Fathers Day With Sons

David Chadwick
Sunday, June 18th

David's sons join him for a special Father's Day Show.


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I mean some. A few. Now you. Easton that. Excuse. And I think that this is usually last night. The key welcome to show happy Father's Day for you all and for those of us who. Live in faith we believe that god is a good good father it was Jesus who taught us to pray our father. Who is in heaven and I know some of you didn't have great dads out there unfortunately sadly that was not what god originally intended. He wanted you to have a really good dad who would love you unconditionally give you all that he desires you to have so sadly for those you didn't have a good dad. Know that god is a good good father and Jesus came I think partly at least to tell us that god is a good father and really does love us. Happy Father's Day to you all. We all did have fathers a good wins bad winds and I hope you have a good when I tried to be a good one that was my greatest heart's desire was to be a good father to my three children. I have a daughter who is 31 who has four grandchildren for me and as I've joked exceedingly with the U. Grandchildren are so much fun you can just loved them and give them back got but they're the reward of trying to raise good kids I also have to sign so my son David is 27 and my son Michael is 22 and amazingly interestingly. They agreed to be on the show with meet today and this is the first time. We've ever done this in all of their years on this planet I've done this radio show for seventeen years now almost and they've never been on the show with me so today I thought I'm going to take a gamble. And have them be on the show and talk about my fathering whether it was a good good father I don't know I guess you'll hear that during the rest of the program I hope they'll say depth. But they have been a joy to raise they've been so much fun to have. And I wanted them to be on the show today super tall entered issued in my twenty. Seven year old son David he is in studio thank you sent for being on the show thank you for having me in jail long ride we've had together it's been a blast thank you for. Being a great sign in my other son is Michael Lee is 22 years old and Michael thank you for being on the show today. The negative year that you thank you guys on so let me just start out with a general question on David what was it like being. Preachers kid. Well I always joke with people that yearning unique place that you not only have two parents but you have hundreds sometimes seeming thousands of parents and your very recognizable figure. And often times you have people that come up CU in the church environment are out said the church environment and give you a giant hug because they feel like you're one of their own and express how much. They love you and him praying for you and often times you know that the person has an off the times you do not. If but it was a great experience for me having so much of of a huge support system of people and prayers and in constant. Birthday cards when it was time to celebrate in in times of despaired of reaching out and letting letting me know personally that they were caring from you know so is something that at the time. Growing up I didn't always appreciate the looking back now I was it was a great expanse of time those birthday cards had a little checkers off five dollar bill stuck in the which was an altogether bad either those with a best I made a habit of not searching for the bills before I read the note. I did enjoy getting those fresher now and Michael what was it like being a preachers kid terrible tragedy for you or was it okay. Nine to really would David was saying. Yeah that that I was very common non at a unique unique experience well because I was the baby of the family so growing up I got the while you you grow you grow so much. Now often joke it's interesting when when you go in people's try to vision like. A pastor's family usually like to the current tenant freezing time what they think people are so. Based on the way how you talk about us and so very often it's. You know Bethany has orchids. And he knows all is not alone coming David still off playing basketball somewhere and on in the polls a morsel that's has got to look the depiction that everyone likes to. Currency assess that the first thing you'll never took to ask me is counseling. Announces new nose and that's always my answer those. So the narrative. Was basically the same for you fairly predictable. David you're too traumatized by it in at one all full no it was not the only thing that I had to be cautious of who was whenever I was out in public you never know you never knew who was watching. And so if I was ever which wasn't very often cutting some some areas of maybe misbehaving I was still to my friends you never know. Who else is watching you from far away from a church that could quickly relay back to your parents the bad behaviors that you were differences though. You definitely had a wider set of folks. Keeping their island you're in sometimes unknowingly yeah Michael rule quickly wasn't too bad for you in either. He's not do it honestly it was bad enough. And I drove people to that I honestly I took account prefer it and anyway is this not a whole lot of people have that kind of moral. Kind of outstanding to constantly go back to you know it's it's it's cut as a stand nicer in the know had this is aware Heidi. Checks about. The place. Michael Chadwick David Chadwick or my guess today there my son's on this Father's