Health Care, Russia, And Why No Progress

John Hancock
Friday, July 14th

Doug Kellett fills in for John Hancokc. Doug is joined by author Bill Glynn, talk show host Bryan Crabtree, Michael Daugherty, Author of "The Devil Inside The Beltway", and Doug Graham to discuss the health care situation, Russia and why is nothing getting accomplished in Washington.


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And while command 305 on the giant hand Dodd Joseph Friday edition. How the program due to be would you once again Doug Kelly sitting in behind the chair and the phone number your mare go to phone lines wide open the phone number 70457011. Stand to be on the program today. And TJ George trailing the producing in board operations force today and you're welcome to join him eleven member of guests and a any item in the news give me a call and there's more on the on the Russians saying I know that many are kind of tired of hearing about it but there have there is some other news today. That need to bring your attention will be that in just a minute later we'll talk about the health care bill now right now it appears to be sort of dead. We have two Republican senators saying they're not doing the vote for it then we told you about this yesterday senator Rand Paul. Saying no and so does Susan Collins of Maine. Unless something changes. If it does come up for a vote next week as we're being told. They would have little chance fans so we you know will will discuss this what could be done to maybe have changed this. You have these tax increases in there that we're in Obama care. And the Republicans are not doing anything about it senator Tim Scott meanwhile South Carolina today says that. You know don't worry about that we can figure of these. Tax increases that are part of obamacare when we do tax reform so maybe that's an option that's the end of the house in the Republicans will. Look ahead to may be up solve some of the problem here but right now. Doesn't look good for the year GOP health care plans president trump has arrived back in the US after his trip to France. Just arrived aboard Air Force One in New Jersey. Think he's going to attend. Some of the golf this week in Libya. And one of his golf courses where they're holding the US women's open I think him. He claims to be there for that let's start abouts no we don't want to bullish start about the latest on the other Russians story. How CNN just I don't know big news. CNN just reported that and now they were eight people involved in that meeting it wasn't just Paul man aboard in them. Dunn junior. Injured commissioner and in this Russian lawyer apparently there were as many as eight there was at least one other individual for sure and there. Have it's already been confirmed this with a guy that. It had some ties in the past of the Russian government and they countered by espionage or something of that effect during the early years of the Soviet Union. I can't pronounce his name but. He is confirmed that he was in the meeting now. CNN saying there were other people in the meaning high NBC says there were released six. The other person is not been identified. Barely there may have been an interpreter in the meeting. CNN does not identify who these additional people were but. Doesn't sound like. Kelly we have to look at dissimilar objectively doesn't really look good because the administration and Dunn junior had given conflicting stories about exactly what this meeting was all about. Now with the emails that came out Canon though. What at least the premise. So the meeting wise it was a meeting to provide some information about the year. The Hillary Clinton and it was said to be from the Russian government we talked a lot about this on the program yesterday well. There's also a story today long news. That time I forget exactly this. Who created this web site. You remember his name but regional stockman has a story here. That says that the lawyer and in this came actually from this. Former Soviet guy that was in the meeting he he's going to be by several of the network's new Associated Press is those who interviewed him. But apparently release he says. There were some documents there were exchanged in the meeting. He says there were there was a plastic folder with print out documents detailing illicit funds but allegedly being funneled to the Democrat national committee. It's part of an Associated Press story my question you. Does any of this matter this point you. There's some that are all for truck no matter what story comes out there are others who may drop so it doesn't matter. One dooms avid idol I don't up there and some were objective. I mean there are also some new. Support the agenda but may be concerned about. Sometimes a messenger who's leading the agenda but does this matter now live that there would be. Three people instead of four there may be some documents were. Handed over to the the drug administration mom. Kristy neutron campaign that the administration. During the we campaign. I answered the big news in the I've had several conversations with friends about this is afternoon some well both of them are big big trump supporters. Same I think we all agreed though that there is any problem with the so the credibility of Dunn junior in this and the lack of truth telling all the way through exactly with a meeting was about who was in the meeting. And in so why he did release these emails but he did so when the New York Times had copies of them and we're going to publish them anyway. So we know that happened. There's some conservatives on Fox News. They're also concerned about the credibility of Donald Trump junior may be some of the administration Chris Wallace was critical today. On the Fox News Channel. Palestine what was critical today you know the current conservative commentator. Has been very much pro Donald Trump during. Much of what's been going on he was critical about the credibility says this is. Hurting the credibility of the drug administration's. Charles Krauthammer who's not been. My favorite of Trump's. And have been saved a favorite two triumph. You know during the campaign that had been somewhat during have the first days of the administration. So he's been very critical that some of his news his command anywhere we'll talk about let's get some guesses we go along on the program today. Welcome your phone call 704570. He live a dinner and a daily and for John Hancock will be right back in his eleventh did 993 WBD. Welcome back creating good immune Uganda Taylor sitting in on this Friday. Hope you're having a good week all over 704 or five should know 1110. And warm weekend looks like it's just headquarters here we'll check traffic of course boomer we'll have that news of the day Mike with a big story. As we go along John on vacation be back next week 704 or five similar limit Jimmie delighted millions of over the line. We got a good guest list today would eleven we'll talk to venture camp was real glimpse. At 335 at bats. The effect of these taxes that are still in this health care accident the Republicans are not going to get rid of at least not now we'll see what in impact he thinks. There's one continue to handle the economy. If this isn't taking care of so we'll discuss that Brian Crabtree a contributors general dot com beyond what is about this whole Russian thing around the world 510505. Michael daughter you be president CEO of lab in the we'll be on to talk about the obamacare bill. And Doug Graham. Who have former speechwriter for the bush administration for the secretary of labor will be on where this. Talk about all things blow in Washington these days and million health care bills through if you wanna join give us a golf. On the Russian issue we mentioned this to start the program there are more stories today. Basically. There were between six to eight people in this meeting. They've done junior had the Russian lawyer they've added that someone else in the meeting that was a a former sort of intelligence. Person at one time for the old Soviet Union. Who was in there he is been confirmed he was in the meeting he's been interviewed by the associated press and some of the networks today and he apparently told the AP. Then there were some documents that were. They did change hands in the beginning. Does it matter that's a question I'm asking Jim is get us going here on the phone today Jim. You're under is 11109893. WBZ thanks for calling. You know god. Through your living doll story about moral strong rush your Yates. You know allegations leading. I'll feel probably like Jamie Dimon. In his comments today you know and CEO of chase spot arguably the biggest most prop who blanked in the country. And his comments today. And what he's fair. Corner you're embarrassed to hold dear and bears to be an American I find that are believed him. Well what does what he's there today. Well I'll I'll I'll hold that you want to. He's very there's nothing. Threatening your country in the whole world today aren't even that bad here they're got dual career yup. Like what they want all within our country third nothing threatening note the track while going home within. And gigantic diamond hit I go home it. When he brought up about the lack of respect about what you need around the world tax white Fiat to compete with around the world. And what's going all he thought that was to lower fleet at. And golf. Sam and nobody really knew what he was talking about Jim if you read the stories about what he says today he said he was embarrassment to be an American when he goes around places which I'm not a bears to be in America know about you. Yeah we got high tax rates we need to do something about it. He was as important with the front wheel and drug administration always said was he was frustrated with a recorder. Senator making sense to me they do make sense to you. Well right now may have spread forties they're bitter but by putting out what he says they hate frustrated before going all we want to be nice. When will not dimmed. Jim did not frustrated. I mean that I have if anybody does not frustrated would watch not going on in Washington now let's specify when you're talking about you talking about. Maybe the criticism of Donald Trump are you talking about the lack of activity by the members of the house in the sin of getting this health care bill through. And babies are all under the legislative agenda when he talked about. Well I think you come here not only read part of the street but his comments were directed toward. The how right it is ignored here about corporate America Burton but for the rest of the world. All be out almost no growth we've gone through where it now for ten years. All. And then we continue to have discussions like we're happy in congress now about the last election that was held about nine months ago. Well I don't know anybody really Jim what they hear look I'm an idiot I'm with the on the problem with the economy I am a totally with the UN family critics certainly of the way Obama. Handled things the last eight years and I think we need some some relief I will say. Just looking at what's being proposed in this health care bill it doesn't really seem to solve any of that issue. One of the drags on the economy this have been going on the last seven or eight years. Has been the tanks increases. I'm obamacare. And yet these are going to