Fawns, Lake Norman and Knives

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, June 17th

This week #outdoorguys talk about an island hopping fawn, discuss some of the history of Lake Norman, and learn about the artistry of making knives.


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Carolina pure Chile's brought Cuba the outdoors guys from Jesse breaths to. All right welcome. To the Carolina outdoors. Others say weekend. We're glad mr. joins us here CFCs elevenths in 1993 WDT. Where they outdoor guys on the Carolina outdoors. I use we year. Loosely because it's just TJ odds on the other side of the glass and yours truly billboard team were missing MI. Act a dying Jaeger on assignment. We don't know if he's headed to the close to the mountains or somewhere ought to heed my late. And solutions that it deputy space and and the only reason that we noted that is because deer season is not in seasons right there. But we're glad that you are joined and has lesson we invite everybody to. Had ever to India. The instant grams or FaceBook pages the edge Jesse browns just type in Jesse browns. Or it's Jesse Brown CU LT. And you can participate in our conversation regarding the outdoors regarding the Carolina outdoors or. Regarding Jesse Brown themselves that's where I can't hang our hat through the week. And listen this time of year. Many of Carolinians and then that is that are listening outside of the Carolinas. Start heading now on vacation and one of the special parts of being in the Carolinas is we have easy access. Easy access to archives and speaking of beer. We're gonna talk to an author here in Charlotte you as a couple of books. Based on a character named teammate and Mimi happens to be out on a dear. We're gonna invite Katherine Farley who is the author a mr. Davis Mimi exports Seabrook island which were gonna learn a brown. As well as Mimi discovers Sullivan's island. Which were gonna learn about Sullivan's as well as we invite Katherine Harley to the Carolina outdoors Katherine. Welcome. I. Really excited to talk on the mark Ed what we're excited to talk to you as well we wanna learn about how Mimi came about how. I'm Alice he was born in your creative mind and became a character in a book Ortiz. Well. You know excellent rendering great things and you're live in the hot days hi. I have three children and Mac girls are the ones that came up with the whole idea and encouraged there. Their mother used. These something that was kind of out of her out of her well said. And as a family it collected. Then leave can't play that had been. Packet street and when we visit somewhere and and and their mind there at the book about every place that imported in the world. And we were fortunate to visit he broke out on a lot of all it. There was not so. And they kept nudging you along and telling stories about different things on island then. You know different when that and we met. And illustrator have you met him in the public the biggest spot as a well respected the right now and mean he was born because. The year and how to get around everywhere and and and I and it's pointing can be on land they can be a lot of irons and you see. That would be great character to cash BR explore it speak. Well we'll have people who are listening who maybe don't know about Seabrook island. What did you find special about Seabrook and then what did you allow misty villas Mimi to explore its Seabrook island. These brackets is it mechanical hazard there are. They've capped a much of the island natural and really use. If he got on an island. By tree balk on or. You EC gear immediately and they just being hit really. I'd say you Wear out the unique spot are in nature and we get. You know the trails then deadbeats locked in the marsh land and bishop. Played at re could be the nature on the island and the deer are does happen hands there is it to at the special play well special place. And I guess that nature Meehan a reoccur in word. This has become an educational process not just for you and your family but these books some. Are kind of written to provide. Education on barrier islands on nature on conservation. Yeah are all of that stuff. They are they are companies that shirt that. On leave it out really it's a lot quiet conservation and she just saw a lot of the history has. Kind of where we've. I'm back in the 1970s. With cultivate its eternal. And anybody that that the narcotic has entered this summer stock had a case. Well noted that there's turtle nesting place it everywhere. And we Angeli learning about how that process work and our. I'm turtle come back to the same point and that is neither clear turtle there and a couple of letting animals on our on the car. And families that Seabrook island but educate people a lot about that what you. He's compassionate hit a conservation. And it's been taking care of the shore. Because it's just a beautiful part. Our world. Where and how I jump in their ambassador Dennis at the beginning but tell us who. Quickly and we'll move on where Seabrook island it is. Is a lot of people I met a lot of people that seal island and Gil and these are actually neighbor islands. They're just about twenty minutes south of Charleston. They're great spot. That it needs to you know if you ever had a rainy days could be you you can head at the top senate and indeed some of those rights gained on the air. Really quite decide its net out of three green art guy. Well and in many many years traveling and so now we're in