Day happy Father's Day to you all I want them to share with you their life and some of the things that I did well and didn't do so well and just a moment will be right back. Yeah. And it. Yeah. Since everyone I'm David Chadwick does is use 1110993. WBT welcome back to show. Happy Father's Day to all of you or dads out there one of the highest calling is there is in life I've enjoyed. My fathering so much and in fact into what it so much wanted to have my two sons with me. In studio for the showed today on my son David who's 47 years old my son Michael who's 22 years old. And David just wanna make sure you know that in the first segment when you talk about being a preachers kid. And all the eyes that were out there watching you. Your mom and I we're thankful all those eyes were out there watching all of our children we realized that you know we had a good way of keeping in touch with you guys you guys are great kids needing get in a much trouble. Which was really good for Monday or at least. Nothing we know about him if there is anything don't tell us today okay if that's a David let me let people get to know you a little bit on the U. Obviously are doing a business deal right now but a Europe history was mostly wrapped around basketball that you shared my height you're even taller that I am about six feet nine inches tall and I'm this year your history whole bit. Yes so basketball's my life growing up that ended two years ago. And as it was a wonderful passion to be able to have it ended with means finishing ball about Fraser university up in northwest Indiana near Chicago. Was very lucky to play a great team come over my career went instantly twice and instantly turn rather. And made the transition from basketball being the central focus of my life says now the business world which is an and you change but I have been very blessed. Have come from a great pedigree they gave me things that I could not have worked for mainly being my height and I would say some athletic schism I don't know how much more adult and I gave you don't know when it isn't I but the high with a very least worked for for basketball so. It was great it's it's I have very fond memories still love the sport to the stay in that now chided to transition to a new fashionable life which has been great and your married Jesse for how many years Jesse and I had just passed our four year anniversary town we are high school sweethearts who started dating her junior high school and then did the the long term relationship deal unless she was at Clemson and I was at schools far away in Houston for a few years or rice university in the finishing up about so. We made the long distance deal work which and that was sometimes unprecedented growth that we've we've really enjoyed and a that this. I mean most people make his absence makes the horror wander or growth ponder it's one of the two not much in between then and you adjust he made it work which I congratulate you won't because it's not easy to do it was not but there was definitely worth it yes she's a great value married well well above your pay grade guys I'm reminded every day definite. Michael but he your history on your about 66 not quite as tall as your older brother. But certainly you are a big young man as well. Yes so. Yeah I think you're quite the idea is but it was enough to kind of take me out of the sport of basketball and put me in the unique very unique sport of swimming. A protests are at a young age. Which has brought me to. Mini grow places including the University of Missouri right dishonest and last year of eligibility. As of now I of the wonderful opportunity to go on. As here's a professional slammer and mostly along make those. But you know god willing to go on so many wonderful place as well. So that's kind of my career just Kelly can keep going around. Inning gave coming days still wonderful woman as well named Cassie and our weddings only this year so we're very excited about that. But yeah. Thank you well this is that I've seen athletic shape. Both you guys two different sports but the disciplines. Of sports are very much a part of your lives David a packet come do you what's the one thing that playing high school and college sports has taught you. That you've been able to carry over into life. I would say that the value of discipline and specifically. Working towards a goal and in getting yourself outside of a comfort zone that you might not normally be used to do I mean when your forced to get up early and and structured day and work hard and often times during those work outs put yourself and in an area that is not comfortable in your sore. And having to work harder able to to transition that into the rest your life where it's it's very similar we you have to. How worker peers in new house says to compete. And that's just been an enormously valuable trait that I've been able to learn with the with athletics that I I don't know if I would have learned otherwise they you have some real challenges. Three different knee surgeries some other various injuries and you had to fight through and keep coming back on. For parents out there who were listening particularly dads who have kids that go through. Difficult injuries what advice would you give them arm and my injuries I tell people I would not trade for the world and specifically that the things that it taught me in summer summoning numerous ways of for one thing it made me appreciate the game specifically basketball in my instance unlike anything else. Where you're you're forced to step away in in my instances 812 months from the