got it diagnosed kidney disorder or you have cancer or. Your anemic or you have seizures mean look at a list to just keep going going going. It could be heavy metals which is why I said it began to show. What if the reason and you can't break your health issue is because it is a heavy metal it's. And we need to take a break coming up and I've got a couple more to talk through what the medals are where they come from what to do about them but the secret is going to be its ethnic. And how to know what test to get products it is test properly so against stick around we're taking a break. But I'm gonna open up my call lines for mine hormone workshop and everything yourself. That's earth what does hormones had to do with metals and when I want a console hormone works opposite I have a problem filling. While the metals that get in the blood block apartment interceptors. And it your facts which hormone is supposed to be there to make you burn fat it's blocked Internet which. If your feel good hormones they're coated with a lady your brain to make you feel like you're twenty years younger again but there's Mercury in the way it will work. If your hormones for insulin are supposed to bring your sugars down and help you be non diabetic. And you got medals and applied it block interceptor that it will work you can see the connection. There are a at least I I got a list of over a hundred health conditions connecting with medals in both of you never thought. But having the medals checked in your body. So seven afford 9062094. That's 7049362094. Is the call line Saturday June 24 its next week and I have to while. Analysts the if you like take 170 or nine of 64. Will be your. Hey welcome back Gillis and gas sector are still here on these 1110. Now it three to be VT and also streaming I see you on line through FaceBook lives a FaceBook where eleven attack the guided there. I'm faced with a great weight because that directly connected us weekly gain a couple of people messages passed during the last break. Asking them questions about the event yes I realize I get so enthralled in the topic how heavy metals might be why you haven't conquered your disease. And then I'd look up at the clock and I go there we got ten seconds of work commercial break. Here's the phone number to call in some people call going what am I calling for a case I was answered the questions over the break. But if you're somebody who's just going what's going on today I am I'm a little lost. Heavy metals have been connected to a massive amount of health issues but a lot of us have never even thought of getting them battles and a body acted Steve we have them. And the big big players that things like Mercury and lead which we spent some time talking about at the last segment. So I you can either rewind that they might beat watts that way it's done and we can download the podcast. But I am hosting an event here in Charlotte. On Saturday June 24 at its next Saturday and I came this hour with twelve tickets. Between the last two breaks Redondo I'd just about five tickets actually. Five so five tickets. Normally they're 25 dollars to attend but you'll get a seat reserved in your name. You'll get all the great advice about how to balance requirements we're doing three unique things that this were talking about how to turn out burning switched. You've heard that like crazy out the whole show three weeks ago about that burning switches that go get that seller list and we're gonna talk about how to stabilize your brain to make you feel less depressed and more happy and more and Lee did. And more successful from wife by hormones affect our mental health. I did its sales last week on that that go get that show and it today were talking about half heavy metals interfere with our hormones. And that's why sometimes we can't break your illnesses we get stopped it's like. I'm so close and I just can't seem to seek it or be taken as an indication of the last thirty years and nothing seems to be working you might wanna think about heavy metals. And heavy metals again or things like lead in aluminum and Mercury. Arsenic and William and the Latin Yemeni could keep going down this list and not be able to all of these right now but remember at the end of the show. The last four minutes of are these the climate that's the great information for you guys. On a little bit more about how to decent heavy metal detox. By its. As we going through Mercury where we find it it and finish in a small amount it's in vaccines at large now it's in medication in an even larger amounts. And sadly it the end. On your heat in an extremely large amount if you have a not of filling those silver thinks the lake at that address. We talked about lead in outlet is something that came from your parents. How if your parents grew up in a lead generation which chances are they did. It ended them. And any it to you because it came through your mom's colliding and you department working group found that babies born today today. Have things like Mercury and lead fully retarded. Stuff I had some attacks the over the break through FaceBook they said. How would flame retardant get into a child. And I don't know if you guys noticed and not all touch screen devices. Like your iPhone