Gas Dryers, Concrete Floor Stains and More

Tim answers listener questions about home repair and remodeling.


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Good afternoon and welcome to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. For the next hour Tim is here to answer your questions about remodeling and renovation projects from the roof to the foundation. Anywhere and everywhere in between he has the answers. The other question for Tim on you need to do is sent it via email info at two mosques and their phone numbers 877. 4994361. And you can find their website. On the web Tim mosques and that's refine our all the information but Tim and the suns the company all the work they do. Photos of previous jobs and a lot Morgan that is Tim mosques in suns dot com. Our Tim let's jump right into this week's questions are first when says I want to switch from an electric dryer. To a gas powered dryer with that involving a lot of work. Really depends. Who's. Not too often do we change electric dryers to gas dryers. This is most people really don't care and we get we get people want to go from electric stove. You know arranged to gas yet as you can relate to people say they can tell a different taken in the fluent yet and tell a difference but. Usually don't we don't do that would drive but that's fine that's what you want do. But there's there's some. Variables in there you know to the already have guessed that your hypothesis is a big one true. You know some people have gas at the street many got a carried up to the house Savannah gets to be count the cost the project. I mean and not eggs or rent but if it's a lot more than a fury had this story there to half forty after take the gas lines. On the area of gas does it involve liquid propane even had gas in your neighborhood rag you might have together a liquid propane tank so. Once she knew all those different things you figure the cost of figure out if it's worth doing. You know and the other thing is how long you'd be in a house in a lot of people don't take that consideration. You know you sort while mica a gas dryer right. You know to be and how stale long it might be cheaper just to even even if you just moved into place. Yes will be moving internally for years so they might have a gas dryer so they want gas. Well you might be cheap it would be cheaper for his final electric dryer if you nanometer scale so there's so many different variables involved in I know it's a simple question. Am going to be over complicate that. But a store give a wrong answer to move. It's just not cut and dry you know it can be kind of complicated. And a lot of work if things don't don't come together you know if you don't have gifts and neighborhood or if it's just at the street. But you could very well have a a gas line Brian right next to where the dryers gonna go you could tap into that could go record ten. It's one of those things though what you really don't want to be a do it yourself project. And I know that myself self serving this you know a dire pro. But I'm off for homeowners don't stop themselves this is one it's you know it gases involved. It's you could die if you mess something up to blow your house so I'd let a license guy committed fix that it'd get inspected and you know double check everything. Yet that makes sense. You're listening to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. The southern you like to ask Tim I need to do is send your question via email to this addressed in folk acts Tim Moss and suns dot com. The next question Sam says my water filtration system broke and flooded my unfinished concrete floor. It left a stain across the entire floor and I do not know how to remove it yet any suggestions. Will it it's really tough to. You know it's kind of concrete you know whatever might have caused this pain it's really tough to remove. So. I usually recommend the best bet is to disguised disdain. You know on a pummeling draw face on an accident. That. You can paint over it you know they they may concrete pains especially you know for space mr. Rogers and places like that Brian. So you can do it you could put a finish you'll paint finish or possibly even stain it. Make this you know Spain would would go away just because it was coverup. We're disguised. But to actually get that stain out. I'm diversity to really app and you can end up doing more damage turning your wrist thing you know some people pay. Clorox from your attic national is kind of harsh things to the concrete. And and it can actually harmed because it'll take off the finish go to the concrete the news person in aggregate. So you're better off you know if you if you just can't stand this Spain it is still in the whole thing up with maybe a paint or know the cost thing. And it you know hot tracks has one that I like if it's going to be in the garage you know could you can drive on I'm not an appeal on the tires. But in in the basement sure Williams makes for good paints that would finished the floral. I see a lot of people go with a grave like it's an auto shop at the scene of the great pains yes I'm cynical yet that was very nice in a basement especially if you have. They cinder block walls that you paint white men with a grain on the floor. It actually. Enhances the value of of your house it looks a lot nicer to us thank you gonna be a good thing could've motivated them to spruce up the rest of it. Now does that apply to a sidewalk is that same thing these can't get the stands up the sidewalk as well. Well usually sidewalk it's not it was not that big recession so workstation or you