game you come back with a passion and vigor and one of those things that I'm not gonna take it for granted for every single second that I gets beat out here. And and that for me wishes. It enormously influential but a but along with that I think it just like I'm mentioned earlier with the discipline aspect of forces you to to really take focus on on what your ultimate goal is in the work hard and and chase after a goal of being able to give back and compete which is something that I think any any athlete would see enormous about from being able to do well I've certainly. Enjoyed. But also treasure watching how hard you work coming back from those injuries as a dad. I know that every dad out through CNET shall go through an injury understands this year hurt so badly and you wanna do something and you can't do anything. Except just here for your child and unites all you. Keep coming back and keep working harder and it certainly did. You view an edge to understanding discipline and hard work and I would have from a from spiritual perspective obviously you believe that. Everything has a bigger purpose when it happens and I look back in my own injuries and no that. When they happened as a result I came back with specific advantages that I didn't previously has so I hurt my first name when I was in seventh grade and was forced to shut down for almost a year but it at the time when I finished my my time of every village station and resting I had grown almost five inches. Which I believe was was a time of of sleeping and taking naps and eating well and giving my body some time today to catch up to where it needed to be in ultimately reach my full potential height. And then after my second injury it was I was a 6770. Pound. Basketball player. And once again I was forced it's arrest and rehabilitate and ultimately put on forty pounds after that so I look back at those two times ago. You know from my personal spiritual perspective god was putting me in to a place that was ultimately molding me to beat the basketball player that I would be able the most compete that I might not previously reached if I would have had those those times of rest. And so really the whole thing of all things work together for good for those were trusting god even though it's a painful place exactly exactly. Well Michael what about you you swim and you're still swimming and I've never seen anything quite like swimming it's maniacal mean early morning late afternoon. Dry land weights all these different kind of things are swimmers do that a lot of other sports like basketball Knightley best but we just don't do. What has swimming taught you about life. A man. A lot from the facilities. Sony is is these are very makes Florida and I say I told to slug Toobin but Slovenia as. Completely redefined what I would pick a sport it is. And that you know if you if you did it they they joke if you take a day off of slumming it takes two years Tibet. And I tell you that a young a's to mess up your mind the next ten years later in the sport because then every day that you miss Hughes think that you know there's fewer of the day before. And so that that's aren't a bell home my whole entire Celine career. And I I was very fortunate as well would be to to raise it to be raised in a town where we have such an amazing swim club. On the select Carolina and so I I was fortunate absolutely amazing coaches. And in through an influential people in my life that got to allow porn to me and teaching this this wonderful sport. But. You know aren't high school I got to wake up Monday and Friday morning's. 4 AM and drive orca from a fire and work on and go to school all day. And have a two and half hour three hour work out. A night. So that was on. So in that really really taught me that when I want the college. Yes the prices are solar very tough but it was nothing like it then in high school. Compared to just the amount of justice time that I had put into at least in college or that was all the consolidated. Now you didn't have David's injuries. You got a couple of things like that puts you back but your biggest challenge in that seventh grade was you got cut from your basketball team. And you were also swimming it was devastating for you with David in his basketball my basketball but bed and being when the best things ever happened here. Yeah I was also is Sutherland. Hardest things to go through. Cameron and seventh drew that's when David was still. Playing ball Charlotte and school and it was it was it was debate it was the best player on the team. So for me having to watch that and then you know it cut from a separate best team account it is it'd put her on mine. I guess image because for me I don't I always wanted to come just a Fuller bass well as well as the family things that isn't my thing. But it's interesting as more and sue just who I was and I was not God's purpose and he won immunity in the poorer than the court. Yen of course I'll Albright a little bit you went to Missouri became an all American swimmer there and on the worst thing that happened do you in seventh grade in that being really the best thing happen to you to coda forced you'd have to swim. You can do basketball and swimming at the same time exactly who it was impossible. What you guys have used sports and powerful ways to discipline yourself foreign perseverance to overcome difficulties and challenges in life. And David if I could come do you real quickly here we only have about a minute before we need to break again and just askew if you could counseled dads out here about. Overseeing their kids in