remain I had that really bothers me should Barbie to I think. Well at smartly and I like the American public accepts what the main reason that Donald Trump letting you know why health today. Certainly many things about dropped partly that I know why so he came out he made some very. This thing come your comment about Obama care and immigration and inciting being ignored by our government. As our government continues to hit Apple's vendor. That's really been bid up support did. That's really cannot thank the Republicans are controlling the house right now. And I think the American public has yet about phone over our city. And that they've given up or radiology American put him or somebody different person in the country able. Well I was I tend to agree most of what you're saying there may be maybe all of envy. That's the thing is it now drop surely one he had that he was right on those issues that you mentioned however and we still got to get them implemented. And that's part of the issue that doing I'm here now the you know leave the Russian investigations are deciding issue in my opinion but the the whole debate is going on among. Congress right now for the health care is really among Republicans. Democrats have decided not to supported all gym so. We're trying to get Republicans on board for this you know it sits it's a tough sell apparently a little while it is I'm sure why don't drive on this one day they voted for. Revealed Obama cheered I don't know how many times in the past but but for some reason when it really counts we can't get it through. Well I rocket carrying it starting to get compensation now who are out there are already at corner. Why do you convey warmth or get removed that they're like the. I wouldn't put any money down but there wouldn't really bother me either if indeed there have been he has had a couple of close calls but. It's very differ go begin any of these incumbent senator especially the ones who have been around a long time they know how. How things work in Washington they're able lift the work the system and it's that's why incumbency is it's very tough to devote people have reduced. You know while you and I mean though John McCain and for the people of Arizona apparently do. Well I think benefited you have to Jamie Dimon Comair movie hit the top down not what was going only to you like a whole lot of Americans or. And thought these dogs speak out about it. You know my guess is though Jim I would think too much time. A guy who's been involved a lot of sort of global is activities. To be carrying the flag for you know probably what do you think idea. As I understand he was in very clear exactly what he was upset about. Him there's no way I way I listened to his comments in the interview and judge I didn't. I'd I'd be OK so he's man. So is everybody else but I I don't care much for a lot of the global is policies were going on the lasted 1015 years Fannie or would have been part of the. Arkan say why I thank you comment by a whole lot more sense of what I'm hearing about is there additional meeting got a record meetings with the truck camp by. I can make a whole lot more. Well I don't know there's those are two separate issues and you know we deceptive defile them both but I appreciate you called him. If you wanna join give a cigar 70457. Though eleven Jan 70457. Though we live in ten if you like to. Talk with a zero national the line time today we'll talk more about the health care bill specifically wins. He'll win joins me that at 335 today there's. Then we get sued other tax increases in there and you know it's just a it's just give ago we get enough Republicans in the US senate on board with any particular bill that doesn't even. Taking into account if they aren't able somehow to get this bill approved in next week what's going to happen in the House of Representatives here. Because the house bill was much different. Then the the senate bill and now. You know you've got to is pursuing any area of the tax increases he can get Rand Paul would go along with a and their produce enough Medicaid. Reduced funding and they have that lives senator as Susan Collins. He's not doing this to support it. We'll be right back you are joining give us a call on the program Aussie hit me up on Twitter my Twitter presents I dug radio and also FaceBook got done. Meg slash I don't radio and we'll be right back with more of a John Hancock show. Seven does Ellison and yeah. Can Jack's going to be back on Mondays on vacation 7045701110. Guys doing that yet producing former DJ and George. Handling everything here and you can men talked with this year we're trying to make this connection I guess decision this week yet really mullah would get him on the program. Don't know back before we get to the calls here Jim was talking about some comments of the Kenneth JB chase or JPMorgan Chase said. The CEO diamond said today in the interviews very confusing me it really that in the interview so basically though he said he was embarrassed to be an American. Clearly was frustrated of this and that he didn't really specify exactly what he was frustrated about except he told reporters frustrated vet him. But they went through those sort of a litany of things. I didn't think it really made a lot of sense when my friend just posted something on a story I'd senate on social media earlier today. And you know his reaction was kind of like mind here's another sort of you know wealthy banker types. That they're getting bailed out by the taxpayers saying he's telling us he's embarrassed to be an American what does he embarrassed about. Theres other sort of global list third tied this Dennis and a lot of the issue here then really we shouldn't be involved in right anyway so exactly what is diamond upset about and then. You know Jim literally makes a lot of sense Jim I don't think he really did would be for a guy you would be pointing to things. To defend you or to make your case. I think you totally misunderstood. Some of that interview today but simply anyway we've got real Glenn we're gonna bring him on a lawsuit takes a goes to bring squeeze me into this thing on the phone gift to you in just a moment. How bill is a venture capitalist and economist sees separately guess in my programs when I'm sitting in and feel good to have you on the show today how are you. Good just jumped out of boxing man heard about Democrats and are so great. Well right you which one were you taken by the Oilers they were to you to you swings at them my news in trouble here but let's just say Omar just. Oh yeah the whole party sort of generic Democrat right. It's let's talk about delighted did you damage that. The diamond made the the CEO of JPMorgan Chase. Today you mean he needed the when what is he talking about do you did you hear any of that. Not that kind of you know highlight you know he boil. Yeah I mean he's just frustrated about what exactly here's a guy that Serb sort of dissipated in the you know there's the taxpayer bailout he's been the you know he's pushing global his policies for years what is he is frustrated that trump is frustrated about. On your blood. Well I think there is the case that would system moving now and relative term. In this fire until four year presidency has a lot of pressure to get stuff done when in fact. You know. They're they're a timeline Nixon first 200 Ayers so gonna get that legislation teed up a problem that people and they're they're very poor communicators. Budget reconciliation. Means. You've got there and something you know little box that you can't do everything you want. 4 o'clock on that path but the reconciliation and it goes to a full vote any candidate for the senate. Felt safe Republican for better communicators friend they would mobilized more people might Democrats still. That often not the same hymn book like the Democrats still. They may be able to get stuff done and explain it people say hey wait a minute when they tried to do that there are three part plan. For help K we're gonna remove health Kayla and her place to capture what they're on Wall Street all messed up about it taxes but will it affect me I don't. With a simple get tax reform lower taxes period. You know how much investment new investment and job that would create may be uttering math so that I could put him up the banks. Yeah but I am concerned about on this and he made a good point about the you know health care bill. Mean if there's anyone ruling that has seen a Republican out there really telling us why we should be in favor of this. Particular bill because when I hear about it I hear things in there don't like amoeba you're no one really trying to make the pitch to me as a voter that this is a good idea. Well here's the thing they can't yet. Thought meaning. The banner I have whoever that they can't give us everything we wanted it clear they're poorer communicating has. Under the rules are bucket reconciliation. We have to do something entries that period do you understand now look at budget reconciliation means that. It's got to have a negative in a neutral or negative impact on the depth or in order prevents a boat with 51 vote. If they don't. And it goes through we'll take you to bill the Tropicana. OK you want. Let me explain to me at one. Yes we're gonna do block grant back down and think we can get that done for its one. Face to do we want approach community health at one point or going to aggregate they're buying power wanna put health savings account complaint. Study out he got me is free with. No wonder that the public relations the plumber who are hack living over in Atlanta Georgia. And I can explain better than apple targets and something wrong man I mean. Well I would are not fully would have confidence you can go ahead and explain this much better than. Men the Republicans are doing so don't get me wrong necessarily would agree with that but you know I voted for repeal. I've been hard I am when I'm hearing is an item again it. And I'm hearing that they're gonna keep the tax increases in there which has been there really is are starting to Jim dollar few minutes ago that's the big drag. On the economy the last seven or eight years in what I hear the keeping it in there. Well here's the thing again it's got to be budget neutral or just always remembered that or it goes to do a full senate vote. Period if it goes to a full senate vote frank you can't pass that fell. Hey do you which you can do now under under reconciliation. Start working on based here. Okay based it would you're it is very different now. While we're doing now let's drop a massive comprehensive tax reform bill on the table along with a huge. Infrastructure spending bill in the United States of America. Now they're the three things that we need to have happened they're trying to you're the health Kate saying because. You feel like they're under pressure for a won't repeal of don't know if we get all of a sudden. If we all of a sudden repealed and shut down obamacare cut little break under its own weight. Anyway. If we did that little precipitously blow up for a candidate Republican thanks. So bad opinions helped cave. It's there it crush our economy. We've government raised the money out of the pocket and not let and keep your own doctor and left. But the fact is they cannot do everything that everyone wants and one saints. That they controlled than at that you