can just take that little spot up. I trio you know because it's it's only four foot while you might have what a four foot by four foot section news. Breaking up to report but most people don't care about the sidewalk without the street you know. Ellis has come up to the front door right and and you you know get a staying there because you know what is gonna cause this thing united have a vehicle on an. You know it's not gonna float within you know a the water filtration system. There's really not a lot finger because stain on the sidewalk but if it did happen I can give you one OK guy out one aid dog bit sag got six shall we say it. And has a washed off just would range. And now in its with a guy and I. Usually see and sidewalks as cracks. You know so the question on sidewalks as you know politics to crack myself. And then you know I just recommend you take that section now. And aren't you are listening to ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque the something you'd like to ask Tim. Are you need to do is send your question via email to info and aunts Tim Moss and suns dot com. Our next question Sam is there a difference between exterior and interior primer. Earlier and asked that question four and you've been asked a lot of questions yeah you know painters a big difference in the paint absolutely. I'd really did the primer. We use. The same problem. I like you and kills Spain blocker in the oil base and values that are outside and I'll use an inside. So if possibly there is you know some exterior primer that I haven't heard of but most primer primer on you know just. It goes on it kind of likes heals up the portion so you're not used in so many coats of paint. Oh. But I really don't know a big difference between interior. Primer and exterior primer if you had a really good interior primer you should be able to probably that I'm exterior also. If it's concealed up anyway with the exterior paint. True solution make any difference what the under later this yeah. So you know it's gonna still all the porridge and it's got to make it's gonna make it sort of soak up as much pain is what's gonna do. And it's gonna work pretty much the same as inside announcement. And are we still have a lot of your questions to get to on this week's ask the expert. Remodeling and renovation with Tim Mossad there's something you'd like to ask him to send it via email to this address info at its Tim mosques and suns dot com. Their phone numbers 8774994361877. 4994361. He could find him on the web Tim Moss and Coming up next somebody wants to know about putting out gable concrete roof on a block building. To Atlanta that coming up next on ask the expert on these stock 1110 WBT. Welcome back then ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. The embassy here he has decades of experience and expertise. And wants to help you answer those questions about the project you're working on around the house the other issue. Need some advice have a question Jim is happy to answer to send those questions via email to info. And that's Tim Moss and sons not come their phone numbers 877499436. Want and the website is Tim Maas and suns dot com. Critics' questions it asks. Is it reasonable to put a gay bull concrete roof. On a block building. Well anything's possible in this. This will be yet you know difficult test market first of all what is eight people concrete proof I don't even though well you know a gable roof. You know account of what content and shape you know I always am OK don't yet. Sony outlets that you see a lot of gable most of houses have a game folk and their framework Lowber. OK except Nancy you know a lot of block buildings go have a flat roof. And some of them will have a concrete. It was just pour concrete there's no would involve. They'll have maybe some I'd beams and in the have some corrugated metal and then they pour concrete on top it's not too often see that. Sometimes you see that avoided that's the kind of thing you'd see like a parking deck ice you know or people could rival and his. This is not something that I see a whole lot and I've never seen it in a residence you know choose commercial kind of stuff. So. I really wouldn't say that it's reasonable at all you know if you had a block building you know for residential property. Trying to put. Any kind of Concord group on this somewhat more cost effective or not the kind of zones were takes we will get a lot of snow. You know when you we have a concrete roof which related for a whole lot of weight yeah. You know and then we get. You know I understand now want to build a code minimums you know people don't want to minimum they won't they wanna you know beef there. We're we're doing work for got its a firefighter now raid. And everything we do you really want to be fit and this is in his questioner anything but mrs. Count the same kind of thing you know if if if code calls for six mil vapor barrier he wants twelfth. You know of code calls for a two by four wall he's that was asking can we go to blades. You can get to a point where you're just wasting money. Either you're just you're just. Over building stuff and it doesn't it's you know it's it's kind of like an art than science. Where you're building. To not waste material but get your maximum strength yet you know there's a point of diminishing returns. So you far exceeded your point of diminishing returns if you try to put the concrete roof you know flat one. On a block building especially in this area polish and English coroner withstand a nuclear blast for some that would work can you share amid a way