sports will be brief thing you would advise them to do. I saw way I think on the Internet the other day for a Little League Baseball game and it was basically sending a message to parents and instead. You know there's no scouts from from the MLB here today watching your child. And I I think that's something oftentimes that parents lose side of it is every single gamer every single practice is not ultimately going to decide their fate. And your child might be blessed it's a playing college what does that number now point five for some point 1% point 5% whatever. May play college but ultimately looking back what you're gonna remember as as dole does not. The the success but it's going to be the time with the people that your widths of the time with your teammates the time with your parents. And I would just encourage destined to make sure that that time has looked back upon with with a positive memory verses eight negative. You know Michael I don't have a good time to ask you that question now that keep coming back out of the breaking news what would you advise dads with sports and their kids. And I think also when I get into the whole idea of make sure your coaches. Shared the values that you as parents have because they are probably. It may be the most important voices in your kid's life. When they're doing sports in. Younger years I'm David Chadwick this is he's 1110993. WB he will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick business news 1110993. W VT welcome back to show. Thanks to my friends at the Ruth's Chris Steak House a nap on Providence also periods by jewelry for their support the program. And if you'd like to hear this program from beginning in with my two sons on this Father's Day. Special program a you can go to WBT dot com scroll down the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program in its entirety. Well again my guest today are my two sons David and Michael Davis 47 Michael's 22 both now. Finished with college and moving on to their respective career choices David and business Michael's gonna swim professionally. Something he feels called to do. And Michael before we took a break Els asking David he gave his answer but you can give dads in the council on how to oversee their sons in different sports perspectives in sports world. How would you advise dad's. Well lol first of all one of the biggest things or say it would be. Parents should never know what that gives the kids that are gonna do for the kids. I think it's one of the biggest. Problems in today's sports world as the parent seems to know. Exactly what the kid's gonna do for particular decides to subdue some kind of an expectation compared to what they want the kids to achieve exactly. Yes I did is it time and time again and and that's that is what causes. The kid to lose focus and lose the passion for the sport later on. Is usually drop well threat for it they made the decision was doing college instantly find that they don't want to acknowledge it has to be their own thing in their own passion and and willingness to do the sport. And one thing I'd advise every parent to do that when when you do see active. Have a passion in the sport and they do have a drive. Don't be afraid to push them into. An amendment in support voice I know like for for example my both my parents. Some days I didn't wanna lick it for practice Sunday as. One to to stay home and and sleep and in Tony Romo with my friends and and they were intentional Nazi who make that their dream buttons at the push that my own that is what was inside of that that's completely different and easily confused but. It's it's it's that there's realize that you are the parent you have the maturity to say that now is the best for you but it's not saying we're going. Your mom and I felt like once you guys made the decision David with basketball you was swimming that this was going to be your sport. We were glitch off the hook easily and we felt like we needed to push you and your mom more than I would be the one going into your room saying Michael get up. Migrated up there at all the time and and there are some mornings and I'll get into an intimate with a little bit there was discount like. I don't wanna go I'm tired or asleep agency and she was like now you're going because it's what you committed bill. And say enough for the some things very it's very important thing to say. For a parent to be like. You sign up for us you committed to us it's important to least follow through until you come to a time when you sale one pursue something as a kid should always be pursuing something that sport. Or something else that that is what ultimately we'll try to human and teach you life lessons like committing to something and having that drive and passion. And discipline perseverance not giving up all of those things which we saw you guys learned. In sports David just taking a side note real quickly a lot of listeners might try to put the age group together you played against step Korean high school the new. I did and candidly here bringing back if a thorn in my memories so that we played Charlotte Christian. Four times staff and senior year which is unusual generally play your conference appears twice and we played them four times after a Christmas tournament the and ultimately the state tournament and that he beat us four times out of those four so. Played staff many times beat indices some some beginnings of his brilliance even at that just I escalates. And he's a great guys to for everybody who I know wonders about it you know him personally and and he and his family are