Samsung's L disease. That this DM collapse is coated with an anti. It's coated with a flame or targets that if you were somehow or another try it like throw this thing in the fire. It wouldn't really catch fire in the outer on the inside explode by crazies that potent with flame retardant. So how it's plain retarded eating into children's today you'd touch the screen. Did in your blind date tactic they use it and their play and that's where flame returns come from there also found in a lot of actresses beleaguered knots. You know so like BM member from style matches and things like that that your sleep in on every night it absorbing. Absorbs them at three your your skin. Another big one Nat sound you know your poly and ago this really truly happening is arsenic and heavy metal industrial activities. Are the reason why we have a lot of arsenic to date in the water case though. Most often what happens is arsenic will be directly into the ground water from earth or it through contaminated activities because of industrialized processes. Specifically. In the US the southwest regions of south count at the California Arizona Nevada New Mexico. Tends to have higher amounts of arsenic in arsenic toxicity does because that region has more arsenic in of itself. Why it comes from a lot of sort of contamination from industrial stuff before the 1970s. Arsenic was actually used in a lot of cosmetic products appear again somebody who's. In your 50s6070s. And you were putting armed with stake and that's scary and the like that. There was a chance you're absorbing arsenic from that direction. And arsenic is authors of the net. We can find in our food sources peso drinking water is the largest source of arsenic in arsenic toxicity food. The typically selfish he's it's gonna sound crazy. But breakfast cereals. Gary and rice and protein powders specifically vegetarian now protein powders haven't found a lot of arsenic in them they were even the recalls. As a very popular brands of vegetarian or beacons now protein because they had higher than about a higher than the allowable amounts of arsenic it. And then of course that you guys may know various needs that you don't eat like apple seeds. And peach seeds and stuff like that arsenic in which light probably been told don't ever eat the inside of a peach right that hit in a park. Smoking is by far one of the biggest sources arsenic because that fortunately tobacco and and natural and organic arsenic in the leaf. And there's that led arson neat is all kinds of crazy pesticides. Lead arsenic is often rate on the back of plants. Pesticides. Have been sort of the arsenic. Since the early twentieth century black. There's still some today like MS MAA which is our nickel compounds are cynical that's Hartford is an arts nickel compound. And that it has arsenic in it and it still legally allowed to beat rate in the United States though arsenic and caught things like kidney failure but here's the big. Vertigo. Dizziness. Sort of them the inability for us to stay aware of where we are in space that you're Lebanese suffers with. Vertigo word using this issue again it may be articulate arsenic in your body. And so there are urine tests can be done to check for her medals and down one that I specifically use something called figuring toxic metal. Basically collect figure and prepare to time. And in youth and did and and it's a common metals and he take accumulation products. And you collected again for a third time. And and compare before and after Q Lisa price can suck medals out of your body so if you have low levels of battles and battles Sonia high levels of battles second test. Guess what they are medals in your body. And they're being sucked out accumulations that that would give you an indication that you can get that out of you if you just Q. And again like I like the time it's just line by. I've exactly place that is from an ex commercial break so stick around to talk about more of the battles that cause it's their help how to passed them. How to get rid of them and again during the course of break and accumulate tickets to the I'd now about the sellouts for last seven afford 9062094. At seven afford 906 Tuesday night for my hormone weight loss had an adult events on July June 24 at take a break Woodruff. Hey welcome back elicits gas doctor itself produced 1110993. Got ABC. I mean as doctor and arts. And I say welcome back but listen you may be just now joining us realize their commercial breaks you guys and hop around site I appreciate. That your hopping on to our show but it doctor Aaron arts enthusiast doctorate so weird it's Scott's team. How may be the fact that you can't break your health if you. Is because you have heavy metal toxicity. What if the recent years they'll stick is there's battles flowing through your blind. And that in your organs and things like that. And downward discussed in again what these metals are and how you could detect and I get rid of them. That the big players with metal toxicity. Are things like led. And Mercury and aluminum and down went out we have had him and arsenic and it's that your cell. That the trick here today is. I have found that most people to complete clues that the idea that medals even being your body number