of an overkill and then. You know some people that don't like the flat roof books so I'm just Ghassan. But maybe this is why they want the strength of the concrete maybe could do in gable. That's a C Oca has problems with it you know what's gonna hold it up just want slide down with titans. Of the route you know that you'd have to have this complex fastening system and then. The structure of the block structure of the building would have to be so strong it was Spain that Al outward frost. You know force of this conquer it's not feasible at all that it is definitely not feasible UBB a lot better off just wouldn't be framed eventually framed. And vendors or 'cause Richard Park circuit longer. But yet it's not it's not feasible at all. That answers that question here and ask the expert remodeling in renovations with Tim Mossad the southern on your mind you liked asked him. Split it in an email and send it to this address info adds Tim Moss and suns dot com. Tim I have a home with non standard sized skylights. And all of the skylights have started leaking. I can't find the correct skylight sizes anywhere so why don't know what. I should do. Well we don't see this every day by it's it's kind of a common thing for us. Maybe three or four times a year phone calls me out to prescribe electorally if you. And they have just odd sizes yet you know a lot of skylights or sixteen Y under 24 Y 32 wide. But everyone so while you you get these really odd sizes and you can't match. And it's it's kind of I guess it's like the grieving process you have different states. And as a kind of dawns on the homeowner in as good work because then what you have to do is take field was and refrain. The whatever sizes American today ice so they used to be a whole lot of skylight companies. I like using blocks. So you I'm not a pretty much insist on blocks or better skylights. You know Kazaa a wanna be called back. Because weeks. Don't know what in what I've found is no matter how much the homeowner promises. Pitcher not responsible for their decisions. They will turn around and tell you where you're the contractor mentioned above me bought this and chief enters got to lighten so I just insist you know it's got to be evil looks better. Has no matter how much they promised you know I've I've been caught that a couple times you know relate to use Disco light of I think it's gonna leak. Like well that's on me because I supplied then you put a lot of weeks and it turns out it's not because the way it was installed which is the product. Bill turned right around tell you when you you should know what we do it. So hope we go with a pretty nice skylight which is a looks. Or better and there's there's even hiring products and that. And you're you're pretty much stuck with their standard sizes there's American. All of cost a whole lot of you want custom made they're gonna want to be the standard sizes. So you just go up by people if you can't find them manufacture. You know that makes it in the call it product. In this size that you have you just have to re frank. And acting kid you know not not crazy expensive but it's gonna cost you a lot more than a view to switch out the same size it. And every what's wrong you get these crazy sizes. It's. It seems like X specially from the seventies and eighties all kinds of manufacturers got in the skylights. So there's you know on the older houses there can be all these crazy sizes sizes that never seen before and designs in and you know their own engineer different not the week. And the ones that kind of withstood the test upon are still around Michael looks yes. So that's what I use in it if if if that's sizes and honored chart if we can't get a hold of it. We're refrain and that's what that's what I'd. All right this is ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tomas. Have a question for Tim just put in in an email is sent its new info apps to mosques and suns dot com. Tim my basement has only ever leak once it was during heavy rain after a drought and it has never leaked since it worries me that it could happen again though is that a risk and should I do anything to prevent it. That is the question would be deemed. Did you know these kind of things are really you know all the detail in the head and here I can only a week after the drought. It Beckham stuff tells you ought to show. We have expansive soils in our area. So that means you know a lot of plays. When when they dry up when experiences who have drowned prize you get a lot of cracks at it. So what can happen is after a drought you know you don't these cracks in the soil. And then you get a heavy rain these cracks just depend on how they develop and it's it's all kind of like random chance where the crafts developed. It's it's almost like an channel way right to your basement. And in heavy rains depend on how they'll set. It can put a lot of water pressure against your basement wall. Which can inject itself through block him so. They haven't had anything since then which kind of tells me that the soils expanded again the cracks are gone. So now you don't have this channel this deep you know crack channel she acknowledged water against the house so they're probably going to be fine. In less maybe we get another drought and it cracks just in the right way Ian. And then shoots water into that the foundation. So every once awhile you get you know a leak that under normal circumstances you witnessed. It is prime moderate statement but you probably understand he said. You know a leak of the century you know at the trouble censure in the flood the center