just great people. Yes yes as as humble as they come I notes I have personal stories from my history which I can chairs as the would be candidate to show that side of him. Tom one of my most memorable ones was in 2008 after they had made their elite eight run. And Stefan had become the the Cinderella darling story of of the big dance. And I used to make habits go up to Davidson and scrimmage with their guys because it was a great opportunity to play against better talent and a short drive from campus. And I remember right to determine I had walked into the Davis and Jim. And right when I an area I heard somebody will chat away you know across the jam and I was kind of startled and I looked across the gym that was Stephan curry. And you know me as a as a young freshman high school or soft or whatever it was a timing in my chest kind of poked Dahlia Allan has and this guys has come off of talks shows and late night TV and was kind of the poster child and so determined he took time. Acknowledge me coming and so even even to this day it's kind of stuck with me says that that humility he has and and and it not being about himself and and won't make others and and his brother to you played against a great player great person all the whole family mean and top to bottom on father's death probably oughta have Bill Curry on the show you can and give us all great advice on how to be good as soon as he did something right OS let's I was gonna say his his perspective on the success of his sons for her basketballs are way out way in my entry for me to. Well let me ask you this state at least are we view on what was one thing I did well. If you guys look back on my fathering a view what would be one thing that you would point to the I think I did well. This is gonna connect some to a Michael just brought up but I I think he did a good job of making me feel like it was my dream and not yours. I'm never at any point in my career fell like basketball or something you want and accomplice for me it was something that I wanted to accomplish for myself. Almond and that is something that I would just reiterate any any data out there that it's a fine balance and perhaps you could shed insight from your perspective because I obviously can't of pushing children when Mike Michael said there but it's an early morning and they're just trying to sleep that the continue on but also not. Pulling them along wins ultimately something that they'd. Don't have passion for at any point. I would say throughout my whole career and I never felt like you're creating the past reform which was great but it was a delicate balance the calls of course type. A basketball in college and you head height and I can remember when you were two years old. Washing up socks and waste paper basket. Paper and tossing them into waste paper baskets and you always seem to love the game and it seemed it was something you wanted. In I enjoyed going to your games and watching you play and sometimes I wondered if I got over involved in it because I wanted so much but on the other hand I want to make sure it was your deal and how is ruling the back call when Iraq they'll like you wanted to back call so it was a delicate bad balance in my life and I don't know what did well but usher tried will. I would add that to Euro is available which I appreciated with the phi said. You know dad I wanna go to the gentlemen will you rebound for me you were willing willing to do that and having just that type of of of availability and I was obviously blessed to have insight from some on the play basketball at a high level why we were training together. There's something that I think. Is enormously appreciated for any type of young athlete because ultimately it does take practice and training to be able to do and having someone there to help you is only gonna make it better. And for dads I would just say asked the question constantly is my son that loving this does he want to do it and as long as you feel like. The kid is motivated I think you can keep pushing but if you feel like they're not and that's when you need to back call and not let it beat you were deal. Michael from your standpoint woes one thing I did. You. Yet and Lanka agree with David that you're involved but you were controlling and I think that's that's a huge thing for me as well as is just. You you for example the sport of swimming conducting more foreign. It's that do the to the sport of basketball but you know you you grew to love the sport even if you know. Exactly work and I had a word Pellicano Ellen that's heavily enough today you still fully understand the sport. And the united methyl ailment that can true confessions good for the soul don't totally I I still last few tons of questions and you teach me almost every meet exactly and in an I girl loved that because it emit more my thing. Where at the very least you gave me your support and and and and that's that was the biggest thing I mean. That that this woman was my thing and on in the I had coaches that. The coach and I didn't need a coach Yemen failing to tell me each and every little thing and I knew taunts homers Iceland with. That they gather coaching from their coaches and they get the real coaching when I step on the car with the parents and and some of the love that some of his and it just caused a rift between them and their parent. And and most what I hear his parents don't be your kid's coaches don't get in the car and try to coach them. Yeah in the car and say how you feeling and just be a dad. Exactly and women and it's very important. But maybe even outside