don't particularly in a lot. Well it's okay you're right but here's a thing Saddam guy that. There's been talking you know on the radio for thirty years about you know well there's there's consequences or would you do. All right they do exactly would you say they can't because of this reconciliations. How many people really understand that in the country are they really explaining that can they explain that to the American people I think what's gonna happen is gonna vote for this. And is arguably much better than what we had in the Internet and they're gonna own this thing and win obamacare gets even worse then the American people don't blame them. And guess what we Elizabeth Warren may be in four years we get the Democrats see you know Chuck Schumer back in control or somebody like that. Hour to go Luther. We're thank. You don't want like I'm not pretend they're already doing that you know why outfield or less and we're not gonna clergy and. Visit mere youth votes aren't are almost always want yours or other. Bill you were supposed to come back to Doug you're wrong on that this I don't have oh you just you agree with me. It went color and 100% or why the Democrat listen then so good at mobilizing may have created. Bremer spent like first grade for the last thirty years all the way up through college because created a cult like environment within our society. For our society. So they have a new mobilize base where they do protest they continually get on television has vilified trump. Do anything they can do to mobilize the next hey why because they wanna take back control. And they want this to be a progressive liberal society period and the story they wanna transform America and you know why they are so good there. There are so much better. I'm gonna like somebody coming up and who told her so liberally playing against pro ball we suck. And dealing with and pay he'd look at okayed you know keep your doctor keep her clan YYK. Hillary we did thirty without you know. And she bleached itself. Don't. What their talent that all and by the way while you about it you know I mean you go through and take the top ten. Most nasty or find ire at investigation everything else. Look at what we did dog look at what these people did it. I mean it is so out of bounds so on at that role much of Italy's goal and here's the Republicans. Yeah and learn about not and I don't investigations across fifteen different things that people that. Well you'll have another two billion bring them another good point united people calling my own don't tell women now trump junior and what every got into because Hillary Clinton did this in this. Well I thought about that as much as I could Sheehan win the election. But what's stopping I mean who's not investigating Hillary run out there they are turbine who are there are but I mean. You know it right now isn't being a new sheriff in down if if she's not under investigation and then we need to be talking to the guy in charge right. Loaded for this film world war I report with his fifth. We lied to say how beautiful people why the more we. You can keep your doctor to reflect more confidence vote you know you've done this for both players with a permanent liberal agenda at all cost. You know here they are open down protests in the streets. How long were being mobilized we are highly mobilized to remember them for the whole neck slower. And the Republicans are sitting there with a bunch of structure all of and you know all we Detroit you've ever. We have a we have one chance one chance in history of the nineteenth when he with the Republicans in their know what they're doing or not. Silently and Jim wasn't there you go limo must choose not frustrated. Bill great talking to you have a great weekend thanks for taking as many as we know it all back. In the ring got to come gosh I got me all hyped up now I'm really gonna go. Five work evident frustration really at night doubling in joining us here we'll be right back get some calls 704 or five similar living in the jealous. John. I'm John index showed McAllister again Friday. July 14 edition. The dead lame duck program heroes these Olympics in many meant freedom to see in this first hour is. Flying by let's get to Dennis drew when he longtime sort of this health care bill in May come up for a vote next week. Right now jays are gonna get passage but we'll have to wait and see obviously on the the actual vote Dennis thanks for calling your RW BD. Thanks for taking my call guard units originally honest. Some about the have a stroke let's send me all over here because. You keep talking about health care bills these bills Obama care and everything the Republicans have proposed. Don't have a single thing to do with health care they are strictly health insurance reform I myself have been her health and terms consultant. Her group insurance for over thirty years I think I have a little bit of knowledge its farthest thing is concerned. And the time has come and passed along time ago for all these politicians and all these so called experts. To have it come to these as conversation with the American public people the cost of your health insurance. Here's what is. That he what it needs to be in order for insurance companies survive. All the competition everything in the world is not gonna reduce the cost of health insurance because if you take the national average. 85 cents out of every dollar in premiums. He goes back out in claims so why all these bills and now Libya as we hear every day. We're talking about the fifteenth tenth the 85 cents of that dollar and the American public you. I mean Dellinger right about in today's health insurance you're right but it's just generally discuss is the health care bill. I don't agree Rivera what is it you want to see happen I mean the the premiums are where people can't afford it so therefore everybody's gonna be untrue and government. Subsidize. Health insurance has been as you'll really have here. Well there I'm mark modern America don't know the answer to that. But until now the problem is we don't have consumerism. In not in our. Open society. Capitalism whatever consumerism keeps prices in check. When somebody else is paying the bill. Felt good though that you know led to their plaque can drive a BMW for the same price I can travel Volkswagen watermark on gras and that's what's happening you know darn. MS something this is absolutely right if if you and I were paying the bill out of our party like we knew many of us do without dentist. Then when we would keep the cars down. We're if you do simply show your insurance card generally cheer when it's it's costing I get their mess that's true but the what's happened with a volunteer that we have less freedom. To make any of these decisions we get more freedom by doing that we never really probably gonna move down that road. Well you know the whole thing with a obamacare. I'm not a conspiracy not or anything like that. Obamacare is working exactly like it was supposed to work that is a ring supposed to. It was supposed to blow up insurance companies to Wear the American public golf brought her hands up in the air. And you'll have a single Payer system and managed single Payer system. The government will pay the price. Rise in India as you know the interest cabbies lasted this I guess it was six or seven years ago on the station I remember getting a phone call from a guy. How do you know this because I don't have the business world works. These are these companies were gonna get out of the health insurance business they've got plenty of other things they can ensure. To make money I mean thoroughly we need to feel too sorry for the insurance companies most people don't like them anyway. But it's it's a necessity of life in this thing is that they they know how to make. To make the money so it was not profitable they'll get out of it. I and that's exactly what the point otherwise you know I mean it's. If you thought were left foot blue cross from North Carolina as the only obamacare option in North Carolina. It blows my mind that there's still an option because since obamacare started they have lost almost 480 billion baht. I'm certainly not been a million dollars. On obamacare policies allowing them keeps telling him and I'm tell. We address the fundamental problem which is. You know next time you watch the commercials on television about our Vallone. You know yes security hepatitis C don't tell you that drug cost 98000 dollars for a twelve week treatment. When you watch Phil Mickelson talking about embryo that drug and almost 40000 dollars a year so what do you want your insurance the cost and until. I understand what cancer. I don't know I don't throw in general Dennis though I think you're right about it I just think the again. We're joined by getting there would be of the current GOP bill you're you're done many insurance can have lead they make him eliminated on the front end. Some Obama here where the but now of course they're losing which is exactly as you point out they were going to lose they're gonna eventually just simply. Get out of that business of them covering if something doesn't change unfortunately the GOP bill doesn't seem to deal with the any of the things. But you talked about great stuff from you did as I appreciate you hanging on to. Talk about a give us more time to they're really discuss this we'll be right back though we have a news update next. And in more than John Hancock showed just ahead 7045701110. Give me up on Twitter my Twitter feed is that I don't radio and FaceBook died down. Max a shunted radio in my web site. Good resource story I did radio dot com we'll be right back with more of a John Hancock show. I would here on this left Friday John Hancock show Doug Palestinians. It's just 714. The toll seventeen get ready for the weekend we only get you to plant a wound up like did Dennis hear about this. Hills Laguna blow against him we don't want that to happen it's Friday. But the news is what it is and we're gonna discuss it 70457011. Jim health care bill. We'll come out from bullies were being told by Mitch McConnell next week. I think a lot of people. You wanted to see full repeal of Obama here. Like me you're not real happy where there will discuss that more. On the show as we go along but to join me right now is Bryan Crabtree is publisher of talk forty dot com these are contributed to tell. Flash Dalian daily caller does come all web sites I check out. And they also hosts his own. Talk show in Atlanta and we're glad to have him on our program here to talk about the the latest dealing with this meeting we've done junior the Russian lawyer now we know there have been apparently there were released six members maybe three members to the meeting. And Brian thank you so much for being on the show this year good to have you. We're at it. Say what you think about this leave the stories today and of the media's been chewing on this thing all week. There was a news buster reported in 93% of the coverage on CNN alone was about the sort of Russian story. But today. The Associated Press interview this. Guy that was in the meeting. So you may have been a onetime Russian spy amateur that's been totally. Documented but he was a Russian lobbyists at this point but apparently has some ties to the old Soviet Union. He apparently said that there was some documents that