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Sunday, July 16th

On this Sunday’s episode of “At Home with Roby”, Trent and Patrick are joined by fellow entrepreneur, Greg Wiley, of Engitecture.  They’ll also be sharing another wish story in anticipation of our 10th annual Pitchin’ for Wishes Cornhole Tourney coming up this September. 


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Oh. President of revealing truth along with Tripp Easton presidents and CEOs of the Levy family of companies Sunday morning we know you're close friends and home with Rudy. And hole. With a home boy days at home on the range incident and I kotsay ousted Nome ma. My my neighbor that lives down in the hollow below my house and all that it. At the poll last night and kids at swimming in the pool and asset I'm so glad to be home. Page we've both as. Entries its Anemia and you into the speech and yet it would act. As a unit Jodie you know I got to treat you to Costa Rica sand Scarlett would ask orally and obviously mr. but. It was kind of funded to be able to deal that. This is sometimes is good to go just you know just even let me Monday used to always say you beat trip and in no agreement in. That it. When not Dag walk fine what do you mean. Yeah I would tell Bob because the dead and you had trouble go to our abate and talk to live out that they had ever wish story on the on the foreseen. I got a little tie in with the with the child theme on the was story segment segment in the states in for me same for her at the ten weeks leading up twins as they look. Cynthia pitcher for witches Cornel terminal September 16 but. But no yeah we went down trip to Florida to defending his business trip they got the Jordanian and then went on to the mountains and then went to Surfside. My mom has helped them Surfside so a lot of family trip then and now are back home gonna breathe a little bit bring that North Carolina air. You'd gone for you were gone for two weeks the that is and that she did in two Libyan now that Hala with your neighbor. I did not get down man you gotta go home now. Though I don't wanna go to Justin can. Betray we had a really good guests today entrepreneur or and kind of like you dog his last name is wily. I'll allow IL EU lie. And he historic company in detention he is an engineer by trade accidents we have on the shows and the ever wonder what an engineered really does nothing under the cost a lot of money per hour. And states he can listen and learn now we do a lot of Obama we we utilize engineers and services in the construction alive and they're very valuable. And they helped take bosses on quality Ian and how to do stuff then and that are educated in that we're we're not. So thank you I'm looking forward here one great SSA. Yet nineteen gray and add friends together we pitchers togethers. Susie did man and now you'll really enjoy it yes say it's endless talk a little without it. How was your fortunately and tell us where you went wouldn't worry we'll read. Is with with small organization young president's organization. Sosa family trail widow Pamela trip every summer and sometimes nightingale give it to be key is they get in Iraq but. We went down this this year shrill was down and down in Palm Beach it was at the breakers resort which is very nice if you don't upon me to list on the Asus is out of Malik. But I also got also got to go down and and it's been a little time with some other. I did a job down south or in West Palm Beach Aaliyah I was a unit that came on board but here's the so I gotta go see some of my friends are customer rekindled some of those relationships so. It was great man that was good I like that part of the world I'd do is not it's not care bottom like with Trent I have to I think we keep we should talk about this is I think that's a pretty good so you mentioned the project that you youth training base in was a project manager. And we you do and then Palm Beach. After one of our carpenters from Charlotte down there aren't jobs sleepers that and and delta had two guys in and we. And you know I'm trying to be one of the guys and in this gas. Honestly told me to my face he didn't know what I didn't get mannered news job and he's odd and you're seller like they'd like I think you have a job. Outlook our stuff. I would need your being humble but I also wanna talk about you slip on an air mattress will always say we're ridiculously. Young we were touch in the master bedroom we were turn out the rest of the house. Very nice house who weren't such a master there and is. Is still had to master man and it and in the had a full house and I and it matched for floor he's a master like a little kids. That. Any ran out to the master bedroom. Our principal Allison blew open air mattress. If there was no gas for insight came down with a one when we want to simulate that it was going on McCain who take a look at some stuff down there. It's gossip on an air mattress in the middle of the construction site and relate and up 1 morning with solved a slander and on the foreign income fund hair balls like Butler to an. You mentioned the breakers in in a member musical partly house for talking about innocent right client. Great client and a break and he had a friend I think working oxman with the named. In the insist they just go hang out by the pool. He can tell me your year your Mike gas banana. I think we had a lot of fun and we levs has been in town knows good and I never knew the difference in Palm Beach or West Palm Beach if you wanna learn and do a little study along I think culture and and societal. Rankings and stuff Google Palm Beach and West Palm Beach in South Florida is very educational and and frankly when. When I lived down here for