South Charleston in as without first good. On May be their first but garner more attention. When a second book comes out so Mimi has moved on to today and discover Sullivan's island still in Charleston area. What's the difference in their Brett barrier islands but what Sullivan's brain. Mimi exploration. Meaning he obviously loved the country. The trop and area at all then what we really track team. Provide for children and families in the park is teaching the concept of presently and that we talk a lot about history. Or culture implicated on well on. Old pal and white house on on the island and there are a couple of really old churches that was. The wartime. You know from back in the eighteen hundreds and we really. Like to ship out the people of policy and while it innately course you'd think. All the bunkers and batteries to build different buildings there's. Their library on parliament balances acts in an old bunker. And it is that they're really. Neat place to visit it kind of take a step back in history and initiate what people you. To preserve. Our history and say that we set that a lot back in the silent silent. And at the scene that uses. The letting your light shine. That we all in that part of what we ought to do about it here in the world inactive satellites and be a bright lights and other people. And they were exploring with Mimi Katherine Farley seized opera two books mr. this may be explores Siebert talent and now Mimi discover Sullivan's island both based in the Charleston area of South Carolina great places together. Now Katherine hold onto your hat here comes out or got TJ box. The this seems like it all right get kids a little more interest than in the last tourists the aspect of the beach and vacation and then. You know more history and the thing is that with the books. Yeah really it's. Unity unit that went outside an Asian out that that talked meant that they're really. Being. I'm sick and you see what people have embraced that area's scenic people on cheaper out really embrace conservation ally and you know the land and the waters there. They gated apartment that they often. Added yet met. You know the history. That occurred on element out supports the war and pedigree things to learn about quiet there. A few runner what one your neighbors is doing in the Charlotte area one items are writing books Katherine partly. Explore what Mimi dot com that's MIM I. You can head over there and interact Thursday tricks with Mimi is on the web sites news or use skin it's her act with a dear. On May mean cats and thank you so much known as they outdoor gas here on the Carolina outdoors. Do you consider yourself an outdoor and this is he has pictures skills so that tests. And head out to the hikers challenge is going to be a blue blazer brewing Saturday June 24 from ten to 6 PM. Yours truly build RT outdoor act here on the Carolina outdoors as well as Everett Jesse Brown here in Charlotte. Is gonna invite you to come to the blurry to participate in a few challenges we GAAP laced a Buddha. Quickly and securely. Trying to race against time against other competitors. Fly fishing in another challenge it's going to be going on track to deliver your flop. Podcast and just have the right spot. Start up a fire. Sites down and that whose tools will be provided for you to do it as well as setup but yet. Prizes are going to be invaluable include net cabins today for two nights at beech mountain. Here in North Carolina set to add on Everett had hikers talent is going to be blue blazer brewing. Saturday June 24 from two to 6 PM. Welcome everybody to the Carolina outdoors weather here listening via the airwaves and news eleven and 993 WDT. Or maybe Europe subscriber to Carolina outdoors at WDT dot com. As well as Jesse Brown dot com off four segments are broken down for your listening pleasure depending on the topic that most interest you. Just click on podcast and it'll all pot down. We also invites you to post comments and that participate in any dialogue. The mr. Graham or Twitter or lastly our FaceBook page to tighten Jesse brown and it'll all pop up. TJ boxes across the screen from yours truly again bill Barr today. Have you all ever heard of east. Mon two North Carolina never Long Island North Carolina that's in New York. That's not here is it. Well we're gonna find out a little bit about it because three years ago our next guest author and historian each looks at the swine. What I. A bullet gosh I've got a speech impediment here undoubtedly a check mcsame wrote a book about it. I love that title a history of lake Norman this can't step Ferrari's. He also appears in our state late Norman turns the Charlotte Observer the Fayetteville observer and more. Check mcsame welcome to the Carolina outdoors. And we wanna learn a little bit about our past namely. A couple of towns that many of our old school listeners will recognize. He's mind and Long Island North Carolina. Chat tell us about those towns. Supercomputers Byrd who. Bird northern tip of Norman did what today is what Norman about the rubio there. All over river. And this will be the peak although. We accounting area. In order order and durable sounds and a modern vote to name you know owner opened in the middle. The late eighteen hundreds he. He he ordered a beautiful mountain. Each seat from inner circle now. He's not French but no remote workers to speak to crunch of attention to mom. So let's target that get to it and Long Island also cemetery there it's just vote. Just