transferred between. The Russian lawyer. And Don junior foment a four injured Kushner does this does this change any thing you or does this make any difference in your opinion. Yeah you gotta pay painted anything I think it bizarre spectacle watched all the way out if you think about. Parallel that it would be someone the FBI leaking classified information about the reality that the federal crime. Receiving that information gave Washington Post New York Times obviously to get a failure to take a phone call or have a meeting to receive it so. That's getting a new fifth and then and they are allowed the public can use that data as part of their journalistic. I efforts there because of the fact that given an updated collude to get it they didn't give a quick quote they just got it in public it's a matter public. Our public policy and and it's to benefit the public to know what once it leaked now that the person giving it certainly can pay transportation. To compare that backed the Donald Trump junior the part we know. Out of the blue he gets the call from an acquaintance. Rob Goldstone who is say yes failing British publicist. Are they failing artists and that got cut in Russia and basically. He says that don't have the meeting and at this meeting what they did it would be entire 33000 email that went missing from Hillary Clinton fervor let's just go to the nth degree heat it's just that there. Right it's not. It's not a collusion because in order to collude you have to be sort of a mutual bilateral exchange going on here what are they get in return for what what it. What does Donald Trump junior ordered that the meeting attendees on the outside you. Two in duke beat people could come into it in fact. Beat people into the trump the founder and. Yeah I mean I'm with the on this but here are my throat is that you a stay here Gloria I do seem to have an issue I you seem like. We can't get the truth. The now junior had three at least three different stories is start we have now he tells Hannity the other night. I mean immunity is simply an opportunity to you know to come clean on this thing. Would any other meanings of the Russian everybody else in the meeting in my regulation he says no this was the whole story. Why can't we just tells Lou you know the facts and tell the truth from beginning that's what's bothering me about. Well I you know again you have this story in your accurately reporting what's out there that do not question what you're reporting under questioning the report itself about this former Soviet five is it's somewhere and by engage in this meeting. And it's just like this lawyer what they Russian government lawyer there's no evidence that this fellow lawyer ever did anything formally on behalf of the Kremlin. And the issue may have had acquaintances and close so a lot on the media the reporters out there. Are embellishing the story doesn't get dark out and talk radio of course you guys do great job of it are unpacking all of that. And getting to them more so what the core of the truth and so I'm I'm very skeptical that leads. Some former Russian spy I'd say that the air quotes. Actually heard or saw the meeting. Because that's his word against someone else's and I don't feel like corroboration. And what people are telling us I I think we have to step back from this regardless of which side of the sure ought. It failure someone called you about your business competitor and so they had illegal. Activity information they have they have surveillance the leaky whether it would be illegal how they got the information or not cower and give it he did not help you do your business. Okay you received some information. Found that can be very beneficial do you think how you use it now what you should do it because the FBI what you perceive it. But more I have a problem here I don't see evidence that's really you're smoking gun a provable third Donald Trump junior received anything of value. That they didn't already know we're that was an already and ensure the public discourse. Yeah our guys are great remember what about the credibility problem because I mean it it's so I don't think you really can be disputed that he's not yet told the truth for the beginning of this. I think the media plays. I wore our simplicity most Americans wake up work hard raise their family worry about there. Their future their kids' future benefit it's that simple yet complex lifestyle. When you are and expect even a company managing billions and billions of dollars you have people handling your schedule. Yet people handling the people any peddling your schedule than make you better than anyone else what it means that you don't always remember what you did yesterday. It may be in a journalist may be recorded somewhere maybe not. Which you're moving from meeting to meeting attributing it to our my claim to fame on the radio back and I haven't practiced a little bit. Because I used to be a CEO I had people doing stuff so what I was better than doing the stuff fits in order to leverage myself I had to have multiple people help we and so I think that's where we're getting walked and that's the Donald Trump junior and people like this are are in any differently financially such that they just don't remember the finite details of what happened. And they generally remember things. But we as Americans putting everyday lives that we now I'm on radio I'm writing a journal remember what I do every day I have people handling all the stuff for me. No I would remember that that we apply and that kind of circumstance but I would hurt both. To this guy and we're not putting ourselves in your shoes I think that's fair to do we should really be that NATO what I really remember. I'm meeting that I've dealt with a complete waste of our. Well I guess I did Jack Kennedy says there's certainly for the being down are sort of argument about it but I think if I did running for office the president United States. I get an email from someone says are from the Russian government even if they're not. And I had called pulmonary for the campaign manager and also my friend whose son loves you know of my idea. My sister and maybe some others into the meeting I think I would remember that media and I just don't really by the idea that somehow that you loss in the of the usual sort of view of doing business. What do I make my argument let me heated for a moment and when he moved to a different point. I think the thing here is that perhaps there is some. Knowing that what they were doing would sort of be viewed negatively they tried their free forever rod I'm not gonna say that it happened. I had said per month that I believe all manner what likely had multiple meetings with people with direct connections to Russia. Or the Kremlin and he's probably the source evolved as this story comes out I predicted that the month ago. As this story comes out it's sort of proved my theory I didn't jock Don junior was in the meeting generated effects cushion or to be in the meeting senator would be Paul Mara Ford Carter page may be Michael plan. Most sought out for yourself the question. If they're doing here and there are covering it up didn't know how would you react if you're facing the kind of great news that that's going on and on and the networks like CNN senior facing the kind of backlash from everything you do file and thank Donald Trump could run into a burning building. Shape and children from dying and CNN will have a breaking news report that Donald Trump set fire to build it. So I mean it's hard when you're in back kind of an oppressive media coverage. But it's so lopsided one sided to know how to calculate what it is the truth that you free. That they're not telling truth and they deserve some of the blowback they're getting but I think also I think there's probably multiple meetings by all these campaigns and no one. They've made such a big deal out of everyone's afraid what they edit the statute the way Washington works because yeah we would be even further disgusted by. Yeah Brian I would agree we judges wouldn't call it transparency though that scene of death. So what we're getting on the White House these days but I. I do see what you're saying I think there is a no question the negative sort of on slow the media always mention about CNN you know 93% coverage. How about this whole Russian thing the Democrats started this right after the election. And this and we you know people he was one of the CNN anchors today even since she's got rush of fatigue. In fact I think I know I didn't serve you well I think the American people are developing and I mean they've achieved our reporter Russia. I even more so than in that the NBC and CNN and and their rating further thanks Sebastian barker as the special counsel. For the president's special advisor was on CNN argue with a Anderson Cooper a couple of nights ago. And he pointed out that he show you eight feet 350 is now number thirteen their ratings on cable. Behind nick at nite which at that number let. And you've got Fox News and MSNBC at the top here that because they're more you know what do you agree with MSNBC or not they have something besides Russia thought. CNN it to all Russia all the time and I think it's thinking the credibility. Badly of the network that has been on the top of the new image hurt. Bearing 03 decades. This true Ryan grabbed you by the way is our guest re back with him in just a moment you'll join in give us a golf 704570. Yea 1110 we'll be right back with more on news 1110993. WBT don't go away. I. To the deli here TJ and George doing the producing board operations of our show today 704. I assume no limit Tim Lester mobile line coming up in the next half hour Brian France three is my guest. Andy is publisher of talks forty got time possibly contributed town hall dot com slash daily that German daily caller does diamond his web site. Is a Brian Crabtree show. That done ram and a great conversation about. The situation in Washington and rhino to turn attention to this health care bill because. You know we may get a vote next week right now Rand Paul says he's gonna vote no on the bill get Susan Collins saying she's gonna vote no on the bill. What do you make of this who will the American people are taken out on the Republicans if they don't do something about this health care bill. Well unfortunately they should I believe in holding people in Washington accountable and it goes both ways soccer which Democrat. The Republicans have attain the most power they've ever had in the history in this country and history the Republican Party anyway. And Tony sixteen and a number one method must repeal and replace obamacare. This certainly is and you repeal also people are going to be happy no matter what happens facet or not. I suppose it is they replaced a part of it but it at all because Obama your life if it takes its a couple of steps forward if they passed that I feel no path forward. The testing aspect we don't be shocked if they do. Yeah I'm really concerned to relieving the tax increases in there in the way I see you and you'd. You've probably talked a lot of that business on your program if that's been part of the drag on the economy in the last month seven years or so. Well. Yeah I mean I can go on and on about some of the problems that personal experience being on obamacare at one point and senator transition I got