three months and slept on the floor and drop an elevator in a middle of an existing house. I learned a lot and in my life for me home with those three kids. I don't remember this out of time I open an office down am glad we did to Hillary and bill but I out trying to sell dolls openoffice. And I'll I really light it down you know like ally and a lot. And Alice looking in if we were gonna open an office I was looking at possibly bound little Allison maybe a picture rappers some investment five years ago mark it was damp. And my wife comes down one of the week eons in Iraq and around them like this house like this house and business ethics and open but this house. He's in a look at her she's crying. And an SO what's going only TCU not a Florida bully you look at our honorable. He's he was serious and she said don't rally in it in and I was trying to grow the business that basically she snapped me back into that don't you that you are all care honorable. He said don't forget that but of aisle like he experience and other places experience and other people. I like learning. And I think everybody's been nice the wind unionize them when you moment and it not dissimilar rap and send it one on nature that people now allied nations statement. Police say ten and we have a great well with inches texture. The new format. Of the collaboration between architecture and engineering and he's a fell launched in order we show a lot of business this state to in his very interesting. Thanks for joining us today will be right now. Welcome back then only rest at. Revealing moment for instance from the pro V in the company's. Can we have a buddy of mine in the studios were gonna have to act that your serious talent we have engineers hopeful. And it does not allow you to crawl my lawyer but he's out there. So now do very wily ethic he's formerly of the Carolina Panthers got little yet mold so to five years ago Greg Hardy. Hole that hole OK it's not him Greg wildly he did say he had a Pope mobile came. Yeah all's well you they've now won a lot touch your legs exiting and I'm sorry five that now than a hundred enough in the and he in the news that's plans they again. Actually what he says it was I was taken on how sure he was the optical people. I gotta give me a pair scale will move to news as an image so you actually have a parent just don't want him enough Greg I have Napoleon syndrome is Roland go. OK okay. Okay easy texture. Is that naming your firm and actually on the mean to know who you and Patrick good buddies and we share a lot of business but picture a solo per nor. Yes there sort of what. The Hague this and he tinkered picture. The world is that engineering for architecture so bucolic NG tag Celek caught in texture that. But it felt like I'm drunk I. I was I was trying to talk to my daughter last night about now that's a southern drawl and I'll explain in. You know you gotta. Which you do is just. Let the plot to India word you don't finish it out let me guess you're listening to our podcasts always I'm not as I have to also funny okay. It only groovy and maybe he's a shadow river girl Nairobi is Roby. Only human anyway mid engine tech for social engineering for architecture and so the reason I came up with that name as my wife an hour drive back from the beach last summer. Analysis that was wells really get this in mind and one I wanted to do and and come up with a name and I ended wanted to be. Wiley engineering your great quietly or anything like that because who knows will happen on down the road so. You know what's coming up with. Came up with a twelve different names and this is only one with a dot com when taken. Time business lesson of today the first one. Don't let it be about junior ego he's you don't you don't wanna constrain the business later the threat when you want to bring in other people grow do different things may be exit the business or whatever. It and about she was about the brand the business and what the business doesn't make many expressed or. Yes and in this one. You know they could have engineering and maybe I can bring in architecture on down the road and Egan has changed and NC. You never know there's there's in Trent says its allies and injuries in my eyes he is lasting taste in its not revealing I think he's contemplated changing his anger and he wouldn't know a name I would definitely do. That's a pretty everybody everybody thinks admits it probably Trent. In people who don't know him I think your last name is brilliant they Disney you personally know when somebody's a fraud and Ikon office say hey can I thought mr. Rabin who could become a big Douglas wrote me an error could lead into the and I saying tang and Obama's. Both. Great look let's talk about what exactly engineers and architect does in the construction world when he would talk a little bit on the forty came on about. We we have formed relationships and we are a relationship installing. Clark chargers for him virus Barca are friend Dan all of who you introduced us to. Eight it tell us exactly what you do in that process of meaningless in audiences is what is an engineer before. And electrical contractor as far as getting the job done what is his role or what is your role. For that type of specific project. He had the car charger which might be a hundred feet. 300 feet away from. The the place that we're going to out power from right so what you have to do there is yet to figure out you know you have voltage drop. That goes all the way back to the the panel so the voltage that comes out of the panel might not be the same by Tommy gets to you so I have to run calculations for that. And then we have to figure out. You know these car chargers can take fifty or sixty