along Ireland in the middle. Of a river and out. These that the war was important because these errors were. Made. Were all made a war power bills. Or electricity when it started so. And direct fall. So water rushing down about power of the bills. Through through war rules. Well and that's that government should. It says. These villages in and of course it's documented in your book a history of lake Norman is camps to Ferrari's. Came out three years ago but you're on the Carolina outdoors it's a timeless art treasure that we can always revisit and alarm a little bit about. Our history. And I think both of those towns there roughly had a hundred or so people in each one. But in that small village or both that small villages they were pretty thriving now Tom little towns at that at the heart of the textile industry here. Archery. That you have a report so contain your own little local cities you have ever ever do you agree there. So. When liquid and it prolonged and it in the 1950s to decay and if they've struggled some folks believe that the but elected I don't know for generations. Yes so tell us about that how did they towns. Come to a demise what happened to those buildings will post them up. On via our FaceBook page Jesse browns see LT. And mr. Graham as well so that you can see on these buildings they're not just little tenement buildings these are massive. Textile mills. Right. So series on. Was sort of flood of 1960s and lows rebuilt revealed later. But like any any area under Catholic Mormon and let's be clear two power and he created that late pick a lot of people a lot of social commerce. Cheryl don't realize that that it Tibet and manmade lake or what their and so chilly early 1960s. So so they're desperate they're better summary. So little workers in the middle which were about more and operated and so I think it is not until we actually started putting putting water that there accounts or. Some of the mill workers were reluctant to. Bear out the other other places. Of the notes so flows was local but that foundation left because you don't and that and that's. That trend throughout the league Norman area in the areas that we're going to be deep enough I'm gonna go featured as well. So the foundation along on the postal sold out in public moment that are in order to. The foundation is there as well as the damn bit was. Was used by the mill is well. Right yep so it that that a lot of people not realize that but there's a lot of everything that this. What they're still intact on underwater. So Laura so that exist anymore durst also broad sides for a month. But these these are underwater. Rather it would get some aerial photograph I don't attack if you dug them up or someone else dug them up but I'm. We have those photographs that says the placement of the foundation and the damn. Via. Aerial photograph. The rule will get those that too as well as proper attribution. Patient sacrament are our guest is it set mcsame. I'm he's historian and author on the book that came out a few years ago when he writes several articles as well a history of like Norman this camps to Ferrari's. Just tell us about the title of that book. I really captured it is you know. But the journey you like ordinary from very rural area. That's where you'd. The result there are a lot of and shop surrounded and just can't you know where you'd go to. National you're around where we don't threaten an attitude debt crisis or your catch. It's that it took. And today this. Really dooming. Plus you lead supper. And where you know Michael Jordan has had to up their cell not foreigners. Not for drivers outlook that are so so. It just after let's turn it. I'll come full circle you can middlemen who sat and they're probably isn't that. A. Story it's in the book is that it was the main route. For a what was their. And he won what is today and he wanted to and would be greater for world government charters to get to get sucked out of and those cookies in the in Charlotte so there are a lot of lot of chases and you saw the stories it in the book rapa. I am bill RT TJ boxes ever there are guests that mcsame we're glad that you join in this hearing news 1110 I mean and three WB 28. Check with all that being said. I'm what is an as a historian and opera man who's out and about talking to people what is the health and appreciation. Of history. Of our area today in this area. I think it's out there I think you have. Because there's so many people were up from the area and also. Articles I'm on the new covered well. That there's not a it's a lack of appreciation I think there's not a not a realization that there is history or at each seems certain and but what's popular people out at around 11 of the groups such as the the most are encumbered urged local ports and aren't about well where equipment to. And so I think I think it's growing. They're there a lot of but but he got connected to restores. Can't just be facts and figures. But it. I think people alone won one hour of approval and that that's too bitter for awhile. To preserve that history some advocates of literature. Well that's exactly right I think people who have been here also want to be reminded. Art history because that is important you can email him chuck mcsame at gmail.com. He's also on Twitter and it checked mcsame. We're so glad that you joined as you can get the books. I history have liked Norman's base camps to Ferrari to any local bookstore here in the Charlotte area or job delivered Amazon's as