of sports and you were the spiritual leader of the home and that and that was. A wonderful thing to see. Growing up and I just don't know if if if our lives would have an important and that way if we didn't have that. Leadership. Example each and every day Tallet got to. I mean yes it's great to have. A debt and involve our sport and encouraging us and pushing us. But it is that definitely all starts in the home and having that examples each and today I think it was the biggest thing and that that impacted our lives more. We know you had a disappointment a year ago trying out for the Olympic team just barely missed being on the team. But the hardest thing for a bad as when you see your kid hurting you hurt too and yes all you rebound and then when I knew you were okay I was okay. Yeah and and tunnel and off I would have been able to rebound as quickly as I did. If it wouldn't have been for the support that you you and bombing and the family and at that you guys gave me. I mean it was our I brought it rebounded about two hours after I found odd it was gonna make it and that that was pretty unique even when I walked in pulled it that night is is just at one time. Had that perspective of of OK what do what is he doing that allowed him to do. Can overcome. Well we're proud of the way you overpayment and and now you're trying her for the world teams and a couple of weeks and hopefully I gobble value a new chance to. A fulfill some of your dreams and swimming. I'm David Chadwick this is news 11109893. W BT hey when we come back guys let's talk about faith and maybe some of the things I could have done better. Will be right back. We are ready happy Father's Day to all David Chadwick this is news eleven tonight nine freedom VT welcome back to show my. Two sons David and Michael in studio with me he they have been. The focus of the show today it's been a joy having them in studio and the special Father's Day program. Well David let me go back to use. And and you can be honest OK if there's one thing that you felt like I probably could have done better as a dad. Or would it be. Communes but here. I think one of the challenges that we had. More recently was kind of that transition from. You know you being very involved with my basketball career by up to the point and beyond where I became an adult. And towards seen in my career especially through a reassuring and in and staying back a few years I was very old college student athlete and traditionally I know you're very involved with. Coming in talked talking in my coaches and and kind of get the pulse on on. How I was doing and we had some pretty candid conversations with in the last five years or I had become UNC that I can handle list. You know I can go talk to my coaches on 2 morning whatever years old I can sit down and say you know look at me I die what do I need to do better. What's it gonna take for me to get on the floor you know what are the things I'm doing well at setter and and I wanted it to speak with you. Pretty candidly at that point that that I can handle this in the in that was a no transition for you because you love being involved it's your personality and my personality is different that I wanted to take the burden on to my shoulders so I would I would encouraged as stated that. Definitely take a balancing act approach of being involved with their kids' lives from this conversation with coaches and controlling recruiting if you're blessed to get there but also giving the child the opportunity to grow up and to take ownership in the process and make their own decisions because. Alternately that's gonna serve them much better in the long term of of. Workers and and that's absolutely correct man and I learned that in net a candid conversation with you and I would encourage dads to engage in those candid conversations with their kids. And hopefully have the kind of relationship with the kids can say hey dad you need to back off here you need to do whatever and that's honor your kids especially is they are. Becoming more and more adults I would say when they get that teenage years and device school on the that the blessed college and beyond. It's it's something that will serve them well on the long from being able to have. Candid conversations with their superiors of of how things are going and as a dad I just wanted to take care view awarded to oversee this or make sure work right in at and said well that's my personality is gonna get involved take control and I had to learn I'm not in control of this and step back boy your leader of a large organizations wells have being in control as something that. You're used to and I'm sure many other dads are there in the similar similar positions so it's it's something that's than usual. To not be able to control environment but ultimately like this says it. It serves the the athlete much much better to be able to learn how to take control when you know when my favorite phrases kids spell love T I in Ian but I think the ability to have that kind of candid conversation was because we spent a lot of time together and there was one love and trust between us so he gets you expect that to his dad's make sure your spending time with your kids of the you can develop that relationship where there can be those candid conversations. And we we talked a lot in depth to and more towards in in my career. I don't want basketball to be my identity and and I was pretty diligent with my conversations with you on that as I said I wanna be able to talk to you about. Life and family and then and spiritual aspects and movies and food and I