Erik Spanberg: Sessions Testimony


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Get to Eric van Bergen just a moment but according to Fox News house majority whip Steve scale least an aids. We're shot pat. For shot at a baseball game it really wording is important here obviously were shot at a baseball game. In Virginia yesterday the shots reported on Eastman rose street and Delray Beach Alexandria. Police say had this on Twitter this morning around 730 location near the YMCA so this is the brand new police investigating a shooting. On the house majority whip in Virginia more on this as we get to it and now let's get now on the WBT hotline to. There expand her Charlotte business journals are about debt but breaking news happening as we speaker Kenneth welcome to the show on a Wednesday morning. Thank you prefer cabinet meeting now would tell you it's an honor and a privilege to serve you today. Yes well and let's talk about what happened on Capitol Hill yesterday for starters. Because. This and I was esophagus Scott FitzGerald off the air and he said bill that was not nearly as. Exciting as the economy testimony and I don't think it probably was watched by as many people. But again a lot of people did why stick on the set says testimony and even if it got half of that. I'll be a decent showing in and there were some there was a person dramatic get judged any dramatic moments at times yesterday. And and mainly I think it'll you know. A lot of the discussions centering around what sessions would not describe which are his conversations with president trump about the firing of James coming. Yeah I eight you're right it would did not have the same drama but I think it continues. What it looks like to be a very long summer on Capitol Hill will be a lot more of this as this investigation goes on. And you're right what. Jeff Sessions would not say what the big story here particularly because. He was in Athens trying to do that invoke executive privilege without invoking executive privilege and even dead as many news that president truck has not. Invoked executive privilege vikings say it 500 times this morning and yet he wanted to leave that option open for the president. Later on and that of course frustrated. The committee particularly the Democrats on the committee were not happy with that answer. Got about 45 seconds let's you and I were talking just yesterday about the thing you know what will be the future as a shift gears here. On the Wells Fargo championship at quail hollow I know you have an article. Brand new about today possible hint of an agreement of an extension. Give this economic speaking to the head of the head nonprofit board that runs. The tournament and can rally at the man's name and he says he's also Wells Fargo executive Tim and what he's dead is the next director. Part of that person's job will be taken against Wells Fargo to remain as a sponsor in other words to extend the contract that the strongest signal that I've seen so far. Bet there is dead interest in keeping this term going on an annual basis. There aren't some some news on that front this morning from air expand merge Charlotte business journal. I thank you air.