camps. Chair of flowed at that the to a label so. Everything breaks down the wattage so it takes its significant amount wattage. So then you're you consider when you have three or four chargers at a location now note parking Decker outside the building so bright that. You you've got so my leg and will will say hello. We've got chargers there's room on the panel well not necessarily mean you know because because we have to figure out how much wattage peers into the pale so after mile. Run and all the way back to where it comes into the building that big green box and figure out. You know every step down how much wanted to we have available because the last thing we want to happen is you install it. They start. Charged in on the first time they have all four charges being used you know it. Trips Spitzer tiebreaker what. Town now I mean if you just showing in this we have great wiley with in detector yes sir that hybrid industry. Architecture and engineered. And he's talking about his businesses loses his new venture and any stock. I don't understand you're you don't Clark targets like all little RC car I had I mean that's one of the things you do like working Oregon industry. Zevil mom's house there nightly and it looks like it's not I mean. Right but not your work and I'm joking I. A stimulant test listened sides yes you think this is going to be a growing industry actually yes OK it big time because there Tesla. Is about to come out of their model very heavily. That's that 3035000. Dollar car. And so what they're doing in 35000 or Tesla. What they're doing is they are ramping up their super charging station stations so these are chargers that you can go around. The country usually run off interstate and you can charger tests on thirty minutes. And sent gravity by Eden chart this one off by being you know followed him around the country. When our to a starter and his uncle there a but the thing is is. Really where I come in is is only in jurisdictions that require permanent. You always he says so might god bless the good government. I didn't say that. I think he probably knows he has that is that's that's what obviously helps her I had to I'd be we're usually do as well pick it in one way. I'm needed in other ways. Yeah we can be we could be here all day talking about this but in the true essence of the thing it. There are projects where engineers. Are needed because the contractors like this is just above. Really what I feel comfortable. But my we wanna share liability right customers said level I don't know exactly and that's the last thing pollsters spam that's right and so. They're and in their other projects where someone like the great state of Mecklenburg would say. What pumped in the east from rally if you do the better it is here where you know. When you say the great state of memory tennis this little bank and how well worth it. In the construction industry I've heard that may not know how would I now know the low low Mecklenburg County in Palo into the building development commission. There's a great. They did in I think ethically but we're tied to saint and is really your job is is. Is it is the CYA. And if you donut that means endless it's not worry about that particularly that you helped the contractors stay out of trouble if we're not sure about something. Read that extra bit of a confidence on how we're trying to go about something mean that's really what you went to school for that's what he got a licensed it to. As as a practicing engineered the news to keep us. On the right I mean in it is well this is business owners for example. What if I'm a restaurant right now wondering if configured my kitchen and I seen that the proper power and obesity can call you come out actually draw planned. So when they call the electrical contractor you know around the electric power of electric or Roby electric. They know what to do not want deacon about doing this and 88 different numbers from eight different people because they're not sure you make the plane clear. That's current and I'm making it clear and then they can go through multiple contractors like. Broke bureau bureau Bea via Patrick you gotta slipping a point before you start exploiting your brain is not I don't get paid in arrears on this trip but I mean how do. I've done anything from a highrise yeah designed. To a electric vehicle car charging to a bathroom. So you know just right now I have got projects that are like apartment club houses guys. Done the demise in. Project where you take I've tenets intern in the nine you know in a like class B office space I am not above anything. What will hang in there. Who moved what we come back if you'll stay with a certain we'll talk about the other gamut of what she doing in years in years Olympic Norton new business in detector. It and then we'll talk also just about entrepreneur or ideas and and we like to talk about the loss please check and a couple boxes here today we have an industry and related person. And Oxford nor businessperson. And also something in this new and cutting edge I do wanna say I have a blade has a Tesla. I'm not a do root technology down like anti technology. And now I was with him about a month ago and attests is really coolest like human looking to use the relief. And getting an ass that was sustained a and it first off the sounds like a wind causes battery switch from. And he says why she is he takes his hand off the steered royal and here's the gas and in his ears CC like two and a half seconds in when he missed. Some only you with that Charlotte. We will be back with Patrick Macau as it. And great well when we return. You listen now with ruby. Welcome back. At home the troops I'm Patrick fantastic and ready