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Charlotte at Six
Wednesday, June 14th

Mark Garrison finds out if Charlotte firefighters are prepared if something similar happens here to what happened in London earlier today. They are worried about wood being used in new apartments.


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Another big story today Charlotte firefighters tell us they're worried about all the would do. It is being used in constructing new apartment buildings here in Charlotte because after all would burns quickly. Those comments coming after that terrible fire in London that rips through a 24 story apartment building if you seen the video it's amazing flames engulf the entire highrise. People trapped one person even dropped a baby nine stories. To be caught by firefighters. Amazing. Twelve people however died many others in bad shape there were 120. Homes in the building firefighters. Really have no idea how many more bodies they could find. Now our experience shows as in places like space is very very challenging but a number on hand many people are on a canticle. Approaches to many voters that we know I would be resident with a grin filter out. But it did that motivate others that was staying with family. Oh friends. Here in Charlotte we have plenty of highrise apartment dwellers living uptown the view for example fifty floors time. So what if fire broke out there like the one in London. Charlotte fire department scoffs at the notion that wouldn't happen here. Fire Marshal John Leonard extremely confident and held the buildings have been constructed here. Compared to the one in London we are a little more modern city that building filled 1974. Lacks the proper protection systems of our current building tasks in North Carolina all highrise is have sprinklers and fire doors a year saying that. The fast spread that we saw in London you don't think you could ever happen. I don't wanna say no but I would be shocked if it occurred here. And Leonard says uptown apartments have voice alerts telling residents what to do win these fire alarm goes off. If you live uptown you're used to your fire alarm system gonna it happens. Our high rises have foresee vac systems. So if it they won't give you directions to do if you hear the alarm is gonna tell you to evacuate to build some think about it's important scary. People I talk to with the catalyst a 27 Storey apartment building. Same hearing about the London fire is a bit troubling but they do practice what to do if there's a fire. It's a firework hit do you think it would be handled well here yes and so the drills down pretty smoothly so let's get. There we have all fighters people participating. Yeah yeah we've we've run downstairs and out word he Avaya a nationally worried by a famous at this this victory calls harm concern but I just act methods. The catalyst where those two men live is a glass and steel structure. But Charlotte's fire department is concerned about a new trend in Charlotte apartments. Several being built now have a lot of wood in them. The building code allows it but would can burn quickly. Worrisome says battalion chief Ken Davis. That is a big concern operation. They are pushing the envelope is what it boils down to it. Pushing the envelope of safety with the wood being used in a number of apartment projects here you can see them going up near the uptown. But those apartments says the fire department points out do have sprinklers on alarms however as we sought a recent fire in Raleigh was one of those buildings and a lot of would they go up in smoke quickly.