of a century every once in a hundred years yeah. Every once a while some of Italy can their house where they are the roof were we're a basement and it'll it'll never leak again and it's it's not something that you you know. It's good to explore it to make sure. That it's not. A constant perpetual problem. But you know if you do your do your homework and see that it's it's a one ton of sense. You can pretty much write often and not worry about it. So on it like it sump pump just in case or anything like that well it never hurts to have a backup plan if I would do some like that but. I'm based on one event. And it hasn't happened again I certainly wouldn't dig up my yard and waterproof the exterior race you know I might do like you know safety measure what you suggested putting some home just in case it would flood again. He's maybe if it's a drought maybe then start thinking about what might do you know what to do but we saw. You know we had that for years router so yeah. And then after that a lot of people were calling us up saying hey my basement weakened and is never leaked before. Well you know sometimes all that water pressure hydrostatic pressure would cut a channel. Right through the block. And it was you know value of the biggest in big disloyal patched block. And waterproof and all that kind of stuff but some of the homeowners they would get a leak in and a win away. After you know the soil expanded the cracks were way and they haven't had cents. So you know it's a balance you don't want to neglect your house but every time you get a minor problem. You don't wanna jump to be some crazy too soon could be just be wasting money. Yeah absolutely. We still have a whole lot more of your questions to get to hear on this week's ask the expert. Remodeling and renovations with some must listen than you'd like to ask Tim I need to do is send your questions via email to info at Tim Moss and suns dot com. Their phone numbers 877499436. Want. And on the web it's Tim mosques and sun's stock cup coming up after the break somebody has some would columns on their deck. That are Roddick what should they do. Tim is gonna answer that coming up next here and ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. A new stock 1110 WBT. The welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque. Embassy Eric he's answering your questions about remodeling renovation is whether it's inside outside. Roof foundation anywhere in between. Tim has been doing this for many many years and as he answers if you have the questions and you can submit those questions to info attached to Hamas and suns dot com. Their phone number is 8774994361. And their website is Tim mosques and suns dot com. That's the questions to my dad is supported by ten foot tall wood columns. Unfortunately the wood has started running would be possible to break over the would if not how should I fix it. The trade panel on that one you know the columns you know on a picture and maybe six by sixes or eight bytes but I guess ticket heavily. You know ten incher twelve when hollow columns of the ten feet tall so. I don't know for sure what they have public let's go with what what I usually see you know would be six by six is rate bites okay. And sometimes. You know they're usually treated lumber and sometimes we'll see in cedar and other things. In and sometimes they start to go you know boo boo but get rob in more than two months ago the bottle story of and a lot of people they do their very they look for an alternative the only one we've got called in place because this seems like a huge task to get that column now that'll probably get the new column in. It's it's actually a lot easier. Then then what you would think. So you know what a bottle objectives right I do OK all you need is a couple bottle jacks and some post and you. You Jack up your port porch. And you know like your your your deck you you put tension on the post. With the you know the replacement post temporary placement post and just raise it just a hair. And that'll allow you to get the other one I like taken sauls Altec assault on could have popped up plot the lower pieced and upload the upper peace. It's not going to work if you have a couple bottles Jack sooner but an up and then you can put in your new post. In its its really not that big that the deal to do you do that would post columns. You know even those really huge columns that you see in in the Michael plantation style houses. Yet. It in it it's not that more people think it's hard but it's it's really not what I want some of the best money animated and in a single day. Was a fellow bed he had these big. He was attorney for Reynolds in a suite is doing a lot of money and you know attorneys. You know there's a lot of turning smarter every else lenders attorneys that things are smarter and everybody else so he had. He called me up and he gave me the price he was gonna give me to replace the columns is like I know it's a lot of work so this is what I'm offered if you can do it for that. Any offer me like a thousand dollars a column. To replace them and I don't know what he was vacant home you know in his mind how would get done. But I showed up when my bottle jacks and I was replaced in the columns like one and Allah. And you know I did exactly what we agreed on. And he was astounded at the speed in how he you know he kind of felt like. He got what we asked for gas but a few little let me quote him the price. It a awarded on a for awhile and you know but it a deal to deal with the and I was happy to take his check. But you know he was he was also