electric. Along with toothpaste into the room and company we our post was he was great while it mean to texture. And Greg is an electrical engineer by trade. And agree before the break we're talking to train trip was mentioned his story about being in a Tesla and indeed his experiences Odyssey rate. In really our relationship has flourished based on car chargers in all things. With the mutual partner in virus far and in all. It in and a lot of our work so far has been hotels because that's a big factor for a hotel have this car charging stations the guess what. If I'd rather Tesla and I'm traveling at a town and that particular who told doesn't have a wave recharge my eagle it's probably not in the place Imus day. So you had mentioned that industry to car charging industry in electric cars in general with Lou Reed is really taken off in the PC contained to go in that direction. We had just because of the more cost effective Tesla they're put now. Tesla is making it to where they are stumbling. There super charging. Stations which is the ones he can do in thirty minutes but once at the hotels. Or. Not quite as the intensity is that's I think that might get to our charge or something of that nature. So that's a little that's a little different in what we've been doing as the hotel ones so we're not quite in what the supercharged from maybe would maybe we'll get in their nose. It it makes sense if your apology apartment complex owner or manager or your hotel owner or manager in this into the shadowed. It might be a good idea higher grade to come out to see if this to be an opportunity for them to even have a card charge on that about hot and an apartment complex. Ain. I have 45 start charging stations accomplice and that opens my customer base to people that. That drive electric vehicles says Thomas a differentiating factor is a business owner apartment complex senator to where. And out of myself up to that market in and also it's not just Tesla so Tesla right phone charger but generally on the same pedestal. They would put a universal chargers well that's main fractured. Clipper creek are different. The food manufacturers adequate insurance or you could you know put in like volt or a leaf or. What have a mine amidst this that you pay for with a credit card well that's changed to. So low but what does that mean that used to be this in Pretoria stations were free to free and but that's now changing because people would. Be more susceptible to charge in their car at the super charging station instead of at their home. And so it was have a back to back up or they might go in have buy dinner for an hour hour and a half and then come back and get their car but there's people waiting on charters. So I think what they're changing that too is if it's gonna they're gonna charge per. A charge but it's still to be less than thinking gas. And then if you leave it there for longer than the charge takes then they charge you per minute after. Vineyards the lead in a floor opens up their cargos and where Nate Nate they're welcomed I'll come pick it up this is green to the Tesla gets the car back and resells it to raise you cycle life you'll ingenuity electrical to. For that on pandora and will are to be able liar I'd love to that we also. And also a little over half that in the Florida or I'd there's another part of it Danica. I think at least into into another daily on a talk about the importance of business real patients it's and he would rattle off a couple. Indeed and I really aren't sitting here if it wasn't for a business replied it's it's morbid business and social groups you're not meant to last December really William met before but really had a conversation about how we can help each other. Through succession Charlotte they aren't a part of an and you know policy in February's instruction burn into texture. And now we've had the fortunate time we were together I know a couple projects that we brought you in the front couple projects. Is because of that relationship that it's so important votes. Definitely an and I wouldn't of got. These car charging stations if it weren't for. A gentleman and I was in the professional using predator class who death. He was an engineer that went down on his own his name's sandy Blackwell and with crown engineering so I can't help him. Can always Husseini insane I really appreciate you turn in this client on to me. And it's all because sand was so busy couldn't do it so he said well. Greg Greg's getting his start let me let me help them help us I feel like a feel like it's it's all about giving you know there's. We in the industry we needed give help each other. I mean we talk about it all the time you merciless and Oliver pod I have to prepare for this pastor has even listen to the one put. But that we talk about how we broke the mold and we love other contractors that are good fair good contract and we low blow other service businesses that are Butte will Rand service business is good people trying to succeed. A Raza tide raises all ships and that's right there's enough to go around if you do it right if he if everybody does their right to bash of opportunity programs. But this before successful trickle down economics in the world spanned some and asked my whole business philosophy for today. I mean. A top I was on the phone when John Tamara who runs in Indonesia and any you know greatness amount we give each other. Crap and share business per share that projects together and more break in the mall David Tice is one of my great mentors Tyson and salacious and mean just the same things a lot. You're sitting here talking about you've got a big leg up and when you started your business from another guy that is competitor