well. Suddenly sank thanks for being ala the outdoor jazz here on that you BC. But so. Are these guys that take a quick break him back on the other Saatchi Bob Jones and stories. I'm bill RT TJ boxes and John Yeager is on assignment and the Carolina outdoors. Episode our next guest here on the Carolina outsourced to hold onto his hat and that reminded me. I average Jesse Brown were celebrating famous people that have worn hats from John wind Abraham Lincoln. From Michael Jackson who are Barea and I'm Yeager even my bad Ted authority is that where Irvin good ol' fashioned western hat. So all of those people have worn pads and we wanted to tip our hat to. The history of hats it began as protective where bin decorative way air. And it went out of style many times they attributed would have missed out to John F. Kennedy not wearing a hat. You hear is. January 1961. Inauguration. And if you look at old pictures of his inauguration you'll see some people without hats. But a whole bunch in the crowd in the audience. At that inauguration were wearing hats. Well listen we're celebrating at Everett Jesse Brownstein and our FaceBook page or mr. Graham to see some videos and pictures posted about hat. And it's dot com back because we're celebrating in regards to style and sun protection. Just in the in emperor summer travel and style says about featuring Italy yet affected you post the picture your dad. Without hat or draw a picture of your dad with the and you'll be registered to win a silly hat. Everett Jesse Brown right well with all that being instead we're gonna it's typically a little bit and still stay in the Jesse Brown around. But here in the Charlotte area we have a local knife maker who has made a national. Many would say including me an international name. Through making custom dies and Morgan and invite mark season with Hazen guys onto the Carolina outdoors right now to learn about. This endeavor that he has an all mark Hayes and welcome. We're doing wonder well we're glad that you're here you have bill party on this that TJ Boggs ever on that others that Hank how does a local ice maker. Garrett to making a national name for himself in the realm of not making. Certainly quite a lot of teamed up with the business partner and others that are actually handles a lot of the they Internet part of it I don't really understand a lot of them. And she just gets her name out there respect dealers. And and we built the entry on the shows. Dealers marketing great customer service match. Would they got here you can. Well as it sounds like any successful businessman. Artest and now and I'm gonna use that term artist and in the next segment we're gonna talk about an artist but any good artists that and it is having business success. Usually there's somebody behind them are helping them along the way and maybe that's what others. Stating to bill a Hazen knives in in regards to. Right she handles all the stuff that I really know. On our teaching artist issued two different. I'm. Sorry I don't. Actually handle all the business in the is that day create an. Oh artist and we can. We go to different the order in Canada and keeping their. Well and I mark Allen I ask you about that because an artist. You know it is is is in your heart in in your soul how did you get started out at night making the come apart your DNA. And start. I. Have I'm more into the unit. And a tired. Just hold it an edge. They wouldn't get through a whole game in Tripoli now get down all networks. So outlook and a custom night and there such thing there 120 dollars. The problem and I don't talk about which are about pork out now and I couldn't afford it so I'm. And borrowed a file from. Work. Bench and made my upper back and actually stand up for my dad and now my pleasure here. And so started those forty years August revenues edged. Wow. So that's how you get started. Out at what age were you at that time. Good actually and I'm kicking and right now and 76. So I wish probably. Nineteen. Well as some mathematics at Carolina or diet you're doing it is the best bet ya. A well listen. So he started bad and I hear the honing in in that Bagram but what categories are Hayes and I operating in now. 27 seen as we stand. We have sportsman's. Well it yet fishing that it kitchen which in new language just brought out. We market and stainless steel antenna and it buys steel. And we can't get into hiking camping hiking would be probably. Some of our biggest. Mark as such Pakistan and political campaign. There are. And indeed we can come home and stay sharp you know depending what you do it. And he came back and it rocks when it. Usually does like a normal. Night is to be you you got home in a weakening in these shark just got such attention. Are what your carried him around what I wanted to go and if you're just joining us here on the Carolina outdoors are guess mark plays in from Hayes and not accustomed knife makers and it's it sounds like since 1976. And what can people expect. What are different about Hazen knives. To all the other knives that are out there in the marketplace what was it about that night in 197062. Didn't like that you and I have now. Exactly and the greatest thing. That now and they're at it in that aren't bad and pitch as our own not to answer and don't do that. What I'd do it first actual document demand there and they Scotland and marked departure. All excited about it is that. These guys. I think it is and it teaches them and signature in that Scott you're sure. It's