a pain from my spirits to somebody else mother showed up none of some way different. But it is really not that hard there's certain projects even kind of have an image in your mind. And her so much easier than what you've you know what you projected in your mind and and that replacing columns has worn off their really wanna replace it with break you can. You know for actually not. Not structural it's like a veneer. So if you put the brick around it and a lot of guys used to do that they would build you know carport and things like that he's a former afford to put brick running outside. You probably could do that I would consult within engineer though to make sure that it's it's gonna carry the load. Of the of the porch or the deck reports that you have if you just wanna break it up. Usually you you do what block. You know block will be at the core and you brick around the block. Or or do hollow blocker and a little concrete and brick around that. But if if that's supplement you really wanna do maybe. You realize OK Tim says it's not the heart replaced the column but I like the look of brick anyway. You'd wanna check with a structural engineer asked him. What's gonna support this. And then he'll sign off on it you do it the thinker. But it's it's really not as hard to replace a column as as you would think it is. And this is ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim Mossad there's something you would like to ask Tim it's easy to do the senate via email to info at. That's Tim Moss and suns dot com. Will belong to the next question Sam is there any advantage to a hard wired smoke alarm. We you know the insurance industry says it's building codes yet standards. And now like if I were building a house tradition. And a I have to have smoke alarms and wanna park quarter. So they think there is an advantage to have my hard work what are you know that the battery woes were fine. But then you have to check your betters all time so I guess the advantage would be you know he. Your batteries is the pack of it's not the primary source of power it. So that that would be the big advantage he sought to change him just not as often. Yeah I used to you know he still spoke to change the backups and yet but. The batteries just tobacco. Through in most people's power and ego that that often true but you know what it could be probably lose power over the you have that backup battery in it. So that's that's the big advantage. Can be a bit of a nuisance I remember when the change was going on. An inspector started shall love so Wallace the forward. You well they're there's always. When things change there's always a time to kind of get it alls shifted out house didn't pan out. Now they're not so little adamant about you know how they do things but they are for awhile we poll permit to do the bathroom. And that come through the house into it up not smoke not no smoke detectors are not enough. And also on the homeowners got to get smoke detectors and a lot of homeowners that like that and so they've kind of eased off on that but whatever I do an addition on the house. Most times the inspectors requires to upgrade to smoke detectors you know and so. They take that opportunity and I guess approach varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. But there for a while homeowners Inco set. Because you know here's the nanny state on the to have smoke detectors and like. We're gonna Beth redone now you tell me again there are gonna have smoke detectors and rest my house yeah and so. I you know usually when anything comes out every is quick to enforce it the real strict about it. But my son was due to submit a house yesterday and he called me up. In his city advance was voted Dickerson is or how often. That's it let's just check with the inspector yeah because there was really nothing related to bedrooms or anything else he was doing some an it closet we had a permit for. And he was he was just remember and back how it used to be when they when they got on with a smoke detectors. And he just wanted to be done whether jobs was like should I just go by about a smoke detectors and put a book now. Well let's let's check but I homeowners who with the inspectors got the. Now is there any is there such a thing as a hard wired carbon monoxide. Detector slash alarm isn't just a smoke alarms if they do that now. I imagine you could give her word carbon monoxide detector. That's not something that I usually and involvement yet in that part of the project. You know. And people who it OK what what do you do that what do I do. Well I do the radio shows. You know I I usually go look at the jobs. Helped design jobs. When we have an addition I run excavating equipment in on a haul heavy equipment I'll do that excavating. And I'm like the general consultant and coach and a kind of the kind of against I've done it for so long visually. I'm sure there's something I haven't seen that anything's say most things that yet there's not many things I haven't seen. So when the guys are doing the work on Sandra doing the work of so called me like he did this is what I see I'm seeing here. You know compared to around thirty years old so. It's not like pitching every the search if you are a whole lot but they haven't you name it everything yet so favor a set against suddenly haven't seen. Or wants some advice of course they're gonna Covert demand for. Right and even if Tim is not your daddy can ask him for advice here on ask the expert. Remodeling and renovation of Tomas it's easy to do to send your questions via email to info that's Tim mosques and suns dot com. Their phone number is 8774994361877499. 