really yeah and he says hey album share and help a friend and you just gave him a bloody game 800 dollar punt on the radio. Yeah. Wouldn't I yield an 88 I was sandy if you books that scene consider that pay. Then that that's called and I heard it termed as sandy out any debt I the doesn't US and 800 has your winning it I think that affect the price it let's agree let's talk about those things that didn't happen. Happen and it in the engineering in the world as what else. Homeowners are now home not in the construction business what else is an engineer and do in this world. In your world. In the construction. Really work on commercial buildings OK so and that's because the you're required get a permit bank the commercial. Sidelight experiments and you know it's. I honestly I did not even know that this industry really existed Intel's senior in college I just assume that an all guy. Put together somehow on an I love the engineering and I love construction. And I'll of architecture. So this is just a way that I'm able put it all together right and so when guys stumble across this because we there was like out of the hundreds and hundreds of companies that came to NC state back in ninth on my guys you don't into all you just did it stop it you know copies and I assume ninety's also involved anyway. There was two that did. Consulting engineering her billing systems engineering and so. I learned that this was even a possibility and so I moved to Atlanta. To get my start of their for four years and I've been here since 03. And so I've been doing this for eighteen years now and so I feel like. Probably know a thing or two by now and you know just down. Felt like it was kind of shed the Boston. Do himself good deal you know and I wanna get another quick my my wife. She just got tired here in the same I can I can do this I can do as I do this and finally she said. Quit talking about it in just Q will make it work. That's the business works and that disease that I'm Diane I just I drop but Els Dylan and Iran and kiss and what did feel and as a businessman remain in general is only as good diseases. Other Athens right when mine I'm ballot bat coming up against the best yet on you know he's but it. You happy wife happy life vests and if your wife blesses it says I'm here for yet. Did and then you can be a lot more successful ones and some people struggle with that but but I think if they if they can figure that I can be happy at home and again work in her coffin and do well. That you write and we all three stare that that we do we have great. Great women in our lives and in our in our in our lives in it in your I mean it without that support. I think he can be very difficult it's obviously the same way for for the life if if we're not supportive in in. Helping them in working together as a team this is on war I think it's like that business is well. I'm greatly got about a minute and in and a half left this segment a really wanna plug it business as you are around 230 started February. In its nature how do we get in touch with he'd do you have a web site is there a place for people can interact with with you and your firm. I do have a website. Right now in space is to landing page because I had every intention of getting things going and Dana agent perfect but I'd. Discuss a busy you know that's a good from the Kenya. Now they're they would just pay 'cause it's a relationship or is right yes sir that some. In detectors it the engineering for architecture ENGITECTURE. Dot com or Greg dot wiley that VI LEY and in detector dot com. Or just regular into text for either one or an. Israeli enemy is bin I'm. Wonderful main ya think is truly cool year you're on the cutting edge of the Arctic architecture engineering and business you really are. And I joked about how how world common and known knowing they bring bricks and mortar aghast but. It's really cool hope we're able to share a lot of businesses we growth vigorous don't give John Tamara any business that I'm joking. And bogey on the commercial works and around I'm king John's a great gas. But thanks for common play and. If you listen to the radio now stay tuned to the commercials and will be back on the gas home with probation killing a make believe story coming up some things in my favor. Welcome back at home with proved I'm Patrick the cast member of the electrical tray hastened the ruby family of companies who we are here post. Just wrapped up the grand wiley onto the new word is this the same is into texture. Pound he has started back in February grazed practicing engineers and Trent one thing I don't think that we mentioned as much as me we should. Just because of the ties we have a great. From an engineering. Engineering aspect into commercial structures mechanical electrical plumbing. Fire protection he really he really can use ace full service so if you have a commercially. Desolate hill and Florian. Column on the on the engineer and the boy I'm glad he's gone again as a big talker. As he still sitting here looking rhetoric is crazy and renal laughed a little bit did not hasten but this is my favorite segment of the show everybody knows that our tenth annual or if you don't our tenth annual. Corn hole tournament. That supports the make A wish foundation of central western North Carolina is coming up on September 16. So for the team in the weeks leading up to the show we're gonna tell what story. And in and make a personal ad absolutely and the goal in this is to spread the word about make the woods let everybody have a home. Learn more about it learn about these kids are about what they Garrett too and also to drop sponsors are sponsored Delon August 11. That's how we raise Ingram wishes for these