kicked off of my plan that I look at most to lose and it was a great plan. And that's that the individual level what the business level you battle are still are restrictive. Log in there that that keep employers especially in the up forty to fifty employee range from expanding they just hire more part time workers and don't have to say that means you have more part time jobs that not all time high paying job. And that you know you you compound that over thousands of businesses that are facing that reality. And you lost you know literally tens of thousands of jobs just in that one piece of that 2000 page bill we know it Obama here. CL one thing is gonna happen is if the Republicans probably somehow will make this more or they'll get it through. And then we won't really see much improvement in their for the American people take an element a couple of years we have the midterm elections that's what I'm concerned about. Well yeah I'm concerned because I mean I know in Georgia. HR church road North Carolina they similar circumstance the they're the fight just this week for 40% increase where I live. In the Obama care exchanges and we are fortunate to have more health insurance providers. I remaining in the system some cuts and they only have one. I think what irked but what's really reflected here is the Democrat mark church seems to work especially against Republicans to a week. And you don't really know they say one thing when they run for office either yourself that you and he's developers Lindsey Graham he felt like a staunch far right conservative. I mean he gets the Washington bound by political and it's it's those kind of people I think that they're ranked the Republican Party at hiring. I don't really stand up to make changes because they're afraid of the rhetoric that we heard. From sombrero the DNC chair this past weekend that if we have this built 200000 people are gonna die and I said that all week I'm. Process of writing an article town hall later this weekend. I you know no one dies due to lack of health insurance they died you know lack of healthcare and so you have an emergency. You go to the emergency room. You're going to get care the whole premise of Obama here in the beginning with a few people from going bankrupt we did have a problem with people dying due lack of insurance. Yet like saying if I have an automobile accident I'm gonna dive and on the bottom church if I have a fire in my home I'm gonna dive I don't always church now you're gonna go bankrupt. He can you gonna lose the asset or you're gonna have a big building you have no no equity attached to. And then you're not gonna give a pay it in bankruptcy is an unfortunate waited in bed and fortune helped. Crisis but so we need to do something but death to life and death this is not like the best health insurance. It's life and death would help here and that's still the best in the world in this country. Yeah you make really good boy is in that trying to make this myself over the years that you're gonna get the health coverage go to me is an emergency room as you mentioned. They're going to give you coverage we don't this country does not turn people away on that if you can't afford it. Been there's going to be an urgent care assuming a way to deal with him Medicaid there's going to be a way to actually deal within cities and counties pay the deputies and health care every year. How they're local tax budget states do that as well so. The idea that people were not really get the care they needed is simply not true but you're right now people may be bankrupt not from. Not having the insurance or maybe make rough from getting the insurance. I well it through I I quote today on my show the question that the work when we caught the health insurance is going to eclipse the average price but on men know market like Atlanta or Charlotte is it it's getting called it. First I'm Stanley did it a couple of grand a month. I had tremendous movement itself that it is not develop our quality barely used to be had that before Obama came into play up obamacare thing. And it's more than this some of mortgages have Bryant thing you so much or below we appreciate it great talking to you thanks and hope you'll come on against our work through that a pleasure thank you. Brian Crabtree publisher of talk forty downtown joining us we'll be right back to a more here on news 11109893. WBZ song. Back for 36. Doug Kelly sitting in on this Friday July 14 toll seventeen addition. I'm John and Doug show you going to be up on Twitter by Twitter feed is and I don't radio please vote died down. Max leisure I dug radio or just call him and talk with a 704. 57 though we live intentional the line Suzanne Valerie any item in the news C you'd like to talk about an hour. CN. So do you would you want to give us a call here and real discuss it. Let's go to Stephen actually been waiting to talk with a Stephen you're on news 1110993. WBD thanks for going. I think I'd get I had you comment on what the hell scared that. Preexisting condition you can't ensure. Our pre existing condition. Can that mandate that coverage on main armpit the few years old. I don't need to paper prenatal care or. Were controller in that stop but I mean it just spent. Nobody elect bill what that that's what the Republicans won't like go right now instead of turning him into a Medicaid dramatic period GO. They have to hold onto that mass instead of repeal and replace. They got to keep that part obamacare. Yeah my understanding that created some kind of cool for that. Stephen that beautiful those who have preexisting conditions at the course that's part of what drives across copyrighted. If somebody can yet you know coverage. And paid the same is says somebody else and I mean it was so much get a pay higher cost you right. And Grand Slam in a blunder haven't 85 Chevy. Whether transmission up late it's gonna cost more to maintain. Fan and if I've got to not let. You know what brand new with the factory warranty. And no I guess the other thing I had to say what this whole Russia bank. And I think girl I'd speak for a lot of the that trounce supporters on the point of new players. Who cares what Obama. Did in Israel to clear what Bill Clinton did what Monica Lewinsky who cares what happened that email. We got condition get through tears. That whole Russian bank I really don't care. Well I think we should care that people release telling the truth does to us Stephen although we've got to the point now that. Everything is golf make news in mid you know very things they news in what do you believe that. I think we and then you know kind of stem from the administration or people who are connected I don't think we should still hold them accountable is jealous you know the true story. I do but I don't think we need to spend millions of dollars and whole committee meetings. And promote science. Committee meetings on PB and amp investigations. It didn't affect the election as far as the rest of buying its concern it's that bad. They don't care what happened with Hillary in the Clinton foundation. All right and I'm at the point who cares that's why don't I don't listen to any Abbott anymore because. It's also pardoned them and I really can't care about what they're saying. Well I do wonder you're right they're going to be all kind of committee hearings for sure but yet if I don't forgive the Gillette special counsel out there. There's always know exactly what he's doing assists with a cut. Well I'm not sure he's being well compensated at the end special counsel for the next two by the years. Didn't know he really wants problem in this guy's gonna be an opera. It's Friday now mean. The Whitewater investigation a million other clintons went on forever so gather that's what bothers me about these kind of investigations where there's no timetable for the completion of it. Probably can use what ever funds necessary. And Buchanan sitting there just in case. You know you can ms. sort of do fishing management Dick tradition in trying to come up with something and it's. Probably what's going Stephen thank you for the call great talking when you. The only one. I'm John index showed a talent here open line this half hour welcome your goal 7045701110. Health care bill may get a vote next week we've been document that. Kind of people are tired of hearing about the Russian myth. Situation here but there's amused chewing on it this afternoon the latest sort of story only true you know about it though before you get home in them. That is apparently there were at least six members of the in that meeting would Dunn junior. CNN title for a news network as soon as saying the rate members in the meeting. A guy and I can't forget his name correctly I'm sure I'll though my pronunciation movie. With great difficulty but it's we're not. Are meshing and the Russian American lobbyist who reportedly wants was a Russian spy although he denies it during the Soviet Union years. Confirmed his participation. In the meeting were down 200 commissioner Paul Miller forward and the Russian lawyer today this is going be a PC interviewed him. And he said the documents printed out documents that were exchanged detailing illicit funds allegedly being funneled to the Democrat national committee. All right does that matter to you and Stephen just. All should know let's go to poll next on the line call you for calling in your on WBZ what's up. Well. I think it's really sad that it's separated quad he could watch Ian and perhaps an hour. Then watch the fox for a half hour. They're talking about this same event that you get a completely completely different plans now that's true network I will say that. I remember at the Democratic Convention of 1968. Chicago when Dan rather. Know that the borrower Cronkite utility their QB okay. And I thought that was Democrats okay. But he's also the guy that would give it was president would like go. Think you have there's a double stated in the media and Paul is no question about it he made that there are no crook. Yeah I mean there's always been a double standard the media you may be more prevalent and more open about it in the eastern. Thanks for the golf. At 451. On the ride home. John index showed a talent here newsletter and then the 993 WVD thanks for joining this great having you. Listings and find me give this week DJ. And does George failing all the duties. Are behind the scenes here the phone number 70457. Though eleven's and your welcome to join us an open line. Discussion lot of talk about the receive the continuing a saga of the drama I it's sort of the soap opera that goes on in Washington these days about. Russia and the drug administration needs. Please throw did you today though it is. Have been more on this meaning that Donald junior have whipped. The momentum forward and you're commissioner barely were six people in the meeting maybe eight. I say may be because one network saying aids another network is saying six is at least five it's been confirmed. Including one guy that. Some have referred to is a spy from the Soviet Ferran is now Russian lobbyist and anyway whatever. Yeah. Some don't care about though the issue at all. End I think that the problem I'm having is that the lack of truth telling. I think deep down whatever you know are supporting Israel whatever candidate or pursue an office I think. I'm always felt that we should be