4361. Make sure to visit the website Tim mosque and Some of us to know if there's a code standard first there are sizing. Simple as that question coming up right and after the break. It's ask the expert remodeling renovation with Tim mosque a new stock 1110 WBZ. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling in renovations with chip mosque. Tim is here answering your questions about those projects are working on around the house or maybe you want to work on around the house but you have questions consented to answer them just sent him an email. Info at still mosques and sons he can answer those here on the show their phone number is 877499436. Went. And you could find him on the web two mosques and suns dot com. About two more questions Tim is there a code standard for stairs sizing I need a full flight of stairs but I have very. Limited space. Yeah others there's code for your rise in how much was Stuckey you have to take it one time ran it and also for the trip. Analysis misses what pop quiz for read a it's you know coach has changed over the years. In have been doing this long time and at the age now where sometimes things are further wasting closer and things now yes you know you get. You guys caught and certain time periods definitely. So. I'm hope I'm not given you eighty's and ninety's coach here I think the latest on my cut some steps out it was nine and a quarter. Units trade had to be at least nine Emcor. And an eight inch rise. It you know which means you can't step more made inches enemy that means that makes them and a nasty. Yes. And when I try what I do steps I try to make a number between seven and seven and a half inches you know in my Nazi march that inch but actually is when you're raising your legs won't steps it. But if you're in limited space of course you want as much rise as possible he wants is is less many steps as possible that means you have west treads. There's trades take up station also say there's. Just make an easy numbers we can do map. Say you have ten treads if you have ten trends in the matter. You know 99. And a quarter apiece. You know it's ten times on a quarter inches you need that much link in order get stares down. And then it can be a problem. If if you have like a basement is really tall so you have a ten foot tall ceiling in a basement. Now you drop down. That was a 120 inches. And you'll have eight inch drops at a time. Then you're gonna have a whole lot more trends and dangers stairwells going to be a whole lot bigger and it's gonna eat him warrior force based. So it can if you get cam it it's not real complicated cut steps W complicated where you gonna put them. You know cause you're gonna have enough space at the polished Apollo steps can't go against the wall or we have a floater to feed. Do you want forty or so inches at the bottom of the steps. And can end up eaten up a whole lot of room. And then you get into maybe your steps should go down to a landing in turn and all this kind of stuff. So usually this is something that went our designers drawn plans. This is his test he's tasked with figuring out how we're gonna put these steps in the addition or an existing house and they're gonna run straight down again term. And every once in while it turns out and elevators the best way to go there's there's not a whole lot of room footsteps and and it does anybody ever wanna spiral staircase these days of us in fashion anymore. Those things get complicated knot was a traffic and many years ago that was about twenty some years ago I made this pretty for the spiral staircase in house. Look really cool yeah Mae and it took me awhile to you know have always. Oh man I mean it was it was neat now under. I was kind of impressed with myself as an instructor candidates that not the code not that I pull a ball out. So. Most of the spiral staircases that would since that time you know you get that wants an and you understand that you bugler what you gotta do you share. All of martians spiral staircase that we do now. We get them engineers to engineers signs off on them. And then then I'll have to worry about the inspector coming insane enough he doesn't like it almost upset that description inspector yet but if you have an engineer sign off on and he said you know goes this is good. That takes a liability with respect her so most times when inspector user refinement that stuff. As he just doesn't want something go wrong and he's gonna get in trouble. So if you give an alternative saying hey you know the engineer. Says it's good he's taken a lot of really for the the inspector going to be happy. But everyone saw on your boring fights inspector in the matter what you do you know one argument engineer. Yeah. Exactly our right to assign it to a few more questions here on ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque. Get a question for Tim said it via email to info and it's Tim Moss and suns dot com. Tim is molding ever more than a cosmetic item. As a as a for your question you know why in the world peace deal with Bolden and again. It's it's cosmetic there's there's really nothing. Structural about molding. So you ever while quantities last and shooters US pension and this idea together a lot of oil has been sure I'll watch them. But if you look at the inside of houses. A lot of them don't have apple. Billed as the public paneling on the wall and they won't Hammel went. The cost a lot to shift up to Alaska eyes so of course they're gonna shipped structural stuff because they they needed for the structure. But the extras