families so would you be discussing any. If you haven't listened to the so very long I mean this isn't a Cornel term it would 45 teams value we have over 200 teams I would guess what 567 maybe 800000 people at the actual event. And the goal is to raise 200000 dollars is that right. We hold the goal this year to raise of over 200 averaging about 218 and I think this year we do that we will be in teen years light one and a half million dollars over that raced to grant wishes for for kids of life threatening illnesses. And and we do have. To Guinness book of world record plaques on our wall for the largest corn hole tournament in the world. We have the real thing in etc. current record would report back to back the it was put him on and I don't think anybody's broker official records that week where we have. We checked out box but I sure won't she tell us about Parker a cattle sent Parker. Is easing is a kid has always been a wild about animals. When Parker dived nose with hodgkin's lymphoma. On his stuffed animals kept him company and that his right hand for any of us became a young kids I mean you how important stuffed animal is to the young child. Johnson missed a Dale's get to come meet during law hours or dots appointments and treatments. On he knew without a doubt that he wanted to be a zoo keeper trend. Says not only did he become as he McKiver a limo to Parker's family to his first day on the job where he received his official uniform. His name that and he spent the afternoon touring zoo going behind the scenes and habitats and feeding and taking care. And animals just like he just like him like his stuffed animals but it in Israel means you can imagine how the through this guy. I'm so after Lewis Parker's monster that was scary parts of his treatment was he wasn't himself his personality has sort of disappeared little bit. But after his treatment it was clear. The Parker that was outgoing excited smiling itself. That the Indians don't know. Man assaults on and Endesa let the medical. The medicine that I wish granted for a child is you know there's three ways taken to beat. Are to do or to experience. Or to meet. And Parker was to be a zoo keeper bill but the great thing about it is meant it brings these kids in these families back to life. And that's my favorite Clark and and all the peripheral stuff that goes along with that I'm sure they gave Parker some sweet stuffed animals Hampshire the uniform was also miniature. The limo was great not an all right good stuff and and Brighton Parker and his family today India. A source of great Madison's that's wonderful actor. Now since we're talking about kids and you talk about what stuffed animals animals mean two home. We'll tell you little stories about something that I sent out would never do about a month ago when you and always joked about how we say never is gonna happen. An asset Allah never buy a Phidget Spinner. That is that the initiative first is really angry and and a dilemma I let my three girls go to bargain beach where or down on the beach a couple weeks ago. And I did a little science despair SE CI have twenty dollars it paid my oldest Tatum is a is a gadget woman she bowel and five. Not in massive speeches spinners in in conjunction with their other. It's crap to get that to twenty dollars. Among middle child rowand who's very sweet only ball one Myrtle Beach mostly T shared issue war for three or four days after a belt which was so cool. I came home last night in and piper my youngest had her shirt on us why you're relish certain rose because I share things like that. But she felt guilty spin into analysis shows now like seven and now my shirt. In the end. NM piper picked now he's a tomboy ish but he doesn't Batman stuff some some machine guzzling noises and all that stuff like a hail and I was a kid. And then I was gonna surprise and and and by skate boarded in a real colorful skateboard and it's a pipe to come here. Was skateboarding Eli and she's now right now and solar by this when she's an ally now on asset value down. So I decided not there NASA were bound skateboard for family as a little kicker with mock stages spinners well and now. Iverson on S muskie born so we tell my begin a gun as you sit there all have back all this to be my skateboard. So pipers the boss sees the skateboard balls on almost yell remember when we got lolly air puppy she's the dull father. We got that kind of kind of in the snoop Fam my net movement. I've got a tough one cent million us and now we got some coastal always has got to experience a bargain beach worst kind of which out and memory have. In my bed litany about little with the program. Is it do all his conservatism. That's cool and I think the spirit the and it probably had to be pretty fun to sit back and watch so now Clinton this cool brass. It was eighteen dollars a talker down fifteen pages Internet and this and in this going to be sitting in my office Apache Kenya ever have some ammonia mind again our title don't. Also mean if Amy 400 dollars an hour from Arkansas I think that's an idea. Wool. Yeah ain't parting shots I don't the trend here you don't think you're going to be at a town get guest host next week ago while you really wanna let the public know that I anymore he's still try to listen to the show a little Terry you. But it if you don't wanna listen to the shows some not only podcast tomorrow. Shoes Sonoma in the man's feet from the greater Charlotte apartment association will be our guest David McGuire chief operating officer Andrew will be against that I'll be here. I watch a video Parker on our web site pitch in PST CH Ian for wishes dot com check canal. And podcaster shows have a wonderful Sunday. And will be back next week.