one. Number twos that they can actually cause problems with health and number three if there's something about it. By yourself. And that's violent that the cheapest days so the Environmental Working Group has discovered that most children born today have heavy metals. And other pesticides herbicides fungicides and even things like plane returned in their plight. As though where is all the stuff come from. While we mention that a lot of the medals have found an inspired leak either in your mouth your heat in healing the vapors. There in the water because of contamination in your foods because of pesticides or fish and Mercury in the or there and products that you use though. One that Alec spent some time talking about now because it has such a huge effect on cancer. And rained help and everything else is not just Mercury with the party talks about. Not just led with few parties but aluminum. And you might think that aluminum is completely safe because you can edit in foil in your in your kitchen. You can pull it up and play with it Coke with it do everything you you might be that person who thinks. Do that it is something safe and unfortunately it is wildly dangerous. The metal is often still used today in the treatment of water so we tend to find them and also water. So things like arsenic is in the water aluminum can be in the water it can be in the water Mercury we don't they find water that much and more things that injected into you. Again like vaccines and medications. He. And face that you eat. But it limited as a big player because I it. Everywhere. Everywhere number one aluminum foil tent is are you probably put a potato in a piece of foil and cook it. Hate to say at the deliverance in the food. Chances are you've Cody your grill with a limit of what you wanted to keep it clean and you put that nice piece that this round to cut through the metal. And the fist now that the limited. Did you know that most deodorant that day have a dividend cited. So you'll find it coincidental that a lot of people. They get breast cancer will usually have a old on ones I laughed at the right. And I haven't done the studies have looked into this but this speculation pure speculation. That if I'm right handed I tend to put more deodorant on my left arm pit and it you might rights. Because of my dominated does the fact that awkward weird that it. So you absorb. Metals through your skin and you lymphatic tissues are loaded on your arm it's. And for women and from then it goes right into the rest issue though what if the incidence of breast cancer had to be because of the incident that loom minute in your deodorant and guess what happens from alluded toxicity. Breast cancer directly connected. OK we also find it again that in water it's an art deodorant and medications. It's a lot of vaccines because again Mercury has become quite a controversial topic. And there are a lot of health advocates that and let's pull the Mercury from vaccines. But it in the Mercury Mercury coming out today we celebrate record three vaccines that that's what they've put in place aluminum. You gotta have some version of a metal in them to keep it sort of in activated in order to stay Errol. And that they can last for a long period I'm so great job getting Mercury out of a lot of the vaccines but look we put mentally put a limit and its place. It's elegantly fighting and your foils the fine in your ten knots and your hands. That used to be handed him with and a ten with gainers the average those out of aluminum making trees don't you that you make cookies you put them on nine seats. Of aluminum. My god raise them everywhere. Aluminum though is that capitalized in the body somewhat naturally as though the argument is what police say that the gate and it just comes right back out. But again that's like stable chlorine is though say. Drink chlorinated water you're totally fine but were fine out earlier not. Drinking bleach is not a good idea that does making a small amount of bleed in the water over a long period time a good idea. Yes a loot of toxicity is known if you were to take a violent aluminum and checked in your body you probably are gonna make it through that. But why would we say it's safe if you just have it on your food and having on your foil and put your deodorant. Because long term exposures using test. Nobody does it past eighty years later to find out that the aluminum in theater clots cancer until enough people are having. And to eat Smart we pull it takes years that that hundreds of years. Aluminum has been directly connected things like breast cancer. Also timers it is that the needs to think of if you think alzheimer's used to think oh my god of them of toxicity. Dementia bone disorders kidney failure. We went straight at the Illumina. We talked about arsenic our state comes in our water comes in our food comes in our drinking source that the cubs are smoking. Arsenic is in tobacco he comes in our past the flights. So arsenic could be your body causing problems. Another dateline net can't create its use again because you're probably going to try to find out what's wrong and your doctor says Hannity and Mariah. But we wanna give you an injection of a product that's gonna make and I look better than