the frivolous stuff for the pain all kinds of money in freight and it's really doesn't have a purpose other than looks. I mean look at NBC some of their cabinets are there indications yet pretty you know there's that wicca a plane countertop and and a curtain. Put the stuff underneath and if you look at the walls. I'm watching them though. And the rules at one the family Expos beat wolfpack I think most of its you know bogus anyway it's. Bush. Anyhow I was watching that the other night and that little cam and they constructed in as what you gotta put the metal roof on. The the the metal roof completely wrong. I mean they lap it backwards. You know you start at the bottom work your way up the story at the top were to weigh down high which minute rain it's gonna run in the seems. But out and I'll also watch now to finish up in senator Kevin. There's no mold and what sort managed is rough look at you know you get a really reform construction will optimal. That's why you you know covers up the transitions were before reached the wall it's where your base forcing have a crackdown there sure. Scrambling you'd do we need crumbled because it doesn't even cover up cracks or anything used a few rock run Chirac. But it looks nicer and chair rail in a Chara had a purpose of one times keep your cherish beaten up the walls. But now it's just to have to look nice. And the more expensive to house the more layers of of a molding usually see. We get some houses and all have sixteen inch crown molding but you know of course believe twenty foot tall ceilings also. And then you go into or arrange shelves with eight foot tall ceilings and might not even have the Kremlin and on what rules small base or at the bottom. So it's it's a lot of you know some of the houses that shows off your money. And it just is a nice finishing touch but structural there's not refer to all. Okay our it will we have time for at least one more question on this week's ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. You like to ask him questions send it via email to info apps Tim Moss and suns dot com. Would be difficult to connect an existing detached garage to Hollis are there any potential issues I should be aware. Or work why is it shouldn't be a big deal. You know canoes and you know. I guess may be a door from dormitory you know it will structure so keeps him closed in on whether it's defense and how far latest house studio. Yet even if it's far away that really would mean a big reveal yeah we're can be a big deal zoning. Now you know well one thing is whenever you have an attached garage to the house passed bill she brought. So if you've received older houses you'll see an unfinished garage amino few properties in right off or pissed attached watched sponsors and Chirac. As soon as you attach it now own the building codes as you gotta put sheet rock in there. Because fires can store in the garage story guests normal stuff like that desperate as some pot of hot water heater. So they want Chirac on the walls the contained far you know configured in a fiery and it was she rocks so bad as that is when issues space. Is now and it's attached it's gonna happen if she rocketed if it doesn't tolerate. The other thing can be zoning and they can get really funny depending on the jurisdiction urine. About whether it's an attached or detached garage so even to build a broad will will go wanna build garage and some of the counties won't let you haven't attached off the slim well it can be detached but it can't be attached. And then you know some who have jurisdictions cola closer to four feet to the house and Olson's attached even though it's not. So there's all these different zoning and a zoning laws so that's going to be the biggest thing is is how does this affect zoning. And then how would it affect code on the rest of the house. Actually for physically do in the war let's say that permits that existence only officers didn't exist. You can do it Ruiz okay. Now when you have these guys into the mix and they can get kind of complicated. So hopefully you know they're nice guys here is with topic complicated. We did one for a one time. And he ended up having assignments he and corporate business you know some candidate too much and business but it's got a corporate business and and they were worried that he would store. Could you give a permit you know do attention. Also there are worried that he's gonna store corporate and from there is a corporate business. So they had to come in and sign a sworn statement that he would not to worry his corporate from his business. In his garage at his house and that what opened a door that whole thing was. You want to attach begrudge. So if there's a much occurs you also appeared in the big things going to be zoning and and you might fly right by him with and you could end up with somebody Sanyo dual clunkers stuff. Well we are out of time on this week's ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque. It like to cement submit a question for a future show all you need to do. Is send it via email to info apps Tim Moss and once again info at. Tim Moss and suns dot com here's their phone number. 877499436. Want. Again that's 8774994361. Pictured a visit Tim mosques and We'll find out all you need to know but Tim and his sons the company to different types of work they do photos of past projects. Links to their social media and a lot more again that is that Tim Moss and suns dot south. Thanks for Jenna didn't join us again next Saturday at five for ask the expert remodeling and renovation of Tomas a new stock 1110 W VT.