consistent holding people accountable this weekend and that is to jealous of truth and we really haven't done it from this meeting. Why I don't know I can't really explain why we've gotten three or four different stories. How about the meeting I know that Don junior was on would Hannity the other night and John gave him plenty of chances to explain it is fully as he could during the interview. And now we find other more people in the meeting we find out that there were some documents. At least alleged by this guy was in the meeting there was turned over to them so. Why exactly we're getting these conflicting stories just tell you know you will be transparent tell the truth right and then get it out so I think people are somewhat fatigued. How about all the coverage. So the networks' nonstop there's also a story. Because Chris Wallace of Fox News. And Chris dime although Fox News vols were a bit critical of the lack of truth telling today on the Fox News Channel you know by Donald junior. I think he and there's some apparently inside the the Fox News Channel that. You know struggling to map haven't covered this story from you know in the Arab Donald Trump when many viewer. Viewers happened to be pro troop supporters. And how do you really cover live the story I say covered accurately you know regrettable right I mean that's the is that the right answer. I was go to Chrissie what he says Chris thank you for joining us here on news 1110993. WB today so Chris dropped wealth go back in gruesome we'll get you. Some lining that's it thins that you simply do the best she can then provide the most. Accurate information Brian Gay men give you give the common sense sort of I commentary. That I think would have been invincible we mentioned this finding in passing maybe is a first caller that we have. We said was the though the division is going on in the country thinks it's so partisan now do you have a real discussion. About some of the of the issues it's either left vs right. In that did and it's gonna win in the media to. The coarseness of our society that's I think been going over the last thirty years you see you don't social media. The lack of respect that people land for each other it's it's a shame I think but it is definitely going I mean big to kind of language. Being used. People are not having just discussions. About. You know I'm real people losing friends so we've ever read this or his people losing friends. Over the drug administrations either they love trump. And their friends don't love trump towards the other way around they just can't. Talk about it they can't deal would they can't hang out together having deaths this present writes this does try Chris again he's back Christian good to have you with two. Hey man they're gonna a couple of I don't care if trump is secretly crime needs any hasn't illegitimate. Russian state I don't care. These are proud of and that's what you're armed with the food but can't think about how much we can accomplish you would get off for the crowd and tender real. Newt final stop but. I am sure I understand that I heard Decker you he had an illegitimate Russian baby that when Bob do you either right or. Bob has pretty close to my favorite place tank for Obama unless it's put on the lead vehicle that. Probably more likely Bill Clinton weatherman Dave Miller developing baby with the when we other soaring. Oil. I days ago but he we appreciate it yeah I mean think about it for a minute it's a I understand agendas want to born I keep telling my friends that. I think part of what's getting in the way obviously is. Media and you may disagree with this and that's okay but the president trumps tweeting about the Russian thing. Every time I showing different in my event this today every time. Many tweets about Russia the media is doing the coverage and that's another battle our own their program about what do you mean by that tweet about Russia. Jimmie says it's a way giant based in time chewing on match. And I think and I and it just depends on whether president trump listens to people around him who have more political experience tonight I don't really think he does. His instincts are good in some ways but. Nine this sincerely thought suited maybe for this kind of onslaught that he is receiving by the media. And so if he would just tweet about like he's been doing today about the health care bill if he would tweet about his policies. In the agenda this. He is going forward I think given in the media would be forced either ignore his tweets which I don't think they're going to do how do you Norton or the president United States. Making comments. Four they'll have to talk about Russia on their own. And not have. These tweets to sort of sort of get the good discussion going again as if they need and I know that's what some people will certainly don't need it they'll do it anyway. I do believe though he would stay on the issues. We're just waiting. The that would that would then negates some of the conversation that's going on every time he comes and talks about its agrees we'd chime in American history. And mean of this in them about this the Russian story in that sort of spurs on more conversation about it and I do think that's something that he. Could do on his own. The start to may be allowing some of this to to do. Go away you know I've had a number of callers this week. My view past is likely to go away. No way you can. Demi got to be realistic knowing that you're going to see this go away if the president continues to tweet about it just like talking about it. If they're more revelations come out that whether they're really mean anything or not. Like these meetings with the case anybody there was ever connected to Russia or anybody ever visited Russia. Affect. For anyone who would knew anybody up from Russia they need to disclose at all. Hired somebody is a big jump to border on television one of the channels so what they need to do is reach pre disease again. We don't dry up and say everyone and it's in the White House. You know whatever meeting you've ever had anybody ever talked to blitz documented given out aimless get it over aware of and then you'll be able to move on and be truthful about it right feel part of the problem Jerryd commissioner says his security clearance thing they not be much who has. But he omits any meetings with the media the foreign leaders mostly Russians. Some fairly thin Hester amended what does it do include now hundred people when he had zero ms. Starwood that's a problem. He might have been a minor problem and any other administration but it's a major problem now when the media is chewing on this story. 24 sevenths hardware at a time this hour we're going to be joined by the president CEO of lab in the Michael daughter he will join us. I talk about this Obama care repeal or replace or whatever you really wanna say that the Republicans are doing. We will discuss it when we come back you can join in of course it's 70457. No eleventh in any time. To be on the program 7045 Simoneau 1110 I'm dead pellets and we'll be right back. I hope I have on the job index showed their delegates sitting in news San. Three a BC I think eyes deceived me I just saw a story saying the Kid Rock. Is going to run for office from Michigan. I've that I have to be that has to be I thought ahead to be fake newsman is not usually bring your best. Nice that I would do what's going on fell over the politicians in Washington fan. Ended in baggage actually drawn the attention of Elizabeth Warren. The Democrat liberal senator from Massachusetts dear who's concerned about she's in this to be the next Dow drops. Think that's a Kid Rock. Is thinking about running for office. All right final 63 time in joining me right now is Michael lottery you'd be president CEO of land MD in Atlanta based political. And an atomic medical laboratory with a national client base they specialize in analysis and diagnosis of blood urine and tissues business specimens for cancer and such. And we're glad to have him on to talk about this. Latest with the Obama care repeal replace or whatever exactly who GOP is doing at this point. And right now doesn't look like they've got enough votes a Michael thank you for coming on the show today good to have you sounded a permanent. What do you make of this I mean right now two votes we know Republicans led though Torre didn't know if something changes is that senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and and Susan Collins the senator from Maine three and have all of them to go along with the same. Well no they're two different reasons for notes Susan pound known to be waffling and everything could you kind of a purple to blue state and now. And Rand Paul's position in who also knows what the real problem here is which is. Why are we involving politicians and medical care because. You know when I'm sick I don't call my congressman. And yet they're stuck with us citizen that hot potato that nobody wants. And the Democrats that plea now that I mean they don't understand that they shouldn't be and Madison date they take over any thing so because they think they're the savior of ball. And then it gets royally screwed up and Republicans know. That government shouldn't be involved and that's what they're stuck with that so it's a miserable experience. And they are terrified that. Being held accountable for that because so much the public. Doesn't understand Matta and even if your patient you don't understand mad at them and so many of the public doesn't understand. The reality of what government actually. Capable of doing even if they want to and not running medicine is that. It's like it's like she's in the post up with over federal express you know it's just not gonna work. Yeah what about this scenario I mean this is probably radical right I mean I good I ran on the idea that once the repeal of obamacare will come up with some of the the issue is a big some of the inequities of the system and that I get into office and Ivo to reveal it. Saturday and then go to the back to the American people explain why did exactly why you know what I did why is that so radical but I guess as an anathema. Well because there up against. I'm mainstream media that world. Find one patient that had a problem they'll they'll have truth and not take death lens and the outcome and so closely. They'll try to get everyone to assume that to happen everybody at all about fear. You know and and we really are added that the band could hood said earlier I mean that I've been a method for thirty years and if you don't get trained and Matta fan. And your patient you don't understand Matta and I mean. You know you just don't have an educated opinion and and I mean I'm struck. The past ten years have been struck by just. Why has the American public with and politicians and pun intend TV they could even pass the biology class. I'm glad what they're paying and then after the fiasco we've seen with. Benefits going down and networks shrinking and then people leaving obamacare and Primakov the roof. Why does this close and the reason it's close to because. Most Republicans are politically powered up. He's talking about Democrats. Going in and try to save the day it's so much easier walking into. An audience of people go on minute gave you and many TV free stuff and take care of you even though that isn't possible. And