don't want basketball to be. What we cumbersome and all of whether it be my own career. How I'm doing and I think that that's something that. Maybe we didn't do perfectly well I was younger just because it was what was the central focus of our life and along with what you said time is great and I would heavily heavily encourage it but also. You know be Smart with what you're time is about what you're talking about and and kind of where. The focus of your time tennis and Michael what about you what would you say if if you could. Counseled me only one thing I maybe could have done betters a dad what would you say it is. And every I don't know if there was really one thing that I can pinpoint though it's regardless my dad and that better. If it's poorly as a mom mom was the one kind of Pallet that ship with with me it was it was. You know you're more with David and then in the Basque one aspect commence looming. Didn't really ramp up until the McChrystal and honestly I totally blame you for not. Being super involved in Barcelona because I wasn't very good it took me a long time next figure one I was doing in the sport. So. I got I was in our arrow flew under the radar for a little bit for Roy when he was. You know doing his gospel thing I don't think we actually early in ball and slowing until I was in collagen. That was really you know when you tell us okay this is going to be more of Michael's thing. But I don't know if there's really anything that I would say that you know you do as you did poorly. Now I mean you you encouraged us and you were there for us. I think ERR I would say editor David I wanted to intentional that the conversations were always about slumming. It's very easy to an astronaut and you know and it's on him doing it every single day. That's an easy way to succeed how I'm doing each day because you know there's a mine hound him and pulled it usually shows how I'm doing. If if he noticed that every day so I think it was it was good that we found we kind of found a place that in the past couple years where we know how to talk about. Things are more important swimming. Like you know my relationship with Christ admiral some people. And we've got Europe coming marriage yeah exactly Hampshire yet and we don't and the points were that's actually more conversations now the we are having about. Oh pounder in the pool. So yeah I think we saw analyze it knows no relationship is perfect and that's that's discount the whole point of you know a failing aspect of offense and our relation between mean New York if we we had all figured out now they're been growing to do well I think both. If you make a great point and that is that in your relationship with your son's eight especially in athletics. Your more than just a Napoli and that do you two know each other as people book called that's what's gonna last. Long we only have a couple minutes left God's will make sure date David faith. He we did teach you fate from the very beginning and I hope you're grateful for that which and his comment on the faith perspective that your mom and I tried to give to you. Yeah it was it was something that was instilled in me very early sometimes Agassi could seduce thrust upon me being a Christmas and but it's it's something that I've. Been able to cling on to the right throughout my whole career as a person and as an athlete in in times of trouble like when we previously talked about my injuries there. Times a disappointment to be able to look to that as lead to greater purpose in calling. As more secondly the are on at the ironic part but we just talked about my identity you know what his mind and in my Denise in Christ my identity is not high performance on how many points they score it's not. How many scholarship offers I did or anything along those lines it truly is and in my my faith in Christ in my ultimate purpose here to be to be to be a witness to others and Michael you said essentially is saying things through quickly then will we wanted to give your mom and I'd give you the gift of faith anything else did we do that yes exactly. And like what David says. You know our our maidan is not anything else but in in Christ and I think for me personally it took me to go across the country to you to Missouri to figure out. This is exactly what I believe and I'm out of this whole realm of you know who might who. My dad has has taken four still to be or my family is or. You know you're in the comparable comfortable environment and so we actually go to a new place and you have to establish that herself suddenly I was like OK and on the sexual rebellion in this what I wanna actually spread being. The work though we're gone well I'm proud of both W. I hope you know that and on it it is a joy to be your dad and I have enjoyed beyond words are watching you both grow into. Really wonderful young man and there can be no greater gift ban. You can give me than to love the god I love so much and find your identity in him and him alone not athletics because it is fleeting and it does go way congratulations to your lives guys thank you for being on the show today thank you for having been excellent and I love you much and happy Father's Day to all of you out there and as we began to show understanding that god is a good good father. They are remind all of view on this happy Father's Day how much god loves you he is your father he cares for you Jesus is the example of how much he loves you coming to dive for our sins and I hope that is what you cling to today happy Father's Day I'm David Chadwick. A look Puerto talking with the U all next week.