it's. Probably gonna put this season. Get bill I mean him. Don't even try I realize that time that pronounce words appropriately but GE eight. Get millennium millennium Catalina unit on it. Data lenient is eighth specific contrast agents that the injected. When you get MR I help you be able with these things that are on the MRI now here's a wild is that you get whenever I use the BI's. Something's wrong. And then they give in inject him a metal that can cause you to of issues with your muscles that team. Tonight is ringing in arrears worth your vision hair loss vertigo as well if your extremities if you of human alive Ian incited you. He's heavy metal is that it can cause these issues and often only the it was but he says life had 600 memorized but it what's wrong with health. Now we know their house. And led we've disguised. It's not a big issue for a lot of us because it comes from past generations. Mercury we've party disguised. It's something that we find heat there vaccines that your the issue here medications. Nickel is one that you know it's a big issue and feel it to some degree today because them. If you had metal braces or you've ever had jewelry that's been very inexpensive. It's usually made from nickel. So we get into a body also comes from. If you're somebody who does a lot of like metal work if you're like a welder for example. You work in the refining plate earned electro plating companies or something like that you'll often find nickel beat the things like. Kidney and liver issues neurological dysfunction and numbness and asking les and a big deal. So again as I was trying to mention. If you're somebody who into the neurologist at your hand gun down or sister or carpal tunnel but they do that ethnic if anything wrong with carpal tunnel. I think heavy metals metres of youth ears are ringing the night it is also a big issue today. By yours just Waltz up ringing while I often find it if I was disabled which side's worst writer left Watson writes I definitely I can hear it's that allowed in the right. Guess where most people have the feeling in the right side of their mouth more that the left. Battles what do you think stuff like. Numbness and tingling. Ringing in the years. And that's condition the state by yourself in the big big big players and insisted that for any alzheimer's cancer. Diabetes heart to expect. Volume is one that is becoming a bigger issue today mostly because it made a chemical product they keep in the water. As a result the vice doing a lot of coal burning or using path. So it's a battled it today is becoming a bigger issue because more and more pesticides have been sprayed. And more and more coal is being burned or dumped as coal acts sort of the waste products. As I it was something that I've actually seen in summer patients does with them urinating by themselves without even having to pull it out. So think about this if you're somebody who just goes to the bathroom in your dumping heavy metals. All my docs you got a lot of medals inside your body you're gonna find things like severe issues again I have something that's connected to stuff like. Cardiovascular problems though. Some sort of issue with your hearts you might happen rejection volume decreased you might apply pressure ability to read via. It's also connected to things again my guess what numbness and tingling dementia hair loss Arabia and parties headaches and other big one with value. Where we get I am from but eating non organic foods. From drinking water it's been contaminated by some sort of pesticide. Or having somebody like hey power plants. Dump coal acts I'm not gonna call it out but I want to Google this type in the Charlotte area energy supplier. And coal acting guests like 2016. Somebody got mine for dump it on a collapse in river here in the North Carolina State. And done thus valiant has been climbing. Tungsten is a big one and it's it's a tough one because listen something that content jewelry I do Q I have a constant rain. And down we used to think tongs it was something that was relatively generic but it's used in a lot of my ball in cellphones computers. Electronics and X rays and just. Think technology when he beat tungsten we love it because at the really hard battle really hot and doesn't expand so it's a great. Products. But can cause some issues theme constant poisoning is very rare in the system that you physically builds computers for a living conference crack. But he can lead to again guess like numbness and he ain't. It can leads him wringing your ears breathing issues kidneys the orders and large cases caesar's and Cesar disorders. And in the last had to battle with the problem mostly because we have nuclear plants and things like that mr. mania. It is down. Obviously eight. What it is the nuclear materials that uranium is something now we can define the areas that ended in the motive. Contaminated because of either since the war zone area award nuclear power plants the author of our plant that is effects though. I don't release the a lot of Iranian issues and people I work with. But wait these he has a seat on him which that pesticide coal actually Hugh IDC Nicole. I diss the Mercury IDs the things like led. Do you see things like again arsenic aluminum