it's not possible and it had broken but then look what the public yes don't people still are showing up yelling at Republicans. Who had nothing to do at that and now are owning it and I'm. So you know it you know I don't know I think the American public many of Matt took a long a long look at America's. No matter what this isn't going to be effective. Dad used to be Awami MTV announced a woman free stuff and that's exactly right or. Yes it was gonna pay for those rights hold on just a moment Michael would be right back to you we continue our discussion here. And my twelve is our time right now our new living in the 993 PM ET. They run out of time my guess Michael Don return visit the possible you can hang with us the rest of the half hour or. OK excellent because I'm going to be up against the other big story here in just a moment let me. The devil inside the beltway. And we'll wanna find little bit more about that is well he's also the CEO of land in the in Atlanta based clinical and medical laboratory. Which I met the of the insurance said discussion with the Obama here in the GOP health care bill. And have what you get the feeling of this year any thoughts is going to be voted down next week you get will meet with now allow that to have. Well Mitch McConnell doesn't have a lot of power sharing it it it is that the convention. You know baby splitters here and keep guys. Hey you know there's not that you Republicans have just put their fifth down airline to step up in the fire and look. Republican and say this is the way. Because they they have so much pushed back seats. And again so I would not be surprised if it's squeak by. There's always going to be screaming whining and and knowing by someone and this is just what drives. Republican senators crazy and a public and I congressman crazy because if that's the tough situation here you have. What to make it would be an obvious situation. But when you break it down and their districts and the politics of it and being held accountable. I mean it's just all about they shouldn't be in this position in the first place the American public elected Barack Obama and the Democrats went crazy and you know the genie is out of a bottle and it's not just laying back and about what's always hard. Didn't know. Yet in my Dolan just a minute we'll come right back to my question would be. It's a bit of the Republicans do this doesn't advance willow legit do then we come back. Run long drive we do here on the program 704 or five ships delivered Dan thanks for joining ascend the ability to John you can back. On Monday. My guess meanwhile we've still been with me is Michael O'Leary president and CEO of lamp in the in Atlanta based clinical and medical laboratory. He's also author of the book the devil inside the beltway. And I want ended dose of about a story because you know you think about draining the swamp years down trump. I talked a lot about that and then resigning how tough that really is when you deal with a swamp. And sales in May Michael like you've had to deal with a swamp just a bit as well here. Yeah I have run into the living example of bureaucrats and lawyers that are not trained a minute and and technology. Ruining the purple we have medical center are we did together and not on their belt. And they're very briefly I have my own them the medical laboratory lab India and someone had said they found 9000 dollar per patient in cyberspace. Which was a lie it turned out. But only didn't I haven't alive for several years never could find the patients on cyberspace ourselves that we wouldn't hire the guy had to pay it. Japan 40000 dollars. For information and then and resolving it quote unquote teachers over the federal government and the Fed are investigating like we were the problem. Not down. And that was pretty remarkable and by writing the book we got a progress investigation FBI raided of the hacker. And the big picture is the government has so much power that yet. They don't have a lot of knowledge of technology and medicine so when they screw it up they don't say they're sorry they just covered up. And it's been a very arduous. Story but at the living example of what people mean when they talked about the swamp or administrative state and it's at a tipping point because we have people that don't. Understand what they're doing and that hurt people but they've got the power. Not to be held accountable for that. And competence. Yeah new as everyone says the famous quote data I get my idea reputation back you know I mean it. That's kind of mid right I mean it says that you determinant of who is I think most people think the government should be on their side or at least ought to be neutral. You know in their dealings of their business their family in this candidly I think a lot of Americans have been finding that the government against and I think that's part of the frustration that's going on out there. I agree they're completely and you know I've been to going to this and 2008 and there's a huge shift. Since the second Obama election and now I used to be I could talk about that a lot of people didn't wanna talk about it or didn't believe it or were upset that you're offending their political position and they didn't like that. I'm it's very different now there's still a lot of people that are very defensive because they make money off the government or they make money off. These legal process and those people need to be isolated out and that's why there's so much attention in Washington right now because well there's nothing terrified the bunt to Washington bureaucrat than a bunch of American citizens bing maps. Because they know. It's just a big secret and that secret started and ended the terrifying part is it penetrates. Every aspect of government from that the Justice Department to the congressional put them to the court to congress you know it it's just. Really bad because it's been allowed to grow for a century. And where that we're very clear point where they don't know what they're doing and so while they. Flexed their muffled we going to be terrible health care equipment solutions and these terrible cyber attacks. And these things are happening because the wrong people have a lot of power but are doing a lot of jobs. Yeah actually morning to news of part of it also the fact that many of these agencies. Smith these sort of rank and file lives are used for Baylor black of a better word column bureaucrats they actually have more of the of the control the powers to do do the the enforcement kind of thing is I guess part of it. That's exactly the foundation up all of that. Because it started a century ago when congress allowed these agencies the start we now have over 150 of them. And the reason the public is so confused by that is there's not been a civics book that teaches that are that that book and schools. Should really teach two thirds of the reality. And they don't keep the rest of the story they teach a government that really I think this fit in fault in 1914. And that's why I first brought confused by this but we're catching on quick because I think they're really bad right now especially in Matta fan. And cyber security they're very bad and yet people are being held accountable for how bad a job they've done. Yeah and then again they're trying to consolidating all of your your health records in this kind of thing into a sort of a federal. Database in the you know with the hacking that's been going on in that the bill that's a lot of what's in the news right now in that then makes even more of a concern. Yeah and it puts a good hard working physicians and hospital. The petitions and medical practitioners from nurses and patient. In a terrible situation because. It's a violation truck and a violation respect. And a violation of the health care ever envision using the Guinea pig. For these people that have their power and used to be that type of comment would be considered very extreme. I think people are catching nine I mean I they've been fortunate that that's true. But it is true and we can't solve it by denying that it's true we are in a big match right now. Never ranchers are about you know the abuses going on with the up Bureau of Land Management fee BA we've heard about that would landowners and such. So wouldn't be shocked about this his book is called the double inside the beltway can get an Amazon. Not done devil inside the beltway by Michael's already sort of like you so much for being on the program nice talking to be here. But I don't you have a great weekend. Throw to will we'll be right back good news of the next year on eleven minutes in many 93 WBZ. And well we'll show is just moving by so quickly 536. Having him at 537 years WBD. I don't know they you for joining us so get ready for the weekend we just about twenty minutes away for us DJ in. George during the producing aboard operations of the program you're now in 704570. Eleven Jen on the show here and Doug Graham is gonna join me former speechwriter. During the bush administration for the secretary of labor agendas physicians. Together health care bill goes through Russians death swirling around this afternoon and let's get done go on the line with us to dart about as Dudley good to have you on the program now are you. Farm bureau or throw. So far so good game to blame is Friday right that was all about. Let's talk first about yet this this health care bill because you've been UB board members of congress she worked with members of the US senate. You know the inner workings how tough it is to get anything through here. What do you think is the problem. We know real repeal Obama care is that the messaging we can't win I'd go on and really selling this to the American people are. When it just differences of opinion within the GOP caucus what's going on here. It's probably all of the above has that prepared reasonably lush tree answer. What I I think the problem is is that part of it in key part of HP's what he did. Yeah it's if you were selling it as it is just straight up there and you look at repeal it first and emigrated puts her lyrics that. In the way that cheat yourself which people get. But I mean there and it Christian Democrats go and complete I per meltdown mode and then of course it's all you want people to dot. Course is it sort of what drove that the Republican and the democratic chat kill people because she'd been convinced that Republicans really do want people that are. That facilitated the chip but at least it's easy to tell because it's something people get in and and Republicans could imam effect and your rates went up. They're making nine to pay for birth control. They they took away you actually lied about you you can keep your doctor or your plan at all that struck a charm here they kissed garbage that would be an eat yourself. Let's get what they're trying to do is kind of had it both ways. In which it's harder to yourself. And and then what you have to do each its yolk which Republicans are gonna lead their sort of he determination to go Activision may be caving in because you're gonna get pounded by. Democrat. Democrats and the media ownership I think Democrats squared. You know because they obviously what people could die if they want to repeal this horrible guilt that which basically you know push on the American public to eight. Pretty undemocratic. Legislative