another bat and a impairs you know I went on literally three to five year quest to learn blade. And is geometry water and I actually does what it's what is physically being honest and ridiculous. Microscopically water's edge. And that Alastair Newton and that's out and do monopolies and that. Teach people automate the hardest thing to agent managed just comes from inside to take years to decide years. How to profit Bryant. And down. We expect our quality and reliability. And it will really. We do it topped out on all of us not on each night and packaged deal lecturer at it comes up which does it. And I don't know at a comfort. And you've been handed down payment got an avalanche two to 300 years I have been around 300 years I'd. No word on how. Impressed well let's say an out part of the year national and international exposure has come through on. Tactical nods as well I'm as campaign and and the outdoor and has had a lot of success that you've had exposure with the US military as well. And that helped that have kicked Hazen knives. Into gear almost to another level tell us that story. I'm. Yeah Kerry and police officers in part responders were getting 2% are just stood in their. But as special forces street Fort Bragg. And killed and that really bothered me tremendously now and oh. All it is. All our servicemen and women don't know much in Israel about. And relegated given this now like to I didn't. Put them under. Given to the user and their history. Good American people. Just try and make things better you know and that particular. And it's. Right on name markets to light that it has been. That's going out on the radio as flat mark Hayes and you mention your serve rim a couple of times and I introduced you as a local custom ice maker who's made an international name for himself tell us about that server and where is it. Can visitors come see you there. You. Can hinder us EA and then Pratt. Which we know or. And now. And Monroe is actually this day east that. In the entry. But this column names to injure. Especially Paula and I an appointment prior to date we've got things going on here and it takes time out. Much and and you can bet your you know give nature the shop or. Down. The Eddie Guerrero remember him. There in South Florida. We moved here thirty years. Well you'll have a mandate here on his eleventh and Manning had three dead yet they teach currently. On a Saturday morning we are blasting up and down the eastern seaboard including our friends down in South Florida. But of course got a strong listener shipping Union County North Carolina as well including. The eSATA and Indian trail and Monroe and we're talking when he your neighbors mark Hayes and from hazing knives. Hey mark how has this what ran out of time but in thirty seconds or so how has this category of nice making changed in your career. Is it growing or they're more makers or less customize makers. There's definitely a more makers. The transition. And it's really unfortunate shunned and I don't mean to be negative but they're they're they're not learning art making and there isn't true or can. And Davis. Baggage indices and an international finance there's a market that. I do. Old world grabbing some bars as evil. Blaine had huge community that it probably. Russia started in the senate leader from the fifties and the sixties. So they made as an wired now pocket this issue and one. Make him on the old fashioned way but you know what modern twist his name is mark Hayes and pays in now as it's eight AZE and knives dot com darva there and maybe NC some of the products stopped by Jesse browns we've got a city. Mark thanks so much for joining us here on the Carolina outdoors. You what they like to pop out alerts on paper in. Is it crazy NASDAQ com we may not back down and we're looking online order. Or whoever they are neck and Alan. You will be back on the other sat at the Carolina outdoors. Songs. All right Davis on this bill RC. TJ bogs across the way. Don Yeager on assignment. We're glad you've joined us here on his eleventh many 93 WBZ. Where they Carolina outdoors is in session we come in to talk about all the things in the Carolinas and beyond. And they're glad that your join and that's. It is Father's Day weekend so we would recognize that and Jesse Brown has some things going on as we talked about the last segment. Served mr. Gramm Jesse browns. And post a picture of your dead of it's the picture my dad if you don't have a picture of your dad. And draw one draw it out posted UB register to win a Tilley hat. We're gonna try to bring some Tilly hats back into fashion. From way back win when people warheads all the time it is now we have more awareness of hats. He can probably post a picture you're famous movie star. Or celebrity or president WordPad you'll be registered as well but we want a picture you're dead. It and trauma state the year my dad it was legal to do it I had as what I did in my bed and author like to remind everybody. Yours truly build artsy outdoor gap from the Carolina outdoors program is going to be ever blue blaze burning that's on south turner avenue here in Charlotte for the hikers challenge that Saturday June 24. From ten to six. We'll have all kinds of events going on but if you participate in any of the challenges. You will be a winner the first place prize is going to be a two nights day Everett is it capital beech mountain. Second place is going to be a backpack from France it Jesse brown and our place is going to be some