and these big guys these that was the cause health issues. How does that happen. Again it happens because they stick. To the hormone receptors. So again. What kind of testing moving need to do what is something called a year in toxic metals test required to did you who have won. Just collect your yearning in what's in it by itself. Never to you do one taking the speculation products. And he technique here and again obviously you're gonna recently ordered its test for you but he simply just you know go online you can often find places you can order it. We can walk into Latin like that have now passed and the connected with the position in order for you and and know what your shirt paper that. No news to report yet is it worth it absolutely. Absolutely I I'm ready in time for today ethernet through my call mine out to throw quick 704906294. That's for free tickets the man coming event. And those speed on FaceBook stick around for four minutes upon. Thanks so much with Phoenix. Hey FaceBook or comments you live for our format it's a fine. And down today's topic of course as you may have just seen was heavy metals and you know toxicity probably costs on the if she's with their health. My little segment data that free for FaceBook yours is. Why your diet is so vitally important when it comes to trying to detox and actually for heavy metals. We know for a fact that a lot of the medals come from the foods that we eat so the first step in getting rid of heavy metals for your body is or moving your source. Does that mean if you have fillings in your teeth that are still recruits need to start addressing and I stay silver and at their silver colored. On if they are the amalgam sort of like shiny fillings in your gonna need to do something about them. Usually when I recommended that she finds some sort of IAO. And T international academy of oral medicine and toxicology dentist there what are termed biological dentists. We are blessed in Charlotte because we actually have several. That are certified to the IAO NT all you have to do is go to the website IAO NT dot org. And type in their little search feature of fights and when he Cornelius was doctor Millen. There's one in Concord Davis them. I just lost the doctor Kempner. And now we have several in Charlotte after plastic and other people get and definitely check that out that we got to remove the source it in. RT secondly we need to make sure knocking vaccinated on a regular basis but things like flu shots every year. Or pushing vaccines like singles as we get to be 5060 or pneumonia. As controversial as that topic is a loan just know it vaccines are not the answer for you built in immunity. That's a whole other topic obviously to decrease of vaccines but we gotta clean better diets remembrance said pesticide. Lead in food is going to be full of heavy battles so obviously the only way to avoid that would be to go organic. We need to clean our food go it's natural as you can as a process as you can't and it must be organic if you decrease the medals in your body. I highly recommend that you also look into eating foods that fit this season that they were grown and because what happens is. If you're eating strawberries in December. They've probably been sort of chemically produced or brighten or something that affected that'll naturally grow at that time frame so. Eating food in the seasons that they grow anything greatly to make sure that your getting. A natural because of the case effect taking place also something that works really well for pulling metals. Are the dark greens and not just things like KL and the lot are on tail it's hard that they got the breaking out into herbs. Like so much row and parsley oregano and those sorts of things believe it or not even adding to the small bit of the launch fro parsley to your juices. Can actually help him very gently poll battles for the buy because they naturally have calculation effect it. And then just remember that a lot of our brain tissues are pirates listeners are adrenal glands where all of the battles tend to lie because they're made a fact. If we can eat more fat sweetened cleanest if she's out by themselves. So high fact moderate protein low carb diet politically he did get a guy to mitigate the support. Detoxification from battles but just know that here's the reason that when used with few truly and honestly the only way to get amount ST speculation product. And the only way to know what to do is to get the testifying to what you have obviously. If there's a lot of Mercury which we need to detox Mercury which is different than if there's a lot of led vs those of arsenic a lot of volume that they like that. The test I specifically uses cold doctors dates you're in toxic metals if you like more information about that. Messed us directly hacking connect you with how we can potentially in order went for you. All of our information found on doctors dot com and even have a great article to beat guys. About all the medals and everything which thoughts about today I really hope you found the baby informative if somebody who's dealing with a condition like diabetes. Or thyroid problems with the effect metals may be the answer you just need it tested a four CNET next week thanks so much.