maneuver. And then of course you can get a tradition and it. At all and end and it's harder and senate creature you have to fight it filibuster rule and tell you you have almost no margin for error there would. Brian has really granddaughter of the people by the very people are gonna get this about reconciliation all this sort of procedural stuff you know they're not really going to be interest in them again it. They know him look did their senators well as their representative and say hey I thought you're gonna repeal obamacare get this thing off my back. And you didn't do that or you came up was something that really didn't solve the problem and and so now the Republicans really own the whole situation. Hold on we'll get your responses than just a moment with. Okay big story just ahead was my hang around for that during Ramadan would meet former speechwriter. During the bush years for the secretary of labor camera position he's also weren't members of the senate and congress. I ask you a question about the Republicans are known as saying I think that's something that's not full repeal how is regular play with the American people you thanks. For the world who think or think it would be interstate and it gets its military instead of trying to have our report bill that fixes everything. You can speak people patient out of it to everybody hates. Did that actually can sort of kill it. But yet stepped into different persons. You just apparently built super intention could. You know these things become portable so you're your health care travels which you can actually build this basically mandates. Forget that you know allows you to have so much different client. So there are some people who Brad can sport of Armageddon it's typical socialist solutions that she kept wanting everybody had to take it and of course. Because of rain parenthood and all of its allies. You're forcing you to pay for everything you'll why should I have to pay for transgender are perch will. Yeah I it's not something any danger ever to. Knock on what you know. Regarding you feel like I. Figures I don't read my pilot dead auriemma policies looks looked obviously if the fact that for what the thing. It is ridiculous gave people choice and you said you put down people get a choice they can take any number of planes they want. Which which or help duke undermined. That the Obama care plan it. He YouTube parents' rules greater spirit specific in their way she did that I think resident resident of electric guitar whole car. One that just keep people you can you can put the option John it any candidate it's going to be very different vehicle and it NRA I go for clarity on the other hand I also checked this before we spoke on this topic. If I hope that something over nothing you can always go back. And and and and skills modify it's that next year we'll which are the Democrats to. Yes I remember what they were pushing for Don't Ask Don't Tell in the coming out you bake a cake feat to break a case for gay wedding. But he thought it business mistake up to actually. You know the Democrats ever play. Well done they never give up. I'm disobedience or blog and we're gonna talk a little bit about the Russian blaming them that I don't have time today but thank you again for being on their Graham former speechwriter. Bush administration for the secretary of labor. As saying Olivia program today on Friday July 14 2017. I'm gonna tell him for John it's been a pleasure sitting in here this week talking to you at some of the issues out there are 7045 Simoneau 1110. Got a few more minutes in the program be going now think you can probably. Yet through via a calendar too there's a big story making the round I've posted this on FaceBook into a little bit earlier. And enjoy Italian home it Yahoo! News had a story today. Am just wondering do a couple of things on this the you what you are cool conspiracy theory. Especially when the clintons are involved Republican donor kills himself after talking about working with a Russian hackers to get Hillary Clinton emails. The Chicago Tribune. Cited story that they GOP donor and opposition researcher he said he tried to work would Russian hackers. To retrieve deleted emails from a private server used by Hillary Clinton. His died in a suicide according to public records in the Chicago Tribune. Peters Smith killed himself days after an interview with the Wall Street Journal. In which he said he saw that Russian hackers to try and retrieve some 33000. Deleted Clinton emails in pass in the Michael Flynn. Been a campaign advisor to Donald Trump. Death records or minutes showed the sort of show that does Smith was 81. Died in a hotel of asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen in a confined space with helium in other words. He must have strangled himself today has been committed suicide. Going to the story. He was found when they know that said no foul play whatsoever. Regarding his death. And one of my friends. So most just alerting him to this story he said I haven't read the story yet. How are any guide of these Devin so seven times throw himself out of the six story building before. Going off in sinking himself over the Potomac would concrete blocks chain do his ankles. In other words from another Clinton accidental and may be coincidental. Death of a person leaking information in this for the story please are we making. This stuff. Maybe not but this someday I will tell you the that I have been done interviews over the years about this. And I remember this came up with a set the rich. Controversy that Sean Hannity as. Denim in a Tizzy about on television where he was doing thorough reports on that every. Tonight about whether shift ridge should anything to do with the you know the of this emails and win do WikiLeaks. From the DNC and in John Podesta and all that and the and he was. He was murdered those streets of Washington thin people and ask questions about it whatever you think about it. It is interesting. The number of people who come into a day over the clintons are involved in something with the clintons and bad things have happened to them over the years that's what. I think people go look at this story in the eyebrows immediately. Our ring used about it it's remember posting this list or to find it again. But the number of people who have had some somewhat of an untimely demise. There have been in contact with them over the years it's just kind of a strange sort of encourage us sing anything ever happened between them. You know the the seven rich story that so many people send me issues about that what are we doing about this and that fire we tournaments at rich. Well there's. The reason really the family doesn't think. The man there was any connection to the DNC. Email situation in WikiLeaks WikiLeaks is they've there was nothing there but. They also offered a reward for the up information leading to the rest of the people who were involved in his death. And then of course. You know this sort of gets the rumor mills going live mainly there's a story can check that Yahoo! News. And a finance Republican donor kills himself after talking about working with the Russian hackers. They get Hillary Clinton's emails and then you get the course of hacking story. Really dealing with all of this. The whole thing really with a campaign and then that sort of led to what we've been dealing with I'm here with a police. Females was done in a junior and a meeting with the Russians. Also of course about the health care bill we spent a lot of time on that this week. We'll just have to see what happens when that next next week but Mitch McConnell. Is saying there's going to be a vote up or down on this in the US senate I just think of what what happened. If the Republicans bring this bill through the floor of the US senate and then it doesn't get enough votes. How would that be a squandered opportunity. To get rid of Obama care and to get rid of relief this whole insurance issue that's come about because of obamacare they. Even if this bill is bad you know one of my guess for it is you take any bill. Vs no bill at all I think a lot of my friends are kind of that way that anything is better than nothing maybe we can work on it later may be the in the joined them. House and senate than have to get together after bill is approved is that they're sure joint conference maybe something good. Better real good command event in some fashion well maybe so you know I'm not into the weeds of all of the bill making it goes on in Washington but I would say this. If you did you bring into the flora can't get enough votes have tragic is that going to be. What's your reaction will that be will the American people who now dry up as campaigned is Republican nominee repeal and replace. Members of the US senate Mitch McConnell ran reelection. This fans here repeal and rule. Last two years repeal and replace. How many of the members of the House of Representatives. Who are now Republicans ran on this idea of repeal and replace. And you're really going to take a chance to go back. To your constituents here man is they may be people may be the bad news these days about some of this as we go back to them him. Now have something. To answer about. This whole health care issue. Coming that would be the biggest. Tragedy of all some people say that this opportunity is just being squandered right before our very eyes. One thing's for sure you've got to get this off the table before he can get to the rest of the agenda. The have to tax reform is okay accurately shorter lead to get the the economy going is still found bears still has it been downwind and how. Long is that gonna take. If this all Obama this whole. But care act health care act is not. I'm really approved by the Republicans I think men in his cell would be the biggest tragedy of all of this that they would bring this up the house will actually get something. How crude would get to the senate and you have Republicans voting it down because the Democrats are not gonna vote for it. And right now deserves another disagreement within the delegation of the GOP that we may endorse not have enough votes to make this happen. Donald Trump we did yesterday that vice president Mike Pence is working hard. They get this bill through semi pits must be lobbying some members. Of the US senate to try to get this thing advancement of Rand Paul is in changes mind. Building Susan Collins is gonna change her mind at the the current Medicaid requirements remain as they are. Rand Paul could never really be. Compromise with the if he's only going to vote for full repeal. Of obamacare I think the biggest problem I have and we talked about a similar show. Is that they're leaving all these tax increases. As part of obamacare in there may be senators got his right. That Tim's got a South Carolina that perhaps leave them in there give this thing through. And then they'll come back and do some other legislation that will take away those tax increases maybe that's. Is a finalist just been a pleasure being on within this week thanks to TJ thanks to George doing the producing border operation to the program today. And invited to go my web site I don't radio dot com. I've got links to various stories we talked about many we never got to my email address is up there. Also my Twitter feed you can follow me there get my news feed and or Ximian messy.