gift cards and sets from blue blaze brewing and browns but I'll participants will win a prize. Islam is there willing to get out there and try to be challenged one which is lace them Buddha. You can do it is quickly. Frankly. As possible. Or maybe you wanna podcasting get it straight to the target. You can win a prize do it by doing man. If you can be the other competitors challenged theory is start up a fire don't worry tools will be step provided. And it will be controlled environments says it he can spread and lastly. Pits. It it can get their hit accurately. And appropriately. The fastest and get to a tents will be provided as well. So we hope you'll head out there for hikers challenger blue blaze brewing. I'm also. Coming up on Thursday. June 22 Macon down again will be on hand for 638. At browns. Talking about man out key element ours if you have an interest in Hanson in travel or maybe on your bucket list again of Africa. Of Mount Kilimanjaro come on ever from Macon down again in his. Information all one has some refreshments and drinks on hand thirty. And that's a rule here like forty plus. That's all assess it. Weasels the justly human Wu he is into all of that and that brings me around to come a story here on the Carolina outdoors that I'd like to share. It's a story about a lady named Charlotte. And how she became one of the most recognize. Iconic. Landmarks in the world at least the face. Of one of the most recognized iconic landmarks in the world. Charlotte. As a young woman married and began scrambling she and her husband welcomed. John Charles into the world and celebrated as spamming the birth. Of their first child their Stanley was beginning. However a pol fell over them in net family as they had their second child because that chow diet. In infancy. But the young couple with their oldest. Continued on undeterred. Determined to have another. But yes and that's occurred the third time because that out as well died. As a baby. So the young couple mourn that loss always knowing that they wanted another child. Finally. I had the forced out Frederick. Was born to join the family. And his oldest surviving brother John Charles. And their parents. Tragedy was not done yet there was this spamming. Because as Frederick reached the age of two. His father passed away leaving Charlotte young Charlotte a widow. With two young children. And there's where Frederick the youngest began a special bond that formed. With his mother. As Frederick group. And began its daddy's. He dammit he had a special interest in drawing. In began studying it. Then that led to studying architecture. And then pertaining. Finally he'd turn to a discipline of our. That span he found to be his most passionate. Sculpture. And that is where he made his career. Throughout his successful career and sculpture he became inspired to grant a gift. Symbolizing freedom. And independents. This gift solidified a bond with his mother that has existed for decades. And the legacy that we will all recognize an end of this story. The gift. That was given after years and years of work. Steady and fundraising. Finally was given from France to the United States. You see on this day. Saturday June 17. And 1880. Is the day that different Stamer. Is there arrived in New York City with the d.s disassembled statue of liberty. In lightening in the world. And what does that have to do with the bond between that widowed mother. Named Charlotte. Have to do with the statue of liberty. You see the sculpture. Freighter re a gust Bart Colby. Base the statues face. On that of his mother Charlotte. They city bar code. Fitting that it I'll. All happened on this day. And also that the fourth of July. Is common net saying. And all the celebration. Of the widowed mother and her youngest surviving. As neat and earned them lower. Let's keep that in my intestines and that's a little bit of trivia. As we go deeper into this summer. And we're glad you've joined us here on the Carolina outdoors. TJ bogs it may be asked again next week as well as Don Yeager may stay on assignment we shall say. And an assignment efficient all the time. You need help with the slower here on he'd probably say it. We invite everybody to share their famous potter pictures. They've could be John Lyon Michael Jackson it could be. Clint Eastwood or anybody else in between Minnie Pearl as well but we want a picture of your dad had everything into her and Jesse browns. Page and Willa posted at invites you to post about. Do you do you have any normal fathers they traditions or anything your Pamela and only those. Narrow and I think that he. Although I will tell as part of the promotion of beam in the Carolina outdoors is did have an opportunity to do. With my daughter win my oldest daughter win on a hike ever. At the Davidson river valley which is in the visitor ranger district. As. Does bear in the Brevard area and we get to do about a six mile hike. John rocks and maybe TJ box that is the start. Of a Father's Day tradition. Ours is always. On the on the girl. That counts today that's that's as it is is essential part I think. Listen special thanks to all of our guests. Catherine Barley local author explore with Mimi chetniks an author and historian. The history of like Norman. And as well as mark Hayes and with Hazen it's thanked him offered joint and as we invite you to get outdoors. Pick up your trashed. It's nick back ever join us next to our strategic rods bill RT the outdoor gather out. Have a great weekend everybody.